Polk's Greater Miami (Dade County, Fla.) City Directory

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Polk's Greater Miami (Dade County, Fla.) City Directory
R.L. Polk & Co.
R.L. Polk & Co.
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Miami (Fla.)
Miami Dade County (Fla.)


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The four major departments ae arranged in the following order:-- THE ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES of residents and business and professiona concerns is included in pages 37 to 946. on white paper. This is the only record in existence that aims to show the name. marital status, occupation and address of each adult resident of Greater Miami, and the name, official personnel. nature and address of each firm and corporation. THE DIRECTORY OF HOUSEHOLDERS. INCLUDING STREET AND AVENUE GUIDE, on pink paper. covers pages 949 to 1284. In this section the named streets are arranged in alphabetical order, followed by the numbered streets in. numerical order; the numbers of the residences and business concerns are arranged in numerical order under the name of each street, and the names of the householders and concerns are placed opposite the numbers. The names of the intersecting streets appear at their respective crossing points on each street. A new feature of this section is the designation of tenant-owned homes. THE BUYERS' GUIDE. beginning opposite page 1284 and separately paged from 1 to 30. on goldenrod paper, contains the advertisements of leading manufacturing, business and professional interests, of Greater Miami. The advertisements are indexed under headings descriptive of the business represented. This is reference advertising at its best, and merits a survey by all buyers eager to familiarize themselves with sources of supply. In a large commercial and resort center like Miami. The necessity of having this kind of information immediately available, is obvious. General appreciation of this fact is evidenced by the many reference users of this City Directory service. THE CLASIFIED BUSINESS DIRECTORY is included in gages 1335 to 1493. on white paper. This department lists the names of all business and professional concerns of the whole community in alphabetical order under appropriate headings. This feature pensable constitutes an invaluable and indispensible catalog of the numerous interests of the community. The Directory is the intermediary between buyer and seller. As such it plays an impsrtant part in the daily activities of the commercial and pro- iession. world. More buyes and slleIs meet through the Classified Business Directory than through any other medium. ( English )

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HARVEY R. PAYNE 1 t-...I70-11 yb&d Bids. P'awe 21)63 Ann. i sFUNERAL SERVICE e:tty Ambu~los 1896 MIAMI tML.S H 1 ?c Te. 10 2 i ee. 11 FLORIDA TITLE COMPANY 'rSc&b and title Insurze aug a wo swcuarrv aw.oa 117 N. L ia A I -e -Bdff Mcvdg Conpaf x Insurance and Bonds ILt TJfliOnE 3.4


A INGRAHAM BUILDING Miami's Finest Business Address Located at 2nd Ave. and Ist St., S.E. In the heart of the downtown business itrict overlooking beautiful Biscayne Ba Discrininating business men find distinction and econ1y in selecting this building as headquarters Deeirable Single Office and Snites fur lea e at reasnbert Complete Law Library emaintained for free nee oE ---rny --,nt Delightfully cool in summer-Steam heated in winter Inspection cordially invited MODEL LAND COMPANY, Owner (Plagler System) Chas. W. Murray, Manager Telephone 2-53 For Ocupee Street Guide a page 1060 nssel) a. >L. Poiy c


M I L K and Dairy Products Drink Produced from 4 Jersey OUR OWN HERD Cf Milk DIRECT from FARM to You -e d e poet GRAHAM'S All Jersey PHONE 8-2151 -~ DIIXC TORY (9301


Section 28, Copyright Lew In Force July 7, 1909 That any person who wilfully and for profit shall infringe any copyright srcured by this a, or who shal knowingly wr ilfully aid or abet such infringemeni, shall he deemed guilty of a sdem-, and upn y nnviction theref shall be punished by impcis nment for no -xeding one year, or by a fine of not less than one hundretdedollar.. nor mnare than one thons nI dollars, r both, .n th discretion of the court. PUBLISHERS NOTE The inforstion in this Direcory is gathered ., nual c ass and is compilod in a way to is. The ublilrs ann ot and do t guarantee th orof all information f-rnished them nor the complete for eam c sta b or .onis. hen oyrsd.biity The poubisheos o lily request thvehringmg to their ote nt on of toinurcy s tha y obe orreted in sRe Lx Pion of 'O. dArectory. 0. I.. POLK & CO., Pubtbshors


GENERAL INDEX Abbrevia iOrs ....... ... .. ..... 36 Airports .... ...... ...... .... .... 1366 Alphabetical List of Names ... ... .. ... .. 37 Apartment Buildings .... 1367 Asc~iatiors and Clubs--Commercia a 1376 Banks and Trust Companies 1386 Buildings-Office and Publii 1393 Bus and Coach Lines-Motor :394 Buyers' G uide ... .... .... .. ... ..,pp 1244 cemneteries .---1395 Churches .. .. 1395 City Government Miami .. i84 Miami Beach >.. 83 Coral Gables 201 Hialeah ... 397 Classified Business Directory 13u5 Clergymen ... 1398 Clubs ... 1402 Consuls-Foreign ..1404 County Government .219 Frate:nity Houses ..... .... ..1417 Golf Clubs and Courses .1424 H alls ... .. ..... 1428 Homes and Asylums .... .....1429 Hospitals and Dispensaries .... .. 1425 Labor Organizations .1443 Legal Blue Book .. .... .. ..... .. ... .. .......... opp 1444 Libraries .. ... 1449 Museums ..... .. .. 1457 Names Received Too Late for Regular Insertion 9 N ew spapers ...... .... ............. ...1453 Parks and Playgrounds .. ._... .. ........... 1459 Piers. Dock, and W harves .. ................. ... ...1457 Post O ffice ...... ...... .................. 869 R ailroads .. .... .. ...... .. ............ 1471 Schools---Parochial .. .................,. ...... 1464 SchoolsPublic ....... ............... ....... ..1464 Schools, Colleges and Academies .... ............... ..... 1484 SocietiesBenevolent and Fraterna .................... .. ..1486 Se cietie,--M iscellaneous .. ........................ ... 1487 Societies.Patriotic ....... .... ........ 1487 State Governm ent ....................... .. .. ....... 868 Steam ship Lines ..... .. .......... ....... 1488 Street and Avenue Guide ... ......... ..... .... .. 949 Tourists' Carm ps ...... ,... .. .... ... .. .... ....1492 United States Officials ..... ...... .. ... ............... 868


INDEX TO ADVERTISERS PAGE NUMBERS BELOW REFER TO TIRE BUYERS' GUIDE SECTION, THE YELLOW PAGES \ r \ .1 : ..rl It rl: r -. vl "rrr I..1 )II .I .... Ivl r 1 :\I -IIvfr l l I rr:"I I II rr ."rr...... .r1 11 4i a 11 r1 .l ._ i 1 I r I. I I Iv 1 I r'r ir, r:r rr I : .:1 It r I. rr.,-v 1 1 .lil Irr I II. .rrrrl 1 rr : I v \Vr ... .. ... .... F r-:rl irir'..,:rll tult".rn lirr.y .rrlrl J .HIV r *I.I.. lirr.. rrrl 5: It I. I III lirrr l; 11 ., r :. ;y It r-I"r."rr" \vnr" 1 rtil .\ :rnl li. .. f; r rv r. IrI ..lir... rr l ... ..i l rrrr I... "IrI r I" rrrl I I t ., I"I -li :r l ill I' I" rrirr Irrr... Irt' I"ril l.rrrr Irirr. .rr.l r:; I:rii.. Yrrrr rrrl Ilirrr:r I" .. ... J.r I Ilrl .II: ..-.rrl .., ... I rrrf 1 r r r _ l5 ,-. ..I 141 ...1.: I I.rk It ..Lnr'I:lu I fr r rlr II'r". I.i 1 rl rll 14r"I I h flrl"I ..............1.. 1 l%Irr. Itn rl II I:rr""rr Fi.rr, I: Irr... ..rf4'irr cilr Ilrrr irrrJ Iv I4":r i:.. .I Irrr .Ir.. ......... Lru..l Itirr" 11"r".k Iv ].:r Hr 4:Ir41 ri 11 ..... ........ I'Irrrr .............. Le_:rl I lirr 11 I.:rlrr""r t In. rl.. 1:............ Irl .r I .r.. In ... r l r ... I f vll. I 1". .Irt Irrl 1, ... tt F il. 'I' I, ---.--. 'i :.rirl Irr. ,4 Mr r Ire Ir.ti r.4r.r J u.. It ,. Ir"I 1 J rr.v r Irr L I 11 I r I'r -1. I .4 1' I II. I I Iry .:,I NI 111 r' .I I k -1 i'I Ilrr "... "... ,II I rl I. F.. r. 21 4 rl. k 1'I A bl tr rk 14I -}Irr 0 ,11 I : I I I I41 1 l I II 3 1 1 '1 41 I I. Ir Yr irlr" I I 11 I\ I:rl 1 v I r 1 ,, f rr I I H" 1 11 I 1 I .I 1 ... 1 Ir r n Ir I I r .I'I IiI .I Ita li A r.. 1 I rrr I rrrrl Ilr 1 rl. .. .... I ' -. rl rl Y I I I 14r1" II I_ :r t 11 Ill l.. .r r I 1 r:: rril". Ir t'r,. r' I rk .. nlrlr ... .lr I 11 ,Ilrrrril II t"I Ir JI, :. rr.l r .I I I + J4..1. ... : I "I I I 1 ri : 'W rl r: II FBI I I 'I I r I nil 1 I 1 t .1 r'. rl r::. 11 r. r 1 rrrr .. is II I 'I I 1 I I 1 n rr nrl I \ ._ r r.l .... Inr. lall tl. r l I Ir 4 I' tr I I 1 ..... .1 A 1 I I I I 1 1 I 'rl I 1 I r 11 I I Frl II rrl I I I NLr I II F. r II r I II rr ~r 11 r. I rl ., ,. r.. n rl ... ..1 Ir 111 ..rr ... Ir r r rrnrl .r r .r 1 .. 71 .I 1 .r I I Itll Ilr. r" I r rIr : :1 'f9 II""I rl .II .irl ..I I\ \ I r. .I 1


INDE\ TU ADVERTISE145 q I. 1 .I A i 41 7 1 .,. 1 I r r 1 Irl1 11 1 nnl \ 1 11 k !: Ilnllr 11 I _r{ I"rl nld" Ilr I r 4, rr Iwlr r.1 ... jl 11.u Ita!Ir ln.ulluLec"rl Irl k I' Itvl 1 r, nl r ,\ r P r > Ir 1 I ; li ... .Irrr 1 Ir -I Nrrrl 1; n nlrr 1 I INru 1. 1I I v u r 1 ]" it nv 1 -1 ]\ ... .1 ul rl "I I T. I Pr.l !. N "IIUY k '",.. 1 .\ "" ",r ,rkrlN I 1.,11" I n arJ .t Nl. r II" IIIIrrL r'" Ix.... rl" I I xnd .M H"1"r 1 .I PI r II.Y 1 -I ,n rn"I II Nxlr" L i;rn unl S I 1 r,.... I n. nnl vle. r axl T 11 .1 r.n n 11.n Y 1. .1 "xA I I '."I" In". snl ll T -1 I, IV tI "11" In". rrnl '": brae. I 1'u UII rr I I I N h I rn +nrk nl rrrv I 1 1' nl 11\ I tl 1 In" Inrrl :U Mull 1 .rr klun Inratr k lr llar and JI 11 Ilrr 111 -r"j I Pire Il,;t \'r l."r r NNI In 11"n 11 .. I.vrl Illn : Ir.,..A 1' ]'ulr II"w ll ]i ... Leal Niu. P..rk Y. NAMES RECEIVED TOO LATE FOR REGULAR INSERTION F J .1 it ) 1 J n II. U, rr r I 1 r ,r. ,.-n nnr 1 ]Irir,.nrlJ ar rx fi, il..em. MrxNl nn:nd s 1. 11 1 Isr"Tn~ rr.l t'Lr.n zr r -n m .]il.u~ a 11, Srrir lli J.n n r,. \llrn .Jura_ 3lev r rl.inu I

INTRODUCTION R. L. POLK & CO.. publishers of more than 50 city. couty, state and national Directories, present to subscribers and the general public, this the 1939 edition of the Greater Miami City Directory. which includes Miami, Miami Beach. Coral Gables. Hialeah. Biscayne Park. Miati Shores Village and North Miami. A new feat:e. the designatista of tenant-owned homes. marks this edition. Confidence in the continued growth of M i i's industry, population and wealth, and in the advancement of its civic and social activities, will be maintained as sections of this Directory are consulted, for the Directory is a mirror truly reflecting Miami to the world. The enviable position occupied by R. L. POLK & CO.'S Directories in the estimation of the public throughout the country, has been established by rendering the best in Directory service. With an unrivaled organization, and having had the courteous and hearty cooperation of the business and professional men and residents, the publishers feel that the result of their labr5 will meet with the approval of every user, and that the Greater Miami Directory will fulfill its mission as a source of authentic information pertaining to the community. Four Major Departments The four major departments ae arranged in the following order:-THE ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES of residents and business and professiona coricerns is included in pages 37 to 946. on white paper. This is the only record in existence that aims to show the name. marital status, occupation and address of each adult resident of Greater Miami, and the name, official personnel. nature and address of each firm and corporation. THE DIRECTORY OF HOUSEHOLDERS. INCLUDING STREET AND AVENUE GUIDE, on pink paper. covers pages 949 to 1284. In this section the named streets are arranged in alphabetical order, followed by the numbered streets in. numerical order; the numbers of the residences and business concerns are arranged in numerical order under the name of each street, and the names of the householders and concerns are placed Opposite the numbers. The names of the intersecting streets appear at their respective crossing points on each street. A new feature of this section is the designation of tenant-owned homes. THE BUYERS' GUIDE. beginning opposite page 1284 and separately paged from 1 to 30. on goldenrod paper, contains the advertisements of leading manufacturing, business and professional interests, of Greater Miami. The advertisements are indexed unde: headings descriptive of the business represented. This is reference advertising at its best, and merits a survey by all buyers eager to familiarize themselves with sources of supply. In a large commercial and resort center like Miami. the neessity of having this kind of information immediately available, is obvious. General appreciation of this fact is evidenced by the many reference users of this City Directory service. THE CLASIFIED BUSINESS DIRECTORY is included in gages 1335 ta 1493. on white paper. This department lists the names of all business and professional concerns of the whole community in alphabetical order under appropriate headings. This feature constitutes an invaluable and indispensable catalog of the numerous interests of the community. The Directory is the roimsin intermediary between buyer and seller. As such it plays an impsrtant part in the daily activities of the commercial and proiession. world. More buyes and slleIs meet through the Classified Businescs Directory than Lhrough any other medium. Community Publicity The Directory reflects the achievements and ambitions of the community, depieting in unbiased terms what it has to offer as a place of residence, as a business location, as a retort. as a manufacturing site and as an educational center. To broadcast this information. the publishers have placed copie, of this issue of thne Directory in Di-etory Librarie s. where they are readily aiaiable for fee public reference, and -:tr as perpetual and reable thdertisemeist o 01-., 'lia:mi.


INTRODUCTION I I The Miami Directory Library Through the courtesy of the publishers of the Greater Miami City Directory. a Directory Library Ik maintained in the offices of the Miami Chamber of Commerce, for free reference by the general public. This is one of more than 475 Directory Libraries installed in the chief cities of the U. S. and Canada by members of the Association of North American Directory Publishers. under whose supervision the system is operated. The publishers appreciatively acknowledge the recognition by those progressive business and professional men who have demonstrated their confidence in the City Directory as .n advertising medium, with assurance that it will bring a commensurate return. R. L. POLK & CO.. Publishers. T I'


MIAMI "THE 3IAGIC CIT"; "THE INTERNATIONAL GATEWAY TO THE AMERICAS" (Courtesy 3Miami Chamber of Commerce) Statistical Review Agricultural Product--(1937) $26.000,000. Airports -13. Altitude-Sea level to 16 feet. Apartment Houses (Greater Miami)-,730. Apartment Units (Greater Miami)-17,139. Area-(square miles), land, 30; water, 16. Assessed Valuation-(1938). non-exempt total. $123,397.383; gross total, $155.511,120. Banks-9. Bank Clearings--(year ended Sept. 30. 1933). $266,171.587.56. Bank Debits-(individual account. year ended Aug. 31. 1938). $421.007.000. Bank Deposita (June 30, 1938), $60,176,524.58. Bonded Indebtedness-(1938), $28,476.000. Building Permits-i value. 1938). Miami, $12.009.757; Miami Beach, $7,075.806; Coral Gables, $1,080 450. Bus Lines-(Dun Bus). 50.3 miles; (Miami Transit). 78.2 miles; (Miasti Beach Street 9. R.), 3.5 miles. Churches-(total), 190; (white). 131; (colored), 59. Commercial Fishing-(937). $3.591,200. Electric Meter Connections-(1938), 57.535. Employment-(not including relief workers. Dade County, Jan. 1. 1938). 84,502, average number yearly employed 75,000. Firemen-185. Gas Meter Connections-(Greater Miami 1938), utilities company, 27,654; bottled gas users, approximately 15,000. Golf Courses-9. Homes-(single dwelling)s 39,241; single dwellings built in 1938, 1,731. Hospitals-17. Hospital Beds-1,197. Hotels-(Greater Miami), 397. Hotel Rooms-(Greater Miami), 15.880 Industrial and Businens Payroll (Dade County)-$34.129t000. Industrial antd Business Workers (Dade County)-30.964. Manufacturing Establishments -494. tNumber of employees. 6.382; yearly payroll. .58.000.026; number different produ-cts manufactured. 60. Meter Vehicle Registration -(Dade County. 1933), 84,153. Parks--37: acreage, 208. Police Depa:tment-(Number men). 270. PopulationFederal Census, 1930, 11,0637. State Census, 1935, 127,601. Metropolitan Miami. 1935. 155.070. Dade County Federal Census, 1930, 142.955. Dade County State Census. 1935. 180.993. Trade Area Population, 33,389. White, 78.3%. Colored. 21.6%. Foreign-born 7.40 Part Statisti:s1935 1936 1937 Steamship Arrivals and Departures .816 904 1,074 Cargo (tons) .1,043.562 1.029,640 1.211.091 Value .... $ .42.893.491 $53.557,154 966.728.301 Passengers .-150,768 160.950 179.422 Postal Receipts-(1938),. $1.529,861. Postal Saving. DepOsits--(1938), $100,064,882. Races )revenue received by)Season Season Attendance 1936-37 1937-1938 Totae Pay ...... 1.43,654 1.475,799 oTal Pla --. ---. $40,005.344 $43.4a51,537 eenue o .$ 1,413.738 $ 1.527.793


INIRODUCTION 13 Radio Sets-(Families in Dade County having in 1933). 38.000. Retail Stores Number in Miami, 1933. 2.342. Total Sales Dade County, 1937. $114.544. Roads in Dade County-(improved), approximately 1,2C0 miles. Schools and Colleges in Dade Cornty-77: white. 59; colored, 14; universities. 1: parochial, 4. Scholastic population (public schools only), 37,886. Sewers-Total. 247 miles; stcrm, 37 miles; sanita:y -10 miles. Street Railway-(mileage). 33. Telephone Connctons -(1938), 51.840. Temperature-Summer average. 82 degrees; winter average, 63 degrees. Theatres-Motion picture, 29; legitimate. 1. Total seating capacity, 31,462. Transportation-Air lines, 3; bus lines, 6; national highway routes, 2: steamship lines. 10; truck lines, 8. Visitors Estimated visitor days. 1935, 10.000.000; 1935, 14.000,000; estimated visitor expenditures, 1935 $45.000,000; 1936, S80,000,000. Estimated visitor days. 1937-1938 season, 13,750.000; estimated expenditures. $59,000.000. Water Supply-Source. artesian wells; numer of meters. 20,000; mileage of mains, 392: daily capacity in gallons, 30.000,000. Wholesale Establishments--(number in Miami. 1935) 301; amount of sales. 1935. 958.092,000; ntumbE: employees, fuil and part tioie. 2,717; total payroll, 193x. $4.073.000: number m Dade County. 1935 33: amount of sales, 1935. 861.740.000: numbEr employees, full and part time 2.955; total payroll, 1935, $4.330.000. ~t~i h4 s Miami Civic Center, a Gorgeous pi--ur of Flnwers "The Magic City" Miami, "magic" it. name. in health and in growth-although only 43 years old. has taken the lead in population and development from its sister communities. The real development of this section of Florida started when Miami's charter was signed on July 23, 1896. The first Spanish mission to be established in the Weste:n Hemisphere, in 1567. was located on Miami Beach. wen Menendez endeavored to Christianize the Tequesta Indians. This effort proved a failure, but in 1743 another attempt was made when a Spanish mi'sion was established near what is row Coconut Grove. on the present Brickell Ave., Miami. Sunshine prevails 359 days of the year in Miami, yet the rainfall is entirely adequate. coning at such intervals that throughout the entire year, vLcetatiOn his never cilffered from Ilack Of misjtr'e


4 INTRODUCTION Miami, the city of adventure and tropical wonderland. where business cares and worries vanish under the spell of glo:ios sunshine, invites the world to enjoy every summertime sport and outdoor recreation the year around. There are new worlds to conque: for the "captains of industry," and the homeseekr finds the ideal for all that the word "home" means. Miami Is proud of its schools, under the leadership of the Dade County School Board and Superintendent. The type of architecture used in the design of the school buildings is distingoisned and beautiful. The buildings are designed to admit all the sunshine and pure ai: possible-these perhaps are the most important influences in liiig. Publie schools in elementa:y and junior and senior high grader affo:d ample accommodations in every settion of Greater Miami and Dade County for visitors children as wei as those of permsnent reridents. The University of Miami. in Coral Gables, offer, curriculums in all the arts and sciences, with a staff of eminent professors. J DB P, n Bug M a i e c II I iC Play Outdoors All Winter JuneMliko ei esh anciy exercise for young and old in warm furt0-tidivesahe G t-ioughut the winter months. Briefly, some of the octivities are Golf-inie fall curses in the Miami area. Tennis-the City


INTRODUCTION 15 maintains extensive courts in six of its great public parks. There are also many private courts providing ample room for all. Park Sports-you will find companionship o-; competition provided by Miami's recreational department in many park sports, including horseshoes. checkers, chess, shuffleboard, bowling-on-the-green and requet. Bathing-eight miles of ocean beach where the temperature is in the 70's all year. Standard practice is to dress at home and eliminate the bother at the beach. (Beach togs are almost as commonplace on the streets of Miami as sport togs). Riding -there are excellent stables in the Miami area providing gaited saddle horses. and the tropical trails are picturesque. Riding is particularly popular among the ladies. Bowling--outdoor bowling has become a popular fad in Miami and all alleys are lighted for night games. Boating-a great pastime whether you bring your own boat or depend upon local facilities. Sailboating is also unusually popular in Biscayne Bay. Other sports include football, baseball, horse-racing. dog-racing, jai-alai. fishing. etc. Miami not only offers an opportnity to play, but gives an opportunity to watch and cheer the spo in worlId bi "names" as they pass in review. Champions in every lin ent t te t rturnments here. .at A 5i O., Thrills of Big-Game Fishing, and Small Fry. Too More than 00 varieties of fish requent the Miami waters, from the big game-fighters of the Gulf Stream to the pan-size varieties of bay, canal and stream. Bridges, docks, sea walls and causeways are dotted day and night with ambitious fishermen; excursion boats to the Gulf Stream daily; all-day or week-end trips among the Florida Keys; jaunts out the Tamiami Trail parallel with the canals of the Everglades. where fresh-water varietties are popular. It is not necessary to be a to get a thrill out of fishing in Miami waters. No license is required for salt-water fishing in any form. Special licenses for fresh-water fishing are obtained at the City Hall. Living Costs Miami offers its visitors living costs comparable to similar standards of living in any American city, and also a complete range from the most modest ways of living to the ultra-exclusiveness of the smartest social circles. Hotels. apartments (furnished and equipped). homes (furnished and equipped), trailer camps. and rosms in private homes all furnish fine accommodations at reasnable prices. Clothing, Fuel and Intra-City Transportation Light. inexpensive clothing is worn the year 'round, thus representing a considerable saving in living costs for the permanent resident as well as the visitor. Artificial house-heating is seldom necessary; in fact, most homes are built without heating accommodations. All points within the city limits are accessible by street car (bc). bus (10c). cars to the beach lDe). buses to the dog tracks (1c to 25). buses or cars to the horse tracks (25e to 50c). auto and boat sightseeing trips ($1 to $3, depending on Itinerary). Gasoline approximatel ?lc per allon stat isx included.


Ia [\TfIhft.CTI' N Climate Miami s cated in the subtropical zone, and sunshine prevails every day of the year. East and southeast winds prevail. bringing air that is literally strained over the Atlantic Ocean. Miami boasts a healthful and comfortable climate, with an average temperature of 82 degrees recorded in Augu.t and 68 degrees recorded in January, aequate rainfall and absence of extreme humidity. Miami's atmosphere is uncontaminated with dust, smoke or obnoxious gases. Miami is the refuge in winter for thousands of Noit ier. residents, anid in the summer, for residents of cities suffering from humidity and 2eat prostration. Miami has never had a heat prostratian--a point of treat importance to everyone. Fog horn rust for lack 01 work at Miami, as dense fogs are exceedingly rare. fhe togs that u occur ost only an hour c: two and without exception are niipid ;I uri r the early morning .otu This condition has proved ery taleli ro ai itors tor training in c-i rt the year 'round. 8eallh Miami is tast becoming a hasven of refuge for many of thase unfortunate individuals who are subject to attacks of hay fever, asthma and catarrh. These maladies do not prevail in Miami to the same extent as in other localities. It is doubdul if there is a city in the U. S. as free from dust, smoke and pollen (and ragweed) as the city of Miami. Pollen is the irritant in the maj ity of hay lever cases. For several years Miami has had a definite pogam of "ragweed eradication:" particularly along the water front. The equable climate. free from the sadden changes which prevail in many parts of the country, tends to lessen the incidence of common colds and to make them less serious when they do occur. Extensive studies have been made crncerning the effect of smoke. dust and fog on the human system aad the extent to which they cause irritation o the respirntrry passages, often leading to organic changes. All three have a tendency to ohsctre to a greater or less degree the sunshine which ft -0 -iportrt is dan ant-being. It is beatise the atmosphere ot N t is sremarkably tree from these substances, that it offers a wealeth at 1ra-violet rays unequalled by any city of the U. 3. kidneSyise s aases. sc as high blood presasre, heart and kine dieaser, rhehatimiand chronic akin diseases. are assisted to shine. recvery by the actini therapy available in Miami's constant sunMiami sunahinad te remackable tonic qualities of the salt air have worked cres in many caes at children suffering from rickets and other cildrein diseasesa Standards of Living Approximately 903% of the a t population in the Miami area who Alabe p the yea-'round residents migrated raion other pacta a Ftorida, Alaormsa Georgia. Kentucky. North and Sortm Cot Tennessee. Virginia, and many Eastern. Middle-Wesatern and Western atenn. The entire population is cosmopolitan. The City o Mia was incorporated in 1896. and has been built along decidedly nidecntotie luos, witis the majarity. of homes fully equipped with all modern convenatences,


INTRODUCTION 17 Miami's laboring class of residents who are employed in the building trades, hotel industry and City maintenance work receive above the average remuneration. Thus, the unusually high standard of living is maintained. Bank deposits for metropolitan Miami in 1938 were $60,176.524.58. An unusually mild climate makes possible every form of outdoor activity' work or play, in summer as well as winter. Miami enjoys an extensive building program twelve months in the year. There is praetieally no poverty, and practically no slums or tenements are found in the Miami a:ea. A slu condition probably will never exist, as there is ample room for expansion in all sections, and tae cost of dwellings is within the reach of practically all working people. The climate, never given to extreme heat or cold makes popular the Spanish type of dwellings. The cost cf materials and construction is sufficiently low to enable a great majority of families to own their own homes. The Miami area is widely known in all parts of the world for its natural advantages and health-building vitamin sunshine rays. Hundreds of thousands of people enjoy its varied program of recreation. such as bathing, fishing, hunting and all types of sport which nature hes provided in this year-'round mode ate climate. Semi nole Indtsn Dance Recreation Nature was kind to the "Cities of the Sun" as the Miami area has been called. It not only furnishes ideal bathing beaches, but the sub-tropical waters of the Gulf Stream. with 653 varieties of game fish. give enjoyment to local residents as well as the tourists. Fishing boats are available daily at moderate prices. Musical concerts and public gatherings fo: cultured residents; theatres, horse and dog racing, and other commercial amusements are always popular. Included among the recreational activities are: Tennis, night diamond ball, golf, sailboat racing. bowling-on-the-green. chess, ice-skating, hockey, and a wide variety 01 other sports. Ire-Skating Imagine tropical Miarmi. with its balmy sunshine, blue skies, soft, flower-scented air, waving palms and gorgeous flowers, as a place where Arctic sports can also be enjoyed! Ice-skating. hockey and ice shows are now presented in the Coral Gables Coliseum, heretofore used for such indoor sports as roller-skating, roller derbies and boxing matches. This fine building, now known as the Ice Palace, has been converted into an indoor rink with an ice surface of i5 x 175 feet. The ice is provided by the most mrdern equipment, and the building has a seating capacity of 3,740. Hockey games are presented four times weekly, and offer a thrill not experienced by spectators at any other sport. The grace and speed of the players. the t:icky playing of a mst fascinating game. hold the attention of rspectators, and the building rings with cheers as a favorite player makes a spectacular play or a goal Ice-skating is open to the public for an hour after each hockey game, and on days when no games or other exhibitions are scheduled. Skates may be rented at the rink for a small sum, and admission charges are most reasonable.


g INTRODUCTION J -I y >R .. ;. a _. s,. rsr" k Miami-Naaaa Annual Yachcine Claazica Attract Famous Yachtsme. u


INTRODUCTION 1 9 1938-39 Metropolitan 'Miami Spurts Calendar (Compiled by Miami Chamber of Commerce Sports Committee) \' n. -I-IFrl l:u r -1' f \I l;r ml r.. f141.11rrl t ......1;, F, rrlr.rl1. I[)-1 B,;r:, 00,0). ul II Fl:r. : I 1 f t l ':rl I H I tll I Irlr 1'. .n 11 F 1, U U, 11 1, I 4 I .II. ; I. 1 }I t II rx } Iw 1 'I. If nl 1 1 r,.r Ilra l, E ..11. :.rl: 1 f i lr'1 I) .:ail' 1 r, 11 : rrl r; .1 1 II l J;; rlr l I rl:rF a Ir e.. I It :I 1121 AlI I 1'.r l.r+ 1 I e.l. ICI. 1. .I rrrr N rrl II I.I. Ir. ln.. iil 111:1.. rll.r1 .rr Ir rr.i; .r I r lir nrl rr li t 1 Ir: 1. ni nl. I'rr lil rl All:rn l rr l'li;lr. I Il1r r l'a I I Il filer. F 1 :-111J lYl n.. ,_,1 )1 I i.l Y. 1+ L II..I11 F r 1 1 1 ". : ri.r Irll. I .III -: I. 1 I 1 I :ril Irilr II rrrr; r I li,;n il Isr.r ir IH 1 ltrr;.n11 -U, Miami's Fi.hing and Pleasure Yachts Alo.;g the Causeway


2t INTRODUtCTION' Parks Miami has within its boundaries 37 parks and recreational centers. The largest is Bayfront Park, located on Biscayne Bay in downtown Miami. Bayfront Park has a beautiful amphitheatre with a seating capacity of 5.000. Band concerts are held several nights a week during the winter months and at least once a week during the summer. Bordering on Biscayne Bay. this park is beautituliy landscaped with 218 different varieties of pants and trees. It is indeed a scenic wonderland. Stadium Roddey M. Burdine Stadium. recently built at a cost of $350.000 and seating 25.000. was dedicated on Dec. 10, 1937. Here the annual Orange Bowl Foothall Game is played on New Year's Day. One thousand additional seats were added in December. 1938. Theatres Greater Miam. has 29 nmtion-picture theates and one legitimate theatre, with a total seating capacity of 21.462. Inr Miami Civic Center, recreational headquarters for tourists and a home of the Miami Chamber of Commerce. seats 5,000. In addition. there are 42 publie meeting places, including auditoriums stadia, arenas. and halls for any type of entertainment which may e :resented. In a.l. available publi meeting places in the Miami capacity for more than 350.000. in, Chdr-, Enao. Outdoor Study schools Miami is proud of it; schools. which lead tne state cf Florida in education. The type of architectue used in the design of school buildings is distingushed and beautiful. as well as being especially adapted to take advantage of Floada's sunshine and pure air. Public schools excel in primary, elementary. junior and senic: high school grades and afford ample accommodations in every section of Greater Miami and Dade County for visitors chldren as well as those of permanent residents. The public school system in Dade County consists of 59 schools for whte pupils, t4 Ire colosed. cie universt ad our parochial The seiior higha schooLs otter ecotplete csurses far eallege eiteatice. as well as erastertil and trade nsgesa Comtercial courses include shorthand, typewriting, baokkein acsncoupisg and cotmsercial art. Adequate equiprdit is acailabl boad complete corses are ofiered it manual training, radio, aricturte printing and hotel Iraiting. There is also a graiund coi ese in, aiatitti. Tar tUniversi y of Mi ami located in Coral Gables. offers curriculums in all the sits and siers ath wrl-k-nown p-oessors in charge. In addithan, the Uniersity alters a comtrehenssive siirriralam at Latttn-Amrc studies. Courses of special studins are er torday andfea Arn erican for he eneft o vistor D~a elein day and evening classes for the benefit e visitarsa Day and night courses are available. hiainessa coletea kindegartens. private institutes foreign-language cilitiesho, and dancing and wimneng easses round out the educational faavailable to but. permanent and winter residents in Greater Miami.


INTRODUCTION 2 1 Churches Temples of many creeds and the large congregations which crowd them reflect the sturdy spiritual qualities which have gone into the building of Miami and its sister communities. A total of 190 churches are located in Greater Miami. Many of Miami's finest churches are located in the central section. with facilities for large congregations. Radio broadcasts of some services are made. The stranger ts welcomed with a cordiality and sincerity that makes him feel he is at once an integral part of the community. Most of the churches have fine pipe-organs and welldirected choirs. trained soloists providing music far above the average. Among the church buildings are some of the finest in the Sooth, and church properties in the Miami area are valued at several millions of dollars. Railroads The Florida East Coast and Seaboard Air Line railroads furnish Miami with rail connections to all sections of the country. Heavy travel begins in November, with a continued influx of tourists continuing until midspring. Fast trains to the East and Mid-West make connections to all parts of the U. S. and Canada. Trains operate on fast schedules between Miami and New York. Chicago and other Northern points, making Miami only one business day by rail from many Northern cities. Air Transpartation Air travel to and from Miami has increased annually. Eastern Airlines, connecting Miami with the North and East, recently moved its operations base for its entire line to Miami, with an eight-hour schedule to New York and Chicago. The largest and most important international air line in the world, Pan-American Airways. conducts its entire operations from Miami, with the most elaborate international terminal of its kind located at Dinner Key. Daily, giant clipper ships arrive from. and depart to. Nassau. Cuba and Central and Soutn America. Nassau. British island possession, and Havana, Cuba, are only two and one-half hours distant from Miami by way of the Pan-American Airway system. Steamship Lines Nine steamship lines call at the Fort of Miami, giving direct contact with New York, Baltimore, Boston. Philadelphia. Jacksonville, Galveston, all Eastern seaboard ports, and Havana. This applies also to shipments from tihe Bahamas and South American countries. All shipping for south Florida handled by these lines is brought to Miami and distributed by other carriers to destination. Passenger service is popular the year round. Winter tourist travel is very heavy, and summer excursion rates are available. One of Miami's Visiting Yachts Poet of Miami The harbor embraces the artificial basins, slips and channels that have been dredged along Biscayne Bay in front of Miami and Miami Beach, in the bay and through the shoal water to the Atlantic Ocean. The entrance to the main channel is directly east of the city of Miami. The sea buoy marking the channel entrance through the reef is about two miles off shore.


IN TODUCT ICN The inner harbor comprises Biscayne Bay; Miami River, which empties into the bay about one mile south of the municipal turning basin, and a number of channels, slips and basins to the ocean. The Port of Miami is served by the Florida East Coast and Seaboard Air Line railroads. The F. E. C. reaches its own wharf direct, and the municipal piers over the smaicipal railway. The Seaboard Air Line also uses the municipal belt line to reach the piers. The Clyde Steamship Co.. the Merchants & Miners Transportation 'Co. the Munson Steamship Co.. the Baltimore & Carolina Steamship Co.. the Moore-McCormack Steamship Co., the Bull Line and the Peninsular & Occidental Steamship Co. dock at the municipal piers. Regular-schedule sailings from the Port of Miami arc furnished by the nine steamship lines, and there are also two American, two British and one Canadian line operating a foreign trade. These lines offer sailings between Miami and the Bahamas and Cuba. Miami is port-of-eall for many "cruise ships." which has been peimitted through the deepening of the entrance channels and alongside the municipal piers, from 25 to 30 feet at low water. The control of the port is vested i the City Commissioners, with administative authority exercised through the City Manager. Under this official is the harbormaster. The city has power to establish, construct, maintain and operate public landings. wharfs and docks within the city. to lay and collect reasonable duties, to regulate the manner of using other docks. to dredge and deepen the harbor or river, and to impose penalties fo; violations. Pilotage is compalory for foreign vessels. Local Trading Area Miami is the leading resort city of the South and a prominent international winter playground. It is the center of a retail trade area extending 140 miles to the north, 150 miles to the west. and 90 miles to the south. Two 11idred miles north of Miami is the northern bounda:y of the wholesale trading area. That area extends southward along the ecost. some 25 miles wide. untL Vero Beach is reaed, 140 miles nc:-th of Miami There the more thickly populated area extends souotest and south, including the western shore of Lake Okeechobee, and thence through the south central part of the state to the southerti boundary of Collier County and ba'k t the east coast. According to the 1935 population figures. within that boundary are 300.000 Floridians, who are included in Miami's trading radius. the trading hub of the entire area. The counties in the Miami wholesale trading area, with the 1935 population census figures and the principal cities, are: COUNTY POPULATION PRINCIPAL CITY Indian River .. ..... .. ... d.43 0 ..Vero Beach Palm Beach 4. .... .-53.194 West Palm Beach Broward .. .23.043 .Fort Lauderdale Dade ....t..t .--.. ,9 ..M iam i Monroe .. ... ..13,345 Key West Collier ... ... ....4,790 Evrglades Hendry .. ..... 3,711 .Clewiston Glades ... ... .2.673. .Moore Haven Lee ....... .. .... ... ...... 16.351. ..Fort Myers Total population .... 301584 Florida Tax Information Legal residence may be established in Florida upon declaration, including the filing of an itangible tax ret rin at any time. However, in order to qualify to vote. a new resident most have resided in the state one year and in the county or precinct, sx months. Oaseod goads rod personal effects owned by residents of the state of Florida, aho are the hleads of Isailiro are eaxempt sip to a valoation af p50 Additional tangible peesosial poperty is taxble at the ame rate aa real estate. Automocbiles are eaxaspt from ad nalorenm taxes undera constitutional amendment. The Florida Intangible Tax Law, passed in 1931 pronides a t of two mills under classificaticos "A" and "B." includin .rtocks, bods motoogages, etc, and 1 10 cf a mill on othee intangible pro sr sied aa hank aerounts. unsecured accont. rereiva ble e ntop r asessments are based on a 50% value as of Jan. 1 of the tsaniye anises are anly subject to tax by the state. ander the proiolona of the Florida Intangible Law--that is, they cannot be ared by the contirea mniacinpalities. or other taxing districts Furthermore there outae inctax in Florida. is no state income


IN-TRODUCTION 23 Real estate is assessed at different percentages of its actual value by various taxing districts in Dade County, but vacant and improved properties are assessable on the same basis atner the Florida law. The Estate Tax Law of Florida. Chapter 1,015. Acts of 1933. provides for a thxible state inheritance tax equal only to the amount returnable to the State under the existing Federal Inheritance Tax Laws--that is, no additional inheritance taxes are assessed by the State The Florida Homestead Tax Law was broadened by the 1935 Legislalure, which provides exemption up to an assessed value of $5,000 to all legal residents of this state who own a recorded interest in the property and reside on same as a homestead. The courts, however, have since ruled that homnesteads are taxablr for debt service on bonds sold prior to passage of the amendment. and also the taxes of certain special taxing districts. Locational Advantages Miami, due to its geog'raphical location, is the only logical international gateway to the Americas. Miami offers an unexcelled opportunity for the establishment of assembly plants, and the opportunities and possibilities for export to South American. Central American and West Indian countries are unlimited. Ample shipping facilities to Southeastern states and to Gulf ports leading to the bouthwest open these territories to south Florida manufacturers and distributors. Following ao some of the other advantages to be enjoyed by industrialists locating in Miami: 1. Abundant labor supply. 2. Nationality of its working people is principally American-born. 3. Population maintains unusually high standard of living. 4. Lack of illiteracy (2.7% of the entire country). 5. Fine educational, religious and recreational facilities. 6. Practically no fuel is required for heating during the entire year. 7. No heavy clothing required, making for lower living costs. I. Low construction coats. 9. Abundant and adequate water shipping facilities. 10. Longer daylight hours. 11. Short average flying distance to principal cities of the U. N., Cuba, West Indies, and Central and South America. 12. The health-giving qualities of the saim. 13. Excellent improved highways, making truck shipments practicable and economical. 14. Excellent railroad facilities. 15. Miami is within 48 hours of 80% of the population of the U. |. Agriculture Thousands of acres of fertile farm lands on which winter truck crops, citrus fruits and tropical fruits are grown, are located in the Miami trading area. The g:owers of fruit in the agricultural sections are exceedingly optimistic for the future development of this, the only tropical section in the U. S. A vastly-increased interest has been awakened throughout the country in regard to agricultural advantages in the Miami and south Florida area, for people who are seeking permanent locations suitable tc: ideal living. The estimated annual valuation of agricultural products in the nine counties that comprise the Miami trading area is approximately $13.000, The warm climate of south Florida dasring the winter months and the richness of the soil enable farmers to cultivate several crops from each acre of ground for local consumption as well as northern markets. Some of the principal crops harvested in February and March are white potatoes. string beans, spinach, cabbage. peas, car:ots and beets. One of Forida's richest etrus districts, known as the Redland section. approximately 30 miles south of Miami, has an annual production of citrus froits of approximately 3,000.000 crates, which is about 10% of the citrus production of the entire state. Avocado pears. mangoes. guavas, papayas and other tropical fruits are grown in this area exclusively in this country, as there is no other part of the U. S. suitable for growing these tropical fruits. The "Back Country" is opening up a fertile empire, and all of this territory is contributory to Miami s prosperity and growth as a commercial city and shipping point. There are many varieties of palms. This is the only spot in the U. S. where the royal palm and the coconut grow equally well. Flowers bloom the year around. and fresh vegetables of some kind are always on the market.


14 INTRODLITION y flprr .-i Ilk L 1 s p. .:. N" m Dade County, South of Miami 1 r te, l i 3 C.ttinq Seed Potatoes for PI-6Dad, Count, I, e


INTRODUCTION 5 Dade County Agricultural Statistics (July 1, 1937) Number of acres in county .... ... .. ... 1.450.72D Number of farms in county ..-.-.2,509 Number of non-farmers listed (live stock, poultry or bees only) .. ........... .... 211 Number of farms rented .... .... ........ 1,324 Number of acres in farms .. ............ 64.254 Number of acres cultivated to field and truck crops... .4,698 Num ber of acres in groves ....... .................... 9,550 Number of acres in merchantable timber 910 Number of acres in non -meruchantable timber ... .3.. 5,257 Number of acres in improved pasture ...... .5.235 Number of acres in cut-over pasture ......... 8.815 Number of acres in doable rrops (crops not listed).... 211 Number of gas engines on farms .110 Number of electric light plants on farms ---.... 124 Number of water works on farms ..f.... .381 Number of radios on farms 960 Number of tractors on farms ........ .. ... ..433 Number of silos on farms 15 Value of farm machinery ....................... $,98,988 Good Roads in Dade County Dade County is synonymous with good roads. More than !.200 miles of smooth rock-base, hard-surface roads radiate through tropic splendors and out through the Everglades. Palms. hibiscus, oleanders. crotans, bougainvillea and other beautifully-tinted flowers and foliage that are seen nowhere else in the U. S. present a riot of color along the boulevards and add intoest to the motorist. There are more than 100 miles of oiled roads leadiig through scenic park boulevards and imposing Spanish entrances. One may also motor out from Miami in another direction where the architrectural motif is Egyptian. There is also a romantic ride on the new overseas highway which has been called the "world's eighth wonder."


MIAMI BEACH Ccni:y.,V to cuLion cpinicn, Miami Beach is a -I)aate mun-._q,_t: aeroBiscayne Bay lram the city of Miami--a tropical island moulded b, man within a few years. Known as "America's Year-Round Piayground. Miami Beach originally was nothing more than a half-submerged mangrove swamp in the bay. More than two-thids of the island was made by sucking up and pouring sand over the bay bottom and swamp. in a gigantic pumping project. Also included in the city limits are 16 island; talso man-made1, on which stan pretentious mansions representing the highest type of residential property. dotting the bay between Miami and Miami Beach. The two cities are joined by three separate causeways stretching over Biscayne Bay. Les Than 18 years ago. only 644 persona were counted as Miami Beach citizens-a State Census in 1935 placed the official population at 13,330. Estimators set the winter population of "sun-worshippers' at more than 60.000, however. This tropical fairyland had an assessed property valuation of $61,690, 535 at the beginning of 1939 an extremely high figure for a municipality of this size. and a bonded debt cf o5897,000. Although the island proper is mere than seven miles long. it is less thcn 1o miles wide at its widest point, and thus provides every location with easy and quick access to the Atlantic Ocean, on which it has more than nine miles of trontage. Within the borders of the "Palm Playground" are two municipal and twe private golf courses. six City parks and a total park acreage of 80 acres, eight theatres. two mode: nized hsepitals. two banks. seven churches, three elementary schools, a juior and senior high school, a parochial school, and 13 private educational institutions, also hundred, of stores Unexcelled and unchanging climatic conditions. tropical siulight with its intensive ultra-violet penetration and irradiation, heavy salt water for bathing-the "Miami Beach Zone" in winter has a much higher pe:centage of sonseine than the Mediterranean coast= of both southern Europe and northern Africa. and the health-building ultra-violet rays of the sun reach hwinterr rs we ai vasts ieater to ule than at at fther knowi Miami Beach hambr of Commer


INTRODUCTION 27 Bathing Scene at Mi.mi BeAc The island is spotted with 2 818 residences, with more being constructed each month. Resort accommodations include 103 hotels, with a total of 11971 reoms; and 638 apartment houses, with 7,240 units. Scores of Miami Beach homes are owned by national celebrities in every walk of life and by retined capitalists. Many of the hotels and apartment houses have listed their rates and accommodations with the Miami Beach Chanber of Commerce, Ieated at the intersection of Fiftn Street and Alton Road. In addition, this civic organization furnishes a complete information bureau and answers inquiries by the resort-minded from all potions of the globe. For amusements, there are goll. motoring, horseback riding, tennis, cabanas, swimming pools, water sparts, deg-raring, fashion shows, regattas, and night clubs. In recent years, Miami Beach has gained popularity as i summer resort -the U. S. Weather Bureau reports that it is one degree warmer here in Jaiary than it is in June at Los Angeles. The average minimum temperature in Los Angeles during the three winter months is 46 degrees, and in Miami Beach it is 24 degrees higher. Average wirter temperature for Miami Beach is 6.3 degrees and the average summer temperature ranges only around the 81-degree mask. The city-manager form of government is in operation at Miami Beach. with the usual fire and police forces. Mounted officers recently were added to the police staff. The ereclion of a specially-designed post office and a new library have added much to civic pride within the municipality. Bus. street car and mot.: transportation provides ready access to all parts of the island and to all of 3 reater Miami. With factories and similar projects outlawed by City zoning ordinances. Miami Beach provides one of the most modern resort atmospheres in the entire world spiced with tropical beauty.


20 INI'RODUCTION Statistical Review Locatiss-Directly on the Atlantic Ocean, 3 miles eastward from the mainland and connectei with the city of Miami by 3 causeways. Form of GovernmentCity-manager. Population-A.ccoding to 1935 State Census,. 13,330 year around residents; estimated winter population. 60,000. Miami Beach is approximately 19 times as large as in 1920, when its population total was 644. Area-17 squaw miles of land and water within the city limits. Climate-Mean annual temperatlue. 74.8 degrees F. Paks-0 acres. Water FrontageOcean. 9.15 mile'; bay, 26.58 miles: inland waterways. 29.66 miles. total, 65.39 miles. Asaeserd Valuation-$1,690.535, including both real and personal property, as of Jan. 1, 1939. Brondes Debt $5.897.000. Residenc-2.318. Hotels-193, with total of 11.971 .ocms. Apartatent Houses-638. with total of 7,240 units. Amusementstheatres. 4 golf courses, 1 amusement pier. 1 dg track, tennis coarts, casinos and bathing pools, night clubs, etc. Education-1 senior high and junior high school. 3 elementary schools, 1 parochial school. and 13 private schools. Public Library-1. located at Collins Park. recently completed City Statistics-Miles of paved streets, 98.6; miles of sidewalks. 107; miles of white way lightsa. 39.


CORAL GABLES Introduction and Invitation Coral Gables' position in the first rank of beautiful American suburban cities is fixed and assured. Imposing entrances, charming plazas. magnificent hotels, broad-parked boulevards. business and public buildings charming vistas of tropical landscaping, flowers and trees set against azure skies; and thousands of delightful homes, all overwhelmingly establish that fact in one's mind upon his first visit, Coral Gables has claims to distinction among American cities other than those of exceptional beauty. It is but 18 years old. Everything herein described has been accomplished since 1921. The city was incorporated on April 29, 1925. Eighteen years make up only a page or a brief chapter in the history of most American cities. At Coral Gables they represent a wellrounded volume of remarkable achievement. Coral Gables is perhaps the most notable example of a modern city planned and built according to one concept and uniform design. Growth and development have meant here only a constant enlargement and progressive expansion of the original idea. Until 1921 Coral Gables was only a fruit and avocado grove-the finest in south Florida. It was 1.000 acres in area, situated live miles frm the center of Miami, then a city of about 30.000 inhabitants. The l.000 acres soon became. with additions. 6.000. then 10000, until in 1927 it reached its present area of 15 square miles. Coral Gables is today a city of 8.500 to 10,000 year-'round population, doubled during the winter months. It has the commission form of government and city-manager. It takes pride in the possession of seven churches. elementary school. Ponce de Leon High School. SL Theresa's Academy, Exmoer School (private), Merrick Demonstration School. University of Miami, public library with several thousand volumes, parks, bathing beach, swimming pools, bridle paths. playgrounds, golf courses, banks and other things that the best American cities enjoy. It has its Chamber or Commoerce and Junior Chamber of Commerce. Kiwanis Club, Lions Club, Masonic Lodge, American Legion. Merchants' Bureau. Realty Board, women's clubs, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and other helptul attributes of city life. And it has achieved all these-and thousands of beautiful homes; 95 apartment houses. 10 hotels-within 18 years. The student of community lite finds Coral Gables a place of nterest because of its growth and achievement in beauty; the business man finds it a place of opportunity; the architect comes here to compare its distinctive archite:cture with his own standards. But it is the average Americanman or woman-with whom the decision of its success ultimately rests. It is of these that the great host, not only of winter visitrs, but also of permanent residents, is made up. When winter holds the northern part of the U. S. in its frozen grasp. and unow and sleet are on every side, sunshine and fCowers and the joy of outdoor life fiourish at Coral Gables. All nature is tuned in harmonious and friendly good-will here. The people of Coral Gables. through the Chamber of Commerce, extend to the visitor the most cordiainvitation to come-see-and enjoy. There are no latchstrings on Coral Gables' doors. They swing wide open alway.


HIALEAH Hialeah. northwestern neighbor of Miami. was incorporated and estaslished as a city by the Legislatu:e of the State of Florida. and a charter granted. Nov. 2. 1925. The city is governed by a mayor and council, consisting of seven members. elected for two years. According to the 1935 State Census. the population was 3.500. Late actual count showed there were approximately 1.500 eligible voters in the eitY. Hialeah is located in Dade County and its boundaries join those of Miami. It embraces an area of approximately thirteen square miles. and the-e are about 2.000 buildings in all. Public Welfare Features An efficient and courteous force of police is maintained. the minimum number with which the city can operate being six. These men also art as firemen. They are trained. and are capable of making repairs. handling all aaets of fire equipment, machinery and Ife -alarm systems. Everything possible is done in the department to maintain the sfety of the residents and property of the city. The parks and playgrounds department maintains about 30 acres of parks and playgrounds equipped with tennis and shuffleboard courts, swings and a swimming pool. also a community house and library under one roof. and carries on a regular program of city beautification. The Streets and Sewers Department maintains about 150 miles of hard-surface streets and several miles of oiled, smooth-surfaced streets. A sanitary department looks after the health conditions throughout the city. and a complete garbage colectian service and disposal system is maintained. Building inspections. electrical inspections, city enginee: and city attorney all perform in customary manner in handling these respective branches of the City business. Insurance is maintained on all the City buildings and property. Hialeah has a water department. with a City-owned distributing system. There are 50 miles of mains. The water supply is of the very best, being purchased from the Miami Water Works. which is the largest well water softening plant in the world. This water is equal to the best in the whole country. Since its inscorporation Hialeah constructed a new city hall, in which all City departments are housed. Hialeah has a welfare committee which takes up the cause of poor and distressed families. There are five churches, and a grammar and jitior high school. Industry, Transportation, Utilities, Developments A number of manufacturing plants are within the corporate limits, and this area is termed the industrial center of Greater Miami. Included among the industries are: Manufacturer of soap, steel fabrication, woodworking, ice plant, cigar factories, tile and cement block plants, numerous dairies-several of large proportion-and small truck farms. Two trunk-line railroads-the Florida East Coast Railroad and the Seaboard Air Line Railway-traverse Hialeah. The shops of both these railroads are nearby. Franchises have been granted to both, as well as to the Southern Bell Telephone & Telegaph Co. and Florida Power & Light Co. The city has good bus sevice between here and Miami and other points, via regular schedule by the Miami Transit Co. lines. The radio receiving station and general headquarters of the Tropical Radio & Telegraph Co. (United Fruit Co.I is located at Hialeah, also the Miami Municipal Airport and Curtiss Flying Service. Inc. stnd several other airports adjacent thereto. as well as the great Eastern Air Lines Airport and all couirmert necessary to international flying. mail and passenger seevire the City of hiami $2,000.000 water works: and the Miam Jockey Club. Hialeah Park, imp:oved and enlarged to be one of the most beautiful of its character in the world. A law passed recently by the Florida Legislature has removed obstructions, so that huge additional investments are brought here by leading sportsmen and financiers of the country.


INTRODUCTION 31 There is a fine substation of the Florida Powe: & Light Co. located here. and coinsta ctio of electric light and power lines throughout this rits and back country has progressed so that the entire territory is well roered and served. The Fir-ida Powe: & Light Co. has a completely equipped office an display room here. with ftll crew, and every phase of electric power and light service is available to homes and industries. 11 ta.1 ^.. r .. ..S. hmouhbr-dParade o HAeh Park Fast Ovl to 0i RaiFans MTh rilking E..trune Hialeah has a second-class post office, a number of leading chain stores, a Western Union Telegraph office. and two weekly newspapers. The City has water transportation facilities via the Miami River to the Bay of Biscayne and the Atlantic Ocean. Several other drainage canals are under constructioi : about completed, which will practically solve the problem. The State of Florida has completed a canal through Hialeah, which should do much toward draining some of the most fertile soil in the world. Asiation, which has been making big strides here during the last few years, will undoubtedly caotinue to grow rapidly in importance and likewise contribute in a marked manner to the growth and prosperity of this entire section. Hialeah, as above stated. is the center of this development, having a number of airports within its limits and nearby. The All-Ame:can Air Meet. held here annoally at the Miami Municipal Airport. which is located within the limits of Hialeah, has grown rapidly in nation-wide importance and popularity and is gaining an international aspelt. The University of Miami is within easy reach of the city. This is an outstanding institution of learning and an added advantage to Hialeah's people. Hialeah is only about 15 minutes by iiotor from tii splendid school, and only about six miles from the Dade County Court House in Miami. Agriculture forms a background, the importance of which should not be overlcoked. The rich Everglades lands lie here and adjacent to the city. Hialeah is the gateway to this virgin land, said to be as rich as any in the world and a practically untouched golden opportunity for farmers. With the new ranals fiished in this section, and the drainage problem solved. great progress will surely be made in this direction. The dairy industry has steadily grown in importance and volume. Hialeah has several civic and fraternal organizations. such as the Masonic Lodge. American Legion. Parent-Teachers Association, Lions Club, Boy and Girl Scouts, women's clubs. Order of the Eastern Star, relief organizations for the ps :. and Chamber of :-ommerce.


12-36 ABBREVIATIONS nett .... accauv[ent arsmkr .. aressmnFe[' 1-irrhl .. merl:., r l".i', rel .......... rrt'sll adc adrarllivg -mercM1vnt It:c .. R:-ara,.l g rlrull vrel ear E elerlrElc:,1 \lei Metn:IJlt. v, >' ... Rullwnv rlrrln lectrl 'I:rn mfg eufarl arlne Av111 ~I rl. ..... nl'Ilev elictro ..eleclrvtSlcr mfr .. nufx"I ilrer Itallwa9 \inll Rxrvlrr m I el erarnr mar er S ... S u, he of nromerer ml.r : Ler rs n vlaTe m6t 'fl .. I as nreht :.... cwrlLM em F.c .. mlar ........ 'I ter 'I .I asmblr __ emvleYmev[ epencr mtpc ...... milliner se ....... srvn:leuat a._ena"er ev mea .. ea ... ea Ia g. -er ea[ .. -t m ... 'r am ,m :Ella ec n .. exc c. m [ merh.lnlr 1 s I to " eep ezvress mnturmav dawn 9eleaw rt ai svr rmv sm rrs sea I a e t i f rwp Ise mr(h t ... -I,. I mi r sre n1.r ..... s IJe .. L uInul, b1 amlm i -1 wea re mr ev. r I-gal,,. n i rvllu rapn.r tare b.n iewra anp wn":Ile h. -M1ravcn Iwnls1lea anms .... I mrl[ .. le.,mflii r I r ..1 II r _. d -. P .I t' run 1 tl 1 11 1 I. g n m il a 'I 1. e eg h I r 11 r. fry.uf laufr 1 i II IfJ I k i I I:rk i .t 1 1 I r M1 l r 1 1 .. 1 t 11 11 I' n h 'Jp .1 kl.. A I k r 1 l a h.r -br I n 1 onn .4hw r n f rnrrl ... rnmmerelal rmap ...... haspttal nicer ....., plnstererl trot Irn ullne I I 1 +rA 1 r rsr rr P H I I Fl rd e ,cool I "nAt luctvril I i. 1 11 .11 I\ un^ferl eNr .r m re rr rf[ er 1.. I l l r t l I tons I I I i' 1 J i .:." tuner c n n[ Dr .., o.v nrnf .... nr rte.. r I II a dales A-1 r..-nr. mart ..... hlsrtur... "rl urn ..... nr"mrlet.,r. us1lc.rnllea sl.vea cn. ... corr.Yl;:'naanl mr ter .......... vrrr ._.. nrrwla,.n^ L rlna rrrrra v l mvl re nue nrsmr .. oreareeaer hss ci r Jr. ..... Ir n, .r nrsmn rre_.amaef pnlteti V B xr aen ..... an nl i Ja'tr -! 7xneixr mmlrn re a, vet .... arha rv aer .a n em hnr h aner r ,n ...atnuethnlingl yule .r rrer u Jlrta .. rrne I b 1 'r R -I m=nr a n. -net .. n p n i e I I -, L. .ie aloe .. ai reel 1 t I1 II. .. Jr:lri rlha IltM1nc unler rd r J mid ... .. n"d ,. alt Jenleri mars ..... Inuvtlreu l Pelleerr wkr ........ wort; .r Y a t o _I .. Mul "2 1 1 I ks a -au l a u 1 d I'I : I: d Ic 1 all I 1 M1 a n nmd draft _. Itlit'. ratr eaaurnm. a t .'seram ,le ABBREVIATIONS OF GIVEN NAMES dhrenvm ... 9hr rn[herlpa C.ih Cen a ........ Cev P.Irnerd rlrn"t Alexmder ..... dlex r5ar1 Ches James las <"bet[ .... rl

BELCHER OIL COMPANY INC. Specialists in FUEL OILS, DISTILLATES and ROAD OILS All Grades Prompt deliveries by: TANK WAGON TANK CARS BARGE Miami's Pioneer Petroleum Dealer Office and Plant 1217 BISCAYNE BOULEVARD MIAMI, FLORIDA Phone 2-7425 P. O. Box 1751 Terminals located at: MIAMI, MIAMI BEACH AND PORT EVERGLADES


Where the Home Begins Drake Lumber Yards, Inc. SU P OR; J UMBER "Superior Lumber and Millwork" PHONE S2-3188 1536 L N. Miami Ave.


37 HERMAN J. ARRANT, Inc. "NOTHING BUT INSURANCE" Huntington Bldg. Phone 3.5566 POLK'S z GREATER MIAMI -] CITY DIRECTORY c 1939 Including Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Hialeah, Biscayne Park, I Miami Shores Village and North Miami Copyright, 1939, by R. L. Polk & Co. For List of Abbreviations see page 36 Alphabetical List of Names PA-1 Letter Shop (Wm H Harvey) 127 NE 1st av A & S Auto Parts (Walter L Chase jr) auto reprs R112 1300 NW 62d ot A-1 Look & Key Shop (Harry L Bittner) 212 NE Aach Daol (Adelia) h1637 SW 5th st apt 1 14th av Aandersun A A (A A Aanderaun Publicity) r A-i Tire Co (Win W Grace) 1199 NW 7th as 13280 NE 2d av A A Beauty Salon (Sidney S Stearns) 1460 Wash'" A A Publcity (A A Aandersun) adv agt 127 AAlecatn Co (MB) mnesne238X NE 1st ae R1212-13 A e minat Cc E J Gummoe mgr 2358 W Aaron Alex (c; Gracie) lab r644 SO 10th st A A A (AMERICAN AUTOMOBILE ASSN), 1331 Drug Store (Arth W Morrison) 400 NW 2d av REED Biscayne Boulevard, Tel 3-2143 John R (Ethel) h3900 NW 23d av AAA Furniture & Upholstering Co (Saml ehachAarons Leslie L (Evelyn) gasmn Ideal Dry Clag Construction no, Esra Raphael) 241 NW 5oh st Co Inc 1h2923 NW 32d av A A A Typewriter Co Thos 'B Short rep 49 NW Aaronson A John (Rose) routemn Model Lndry Inc let st h768 NW 64th st A-B's Corner (Mrs Sophia Novosel) restr 2600 N Ceo H photog r1344 NW 79th st la C t Abarbanel Jacob (Anna) h730 Meridian av apt 6 A B C Emoplopysent Agency Dal E Lee mger ]27 (n NE let av R116-17 (MB) A B R Supply Co Carl G King pres Chas L RemilAbbe Edo W lab Standard Wine & 'Spirits Co r Iet s-pres J 0 Phillips sec-treas bldg materials 4250 NW 3d st t6ts NE -Ilh ct "'Grace r 4 250 NW 3d nt A & A Garage (Jacob F )tiles) auto reprs 2340-44 Jos r4250 NW 3d st Contractors Ng 3d av Wom (Jennie) carp h4250 NW 3d st A & A LETTER SERVICE (Mrs Florence Allison, Abbolt Carrie (wid Jahn 1) r736 NO 15th av frances Armstrong), 2021 NW 3d ct, Tel '" Wo F h4736 NW 15o av 3.2119 Abbey Anna (wid Alban) h601 NW 100th ter A & B Turniture Co Inc Jas E Baden pres-treas 5 Elfreda maid 1564 Brickell av Bulkheading Jos E J Lee v-pres 1636 NW 7th av Howard student r601 NW 100th ter A A B Package Store lieuots 1003 5th st (MB) Abbey's Place (Abelardo Lopez, Delis Cruz) Docans A & B P pe & tetlrko t PhprAwle n perkos restr 793 NOV 30th 51 Fosundationa Mrs Esther S Serkowoltz s-pros Ales Serosote Abbott Annie V (!,Id Gheea R1) 13340 S1W 22d st Wo ie Ase-tralee og supplies 500 NOV 5th et Apartments 6815 Abhott av ( ) Wood Piles A & S Service Station (Josse R Watson) filling Beatricei (oid Dan) -2936 SW 16th ter C ete Pil 1 09C9 NW 3d a 4' "Carolyn (wid John) h555 NE 63d at oncre es A k D Candy Ca lA"r Deowitz) 410 NO 27th Caryl B waiter The Boulevard r219 NE 4tih St Steel Sheeting Av Chs (Ida) wen's tarn 214 N Miawl at and A K Lsaundry (Andrew B Johnson) 4009 NW what cI 11 NE 2d ut h1327 SOY 18th av Guniting A k P Food Stores office and wine 4009 NE 2d Court Apartments 6815 Abbott av (MB) Bridges 5 starts: 320 Albambra cdr (Cabes), 1091 ccDanI eSt (Arr3a VW Ahdt Elcoav 13N Alton ed (IB), 6665 'Biscayne blvd, 515 Cl" Danl J (Alversia V; Abbott Electric) h585 NW fins av (MB), 277. 1163 and 1751 W Flagler 79th st St. 3041 Greand av (CGrove). 2 Hialeah dr ABBOTT ELECTRIC (Daniel J Abbott). 184.86 (H). 106 1 OtlamI av. 1910 Ponce de Leon NE 20th st, Tels 3-4811 and 7-3082 1345 bvd )CGahles). 1417 Washington av (MB). Ella K Mrs tchr Fla Adirondack Sch Inc r3575 t01, 2249. 4009, 5930 and 7920 NE 2d ae, Main hwy (CGrove) 20th St. 825 NOW 2d av, 641 NW 5th av, 731 SW 0th Emma R (wid Geo N) e617 NW 8th st St. 12(:0 NW 7th av, 212 NOV 8th av. 769, Geo F driver r652 NW 39th st Miami Beach, t225 and 17t1 SW 8th st, 722 NW 27th av, leo J (Isabella) h5928 NV 5th ct Fla. 1054 28th St, 1726 NW 36th st and 669 H Paul (Eliz) schr Flu Adirondack Sch Inc r NW 824 at 3575 Main bswy (CGrove) Phones WASHINGTON STORAGE CO., Inc. 553"98 Agents ALLIED VAN LINES Inc. Maying Packing Shipping Rug Cleaning Baggage Transfer P. O. Box 1001 Washington Av. (M. B.) Storage PHONE 5.3445 677


38 Property e-, 1 .n AEU Manae AETRNATHT ManaT Hth Helen tchr hI 4 NW 21st av apt 15 GMe Helene boutn A445bothc Cfoor s way (C Isabel (wid Preston W) bkpr Arnett Furniture m t Gel rse Exchange rIlS NW 27th st Grove) r do 48 1327 SW BERNATHY 3 0 (Selme P),1. yr67 mr J Aron lawyer 23 E. 2d av R84-48 r1327 SW AB lean Bank Bldg 139 NE IntLSt Te163-2570, I kith av 1027 NW Ist St J D electn Abbott Elec Co r1230 S\ 2d nr Jon D 1r (Elsie) clk FlaP&LCo r1027 NW 1st = Jeanete (wid Albert h520 NE 27t st Leon eng r,3 Inuga av ICGrove) John W fHelen) h1457 NW 42d st Lorenea wid Turner L) iter r1wu 3 SW 4th et n = LL Mary E Mrs r3187 SWV 6th .t Omar h4412 Bay rd (NIB) "~~tu M4-lte h3oy ad 14t1181ps Myrtle wate eid4'hs Seat Foods Incr418 SW Selma P Mrs tehr Ada Merritt Jr High School O b1027 NW 1st st 7^" 4th av Thos tcht Miami Sr High School r44 NW 2st "Nellie C r1122 NW 3d st apt I a Petri (Mee) h2965 Bay Shore dr (CGrove) ~ Thos H (Daisy BI gro 569 NW 54th sl h do a Sn mrP1Ch raeniyHosr13Cra Turnee L elk Atlantic Cu ay C W aveely (Nell) sisn McMurray Printing Co wny (CGables) r23l SW N 2:th st Sam) G (Elsie) sst probation officer Juveplle Wesley sIsmn East Coast Equipment Co Inc r Court b617 NW Sth st 1521 .SW 7th st G TbosD (Esther; Am Bag & Metal Co) h313 Abernethy Durant S v-pres W T Price Dredging r' Victor C (Mlay) plstr h714 NW 20th v Corp r3200 SW 27th av S" alter F (Bertha F) sismn h652 NW 39th st Elfrtede Iwid Wallace) bt4t 2 NW -1h If a Waller F jr metermn F naP&LCo r652 NW 39th a Raymond W lEath) ssmn East Coast Equip Co e at r1351 SW 7th st apt e0 Abdell Margt M (mid Jos) h4324 NW 19th av Abess Allan T I)1 Irene) women's turnge 811 Abdenour Geo (Julil) dept mgr Coral Way Market Lincoln rd I StBl h1000 Nlicblgan en apt 4 h636 SW 33d av (EB' Jos (Mary) slsmn h636 SW 33d av ABESS, COSTAR & ROBERTS (Leonard L Abess, Louis stson Moringslde te r'36 SW 33d av Chas B Costar and Chas S Roberts), Certified "Star clk Morntegside btkt r636 SW 33d av Public Accountants 711 First National Bank Abdoo Sami (Marion) restr 5685 SW 8th at r do Bldg l01 E Flagler st. Tel 3-5549 and 1245 Abear John C atndt Dalleu Park Parking Statlto Washington av IMB), Tel 5-1500 dal r4a'SE 2d st apt 4 Leonard L (Bertha U ; Abess, Costar & Roberts) SBAbel Alf A (Dorothy) h3330 NW 17th st 1,29^_1 Sheridan av apt 4 ISIBI Daman C h1935 SW Bth ter Abhau fartha r103H Brickell av Fred F (Florence) mgr Nautilus Hotel r4300 AlAbiamo NarehI cook Tent Italian Reetr r220 Blaton rd (MB) cayne blvd E -tablibed Irwin (Syd B) h14132 Pennsylvania av (MB) Abishire Jos ship clk r3618 NE aleemt et E.abhd aMinnie Mrs ih194 NW 45th at ^ Walter T (Ella) sIsmo h3618 NE Miami et 1916 Roland (Ada) gro 5702 NW 2d av h do Able Wm Ic; Cath) Dorter k610 NW 1st pt Rose Mrs rn218 Drexel av apt H-30 15B) Ablin Jack (Faye) 12861 Pine Tree dr (MB) Abele C Ww tHetty E) mgr Miami Country Day Abner Knute lab Standard Wholesale Oro Cu r Sch t1521 NW 8th st 2036 SW 2d at lie ar .vct Canap Cloudio''t r-21 NIW' 8th Abnerholm Hotel (Caroline D Herin) 266 NE 3d at KOWITZRK Abney Arth J (Lydla) credit mgr Servten Paint "erbert A IHeien M) v-pres-eec-tress LIghtCo b20^0 SW 24th st apt makers Inc r1518 Drexel av fJIB) Francis E (Nancy M) asst U S Navy Recruting BCK E ose maid 1i0 Fountain st (Palm Island) r do Office h2812 SW 10th st Abell Geo L (Tanne) h6335 NE 16t pl Aboulnfia Esther student r7 2 6 NW 24th at farieon beauty Apr Rouge Boa Beauty Shoppe Ia.. I Sarah:; Buena Vista Furn Exthi hi-2 r1755 NW 39th st NW 24th st Plumbing Sarah sN (wid Chas L) h221 NW 25th st Rachel student r726 NW 24th at Abels B sten SBT&TCo 1493 NW 55th st Aboussleman Philip C fh1443 SW 23d et Installations Grace C lwid John F) 1493 NW 55th at Abraham Amelia (C) mald r1918a NW 4th av Nuche sten SBT&TCo r149 NIX' 551 st Benj L (Bessie) gro 1701 NW 2d nv b Mar and Supplies Walter R (Lucile B) meeh h3095 Oak av (C 1884 SIX 10th st Grovel Campbell S opr Postal Tel-Cable Ca Abelson Albert (Lynne; Alyn's Sundries) h301 SW Gabriel (Anastasia) chef h3524 SW 7th st 12th av Geo mgr Surf BathIng Shop r436 Collins et Harry H r3214 Grand av (CGrove) (MB) A A Abenson Lena Mrs mgr Brompton Manor Apts h Geo (Latifal tailor rear 340 NW 5th at h do 1017 Jefferson av apt 10 31B) 'Henry (c:; Essie) Porter r1918a NW 4th av Ab-r Jlohn NI 1 acly tn I tehr Miati Edison Sr John (Louise) driver StTCo h42 SW 19th td igh School r 1111th st and Biscayne bId ^' John B 42 SW 19th ad tLous r250 NE 1st 5t Jos W wtimn h762 NW 69th st Abercrombie Annie D sten Sou Furn Co h2345 Leola (c) maid hi975 NW 4th et NW Flaier ter apt 2 ^ Louise Mrs nuese 42 SW 19th rd h do Ethel waiter Hollemans Grille r227 Michigan av Buby r253 NE 14th st at 6B Credit (MB) Saml (Surf Bathing Shop) h436 Collins et Aplctos "'Grover oni e) hl5l NW 33d st apt 1 (N7Ig Ap"ltitnt H Ld IsOUise) servmn Dixie Tire Co r151 NW Abrahams tilda lc maid r1960 NI' 4th at Treatad 33d t' "Joel A (Maiorlon) hdw h457 SW 19th rd Confidentially Jas L (Addie M) carp h5952 NW 6th av Jules A (Beesie A) l524 Garcia av ICGables) John 5 sismn r1127 SW 4th st Sylvia bench wkr Style Craft Bug Co r624 !I5 Mary E Iwid Robt) r742 NE 82d ter 41st st ESTATE Sas Sheauty opr Opalescent Beauty Shop r Abruaos David student r534 Anastasia an apt It Gas Ranges Wm A (Nell S) collr J J Cater Furniture Co h ICles) at Lower Cost 128 SW 22d av Abram Jos B (Celia) h514 W Flagler at Wm A jr stock elk r123 SW 22d av Morris (c; Effie) porter h1931 NW 5th av Aberg John 0 (Gunhild) boat bidr 243 NW South Wm F (Eliz) h929 NE 2d av River dr h do Abramhoff Herbert (Surf Toys) r124 BiscayaeMost Complete Abernathy Caroline W (wid Wm W) h637 SW blvdDisplay 1st st Atramoviltch Minnie r705 Jefferson av In U. S. A Cary C (Lucy t) plstr h1748 NW 2"d st Abrams Adra L (wid Warren) s5536 SW 22d ter Celestine student rS58 NE 69th st Alton T (Annie 51) metalwkr h630 NW 99th st Chas M IJosenhlne) soft drinks 64 SW 1st st h 'Benj (Eva FI pres Hartley's Inc h4468 Post av 1220 2324 NW 22d r IB, Biscayne Blvd. _-On the Circle S PHONE " "A. 3-3351 yTIRE STOR "EL.EOH-ONE 3-4et 5" tll. 5 N-E.12'


39 CALVIN OAK INSURANCE FHA First National Bank Bldg. Miami INSURE AIIRAMS ACE PLUMBERS (Geo Lennox), Contracting and SYSTEM SCaus (Daris) h1751 N Mtaml av Jobbing, Heating, Solar Hot Water Heaters, Clara 3t (id Joe R) 45 SW 10th s Septic Tanks, Gas Stoves Connected, Lawn ioris Mrs mgr Hotel Terrace h1751 N Miami av Mowers Sharpened 130 A]cazar av (Coral Ga" Ena F Mrs v-pres Hartley's Inc h4468 Post av bles), Tel 4-7079 (For further information see (MB) page BBy)rs' American Eve asst Dr J R Pearson r559 SW 3d at Itadw Shop (Mos Joaquina Bodego) 46 NW 36th SFannie Mrs (Abrams Hotel) r302 Euclid av o Service Station (Everett F 'Swan and Sandford (MB) H Saunders) filling sta 62-6 5th st (MB) Hurry L (ilo LI aero mcl h2921 SW 26th t .Theatre 3603 Grand av ICGable) ",Rotel (Mrs Fannie Abrams) 302 Euclid ov (MB) Tile Ca (Atla Polets) 2201 NW 1st or & o F tasli evec see M H Hotel Avon r977 NW 4th Tansfer Co l(Jos Wilensky, Isadoe Marhs) 324 st Meridlan av (MB) Isadnr (Patllne) s1amn 1,4515 Royal Palm av ACE VALET (Edw Herr), Dry Cleaning, Hand (MB) Laundry, Shoe Repairing and Tailoring 1055 Co "John W (Hatile) farmer hS153 NW 13th av Washington av (Miami Beach), Tel 5-3664 Julia Mrs t866 NW 3d st apt 2 Acherson Bud carp ,315 NE 15th ter Louis ht625 NW 3d st upt 6 Achilles Peter waiter Tent Italian Restr r1443 S Luisa nild QuasI r2226 Bsocayne hlod 51iami as Mars (0l0 Id 1 )722 NI ith d Achit Peter (Lotise; Pete & Nolans) h335 NW Depts. Stayn ard student ra515 Royal Palm av (MB) 14th av apt 9 o Paul (Lallte) dentist hi25 Alton rd apt 7 (M1B) Achorn Albert H (Helen C) sls mgr Fla Dairies F'A Phil A (Ann; The Toggery) h195 NW 72d st Co h172 5 SW 21stt ot Saml (Allce) tailor Bardine's Inc r859 ComAchtenberg Allen (Freida) r342 Jefferson av (MB) merce st (MB) Acker Edna Strs furn ram 143 NE 4th st h do S n Saah (id Dvid)h64 E 41t "Fre Ab s(Evelyo) doormo ht4tt Tunis st (C 4Syea (midn Dord64 NE 41st C ableol Syl a lswv er6 NE ttht H C (Elsie L) vvhot prod 31725 NW 28th st apt 4 "Wrren L (Roter) h653 NW '64th at John A (Eleanor) h271 NE 27th st Abramson Anna Mrs r342 Jefferson ar (MB) JoI n A jr student r271 NE 27th st Arth student r1546 SW 4th nt apt 1 Wm J (Ethyle B) sismn r2344 NW 7th st L Lottle restr 2310 Collins or (I1B) r516 15th st Ackerman Alex K (0tes) gasmkr FlaP&LCo h Loans (MB) 177 NW 51st st Naurlee (Jean) sismn h1546 SW 4th st apt 1 Ann Mrs tel opr r3529 SW 26th ot "Nathan (Anna) meat otr Magie City Gro h1863 Betty waiter r615 NE 83d Ia 8W 11th o apt 2 C Otto jr student r4405 NW 17th ai Safto Badle (wid 1ax)1 h445 SW 2d et apt B sec Meat Cutters Union 'It36 NW 1st Aheas lteulah Mtrs r354 SW 6th s" Chas 0 (Lillian W) hostler 34405 NW 17th av 0 Jas E lawyer 117 NE 1st 0v RI18 h354 SW Clifford L (Kate) 335 NW 6th av apt 4 6th st Fred (Margt) ssmn h1500 NW 42d at AbrasS Ben F slsmn B V Frocks Inc r1000 Collins Goo C (Ann) elk h3529 SW 26th 1t v (3IB Harvey ssen e1029 Alton rd (MB) 139 Ahroams Jean Mrs h615 NW 64th st ACKERMAN INSURANCE AGENCY INC. Leo N. E. tat St Rubin (Jennie C) shoe repr Paul M Clark r6S Ackerman Pres. William WIlkins V-Pres, InNW 64th at surance and Surety Bonds Ith 11 Seybold Abaloma Gea Si ir (Annabell N) see-tres AudiBldg 36 NE lst st. Tel 2-3151 (For further o a oo Miami Inc h2ll0 SW 22d a Information see page 30 Buyers' Guide) phone Josle (c) maid r270 NW 10th at Absher Mary M sswn Burdine's Inc r1520 SW ACKERMAN LEO (Babette), Pres Ackerman InW tsot art Ft meat etr Knight & Dorris sarance Agency Inc, h1662 SW 19th av, Tel 0wha5ot Star 12lf a t t ngt&Dc 2-0390 Abshi tg r slsmp Blue Crass Package Lester L (Clare V) carrier PO h1377 NW 29th AsiStoese r slo Blu C3ath Pacag ter Stare ri85 NE 36th s) 5 Mabel C (wid Lloyd) h1379 29th ter ABSTRACT & TITLE GUARANTY CORP (Guar" Maurice C (Madge C) h2039 NW 35th st anty Title & Abstract Corp of Miami, Fla), Newman L (Evsie) parts mgr L J LichtenstetterGuaranty Title Bldg 33 NE Ist av, Tel 3-4775 Inc h1344 SW 3d st apt 1 (For further Information see page 3 Buyers' Phillip student r1917 Tercia av Guide) Robt 1t countermn r1379 NW 29th ter A hubove Rose r122 Drexel av apt 109 (MB) S H r1101 SW 12th Et apt 5 Acola Flower Shop (J Marshall Yeats) 1547 SW 'Iltos B (Emma) h465 NE 59th 8th It I Thos J (Lucile A ssmu h1060 NW 7th st Pcrt T er 320 NW 7th 00 Sm (Allene) meat etr h1917 Tercia av Acceta Tho P cap r32 NW 7h avAckers RIMh H slsmn h1450 SW 3d st apt 10 Accurate Atos Service (Chester M Kunkel, RayAclaro Sanchez H houseOy 6300 Pine Tree dr mood H Stearns) 333 W Fisgler st (Aca ) a h y6" Ace Bind 'Shop (itta B Addison) 156 NW 5th vt Acme Auto & Brake Service (Roy Collins) 416 NW R CahS IEverett F Swan and Sandford H Saun79th st detm taxicab service 626 5th at (MB) Barber Shop (Harry J Greb, John T Comman" Cigarette Service Inc John F Saxon pres Carl A der) 32 NE 1st st Trice v-pres Paul C Taylor sec-treas vending Cash Grocery (Wm Dvnsworth) 1160 SW 4th st mochlnes 9709 NE 2d av Electric (Fredk 'Stevenson) 6 NW 17th av Cleaners 1t64 W Flaglee i, 5844 and 766 NE Employment Service (Benj Argo) 412 NE tot a Caes tII WE Flad st, 4 and 3 W8t NE Fast Freight too Di W aoroton gent agt freight v 2d av. 104 SE 2d It, 471% and 1390 SW Sth forwarders 36 NE st ot Ri;47 lt and 204 NW 36th at Plastering Co (Michl Fiorillo) 60 NE 23d so "Electric Service (Eug F Holland, Job. W Lam" Plumbing Co (Wmo R Crawford) 1002 S3ih >0 ble antrs 42 Jrttersoa lv (MB) tMB) mployment Frank Pine sgr 1 1 NE 2d et R Quality Paint Store (Ralph H and Sami H 9-10 more) 150 NW 36th st ?urnllCo Co (torrie Klepeck) 437 Collins av Radio Electric Ca (Joe Routberg) 416 NE 2d ac CO. nC (M) Realty Ca (Jos A Dann) 1366 NW 7th st Ery Shop IA Engcosperger) 742 NW 36th st Supply Co Mrs Sila Wedemeyer pres Wen V fee ACE LETTER SERVICE (Joseph F Orthner), MulN-res6tHugo Wedemeyer sec-tres roofers 131 tgraphieg and Mimeographlng, Multilith Oft Aeoreoro Diomilek c-i NE 5th st Set Process. Auto-Typewritten Letters, Forms, Acosta Annie to) 133 NW 8th ot Price Lists, Automobile Registration Lists, Cleaet driver R aat Luoter Yd r9565 NW8FhC 222 SE 2d ao, Tel 2-1614 (For further in5th 0v formation see left side lines and page 55 flant t tRuth I( stsmn Banachor A Leigh liA Bayes' Galde) 2436 SW 7th st apt 2 Mantrs, to iLota It Aidllison) 16 NIV 5th st Acoustcaon Institute Jolon R Allison mgr 36 Ni : "Sazlne MrS nurse 630 SW 10th tt apt 5 h do 1st st R714 Ago REFRIGDEATMN BAILEY'S LvMnER YARD LU"BE EUE BUILDING DO _. PHONE MATERIALISULAT N. W. 26th St. 3-2106 STORE


40 .ELECTRIC AUTOMATIC dnn O REFRIGERATORS L p General Office Service Dept. Ag XefrigF ratiOf 134 N.W. Third Ave. Phone 3-2128 Show Rooms: 134 N. W. 3rd Ave., Phone 3-2128 W Acree Bent B (Clara F) auto mech h1027 SW th AB MS F Mn Indry wkr Dewey Lndry Co (J17)M ~ t Beala Ft MCrs dvie Hne nryC a R Clement L lllrgt Fl 6,1190 NWO 32d nt Oi o( oe lemon A (Nelrle F) corp h3 224 sW th t Burgess L (Jane) cec-treos Chang's Chow Mein Joan P asst A Bulst Litterer r45 SE 2d st apt Inc hIrI SW t n t C3 01 It)Oirglitoi nsmow Palten i Co r1th 37W E L Gar 1Wio N) 9thete Fort Dallas o Car/ V hip City Properly Allee Die r1527 NW N 1adelkin private see B V Frocks Inc r1220sOO Caroline (cold lehd) log Coaonot Apts bloja 29th ter C rdne avl Rapd 4 g CoontAB)h11 "Phyllis M Ir45 SE 2d ot apt 21 eidan 1 4 opt 4 BMB) HosJt Ic) ohb r195 NW\ 5th 50 Cccii (0) shoot 1848 Joome or MB) Hour L Pearl I forea Paokard Miaml Mrs Cecil B (nn NJ sismon Miami Baking Co tIoc 115. NW ;5th or 6fih NW 23d Si Action WnC IG rga LI h910 NW Sdth st Cho C (Pouline) phys 00 NE 2d av k1757 w Aoton Claude P (Ester C) srmn PO r1670 SW 13thF a Ess 14th ot CoPh34 NE 76ith sIt e Co Florence (wid Rayviondr h3040 SW Pith ter C Chas H Xirglnla) slsmn r1120 NW 30th at Lum r Lijah ('Stella) c cir ,343 NW 4th ni Chas H h534 Anastasia av at 7 (CGables} Raymond atndt r3040 SW 16th ter Clement (c; Annie) gdnr r1 St NW 5th ct Aca y o itsoge113 r conls Hotl r143I BlvCloB y bse E (Gladys) city firemn h3319 NW 24th OUR PRICE o Roea ar s bl o CollIe (c) lab e14300% NW 4th or IS LOWER Ada across Irrlei 1: .dae & H"per) Crystal sten rt00 SW 27th a h2584S Pealci ase urII Cyvtl l (0)vn r435 NW 7th ot ADAE & HOOPER (Flamen B Adae. James S talsy i (wid Clifford) 112227 SW 1th at Hooper). General Insurance. Ten Hundred Daiphne beauty opr LaRue Beauty Salon 1l1i Lincoln Road Bldg. 1628 Michigan av (MB). NE 2d ot F. H. A. Tel 5-5571 lave C (Gladys) slsmn Jeffrey Lumber Tend Adalr Arth L rAlma LI flling cra 2199 SW 22d to or300 NE 27th ot heet metalwkr Sixth Of FNAN_ G ,, Lerie(Lois) sI veyor h2504% NW 24th ot Tin Shari r9 0' 9th nst I) Cath r2 150 SW 17th st Hella h irCa NW 1st or Cecelia J Airs Itsekpr James Deering Property Dnoel caedy giel Colony Theotre nt SW 6325N S Miami av 'e7th on 663 N. W. Chas H (EGra e ) mgr Adair Publishing Co ", mey c a iah hiO N 5th on . h73s NE 94th It SlDid (0; EdIth) lit h133 NW 3d 01 4 Ernest C (ean 0) stereotype h619 NW 0th It Dcrhca H rtco Haley-Milam Inc "Dor Brlght H"oward ( Margt) lamo emp Nianri Home Allk eli is Prod Assn i112 NW 2 9th st Douglas ) atidcnt r353 NW 11th st J Russell IEthell delm Slami Rome 31lk Prod Earl D h331i LeJeune rd (CGableml PHONE Assn hi116 NOV 70w cI Earl L (hlance i potice Miami Beach Polioe H NE Joho F T (Matilda HI b1633 SW l3tlr si Dept rl 529 NOV S2d cij1hn T(lislrinc C ) Chao Adair mgr 327 NE ts as Earl M lGertrude) custodian (1b925 NW lot an 3-3091 "Ris-i Earl It Dell) 'ell. h725 Brckell ar Sammie ste Southern Tile r2150' SIX 17th Earle (AIla L Adams Tours) h1781 Eapaol. "Sherman (c; Jessie A gdnr h1012 NW 63d st dr itioV Adam Anthony P (Geraldine) stsmn Flagler Che Early II rSarah F) gro 3919 NW 17th a, h Co rI60 NW 1th at 1612 N5V 39th sIt Ennis H IGwendolyn) chief maintenance 6260 "Early R Jr elk SBCo r1612 NW 39th at E 4th it HI Edw rtro.hyl r5k1 NW 8th at apt iv A W Geraldine elk Bent Cohen r170 NW 19th t Ed o r o Lulal porter hS45 NW 12th st Jon Cath)I h rl0 NOV 1th sr '" Ed-In A h1|20 NW 15th on Jos T IBessiel carp h7133 NW 44th ot Effie V dept mgr Burdine's Inc r1129 SW 11th Lucy bkpr r173o NW 18th It st Paul E (Edith H) carp 12134 NOV 441h st 2enr A nurse Dr R L Heines Sanitarium r e Phillip rp r1760 NW 19th st rear 1260 SW 5th st flNAdE r z Chas o rElecta h 1 E6th s Elijah Ic) h237 NW 15th at AMv-Ores cThompson Fish Co ]nr r Fey West Elhel maid -,141 Fine Tree dr (MB)6 r do Ada M 'Ars v-pres Miami Tradioc Cs h1629 Ethel M IwId Henj F) hS28 NW 23d ci SSW 10th 't 'Ethel P r311 NE 14th sI apt 11 SAdam G real "s1 36 NE l.[ st R1(n50 and c-pres "Eustace L IEh.z B writer h,2_: Cocoanut la OIt Adakus B (ie M) c1076 NH' Sth t Eugenia OF (wid Luther W) hE7 NE tHNW ter Gra0es Investment Co S1213 Blue Road cC IPar IslandC Gables) Eustace L jr r222 Cocoanut la (Palm Island) "Albert (c1 si^n ntr ril1 NW :01h at Evert (Hlelen LI elk Dade-Commonwealth Title Albert F (Lillian) slkn Great Southern Auto C'u 1321 NW' 43d It Compan Suipply Coh2nn2 NW' Ist av "'Frank 1230 Salamanca or apf 7 (CGebles) a Alber Ai (Teeoie delivery mn Fl Whol Sun" Frank L olsrin rM3O0 NW' 54th ter dries Inc h-01 W IVth -t act 104 Fred bkpr S Fla Liquor Dstrs Inc r445 SW Alf T (Cleo) se,-t h30;I NW 15th st il ot A.lma E r171 Espanola dr (CGrve) Fred C (Ruby il) h3155 NW 33d at i Al, 11 ;Los (-i por h272'AI 31st '" Fredk H h-4190 Ingraham homy (CGrove) Alvin P Ilary WI slson tiilbert Auto Sales h Carrisn B iMae} h2179 Meridian av (MB) PURE 2960 hN 27th oGenevieve H (wid John; Miami Poultry & EI Alvin P Ir elk Arundale Iree ru r29tG0 NW 27th Co) 11139 SW 3th st BATTERIES Geo (Eleanor) oe dadspner h1146 NW 7th et Andrew plant emp Miani Home Milk Prod Assn Geo C I Ma r aI sismn B V Feooks Inc r8P5 r621 Flagler st West v I(MB) YALE "Ann Avo XSrs mgr Adams hotel h2i30 Park av t GCo E elk Dade-Commonwealth Title Co 4 2 134 I Si~iNOV 24th 01 rd TIRE Aa F 9r hIs SE Ilith a apt 2 Ce F (Olga R) bkpr PO 1145 NE 22d St Anne wid Don t) h rear 3n.;' Alerick s t IC Ceo i Optician Jas H Keene r732 NW I18th t Grvel r Gerald F' Lisl ong h6 NE 50th ter apt 5 rnettIll ab 136 N' 2dIt "Gladys mrs h rear 3712 NW "Uth et 1 Augut H Ada i pres Sliami Trading Co Gladys beauty shop 300 NE 27th at h do PURE h 1gs 1629 s oX h st or G leon L r Phyllis) olsm oir1,01 N Patreso s/hod PU E -H, ~ Mumi Trading Ca r1629 "'Ral 'attn aS Pks) lI -Barb s "' Grace Mrs cash Bnrdine's Inc -549 NE 70th at 01L Aa 1 Cs"e Mimi Cily Taz Collection Div Guy W (Beula cold 'Ii2 NW 39th sI ~ se' 11 n1 zlm st t d et1 Harold E. (Irene cook Tomndes Resir h1336 N OIL It HT Nr PETROLEUM F r ALhews Rest Foods r N 'R 1-Id Wd rd NC PRODUCTS 191U k r 48-64 ______________ S. W. lot St. __________RAS__SD ________., _..______ -s_ .__ g___i__ Phone 2-1741


41 PACKARD MOTOR CARS Authorized Sales and Service PACKARD MIAMI MOTORS INC. 1740 N. E. Second Ave, Phone 2-7621 Packard Sales, 923 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach. Phone 5-3055 ADAMS ADAMS "Hattle Mrs r2373 NW 9th st Mary (c) hipr The Cake Shop r1848 NW 6th Hazel h771 NE 126th It apt 1 It Henry (c: Maggle) longshoremn h322a NW 16th Mary (c) maid r1236 NW 1st Ct ter Mary K (wid Madison E) r2109 SW 4th st Hotel 2030 Park av (M) Mary L student r1738 'SW 1tih ter Hyacinthe If Mrs dist elk ISBT&TCo h51 NE "' Matthew (c: Lizzle) h4909 NW 13th at 5Ot st Maude (c) Indrs h1290 NW 48th st Ine. Ic) maid r51410 NW 27th as Max (Anna V ; Adams Hotel) 112230 Park a Iene B 31rs Ilk Claire Dress Shop h rear 11529 (31) Gritting bld Minnie (wid Lewis) hi121 Mendozo a apt i Isiirael I1E1iz) soda dispenser RCDDS r38 NE (Ciables) 5th at lt Morris L (Emma) potr h3160 Carter st (C J Blake wrapper Burdlne's Inc r1738 SW 11th Gravei ter ADAMS MORTON B (Mary A), Attorney-at-Law, J ttadeous adjuster Ct Am Indemnity Cn h 516-19 Inaraham Bldg 25 SE 2d av, Tel 2renr 225 SW 3d at 1452, h6810 Ponce De Leon Blvd (Coral J Walter hsemn r217 NE 14th ter Gables), Tel 4-1480 (See card In Legal Blue Jas ada r606 NW 22d st Book Dept)" Jas driver e1664 SW 13th st "Moron B jr student i6810 Ponce de Leon bld Jas gdnr r1751 NW Flagler Ur (CGables) Jas (c; Ilethel) lab h102 NW 65th at Mos (c) lab r rear 4825 NW 14th av Jas (c; Bethell restr 6428 NW 18th av h do Nancy E r222 Cocoanut la (Palm Island) Jas (Anna) shoe repr h2321 SW 21st ter Nettie laid Wm P) h1204 West a (MB) Jan J (Ella Ml caretkr 415 Indiana Creek dr Newton elk Andrew J Lee h247%A NE 31st st I MBI e do Nola walter Ponce de Leon Restr Jas M (Vera LI nspr Miami City Bureau of "' Norris (Hannah) h2380 NW 54th ter Toad Inspection & Sanitation h748 NW 44th Norrio cement fslr 1 h2769 NW 37th st st O V (c) lab r4909 NW 13ih ct Jas P (Romaine b4) mech b182 NW 45th St '" Ola (c) maid r1707 NOV 4th ct Jane Mrs v-pres Chang's Chow Men Inc 01862 Olga R Mtrs bkpr Collins Gar Inc h145 NE 22d SW 5ih at apt 3 At Janet firs restr 1910 Red rd (CGable ) r do Ollie () maid r10'27 NW 4th av Jesie B Mrs wailer Paul H Keirn r8281 NE Oral (Marion S) simn W H Kramas Organiza1st p1 tion r1200 NE 111th at John (c: Lucy) lab tiami City Public Service Paul h1620 SW 4th st apt 10 Div hi3 NW 3d av '" Paul L (Emma C) carp h1129 SW 10th st John B driver r788 NW 22d nt Peggy walter r776 NW North River dr John C (Ada Lee) sismn h2110 W Flagler st Philip At (Beulah F) mach mate US Coast Guard apt 2 h3165 Ohio st (CGrovel John gre 2328 N Main av h2152 NW 1st anv inkie 1 (c) maid r351 NW 17th st John P (Grace) lab Miami Coca-Cola Bottling Porter (Sue) r6005 Alton rd (IB) Ca r1l29% NW 40th nt Ralph R (Louise E) clk PO 1h2950 'W 16th Jos (c; Mael car clnr h131 NW 68th ter st c Jos IDorothy) driver h rear 2190 NW 5th av Ray H sec Miami Fruit Industries Inc r23 Belle Jos H (Helen ; Belle Isle Sun bay Spa) h21-23 Isle Belle Isle Raymond pntr rIl NO 75th st ADAMS JOSEPH H. Mgr El Comodoro Hotel, 'Roht B (Mildred D) h825 Navarre av (CGables) 33 SW 2d av cor SW Ist st, Tel 2-7491, h do Roht H tchr Miami Senior High School r210 "Jos H (Helen M) phys h1S Belle Isle NW 23d et Jon H (Elinor) mkpr State Rd Dept h129% SW Robt t (Grace B; Mira Vista Grocery) h3117 18th av NW 7th an Jos L meatcir Roy Boddy r3301 E 4th av (H) Ruth student r1664 SW 13th st Jos L pres M 'Simon Co r Tampa Fla Sadie (wid Frank) h1200 SW 27th an f a. Jon P iManry) auto mech h353 NE 57th at Sallie E Sis h rear 1001 NW 26th v Jos P lAnnabeli caretkr City Parks Din h1664 Sarah (c) r1831 NW 68th ter uaia SW 13th at Sarah E r147 NOC 61st st apt 3 Jos I El i carp S2545 1th st '" Sherman (c) lab r1722 NW 2d et Vnlf Jon I licrilce) mRIeat ctr iKremps Inc r284 N Shirley atudent r rear 11529 Grifting bivd Saving 58th st 'Stanley (Adile) billiards 44 NW 22d av h2733 Jos T (Ell) carp h14 NW 75th at SW 5th at Jonpsiep r asst Dr Sami G Alderman r1664 SW Sylvester B P r1874 NW 44th At and loan 13th at '" Theo meat carver Ye Wayside Inn 1615 West Julius H Men In Burdine's Inc r3319 NW an (MB) Association 24th av Theo B (; Neille) car clnr r1831 NW 68th ter iermit J hipr FIaP&LCo r2188 NW 8t av Theron V (Eleanor) clk Goodyear Serv r3375 Laban iBetiy) farmer h4751 NW Flagler ter SW 24th st M lacinda J smstin 'll8 NE 7th ct Thos (Stary) r190 NE 2d av Laura ic prsr Better Way Inc r1479 NW 5th i" Thos (c; Marshall) janitor rill NW 7th st an -ii Thos (Rosa) pantr r3652 SW 23d st Savings Laurlette olev opr r788 NW 22d at Thos L (c) carp h1331 NW 2d et Leeta Mrs 742 -th St (Si) Tours (Earle Adams) 325 E Flagler st insured Up to Len H niomn rN501 NW 58th st i Vera Mrs dep elk Co Clk of Circuit Ct h5434 len H ir sismn r2501 NW 58th sit NW 5th av apt 3 $5,000.00 Leona (c) tchr Dunbar Elementary Sch r353 NW Vera Sirs typist Mliami City Assessor Div r1138 1ith at NW ih st Leonard H (Dorothy F) mgr Vivian Apts 0719 Vera S (wid Jesse Si ehr Sterrick DemonstraFirst NW 1st ct apt I lion School h1738 SOW 11th ter Mortgage Leonard L (Nellie) auto meeh h102 NW 45th at Vera L Mrs sten Chas H W Read h48 NW Leone I tchr r353 NW 11th st 44ih St Lillian MS cIlk Sears 1937 NE 1st av Victor (Eleanore) gro 2011 N Mliami av r2013 Loans b1ie R Ic) mold h17'g NW 411 av NW Stiail ct julie M182 NV 45th at Victor (Julia) meatetr Miami Food Stores h75 LOW INTEREST "]loa Ici lah 09 NOV 13th it NE isth nt LOW COST oule ci) maid r1919 NW 3d ct '" Virginia sten r2002 NW lat av LONW TERMS Slaetus B "samn S E Philpitt & Son r36 SE 2d W W Elm (c) smstrs h334a NW 10th sat t W M Fiske (Ivy) sdsmn L L Powell & Son h P (Calh) did mgr MDN e426 NE 34th st 1678 Michigan an (MB) Mack (c) lab r376 NOV 15th at Wilbur student r2373 NW 9th st See Us for Sltoe Icd Indrs r1290 NW 48th st i Wiley lc: Lessie) lab 1719 NW 5th et Yaur Finn ial Otatha E alsum Harry R Lindsay r359 SW Wi'Oa lab FlaP&LCo r1322 NW 5th tr 'fartha tr '' 0Cm 3c : Wordell) lab 1i336b NW 16th ter Requirements ADM-JMh30 endaao api 7 i(Cahlem ''" a, -. ioimi r2000 N0W lot at ADAMS MARVIN D Lelia), Pres Stembler" ,i, 1m WL rl) patoimn Stiaoi Plie h i4 Adams.Fralner InOOrance Agency Inc, 5357 N% % Ih t,-' Coo; G_1 0 ci-. Tl 4-312 l 1 iim. l iI Oi'.lli-r r.; NW 1 Ih Ground Floor ReeveEotetSubdivider, and Congress SpAcializing In Lot Sales $2 DOW $2 Weekly Bldg. I.De Lucca's Organization Ra. r Phone a t '.3-2652


42 "Ecerythin to, EuL Ayhi M aARHYAHRDSH IncH.A C &Co Inc. Adamson Beatri!ce (0i ids 1 Wit 0 0(thc nCnle & Co 1h761 NE 7Lth Mfs Julian Iar W H Tompns yr Mir' aya.rshl Fui. av(~be) hp dlieAgn~t r na 11Rbi1l mr ~ la 1 124 i l u'I(l.)t I nn Roisnmr 7 9 Adamu John (Anna; Beach Iho Rlm'1 Shol, A Y NW\ 1 3 1 r aiAnuICO h 3 1 S lt ter dd Iber, \ k 45 Past av NMBI tpai ,us 2321 SW Ils ter -Adele :Amn m (MI~aude) slsmn 0h1174 SW\ 6th st Asphalt B Atpa d .lnus lt B i lior ta shoe rep' Beach Shoe NM epa shop r A u n

43 _ _ Carnahan Insurance Agency H MARINE "Reliable Insurance Service" ENGINES 327 N. E 1st Ave., 1214 Postal Bldg. Phone 2-7055 GaIn. and Oil ADL.R Ahearn Anna B (wId Abner L) h7629 NE Miami tn theatrical agt 10e7 Jefferson av apt e2 ~ yeernis L tchr Coconut Grove Elementary Sch J FRANK Loui lr sie R) asst gr Victor Hotel h825 Ahern Do J (Beatrice) mgr Claridge Hotel b Mac r mk 30 Antiquera av apt 1J 4 West no (-M) 11CI Ckahie Ci av ,an) pt ir aeln ram. O1es anLH (tS) f paaio I rs ipauline Jasmine Villal ht137 Francis (Ahern Funeral Home) h1349 W FlagWVpsttitgton aev 13NI1leBn Rtdolpi R Ilrene) h425 E Riro Alto dr (31B) '" Taeral Home (Francis Ahern) 139 W lagler "Sarll I lull "5 NW 1h St t N Slered (Si lidi Na3eor Suo-Ray Park Hotel '" Julia r1024 Michigan av (MB) & Icdl Iesrt I T SW 32d av apt 8 Aherns Barclay h125 NW 5th at apt 8 SWcm J 'l 151 NE 1st ov tilS NWb40th t Charlotte H p1r 1 NW 5th at art) ame Apartments (Danid Adlerklami 751 Ahibore Fre WV ikO1 'Sheridan an 1d1B) L UX Eacllm opr m11s1 Abler Latin E (id Joh) b NO d at Firs Eqipmnt Eucnid lcaic mgr Alle API 7k5l Enelid an Ahiero Locian (beelyi r5l7 NE koch at r upe David ) mgr Allen Apt1 cd Ahlman Harry A iKathleen) stsmn Keyes Co h2200 Adle Lillia c) lndrs h420a N th at Alton rd (3141) Prler Marcce c l eden hl NW 4112753 45th 5t AhIran Apartmeats 45 SW' 14th tee Srah (ci lndrs 16l NW 19th et "' Ida C rd Gus4ntai ba4 14th ter apt 2 Adlie Elalas rill NE Id ci Abmeledi Frank i .Chrale) bl13O SW 2d st t AdIn Apa rnnta 1557-59 Meridian av (IB) Ahn E Randall (Eloise) elk k16o NW 92d st Dleselectrla Admira Studio (Wm R Walsh) photogs 726 NE e Tiad el cs cAtlant Iki lsrb Co ^d an ksrtCs ee.ectak'br O6l NO 58th an Plants Admiral Apartmeats 212 NE 20tlh at Aho Carl (Hilda W) coat rake Thos R Harmon AdItel Aearn s air nE 100Mrdinn h13:l NOV tat at apt -Hotel Hilda W lteratlo 'Brdine's Inc r33 NW 1st Ardehar 'lintel Apartments 6000 tadian Crenek dr oln opt I A1 A e d Ahee Carolyn elk Fla Natl Bk & Tr Co r245 NE Repairs-Parts Adeff Ethel Mrs bkpr Butler's Inc r1255 SW 16th 2 Ju25th seffie) h245 NE 25th st Service ai (Ethel D) mgr Butler's Inc ti55 SW 16th Lonise 245 NE 25th st t AIchele Erwin (Era) head waiter Royal Palm Adntean Council No 11 lR & S Ml 120 NW 15th Club h20l SW 24th st apt 10 an Aichenberg Ed A h h2267 PO 19tb si Adorel Beauty Salon Jack Benach mgr 939 WashAichknger Lorenz (Charlotte) farmer b3905 NW Ingtoa n or B l0d on7tAe Adrian Fedk (Alihea) mech r144 NE 10th at Aide la a)Marlon) 1301 -SW 1st st apt 6 N. W.'7th Ave. Adriane Francis policemn Alphord Detectie Aids Emmrelt U Elleni driver 7156 NV 68th st Agency r"B NW 10th at John F (Emma) h1G31 NOV 15th av Aduddle Frank F (Helen) hsemn h315 SW 24th Aiello Jos S sismn r541 SW 4th av apt 14 PHONE ter Alken A Roy (Charlotte E) bkpr Miami Fruit Ind A' Allen real est Hollopeer & Post Inc r3175 Inc h4427 NW 23d av SW 21th ter Ben D (Patricia) 11266 SW 28th la apt Aeba Louts (Ellz) ftrnn h2046 W Flagler st Byrd A (Ruth 31) carp b188 NE 58h st Iohd at.t Plnkam Land Co r2046 W Flagler Claude (Lizzie) h2409 NW 54th ter mt Clevie (c) laid r5G2 NW t4th st It Walter student r2016 IW Slagler st Hazel R (Mary P) pres Biscayne Hatcheries Inc Aerne Wm (Virginla) h432 NE T2d s0 h136 NW 25th av AEROLAND OIL CO INC, C D Swnson Pres, John IV h1524 NOV 7th et 3 Huh P Emerson V-Pres-Tres, Olis 600 NE 3tartha E (wid Henry) 136 NW 25th av lst av. Tel 3-5308, Bulk Plant 1501 NW Ist Mary P l1rs seo-treas Biscayne Hatcherles Inc an. Tel 2-0183 h13 NW 25th as Aetna r -aly & Surety Co Budger C Willey Patricia F visitor State Welfare Bd r2696 6W lui adjister 100 NE it a 11306 28th la apt 2 L AETNA (FIRE) INSURANCE COMPANY OF Wm IGlenda) h rear 661 NE -2d ter HARTFORD, CONN, Calvin Oak Inc Agents, Alkens Clevie (c) maid Mayfair Theatre e562 PNW r 9th f0 Flt Natl Bank Bldg 101 E Flagler st 14th at Tel 2-1738, Miami Beach Office 1215 Lin" Isaac (c) porter United 3f1r Agents f coin rd. Tel 5-3081 Rot (c) porter r1155,% NO Id an Life Insurance Co C 1 Mann (Jacksonville Fla "Sidney (c; Hazel) whsemn Miami Furn Co r215 Un O agi hiD NE 1st av 1306 NW 6th st S Afficek Emer {V (Adele H) sups'g artist WP'A Aikins Mint (c) uphol r358 NW 711h :1 hlt; RW 25th ter 0 Leroy (c; Amanda) cook el73 NOV "d ct SaUrlce ; (iottle RI tmkpr 3115 SW 25th ter Margt (c) maid r358 NW 7th st itrim Barry (ianal h13O Drenel av apt 34 .' Wm 0 Ic; Elizl hsemn kIl3 NOV 2d et r ImB) Aimee Apartments The 532 Michigan av (MB) r 08 Afro American Life tns Ce The Stafford G Dames Ainscorth Franklin (Anna) h1953 SW 12th at P mgr l0t 836-840 NW 3d av '' Gussie (i d cm N) h25 .SW 14th st I 0. Ahtel Stary D lMen qHanderaft House) b3047 Sis" 1 XW copy ritcer FIaP&LCo r55 SW 21st av caym, blnd Percy (Emily) 1405 Coral way (C1ables) O Again Chas pdir r436 SW 0th st Aird Alanson A (Ada) 1l03 Capri st iCGablesl gard Julia A Ic) midwife rear 1417 NI 1st P t Atrey Geo A (Pearl F) dep elk -CO Clk of Circuit Ct h do r Boc 352 South Miatni '" asea Henry eanretkr 6085 Alton rd (MB) r do Airline Cigar Store (Leonard L Copeland) 2225 z P aee ilamche E Mrs Ichr Robt E Lee Jr Hi Sch NO 7th ao h3010 NV 1st an Radio & Refrigerator Service (Percy L. Hitch) o Phi C IBilnehe El h 1to NW 1st av 1008 NW 7t av 0 Aineyamn ~ nltalrhl NW 95th nt e Vnonan M stdent r3o N W9 5th t1 Airport Coffee Shop (Paul Fulco 1703 NE 2d as flen Ereka (wid Carl RI h61 NE 19th at Hotel (Heury Landetield) 229 NE 2d av ier Sol 0 mgr Rlva Apts h61745 NW Sd ot apt 1 Hotel Barber Shop (Alphonse J Nadreau) 227 ignello Carmelo Bernadine) h530 NW 9th st NE 2d eic Pl a 1inen' Beauip Salon (Mrs Agnes Pinson) 2916 'Serce Station (Chas B Cornelius) fill sta 2695 NE Id an S Bp Shore dr (CGrove) iton I Henry (Olive E) phys 168 SE 1st ot R904 Airway Clade Corp 1m F Mcfenney pres-tres h1245 Meidi.n av (MB) Philip M Schlamp v-pre Claude Ashbrook se y tane theae D (Agne M ate meek h ni S d rah We bster) 675 SW 22d st F '6eginald (Anne) patrolmn North Beach Home Aitken Chester V cash Hotel McAllister do Patrol 164l Lenoz av apt 1 111) Tho (Betty) h4349 Sheridan at apt 12 (MB) A lulrre June T "ast egr Cuban Aorican o Thos adv 327 NE 1st av R1412 r do W Ing Co h2528 Lincoln an (CGrove) Aittama Nelma vciler ,445 Collins v (1) r do i nl ibbe Frederle B (Edith) 11346 S Greenway dr Azlkow tz Benj elk Slater's Boot Shop Inc r10 1 ICGables) NW 30th st Z SZ O Cfl The CITY ICE and FUEL CO. m "Vitalaire" Air Conditioned Refrigerators 0 Display Ros 2637 N Miami Ave. Phone 3.2191


44 LON WORTH CROW CO. Z cs!E REAL ESTATE LOANS INSURANCE 4 11th FLOOR SECURITY BLDG. PHONE 3.4757 'C .tXln ii Irid (Elae) men's eurnga 124 E Flagler st .0NOWITZL ;nil Ivos Lincoln rd IMB) h181, Slchtgan av 2 +Srah l+wIdJo .I h 1f21 NWV th ar.vt3 X o 'rew NA anth Pv Alarie Ella 1k student 1574 NV 7th st SHAJAX tCORPORATION. Andrew J Arrant Pres, Frnk C lary) auto repr 617 NW 6th av hiil S Stacks, Bands, Investment Securities, 1101.W 71 =t d 0 NoI ngraham BW 25 SE 24 av, Tel 2-2322. .t" F n mesh t7-1 NW 7t st Private Tel To H Hertz & Co and l S Bache lhacore Apartments 6970 Indlan Creek dr (MBI & Co (Far further information te let hothllieaan F iulelan h65 NW 26a st apt 0) to tom lines and page 40 Buyers' Guide) Aianva. Nlaria hostess ht333 NE Bay Shore et Alermnn Frances C ten Peed Ins Ci 11629 SR' at 1I Id it Albatnria Alp retlenli 1521 Lenac av (MBI mlhn H elk 1a20 SW 4th st apt 12 klba ugll Eln -it Clark) r130 NW 35th et 1tu IV lwit teal lt129 SW lth ter Aliiaa emitaulien ; An-Nell Hotel) h700 Euna Xkert J sir ltl XX r 7th NV lt ant lit iv '11 RailI S lThel I dentiist 1701 NV 36th si tibia it 'rac I Eliz tiiropractor 117 NE Itt an a li37Z XW 47111 at 127 2 SW I l-li an apt 2 Xkl Sec vs kk s and Ckh lotac I wid Ascbell h2708 NW 23d av S Bee .X \s i n L k, iai Cniniea l.ab rate. I i Cear ra ndn t tle an itGahles 1,, ha1til2l NE Xliaiei ,t .11 ''luci Staiit .145 NWV 2d at flint C i E et atirgr Jahit I II.ida tG: Reliance MIitar & Mta* "Drunein I ilirence 'I Ntiaai Nna .gecy) n31; caine ii kt127 SW 4th st 0. S\1'.iii e .11 A lbt tll lcemia li~rla SIX' 1:11k s Peace 1t vk r:{2 \V Nih s t libery sea aIs Aibury nel ii tt el [eaut i 1Sh 1915 NWV cdiith kit (lt ndi c12It. NIV li an Cv'( -21t cii : PanrvI I~ncrc3 NXV 11th tee W E a r l a n w e l l a u to n e r'h i1 9 9 N I t h S t ei' e ic t in a I r c r 4 5 1 N W X 1 4 t h te r w k t it VinIent It) elecin r7.h NW 1111 ct -Akins Alberl F (Evelyn) imp Drake Lb Yd. Ine -t\11 r Ace l Marrna) produce h2928 NW 22d at L13114 v\ 5th st "Aniane J et3 SI' lt It A na Slrs as mgr Buriiine's lac t ear -'' ntnnl S (Nahima) gro 401 NW 79th St h dv W n N 2ih aIt A2ti ltr (31e Albert) 1247 NI' 20th c mN1 f diBpen Shecandtah eacia huw Scriie Indea Whittc Belt Lndry r1534 NW 44th va E "W23d ac s Snli E Thelm ) pat rnltn Ntiami IPlie hI 55 Bryant INrna) earctkr h~tl8d XW 23d at td S P dli i, 7kr Ni tail irtit Ind Inc 12112 XXX Edain J I SadleI rIding academy 13575 NE 4th .1ai kr at h do at te a. "pa c t lesC i FEd (Mary atenit h36 NE 1161h Sc 4" DinI Ir; Darts) uphol Ace Mxttres. 1' 1l148 r2d4 ein atadent d135717 NE 615h at an lvi len Sec 3lAWIets. td 1-t1 XX Ida 3lrs rIluU Mkeridlan av (MB 2 it A r C & S IJ. and .1, t cunt 1436 Washing" Edn IEstiher L ) -re. a F WIeaver Cu Ii I r I NWBI r1 I NXXV 53t Js delictr 14d; NXIV 23 an Ernest 3t ciak 3liami Fril In Inc r5420 NI Jan H I ttar hab Xlamt City Public Service ''11ci Liii till 5 -, NXV dtth It 24th t -'is Xi 12 lkert & Stc) rt53 Pananylnanta at Ether Ni decorator C .\ Roy Interiors 1tl31l a II leridian at ant 17 INB) Jileatnina ,r Dr R L Helnes Sanitarlum 1023 Jas (c) p'rr rtlti5 rI 2 d" v I Flagler ct NI 1 Ulil'p h tear 727 NW 12th st Jos (Beulah; J Albert & Son) h2033 Bay rd a vin Ic it 1 ll'IXI 2d it ecISIBilniIIkc et552Sn Marion R (Akmandal Pimbr h30ei o Ni 23d i t NB, Mildred aeiisl e 3 NhVW 2lt an. lIty R ivaiter r4437 NIV 23d av i c; i 'tllie) J ie shiner .03 NXV 2d ac Le ny K archt 2410 Ponce de Leon bld (C r234 X 11th .1 Gables) e13575 NE 6hh at Otilla (c) maid 739 Aledo av ICGIhMe11 1331 "' Lauls (Hudby') clk h41:1 NW' 20th av 7th i i Liis t N3 cMuryl niamn 1t2013 NW Miami at an Nra arni e1319 leridin av apt 1t )!" al nurse Jackson Nm Hsp r da 131B MXrl Uslci l431; NV 20lt av kilis 3laanrie XIeI age Peideral Areade 137 NIX 'lan (artliett .t1536 Meridian av apt 4 IMB) Ak t ss Majooe 1r1 g r d IIIs Grace C) Ilica sly 1287 NXV 20th at h st at Bti 212 000 NW' 22d st Aopian Geo Nl slsan Slianil Mtar Sales r836 IV 'auline tuine Jacksn Men Hosp r dv E Flagler t RSbt 11 Ilaiie) 11528 SWE 5th st apt 11 3Leon M I36 1' Flagler sIt Sn!""i 1 ; Anna LI h3650 Percival av C M "icht Ana: Mlmi Vaor Salest 1836 W Grove t'Iagler st "RIzine Indrs While Belt Lndry r280.i NW 5811h '" inor euby A igr 3 tiaiil Nour salvec r36 st E Flagler t 'Ruby tin Xii Lndry c5184 NX 23d oc Akoury Elia aleacn independent 5c & 10c Store Ths L 1JIB.,) driver i4437 NW 23d at S10. N"' 27th ci Wallace I(; Cecelia) cook h2036 NW 6th ct Al iOn Sign 'iudio 1:Al B Wilson. Steve B Grey. Ivherla Alf-n E IMrlie) mach h129 NW 32d st S Sr nley J Ca t a l 00-4t N il 36th St .partc e ts 22 1 Calabria uv (CG ables) and 161 '. Nat'a Tasty San dwlch Shap INahan Krasmerl NWl Ntih st 400 Collins at (NIBI AlB"rdI Jnhn B farmer h555 NW :10th 9t Aa's Bout 'ry cDayid onlag) slices 19-21 NE lat AIiierii Alartmnt is '25 SWX' 11th av et Alberta David (lose) r4.9 SW 2d st Original Golden Frie Cil clien Inc Elmer R Iring 1, phys 1156 'Iashingion av (MB) 1ill N ratle Pres restr 414 Biscayne' blld 15th al apt I (IB) T.lAlaima Apartments 306a40 NW Ih av Jack (Celial 4111 1 IM st apt 3 (MB) Tie X adlin Buitding 1213 Linciln rd IIBI '" Jean minr 645 NVV 8th at apt 11 Sign Co t Sarold A Bridenhecker) 1863 XV Flag" Jhn rI t9 SE Isi an 550 icr .t Lee vil Harry I ; Lee Alberts Beauty Shop) I N. E. FI ST AVE. lanmi:c flarher Shep \W'n D Bridges mgr 1300 1023SW l3 th et Phone 3-5308 Collins av (M11) Lee Beauty Shop Lillian Alberts mgr 155 E Beauiy Salon .ire Hayek mgr 1301 Collins i, 't at IV.H. Warekntsn )it" Lillianigr lberts Lee Bea0y Sh3p d1l SW Datribthors Cigar Stand iJack -Sayr te) 1700 Colins av IN( l3th it WHOLESALE H t ail la te ter acn lt (c; Annie) lab h3645 Percival A (C and RETAIL I o 'llins av IMi lbe Andrew J jr radio mech r4820 NW loth Itiel Salarium Idaum Meiister) 1300 Collins a it EIiH Berniece nurse Unly Hosp r do EVERYTHING 6 itAlanndi Apar enl 13 SIV Ill sI Frank B (Cara) carp h2128 SW 25th II For Your Ai l-iiliint l ntIci121 Iul lii )reeIt i 7 laude r424 Soroa at itarle N h AUTOMOBILE B) Albian Betty Xrccwitccrceac 127 NE 8th it Through Miami Beach Abstract and Title Co. Friends (Incorporated) and Senviceinrcrt) Wn scvic The Only Abstract Plant in Miami Beach Miami Beach First National Bank Bldg. Phone 5-534 1


45 300 Rooms COLUMBUS Steam Combination "Miami's Finest Bayfront HeatCheeet Tub and Shower Hotel" Dining Baths OPEN YEAR N Room Alblani Peter 12134 SW 101 t st A ilitY Lum ber Albin A-e stras Reltiale tirapery and Shade Elidh H1 (Aeinial asst 0urserymn City Park Ce 1625 NW 3tth rt Uiv i 7 NW 2at s1 Cleaners (Jaob ic icik) 14 NW 1st st Etliz W waitee rG Ni' It C rSGeo aIndt Marker The Parker h37 NW Istt c Ellen () 1atd i t54 NW 1st pl 8308 Erice It' (atherin LI life guard h422 Lenos Jas E (Hatlie) t089 NE 83d st at apt 2 111B 5 Margt A (wid Ezra RI h5it5 NW 2d at "' Etha r1851 NW 1st tt AlbinAp tirtmnts 133 3 NE Bay Shore It '' Eug (c) rtS54 NW 1st pl AlbinsOn Hernice che Ponee de Leon High 'Slh Ele (c) gdnr 13629 Grind av (CGCrse) st2iF NW 42d st Eunice (e) maid 3555 Poinciana as (CGrove) AihJerg Etil H (Louise) car 1100 NE {t0i at P Sargt stei Mimi Hate litk Prd Ass,, Albern Dthtay Strs ate.'uticlan 117763 NW 14th P 1444 NW 7l Ct Albrecht Adeleide Mrs ieauty tpr Snead's Beauty Faustina (c) conk 7i12 NW 2d ct & Btarer Shp r t1177 NW 4th at F r ank (e : Amelia) lab Miami Millwork & LutAlbert enretkr t81l3 SW f70th v ber Co h22 i NW i 6th at Betty atler Pnnce de Leon Restr i Frank (c) student r712 NW 2d tella S siswn iBUrtine's toe ri171 NW 6tt ot '" Frank IEliz J pibr Mliami Sta In 1,4811 o Frank A IAnne) tt214 NE 350, et -NW 1th tv or Fred (Mona) carp ttt180 NW 67th at Frank t jr plmbr r48'11 NW th av Tredti A (Stae) '503 NW 91st ot Ceo (Irene) h t3051 Carter st (CGrove) Herman ftrms 1234';1 NW 32d I '' Geo bridge opr Mliami City Psblrc Servie Div Plumbing (Jahn N Lissenden) 31 NW Sth as rtSS OW Otih st Albright see also Allbright Geo (e: Lula) driver h353 NW 14th at Beatrice mnd it32 Vtiencie ar ICGables) Geo (Ida) trainmn h188U NW 471th ter Bettle Mrs weiter h rear 543 NW 7th at Geraldine IcI maid 902 SW 1'3th eet 181 NW ionald student r rear 543 NW 7it at .tk pl Eletre Iwid S R) r613 NW 27tih at apt 3 Gorden r64 NE 7t st Forrest I (Frances) emp City Ice & Fuel Co "' Gordin M I eba) slsmn h721 NW 6th av r1841 NW 20tt i' H Bert (Emao N : Bert's Grocrteria) h1924 SW Frances Sirs beauty opr Opalescent Beauty 224 ter Shop 1141 NW 20th at Hannah (ca maid 1t120 Charles av (CGrove) Frank 11811 NW 2tt ai s" Hazel (c) r1854 NW' 1st Pt N W Hubert r132 NW 3d st Helen Sirs slswn Burdine's Inc r rear S9 NW John F (Satl) bridge tndr 111141 NW 0th at 30th 0t Lttetlle W Mrs III opr Federal Theatre h10'2 NW Henry A (Blanche) carp h1i33 NWa 37th st 79th nt apt 3 Herbert S (Margt) atndt Clyde Si Tilley h1444 Mary slawn Walgreen's 669 SW 2d at NV 7ih et Albrittn Ben J (Grace El ssm 1tt1797 NW 20t Irene otaid El Comodoro Hotel r1345 NW 1st pl Eeiyt r974 SW 10th si Leonard (Mlary) slsn Wilson & Co h252 NW Telephone rtdier RPiCa r33 Euteid 'i (MBi J 1 otsnt Hill Bros r252 Ni' ith st das S (J Lila) barber 2685 Biscayne bld 722 J Warren elk Geo WI' Peace & Co Inc r1444 NW6 74W tl9th 'ti t 26 Z '" Ra J ary eltI City Dept of Pub Serv Jas (e i ah lbi3h NW1 7t st ,31125 "3rs' J:Ia H (Ell.) b260 NW\ 31ist st Sxrah A (wid Js 3112 SW 23d It Jerome P (c) barber Ges H Cleare r1345 NW Sera A tMaude) lab 11974 NW 49th t 1ot l A ebro Edw rIM'. SW Soth River dr Jerry Ingr Clarke R Parker r7520 NW 56b et Helen Mita ril5 SW South River dr Jesse W gr I5ta NW :th av Orville rt15 SW South River dr Jesse W ( ildrel slsmn Miani Coca-Cola BottAhbaar Jtila (,Id Wtt) r458% SW 10th at Aie Cs h45le NW 3l as Albury see al. Alherry "' Jh ) Ver4na NiW kt N l p.S 'Allison L iEttly ti) pnr Tommy's Boat Yard John B Verona) lpr ly223 N 1sr N I tSt sI i52O S' 4th at '' Jos L kr Mari e supply Co r252 NW 4t st Andrew H With Albury & C. r319 NE 23d st Jos O lab Reed CW I Cnrp rLNWS NW 16th st s Arnuld (c) lab r3 7? Franklin av (CGrove) -uale R elk 14911 NW\ 6t/1 av 1Aeald ir La r351 F nlin ar ai evs C toer Andrets Jackson Jr High Sch r319 Bie(ni Leonardi ,2'iO NiV' 40th s NE 36 'It Ben E Ilarts Li rl Bert's Geseteria t 73038 Leon (ldali ne) driver riS NE Sih st 1tiptwng as (KC G rovss W Lis Sirs beer ";55t NOV 27t1h av h do Inc. Bertia aisan SHRCoe rI93S NW 4th ai Lous Ici lab r2s NiV 16th ter Brrteier Ec) etoticia S1i NW 4th ar SIabel Ic) emid li31i5 Charles av (CGrove) linWtdd drisee Enst Cast Fisherie r2500 Mark L (Ethel) elec contr 151-3 Giralda av IC ,C NOV 624 at Gablest 11 do clusiye Pecil O lFlnrence) furn rms 64 NE 7th st I do S arths (e maid is1765 NW 3d av Chas (c r17,4 NOV 1st p SMarvin It nariner rl442 Ni 7tlet t Char Ic; Eliz) fisher 11742 NW 5th p Slary Mrs (Dew Drop ia) h120 NW' 17th Pt Furniture C N E (Marion C) pres Albury & Co Inc h319 Sary L. student ri1.450 NWI 7lt as NE 23d t Merrill driver East Coast -Fisheries Inc Thes E Jr (May) whse supi Albury & Co hk561 Naomi F slswn 3iCrory's 1695 NW 22d st SW'3ftit as Niei Ic; Ettitiatuis igdntr 1t3572 Frantklin as Chas H (Mar on) hlpr State Rd Dept 11528 NW ICGrose I ht cI Osmiond r3152 Oak av (CGrove) Ch6, R iFlorida Ci meslecr Frederichs Market "P J (May) grss 401 NW' 14th si rear do b Ni' \th t' G 1 I G ltars F) tgr h150 Nl' 7 0ti as Interior Shea A"in lse 1itt120 Nil' 30th at ''Philip C credit deit etop Dual Juvlep Ca it250 Chan W0 sttat rho NOV' 27th sl NWl Ilk at Chestet SionephitneI 17631 NW '14th pl Riitd T (Mary) bridge pr Stiami City Public Decorators CS etatihir tc; lisry) lab hi517 NW 6th as Service Div :1020 NW 17th pt Vies IC; Lillit t barber Roscoe Muldrow h'249 NI Rosalie beauty apr cOO NOV 27th st and i C nI Rosina (c) indry wkr Slodel Lndry Inc r3921 C uion Antor FlaP&LCo 11614 NW 5th av Florida a IC. rose) Daid A Ic; Marioni lab rIl NIW 2d It Ruth L Iswn McCrry's r529 SiP 4th st Importers tDela liid Beetas IPI alswn Pubie Self Serv Susan (e) h3492 Charles av (CGrove) Ssre ike9 Nil' 22d st Susan E (wid lmn Ii442 NO lt et lS4Witi Pl laryt servleemn Goodrich S'town Therman B (Jean Rt driver r20 SW 11tH av Stires"nt 0 NVt 17th p1 Ths B student r97 NO 234 st Dnald student r252 NW 4th si '" Urban J (Albury Electric CO) bh605 SW' 36th et S onari ( ned 5s054 NOV tp1 Va deria (c) musici n r3572 Franklin av (C Biscayne Blvd. rmI Frances rot NE 7lk st W A Earle (Margt) sec-treas Albury & Co Inc Editiid \IV I Nst ) slectn I52313 NWI 2d av 37 10 NOV 0th av at "da letIc 119 NOV 0th at O D Mrs staIron Miami Police r1136 NW 2d st Eleri i (Urar Albury) 26; SW 22d st Walter Ic; Jane) lab c614 NW' 3d av Fourteenth GULF LIFE INSURANCE CO. DIAL "A SOUTHERN INSTITUTION" Life Insurance and Annuities For All Needs 3-4669 .th Floor Security Bldg. Phones 2-4911 and 2-5088


46 N N ins A A 1 0 \tIt Ii cS A t Nr 1. to toe al t 113_Y SW 2t Virina 1L student r749 Alhambra cir ICGablet N Wm A (Norma L r "' Walter (MarIe} att mech r301 NE T7h at Nst Aldridge Aaron C (Elio) stsmn Atlantic Furn Co A \m C B (ilamene) h404 SW 5th tirta1261 N\ t7th st A c" m F (Pearl R) guard L'S Customs 1227 NE A1vI: (ae) city firemn 42539 SW 20th at 28th at A Daisy 11471 SW 3d It L L & Co Inc Chas E Albury pres W A Earle Athuyorter 64 NW 13th st ser-treat steamship agts Biscayne bbd I a T lab r3201 Douglas ct (CGables) TITLE T Au12t1 t r County Causeway pM I t Lone 0 (Ruby) city flremn h1000 SW 12th at IS. r Louise student r3201 Douglas at (Crove) aa tNE 2d av .' Osten line mn e1000 SW 12th ct C. Acazar Barber & Beauty .Shop Jos Lino mgr 500 RON L (Ethel) roofer h3201 Douglas at (C Biscayne blvd Grove) Coffee Sho (Alcaar Hotel) 500 Biscayne blvd kr s 'f) Title Cottages (Godon A Campbell) 11240 Biscayne Aleteo NW drttstn CItthDept of Fob Sore N55 Insurance blvd Alelrod A Lucille see rt1523 SW 3d at ALCAZAR HOTEL, J Frank Gough Mr, A G Alese Hulbert Porter Adolph Werthelmer r6225 Escrow. Powell Asst Mgr, Biscayne blvd at NE 5th at. NW 19th av Abstract. Tel 3-2681 (Far further normutlun see left Alessi Mihtl J head pantrymn Roadside Reslr Ice Astle tide lines and page 27 Buyers' Guide) Alexander Ada dental asst r1625 SW Flagler ter of Title 'Hotel Sundry Shop (Percy Golds.) 500 Bis" Adu (wid Chas) hit3 SW 17th u apt 14 etyar blvd Atbert C 10) hotog 263 NW 11th at 1 do Phue m y (Robt B Seymour) 2117 Ponce de Alberta l cook r23.5b NW 13th st 2d Floor Leon blvd (CGables) Anna (wid Slt) ndrywkr r8028 NW 11th av Seronee Station (Andrew H Cowgilt) 502 NE Annabelle Mtrs r928 NW 21st nt Huntington 2d a a Annette (wid Jas K) sIswn MSCo h335 NW Otth Althedlak Carrie Private see Mlaml Industrial Bik ter Bldg. 36 W F 81Ag st Annle t661 NE 82d ter Alchris Aopartments lo Zamora Sv (CGableW) : nuln x520 SW 3d av Phones Alcock Barbara student 5401 Alton rd (MBi ) Apartments 2376 IV Flaglee at ALCOCK CHARLES H H-rt Cushier aed Arnold teller By Eap Agey r1029 SW Gth at 2.724, Trust Officer Miami Beach First National '-Arst (Myrtl) geewa 191' NW 22d at Baek, h,5401 Altoe rd (MB). Tel 6-2167 "fAuster IMurgil gro 594 NW '23d s6 r ds 2.7125 DuId C ushor Olympia Theatre r540M Alton rd HenJ J (c; Sarah) car washer 1338 NW 20th it Brs Inc Waddle Alexander mgr gros 943 N 0 Alcorn Paul (Sary) Ilnemn FIaP&LCO h1I49 NW Chos E slsnt hI3S SW 27th u 20th St Chas H (Kathryn) h1218 Drexel av apt 9 (MB) Miaml Beath Wm It (Ann) h5433 Alton rd IMB) Charlotte SMrs mgr Harriett Court Apts b1500 Offoe Alcott June dental hygemst Irving Gordon e956 PennsylnIa a apt 5 (S1B) Ettld as (B) Chester (Mae; Chester's Grill) h2376 W Flag1661 Alcover Mare Irs r5970 SW 4th st ler st apt 1 Lenox Ave. Aldun Anoa I nure t' S ts n do Clarence C (Marie; Davis & Alexander) 112312 o J oward I Slyrtlel 5540 NE 59th at SW' 17th It apt 17 Phone 5.6849 Alden APartments 453 NW 25th et r Cleveiand (c) lab h21Da NW 12th at D6ning Room (Ilrs Irene Reisman) restr 292 Clyde H (Mary) 229 NE 24th at ap2 Indian Creek dr (ek d David Ic; Irene) cook itt352% N5 Sth cI IHotel B Albert pros P925 Indian Creek Pr Eddle to; Emmie) driver RPICo 1212% NW 14th C(IB) Irene sten Dixie Tire Co r rear 1569 NW 23d st Edna E slson Burdine's Inc r560 SW 4th as Johts St ireroI sisoto It roar 116!1 Nd\' 23d4 ndblrr:3N{ 9hI Aldenderfer Frank W' (Evelyn S) spt act Penin Eng hA ir c7UTel: x1563 NW 52d t ular Life Ins Co 10,36 NW 29th ter apt 4 E,,an S ; Roberta) moint r 53 W 722 n t Alderman Chas illright r201l NW oMiati et "' Everett 11 (Matue) driver Hill Bros Inc 11430 Cha i H jr (1ew0el t; West Side Drug Store) NWc ;Sh o1 b5243 tW ith s1 S Fi ffte (wid .as) e2043 NW Stood et opt 3 Fronk B (Estelle) slsmo Flagler Chee Co b165 1 Albert Illz0 bottler 1t523 NWc 23d at SWO 17ith ter SGes (Caroline cabtmkr h2043 NW Miami et "Frieda 1wid Alexis B) smstrs h99 SW 20th rd Sat 3 "tGao lab laule Industries r85 NW I1th ter G. (tmry) carp r345 NW 37th at Geo D (Bea) pres-treas Alexander's Inc of -'" Goo S (Jimmie) cabtmko Drake Lbr Yds Inc r SMaml and preos tiami Realty Board r1000 tt0 NW Mtiami 0t N Miami ao H Oliver ( Marie) emp Drake Lbr Yds Inc t2010 Geo P treos CGrove Library Ahsa r3618 MIatheNV Manti 00 son us ICGrove) Jack H ts3 NE 72d ot Georgia (cl oaid 13'2S NW 2d 0t oJas (Sooille) nillwkr East Coast Slillwork Gustave (Cath; Florida Coffee Co) 111410 Genoa P4Z .& Fixture Co h,2010 NV Miami ct s1 ICablest "' John R elk r2010 NW Slimi t Hareourt Ic) ilyr r315 NW 13th st lea Leroy IRbtty pastor Church of God h3039 Mary Harry C tI'auline) corp h280 NE 60th t St (CGrovet Helen Ichr 'Soutt Beach Elementary Sth r106 BE "Louis (Ros) produce h2018 NW lth av 1st av Sarie kpr Eat Coast sMillork & Fixture Co HenryC ssmn Siaml Furn Co r1893 SW 9t1 ct StMarie r0 se East Ctnast t Millwork & Fixture Henry P tNovie T) barber h360 SW 4th ae rCo 2010 N\V Miami et Herman elk Rosedl Delicatessen & Restr Ie r S.6 "Satil C Ifelen M) denst 101 E Flagler st 1756 NOV 16th nt V. 4a R1500i hil21 Astruria av (Coblesl Isadttre ILucitin) r43 SW 0th v Sterling E (,tnne) slma VQASI r1444 NW 15th J Chester I'autline) meh h127 NW 19th at 00 '" J Franklin 1t3300 Biscayne blvd apt A3 OWot O (I aline) millwkr Miami tillwork & '' Juo 733 NW 69th st Lumber C.' h6I1 NW 8th at apt 6 Jas (c; Marguerite) barber r6969 NW 17th a' Alderson StaIting P (Isabel B) phys 25 SE 2d ar "' Jas E msngr r1625 SW Flagler ter GO "g R427 T1015 OW 23d av Jas W (The Alexander) h60 SW 8th at Atderton Ivan em SR&Co r44 NE 16th nc t Jessie Mrs tohr Greer Sch of MusIc '1178 NW Aldred John W (Etta Mt opr FIaP&LCo h128 SW Ist at 7dh st John (Nell) h5446 Bay ed (10) Aldrich Alt F (Stary F) 0268 E 4th at (H) John (c r1830 NW 2d et Bertha licarian 51iam) Beach Pubio Library Jatn cook Peter Stroud h211 SW 8th st apt I r1543 liehtian av ISB) John cook r1304 NE Miaml et Chas F cltf um-Back Inn r498 NE 79th at John A produce 130 NE 14th t a do Frdpr352 NOV :ith at0 Joh. F (Ell) shoe cope 19 5E Istav eh1237' Grant U h221 SW 1st st 10th It e Josephine wid Adelberli h1862 NW 4th at Julous phys 168 SE 1st R301 11324 NW 9th av M S )MarguerIte h749 Alhambra cir (CGables) ups a Madelyn bkpr 1862 NW 4th at Katie Srs r17 NE 36th at Mortgage Hollis Bush & Co. Real -s 1 I S HOLLIS BUSH, President Member of American Institute of Insurance Real Estate Appralsers Appraisals Ingraham Bldg MIamI, Fla.


47 KAUTZMANN-VERNET LUMBER CO. MERRILLLUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIAL STEVENS Miami Yard, 201 N. W. Ist Court If It's used In building. South Miami Yard Phone 2-8481 WE HAVE iT" Phone 4-4343 ALFXANDER Alimov A rermn Miami Bottled Gas Inc 1214U irnlages elk Athas S Curtis rS00 5th at (MB) NW 7th at Lassar phys 1715 WV Flagler st r324 NW 91h av Allnn AIIartTeIts 1509-15 Pertmsylsanla av (MB) 5 Alison C ID real est Hollupeter & Post Inc r259 NE Leslie (c; Christina) gdnr 11958 NW 4th ct 3d st Lionel IEvelyn) elk Walker-Skagseth F iS Inc Alijo Aportmenrs (Jos R Boyd) 666 NW 38th 5t 1111 NW 6th SI Alkon Lewis (Bertha) furn rms 834 Counerce at Mark r152 NE 2d ur (2B1 1 d" Margt Mrs mgr Burke Apts (West Flagler Bar) All-American i'lub of Miami meets every Friday 1i216 SW I 1h ter apt 5 215 NW 4th t AMarIe IC) r133 NW 8th rr Corners Aparntments No 1 735 2d st (MB) ., Marle (c) h1411 NW -Itl p Corners Apartments No 2 739 2d st (MB) Marie Ic) maid r I NV It pl -Florida Fato Club (W H Harper) photogs 210 "Marjrle D Mrs toll apr SBT&TCO r2460 4W NE 1st a 7k hi '" States Bar (Mrs Dorothy H Brock) liquors 2312 T Mty (r) mald 902 Catalonia av (CGables) N Mini av Mlldred (cI r1830 NOV 2d at ALL STATES LIFE INSURANCE CO THE, Geo M crretta hi Collins an apt 26 IMB) P Mahury (c) Dist Mgr, 1411 NW 4th av, Tel Nnthan 'Sophia) gro and meats 139 NW 14th Connection nt '175 NW 16th st Willie driver 31ami Sta Inc k1648 NW 5th p1 Olive B Ic) sec Negro Welfare Assn h315 NW Alla Vista Apartments 3530 NW I7th av 131h St Allacourt Apartuients 824-36 NE 801 stt nIe Olto (Charlolte N) auditor h1500 Pennsylvania Allah Farms Inc Carolina Fritz pres, Joachim av apt 5 (MB) Fritz v-pres. Henry P Gardner sea real est R Ralph lab r1tS NW 28th st '3"40 NW' 7th v Painters Randolph L slsmn Seventh Street Curb Mkt r Allan Alf E D (Isa B) hak29 LaGorce dr (MB) h1i NOV 16tt '" Andrew L (c) stevedore r1-554 NW 6th pi Rok Ic; Bertha) driver RPICo h1317a NW 2d Apartments 1718-20 NE 1st et av Archie D (Frances 21; Allan's Beauty Salon) Marine .' Roberta (c) cook John Feuratado r422b NW 7th r7-3 NW 79th sr Repairs, ci Bernice (c)I cl2Sie NWl 1st p1 Cs -e S rg n0 uth 1t825 Collins or Bryan L (Julia G) mgr Ventolite Blind Co Inc toraec and The (Jos W Alexndre, Chas B Anderson) tour 225 NE 108th st Dry Docking Ist camp 4260 SW 8th .t Chas 4 (Gertrude L) mgr Allan Apts h1720 NE T Thos (c ; Carrie) seuk h1630 NW 'stt el 1st ct apt 1 Vlney (c) r1325% NW 1st at Dorothea 1225 NE 10t st Waddle clo Alexander !Brs Ine rs NE 10th nt Frances 31 Mrs beauty opr Allan's Beauty Salon 1270 '' Waltee D IEsther) k3717 Royal Palm av (MB) 753 NOW 79th st N. W. 11th St. Witbentia (c) rill NO 4t1i st Julia G Mrs offlce mgr Ventolite Blind Co nc at Wllks I(l porter Dade Pharmacles h225 NE 108th ta Wnm ISadle) musIcian k21104 -SW 21st ter Marion maid 459 NE 25th t r320 NW .lst av Miami River Will em iae (c) m Id r" NO 9t ut '" N"un visitor State Welfare Bd r Et Lauderdale Zena IcI r1 30 NO 2d 55 '" Philip (C) rl227i% NW tst p1 Phone Zenoida cush SN &tCu eI NE 11th Al Allan's Beauty Salon (Archie D Allan) 753 NW ALEXANDER'S INC OF MIAMI. fea b Alender 79th st 2-5151 Pres-Treas. Realtors 312 Congress Bldg. I A .llaattai Apartments 1748 NW 33d st NE 2d av. Tel 3-4695 Auto Supply (Elmer J Lehman) filling stna 1720 Shoe crpailring Ca (fheo Haller, John Tomaras) NW 20th st 28 NE tst oa Bakery (Leonard A Minninger) 1714 NW 36th Alexandro Aibert E (Beatier L) horse trainer h st 2534 SW 5th ut apt 5 Baptist Church Rev Clarence R Pittard pastore Alendrla Atarlments (Rudy R Adler) 1511 1733 NW 33d nt C Euclid av (MB) Beauty Shop (Mrs Cora Moomaw) 1780 NW O Alexandrian Grace ser-trers Miami Chemical Mfg 36th st Ca Inc r2I30 SW 28th la Bowling Center (Cecil Madden) 3705-09 NW R Bovsep H pres Miami Chemical Mfg Co Inc h 17th av 2450 SW 2811h I' Cafe (Geo H Kemper, Troy W Kirkwod) restr tierltm v-pres MIlami Chemical Mfg Co Inc r2450 377t3-5 NW 17th av N SW 2t11 a C'leanrs (Artht H Fink) cloum 3229 NW1 'Alfecmt Ga A (Nellie) 1250 NE 25th st Alfmu Lena r27 NE 24 an Electric Co (Floyd L Woodring) elect conic 2809 Alfonso A Gus (Olympla) aero me h h3120 ItaNW 17th av tilda st (CGruve) "Elementary School Mrs Jessie N Bragg prin 1701 Emanuel (a) cook r10 NW 1th sIt N 36th sIt Alford El. slswn Wsstwortk's r928 Jefferson av Fashion Shop (Mrs 'Sadie Brewer) dry gds 1736 I tBi Nil 3sti, It "Feances cash Woolworth's c928 Jefferson av Filling Station (Rot H Moseley) 1964 NW 17th Frank T (Cath) inemn FIaP&LCo h1144 SW Fish & PFultry Co (Robert L Hester) 172 4 NW r y. 4th t apt 5 36th sIt Grace student e1144 SW 4th at apt 5 a & ~ tc Store (Nathan Sperling) 1148-52 NW Ja E nsomn r2177 NW 63d st 11,11 at I m s Llllian S Mrs elk Burdine's Inc r5978 NE 6th 0 Furniture Exchange (Jas F Niestrabt) kd hd at furn 1906-10 NW 17th as vn Pilip I (LIlllan S; Columbia Chemical & Sup' Hardware & Iaint Co Inc P Msarcellus Boyd pres rI ply Co) '.978 NE 6th Ct Jos L Cappedge sec-treus 2815-17 NW 17th av 7J Boki 2 IFiria 01 elk FIlaP&LCo h rear 169 Home Appliance Co (Ferris C Wood) 'lea apNE 501 st pli ances 3532 NW 17th aa I OS Ernest (Claudia) mech Dads Otr 'ls Co h Inn (Ott traus) beer 3511 NXV 171th av 2950 NW 611th 51 '" Liquor Store (Jas F Wray) 436 NVW 17th av Alfred Estelle I" beaut y opr 1t337 NW 10th st Pharmacy Inc Zed D Myers (West Palm Beach) Helmsa E (old E VI 13625 NW 36th t Prest Pearls E Myers (West Palm Beach) s" Juilus ic) wissm h24 NW 161h st pres Leslie Lide sec-t reas drugs 2000 NW Aitsen Leonard uphol r3149 NW' 71st ter i7th as Algar Flarold IPear I) driver h2241 NW 56th st 6ch1a No 7 (c) Ophelia Wilson prin 2601 NV 0 Algeonuin Apurtments Edw J Dooley mgr 1923 48th sI t Blsrayne blvd Temple M E Church Rev David J Cathcart pastor a Alhambra Apartments 234 Alhambra elr (CGables) 1780 NW 34th at Court Apartments 315 Navarre at (CGahles) Allard Edw (Bertha h1543 Michigan av apt 29 W ALAMBRA HOTEL, W Earle Spencer Mgr, (MB) N C European Plan, "Open Year Round." Modern M Me (w1d Fred) smstrs h24 SW 19th an M and Firepraou I19 SE 2d st, Tel 2-5187 Allherrie Ges bridge tender r153 SW Sth st Pd Eanducih Siop 10Wm A MacFarlane) 137 AlAllber-ry Anna IC) hu NOW 0th av S hambra air (CGables) Myrtle (c) 1965 NW 6th av w Alite R Apartments 2913 SW 6th t '" Ws (C r19 NW 611h s, U t 1 a AInITARY Linen rUPPLY 426 Tamiami Trail TeL 3-7751


48 SALES BRYANT OFFICE SUPPLY CO., Inc. AND Loose Leaf and Blank Books-Office Furniture SERVICE Architects' and Engineers' Supplies-Typewriter Supplies PHONE 2-0688 44-46-48 S. E. IRST STREET Alibright sa attn Albright ALLEN C Kath (id John ) r141 NE ist st Clster C r31ti NdV r3 ds Ailnrn Jas G state Maxwei Outlet Stare ti3l Clara ( r els NW di t NE 1st ler Clurice (lit t ndia W ee si n h B Jas I (Cephatlde) Dntr h112 NE 12th C Claude 1 E til det ril5i NW 6th at Alldritt Dell CI Mrs see Alldritt Electric Mater Ge Claude y (Ella Di teal et 1632 Lex av B120)trl3l NIW 47th ter 1Ci1) Eliri Ityal PaIm ac (MR) ALLDRITT ELECTRIC MOTOR CO (Larry L. 'leit tic S Halrnrvrttl reach hill ) 8 2d nv Alldritt). Motors Rewound, Repaired and RelIcrI I ) asst H built, New, Uced, and Rebuilt Motors for Sale. 1st pt Ventiatint Equetipment Hurricane Fan Co ALLEN CLYDE A Derlt S). Lawyer 2128 Ponae pany-Subsidiary, 66 NW 4th St. Tel 2-6147, dt Leon blvd (CGables), Tels 4-6469 and N19ht Tel 7-4783 4-6460. h6913 Talavera st (CGabhsl. Tel Larry L iDella I: Atidrilt Electric Slittr Co) 4-4660 bl1Il NtC it ter a Clyde It (Lucllle) celt ,Woodlawn Park Comi Rgbt F sitin Alildri t[ Electric Co t3071 SW try Co 11853% SW 7th st lath ut "Cora (c) Indrs 6153 NW 6th at Ry H ILillian I elctit tIncl SW 1th st Cora Mrs mgr Everglades Novelty Co h320 NE Allegra Ian (ir Mined Sin le 7 NE Aen et 59th st :1egretti Jos S sistn heenidn-Avery Co tne Duasy lc cook r603 NW 17th at r12 SR' 4th an Datny (c) mAid 5242 Pine Tree dr (MB) Allegro Vista Aparments 1421 SW 7th s[ Dald tai rdrsr Drothy Burkett Beauty Salon Allmcan Irven (Esther) pre-Terinilx Co of t1517 tennsylniat av (MB) Se there Ata tee r3e NE 34th st 31 David plater Clayton Plating 'Co e1833 NW 46rt Alict ther A It (Mytell) cik Si S 3la2 at N SW' Ith et itonald (Ruby) bartndr 12030 N Miami av apt 4 Ale N (wid iiemin G) h911 SW 2d nt apt 7 Dora ndns 1131 NE 64th et r do "dele nese Dr Elo ndson S Courie t137 NW Dora Mr mgr Bristol APte r2036 NW 3d at apt I P ELE ilte st Na '" Derlie (e) maid e44I NWV i0nh c AdoLlna L held Geo) mgr Nar Visa APiS h rear Doris S tet soth Miami Public School r 127 Nt' 7til a RD 2 lox 65 ICr ve) TOR Agnes ( ) itls 11310 Ni' 3d av orottea tcehr The i.ttle School 312 NW 9th av mOTOR Mince mtaid tilit NO tst uc alit Albert Ic) lab e1968 NV rit at Dority re2l N' i9th at Albert lb t1017 NW 1l22d 'r Dortl ti -altar McCrery's r3603 NW 17th at hIn. Albert 1: i iDorothy M) hi'U3 NW lii a "' E Gordon Itrpr'1 l tPO 6821 NW 7th It rd Albion R 1i NW tit E L beef Ingr 'tVtilson & Ce 11428 NW 30th at Biscayne (ltx Rae ic; ireete LI pator Trinity Western t E Innlecturer Ca"ip Cloudmont r RD Box 900 Mleriodtst Church hJ122 NWV Ist PI '" E"arl I(r; AIl,:r) lah ra 343 NW 6th It Blvd. at iexiinder rc; MAtlite) drig sundries JIM NW "Errle It i''lia ek rear '821 NW 6I nt rd 2t2 r s h do -^ Eddl dir hI ()maid r0i NW 5th av HONE "er. xandria (cl 1142% NW p; 1'cdw (C ; Leatha M) r310 NW 19th It Aliee slen rl3n A\lhembra rIsr (CGables) EdwI (f Calll") Iab tl4'0 W 10th at PHONE AIna folder DeLixe Lndry t3335 NW 68th at '' FIJEd H dJeit L, t23t NE 1716 tee -1 Alonzo Ic) rook e1688 NW 5th an i" Edw H (Geraldine; Alilen Emrployment Agency) Aalnzo (c; fluGene i) whsemn h'3 N i9th hi50 SE 2d at st '"Ede Jt elk Mlami Coloninal lotel ri15 NW 3d et Andrew B inspr Miamt) City Elcc Div 1750 hi SiW '' Eliati ih c Clargt) lab 62006 NW 5it t t a E'ijrh ii let l b 11906 NWt' ilt ct AInert A (rein Irak) ct rr tre imi Eiii" E ic:; Caryt lab hu13 NW 13th av cit Elementary Scr tri2 NOV astih si Eilen N lII) ttrbr lte NiW 23d t i.nni K Srs sekir t t.iv N\ \iV th ci FElit 15141cl yacht capt 1122^ NW 34th si \rtnetic E 1 ii icir is it drsmkr in2 SW Elai, 1 driver Nortlrup Lumber Co 1643 NW F ~ ~ atilt d It iiirmenis tll Epnla nay I Stil E (Ianne ta porter Bryan Park Parmacy r \]]rtmentIsIGenrgc AIlln 1.0 "w 5tit ci 13. t 1 NW It t it\rih a nigt e lin Apts rell SiC 10 vi t c '" Mly Mrs itrn rts 2611 NE 79th at h do th I ; Naoir) helnn EI C nm iniore Hotel '' Emett r elk UTelIe t243 NW 7th at r1:1: Nt' 10th st Enlyme t Agency (Edw H Allen) 158 NE 3d tilt a: Sarah) lai ilcrns & Green Co h ci 171 N" 4th al '' Ernest lab r1017 NW 122d ce Ar1th A Iroberta E) rontic attic' mgr Com' Essle (c) Indrs h16 NW 10th et rercial 'retirC In liretilt, NE 6th ci. -" Ethel t) r60I Percial av (CGrorel .\rh L (tilt Li neter 7I 1273 SW 7th st '" Ea4 elk laP&LCo L 1101 SW 4-th av trn Id hd 'tires lin NV 27th at h de a Eric ilk I trner'a Grcery '1737 NW 46th st iilt W\ IV 1.212 L ) ttia rn dr 12B1 '" kE I e l' lt h1 41CIV .14th st 'n uusi tat ll Nt a2 't Lngene B I ena) condr h534 NW '30i at -" (alm (rid luire-n +tais NW 1h3111 '" Oi IEcir moid riR37 NW 6th at Inrle I Jr i(Ca that itJsmn h3lt Fr3 w a ' F R & Son (Frank R, Wm R) planing mill i1 ICGrove) NE 2th ar S eeb (lare h rcar 'Il NE 61st si "' Pirenan lt eaid 113lc N' 117 h ci tie H 1 Jesci aH It l ir an 0M11 Etnete 31e st FHA rI131 NV 47dh t lienj 1 it il ') tic" Nit id st Francer (c tsaid 1$30 SW0 1115 st Cn t1l 1e1ent h)'yitn tial0 NtV 39th st Praires E o see Aetnt Life lee Ce 230 NE rerta B (idl Ieck 1 30 NW5 32d p FPack (Jnyce) mech Ungar Buek Ce r524 SW tatlsle () r3'2_ i i 'run a ICGrove) 10th ;av in tt tredir Ity EeP Agcy 22 NW 6th av '" Frank inter Peter Stroud 1242 NW it at tarrie 5i (a r re ait 5923 NE 8i et Frank Ci (Dasy) Mer h1077 NW 5405 at 'cetlla sets Vandetool & Co Inc 1821 '" reth i (A ietia i toilet & Sue) 6133 IV Nil' 7 si rcd at 4 Dth at it ias Ic: :addle) adnr 1,1731 N V 66th '" Fred (cIn lab 11306 NW 2d ei Ii tinI) lt1 c3l9a NVV 11th at "i Frec R (lien Li glazer Bilnswanger & Co h t s () inb it i'. t' IIh ni (till NWt l3d at' 'has tt yn r 11.l35 NW 2d av Fred WV (Laura E) slirn l330 SW th v aPt 1 it in (6 trri ciii rita itr IStrut & Cn t2llS Frerdk J (ilire a i) 11816 Hardiag en (iWB) 305 lEIE Iii at '~ Gennne rid S300 1th at th a 1: yal n Norih Brch l oma Patrol Can i de lla Allen Arartnenis) h137 NW 51h cill6. INtV 11O 2th 2sIa. eLnI;": (lea 'N2-alillian) lab hl2l b NW 14th st tlic I i(jtret dtltcr itr N I 3d s art S Co (c Alice) lab 13941 Industrial av (CGrove) ihas i Al rc St carcerW N L N ld s' c he n Gcel npr 1r127 'W Id st hras X I ici9 NE 79NIX list 'lsta e ) porter r1tilc Nil 3d ct c Z' tmIly) s NE tlen 'I lir Francs I eare 12s1 CW 1th t ti E istir I-n iet13 NW l'th av apt 8 "Miami's 250 Rooms Hhl C2FEE Year ATH BATH Round te Hotel COFFEE SHOP -TAP ROOM 0


49 The Keyes Company IS W. LAGLER ST MIAMI REALTORS-SALES-RENTALS BRANCH OFFICES PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 688 Alton Road, Miami Beach MORTGAGE LOANS 2319 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral Gables ALLEN ALLEN Gee Jr (c) '3941 IndustrIal av (CGrove) Leonard W csst mgr Rosetta Theatre r1746 SW Gee 0 (Virginia) h1522 SW Flagler ter Espanola dr (CGrove) Geo U (Virginia) beauty opr h139 NW 11th av Lessie () cook h1410 NW 63d st -Ge E ldelma) patrolmn Mi-ami Police h14011 r3II NE 14th st 76W 19th at "' Liltitt (c) loden itl139d N'W 5th on n Geo L Jr asst mgr Sheridan Theatre r2344 SW Lillian J Mrs sec Investors ISyndicate h1635 SW .Coast ter 19th ter Geo R (Freadn) bldg cont l12398 SW 34d an "' LIna (c) r1617a NW 3d av Geo W (Dessie) alter b2600 SW 17th st Lois E oald 65 SW 9th st "Gertrllla (wid Geo) 1514 NW 39th st Lottie (I) Processor Coast-al Wiper 'Supply 'Co Glen (c; Ra) lab h1549 NW 2d av Inc r904 NW lot av Grtce S (w id Eug G) r02 I NW th nt rd Lols W (wid Coboan) r1311 Madrid at (CGables) Guy C baker Mrs Nat'S Pies r34 25 NW 1st av Louis A Jr Virginia) soir Parisian Cinrs & a G (Bobbil) bartndr hi017 Jefferson av apt Dyers Inc rI196 SW 7th st "B oIty pres Magic City Engraving Ce b513 NE Louise (c) Indro r1652 NW 65th st 73d nt "' Lucille C (wid Winfred) 1220 NE 26th ter apt 9 Ball Apirlsments 55 SW 21st av "' Lucius E (Cornelia C) corst eng b2649 S Bay Harold G (Aneta A) mgr Rosedale Apts h2855 NE Shore dr (CGrove) ;Sth apt I r Lucy tchr r130 Alhambra elr (CGables) Harold M lEleIZ hlt Biscayne st (MB) Lyman L (Polly V) bout capt r380 Altan rd Harold XX (MIlldred; Allen Motor Service) h2031 (911) NW 2t ao "' Mabel C 1t318 NW '3d It Harry IC; Louise) lab h1747 NW 1st at Madi I (wid Geo) prac nurse 569 NW 23d st Co. Harry Iltaryl pntr h3639 NW 2d an r do Harry T ilda) sIlsnn 2761 S' 17th st Mae (c) cook h1973c NIX 3d et Hattie moaId 236 NE 95th st Manuel r rear 127 NW 13th av Helen r229 SW 19th rd A Margt cash tig & Sax Lunch 0311 NE N4th st Helet I nurse 954 NI' 4th It h do '" Margl Mlrs 11227 NW' 13th av apt 5 Henry ri33 Irow nv IClrovel '' largt Mrs caretkr 5115 PIne Tree dr 1(1B) Henry (c; Eliza) lab 'tt?44 NW 2d an Margt Mrs alsot, Burdine's Inc b'227 NIW 13th 93 SHeanrs (ci lab r465 NW 13th st av apt 6 Aenry (c) lab h233 NW' 15th nt Margt M ste Scott-Perry Corp r420 NW 22d st N. W. 5th St. a Herbert ci porter Dixie Barber Shop 13227 '' Margle (c) taid r446 NW 10th st WillIam av (CGrove) Marguerite E student r174' Espanola dr (C Herbert C i7621 NW 4th at Grove) Hoke IElleen) clk .Stroherg's Grocery h1737 NW Marguerite H (Allen's) ri746 Espanola dr 9th at (CGrove)P Boneard t253 NW 49th St iarion (c) rS20 NI' 1st av PHONE Howard (a; Lelia) lab b324 NW 69ti st arion (Coal r.-11 NE 118th st Howard springmn MilanI Parts & Spring Co r29 Mary r330 SW 5th av apt 1 NW 41st sI "' Mary (e) maid r143 NW 2d an 2-U M Howard W (The Colony) h3816 LuPlaya blvd Mary Mrs r840 SW 8th t2 (CGrove) "' Mary K bkpr r1746 Espanola dr IC Grove) Hugh (Elz) singer h68 NE 75th st "' Mary N Airs slswn McCrory's r500 NW 47th st Hulan C (Clara F) bkpr Economy Wholesale tattlc Srs h333 E 5th st (H) Gro Ca r rear 71 NW 33d at iay L r609 Brikell av Hurtle (c) Indrs hI 635 NW 5th av MKcer (c) shoe shiner b446 NW 10th st Ida G h2135 NW lst yl Mildred () r1952 NW 2d et Irene sisa SHK&Co e39 Canal st (MSpgs) Mildred L prei see Hygrade Food Products Isabelle E slswn Burdine's Inc 5661 'SW 4th at Corp r 5 34 NW 30th st A. B. liruc 'h3800 Toledo st apt 32 IC~ables ' MIlton Ic; Saheil janitor h rear 363 NW 15th J Eug (Marguerite bt1li Espanola dr ICGrove) st J Loy elk Allen's 11746 Espanola d ICGrove) Mollie J 1e) elev opr Moore Furn Co r1410 NW J Meredith IMarion) slsmn 12232 NW 82d st 3dh s J P Ci (John P Allen) mfg jwlrs 14 NE tt av "' Motor Service (Harold W Allen) filling sta '101 R2S0 NI 20th st Jack IY (B rtar) servIce rep Goodyear 'Serv Noble W (Eliz) It736 'SW 3d av rrt1 Csmbrlige Lawns Norel J (Alma) dog trainer '1279 NE L16th sl Jackson t i'Thrc Isal pltibr 543 N' 7t st h do Oier F phys 168 SE ist st Rit h152 SE 14th SJos ( r522 NI' lst anvt Jas Ic; Lellui h162 NW 70th st Otis (c) rt522 NW 1st ov gas driver r197S, NW 3d et Percy C (Agnes) mach Burley Welding Wks Inc Jas (c; Mttle) lab h1412-a NW 4th av h2931 NIX 22d 0t Jas U Ammd 1115 VW ;id s[ '"Pete (Amy) bartndr r619 Sleridian av apt S Jas (iThelmaI cook Hotel McAllister b1503 (51B) NW It at s Philip (Evelyn) auditor h620 Ocean dr apt 2 des G (Kitty) h93 Catalonia av apt 12 (C SiB) Gablo") Philip jr student r620 Ocean dr apt 2 (MB) Ins R Ir; Slva C) Janitor h321 NW 14th tee Queen L Ir) maid r20 NW 15th C Jas it water tndr l4-28 NE Illani et Rae r173 WX Flagler nt a one 11) Ironer Jackson Ait Hosp bl968 NW Ra-lph r152 SE 14th at 5th av" Ralph F phys 25 SE 2d av R301 11650 NW 9th Jessie (ci maid 5217 LaCorce dr (511) s John elk Star Ssndries Store -Ralph T slienn 130 Canal st (SSpgs) John (c; LIlia) lab h230 NW 9th st Ray J (Maude B) chf yeomo U B Coast Guard John tEstellel men's furngs 1743 NE 2d a 13'429 NW 17th at t13 l SW '31a at Raymond F (Margt) lab .r726 NW 69th st john P (Cora N; J P Allen Co) h320 NE 59th Rebecca dc) h715 NW 2d It ait Richd (c elev opr r321 NW 14th ter REATORS Jos E (Portia A) wtehmn h500 NW 47th at '" ilchd I plmbr Markowitz & Resnick r4042 NW Jr(c) mch t1145 NI l'12th st 23d av Js S jr (c) lab r145 NW 12th st '" Richd L (Dora) slsmn SR&Co b2036 NIV 3d st Jas T tLIezie AII carp h30 Canal st (MSpgs) apt 1 Kenneth N r" NE ltktt c Bobt (c; Eliza) gdor c230 NW 9th st a L A serr detective MAlmi Police r134 E Flagler "R t slteelwkr r4042 NI 23d an St Robt A jr (ArvillaI elk r333 E Ath st (H) Lee Alli M) slamn J Franeis Williams h23494 Robt C (Lelia .l slsmn h1602 NW 82d S' 10th tr Rabt L Rev lhany L) pastor Trinity Methodist Le'stttdent r2393 SW 22d an 'Chtch 1876 P Sliami av Ilai It Mrs estimator Lindsley Lumber Co h Rnbt S elk The Floridian Hotel (1IB) r do 1'02 NW 82d Rosa Belle Ic I-alter 11133 N'W 2d ac Ieuird 12314 NW 21st ter Rose le) dishwasher R Kenneth Thompson FIDELITY FINANCE B SE Suite 828 DuPont Bld. -hn ...3


50 Alexander Sunshine Orr Jr. Fashions (Inc.) ALLEN ALLIED ose L dipper Miami Fruit Ind Inc r Uleta Fla Printing Trades Coun cil ees st Tuesday each Pu bn B,. 96 monhcdr 4 N 3 s 'ouc H Piys 1i312 NW 9th as apt 7 "'Sign aSudio (Al B Wilson. Steve B Grey, Stanand R ouie tehr LaFrance Sch of Beauty r38t6 HardIey J Colarusso) 800-64 NW 36th at ing av (MB) ALLIED VAN LINES iNC, Washington Storage Ce "eati uth (c) maid r2120 N' 5tit av Inc Agents, 100-t009 Washington av (MB) i S Laom 1133 NW 48th at Tel 5-3448 (Far farther inlormation see right Contractors Sami (c; Martha) tab It301 NW 6th st hottam lines and page 79 Buyers' Gutde) "'Sarah M Mrs -2497 NWV 2ist ter Allien Victor S (Mabel) h4090 Ventura av (C Spring waiter Valentin,'s Restaurant r235 W Grove a Stagler st Alligator Farm ce s Marie Coppinger opr NW 19th Squire dishwasher Valentin'os Restaurant r23 i av off 7th st tO F1a' Wr st Alliood BerylP are20 NW 72d ter Main "Ste t wid David) re 2 3 NW 15th av Banche siswn SHK&Co 276 S Bay Shore dr Off. T Paut (Maude) artist Womete Theatres r127 Chas C Jettie S) carp 27841 NW 22d et ice NO 13th a 1i 7 "Dewey eiula) carp h724 NW 14th at 218 Tsie (id JMi) ir2600g lac & Doug Barber Shop t Theo (c; Rosa) tile sr h rear 1611 NW 5th av NWig Mete a r N. E. 6th St. Thos (Caih) h302 NE 35th st 390 N 16th Js Thos D (Cath R) clk PO h5855 sW' 5tb ao Euia Mrs muiten Joha W Pattern 147i4 NW Thos E cook r1746 Espanola dr (CGrove) 140th at PHONES Thos H (lsie) h11141 N Everglades Concourse "rene s s NW th no apt 303 (MBsabei Li barh"r hr7t NW 1 6th a' 2-3110 Vincent D prof Flagler Country Club r523 8 NW "' Jas J (anie Mi meat etr J s Magop thrR 4th Ct yavCro) a'Virginia Isar MSCa r336 4 POV 24 st lay ac idC 4hcc and Herschel (Margt) displaomn Burdine's Inc -eLoie D 544la) W 44th o 29 .h227 NW 13th av apt 6 ELui C telai elk 4tmand & Miltte Office 23 19 a wfer (Rtuce) sismn h21 SW 36tb asv Eqaip Ca r72d 'NW 14th no Walter A (Mal hss930 Hi sea3ce b ld tiamte Mrs beauty opr Kathryn's Beauty Salon Walter F atndt Ed Everett Iti t' ist a, .745 NW 30th nt "' alter F (Hc11nc Ed lac Aeeunar Huo 1r0tt Pias A (Callie) marine eng h220 NW 72d ter A' altV M4( n zt ROy (Mamie) c45 NW 30th at M t Ee pW 4th" Thas pltnbr rO -NE 11th ter MIAM BEACH Waverly S reprmn r2761 SW 17th t35th at BRANCH ALLEN WAYNE HON, Judge Court of Crimes 603 A mlli Alice C den elk C Cth at Circuit t r t Court House, Tel 2-6853, h820 NW 9th av Aitambira Cde iCCahles) 1122 16th St. Wesley M roller opr Miami City Public Service Andrew B (Mabelle) rice Inspr b2450 SW 24th Div h3301 NW 69th nt Ier Wm to; Georgia) gdnr 11722 NW rth 0t Leona C (wid Jas C) h430 Alhambra air (C PHONE -" So le) lab r511 Rtailroad av (iGrone) Gables) Wm (c; Emmai lab hb9i0 NW 18th av Lucy B tchr C Gables Elementary Bch r430 5-3546 \ Wm slsn h2101 NOV 71st It Alhambra cir (CGnbles) S m Ic; Gertrude) ydmn h1674 NW 6th ct Aling Coaurt Apartments (Sophie Roth) 20 4th Wm B 12 SE 8th et si S\Bt Wm E ic; attiei lab h1328 NW 5th av Allis Eleanor nurse Uni 'Hosp r do Wm H ht337 NE 127th st Allison Alice cok Mlami Country Day School h tm H cite fRremn r1401 N Stiami av 3430 NW 9th an Wm J h6727 NWV 3d av Carolyn L Mrs oe mgr MDN b410 NE 37th at \'m O elk Mammoth Food Stores r Miami Cart M i May) barber 205 NW 62d s h39 0 NW maaSpings Fla 23d av .a.WSm B (Math; P N Allen & 'dual hilOS NW Cecil atndt r rear 030 NOV Pd no dn 4 Flt st Chas A (Mildred J) n-pres Allison Improvement W.m T elk r1736 SW 3d av Co h530 NW 45th O m S' Ic; Florence) porter Archway Ocean Florence Sre iA & A Letter Sersiret 3010 NW Villa h65D0 NOV 18th on Pd &i Willis H (Lillian) pastor Church of Christ h Geo G Alice) h3030 NW 9th av 1635 SW 19ih ter "' eo N (Carolyn L) pres Super-Transit Mlr Winifred A student r3_17 NW lith rt Concrete Co h410 NE 37th nt Soinnie (c) r3876 Percival av (CG rvel Impracement Ca Roland M Allison pres C A ALLEN'S (Mrs Marguerite H Allen), "Caterers of Aliiis 5-pres Thelma A Allison sec-trea Distinction" for Luncheons. Bridge Parties, hldrs 4331 NOV Thl av Teas and Weddings 609 Lincoln Road (Miami J E afndt Jas M Stoinoff F. Beach). Tel 5-3873 Jacob (Irmal h3104 NW 21st an Bootry B Easen Cahn mgr shoes 227 N Miami it Jas R (Freddie) feeds 8203 NW 2d an 58206 or do "'E Allenerg Ahr lSuzanne) lawyer h939 47th ct (M John F (Hattie; Allison Parking Lot) t rear B 031 NW 3d at Thea r939 47th et (MB) John F Eleanic L) atty Natl Title Co b2750 OAllender Geo E (Stella, boat 11035 NW 3d et Alton rd (MB) Ailendorf Frank (Jessie) r225 Oak av I Crovel John R IGladys) h121 NW G8th st Allensworih Alberta Mrs mge EI-Frado Apts e345 John R (Jean) mgr Acousticon institute r1 8 20 NE 32d st apt 4 NW 3d st Nettie L c748 NE 126th ot Loui cash I C Helmly Furn Co r58 NW 34th r Allerton Apartments 130 SE 13th st ter "' Lily M (wid Duane) r1045 SW 9th St Margerson A (Marietta) bOii SW 21st it Ialla itauinri cib ea7tS NOV 24 n "' Sary F artst r3910 NW 23d av Alleshouse Albert C (Emell) prin Andrew Jackson Mate (wid loward) h19 NW 8th A Jr High Shi h836 NW 62d at Mildred J Mrs rlk Peninsular Supply Co c60 Sylvia Strs tchr Walsh School of Bus Science NW 45th nt r836 NOW 6d It Nettle G Strs sswn Hector Sup Co r3323 SW Walter E ISytvial bkpr Dixe Tire Co r836 NW 10th st 62dt Parking Lot (John F Allison) 212 Biscayne Autoinatic Allessi Marie r206 NE 14th tt apt 204 bid 1 t ichl h206 NT 14th st apt 204 Roland M (Thelma Al real est 4331 NW 7th ar Typew'iting Ahliood Allen (Ruby) chaul r10GS NOV ^st ot h1614 S Bay Shore dr Ittn miller Elbeck Milling Co Ic r1i68 NW Thelma A sec-tres Ailison Improvement Co 1st st Wm Ic; Thelma) lab r1525 NW 5th et Thos R 'Rachel) carp h946 NW 22d FI Wm mach Tycoon Tackle Inc r RD 1 noe 1021 a et Alled Building Trades Council John R Williams "'In (Florence) sismn Thos R West 2010 NW Procespres L S Hckett sec-treus 130 S Miami av 3d et ciees tot Thursday each month at 3 p n 47 Allad John T (Janna) lawyer h4015 Indian NOV 3d ca Creek dr (MB) E2 OE 7 HALL-STANLEY COMPANY NOT INC. PAINTS-LACQUERS--A can or a carload I13 N. E. 9th ST. TEL 3-3228


51 Leon J. Lichtenstetter Inc. o & South Florida Distributors GV HUDSON MOTOR CARS liting SALES-1700 N. E. 2D AVE.-SERVICE POE L EATET .16Alo uieMsse ae atn&San -,}OI PHONES ALL DEPARTMENTS 3-3126 nfml. Alimon Eon Ce Mrs sten Casey Walton & Spain AIl 1t tilr 23 E t vU bi t NW 3d nO apit 15 Ciarie Mrs r3393 NE 4th av O Frank (Eunice) pointr bth51 NW 2d st apt Doeec8e Agency (Chas T Alphord) 2755 SW Mn11 md hs h316 N6W 334 ot Alpigini Ida E (aid Lumbers) h41 NW 7th ot Alloay rle (wd Chs) M liN Ces Inc Alpine Apartments 403 SW 12th a Allread Geraldine r e MaJor AppWiin Alps Jot (Carrie) lab bl4 NW 96th st Johns"Jssol soon r1553 SW Flagler ter los jr rlt74 NW 96th et M nil Kenneth hodymt Biscayne Oldsmobile Inc rt600 Atray io tey (Mitchell Kaperberg) 24 S Mlamt Nanvilie iqewtoW (Geaiel olm s rear 1553 SW Shop (Mrs Rachel Mendelson) women's fungs Approved tO (t E 3 S Miamt a; Roofers Allred Clarence O cMarie E) arrier PO 372 ALe bay r,536r SW 18th av Lnuila do (M g'pt Al Metaanl Ic W13ha Ella R tche Miraar S ch ri1 NE 3d av Alsarah Apartments 206 NW 17th av All Metal Lucille stn 113 E Flagior st B232 r5600 SW Alshary David (Eml) rde 426 E 14th st (H L lot so 5 ly 0 iee hl 40u M & Allrel 0 Edw delmn Bryant Ofc Sup Co h541 SW AlsiateJohn C slsmn Cu by Pkg Co h36 NE 52d Solar Water 4th an apt 04 OreAspCa Elao)go22 W da o H am Allright Auto Park Inc Roy S Carson mgr aut Asbrooks Mary A (wd Frac is L) h43 NE 53d Heating parking 116-32 SE 2d av Systems Alitraok Apartments (Mrs Emma A Allsbrook) Steph (Nettie M) h141 NE 20th At 3300 Moay st (Coraol ip (eteMlhe E 0hn ~.ayR 1 (toth C1 carp h32t5 Mntilda so (C3rotoI Alsop Rosalie H Mrs 55310 Bay rd (MB) S Sotad Virginia tchr h36 SW itoh at Alapaugh J L (Beth) lab Puritan DaIry Inc Sheet Metal Allston Win F radio eng Tropical Radio Telg C as M bellmn 0 a NW 1st so r PO Boo 458 (HI) a tblm r~ONV1ts Allunortb Emerson L (Vlrgloa) h2029 SW 5th st Tennie (wid Melvn M0) h1028 NW let sO oNellIe (iw'd Brainurdl rIS29 SW 5th at "Verona see First M E Charch White Temple" Air Allyn Prances H Mrs mgr tajorca Apts h235 rAstonS F csO hsecvMark Byron Inc ras sNE Majorca at apt 4 ICI~abtel Ano rnc scMr yo rd E C niinn Helen L Interior decorator Burdine's Inc h1277 26th SW lad st apt 11A "' Menry let lob 0 rear 350 NOV 17th at Jessie technlcian r235 Majorca aT apt 4 (C Joho 4 (c) lab Metrose Nursery & Soll Co r Cables) 0140 reW 3d et Sre Kenneth H (Mabel W) acct City of Coral Gables Lous (c) dishwasher Holleman's Gruibe r1325 79th Street h235 Majorca as apt 0 (eCGAble') NOW 1st ct Mabel Mrs sea CIty of Coral Ga es h235 MaS let Md () h11t NW lt r t at N. E. 4th )orea an apt S IC~ableal "' Slurp (e maid 53110 NE 0th an apt 2 Court Almond AlIce stadent rIb6S Washington A* (M A die EtC maid 21h 1 N 14th (MB) Howard WV auo much r3-58 NW 22d st Alt Judd J (Eliz) horsema 53069 SW 14th st PHONE Sarob r38 MVW 2d st Alta Apartments 767 and 773 NW 35th at Wilson A (Byrd) lee dir h35 NW l"d st "Terra Florist (Rutherford H and J Gordon 7-1675 Almelda Neol (luanita) fishermn h353 SV 4th at Tucker) 800 NOV 17th st Almerln Apartments Mrs Emily Mcurray mgr Altemas Male A 1lrs atee h5lt SW 5 1 aW 1-27 Almseia as WCuabies S obt MI auet Abeas Cosiur & Saoers clt BW Almund Court Apartments 335 47th st (MB) 7th sa Almonila Vicente (Mary; Hotel Concba; Concha Al.en Dant barber Martin Gallander r6ll WashResanurantl h1t05 N Mlami as iogton as i51B) Almyda ert C (Annle M) metalmn Johnnie & Altenburper Carl (Charlotte) taxidermist 3042 NW Mack Bdy Shop r54 N V 24th at Alter Foster E (Virginta S) lnstr UofM 11510 Aloha Aparit)eos d5-I Espa3ola way ( S) Salzedo At apt 1 i(CGables) Alohso Prank Wit7red shoe relp 70 wA 1th Alteration Studio (Mtrs Elona R Brown, Carolyn At F54 NE 13th tee B Wright) drsmkrs 1659 Drexel av (IMB) Alonzo Jack tshm Au Rental Inc r252 NW 2d Alteroan R S (Rebecca Z) r1218 Drexel av apt 2 Aprst ct (SMB)I Alpena Apartments Mrs Anne E Bolin mgr 337 Sidney (Market Service Station) r1034 NW 11th Alpe r 710 peonsylrania as (SB) Althoff Kurt (AnnIe) auditor h143 NE 1st av Dasid (Mary ; Rosedalo Market) r530 15th st Athose John e1027 1W t no ISS onIauto mesh v1137 SOV 4ch Atat P U ( dt1star ahSor 195Pae o3 Altimore Rita maid 1220Eoct10 as (I'S) 2 Ed ss gr ack Squire 19 E Flagler st Altman Albert Carol) sik A-PFoodStores r14Ioaurtee d provident Loan Co h1614 Meridian NOV 55th s aa apt 7 (MR) "Carl P (Bertha) sluma h0125 NOV 6th as ""Mora (Freda) slsmo b1612 Meridian av apt ALTMAN O ENNIS M. Agent Sna Life Assurance 1 (IMB1 Co of Canada. 730 Iegraham Blds. 31 SE 3d Alpern JailBan oum r102 NW 7th ct av, Tel 2-5514, e722 NE 2d av, Tel 2.8597 Ali Alpert Abr (Rose F) tarn em 1 NW 25th st h Edw (Lavenia) carp 0325 SW 27th av apt 2 do Ethel tchr Orchard Villa School r927 Euclid av caireeesh Alpert's Sandwich Shop 'r4dS NE I'S) ath at Frank E slsmo E G Sewell Co r2501 NW 14th Harry (Leah) alsmo h1034 Jefferson av apt 3 sy IS)I Harty floor layer r230 NW 2310 as Herman restr 4-6 Ocean dr (MB) r9 Collins av Pip C (Mary L ptrtrhh2901 NW 50t Us 25th at Tara'ba beauty opr Arvol Close "Leon cah Alpert's Sandwich Shop r445 NE Vin Sirs Joh N O 37th s W )5oh 01"WmCpiti John \E Norman r8tS SW 27th Morris (Anne) prs Kahn & Alpert Inc h1400 av apt 2 )e r& d r 4 Lenan an IM'S) Wam S (Melle) meat ctr A&FFood~totos h1463 P aitro Idol halo 15th at apt 10 l(MS) NW0 55th at "Sam W (Beatrlce) agr Alperts Sandwich Shop Altmayer Joan cash Burdine's Inc r1619 Jefferson r445 NE 25th rot as 7th n (Mt') olm W (IBet R 566 NE 65th at ALTMAYER MAGNUS S Irma 9) tonI Mge I Zeeleck (Dorothy S) s34 NW 25th at Ungar Baick Co, b1639 Jefferson av (MBI Alper's Sandwich Shop (Jay Alpert) restr 140 Magnus S jr sIsma r1639 Jefferson as 7th H Alphanso anl kitchen hips .443 NE 2d av Aoon Apartments 636 SW 1st s 'Alpaoed Chas T (Aiphord Detective Agency) r275S '" -Dade Hotel John Prete mgr 1145 Dade blsd SW 27th av (MB) Developers of a Greater Hollywood-On-The-Ocean HOLLYWOOD, Inc. MIAMI OFFICE HOLLYWOOD OFFICE Bhuaye Boplevard at Flagler St. Hollywood, Ino. Bldg., Hollywood Blvd. P .oe 3-7674.. Phoen 310


52 Philpitt's T e (xotic 6arben, inec. P lta Nurserymen, Florists, Landscape Designers and Contractors W. Flagler (At the Bridge) N. W. 17th Ave. and 28th St. 607 LINCOLN RD., MIAMI BEACH Ead Aptnts 1311 Alon d (MB) ath A Mrs slswn McCrory's r3123 NW 22d of RRoa Hospialet.a assad supt 700 Alto. rd "'aRby r1sw NWCDD rt1 cNW .Ed et S(SIR)' Sarah in) r184t NW lo Altoola Hotel A G Peebles mgr 1641 Alton rd (M Walton N Adele ) driver Flash E ap & Le Altschul C Realty (Chas Altschul) real est 3035 Zephaniah (c; Susie) lab h rear 425 NW 14th ;NOV 12th an e Co (ilda; C Altschul Realty) h3035 NW Ambruster Mriel (c) ldes r351C NW 13th at 12th ar Amy Frank contr 1774 NW 36th at r rear do Chas jr slsmn Ralley-Silar Inc r3035 NW 12th Amco Feed Store Wm H Told mgr 2081 NW th H Dorothy A (c) student r6205 NW 14th ct Amdor Burdett (Winifred) elk h2802 21st at Hilda Mrs notary public 3035 NW 12th av h do -Amedick Taylor (Sue) 1525 NE 119th at Louis (Jeannette) h17,6 Michigan av (MB) AmelIa :Apartments 253 NE 34th at Nettie (wid Saml) r2130 SW 23d ter Amena Felix (c) cook The Cottage Inn r2150 NW Zidia in) 1te Douglas Primary School h62t5 hth NON 14th Ct Cwendtlyn (1) maid r2150 NW 6th av '1114a Apartments 3900 Meridian ar (MB) '" Helen (c) nad h2150 NW 6th ar Alvarez Dolores r62 N'E 93d at Amenta Saml (Nellie) restr 2700 N Miami av r "Jose IOfelial driver n1533 SW 3d ot 2627 do S Jose R (Marie) 162 NE 93d ot American Apartments Mrs Harriett C Moor mgr Jos D (Lois) carp h3802 NW 23d It 1122 NW 3d st Julio h eer 235 NW 7th It Bag & Metal Co (Thos D Abbott) junk 503 NW Leon (Blanche) hI240 Meridian at (OB) 8th 't Lucas (Rita) waiter Club Latino 11160 SW 9th AMERICAN BAKERIES CD. Robert L Groove, Mgr, Bakers of Merita Bread and Cakes,. 561 AL, Tanuel steward h2510 SW 9th t apt 3 NW 32 1 st. Tels 2-5120 and 2.5129 Maria tchr Buena Vista Elementary School r 6ank Building 139 NE 1st ot 210 SW 9th st apt 6 AMERICAN BANK & TRUST CO, Leo Robinson O Marla (wid Cecil) mgr Astrial Arms Apts b2510 Pres. R H Daniel V-Pres-Casher, Hymn SW th 01 apt 6 Shapiro V-Pres, Elmer A Gerard Asst Cashier, Maud Mrs r1420 NE Miami pl 139 NE tot st, Te 3-4h16 (Fnr tarthar irtarpeto r NE 93 at mation see right side lines and page 10 Buy0it ee Dl Lotin rl 160 SW 9th at rs' Guide) RADIOS iaiaClb atn Ale ers Geo V Dora) marine capt h626 NW 67th B Bedding Co Edmund Reid pres-gent mgr foro t 988 0' Flagler s1 Ale-r. Lucy B h1036 SW 210 st apt 15 sBlower Co Rronnd Boddie dist rep 507 NE' Aerz Anthony M elnr r7,60 NW 1ith av Is av R224 Jhil i AN Mary (wid Thos) b130 NW 30th ot AMERICAN BREWING CO INC. Frank N Holters ASl, Harry H (Dorothy RSt h260 NE 26th ter Gent Mgr, 637 NW 13th St. Tel 3-2191 Aloay Edw H 138 NW 8th st Children-s Home Laurel S Bush matron 2901 -AIWOrth TMarshall (31.191) h:5820 Bay Id (MB) -SW 17th st 40 S. E. Alyns Sundries (Albert AheIon drug sundries Cigar & Candy Co Ilreing Tophaz) 129 6t atFirst St. A 30 Servatdo jr a1nge o1 l of Mexico r119 Express Co J1hnl Falke-berg dst mgr travel nats SE e2d sn t :0 E }-Itgler Amacher Herman R (Margt D: Biscane AutomoAMERICAN FINANCE CORP. M A Yarbrough bile Servie) h5943 Biscayne ield Pres, T V Stallings V-Pres Margaret M Yar" R )bt auto mech Biscayne Auto Service r3943 brough Sen-Treas. 807 NE 2d av. 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HERMAN J. ARRANT, Inc. BISCAYNE "NOTHING BUT INSURANCE" PARK Huntington RdgPhone 3-5566 ESTATES AMERICAN PHARMACY, David M Weaver MIl ANASTOS 744 NE 2d av, Tel 2-6060 Louis elk Christy Ella r rear 1048 5th st (f18) INC. Red Cross Albert JI Itrres jr e>:ec die 1105-06 '"Theo H (1so) -heY h1319 YE I01st st Court House Army, Frank IJulia) mgr Arcadia Apta hl215 oneer Shoe 'Shop (Paul \V 'Mour,) shoe repairers 14 Meridian av apt 7 (IMB) u 311ami a Ance1 -Evclyn V sten Carroll R Bull r3713 Jndian Developers Stamp Works '(bLa NI Foley, H Edgar MlarkCreek dr -(31B) pr ell) 145 E Flagler st 8223 'Anchor Furniture CuInc JErwin Croover pros Guy Restricted AMERICAN SURETY CO, Houser Co Inc RepreE Matthews v-pras-tres V Haden tamlton setatises, 12th Floor First Trust Bldg, 21 NE jr se N 299 MV 36th st It as. Tel 3-2648 Anchorage Apartments 418 NE 26th st Home Sites eetaIid holder Ce Rb C MeWane) novelAnrum John le; Lily ) lab h3917 Wahlington lire 181 NE 80th ter av (CGrove) FHA Financin T & T 1ladlo Station Paul Mack suvr 601 E Anda Edwin be mgr Hector Supply Co r249 SW 2lth st IH) 23d rd Insurable Terrazzo & Tile 'Co (Louis Toffoll, Emil ErancesAndalucla Apartments 353 'SW th s Tit l cors tile mfrs 101 NX Miami it Ande Apartments 350 Washington av (MB) Titl Tire Cu (Albert E Haeger) filling eta 6144 NW Andees Quinten (The Bay Afart r710 \E 79rth 7th v stArchitectural AMERICAN TITLE INSURANCE CO, T Harrison Ande an Bess be mgr Postal Tel-Cable Co r240 Gibson Pres. Joseph Weintraub V.Pres-Treas. 8 1 Landscaping 1207-1208 Biscayne Bldg 19 W Fligler st, Tel Ander E ) to Celle -Miami Bridge Service 3-3436Co NE 29th st Unied Lile Insuruncece Xo rs Edith B Franklien A 0y1"" H prt Drug Corp coO NE 29th at The Easy Way geal agt 111 NE 2d at 81405 Margt M (w id 'Albert) 184 NE 29th st to Own Your Americas Arts & Craft, Shop ('Eug Fontaine) 145 Mit 'G (Lant hl821 NE 81th at Home E Flagttler t R226 "'Paul r277 SW tat at Americus John W (Rosemary) i8600 E Dixie hwy ANDERSEN FRAMES, Narrowline, Double-Hung Property Otflee apI 14 Andersen Casement Windows A H Ramsey & Amerlue A Dand ilrathea) phys 227 Aragon av Sons Inc Jobbers, 7) NW I Ith ter, Tels 2-8163 12424 (CGables) 1h3745 Alhabra t -CGables) and 2-8164 (For further Information see back E Amerson Farris G (Eunis) tech'Jackson Meo Hosp cover and page 47 Buyers' Guide) N. E. Dixe 1198 NW 32d t sIrma L I'a VEc M) dentist 1764 NW 36th h2445 Ames Anthony social director Sun-Ray Park Hotel S1W 7 t t & 'Hea i 'itllesrt l125 SW 30t et Thera 3t rs r2445 S1W 7th st Bert H (Bertha) carp Packer Displays Inc b417 Wtit E (Velma) unIlader Jeffrey Lbr Yds Inc Poone NW' t Ii 1024 51h 42d at11 Coo S iJaeplilne dept mgr Cunningham Jwlry Anderson A L (Mary) carp h3 NW 40th st "-1 Co hI93 NE ait st "'A S r3 NW th at ^ Howard W (Mildred) dental techn i45'SE 2d st A T police Miamti Beach Police Dept r252 JetBiscayne Park apt 32 fersan av (B)Esat Jas W carp Curtiss 'Aerocar Ce rNW South Si~ 'are. e r It. lab r322 NE 70t St Estates dr I(lSpcr) Ageec is-id Cihas Al h47SS SW 28 teer oe5 Ruth siswn tSCo ri05 Rodrigo av (COableo) Albert (Ms-bel .h1063 SW S9th ai B ay God "Theron W Ilnna K) contr 139 Aleazar al (C Alberta (c) maid r1836 NW 5th at Gables) b1212 Sorolla av fOtables) Alterta J asst Dr Y C Lott 11444 SW 5th st apt 4 Amey J Will). phs S4 'NE 83d at Albertha (c) aid 1810 Jteersa s(MB) 45Peter (Jrsiaie Ci h8t5 NE O3d 61 ''Alt:. In) rO55 Mibisita at ICtiraceI AMlten WaIter t Zult tsm Elder Fan Co 535 Ales 1t924 Calaib dr apt 26 1) WE 28 st Alt L (Lacillel a.sts Singer Sew Math Coa A m id o n H a r rt C I i le ; A m id o n M u s ic C o I 1 1 6 6 5 9th tee PrI N T2730 'NW 6th at 'UA1f p (Eliz J) carp b2319 NIX 6th u Murk, I' ,Har te C Amidon) 137 W Floagler st Alf W (3Mary F) collr Miami Furs Co r300 SW Roh .BlEsther S) musilian 111120 SW 8th av 36th av Amlong Witm 5 (Grace) aindt Don H Matthews h Alice (c) maid e1508 NW 6th It 926 NW 2d at ap I '" AMire B Mrs h lit NW 12th as apt I Ammen be" W (Ruth H) slsmn h1172 'SW 22d av Amnda b1024 Almeria av (OGalbles) Manufacturers Cra U. Ir aladt Sid's Service Sta r1172 'SW 22d Andrew (narie) carp h524 NW 22d st C1 at Anfed L 'Ethel) pntr h318 Mendoza av (C o as N iLilian) Ifai eng Fla1'h'Ce hI1410 Pizzard Gabloas) SI lCGbles) ." Anna (wlId Alex) i7611 Abbott av (-MB) Kathryn H stdent rI172 'SXV 22d av "'Anna (wid Benj) t1636 'SW 19th st Ammer Mlary mrs h35 NW 6th at apt 2 'Anna Iwid Cus Al S6 NW 36th ut Pacts Aman Walt Ig nis diver r2191 N\ d 88th st Anna I (Ic tok Jesse D Adkisson t25 E Siro Ammena ,Forair L utrit eSOT SWX 3d it Aitu de (M) Enamels Antn lbtert A (Anna) Isn hI 252 NW 32 s1 Anna R (wid Wm) r14'41 NW 55th et 'tas Erl I r21 Ianidustrelal at I Ctroe)l "Aene sernt St~rancts 5 Msp r da "Cttiii Itt maid e11900 NW' 5th ct '' Anier I(c) 1233 NIX 8th stVr1se John S l'rotheat tib FIaP&LC h413 SX Annie Ii b3 Oriedo at pt 2 iCGables) Varnshes 26th l Aramla (c) Indry h3326 Charles av (CGrove) a~e) ItI isod t135t NW Stlt si 'l) ch tch tnii 4901 Callius oe (ID)I r do "Theo I: Ada) Ilab h22588 NI' 49th st '' .pes ,v ) 1rd d Thas It, teals hIpr City at ttiami h219 In" Augusta L Iwid Jas) r256 NE 3d St dusteta an ( True) ''B Lala mwid Lerl Iet ht300 SlY 36th ac. o and Andy d 5 irStSiop (c; Rudolph Poem) Parto L ( Edit I irsta i 2715 W 2d a PAINT a 1 t "v Bet I ) r r 1 Ilit lalaitihee PRODUCTS Mto u Te haaf 600t Altos ed Stilt1 '' Brsie, lwid XWalter) 114310 N Mitami av apt 131, dn Bn e r1Htl(,nlP O U T A Ed Ed her r60 N' 60th a Bertha S opr Lincoln Beauty Salon r1636 SW "Edo O (T1i. edi BI terwo De Lue Lndry' h566 1th t Inc NWh 801h t '' Bessia l(l)staid rreur 206 NW 9th st Amterdam li rnd (Bth) student h1502 Jffer"Bety r)di NW 24th as sen arsaip Ir 10I81 iBetty h1010 NW 24th ot Xtiriau r"34 pine Tree de (.IB) Bealah It) utaid 11145 NIX 2d at N. E. lst Av. Phip (Anne K) oge Elaine Apta h1502 Jeffer" Beulah (C oaid r11646 N\ 5th Ct A a0n 05 Opt 1 XLR Blrger (Irene) cook h228 NW' 32d at Anals n John p Rut clk h1443 SW 2d ut apt 8 Bruce A jr del boy Gentry Bros Inc r555 NW Tel. 3-5031 Andes Cerp IA I 501551) real est 1634 NE 2d an 26th st rAnarde AI r S 44 NE 28th st ANDERSON C GORDON, Sales Manager Burdine's Anatee P ersee (o d Chas) h1399 NI 28th at Inc, r3400 SW 24th ter S'nln 1 aIas 113 9 SW 28th at C H iBertal driver tITCo r551 NW 93d st Anat 13 a u gr Ci risy Ella r roar 1048 5th C Oliter nelt Jes H1 Gii It rh2d NW 6th as Factory-to-You S 1101 '' Carey Ic; Ltcy) porter hlBa NW 6th on Prices on Pices n K 1 'CFfEN" QUALITY *UCK. LAND *CEAIENTIfE PIT *BLOCKS a-PLASTER PAINTS Phone "Made In 3 69 235 S.W. MIamI FOURTH AVE.


54 :1N Crl ItSON + FloAnDE A )i ANDESON TloenceA Le step Fla State Emip Serv r250a Carl r21 NE 10th sa q\\ *5t c e e Crl Thoa) arpr156 N Mimi t 2 -"Frace c)nurse maid 120 E Dllido dr(Dllido SCarl H (ElIa 311 v-pres J :h A Mabdod Inc h"29 ,island ) r d L ANY Cr I a) sa r1IIINAMHU IS NCal r2 NE 0t sgFrenk A rssire Fin tate E Sr r N Carl (TiO)d r r skR N iargii La ts-mgr Miami Beach en. X (lav ne ( u rse m a i 0 i dr B) II jJ t "Carl O IFlorence N) carp h50 NW 24th a' nel STb hIhOr Ndaul lus r 15) Carolyn c) waiter Iockland Palace Bar riO? Frnklin T actoe Federal Theatre r1245 Nt Sid NW Bd ci r Pred tBetty) capt h rear 25 SW 18th rd ar e rin Baldwin tindergaren & Pr -Fred F (Minnie F) loco eng h1076 NW 29th at ary Sct (c) 1-1239 nW 1st Cr '' Fred R (Ka;th Central Dental Laboratory) I )a Gr AN il St ndard Whol Gro Co 2428 SW 23d ter h46 NW S 1th t St Fred S i3ahel F) stsmn 1l980 NW 49th at Seaah e r l SW 11th s IS S 15th et Eredk iGrace I 2 S 11am) as Frkhar IF'rances E) city ti remn 13130 SW "5hI Fredk tueche fr1A88 NW 21st terv Chas I iiitilie & lean Works) r1215 NW redk E chef rid NW 36th i C NW & k Fredk L r35 NW 13th at Char B (Ina: The Alesander) 4260 rW 8th sIt Gee Iel aato mee shrI U NW Cs et Chas It ITrudie W) roofer t115 6 NW 56th at W 13th) at masher Ungar Bui& Ce r1 1 n ir Chas H Itelen 3) h1234 SW 19th av Geo Ic; Maude) Janitor Drexel Apts 1331 W 'l Chas Si Isals h5:is SW 91t st apt 4 Cath dr CIas S elk Jarrett Coffee Ca r32ilt NW 22d av tGeo Itt C m Chas NV li elk FLaPt&LCo r2377 SW 6th s a tl ai (e sL t Ctharlesotn( wit s m' B Balre h325D NOV ;ota rs 1N3W titl e 10-11 ee E tid10 NOV 27th .t apt 3 ito St h ANDERSON GEORGE H REALTOR, General Real Charilae I76 N rhr Et t Mhapattah Elementary Sc ESON 1 Mchig an av MB), Tel 5-1350, ttiherryi VCortli NW th ar opt 5r h1230 15th et (MB), Tel 5-1804 T iier1 l eiS Iii P07 NW 7th ar les OV r.NO 13tha 1. *1EJ ssrrioier h rklyr rl N 5th tat 'Ges Z I Slude Itdlr h444 NW 8th st L Clara (ci maid Nora Davis Marinello Beauty hlds, slswn SHK&Co r1226 SrW 4th at L LDG. h 231 NW 14th t Gladys E alk Little River Bk & Tr Co r199 Clarence A cash taninsular Life Ins Cs 1829 SW NW 79th st ii at "' Gottfried IS1innie E) v-pres Miami Home Milk Cli ltotd R iny le) carp h1901 NW 15trh St Prrddoers Sn h2199 NW 29th et Cl (vsto J slsmn 1147 NE Bay Shore at apt 5 Gottfriwd A (Anna) brklyr 1520 NE 15th at Connie (:Nettiel aich h1727 NW 4th i Guln 6e2 NO 37th e t a I Crrivell r25 2 Jefferson av MB) H Mtat c inspt FlaP&LCo -P54 NW 25th at "glf en Ite ran lair tlti NOV 24 et apt 2 2 r Dnl Iotihac M)i ottito icgr SBT&T(o 13233 Harold L (Johanna) Chem 2344 SW 15th at Le 2 en -t d i(CtGal) Hares A iFlorence) h4d10 Palmarlto an (C Ia FiI (Ellen: And noer Feed & Seed Co) Gaklesl h 3033 G:rand av apt 3 (CGrove) Harry G /Jane) h953 SW 10th It apt 27 "Doe A (Est hr E> crrdlt mgr )maI Home Milk Harry L ( o; Eulalle) 19t Atlanta Life Ina CO Pr,, Assn h17'1 \\ NW th .av h1x 8 Florida avICGrove) __Ti__le A__r student _737 __W_ 1~Nt ac "taltie Ic) 11200 NW 1st as nd student r319, W 79th st Halie (ci Indrs 132 F 21W 14th st *OU rs Mr W drmkr 929 Lincoln rd R2 (12B1 r Iael beauty opr HISS NW 79th st o3 S 22d te N slswn SHK&Co r2171 NW 40th at E* at S 1An naI h arimer 1t 15 NV i0th Sit Henry (ci lab r3671 Charles av (CGrove) NEE F~Eith C Mrs slaa Bliormield itRally & Ins Henry te: AiMee) porter h362 NW 10th at N rr bii W22 Flagler at apt 211 "' ienr C (Elliynt 3701 Toledo st (CGables) Eda sirsn r1l NOV St st Hari rt ICapye) pilot U S Quarantine Sa NEYn "dw (I SdrredI re itirmkr 172 SW 9't1h St apt 5 (l615 NW 9th av F dE (Anna E) dairt 103 NSC 7trhst Ii do Hidred (c) strudent r201 NW 14th at EdheA (Isdamoei I tis NW 7ith at Holland L atndt C Grose Tire & Accessory Co -"r Edw A ICGIady, 1) drftson Co ltd & Bridge Dept 1-;261 Ric, It ICGrove) F1r ii1: NOV i-lit st Itoward B (Myra L) oToun Uion Central Life Plumbing -Ehv L (Marjtrie Ni at Crod Ins Cu 12747 Ins C0 l001 Cral nay C kGables) Refrigerators SW 19h til r Huh gro t3ilti NW 10th at Solar Sy"tema r TII L mser a-IT NOV Slot at Ida t olson Burdine's Inc 176h NW 7th at a Va eTl R "I t apt I Irene (cI) Ai. The Diule Gro h36T NW 13th at or Any Other tieanor C o'tid Frankl t19 Bay d (M) "lsaa (c; Sarah) porter Jackson Mem Hosp Home Eja (c) chatif :a22 NE V 5th It 2014 NW 6th at Improv ment EIlzna J Itwid Jhn h66 NE 2d a, J Cavanah Mrs r4a NE 5th at p L tr D 655 NWV 33 t S I usie) h7149 Bar dr apt 5 (IB) 1: trdest 1 Si0 NE 125th at C emRt City I-a & Fuel Co r Hollywood Fla Iswl rt L sitdot t321 SW 4th 11 2 SJ inler ia F&LCo r8156 NW 14th pl in C Aisahoilel i-k 1 0 lilt 2 SO' 6th lup at apt "J \sten atidet rI73 NW 15th av Jtk rekortor r1922 NO 4th at m-i : 01 rtcs mnaC2T dt 3 st Sook 1sn r135 NE 2d as l~Emma ]Irs 11113 iu tfing 111,1d ap1 7 Jk.'on B (Evelyn) phlotog r433% E3 roett (eate3 I oaep (t4G,, NV 11th as tr apt 3 rot Edith I Irp it3t NE ilth at Jar tPeggy) r637 NE 31st st n tot S it Itotler hl'11 NW 4th at la Ic Luclilet barber hl421 NW 63d St Erneat t\ (Dina I tewOard 1 4122 NOV 21st Ja () tab Gren Acres Trailer Park r Uleta Fla a .r Jas (c) Iai rJ i NW 15th nO otella rc ildrsr1322 NE 70th st Jas plott r229 NE 70th at ella moid Rott. 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DRINK .... / f in Bottles Harold DELUCIOUS REFRESHING 301 MIAMI COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. xe B. Hill ANDtI'Ts(\ AN\DE RSOn Jas S ti lab r357 NW 14th ler tary A (wid Clifford) h4335Y NE 30th ter apt 3 Jas W (Mary Pi h1419 SW 5th at Mary E laid Jas A) r116 NW 11th at Studio "'Janet bkpr r2171 NW 49th at Matthew S Jr (Dulls; Ship Service Cleaners & StU "Jefferson 8 (Beulah) carp h547 NW 51st at Lndry) h99 NE 14th st "'Jennie (c) cook h rear 219 NW 6th st aMlton c; Lenora) lab h1442 NW 5th pl and "Jerome (c) walter e38 NW 10th st "'Minnie i rt945 NW 6th st" John (Kay) driver 11627 NW 58th at N B (Florida Perfection Aire) r1536 SW 9th a John Ic; Bertha) lab r1982 NW 4th av sIt apt 4 iami John (c; Mary E) lab r54li NW 14th st N Russell r11530 Gritting blid apt 7 a John :c; Mabelle) lab 3-il NW 16th vt Naomi Ic) maid r1836 NW 5th av John (c: Jannie) lab h562 NW 19th at Nathaniel .(c; Maggle) r1629 NW 1st p 1 John (Vivian) sismn h1725 NW 47th it 0 Nick (c) lab r1155, NW 2d av 4 John A (Charlotte) dep County' Tax Colic h1520 Nina (c) nmad r3707 Traw av (CGrove) Sh d o NW 8th t "'Noah J steward h2225 SW 7it st apt 1 Co. John A hilpr Robbins Roofing & Sheet Metal Co Norman L lab FiaP&LCo r337 NW 31st st x2104 NW 38th st Olga K maid 1597 Brickall av In "John H (Margt; Norwood Cleaners) h3269 Rice Oscar (Eliz) ironwkr h8287 NE Miami ct apt 4 Inc. st (CGrove) O iscar (Lulu) plater Florida Plating Co h14, John L (c) lab h3934 Florida av (CGrove) NW 3id st John N (Lucille C; Anderson's Radio Shop) Oscar V (Margt M) boat capt h5861 SW 4th st 117 NE 14th nI Otey H (Dollie) slsm. h670 NW 44th st a John R barber Jas H Fellyaw r53 NE 11th ter Patricia Iswn Tots & Teens '3121 NE 1st av John W IClarice Mt dentist 1661 W Flagler Pau, (Mary) boat capt h1012 N MStami av Draperies apt 4 h.520 NW 20th ar Paul clk r1185, t NW 28th at John W (c; Jessie MI) gdnr h1941 NW 5th ct Philip O it2tS507 XV Flagler st. apt 9 o Johnny (c) lab Green Acres Trailer Park r Uleta Pierce elect. Hardy Electric Co Inc r Opa Locks Upholstering Josephine (c) maid r1508 NW 6th ct Polly Mrs beatty opr Adoria Beauty Salon r Josephine Ic) studert r3384 Grand av (CGrove) 6307 NE 2d at Window JoIe inspr .5116 NW 11th av Raleigh waiter Valentino's Restr r235 W Flag"'tulia c) maid 5170 LaGorce dr (MB) ler 't Shades 1 Julius R (Jennie L; Woodside Auto Repair) It "Raleigh D sismn h335 SW 10th at 2148 SW 14th ct Ramona Mirs tchr Central Elementary Sch h545 Karl h1672 SW 19th ter 'NW 34th St apt 4 Decorating S Rath elk C Gables Gro Co Inc r1215 Algerla av Randi bkpr Belcher Oil Co r655 NT 55th ter aIC kblcs) Raymond (Ruby) h63dC NW 7t st Rath private sec Jas J Helm r129 SE 4th at Raymond F servlcemn Koger 2 Everson Co r1922 Kathleen mach opr Mathews Best Foods r1214 NW 4th ot NW 62d st Raymond G sismo SR&Co h1636 SW 19th st 174 N. E. "Katie let maid h234A NW 12th st ANDERSON RAYMOND H (Eisle A), Sec-Treas King S ic; Carrie) porter h1239 NW ist et Nehi Bottling Co Inn, hl061 NW 47th St 40th St. L Gordon (Nina) carp r1827 SW 16th ter ". 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Puritan Dalry Inc Mary tchr hIll SE 2d t h1922 NW 4th st. 3-6261 N. E4 2d Av S R = ] anal 40th St.


90 .ELECTRIC AUTOMATIC A.. H. Ie REFRIGERATORS 7eFrigeraiom 134 N.W. Third Ave. Phone 3-2128 FOSSEY t Show Rooms: 134 N. W. 3rd Ave. Phone 3-2128 ANDE S DNANDREWS Velva wa (ter 'ield's Sea Ponds Inc 1241 N{ ~Barbara G301 rsc ck Specialt~y)Employment Agcy 63NW d asrily E 9th (H) Verllinet (c) maid r1631 NW 3d av E9 9Br h () arnh50 W t t "oVictor 'S (Ella) sec-tress y & Co Inc 0 3 9 Barey (Elsie) dalywn hb4408 SW 4th It NW 5th aE Bernard (Eloise) foewn h Aroodlo 9od Coral Z Vrl barberv Jutes 'Levitt 16307 'NE 2d av ent (liefomhAraaedCrl o W Chas (Pauline) pmbr 7025 NW -5th ot h do Bertha 1153 NW 39th t SWalter IcI driver iStandard Beverage Co r143 C B Orbehs 1 cem1en mxe3r h532 NW S9th ao to H r rsth 6v 2 Cecil L Motary G) agt Perinsular Life Ins Co Es ~ Walter E T'Blanche) sIsmn -Howard 'Bros h,6621 r2611 NW 13tht avNW 4th av pt 7 Chandler B city hremn r410 12th st (Mil W1 alter H'(DOrothy) Ismn htl45 NW 32d et Chas c) porter r129 NW hth st Wayne (Anise) hairdrsr hI711 NW 4th a Chris (Edith) porter Alcaer Hotel 1226 NE in Wenona smstrs r5116 'NW 11th an tih ot Wesley to Clarice) lab 9836 NW lst Clara E mgr Downey-Flake Doughnut & Coffee Miami l om (ct r106A NOW 2d av Shoppe r atheorld Hotel Anne. 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NW 'th, PI N'da Gae)cr 34N l l l at Wm H ir ck Pgh Plate GIs Co rO690 NE 2d av Edgaw Gr Lillie) h4rp 0 th rI Wm T IPlne Terrace Tourist Cottages) h6860 Edw R student 81r NW 3 a NE Id 01 "' Edoo B (sodeot p29t hOV2,1 too3 a N82 sv (Eliz rmp Interstate Marble and Tile Eliza OV) Indry s1835 Nt '1d Nv Cn hi304 N 3nd Emory L (Retie ) driver h01 E 20th et IH) Biscayne Williem nlac) maid r115s NW N s oErnest N (Gladys E) fishermn h72% SW 11th Winston orderly Jchot Mem Hosp r do Blvd. Anderson's Radlo Shop (John (0 Anderson) 17 Euice I yb 1 e)3 O 11NN or d NE lIthst 01 Forett IM Slayhllo) 11o4 NOV 201(h ed Anditr 1 Htty student r624 SW 14tH av opt 11 Fannie Ic) raid r1908 NW 2d av Wlaher (Tower Sundries) h24 SW 14th a Farta S (wid Geo H) h1I153 NW 6110 t Phones 1 Floyd L (Sarah I) 1433 Cadagua av (CGablesl Phones pt 11"i Frod E IRothol wIs -b30 NE 60t:h rI -5763 Andes Apartments 1250-60 SW 619 t "G S E wletr L Ireland Co r Itde Co Quintin r1080 NE 96 th 'Willard F dentist 169 SE 1st ot R1102-03 h1080 Geo le Laln ) eg h6090{ NE 55th Ia 3-5764 NE 96th 0t Geo I; Lucille) lab 1tl6 NO 17th on Andoe Perry chef Kelley's Reste rib26 Euclid 00 "G Goo (L uac y le ry 1ellolr MB C. 1. 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57 PACKARD MOTOR CARS Authorized Sales and Servloo PACKARD MIAMI MOTORS INC. 1740 N. E. Second Ave. Phone 2.7621 Packard Salen. 823 tlncol Road, Miami Beash. Phoe 5-3055 ,4NDIE W S Angely Jos (Helen) mech Tamiami M1otor Re" Lonnie B iVelma) elk Miaml Millwork & Lumpairing Co h1321 SW 7th St apt 26 her Co h1024 NW 23d at Angemine John glasswkr r24 SW 2d av Loft Ic; Mittle) -h3354 Thomas av (CGrove) Anger Kathryn Mrs r626 NW 47th st Louis R cabtmkr Peninsular Casket Co r1269 Angerman Geo C (Silna) h1020 Alhambria cir C NW 34t, st Gables) Mabel (mid Roht) mgr Unga Hotel '209 NW Harriette M Mrs elk WUTeiCo 114 Sunset rd 2d av ISMiamI) M ur Ik (c; Annie) lab r4817 NW 27th av Wm E 1Josie y) h1198 SW 22d ter Madeline Mrs nshr Sue Preem Mald r Box Angers Victor (Ollie) '1776 NW 2d s apt 4 963 SW 77th 0v Angier B Charlotte dental hygienist Dr E C Lun Maric B cash SR&Co r3344 NW 15th at ford rl153 6kW 7th st Mark (Della) carp 1,2761 V 1st nt ANGIER GEORGE C. Sea Clark Dredging Co. n Srk O (FayeI elk 1h428 1W 9th at apt 12 hI153 SW 7th at, Tel 2-5980 H asy 0 elk turdine's Inc r433 Cadaqua as (C "' Geo C jr r1153 SW 7I nt arle) W' Mari (wid Clarence) r3911 Loquat ar (C Mol rrayp be)la oh1322 NWH Sth at Gconel Ora B pkr Mianl Fruit Ind Inc r732 NW 36th Angle Gafford B (Vera) opr Tropical Radio Teleg at Co h249 E 13th St (H) Peggy Mrs lwns Allapattah Fashions Shop r ae Mrset mgr White House ants 111156 NE 1171 NOV 411th nt Miami ct apt 3 h lis in) maid h1i15a NW tst et S A drier FIP&LCo 12636 NW 27d st Rlph E tier Biscayne Eng Co r40 NW 40th it Wm D (Mae) 11156 NE Miami ct opt 3 Iled H (Juanita) floor Surfacer 1,2362 NW Wm 1D jr ssmn r1156-60 NE llami et apt S i41 It i AnglCree oTel The John Lux mgr 634 WaShington iohI A hipr Carley J Smith Trans an (51B) itoa L II' enok Coral Inn Tea Room h1161 t Pd P(Mrs Madeline Mettair) restr 2,59 Se Rose (c) maid re627 NW 2d an Angln Chas H loro eng r632 N Jliami av Ross L (Floy 1 autos h2613 Toledo at (C Lillian C esrs sswnn RCDD -k820 Salzedo sl Ross L Ir simn r2613 Toledo St (CGables) S Louise et.dent r1235 SW 6th st apt 14 Ra elk r l ) NW 21st so' Sal y ti Irs siswn Tip Top Inn h1235 SW 6ith Suadke Ia-Id AlheetIi 146 N Mi3ami* as apt I st apt Hi Hsal iELaura Vi chf mrch PO h1121 NW Thos (Lillian C) director Beach College of thrley Iudent 1433 CadaeUt av (CGables Commerce h820 Salzedo St (CGables) h ri y e l P43 C a q u7 on 4 h e A n g u s L o u ise E (w id W in F ) 112 85 N W 3 0 th st o l Da t me h r 3 7 N V 4th te e Vi tor (Faith Ai checker SR & Co h1 43 N eW Thos L msngr rhlh T NV 6th at Angwin Daisy Mrs 1439 Navarre 0v (CGables) Than HW iidpe L) hootmo Retcher Towing Co "tJ R dispr FIaP&LCo 433 Navarre a0 (C ht2010 NOV 3d an Cobies) H Waocom e Iomn h1333 NW 39th ot Anihal Theo H lRosaline) bldg conr 1211 Madri O Wallce uindt 1824 NE 111th nt at I C~okle() h do Wm Ic; Roberta) sailor h1810 NW 6th uv Anis Albert A archt 925 Lincoln rd (MB) r Wm G (Wilb, 31) sismn Dixie Tire Co r776 Nassau hotel (31B) V 53d at t Anitas Te Room Anita Lindherger mgr 110 E hiR's, I lactha() carp ki26S NOV 34th 01 Fiogier tt 527 Wm I (Oth Ch sln,,gr T B McGahey Mir Co Anlima John beveler French lirroe Plate Gis 6303 S' i3tha Co r24 SW 2d av H'm H jr (Octilla NI auditor Newman-ButlerAnkenbuer Ray 3h5430 NW 12th aM larVeigh Co Ih73 NOV 211th st Ankenmann Anna M h505 Navarre v (CGabhiles) "Ho 3m Iteta Ol p) itr 1h27 S' 21st at Ankerum Rot ic; Ruby) former h1611 NW 5th Hardware O"a, V tlajor lAeiIyn) UPA commander Chapno mrn Fleid r Miami Colonial Hotel Anlage Bernard D Itlarg A) h803 NW 1'2th st and Androfsky Roy (Bess; Pierson Apartment) 11784 Ann Hotei 146 Washington av (MB) NH' 46th st apt I Ann'o Coottetic Slip lAon S OWeills I 1152 tletidPRlntS Andy's Aco lar (Andy Hosals) beer 114-16 Bision ar and 671 Collins 0 131B) eayno 't IJ1B) Anna Apartments 965 eW 41[t st Place (Elmer J Lehman) filling sta 1720 NV -Lew Aparttments ]551-53 Meridian av (JIB) .0th t Annally Investment Co Inc D J Mahoney pres Plaaa (Aidrew J Lee) drugs 3601 Biscayne Jas 51 Cox jr (Dayton, Ohio) v-pres R A blvd Reeder sec-treas 600 Biscayne blvd 8th f 4 o Sundries (Clarence M Lee) 2801-05 NW 17th An-Nell Hotel (Sam[ I Albaum and Wo V Shaup picol 700 Euclid ac tMB) Anerine Peter J (Anna C) emp City Ice & Fuel Annenberg Mses L (Cecelia) 4815 Collins v Co rill 0V 22d av (Ane ) tte Ange Hisle atob repr J W D Forbes 1911 NW Anne artments 3237 SW 401 st and 1350 34th on6t S "J Herman IEsie) boatwkr h911 NV 24th av Annex Hotel (c; Ernest Jones) 11 N' 8th st He lLeais L Porchate) 11159 Washington 0 Angel Aubrey F driver FlaP&LCo r1504 NE 1st (MB) V I 45 2 st apt 28ni Eli thr Miami Edison Sr High Sch huo cr,4 p h0 ds p 81279 NW 58tth 01 N Nck kitchen emp Royl Palm Club Jas C (Eliz) elect h279 NW 58th st Angelra Doot walter r2025 NW 7th up Jas L elk Hurdino' Inc r2'79 NOV 58th nt 7th t ,o Itaria) la h ra p 1426 N V Annis Jus (Theateher Bi ironwkr 13066 NW 24th yl c St Paro Student p rear 1426 NW 7h ct Jo K sten GLAC r2368 SW 16th ter Taer sltude r rear 1426 NW 7th el Seretha (wid Mark F) h2811 1' 17th st Ant rogo (Basso) icemn h68 SW 13th Annison J 51 I) lab r51 NW 17th St Phone *" Annonbaush t1at (Rose) h630 NE 85th St apt 6 Anthony student rU6 SW 8 SN t At A AccI .agG (Mary A) filling Sta 9600 NW 27641 Edt tdn 6 SV1t 17h0 h do Oertrdhne L snldn McCeory's 168 SW 13th st Anscnw tlarjocie (wId Arth) Ih2110 NW 56th st AJOeltC stodent p6 00 l3th st Ansel Ian D (Alta) mech 41360 E 34th St (HI) Aguei C Roy Hen Iiloa) pastor Central Baptist Ansley Chas Ic) lah r365a NW 13th ot Charhe 1'p Ranting Lodge dr (MEpgs "' Chae C I Carollne reI est 1,2384 SV 6th st Charolto P p1 NE 424 st Clarence ic; Elio) lab r932 N"V 3d a Angell Btoogbas slnmn h rear 1625 NV 8th ter Fred (Mavis) driver r575 SW th st Angelo Buchara Mrs r828 Commerce apt 8 (M '" Rost H (tary B) 0sst mgr h2346 NE 2d et Yacht, Engine i1 RI Anson Geo St h1460 Brickell ar "ilo r 240 NO 13th e Ansonia Apartments 318 21st sI (MB) and "tuery (Ann) 1412 NE 39th st Anspach Edw irainer r5550 NW 14th Ielrnp (Marcn alt (1240 NOV 13th ot Antes Geo J (Lelia) printer h249 S W 16th ter Contrantors' Antoiol Caris hi5113 Alton rd apt 35 1IB) Merritt D (Dever) ship Ilk hi514 NV t8th st Supplies WALTER B. WILSON Etat 2:0 PHONE 5-135 938 LINCOLN ROAD MIAM REC I u n PHONE 5-1135 .MIAIn,-AC, Insurance SW t t


S8 SUNNY The C. W. Kistler Company lNNY o/6% and 7% First Mortgages, Real Estate SOIJII 12-13-14 CONGRESS BLDG. PHONE 2-5154 PAINT Anthe Jos (Marguerite; Haywood Auto Service) Apostle Ernest A (Miami Poultry & Egg Co) Ph321 SW 7th st apt 3 1139 SW uh t Jos R (Virginia) sismn r1920 NW 35th st Apostolic Church of Christ Rev J scar Hamilton Anthertz Harry P coonsermn Kohler's Bar & pastOr 635 NO 3211 dt C Grill 2219 SW 23d st Chech of God 1301 RW 2n3 nt Anthon Edith (c) maid r rear 224 NW 6 ntn Appel E rW Gene's Morine Motor Seroice i Anthony Ageris iVaseleke) cook b'28 NW 21st Hu1 (wid C Rr dh804 Ocean dr apt SArade 3440-42i companion 13 N Grenay dr C S & Co Harry Levy mgr uniforms 323-26 NE blese opaS 9OV N rena dtr ott Gables) 2622 SW 8th st Apteibaum Harey waiter r36 SE 24 at Benj. Moore & C dier Cak & Lei r2 z% NW 21st Appel Pool bbpr Greenler & Crosby Co h924 Co. Products ter Cotais dr I tote of Normandy) Chas R (Annie) 65821 NW 4th an apt S Appelman Louis (Etta) h359 Meridian a apt 11 Ronans Chas W (Edith) auto medh 1760 NOV 80th at (3tR( Ctqu hV ir iab Reed Conn Corp r eo 6725 Appenneiter Clara 134 SW 13th sapt 4 Laqes NW Silt ct Ciaade 0V bayee 9OSCs r20 6 1 SW 6th st and Chester water Hickory House Inc r235 JefferApyie Hu Ida hsekpr 1600 SW 19th at Enamels son a (I) Applebaum Bennett R v-pres Standard WholeE Edo h309 SW 64th et sale Grocery Co r1721 SW 11th ter Dixon's Geo e3151 Sheridan an IMB) Henry M (Ida) h1345 NE Bay Shore ot apt 208 Drxon't Geraldine (wid Perry M) r3566 SOW 13th ter Irving R pres Standard Wholesale Grocery Co Graphite Geraldine (wid Walter N) slswn RCDDS r r1721 SW 11th ter Paints 6238 NO t et Mao (The Sandbar) r2228 Park av iStBI Harold G (Mary J) h361 SW 10th st 'Otto A0 gr r1345 NE Bay Shore et apt 208 Wooster Helen Mrs h351 SW 6th s1 apt 32 Ray (wid Philip) see Standard Wholesale Gro Brushes Ira H rS61 SWV 2d st Co h1721 SY 11th ter Irene 90 Mrs smstrs Reed Furniture AlIg Co Appleby Frank T (Ronnie) copy desk MON h3609 James B. Day r1410 NE Miami et SW 17th ter apt 2 J Clark (Little B) Ismn r563 N 58tit John P (Jennie) h rear 3125 NW 33d at & Co.'s as lab r723 NW 2tt ter Paul A (Otry F) asst mgr Seaboard Finance Shellac John r760 NW 80th st Co h617 Alhambra clr (CGables) John e2401 SW 28ht st apt 11 APPLEBY WM H (Eli M). 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Tel 3-097 L6. h do (For further Information see page 19 Buyes Antoinette John D (Josephine) sweeper opr MiGuide) r vii City tWaste Div h769 NOV 19th st Appling Sam tct porter Gulf Oil Corp r350 NW Astoin Louts (Ruth( cook 'h2164 NW Stii an luth st Antou Corinne (c) sten Rodney Partier r1753 Apte Akice r601 NE 58th vI ZI N\ 5th ta o Brokerage Co (Day J and Robt OV Apte. Leon" Cornelius S (Thelma) pntr -4215 NV 24 an an Jacobus, J Pal Brdleyi mdse brokers Fred D (Corinne E) bellmn El Comodaro Ho1785 NV 7'k as tel r195 NiV 5th et Bros & Lewis (D J Apte. 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Julian V Aqua Mtarine Apartments a94 NE 6t-h s O O o r e t o n ) I S W d n o A q u i n t o R o s e M r s d r s m k r 1 3 1 2 N OV 4 t h s h d o I< AJAX CORPORATION .. 1 ANDREW J. ARRANT, Pres. S Qualified INVESTMENT SECURITIES Bonded m 1101-1102 INGRAHAM BLDG. TELEPHONE 2.2322 Private Telephone to H. Hentz & Co. and I. S. Bache & Co.


mm mi LRL fDRY PHONE Page .. _____E'A_ _n__.. 3-6601 Electric 3 Company Ara Jenne Arms Apartment 2327 LeJeune rd RC nRCHERc G: bits) Thnv J1 slsmn r rea 769 NW 10th st Arace Atbert lab FbaP&L.Co 1331 'SW 7th St Thos S 1340 'IV 511, apt 2' Aradonzl Leo h517 NE 124th At cst D II'h, E.; I25 Oak av (CGrove) Authorized Arlgon Uia A ,I,-n McCrory's r151 NE 27th at Wilma J sen Linda Le Inc r3051 Gifford la Dealer Restaurant. (Hrotune H Tchakarian) 244 AraICGrose) ,anna ICGables) Archery I nge 901 V\V 95th st Westinghouse Aramnan Harry tailor 154 NE 3d st I do Archibald Dorothy (wid R Teller) h5333 Collins Aranah Arth (c; Thelma) porter Rogers Credit ar (IB)Cop red 13 E9t opete Line Jwrs h144 NWV 10th tr -" Emma G livid Ales) 1130 NE 98tb st On n Chas (c) printer r449 NWV 16th ter Jos lab r934 NE 1st av Electric Aranda Leo I (Carrie) carrier PO ItS51 NW 2d at Roy F (Gertrude B) 12121 Tiger Tall av (C Arng Roger J (Dorothy) phys 25 E 2d av R Groveppliances 410 1170 NW 35th at Archie Fred D (r ; Katherine) turn rms 267 NW A-11.a Chas Ic; Thelma) prawn Miami Times r 6th st It do 60,3 NW 4th st Leonis (c) chauf 65 NE 90th st Arent Carl P (MUriet E) dentist 1536 NW 36th Mtyrtle (c) cook 65 NE 90th st at h1520 do Susie (c) nid 5535 Collins av (mB) Arala Harle Mrs ht526 SW 3d st Archle's Soda shop (Archie W Braford) 1000 SSteve (E hel) .pr Associated Press r776 NW 5th st (N1R1 11th Ht Turf Bar (Archie Diskin) liquors 2 Ocean dr Aravilla Apartments Harry D Cahen mgr 1021 U(MBI W rd sy ARCHITECTS SAMPLES BUREAU OF GREATER Refrigerators Alm rdo W Rea se MIAMI INC, Edw S Harvey Mgr. 7th Floo Ranges Incz A249 NsWn B9gh m Lst e p Six Hundred & Five Lincoln Road Bldg, Aral Ade eiu Linen Shop4NE s 605 Lincoln rd (Miaml Beach), Ted 5-5634 Dishwashers Archway Clinic (Franklin C Rasmussen) 810 E Water Heaters Raymond slsmn Empire Linen Shop r2241 NW Ponce de Leon blvd (CGables) Commerclal lst ar Ocean Villa 68161 Collins av (IB) Refrigeration Arbaugh Frank J (Iris F) uphol 1157 NW 45th st Arcola Apartments 236 NE 28th st Water Gnoles f Iris F Mrs supvr SBT&TCo t157 NW 45th st Ard Jos r35 NE 25th ot "'Roberta student r157 NW 45th st Wem E (Mable) egg candler 1714 NW 5th an Radios Arbib Angc S (Belle) ,0286 Royal Palm av (MB) Ardelean Arth (Hanna) h1'128 SW 11th s Specialists in Arbogast clenn F (Noreene 0) dept mgr Major Arden ElI SIrs Florence Mahoney mgr beauty All Electric Appliances Inc h1916 NW 27th st 'sop 667 Licoln rd (IB) Westinghouse Arbona Jos (Lonar cast stone mIr 2829 Bird av Stenrietta N maiter Hackney's Ntiami Beach Kitchens ICGrone) r3075 Virginia st (CGrove) Arler rinf-I Liberty av (MIB) Arbuckle Clara Mrs 1200 SW 1st 5t a Ardley Winired (c) beauty opr r349b NW ItOh Aburn Tone (Doris) clk FIaP&LCo 275 SW 9th st Arena Bar Inc rant Byer pres Jacob Byer v-pres 214 Arbutus Alonso Ic; Parish) embalmer h145 NW Henry A Paimer sec-treas liquors 732-36 BisN. E. 2d Av. 6~th yr coyne blerd Arcade Cigar Store (its Grace McAlexander) 34 Barber Shop Alf Bittinger mgr 740-42 Biscayne NE 1st s blvd PHONE Hotel Merle Kroause) 135 NE 1st nt Aresberg Alicie E msngr Hardine's Inc r568 NW 2-5255 Arcodla Apartments 1215 Meridian av (MB) 6th st Acoos Letitia Mrs h532 NW 8th st Harold V (Sarah) pair h250 NW 24th s Aecola ime P ship elk SR&Co r1536 N Bay" Hazel el Saunders & Mader x574 NW 6th st storec dr Hereran T dept n--r Southern Venetian Blind Rena Mrs 11536 N Ray Shore dr Co r2176 NW 10th av Archoeh arrit Thr. (Eli) c6005 NE d Victor P (Mary E) lab Paul E Shipe 'h420 NW Aesbooriro Prod \V (.tenns E) 1,1010 SWV 224st 22d s1 Jean W sec Jas St MtCaskill r1010 SWy 22d st Arencihia Delia el Florida 5c & 10c Store c600 Arshbold Jas J (Eli T) 1h230 Sunset dr )Sunset NOV 10th st Island No 11 Jos P (Laural slb Gonzalez Cuban Mkt h600 Arrier Ann r515 NE 101st st NW lath ot Aparlmrts Mrs Mary E Archer mgr 140 NW Jos I' jr sigarmkr r600 NW 10th st I g 3d 0t Arend Frank A (Helen) adv h514 Palermo ae apt Carlotta Nt Mrs artist rif4 NW 4th st 2 (CGables) Oas h(ro6 SW 1st ot Richd S student x514 Palermo av apt 2 (C Clifford F (Helen) 12,846 NW 22d et Gables) Edison E (Bernite) slk PO h3051 Gifford la Arend Eliz B h2012 SW 60th av ittironsi Arendt Vedia Mrsrs 15 rear "6tt NOV "3d as Edw E (Flora E) elk PO 53124 Jackson st Ar s Aksn C str D)i bS30 NW 02d ar (CGrove) Juliene 530 NW 62d ost Emory L (Audrey V) trucker hI607 NW 14th Percy floriot e530 NW 62d st pl Arensn Elizabeth (wid Ben G) h1274 NW 37th P PR Fells ; Lillian} luh 5425 NW lh st st o Florida A Mrs b rear 1600 NW 39th st Arevlo Felix (Angeline) eigarmkr 141 NW 10th Floyd P (Mary E) dir American Inst Sosool st or Oprico and optometrist 1624 W Flagler at Arey Wilbur A (Betty) formn W T Price Dredgh1402 NW 3d at apt I ing Corp 1029 SW 3d av Floyd P Jr optometrist Floyd P Archer r1402 Arflack Homer chef The Bungalow Inn rill TV NOV 3d st apt 1 Flagler st Helen N 2846 NW 22d st Argetsinger Leon J (Florence S) vacuum elms Helen T wailer icCrory's r1600 NW 30th st 23i NW 1st st bS43 SW 1th as apt 2 Ida E Mrs tchr Andrew Jackson Jr Higs Seh Argintar Oscar (Jennie) mgr Uncle Sam Loan & h2825 Oak as (CGrove) Jewelry Co Inc It137 SW 101h ar rene h15 NE 101st at Argo Benj (Eselyn ;A cme Employment Servlce) MORAGE Son Is; Paulinc) botcber hb449 NOV 12th at h,429 NE 2d as apt 2 John W runter Baker Roofing Co r N Miami Cath Mrs director Fla State Welfare Board r Lansing J sismn Shull Furn Co r252 SW 2d at 325 Palmetto dr (Miami Springs) LA Laura P narae 1402 NOV 3d s apt I r do Josephus 1 sls eng FlaP&LCo h1920 SW 2d st Leonard F (Gladys 31) meat etr 15 NE 44th apt 20 ML (Betly) s5l3 NW 11th sJ Stic J sthmn McCrory's r1629 SW 13th apt agt r51 5 NE 101st st n Zola Mrs r1629 SW 13th nt apt 12 Mary E Mrs mgr Archer Apts rl402 NW 3d st Argonaut Apartments 735 NW 24th us ap t 1Aetaguo Ple1 e (Mry ibel Hickory House Ins Ort lle L (Helen) letter carrier 100 NW 30th 23 Wlashingon av (Hk) stArtas Alpha.(Crlra) cook icbsrs Mtem Hasp Paul5ne (c) Indrs 1431 W 22d at (Sunset Island ills N\\' 7th c k nNo 4 t d L '" oli e waiter Kel Spot Bar B Que s5455 SW a ^ ~ ~ u S4a 1 Ii W hai)tc, one de Leon or 51 Hrgh S o h3145 Day ar sGGrove) Sergio cook Jackson Mem Hosp f g p FLORIDA'S FASTEST GROWING I DEPARTMENT STORE __ . N. E. First St. at Miami Ave. Phone 2-6161 -1


0 TINGLE insurance Agency Inca. PAIlT SNELDO iER PHONE 2-4174PAINT First Federal Bldg. 100 N. E. Itt Ave. C o Arida Pauline waiter Teddy's Inc r1116 Ocean dr Armt r f s tot cook W m R 7r10le r3e5 NW 2d b11 01 pt 208 (1t at Aring Oma K sIn ItCDDS r21 9 NW 50th st '" Roger I. Laura) porter h60 NW 11th st Aringten Chas H r453 SW at-h St Armstrng Atdela wid W0m0 r't0 SW Soh et Miami's "John F I Mary A) soS h453 SW 6th st Ann c)1 r507 NW 1st p1 Robt L r453 W l6th at Annie tc) ma d r"'O3 Nt 2d ii First Arlar Court Apts Mlrs Libble Malbin mgr 320'44 Annie (l) maid Coral Inn Tea Rem r356 NW Exelusive Collins an 15th st Arkin Abr (Etta; LatPatma Gift Shop) r126 Augut )V tEcelyn Ri police tiai Beach PAINT Ocean dr (B) u Ciice Dept i37 i lachigan ; v (SIB)" Construction Co IJou L Arkin) bldg contra 1632 Cland et Ic) taid 820 NV tnt uv STORE Pentsylvanla i t (B 0B) 'Dallas i\tIldredl sketch arUst Riesner Neu. & Jos L (tildred; Arkin Construction Co) 6848 Sheet Stetal Co hI161 SW 1st anLenox 00 I tS) Dalos D t Stsmie Pt sIaSmn E C Sewell Co k1333 Arkley Raymond J (IM Jane) asst mgr Puritan NOV 5th st Distributors Dalry Inc h910 NW 50 st Dwight P (Sarah E) ce' ht3l SO ildi Arky Adolpbh (Nellie) tran NE 59th at It DOZIER i Fay V heauty op Frank A Hoover r02 NE Edwn E Ik Ace Letter Ser r41 oW 2001h av and 59th It Ed F IElz RI si-n East Coast Lbr & SuP Frnces student r02 NE 59th at Co t620 NE 77th at GAY'S Arlen Claire sec Rome Stattrenss & ox Corp r '' Elz tirhr Kinlock Park Sc ri 611 NW 32d at 33 NE 45th si '' Fliz St irs fnor Purlan Cinra & fynts Inc PRODUCTS "Jack oismn Cannon Shoe Store r 2. S) 5th st h rear 1ot NE tot on Arlene Arms HOtel 215 30th ot tUR) "Emma L sisen r1351 s 3d at Arline Emar (c; Magge) lab 13R24 NOO 63d It Erma nurse 382, Kumiut an (CGrove) h do Estelle Ici maid 3110 Sheridan IV (i) Franees (A & A Letter Sernice) '2022 NW 3d '' Era (at nild r 2 10 NW 1200 st a Barreled Jas Ic; Lizzie) a173c NOV 6th ct Frank Ic: Evelyn) lIt 11927 NW lth rt Sunlight "Lonnie Ic) e634 NV 20th st '" Frank t' lab City Parks Div i.312% NW 35tL Randolph rc; Rosella) porter RCDDS 1274 NW 0t Rto et Fred A ITheresa th1624 Granada lilvd IC Rnc le) portee r520 NW tnt aw Gables) Painters' Arlington Court Atpartients 1330 Pennsylvania Frcdk IClaraI porr 1141: NE Bay Shore vt Supplies av (iB) apt 3 Ed (Nettle) h1512 Alton rd IM)' Geo t : Anniei lali b.t019 NW 4th av Arilss Starlon (c) slsmn Paul Smith r1302 NW Gco H ICl 0 ral reprmn h3253 SW 23d st 1st P Goldic I (wld Robt) r142 NW 6th an apt D J0) p1 ttacia Pt t GiIEliz ]Il drer it rear 440 NE 1tta 49 S. W. 1st Aril Thos e263 tV Flagler t G Earrct nEaid El Drae C rnyrIFS NEnaganSt ^"a o am)sn h wi a ,M sdrird Colony r3635 Bouuan. Armale la I i sora nion 3 ti-t NOW I7ltc .0 ilia ri I Ci~race Arir)re & Genecotor Exchange (Henry D SIc"Helen avid Chist b329 SW 4Ith at Gatert) 333 3S' Flagfler ot Irmia Raortot Cilcy Cart ySk POE Arror Isatr ohon .SIt ,t727 NW 4th nt J an Smv tot pastor Sttl a~EC 3 PHONE ereter Sary 0 src Dake Baird r118 SE 1st Chare: aAE iChrocI 2-5012 Arm iater At H (Lillian K) servkemn Shl" Jas L oa n dentistt541 Itncoln rd R404 illB e's Radio Store r281 Florida ac ICGrove) Iota Cl NV S9tu .t Htourd A slsmn Consumers Bkg Co r6 11 NW John tR ly2let 0721 NE O d .1e Leo Icl compositor Miami Times r600 NW 3d Kenneth L mgr Blue Eagle Restr r2,0 SW 12th 10arther Ic) maid Leaington Hotel bl9.9 NW Leroy dricer SI mt Sta Inc r1717 NO Stk an fb p' L iltitn H pr S tyle C raft B ag C a tI! N W ArJbruster Florence lc) maid r1942 NV Sth pl "Louts b23l SW 3st ac h r5W 1 s" argt rid Jas C, h2726 Alton rd 10MB J mn Ic; Agneat 01300 NW lot an ar i pwid Geo .) hilG OSW tst st Jelta tcenr9i NO)' t \1 st 1,rr riesRc r Neon & Sheet Metal Co Juatina ti oii 15i0 Wta i l NI)' 5th si Leltc H t} iry RI slsn FT Budge Co i3321 "' NIi D I arbara) supt Dewey Lndry CO bl4B tisria : i, otr OtO a M e r r i t t L ta A Iid J o I i' '21 S O li th g t N t le l t prsr B etter W ay lnc r 1 7 S N W 5th 0Cm IElae) mgr CoIleg .pts h6231 NV 2d

61 A AMERICAN SECRET SERVICE, Inc. PHONE pE1A d ENET GBn M0. 51Ltat rtsheberdOi 8nNT 4Kt 3 1 A A L timate Investigations Solicited" Ares tarat r stn rl l; NOV '5t I OVt\ Sd A Alarence '1 B Lena) reprmn 1263 NW t3d p Startie Its beauty opr Adelon Beauty Shop O apt I h304 S t at S. C 6 Oser E (Miriam platform mdn Seaboard n11 Marion ItNaomi L) Ins adjuster t2 SE 2d av co al li NW 17th pl R940 h.2 NE 46tha at C h Arnett Alfred l 6 porter r1409 NW 65th at "Me ry D rs iDuble-A Curb Market) 2005 SArshur (c) gdnr r1409 NW 6nth st MNW 2d 't M'." Clarence c; Lllan) lab h1926 NW 5th pl Mattc (wid Am) r1821 NW '22d et Delbert ttsr I 9alder Radio & Appliance Co ichl Therea} mgr Casa Del Aar Apts h222 r;92 NE 123d sI INyliaml) CalaIbrla av apt 3 (CGabies) 7m,. 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Wit H Staples jr mgr 1425 Collins Vnt E (Eugenia R) film opr State Theatre h at IB 352 NE 89th st Arth L walter Sam Caro h1821 NW 22d et Win E (Annie) slsmn h5708 NW 3d av Dr B Rat' Ilty L) opr WUTelCu 61813 NW 15th Ohm J (Anna L) carp 1917 SW 40th av at Wam' V ISybil) musician h644 Lenox av apt 9 a Bertis A (Ethel) emp OWQAS 1r11143 NW 58th IB) er Arnoldoff Iaman (Russian Bear) r1308 Drexel "C Vance rlsmn r304 SE 1st p av IM1B) Carolyn wid Arth) i1998 NW 22d et Arnat Ira (Manley B Brower) r05 E Ponce de Cat B lwid Frank H; Arnold Apts) 643 NE Leon bled (CGables) 4th st apt 1 Arntt Furniture Exchange (Wm t Arnott) 4198 Chas t Inezl mech Southland Motors Inc r NW 27th av 1093 NW 5.5tt er Louise V tchr Santa Clara Soh r745 NW 31st Charlotte Mrs hS Sarto ar (CGables) n3 Conrad R IGceraldinel dentist 36 NE 1st at R "Ruth nurse Jackson Mem Hosp r do 312-16 l44t NE 75th st *Ruth E student e745 N6W 31st st utis W 'Audrey L) mhol tobacco 111 NE 2d Wm S (AI Edith Arnott Furniture Exchange) m av t5t9 h529 NW 46th at 6245 NW 31st st Doc slamn r620 Lenox av (MB) Arnout Carrie D mgr Bay Ridge Apts t k2338 NE SDorothly hsckpr 5726 NOV 3d nt 6th c A see Teacr Publishing Co 141 SE 3d st Arnow B T Sirs h7l26 NW 3d av E S IJullI R) sistmn Fed Bldg & Development Lorioe siswn Woolworth's r7126 NW 3d av Corr 1303 itrickell a Bohb slamn Jersey lee Creau Co r7126 NWh 3d Earl orderly Jackson Mem Hosp r do Mn Edard H studen 2SS NW 50th at Arnsdoaf t try N ctndent el34S NV 29th te SEle se' Riscapse tImprovement Corp ,1043 Arnson Sidney L (IMarian) sec-treas Sou BeverNW 63d st ages Inc r3700 Pine Tree dr 1MB Ile lad labs) 62272 NOV l1st nt Ares Frank Ic; Etenorn) porter 192t3 NOV 3d es S rI 53 Mtiga n apt 19 IMRI h2t90n Sc; len at n~v 92s SU N "Elln 1 543Allcign a" pt 9 (NB) Aronoeita Ahrr Sacs G; Arunonire &s Goldatrint Emma 28S7 Gran av (CGrove) Ardiso crudest r1820 SW 11th at Eneet F went dr Pi'srly-O'ggly Stnretrl2so Carrie Mrs sec-treas South Tropical Curb Mkt SW Itht Icr 1t.501 SW 8th et Eug J elk Solana Hotel a116 Alhambra cir (C Isadore (Peggy; Beach Toggery Shop Inc) h Gabbest 44 Euclid v Frank aIndl Sandy Boat Filling Sta r12100 Jack (Crrie) pre South Tropical Curb Mkt Life Blenayse blrd b5il SOW 5tha Prnt Ilary) h141 Jefferson an apt 9 (MB) Louis n-pres South Troptcl Curb Mkt Geo A (Emma) 08000 NW 10th an Morris 'beach Toggery Shop Inc) r1056 Euclid A ranc Glen lltbbyl carp r130 SW 52d an av (MB) A r Glenwood H abstracter Nat Title Co r2429 NW Sam) (Sillie SI phys 169 E Flagler st R627 20th at h1920 SOY 11th at hrre J Iargt) lk PO h4049 NW 23d et ARONOVITZ & GOLDSTEIN (Abr Aronovitz. E Co. lIlelne see Milchell D Price and Chas W ZarMax Goldstein) Attorneys-At-Law 748-53 Ing 1986 NW 4th ct Seybold Btdi. 36 NE In St. Tel 3-7768 of Canada Henry it IFrancest chiropractor 36 NE 1st st Aroaitz Daid (Mollie; StGeorge Hotel) h605 R312-I6 "h2-8 NW 58th 5t Euclid av 151B5 Jacob lHenretta mgr Cain Apts h5035 NW 5th Max (Anna L) h837 SW 13th av apt 2 Aronson Esa see General Glass Corp 818 JefferJan IOpal) pntr r2045 NW 41st ct son an IMR ) Complete Jeffrey (Nora)) carp h130 SW' 52d anr "Jacob Roar; Jay Transfer) 6219 SW 9th ac i John Ic; Elizl landscape gdnr 61949 NW 2d ct apt 3 John K hiOS NW 21st ter Jacob (Olga) h275 NE 55th ter Jonathan H ILillan) plstr h765 NW 21st ter Jos slsmn !SCo r2?5 NE 55th ter and Joyce walter OWalgreen's ,104 NW 59th at Mar Mrs b18 Jefferson av apt 1 (MBi tella 1 cash Congress Pharmacy r236 NE 5th Mory s mgr Chateau AptS r1553 Euclid av Anuty Leland IE!hel W') sImn h160 NE 99th st Ra[dh (Mary) hl5S3 Euclid av IB) SeriRce Llll an Mrs opr W'TelCa h65 NW 21st ter Robt F (Rondine; Coral Pines Trailer Camp) Lols I student 11143 NW 5eth ter h1980 SW 61st av Lsma maid 4777 sIne Tree dr (MB) Ruth siswn r255 NE 55th ter Louise Water The Tower r3825 NW 22d st Aronstam Hyman J (Annette) asst mgr United Lor k L (Bernice B) auto meeh East Coast Press Assn h527 NE 70t'h st W KEITH EOuip C. Ine -,2931 NW '6th st AROUND THE CORNER INN (Martin J HendPHILLIPS, TMabl watthe T ower r22 NW 41st st rickson) Meals Such As You Get In the Best nbrl Mrs n59 "' 2d I Homes 208-212 NE 2d nt Dit. Mgr. h Wu[Iein r2272 NW 41st st ArQuilas Alfreda IMarl 62612 NW tst at "largt sten r3l SE Ist ct Arradondo Emil (Jewl) h683 NE 68tH st Ingraham ZORIc LITfLE RIVER LAUNDRY Inc. Bldg. and ZORIC CLEANING 7-1241 PhonePone S375-4NE 2-8h14


62 3 PHONE 55 N. W. inaRtIuf flmIfle M MAM FIRST ST. 3-5769 and Opst Z 3-5760 %A 'S-% isuES L iC us E Court House ARRANT ANDREW J (Moattle B), Pres Ajax Ars h den) r1120 Biscayne blvd 0o Corporation, Investment Securities 1101-2 "o j BJentre) B ye Sled Ingraham Bldg, 25 SE 2d av. Tel 2-2322; At stent rl 1''2 % NW a st l S Private Tels to H Hentz & Co and J Bache ArHSe pha (c) hl d r '75 NW dt pl tA, & Co, hl754 SW 14th st, Apt 7, Tel 27979 "erw (c)i 417Ea 4 4 oIl C (For urther information see left bottom lines 'Fred Ilimtohnst 3eel I S and page 40 Buyers Guide) r pres Mrs ARRANT HERMAN J JLillian R) Pres Herman P E aRl oes prB hoe) J Arrant no Office 206 Hunt ngton Bid R t IeE 41 It (1 (SB) th1e SE Ist at. Tel 3.5565. h2312 Altar rd.,, A~n patet SE 43d t Q ( (Miami Reach)I. Tel 5-1873 Auetiii5 Apartentsi (511 Mtoidiax c (MIB) S(ARRAmNT HERMAN J INC. Heom Arrant ARUNDEL CORPORATION THE. J E Sheppard E A rA NothiEn But Insurance. 2J Huant Local Aot, George A Waldeck Supt, Dredeino roton Bldg. 168B Ist If. Tel 3-5566 (For Contractors 213 Clark Bldg 343 SW Nort foparT ther information see right top lines and River dr, Tel 2-459 pace 30 Buyers' Guide) Arussa sami (Eleanor) elk h2110 Flagler st ARRANT LILLIAN R (Wife of Herman J), h2312 apt 5 Alton rd (Miami Beach). Tel 5-1873 Arvan iant N (Evagelia) restrwkr h4025 NE 2d aRuth C rkT.ip Top Gro Ca 1650 NW 1(11 st ar apt 3-4 WmIE rl'2(S NE ist as Arrilla Apartments (Max J Eanett) 1127 Euclid Wm 11 stan (hi50 N\W Ith st as (MB) Arrits Vieirdin st udent 13459 LeJeune rd (C Anticn Gea L (Jessie) h1'4-i Soralla av CCables) Cahlesi Arvuthnxt Theo (Barbara) lab h643 NW 27th at Arrigani Ala irniki Arrgani's Ornarmental apt 1 oIrn Wk, rift NO 3thst Ashell Wm H (Idal cook h7300 NE Mlaml cIt z Anirew (Nella; Arrigsnii Ornamental Iron Ashur Ap\artments 541 SW 4th o a orks) 12t NW 33d t Carl G 'ity firemn 12940 Virginia t (CGrove Frank ('aral irmwkr Arrigoni', Ornamental Cath (c) maid 1123 West an (MB) a Iron Orika 161 NW 35th St Eohe (ci caisk 1412 S Bay Shore dr (PtVIew) 2 72"'i o aa irnwrikr Arrtigi' s Ornamiental Iron OVis ret6 NOV 1st DI .ygy 111 NW' 751h st"Jessie slaw. 1530 S 51 -1 av u Arri 1 ois Orna mental Iron Woras Andreic Acct." John (Ethel V) slsm h4047 Douglas 1t (C h gnini 50 W l st Grove) Oo Arrington Bartley E (Miitiie) sarp l31t Gifford John s (Mabel ; Dalton & Asbury) r9636 NE t (CGrove) to (ac B) Bartley R (Maryl tarp 1,31..3 Gifford la(C Join V (Grace) tchr Coconut Grove ElementE1B personel clir USCG cuS NOV 454 st tarp Sch k2140 secoffee st apt 3 (CGrove) tEtiz Eeinrnnt dir til tll0 N' .7th an Jas t(Dixie) apr Dunn Bus Service Co h rer Iraet I oroie h ,7 IV t\\ si 444 NW uth ao ii \9 iI O;t h_1 NE1 3 st Robt E ILavada) 67940 Virginia t (CGrove) Z 1o( Jesse) le a grp 249 NOV 6th st 6 do ii Jlo A (At a 1it ,2717i SOY 31cc ar1 IRc ey ntAclao 1529 NW 3d st apt 7 taye nurse lackson leat Hasp r do Asehe Albert h105 NW 1st st a Walton i (Eltz B) dmn Fia W9htal Gre Co h ." iias F i labolls ) sismx 6'55 SW 21st v apt 3 i, N' 434 at Aseltine Curtis 1t h3059 Alamander st (CGrore) A rrision 00ade B (Rose At carp h21 NW 61st t Asendorf Jahn (Ruth S) chi olk Clyde-Mallory Arrot, Hary toeatrice) 'h50 NE 13th st apt 13 Lines h343 NE 59th st Harry jr r5O NE 13)t st apt 13 Asermily Louis r rear 320 NW .'h 5t Arros Gift shop (Big Satorm Coleman) 324 E Ash Apartment 9e NW 3d st aad-237 NW 10th Speoialists on Flagler st Arth 6t5 NW O 3dn apt 13 ALL MAKES Inbng SbB (John E Gaughan r) 1950 l ,, Bertha (c) lndrs r417 NW 15th st 17th a i trs asst Harold B Hiekep e194 NW OUTBOARD "'service station (Rubt R Ear]y) suling sto 844 eth s MOTORS 890 Sik at ahh Arrowhlead Triding Post I(emtoca O Henrieksexi Pelsbr C IRuth J) dry etor 61944 NW It New and Used gil .1hop 133 t It (StiChas pictie ormeo RBknax es Arroeati Maty I I hI NW 75th at 13 NOV 13th a0 A o tti a otd A r t O t a tn R o y C S i g e t a re p r e s V t n -ce J s t u d e n t o1 9 4 4 N W 5 t h s tta r W sasti'eoa -(ires Liieile Si ng s lisootho A stisnI ri-I 1 NW Ith st ,r, ,c t at t ts 31 0 SW t st Flie 0 dcna( aIt r(344 NW 5t s "M Stonr st dpst rles (1 nt C Rteez, Ths 2 Wat Lxi (mlon () 134B t Nl 4th 1a3 NO 41. mnir tern) ie NW 3)th st oEtia iE nid Abr C ) gr Ash ApIs 0 NW The Transfer Nan (Arth C Reppeoti 730 NE 3d st apt I1 j "1d av "Estella ("Id Ge D)I 1,1:3"71 SW 4th st Service Ruby (soth i 0 iller) rest 3150 00 Sthi st E tlys l ,tudnc o51911 NW 3th at ART'S TRANSFER (Clarence B Reppert), Ex. Everett elk c1327 SW 4th st pressing, Moving, Hauling, Miami, Miami "1 Vernon (Ethel) eng r193S0W 17th ter CO0 Beach and Coral Gables, Day and Night Serv" Frankye B Mrs chr Shenandoah Jr High Bch ice. Reasonable Rates 335 NE 2d av. Tel orijQ NE 2d at 2-5792 Geo B I640 N 3311' st and Arthur (9ant (Naot potr 1,7646 NW l1ii pl Gladys (c cook o5173sA NW 1st It David H (Stella: Fla French Cleuners) r1932 lanah c) maid h39 NW 11th st U-Drive-It 'NOV 7tch Si '"Hardy OV (Virginia host tirstr Venetian Aft a' I J (Maoiol spotter h182 NOV 11th av atarhle & Terrazzo Co h1908 NW 48th ot Eftie 1. (oid Tha) h129 NOV ilst st Barry G (Mary E) mason h3098 NW :7th at Btet H tller IEica 1ii787 NW 97th st helen student 1327a SW 4th st U" John (Marie; Fla French Cleanera) (i2548 SW "John (c; Sustel porter h13'6 NW lnt et sth st "John Wt (Ruth) stockmn Venetian Art Marble Rprent Jh ula) rook Kool spot Bar B Que 1,320 & Terrazzo Co 1190 N 48th st .Irse n NV ^511h a: jJ Y IFlorine L) sdsmn F T Budge Co b3313 Outboard Mark T elk 3I L larcus Co r3047 SOW 19th ter NIW 1311 0v '" Philip H (1prothy7 real est 111 E Flagler s1 "Ila (I) Indrs h170c NW 16th 6t Motor Corp. R1 h_40 NE 7th st amie (et hsekpr 2101 9W 17th st r do Rene (Helen; C Grove Bakery) 130'9 Grand a s "Mary E Sro ndrykr Dewey Lndry Co 63018 Mfg. "*Elto" (C soV) NW .7th st and "RMcd Jgr second Hand Furn & Consignment Mcnnies SI (Marguerite) carrier PO h640 NW ^0 NE _d av 390h at "Evinrude" 5obt (Grace) s 5smn h rear 131 NW 6th at Naomi slswn SHK&Co r3313 NOV 13th or Motors "Ruth Mrs nurse oear 167 Jefferson av ( B) aRob N (Venetian Grill) rIB3 Biltmore ROY Ih do iCGables Wm eS721 Carlyle av (MB) Theo (c) firemn h1822 NW 3d et 4 iWm (Alma) asst buyer MSCo I1i551 NIV shr.ok Apsrtents 5379 SW 9th st 114 at st Claude A Cannon see Airway shade Corp S. W. North Arthur Harry C (Nonie E) dept mgr Packard h5:01 Pine Tree dr (SIBI SMlami lotors Inc 194 NE stli ter Lila L al-cc Wt F Stattesox tA 0 NE 191h 5t River Drive PHONES L L SERTEL T. 0. REDUCKA 2-6575 and 7-2372 14 N. E. Ist AVE, PHONE 2-4188


63 HOT WATER P K A A D C REAL ESTATE 4afrom SUNSHINE H 5 is 10 Ju rV"E'WAAtEas.I Na. Oi 239 N. E, 14th Terrce Phone 3-1655 .53 NA 5 tr4t Ashby lietty sdswn Herman W Job r .NW 5ths av Askew J Willis (Dorls) city flremn (11B) h rear1 t3WahgtnvIlr MolcseFl AindkShIc35 L raEtn .AC 40SW tbtpt1 loin hwy (C~rove) Nwo (iet) actCt l MB 11 IH "IMaly J rik MliamI News Service rl03%, Menores Aikey 17 mr [C service rep SBT&TCo '114 SE Perle cuId Kenneth) ,s325 Zamora av apt 4 Askin Harry (Frances) sIsmn h3622% NE Miami THE Virgil E (Tressa L: Asuhby's Drug Store) 5753 Mary c lel e p br h rear 340 NW s "DUPLEX" *NE 8O2d ten a'Ocr1llle ltrhnerStN bt at Wayne taker Patty Cake Pastry Shoppe r238 Askles Marjoriith s eten Kennedy & Ely Inc DOUBLE NE 78t sI kh~2( 5tS s aptS Aahb's Drug Store (Virgil E Ashby) 4599 NW Rohertson H (Marjorie G) eng h2128 SW 5th at COIL lt av Asman Herbert S (Maude) h1618 Michigan av Ashcroft Jas jockey b3-530 NW 17th av apt 13 apt 10 (MB) SOLAR Asha Albert (c) 13376 Brooker st (CGrove) Asmus Walter WV teller FNBk r2008 W Flagler at Brlin R (Mlry) driver h345 NW d la Asper Lousl fruit dir r636 SW 33d av WATER 4oman F Ihtarle RI pres Unl of Miami Inc Asplazu Carlos L (Eleanor) r22 SW 9th at r47 South Bay Shore dr Aspinwall Franklin E (Winifred V) amn Iu rear HEATER Flonne (c) r3376 Broker st (CGrove) 127 NW t8th an John let porter Home Drug Store r1324 NW Ruth Pire pkr Economy Whol Gro Co installed on tnt It Leasher IC) maid h3376 Brooker ast (CGrove) Asplen Ena mach opr Miami Garment Inc r290 a Money-Back Marion acet MSCo r627 SW 15th as i N r320 NE 1st pI Guarantee ^ tary E ([rid Ed,, Al blot NW 01st at"LuePrOSNEttp l4 maer (ed E t A) h01k NWst sAsylund Niles A (Henna) mariner h1575 SW 4th "Wm veter dept r341 NE 20th at ld rpt 5 Wm R (Marlon P) elev opr Ingraham bldg r627 Aspy Verne L slsmn A&P Food Stores b5912 NW SW 15th av Aahendorf Herman (Ella) 1941 NW North River t 11th av ~Victor (Helen) meeh b'39tS NW 00th anLA dr Assel Jos H h47S A Pine Tree dr (PIE) S Anhenfelder Ena (mid Fredkh r1342 NW 55th ter Asselt Jos A (Delores) real et 1923 SW 10th st Asher Claude C (Clara L) aero mech h3270 SW Niskala carp Wollard Boat Ways n Opa Lacka 20th ter Flu EA E Ele c CIT Cop r NW 2d atAssiakis Nicholas walter Hickory House le E Hannah S Mrsn chr tMB Sch of Music & Daner34 NW 25th sA lug )s0N 0he r4N 5h5 Jan le lab r1012 NW 4th av Associated Adusters of Florida (Chas V BaumCO. Siegbert (Hannah S) uniforms 145 E Flagler at gardnr)De Lumiey dlr I11 NE 3d av R261 b20 NE 49th st i rss TDe m lo dr OtE 3d an Ashford Mar (c) h1238B NW 4th av Prose The Wm R Spear cores 690 mdane 310 Ahhurst Euat opr e W 23d 05 Secanitles Cortp Chas G Brand pres-steas F A N. W. 25th St. o a ty Preen NW NW s t King see real eel Gut E caclee at 1at92 yJohn W (Floral h66t N 2 at Ast F C Electric Co (Fred C Ast) elec contrs Phone 2.6496 Lud Mrs elk Hart -Drug Corp r669 NW 26th at 110 Went an (MB) apt P '" Fred C (Agnes J; F C AM lElan Cal cl9tS Went TorS E hlpr Hart Drug Corp rt12 NE 24th at F e) cook h rear 184 NE d tel Chleyi Aleen student r47 NW 24th av Asterlin Zola airs lswn Real Silk Hosery Mils "Cecil J IM rte L42 carca 24th av Inc r601 NE 26th at t SClarence C (Nettie Li carp h4237 NW 24th av Guy R elk b453 NE 14th st apt PA Astley Apartments 121-24 NE Fh an 1t Harry H (FAith) rlk r225 SW 6th av i' Hotel Rob A Astley) 27 CW Flagler t Barry L Ilare) h6935 Abbott av (MB) Jean (mid Wm P) apt Style Craft Bag Co .. .."levan saudent to237 NW 24th 4, NW0 tHtl hO lg I"iac) el r 1443 NE t sav Rohl A (Clara J; Astley Hotel) ft47 W FlagJos (c lab r1014 NW 4th an ler st m l 0 Lawrence E (Dorothy E) storekpr MerrillAstling Clarence r3834 NW 11th av p Stephens Dry Dock Co h2136 NW 43d at Hazel E Mrs 'lawn RCDDS r334 NW 18th av r Thos L (Anne) h5922 NW 3d as John R (Bernice C) driver MTCo h160 NW y Vernon J (Ocean) ship elk 1888 NW 23d A5 54th at a. Aitling C Donald (Dorothy) opr FIaP&LCo h770 Jos F (Hazel E) elk Frederich's Mkt r3834 NW NW 41st at 1851h an 0 Dorothy bits sten Southern Food Stores hil l Jos W (Bathilda) eng h3834 NV 15th av H NW 41st at Aston Ada Mrs h1336 NE 1st av apt 212 0 Vera (wid Chas) private see Harold B Hill In" Florence step State Welfare Bd rOSO NE 58th tenors' Studio hO62S NVW 41st ter ton Ashmead Bvue Ms s P steen Public Self Service Sat V driver White Belt Lndry h44 NW 22d a Steno rdDSS NE 155 an at Bet Jrsene Public Self Service Store r805 Walter (Mary; Old Homestead) h340 NE 79th NE 1st av at Clarence H (Irene Pt) mach h3380 NW 52d at Astoria Apartments 1367 SW 5th et s -' Jesse E student 04380 NW 52d at Astral Arms Apartments 2510 SW 9tha Ashmore Benj F orderly Univ Hosp r3151 Coconut Atanasoff Llllie elk Helen's Matson de Beaute to Grove sdr (CGables) n826 SW 6th st z Estella Mrs elk Burdine's Inc r1759 NOV 31st st Atchinson Hurrell W (fEperanza) h25 NE 26th at Bayward lEstelle) barber Columbus Hotel Atchison Gordon carp r542 NW 7th at Barber Sop r1759 NW 31st st Hal caretkr 501 Brickell ae r do T Ashton Aug tI8601 Atlantic way (MB) J Whitfield (Sarah) pistr h54:" NW 7th st r Dan C asst shipper Ploore Furn Co r NE 4th '' Lewis c1. cinr 542 NOV 7th st av and 108t st Mamie Mrs h142 SV 9th at P ranes mater c180 NE 77th St Atchley Chas B (Iva: Midway Service Statism) Ashworth Adelia B Pies sten r3529 SW 3d at variety store 2508 N Maml av h do m Albert bkdoa) b1324 NW hSt ter Aten Fred G (Ruby) elk e101 SW 31st av x Anna M Mrs 110 NE 3d at Ates Homer (c; Maple) lab 11959 NW 4th t a Edion H rGS NW tst St Plabel (c) maid 44 Star Island (MB) h1959 NW Ellz student r318 NE 25th St 4th et r Ja K l'hylls oiler FlaP&LCo h1875 SW Athalis Mitchell (Anna) janitor h1550 NE 1st av 7th at Athanasaw Frank (Nancy S) billiards 2919 NW eJas It I Bsie) eng h318 NE 25th st 7th ov h11800 NE 7tb a R fOhs tchr Pliami Sr High Scts h3529 SW 3d st Ashen John ll ednr a rear 429 NW 14th ter Ruby V slawn McsCray's e161i SW 17th at Athens E Percy simn 1,618 NW 29th st Asia Sarah (c) Ioss h200 NW 6th et Jas cook Olympia Reetr rIM SE 2d st 0 Ask Nir Foster ItsMcGrath mgr tourist agts AthertZona r267 NO 1st st 329 E Flagler st and 203 23d st (MB) Athey Ceo 11023 S Miami av apt 30 NATIONALLY I Cn Dependable O ADVERTISED Jewelers JEWELRY AT N for CASH PRICES 37 Years 16 N. E. FIRST AVENUE ON CREDIT


64 Florida Machinery Corporation SALES RENTALS SERVICE NEW AND REBUILT MACHINERY 312-316 S. W. North River Drive Telephone 2-8419 At las Ic; Pearll lab hi33 NW 1st at ATLANTIC FURNITURE CO INC Wallace A C ok r Cs (isle P care) ha 55173 NW 1lth st Mann Pres-Mar, Moses W Mann V.Pren, tiecs W hkpe DeGmar Conotrue J) ror Co YN NtE Marie M Mann See-Treas, 'Where Your Dot. d sk tar Buys the Most," Furniture, House Fur. A7tkn see also Adhins nlshings, Stoves, Etc. 1233-1245 NW 3d av, Akinl so H (Ruh C real rot 1777 W0 Aldgker st Tel 2-7259, Warehouse 28 NW 10th ot, Tel t SH (d ag 3-3421 (FOr further information see page Aprtments av9 SW 4th s5 and 1067 NE 127th 25 Buyers' Gael) A as1 es IsBal irls Milsa KalockI 729 Ocean sIr 10111 Arth Ic: Ruby) lab r1807 NW 6th t Man age nentt Cc .as rice Baskin pres real vat Benj L (Sylia) h255 Collins as (N1B) 77 Nrn 1t ar 5y Cora Ict maId e3662 Perciele av (CGrove) birsei h ir Dse -tree Percy L Desiel pren Inc. ''Elen student 13600 S\Y 17th ter apt 2 Bra eah B Erseel n-y Mrs Lotrtia R lre '' Ges fisicess r3h2 WV Floglee r s e sc-Ircas 033 SOS' 3d as Jnet (c) mald 301 Dislle hasy r1001 NW Mlay Service Station (John H RaTsey) 401 2dSW adar Jrsi e c t i Osi iv i uce -tliwork Co A Bailey Clark pros Mrs Harry 4 Jesaie rc e3523 osashligrovas (CGrove) L Phlosner itane) vpres Mrs Blan e 1' Wntbng Jacn sscs r2c2 NW 36th sl, Clara 5cc-res 7700 NE 4thi at Every 'os IRa chl In cler 8 NW 36th si h252 do Ocean Baths Davi d Berkow mgr 40 Rlisayne at SJs Ic; Christice) la ih4h67 NOV Ala I1 iAMR Line Margaere ies drag suis 74 N stMiami a Outiad Motor Exchange (Jack E Jacksi 760 ofel13 NE 5th soNt71 O oris (dnat It ssismn r126 SW th a, Prnera Inct st M Magner pres J E Twombley Os Quebec Ic maid r3899 Crasd ar ICrove) v-pres 1. E Fesler sec-treas 654 Collins et (NEMI cRuth slswn Grlssberg's r25 NOV 36th st Prcducts Co IV F Jensen geni mgr mdse brokers Sylvia Mts mgr Ocean Crest Hotel r255 Collins 773 t NE "d i v (NI% ATLANTIC PURCH ASING CO. 0 Merten Johtns Tis 1 cik targuerite Atkins 113 NE Nth s Mgr, Salary Buyers 12 SE lst as, Tel 3'13l Tommie (c) raid r3737 Osk as ICGrove> e'' ReNing Ca The Parks C Iunter mgr oils 7290 Atkhcinsoan Asis D elI 7 NW 4416 St NWV 7011 or asd n r 'S E 2d 't ''Bln l 1 e2i1 N\ 916th s'" Resturant (sJas CtSl 40-10 NE 2 av Iessie H (wid Rnht CI i" Ns5thc-ir 1 Servce Station Camphell H Rosser) filling ta "lruce student 15915 SW 3d st 1341 Washington ae AMB) C C (Ruby) displaymIn Sordines Inc r South Shoe Shop IM E teondul) 240 NE lot on Miami Shores Apartments (Marie D Kallert) roear 3603 220 Dani R Irene) h166 NW 52d at Indian Creek dr (MR) Douglas (Ruth) mgr-pro Coral Gables Golf "''Shores The apts 229 36th at (MR) SEYBOLD Coure h1312 Astruria as (CGable ) Soda & Sundry Shop (Lean W Gardner) 1443 BLDG. Edo B (Kathleen D) sutr Miami Lsdry & Dry Collins as (iB) Cisg Co r900 NW 50th at Villas Apartments 7844 Harding on (MR) PHONE Ed V (Gladys) booking mgr Paramont EnterAtlantis The Jas J Carroll mgr hotel 2655 Collins 2 181 peises Isc Al Araccaor v (C~ahrlas 11 2-18 Ge I eal I roer rli NE 7th ab Atlas Emplotment Agency (Herbert B Glmbel) Cary (Leoa) tcd71 1I F lagier at 23% NW lot at 2-Henry (1Beuch) piste 6100 NE 127th .r Fish Sahkt (Saml B Wasserman) 1331 Wash110Hev F Hac (EdIth 311 jadge 11th Judicial isgis as (Stil DSH t Cout chambers 405-08 Cou Bouse 67935 Htel Lois 2 Gee Pe.s Ar Wd Ger v-pres Jack N5V 1311 ctr C Gee sac-treas 426 M~eridian ae 15131 Hu son 3 deic SCr r90 NOW 271h st ATLAS MACHINE AND WELDING CO yWalter Huttle 50 (Lois) lab City Parks Div h5915 SW n Warel Portable and Sttluer Eletric 3d st and Acetylene Welding. Cylieder Rn rirdina torah H (Fi Nil pstr hi403 NoV 20th I Equipment, General Machine Work and BlackSJ as Ic) scald 7p2 N W Stami so 1i'216 NOV 1-11 smith 316 SW North River dr, Tel 2-4375 R sc) a id Si v 3d st 4 ign & Advertising Co Leonard E Barnett mgr A wid 1(w P) h1553 NE ytiam l AIIas, EtS' ge i rear 1310 PeentMtaBea eiillc O (Thelma) cable splicer 6522 NOV 12th At y or (Stil Paige ,, Aiacway J Burl's"I assotic teat'resalnal bidge P e Rot H ilei gdsr PO 2027 NOV 50th at t S (Ethel) clo rise 2104 NW 36th st 12138 Pastise Sirs aler Green Lantern Grill n21 NOV' 42d at SO Nortih SI vre dr I NC. a" Rucy 0s rison Holley's Dept Store r S Sliami Atltiger Christ janitor PO r226 E 9th at (H) Ruth ltudent 1-312 Astrurla av IGables) Atmre Flora Mrs dk r9112 NE 10th aro Thos iGer rude 3) br mgr A&PFoodtoras h 1 3 8 A\ttw od Thos E (Felice M) asst agt Standard Oil NE 40tih It Ca 1,898 NE 80t16 st odg NE 4th s Atwater Apartments 619 SW 2d st, 700 SW 12th er -'kisson Belle (wld Rot)) 1159 NE 206 te and 44 NW 10th nv Geo resn Battle & Hicks rl9 NE 20th ter Chas F (Lillan) cash Goodyear Serv h2469 NW Mylde R mstrs 11.,04 NE 1st "t 19hs and "Russell H bkpr Fli Natl Bk & Tr Co e359 SO Garland sI Cells W) pharm 61239 55V 234 r P 1th ar Margt tchr Risarside Sol r44 NW 10th a apt 1 lymo Aulanta Birmingham & Coast Railroad Co Frank Montgomery (Margt TI archt h1362 SW 7th sI Keen gent agt frt traffic dent 25 SE 2d as apt 1 61129 Ralph (Lena) farrer h2332 NW 23d av Life Insurance Co (c) 'NSa L Generette dist mgr Wm cash 144 NW 10th av apt 1 233 NW 9th st ''Wm G tchr Fla Adirondack Sch Inc r3575 Min Atlantic Ahpartments 3torris Stargolis mgr 624 hwy (CGrove) Sales and Collins a Wm S IMangi HI eith FloP&LCo '44 NW Servioe Awning Co (Sirs Eve t Valentine) 1000 SW a10th A apt 1 Oth st Atwell Alice nurse StFrancis Hosp r do Barber pine (Oscar Weaser) 1030 NW 2d a Edo. A (Claudla) musician h2329 NW 7th et 2020 Coast Line R R -Ceo H Spooner jr dist pass at apt 7 Bieaoyne Blvd. t217 SE 1st st J Henry Hatcher asst gent frt Frank (c; Marina) ydmn 1950 NW 4th ct y agt H Clyde Casey comi agt H Clayton Jones Lel Sirs gro 322 NOW 1st et 6320 do cmi agt frt traffic dept 25 SE _d av R1110 Naron (c) maid r1950 NW 4th cc PHONE Comcmission Co John Ratty slsmgr 4009 NE Nascy (odd Gee) n3203 NO 0h ter 3 6 ad Sheldon W 438 Sw 1st at Co Filbert J Dean mgr beer distributors 2160 Thos Ic; Mary) lab 61952A NW 4th et NV Ist av Alall Viola H (wid Jas) r269 NW 30th v1 opt I Court Hosel 2021 SW 24h ter Wm jr (MarN ee & CO Court Apnrtmen "000-20 SW 24th st 4471 Royal2 n0 A n MB) Erpress Inc Frank Chassn r pe Dorothy ChessAtwood Albert IB (Helen) checker Clyde-aynllory DEPNDBL seear-trens 251-53Coln vMBLneh14N 35hv DEPENDABLE Fcsh Co (OIatJOhnson 737 NW Atli st t"rolains A,1er"I"emn & 15 19 N h USED CARS1899 N. E. 2nd Representing Mortgages Ave. W.B.L FBDY F. H. A.Tel. 3-8621 Beham, Ala. U 1 E AR D Const. Loans App. Mortgagee MAM InguranCe


65 Why Pay More? HED CROSS DRUG DEPT. STORE DRINK 51 E. Flagler, Thru to First St. Tel. 3-6231 SUN 4TWOOD Al1GCSTINL SPOT Dee A Mrs bkpr Mieml TIle & %arblo Co 1032 Philip ISora; Wells Clothig Exebange) r150 NE 76th t SE 4th st apt 201Bottled Dewey baker h2357 NW 81st At Augustus Mitchell (c ; Ruble) lab h rear 1411 NW Botd Ed~a E ,ten r3:345 SW 23d It 4th av Sunshine" Frank E (Mathilda HI used ears 2072 NE 2d av Auke Jos 152 NE 8Snh n I do Auld Jas E ,Emlly G) shomn FlaP&LCo h290 Fredk I (Gertrudel II rear 691 NE 69th st Setlnnle at C~rave) Harold elk Wclgreen's 1227 NV 2d st Laura 1 (wid Wm)1 3537 Royal Palm as (C and Jesse A tEdna) baker TIp Top Gra Co h3345 Grove SW 23d st Mary m r1610 SW 14th at Kenneth l (Dee A eop Utnger Buick Co 1632 Aulencher thaa ILouiso sos Sottioh RIb NE ble 01 hoas 12121 eW 36tho a STEP Lydia Mrs 1233 NE 5th st Elsie E Mrs smstrs Bardine's Inc h746 NW 231 Montgamery (Margt P) aroltt 6809 Biscayne ot blvd r do Jack mgr Court House Parking Lot r746 NW Normae R (June) olit Solar Water Htr Co It 23d t 2045 NW 41st st Noren (Elb E sismn 1,716 NW 23d It Thos E (Felice) elk h898 NE 80th sA Ruth I sten r2124 SW 36th av Its "'1\m (Marrgt 1245 NE 57th 0t Aulik Jordon ( tane) plotr hSO4 NW 100tHt 'm II Bessie M located line SBT&TCo e181i0 Leona aoat American Childrens Home r2900 Alkabzed" NOV 2411h an OW I7tht sI Atzerol Fred L 1.2454 SW 10th st apt Atull Stcbhl eteeld '1039 Pine Tree dr (MB) Aubber Apartmentl 14G9 NW 2d st Olive emid 4039 Pine Tree dr (MIB) Aubr Russell l1t376 NOV 2th st Ault Aaron J (Mmie) carp Ie6 NW 20th st Auberger Walter bkpr Us Fdy & Mfg Corp r971 Aaron J jr carp r561I NW 29h st W Flagler at Carl IDorolhy) m ea yor-mnieipal judge City of Aubrey Mlartin (tri J) atrdt Girton Serveoe Sta Hialeah 1.2514 E st 1H SUN SPOT rll23 NOV 8th av art (Roth) osteo r1124 NE Mlami et Aab1.cde1lo Apaot 413-17 SWo 32d av "Ces (V lloiaooeecIH) It1023 ;SW 13tlcatB TT IN Ashary Pred (Franoesn tgr ht rear 1334 SV 13th Ducpho 1ro t-kr Hiae Sok h254 E Stl st (He BOTTLING st apt A Jenni Mrs be75 E 20th at (H) Audetlte Henry Z (Lodina) real est h661 NW 9th Kenneth r575 E 201te t IH) s[ L Lawrence te01 E Ponce de Letn blvd apt 212 Audllhone Co of MIam Ico Fred A Sutton pre, ICCableSt Pred A Sutton Jr n-pres Geo SI Absalom Jr Itichd tO rI023 SW 13th av sr-treas 117 NE 1st av R1211 toFrank (Nellie E) I1041 Coral way (CCables) 2 Audrey Apartments 423 NE 23d at Aument John It 1 Marie K I rgr h269 NW 41st at 3 N Auer T E ore ipr Neon Sign & Display Mfro Aumon Jos H (1ry E) Aspt Perfection Steel & 1st Ct. h3114 NW 22d at apI 5 hire Co Ine 1160 NOV 37th at Aurrbcht Gustav 1,630 NE 85th st apt 7 Aunt Sally's Kitchen (Mrs Anna 91 Jefferson) Jack (Peggy ; Jacques Beauty Sulon of N TI restr 216 NE 79th at 14526 Poat as IMBI Aurelius Gordon V adjuster FlaP&LCo x256 NE "c Latia phie pros -Shenandoah Paint Co Ic 171h ter Pb. 3-7533 2312 -SW 17th at apt 30 Auror a Apartments 126-48 Sth at (MB) Myer (cldie) 150 Ocean dr apt 2 (MB) Auslander Harold P phys 605 Lincoln rd 11523 Philip ( French Laundry) I447 Col(MB) r1200 Pennsylvania av (1B) lins av (MB) Saed tColia) bI126 NOVW 8th at S Mortimer 1910 NE Little River rd Austelle Rosalie student r251 NW 34th ter Sophie Mrs sec-treas Shenandoah Paint Co Austen Ellott toid U Fl 159 SP nth st apt 3 1'2312 SW 17th st apt 30 Ette, It Mrs CS tract 528 SW 6th at r do 01 Anlord Frd A Iodadral pres-treoa Anoodc" m (Ethel 1) decorator h52 SW 6th at T ilKey Ca c NE 04th at Austin Albert L (Beatrice M) contr 2 NE 6th st Harriet B (wid Fred A) rO NE 94th at e rear 231 NOV 53d at Harriet M student r80 NE 94th st Albert. Ic) cok rl403%9 NW tst ot -Kelley C, Ine Fred A Autford pre-treas Albert Anne (wid Jasper) h2000 NOV 54th at Kelley a res-see bl7 materials 144 NE 21st st c Artt 1 otcn Jas H Gibsao jr Wc A stei nt rd NE 91:1 st Bonnie )ra elk FHA i 764 s 10th at apt 6 Aufort Labelle C (wid Won) smstrs rI1:33 NE "'Brister (Julia: Bud's Sundries) r4620 NE 1st Aaghon7ag Osoar J lIaellr) plmb. h.44 SW Careo A (Bessie H) formn SBT&TCo 1e2451 NW m 1711h ot taIt atm "c Bchd (Mamle) driver h4502 NW 23d av Choas t; 1uee0n) lab h1023 NO 3 0d av August los Bakery (Gerson, Harry, Louis and] c tas L It VoalP rin Saml) 361 SW 8th at O 21as L (c; Vera B) rin Liberty City Soh r Geron (Alce L; August Bros Bakery) h36 1 N a r W SW 8thIt ury .6 t:Iovoland lot panlrymn III1 NOV ltte at r Harry (Leona ; August Bros Bakery) 1l720 28th "(love ss(0 May) lab 01730 NOV 65th at ___ rd "[ lcer It; Mary) tI.t3 NE 135th 01 Ida (Angu-t G~tudic) rc632 Pennsylvania ae fl D L mgr Msleeys Ine r734 Linceol rd (M) w ))Idd ca y I (w id F ra t k ) r2 0 6 S 0 6 th cv Jan (lota) switshbd opr 112124 NE 5th av apt 3 "Danl 0 restr 3131 Douglas st (CErove) h4241 Je ira 0e American Paper & Twine c r427 0\W H'ggo at I groue I Gtadyl t oogor 1.031 NOV 7th at od a O c John (Dora) mgr Clay Hotel r1438 Washington Esse (T)1 It id hlt7A NW 5th av cc BI '" Frank (Thelma Z) cable splicer SBT&TCo h "LouIs (lar. ; August 'Bros Bakery) 11747 c" rd ooSty Fred & Ood Co lath tar "Fre Scoi Bto Setrty 30 Fee &~a ate C~ lithI (Flora) baker August Hros Bakery h427 "Fritz R (c; Mato I t3789 Frd v av (CGrIe) SW fith an o Ir1hy, 6115 Lincoln rd R500 (\IB) 1,1921 San I (Hilma; Augut Bo, Bakery) h1752 sMeriBayrdo p k 3111r t~ or as ap 20 10111 c CGlados Ic) ieopr r36 32 Chleia e liiroel Plude (Ida agust) decorator 1632 Pennsyl" Get I otomtr Heosor yp la hI7(1 OV th coo vattia uv lil (MB) '"Harvey It (C;1t F) carp hl726 OW 2Sth av "Thou elk r12124 NE 5th av apt 3 Hermnan E (Rub) egr Trail Re-Treaders Inc C Augasta Aparlents (Nathan Ilhin) 1029 Euclid 2360 SW 11tHe tot as IMBI AUSTIN HOTEL. Chas L Austin Prop, Geo L -. Apartcents 969 SIV 2d at Gregory Mgr, Newly Decorated. Alt Outside Ruby (c ma Id Cleveland APIO r141 NW 411t av Rooms, Hot and Cold Running Water, ReasonAugastIne Ar dentist It9 E Flaglor at 1729 r able Weekly Rates, 711 N Miami av, Tel f 1425 S1 5t. at 2-8975 r Edwin It tEltstee slsIm Hirsch-Faunt Inc 2 Ian r' (Francel) drflsmen 1c17,1 SW 23d t | NOV Ith tsr Jake (c) billiards 36 NW 1lith at 1c312A cc a D 111Istc 3135 NW tith a blSIe :; 4th s1 Jas tc) porter Barton Hotel apt 201 "c Ado A 191 cmie E. alatec leiS NOV -I5th at COMMERCIAL INVESTIGATIONS PHONE SALES AUDIT SERVICE 610-612 3-2870 Security Bldg. W S T O R E CHECKING


The Miami Beach First National Bank Oldest and Largest Bank in Miami Bach Orgaalnzed November 2t021 Commercial Banking, Savings Dept., Safety Deposit Boxes Lincoln at Alton Road, M. B. Phone 5-3471 .{ A(':;TIN Arera B Borace nisme b330S NW 9th et ta" B (Dorothy; Two Way Barbecue) h647 NW Bertice V (wld Chas YI h1306 NW 6th It 29th st Chas Y betlmrn Villa D'Esto Hotel r249 NE 8th t John B boot capt 2767 Sunset dr ISunset Island Eloise emp WPA r1306 NW 6th It No 1) r do Henry R soda dispenser r1306 NW 6th at John F iVirginia) h3645 Stewart av (CGrove) Loyce S (Crescent Laundry & Dry Cleanerst r Jos W (Caroline) cable splicer SBT&TCo b169 3305 NW 9th 0t NW 34th ter apt 4 Averbach Louis (Rase) h705 Jefferson on (MB) LaMora dredgemn r577 NW 6th st Averett L C (Pauline) slson halt NW 14th st m Lawrence F ehauf h801 NW 2d et Averette Horace (Anne) auto mech b3t8 NW 22d Lena 11121 SW 3d st ter Lewis (c) shoe shIner Jos E Smith r1325 NW lot Averill Dolph N (Atoilda E) valet h33 NW 5th av et Averitt Ann M sten FIaP&LCo 35n NE 16th nt Lile let waid 1,6528 NW 14th av Avero Mabel Mrs drsmkr Eva WI Martin r68 NE Laulu(t rt517 NIV 5th p1 6th St tIolitm (Mtry L) 15170 LaGorce dr (M-B) Avery D B fireno FIaP&LCo r3197 W 371th ar eargt (wid John 01 r266 NW 40th ct Daisy B (c) cook Miss Harris' Fla School 71051 mrice student r765 NOV 45th sIt Brickell ar t minnie (wd Walter A) r179 SW 24th ter Edm L (Josephine) roofer h2821 SW 22d ter AUSTIN, NICHOLS & CO INC. Ray DeBowes V. rrances (c) maid Miss Harris Fla School r1051 Pres-Mgr, Wholesale Liquors. 1619 NW 7th Brickell av an, Tel 3-3381 Jach v-pros Florida Conserving Co Ienc F ain, Ona (cl maid r3632 Charles se (CGrove) av (Palm Island) Onner te) solad mkr Ponce Se Leon Restr Josephine opr LInda Lee Inc r2821 SW 22d ter Oswald L I(Elsiel slsmn ht277 NI' 42d It L West (Mary) sIsmn Fredk H 'onodward h3061 I"eter (c) porter Rout J Garlick Bay rd (MB) *tly tphtl Ae Stattress Co ht2960 NW l2d st Laura (e) maid 910 NE 72d st r do Rozell (Ethel) plmbr b15.2 NW 13th av Lee V ins Fla Insp & Rating Bur r136 SW 2d st Ruby E student r2000 NW 54th st "' Lester archt 36 NE 1st at R335 1713 NW 7th Bolos (c) chauf rt424 NW 5th av st rd Ruth (c) m id h rear 4925 NW 14th av Martin F (Jessie B) see Herendeen-Avery Co inc Sarah J (wid Dani M) r177 NE 53d st h1230 Asiruria av (CCablest Susie E (wid Jas h3245 NW 9th av "vary (wid Hanford) r627 SW 3d rt "era Ic) tel Douglas Primary Sch rI21 NW Mary St (wid Jason W) r2241 SW 4th nt tb pI Paul (Dora) mech City of Coral Gables h901 SW Verna Z drsmkr 3916 NW 13th av h do 40th av Vernon cook r7204 NW tsr It 0 Richd L atndt Finn's Service Sta h331 SW 7th P *ONES 5V A elk FlaP&LCo r250 SW 12th s' 't apt 5 Wallace C (Ineta J) app elect R E Lowry Elec Wm D (Elva) store supver FIaP&LCo h134l Co h3223 Virginla 0t (C'rone) Obinpo av (CGables) Warver L (Florence) elec contr 1824 NW 3d at Avgrros Coterlos (Mary) opr h513 NW 6th at h do Aviation Bulding 3043 Grand av (CGrove) Wm (c; Leslie) lab r1127A NW 5th av Avil E May town elk and trens North Miami r *2 i lllie M (c) Ironer h621 NW 1st et 14610 NE 6th av Wilson W (famle) real et h1622 NW 22d anv Avila Steph (Ampars A) cabtmkr h2986 NW 26th Auto Brake & Service (David L Tomberlin) auto reprs 1731 W Flagler st Avinger Alonzo J (Ida) 1&2732 NW 24th st "Collusion Works Inc Chas Winkelman pres Mrs Avirett Clifford L (Annie) carp h2628 NW 23d et Mtae Winkelman sec-treas auto repr 125-35 Avis Lebeby (wid Ried) presser r1660 NW 6th at NE 13th st Avocado Apartments 4213 Sheridan av (MB) Pe t "Lock & SappyI Co Jos C Labre mgr 1304 NE 2d Terrace Apartments 617 NW 8th 0t av Avoa Alex fe) porter High Service Sa r639 NW "t Machine & Manufacturlog Co (Otto N Peterson) 4th av 1820 NW 1st a Apartments 2244 SW 9th st Parts Co (Chas Serkin) 41 NW 20th nt Court Apartments 1560 Drexel av (1B1 Shepar Rental Inc Jos G Whalen se-tres 621 5th BE Avondale Apartments Mrs Anne Timmelman mgr "pSalvage Co (Nathan J Sales) 370 NW 27th av Gce Th In ) Wm NE 2d & arine Engineers (Plato A Cox) 451 NW Ice Co iro Wm J Domhaeher ICincinnol Ohiol Tr C AtNorth River dr pres David Dumbacher (Cincinnati Ohio) t Aatomatic Grocery (Harry P Dews) 274-78 W pres Harry C Gemberg sec-treas 70 NW 11th at Flagler st AvrleIt Eloise P (wid Jean) mgr Leighton Apts Autrey David student r287 SW 25th ter h229 NW 10th av apt 2 Autry Cleve Icl porter Beck's Garage r428 NW Awad Peter It (NaJla) h211 NW 3d ov 11th sIt i31 Awning Workers Union No 126 meets ist and 3d Auier Herschel A (Lucy: Auxier Landscape Cot Thursday each month at 8 p m 41 NVW 3d ai 1h2300 Sunset dr (Sunset Island No 3) Awsewick Wm cook r928 Pennsylvanla to (MB) Distributors Landscape Co tHerschel A Auxier) 640 Alton rd Axe Wm auto mech Walterson Body Works e512 (SIB) br 1001 NW 23d av NW 99th st Hood Tires Aecoo Apartments 225 NE 23d s Axelrod Abr (Hannah) tall.r h1523 SW 3d BE Crp e l 1 wa3 n t spres2 lY Hooker v-pros Martn alter Hickory House Inc 7231 Jefferaen real est 30 NE is) st R27-20 a(SB Exde Asao Apar"its (John Rammonat) 121 Sterl" Ruth Mrs h221 Jefferson av apt 6 (M) Sidey (Gerry) sismn 11151 NW 2th t Batteries Avan Chas (cI driver r4835 NW 13th ar Aen Lous Ic; Idella) lab ht31A NW 13th st Avance Chas Ic; Eloise) restr 1047 NW 3d av t Mattlc tc indrs h920B NW 2d av doat AnonMar, hl21 Collins an opt E I(lBt i. A nt Amelia studeot r960 NW 10th or Auero a e hloisye 119vap E le rB) E219 hi47 Quay 'Ceoil A (Elie LI v-pres-teas Junhkin & Avant Ni' 34th ter Automobile Inc and Seminole Bond & Mortgage Co h96 Beni F copy boy MON r147 NW 34th ter "s C 0t or Ce Ailir John (Cath) e1el4 h5336 N E lt a r apt B CCee3tiA ir hl iyi\e NI ck Seminole Bond & Anlrod Leo R (Libbe M) 0-pres-sec EnglanderAccesofes I~e o h (5 StY4thst ct 2El~~t nc billSOY6th s1 and 2 Deg marker Brdine's Inc 305 NE 58th ter WoEli (Len i r183 S 6th st Lo s t rS (25 N 1 3dh at Axton Albert (Jessie) tie mfrs h2365 NW 29th st Jarts uhn student 965 NW lit) an Ayala Juan C dancing tche r320 NE 19th at apt 18 Aarten l enrg atr e3125 N\I n 334 01 Ayars Emeron W (Florence G) phys 3041 Oak av Aven Bercnoed r1520 Steridlon oe (IB) (Ctlrove) h do AveNdano-Louada Victor B Venezuela consul 216 Erling E (Martha C) agt Penn Mat Life Ins Ca NE 2d ar RitS 1,2512 SOY 12th101 h157 SOY 2Ist ot ArSod Apetvs rs Ea Leiti ge 45 Aycorh Grady cookh Irs Ann Norton r280 NW 325 Collinu 5c1SB list It Avenue Apartments 1036 NE 2d av Andelote Alice 104 NE 274 it So. Miami Ave. Viloa B) Flora B Southard sgr li0 Collins Gurdy L printer Frankln Press Inc r104 NE 22d PHONES Saies Rentalr Real Estate and Investments MOrtigage Innestmeta 3-4688 NOBLE H. PARKER -Realtor AND 3-4689 Ten Hundred Lincoln Road Bldg, Miami Beach, Fla. Telephones 5-3037; Rea. Tel. 5-3101 Residential and Business Property Apoetments. msa Etts


67 ROBSON, LINK & COMPANY GOVERNMENT BONDS INVESTMENT SECURITIES MUNICIPAL BONDS 942-947 Ingraham Bldg. Miami Phone 2-5126 stdltett Della bench wkr Style Craft Bag Co r1525 Baban tey (Victoria K) cabtmkb h1050 NOW NW 15th, or3 ia Ns Oct t)vog h7525 NW 15th on Baba eo (Blanche; George's Curb Market) ,936 .Oydtett Bay P mert Forrest E Johnson r745 NW .th st IM1U Itd aBruena Vilta) Babb Fannie F ol d Warren) hit SW 10th st Ayer lerenice J bowyer 07 Olympia bldg t921 Hery A cit S1 1 th at s NE oth WIllie -t (c) Indrs 0200 NW 13th tt BUICK brook hi (Therm) In b431 Madetea av Babbitt see als Bobbitt (tGaiet Clarence It r2113 NW 82d Sat Jaebun (oid Malcolm H) hi15 NE 31t t Man The (Harry L Harris) 1820 NW 1st an Ayers Archir in I Bertha) porter 1I942 NW 6th Ct Oliver OX' (Fannie TI 13045 Wahingtan st (C Breha (cI maid 5170 Pine Tree dr (MB) r194: Grae) Nib bith t Wri T IMargt) pilat h310 Madeira av (CGubles) ( lis F IMlldred 'M) sign pnir 2709 NW 26th st h Baieek Al mond (Eliz A) b4402 SW 10th st Distributors 2504 NW ith at Beni r20 1V 19th at (H) "Clarence R (Lera) neat 2129 Ponce de Leon Chs 1 (Evelyn E pres Baebock-Lamont Co ih Buick bind (CGablesl h5 1t Altar av (CGables) 21 tajrca as iCGablesl Cletentitna Ic) aI id rn9 i NW 0th et Chas L I Sar) I132 16th at Motor Cars 4 Ellahet cik Chas T Bauman e20 W Flsler st Dorothy L ste Blackwell & Walker r19t6 SW 2d i a It sislu Burdilne's Inc h461 NE 74th at tt apt 41-t Flrenet elk Bardine's Inc r1429 SW 4th st Ge F (Florence) sheet netalwkr h761 NW 19th Sales, Service Fred r2:2 S1(' ist at st Bred V Flirence) nlsmn bt1429 SW 4th tt Grace M Sten FIaP&LCo r761 NW 19th at and SI (lertlhai Ilpr r169 NW 58th at 'Harold A i Estelle) visrgr h2G01 SW 9th st t John C (laura) bartnd h95E NV 24th st BABCOCK-LAMONT CO, Chas I Babcock Pres, Parts John1 (Lillian E) spi mangr ltd 1i21 SW 5th tt Ira Lamont Sec-Treas, General Contractors Lloyd %V driver Peninsular Supply Co r715 SW and Building Construction 3014 Coral way 5th si (SW 22d at) (Miami), Tel 4-6373"Loiesabi 'baa GF I mb r 61 IV S\at r at iargt Site nrse and see Lassar Alexander 235 Lucille wlier R Kenneth Thompsn lartha Mrs itael K ttln i1NXStus at 0 ielt929 'SIX'd 2 t api 4-6 lalri E luident 169 Ntt mth Ist Mary J student r2601 SW 9th st 01-1211 ar ,N ILucille A) auto mech WPA .2269 NW Miller N IMargt) adt sismn h235 SIX 19th an Ralrgh A (Lucille) simn Coastal Chemical OlivEr H, Fsence ) ngr Caratyn Astts tilt RA ph B I tai u E 14ta listNOV 417th ter Ray NV (Vivin) trainn hr1164 NW 68th ter N. t "o im ervicetmn Columnia Tire Ca Inc r260 W BABER JOHN S, Capt North Beach Home Patrol, Flager It h218 Jefferson av. Apt 4 (MB) Second Ae* Wlils E (Etta M) adjuster FtaP&LCo b461 NE iebhd elk r332 NE 34th st 1.11h st Wm B police Miiami 'Beach Police Dept r2IS JefAylor Frink 0 IMae) filling eta 337 71st at (MB) terson av apt 4 ( MR) t do Rabich Morris r651 Jefferson av (MB) Phones a Geo B (lEdnal carp1 h1534 NW 31st st Babin Dorothy D Mrs nurse Jackson Mem Hosp h2 i F sismi R S Evans Motors of Miami Inc r 3277 SW 4th at 28 128 1620 NE dd at Lawrence A ship elk Robbins Warehousing & Aylwrd Thu 1 (Ruth) tel opr SBT&TCO It rear Dtstributiing Co 1,3277 SIX 4th st 1926 NOV 22d at Babiack Jshn lab W H Tompkins it Ayman Chat sio Cowe's Shoe Store h402 NW Baba Fredk D radio announcer h2020 SW 6th at 12th a opt 21 apt 12 "Irmo siswn Mill End Shop r02 NW 1th av apt Babroft Eva Mrs beauty vpr Margaret's 'Beauty 2tS Parlor rt5-4 NW 17th ac Aymonin Jo (Mary) fruits 841 Alton rd (MB) John (Esa) shoe repr 1954 NOV 17th an r do h do Babson Gtiaiar (Ann) h59 4 1 Bay rd (,IB) Ayatte Jos 1,225 F 17th sit (H) I lrving (Evelyn) r3536 row av (CGrove) Ronad 1225 E 17th st (H) Jas student e.941 Bay rd (MB) T Oland r225 F 17th at (H) Bacchtus Mae 0 Mrs tbyer liurdine's Inc h rear p 0 r.. Ayre Fred iEllonl poult ry hl1570 NW 24th ai 1302 Ingralim ho'y ICirve) I .. Ayres C Ervin (Etta M) butler 150. SW 12th st Baeco Vintners Inc Henry Caproni pres Henry r do Ca proi jr see-treas whol wmes 239 NW 1st av in Frttd E I Flrrence \') slsmn hi 129 SW 41h st Bacelo Carlns r150 NE 11th ter ru. Leroy ("; Bertha) 1-1137 NW' "h et 11as Lnngela) cigar mfr 941 N Miami av 150 r A.or Max (Lena) 1,336 Meridian av apt 4 (MB) NE 1ith ter "" o aheli Bent F (Otcey) neat etr t903 SW 1st av '' 'ircedes r150 NE 1ith ter Dant (Grace) 1h31o Ploza st (lGroeel Bad, 3 Kenneth tester r2124 SVW 3lth av C Z Azeredo Manuel J (Ora L) plmbr h1333 NW 55th Start A IThe Society Pietnriall e00, NW 23d P st at Aemarin Sale Co Alex L Hefinger rep mfrs agts Iilhert J (Mart) coy writer FlaP&LCo h2200 jW R'l 111 NE 2d av 1102 NIX' 2'd a. Anroek Chas sIsmn 140 SW 22d ter apt 1 Baciand Francis X (Anne) waichmkr h152 NW r0 2 "Jn INabeeha) prid 11925 SXV 23d st 29th t sS 0 Anuz Rvlb IPearl) pdlr h15G7 NW 1st at Bachar c 1ircchel (Marie) ne's die lobby FedB A Loll Inc Emma Sondermose res agt real est eral hldg h542 \V Fnagler at 111 NE 2d a, R1214 Bache J S & ti' Beni Richard and F X James B & B Grocers (Byron Burney. Robt A\ Baird I O'Brien ca-mgrs stock brokers 229 NE 1st at 5690 NWb 22d an Ind 225 Collins as (MB) B & B Service Station (B L Bowersi iling sta Bachelor Eug photag Verne 0 Williams r128 NW 3802 NW 17th as 21st at B & 0 Shop (%at0 Christensen) clo 210 N Silami t" Gordon K (Clara E) pntr h1358% NW 7th st 1~-1 00 '' I Clyde ti Isy El carp Curtiss Aerocar Co k28 B & NI Clianers (Il Ma Drevich) clo cnrs 6 SW NW 21st st 2d an Bachelor'a Hotel (Chas E Phipps) 65 NE 6th nt B & M Restaurant (Frank T Williams) 213 NE Bac'her Albert (Florence) 111502 Jefferson av apt79th t 24 (MB) B & WCvmpany Inc Herman A Wronker pres Nate Elysee student r1502 Jefferson av apt '4 (MB) Bauer set-treas ele cntrs 101 XV Flagler st Emily i r221 NW 11th av Saab Adolph atndi Tillman Service Sta r153G SW Frank phtig r221 NW 11th av 20th st Jane Mrs artist Burdine's Inc h08 NE 6th st tr Wm ont r1535 SV 20th at apt 11 01 Baader Karl IBetty) carp h5007 N\b 'Tttd av Om (Emily) h221 NW 11lth -'i laake Chas C jr student r330 Cadima av IC Bachle Viola (wid John H) 12223 NW 61stt 01 : (iabled( 'Bachman Edw neat etr Table Supply Stores Inc sin r Boan Nicklna tailor Pierre r818 NW 6th av r139 W Flagler at apt 10 Bar Idn Ao r86 SW lith t Etta hltS NE 78th st apt 4 Wn Tin) Mr r3:6 Meridian av apt 3 (MB)" Lous (Rose) h139 W Flagler st apt 10 -" STORAGE WAREHOUSE COMPANY N" Fireproof Building in Heart of City B mauanic with Free Daily Access. Furniture Stalls $1.00 per month up U Priest. Ronms $5.00 par month up. Open Storage to per cubio foot 3 N. E. 2nd ST.2-1208


Fossett's 1 UTHEATE:4;Iger. Prescription BACHIAN Badhwu Vernon C (Bornthy G) broker b29 E San Pharmacy Oscar A .2:736 NE d ct t 112 )rin dit

69 HERMAN J. ARRANT, Inc. "NOTHING BUT INSURANCE" P Huntington Bldg. Phone 3-5566 BAGLEY JAMES C (Anna M), Auditor Washing. BAILEY Ion Steraie Co Inc, 8(030 NW 39th st Geo (c) stevedore r143A NW 7tih st Jas !( wniter Trail Tve rn r844 SW Rth ar Geo T 1H1 student r1797 NE ^d et "John E r420 NE 20t1 st Georgia C (Milady's Shoppe) 315 NW 81st st Jnos-hine III maid r316 NW 11th at Grover M (Edna C) slsmn F T Budge Co h553 Preston Ic) driver r30 NW 'Ist ay NW 43d st Ray G (Lois) driver I C Helmly Furn Co r264 BAILEY H FROST (Marie M; Boons, ones & NW 60th t Bailey), Lawyer 1908-1913 Congress Bld 111 Will. Mrs r1015 NW 52d at NE 2d aa. Tels 2-2629 and 2-2620, h152 SW Wm bkpr n1522 NE Miami et 23d rd, Tel 2-0151 "'Wm jr putt rI )22 NE Miami It Harold H (Laure) 830 Alhambra cir (CGables) 1Leir Jo I (ik r755t N E 0an) el h" Harry bartndr Ball & Chain r252 NW 2d at lord L ( Mnr o E) elk 2155 NW 55th B"ttie (wid Harry) h1526 NE Miami et Herbert S h244 NE 28th st apt 3 e '" Herbert S elk Table Sup Stores r1328 N'W 35th It Zo Iti Doty x150 N 3dlamr N MIamI v Herran Icl lab tan Deering Property h3898 J.,rlayS da 825 8 NE 2idt to10 Maia FlorIda av (CGrove)U S rolpelr r7J-,0a6 N MItami nv Hubert (c) lab r rear 830 NW 'st av B tml lk Jos Bagnl hinclair D oamC av Irma B Mrs ook Tri-Color Service Sts r2661 S Bagwell Chas 0 cosh Snlalr Ref Co h36 NE Bay Shore dr (CGrove) 1th sT ata "l cb Jackson L student r1735 SW 15th st HlIt T a Alet Q d elk roeas NE 60th st Jas B (c; Ruth) milker h rear 275G NW 48t st 0)zel M rC sten Saunders & Mder 50 NE Jas D (I yrell S) icemn b1820 NW 22d et p K er Jas 31 r2731 SW 32d t Kemper alr, 1RCDDS r552 SW 40th st a Jas R (Maurine B) dep collr US Int Rev Serv Pul)n Mrs r36 NE 65tht o apt la '8728 NW 53d st I Balh E. (Kemper RI 0Imm F T Budge Co 8552 Jesse L (Emma) h2702 NW 12t avIT Wilna 4i elk VanNess Hotel r1390 Ocean dr a k2W1 IM 0toB)"oh apt 8 SatH) ing ro Ill NE 3d ahA IBir7te M) real est 612 NE 79th t Bahl Roy W (Vista LI driver 83(5 NW 22d st John C (Helen M) h329 NE 76th st Bahna Edo rt113 NE 12th st John F (Mildred V) marine e8 g 31 Quarantine Bahr Jas pntr r1020 NW 22d av Sta 735 NW 22d pi Bahret Alf elk Patk Ligen 52C0 NW '11th av John H (Bessie M) h54.1 NW Tiaml It 0 Cha. (c; tmma) lab r3252 Brookes at (C~rove) Jos h1512 Washington ao apt 1 (MB) SJoe (c) rS715 Oak Wv o CGrove) Justus P (Verta) carp b2420 NW '3d It "0 Lloyd K chtet 0263 W F agler 01"KteL() 19 W8hs Bald Arth stckmn r1502 Jefferso av apt 7 t LaUna ( ed Corder) r233 S Mor n (B ell ) 85 2 Jef2er3n a8t S7 (t tB Lester P t M ildred iB ) elk E J W arner C o h2660 Balker Fritz cook r1336 NE Int av apt 204 1aile Georgtana r61 NE 96th at Louts lc; Beatrice) driver 8h333 NW 9th 0t Jdbn C IRmSe W) to61 NE 96th st Louise maid r87 NW 44th st Nell M (wid Jas 1)' 8320 NE 3d av Lucy A student C'5401 NW Miami ct alles I M 65 NE 6th at Lula M (c) r1140% NW 2d 0t BaIley Ada (wid Jesse D) h1265 SW 4th st Madeton waiter Fla Adirondack Sch Inc r3575 Alhan J (Mary B) gdnr h2413 NW 24th av Main hwy (CGrove) Albert B (Celite) electn h3345 NW 50th ter Marguerite statistleian M-PA e1 7 3 5 SW 15th st Albert B 1r (Anna P) cable splicer FlaP&LCO Marguerite L (wid Clifton G) 81735 SW 15h 0t h2255 NWV 05th 01 Mary maid r1625 SW 15th 2t All H (Corinne) mgr Mfrs Agents Inc h3030 NW Mary L (wid W. M) smstrs -3111 NW 24th ItStd av McArthur (c; Rosle) dalrywkr 84801 NW 27th Alice maid 4545 Collins av (MB) a00 Coastrautio Alice (ald Orville BI mgr Chimes Hotel 8440 Minza L (Bertle) h1328 NW 35th It NE 2d av ^ Missourl (wid Jos) r629 NW 38th t Angeline cl maid 3359 Oak an (CGrove) Navo Mrs h4507 Sheridan av (MB) Annie (c) ldrs r20R1 NW 6th et Neal displaymn r 2 1 2 NW 5th av Ate 1wid Oral) 'h858 5W 2d at NellIe opr SBT&TCo h1028 SW 3d at apt 4 Belle C tMes h10-5 NE 2d av 0pt 5 0 Pierre L l400 S Hibiscus dr (Hibiscus Island) Bernarot 801.2 tMeridian v apt 16 (MB) t F scrvicemn Goodrich S'town Stores r750 NW E eers Soronel A ILeolee I) 502538 SW 12th 1 18th st a Bert11 t wid Walter Ci 105750 Collins av (MB) R Neil (Nina S) elk h528% 7NW t2d at SBorte M S1r beauty shop 7849 NE 2d av 85401 Raleigh A (Matree) gro 2102 NW 5th av h do Contractors SW nel -"Ll Ralph R h196 SE 14th 10 apt 15 "0 Col W' (Inoie)I printer Thr Lille Ier Son Richd D lab r2915 SW 21t11 st apt 4 ra02 V. N,001 Robt atndt Red & White Independent Serv St Cerol '319 W Fltogler 01 Robt emp Dade SMtr Sales Co r317 NW 10th at SChas S Lob )iam Froit Ind Inc00 Robt C 30-4 NE 59th 8e "0 Clalneot Ii lhtaelf )1235 N 12 2 it pl 3ohI E GSelma) 8335 SO 3a Bulkheading CnIlrdI I Francer) agt 125 NW 2518 st "t Robt M chemist h324 NE 59th nt Dock. Clll a d t 0295 NW 21rd 8) Rosa (c) r1749 NW 1st pl ClotIldlo m )told 433 h Alt1e rd ( s1 .B) Roy J auto mch r2815 SW 24th st apt 4 Foundations CD twd 1 Le-itekyr 8283 RW a4tbh st Pt 4 SallI (c) maid r2144 NW 'Stih av "BDato (o; Le"li) lab h01)5 NO 3d 00 0 Sam Boot Shop (SamI H Bailey) 277 E Flagler Wood Piles DaId 0Olve) rel eat 'h4.225 Lennon dr (CGrove) at ld E lIyona) s.smn t43 NW 171t et st Concrete Piles Dorla .0 elk FNBk r229 NE 4th st Saml H (Austne; Saml Bailey Bout Shop) t1500 Steel Sheeting Doall 1.: (Ordell) h1122 NOW 2d et ltijorca av ICGableS) Edw bottler r76 14 NE Id pl Saml H jr shoes 631-33 Lincoln av (MB) r500 Guniting Elnort I Itos see L P Ireland Co h241 NW 3d Majorca av (CGables) t 0p01 Senator (cI chauf 139 SE -14th la r da Bridges Ella te) ad rl24 NW th et Shirley Strs maid 152"4 Collins a' Ernest S to411 Pralrle av IMB) Susan i Iwid Luean J) h1326 NW Sth It Eug Ilk 13210 NW 62d Ct '" Thedis Ice cream mk0 r43 NW 17th et 0 Frank to; Looutel lab x170% NW 16th st Thts iMac) hI29 NE 127th 6t apt 2 "0 Freank L hoi21l Boy rot (Sil) "0 Thou wraior 035 NW 20)0h 01 apt 2 1345 Fred le: Gusole) garagemn Jas Deering Property Thos E bottler Dade Co Dairy Farms r7614 NE 13310 Grand av ICGruv ) 3d pl Freeuomn cI) porter Gulf Oil Corp -435 NW 9th Ulric C (Ervilla J) auditor 1)39 NE 40h t Mimi Beach, It ." Viola (v) maid 425 NE 950. 0t BAILEY G TOM (Bessie L), Owner Bailey's Lum" Viola (c) waiter Gaither Morow r159a NW Sth 0t Fla. ber Yard, 11797 NE 2d et, Tel 3-1801 Vivian (c) Indrs r332b NW 16th ter 0 Geo (I; Helen) 108 81028 NW 2x1 av W Leonard student r533 NW 43d at Phones 5-5397 and WASHINGTON STORAGE CO., Inc. 5-5398 d Agents ALLIED VAN LINES Inc. Moving Packing Shipping Rug Cleaning Baggage Transfer P. 07Box 3001 Wuohingtoo A. (M. B.) Storage PHONE 5-3448


70 -I Sales j Property -i~j rSUNIHIOI SAi INGRAHAM BUILD)ING ,2 U5S E. 2nd AVENHUE SEA 1 n Manae. BILEYBAIRD m a taLE Y Bh\; G hiai r738 NW 62d Frank (Eva) neat Ir 1861 NW 2d st "e nl c' Harold H jr Imp SR&C r1712 N Bayshore dr W alter R b Liber Warren Ga es 61 NW c n th A v Jas (0 elen) r mgr Belmont Dry Clnrs h137 NW Willard J (Madge C) mgr Phoeneaia Apts r4023 J m, el mkr Edgar F Sutton n237 NW 80th SW12th et apt 3 Wim (ci porter Tuttle Garage r N' 9th at J t J Win C (Ellen) pntr h5229 Nil cr8 a cc Jo iW o 24th Ba B C 41 S m S s:smn i1265 S1W 4th st W 1 31 NW 7p n cc Wilma A MrX r1345 NE Bay Shore at apts 306-07I L s, maid Iii S r AN mi Wv 11' Xltacc C Ititil Chef 17295 SW 3da sIcca ccldOl ro y 1. ZcmWinsta C (nn) cr5 it h eI it 2 1W3d NW' .d ac aI rgt waiter SIl&Co r457-5 NW 24th av __ 4 RAILEY' LUMBER YARD C Tom Baily Owner. Robi A (Ayo; B & B Grocers) h1700 NW 23d F Retailf Lumber and Building Material. 1635 N ai F W1 28th st. Tel 3-2106 lFar ort ter iformatioan Ic nncrc 86 WI FXlagler %t apt 4 Q stl ste right bottom il and noher 43 Buyers Thns (aite L) editorial writer h12047 NW 28th 0 Guidt) a BaIllie canr 1 Id Jhlcn in 511 NI .:1 ; Wi P (Gertrude W) bldg eontr 81710 SW 10th 0I a Il e ir i S'1in c Brccc erbyh Lccth cc m ct 4arge I B terc L llran feuit 365 N ) 114tIc Bai den Alf (c; Mary) lab h429 NW 14th ter 0t B or Ic d L ) Ftcd R (Jcueli assccite lawyer CcPtland E--t Bachl' I)l iii len lilt NF. 2dac apt & Therrel r54. 51s t 01 7XB) BaOly cc An r I ht101 tetidlan a pt 17 '" Jane (wil Edo DI hI4 NIX 22d st o Bainc de ed v Lila s7r14 NW 22d st S Bainl ca also Bane anti Bayne Bai lnger Ncrerr Irier r lSl SW 26th st Albert ( c) pcrter r32a NW 161h ter BAKALARZ WALTER eAnna) Distinctive Tallor. Albert (c; Caroiine) Porter RCDDS 11705 NW Fne Men and Wnman. 654 Len on lMlsmt a Sic Ac Beonh), Tet 1-3950 c Ashby E (Helen DI h1869 NW 83d ter Bakaris us G 1M arle t ) chef 19320 SW 15th oe Benj G c'hef h1333 NE Bay Shore Ct opt 10 Iaker A Lee (Angel) iab Miami City Waste Die Bruce I]t)e plstr i28 NIV 12ith s 82792 SitW 30th av Cora I (wid Jehn C) exec se Iliiai City CharAdam IMartha) osteopath -469 SW 5th at r do nOARS ties hI 141 SWI 3th av Ad.,e r4 SiNW Tth st L cc1' Cril c; _1cc ,a rofer '191 NIP 3d av ," Age Icl amid 8026 Park an CGrae)n Daisy (c) mcaid r101 NIX 14th at Allet Ia; Marie) lah 1704 NW 0th a n D ora lcl r1940+ c N W l lst pl A l ert Li c Paul E ShilPe l SW 9th ti R "n tBa Ez ie tl Ic ; Edith) I a h rear 1731 N IX 1st It A lber a I' Vid Carl Si 1 1394 N W 24th st F entais Eli 5 53 NE 49th st apt BAKER ALEC. Lawyer, 14th Floor First Trust c Florence i irl3X2 NXV 5th r Btda 21 NE ist av. Tel 3-3602, 0760 NW 3d c Geo (c; Blanche) gdnr h17I8 NW 73d nn st I In coed in Lrnal BluR Rnnk) Established Gertrude te) maid : SW c tli st rS5ic NW Ali It clara S) mgr Sidonia Apartments h2 13t'h cc aidtnia al apt 3 (CGable 1916 Gladyc cc) hi 334h NW 47h av Alien printer Parker Art Printing Assn e1991 Henry W (c ; Olve lab ht1131 NI 41h av s1 4h st Isaac (c; Mlidred) lh I1217 NW Id ,t i Allen (tiin) retr 5701 W Flagler st 1352 Isabelle cwid Dcvd) ri 553 NW '53d st Tamimw Canal rd apt 2 (CGobles) Jas Ia; label)I lach 81753 NXV is, c" Alma cc gro tIn NW 5th et h1965 do "Jervis Ic Merlene) lab i1159 NW th c Alm. G '561 NW Sh st apt 10 fhITcARK "' Jesse (cc lab 111301 NW 41)h an AliO E in"nne Li oPaper ctr Franklin Pel Inc Jion A cda ,A) 81752 SW It1 st apt 10 I 2 .^1IS 23.1 t Jul a (c Ind rs r ir NW i21 acc Andercn iS 113619 Percival an (CGreve) K cc E N Louis G ca uiiter r .13 NE Bay Siore et apt 10 Angelo G (Leila) waiter -h0 SW 7th av Lucy cl oid cci 5 NW -ic et "' Ann l (wid Chas) -h1542 Drexel av apt 3091It tar (c) h tear 1848 NIX 12d [r B) Mary (c) Indrs 3S51b NW 13th sl Avnne trs h636 SW 1st st apt 1 Plumbing )v vin NW 2d t Arth darymn Klondyke Dairy r8991 NW 17th Ilori(Lccra 11; Court House Billiard Room) av Inistallations 11227 NW ^d ct "A, .e; LmiscI lab h3849 Oak a (CGroee) Raymond I IFlorenrce; City T. ) TaI-) ic3o0 N .rth A cock .527 Sc\' 10th ai and Supplies 1"h " .\r". h E n"' SBT.&TfO r7537 NE Miami nt "' Rlh n c I r2 lY NW r c O1 Audrey Ic crik 4200 Sheridan ac 1318) r do Sara Ic) icer La lccc Inc rls8 NOV Ist c Accucigus S IBckcr-Sturdlivan in 327 NE tat av \ilnrd icl errp r317b NOV 111c ier R710 Bainbridge Cha WY (Ella 11516 Navarre a (C Benl () r rear 3574 William av (CGrore) G;: bled Benj ic lab r l ics N f i7 ei BAINBRIDGE-DODGE INC AND PADDOCK ENc Bernice ici mid Iiami Country Day Sl GINEERING CD ASSOCIATES, Stanley Cur1711 Nw 1th c t let Branch Mgr. Distinctive Swimming Pools Beuc :1 B c, maid e37:50 Frow av (IOGroeelII a end Tennis Courts. Continental Filters Mfrs, tevlcer r (Emma) I 11862 SOY 580 t apt 1 630 Lincoln rd (MB). Tel 5-5505 "Bnnne L Mrl strc A B Itrrison & Co h2158 B.ane Reli lda 1,133i NIX it cv SY 23d St iccne cJcccpinc (wi Mathei c) rsd NE 957h c ossIc () drI NW 41ih et "' iright B (Edna) driver h3932 NW 23d an Credit ) Paciie 1 ira 171NW it, c Budd (ci elk Willi, Weston, 414 NW 20th It Aplicatione Bainrs Jos I lab ihi 25, NW 3d i Camille tehr Andrew Jackson Jr High Sc h137 Treated Bainron John A (Lillian Iainer ic20 Xlinorca N. 33d st Ca ICGables) Carl B clik Fla Nail Bk & Tr Co r1894 NW 24th Confldentially Bair see also Itaer Bare :and Barr Carrie L nr 1221 NW lta it h d "c Carl J (>Itandi mn}l x1161 NIW 39th t Ccar S Iciulet R) 825 SW 25th rd Carlton 3 (Goldynl hltil N' 390Ic at ESTATE Clea-e L (Mlatra r1l NW 22c cc ictrcce n Ic r7 7cr a(n ccrrnvl Go, Ranges Iahel 3 hsiepr 5907 Pine Tree dr INIB) Catc stin r!a1 NE 2det Baird -lea 0 (Ellia eleccn Hardy Electric Ca C has c. Aicicc la a t3793 Siprnd at ICGroe) at Lower Cost Inc 14735 NW -1h 0a Chas IL:,cr) Iah c4710 NW 2d at Cath cowid Jas) hI720 NWl 15th t Clair V c-pre Frank H Baker Co Ine T400 ViSBI Cha 11 lDc1 rG l.edcc cui eaya cV iCGables) RAIRD DUKE IWillidee C), Mortgage Loans, clara It ll urn rms 463 NW th st h do Most Complete Real Estate and Insurance, Mgr W B Leedy & "larence (Annie : Baker's Service Station) h Display C0 Inc of Birmingham, Ala, 214 Shoreland IWIi SlY 354 a In U. S. A Arcade, 119 E Flagler st, Tel 2-4848. h2045 c c: renre E (Vevie LI aIsmn DiWic Tire (c h1360 SW 6th st, Tel 2-3788 (For further information NW 54th st se left bottom lines and page 49 Buyer' Clarece 7 cash Epleure Butri2 18es at 1220 Guide) c 'Ill Biscayne Blvd. ---On the Circle PHONE .. 3-3351 *aLsTrr TELEPHONE 3412 ,TL, l N E2


CALVIN OAK INSURANCE PHA Firat National Bank Bldg. Miami 'INSURED MORTGAGE t El1 FAKER SYSTEM Cllffonrt (c; Dorla) beer 3316 Douglas sA (C Bell. dell Atr. sec John C Sullivan Rh227 SW /rive) i do 15th a Clifford (c; Alma) landscape archt 11965 NW 5th Henrietta IU mald 2158 SW 131h st citi do Henry L (Ol,,,) elk r1S57 NW 16th st Clinton B (c; Daisy) porter Burdine' Inc 'ilud L carp h57 N 6th tAmerican h6910 NW 118th nv Howard H IFrances) IImn Moore Furn Co h ^ Clyde (Le)i smn 12130 SW 58th av 4080 Ensenada rd (CGrove) Clyde smny MIts Janet Adams r203G Red rd oel F (VI tis) tel emp SBT&TCo h'564 NW (CGabitn) 211; a Conrad r6li SW 1s1 st apt I Insurance Agency Inc IIm W Baker .pres Mrs Ctmnay pkg lot aindt Burdine's Inc 1636 SW Hazel E Baker v-pre 3 S Budd v-pres Mrs NIs st Anna 11 Hill sec-tress 25 SE 2d nv R1'122 U Co NB 22 N 21s It apt 13 Ira (c ; Cody) porter r266 NW 9tTh t Corinlh (aid Linday) 2538 SW 5th at apt 6 Ira B (Pearl F) rh2230 SW 23d ter Cyril I PEmma)I Carp h N s Isa (c; Irene) lab r1828 NW 4th av Dile hid John) ihi32 li5h st apt 1 lB) Isabelle (e) maid h1135a NW !t pi David ic'; Lucillel lah h389 Grand av (Crove) Iva S (ihd Albert L) h720 2d t (MB) Della waler 14710 NW 2d at J C (c lab r200I NW 6th et Denison iEvelyn) pnir 12925 SW 12th st J Cleveland (Edythe) h1029 NW 3d st Dennison (Mary) Ih1897 NW 83d st J L jr (Alice L) driver Carley J Smith Trans Depts. Doey (ElIz) elk r3031 NW 17th av 43510 S I ^4th ter Dvnid A musician t2320 NW 60th st Jas (c; Anna) lab r135 NW 9th t A Donald F landea pe archt 824 Cortez st (C Jas B (Lula) driver h 2 34a NW Flogler ter apt 6 iahles)r do JasB jr me'h Binhop's Garage .2345 NW FlagOat Donald F (Lillian O) real est ti12746 NE 4th ier ter apt G LecN M an "' Jas F ILena) vcyr h6'537 NB Miami et "Dorothy elk C & G Gift Shop r58 NE 53d at S Jan S (Myrtle L) gro 613 NW 27th st h628 NW dith 6 lwid Jls) k1302 NW 9th av 26th st c Ed. I (c; Fannie) lb 1468 NW 13th st '" Jennie L r1945 NW 6th nt Personal Elina (el maid 'hli711 NW 3d et Jesse (c; Willa Mae) porter h349a NW 8th at Elz L ri760 NW 3d st John (Margt) sisman 1077 NW 29th t Elz t clk Peninsular Life Ins Co r153 NW John A (Marine E; Miaai Carpet Cing & LayL Sock at ing Co) h1702 Opedhee dr (CGrove) Ella N t 611 NW 8'ih st apt 10 John A elk c1319 NW 7th et Ella E 1)11 E Stanley) 'h1052 NW 4th m John D (c) porter Finn's Service Sta r31 NW Ebmecrt ) bLara LI hi4iS NOV 2376 an '16tih st Safety Elite id Mrs h16'N SW 15th st John E sismn Hopkins-Carter 1dw Co r1055 V Emory E (Elsie 1) contr t rear 2T40 SW 11th NE 2d p1 at John L elev opt Central Properties Inc r561 NW hel rO41 SW 4th a apt 7 8th sit apt 10 Eil c) wines and beer 153 NW 14th et h BAKER JOHN P (Jessle), Agent Sun Life Anna,r dot do anne Co of Canada, 737-38 Ingraham Bldg 25 139 Eu q Idraco ') neekwre 612 SW 27th av b SE 2d av. Tel 2-5514, h429 NW 3d av Apt 4. do Tel 3-3795 N. E. tat St Enans P (Neflie) carp h3422 NW 18th av '" John P slnan W Valentine Co rl'5 NE 41st nt F Gorton (Oartha) phys 2273 NW 28th st r do John W reporter Dun & Bradstreet Inc r320 SW Fish Co IMr Pesl ta Robinson, Mrs Minole B 1st st apt 6 Craig) City Curb Mkt John W bkpr M B First Nail Bkh r4'393 Meridian Toresi (Pearl) ptmbr h01 NW 42d st av 0'rank cl) cook r rear 321 NW 46th on Jos r571 NW 22d st 'Frank it pres Frank H Baker Co Inc x400 Vis" Jos (c; Claudia) lab East Coast Lhr & Sup Co E naya av (Cabhles) 6237 NW 7th st Frank H Co Inc Frank H Baker pres Clair W Jos C oigarmkr r338 NW 24th ot Baker v-pre Tls D Hawkins sa" roofers 1793 Jos H (Anna 31) yac'ht eng h1711 SW 27th av Purdy av MBI) Joshua L (Jennetta) notary public 363 NW 22d Fred Elileen) h325 SW 58th av in h doIred) Ic) dish washer Geo Eng Joshua L jr driver Miami City Public Service Div Fred (c; Carol drlver r1464 NW 6th as t363 N' 22d la Fred elk Jos L Batee r564 NW 241th t Juel M (Corene E) phys 36 NE 1st st R28 h2100 ned (Margi Al pdir 'h131h NW 7th ct SW 16th av ^ Fred Ic: title) confr 732 NW d av t153 NW June see Quality Feed & Supply Co r149 NW th st 48th Ct SFtredh 0 (Cretit i real est 420-22 NE 2d h407 Kenneth A (Evelyn) 014620 SW 4th at apt 1 SW 42d at King S Ic) porter Finn's Service Sta r315 NW "Gen i22 NW 2d at -10th It Ge Ie; Aetha) lab 61814 NW 4th as L D (Jennie E) wtihmn h3429 NW 19th av a Cnn C nrst M) air conditioning 6233 Viscayn 1 Jas (Blanche A) carrier PO c2025 NW 2 1st no I( b)iahc,) at Go Mi (Palma J) artist FIaP&LCo h322 SW L Julian mach opr r5333 NW 29th av Sat r L Wade (Eliz RI phys '1235 SW 101 av Gertrude nurse 6269 NW 18th st Laura E opt SBT&TCo r363 NO 22d in G'tertrudr lwId Alec) 666 Nib hd st '"tanra F laid Caiehl r3k3 NOV '24d Ia Girtrude T Srs r2754 NW 17th st Laura L slwn Public Self Ser Store r1865 NW Gladys laid Willard) nurse rear '1021 SW lot 24th st Glen F teller At B First Nal Bk t407 SW 42d 3d as a Leonard jr student e570 W Flagler St Gorden E (Coral Way Drug & Sundries) r450 Leonard A (Clyde) pOhs 570 W Flagler st h do SW 1t ni "Leis Ic) atndt ,315 NOV 10th st Gan H elk rs92 NW 4716 ter i Lewis (c; Hattle) ab h3610 Thomas av (C Gordon W (Ina) 6211 NE 97t nt apt 6 Grove) Hannah Mrs 6320 NE 19th ot apt 24 Lillian r50 W Flagler St C Hardp c butler 4200 Sheridan av 1MB) r do Lillian waiter Halcyon Delicatessen Inc Harry C smn Sharp & Dohne r biamI Lindsey (c; Ocala) lab h1925 NW 4th ct 8pyinga Lionel A cetreader Trail Re-Treaders Inc r642 attyb (Bartholomew Apartments) c1a68 NW 7tli s1 h~sington an 1MB) '"Linze Ii r765 NOV 3d at Harney L countermn Clayton', Restr r113 NE Lora Vr542 SW 3d st Batie ') tr5 Louis c) trear 3574 William av (CGrove) Slte Ll E 35William av (CGrove) 'Louis (Ruby S) driver h rear 2151 Meridian as vt srs c-re Baker Ins Agey Ine 1460 NE (MB) He3r iad 2ol3 Bay r M Louis mah opr r5333 NW 29th av Louis jr (Cl r rear 3574 William av (CGrove) EAILEY'S LVM ER EARD MBa Cee 1636 PHONE BUILDING N. W. MA St. 3 MATERIAL 3.2106 STORE


72 ELECTRIC AUTOMATIC A ftisC X efriger do s 134 N.W. Third Ave. Phone 3-2128 Show Rooms: 134 N. W. 3rd Ave.. Phone 3-2128 RBAKER BAKER Los A cE mu r1li NW 3d av Walter (Rose) pir h3076 NW 24th st RLouse (c) c. 1% N dh av '" Walter H (Amelia D) r5712 iBay rd (MB) toLo C Mr omot u Ill T T t oeeh s t Wlosey l sisof h0134 NW 14th Ci tLucie Mrs smsrs Bill The Tailor r636 SW 13t '" Wll (c) driver Superior Septic Tank Co sE Lu" 0BnsSBolyC ~l Wl t Wm In; Stabell rook h,1724 NW 2d or Lucile sten Renuart Realty Co .6448 SW tlh nt W, (c; teorge)lb hli4 NW 5th t Lucy sten rC03 SW 6t eh Itt 'm s B 1ODe) capt 'h428 SW 23d rd N Lua d1w h.kC r lot mt aptr h63 NW 6th 1t Wm B pntr r 273 NW 231h st Luther E baker Miami Baking Co 13055 NW "'6th 1W B lAnol so l NW s 4th o 1mH( sia k 311 O MKessn &hBebbios toe C Lydia e97 i W Flagler st apt h h-k4 NW 41r B t I David pkwy omp Miami Shores Village 5134 "' m A s7m37 to BouncE Steet Metal & BetfIog NE ot as Co ol7713 NE Illao o 31 E ousltermf tonTS r3tibicus aot (C Wm J 1) porter r3lU Trow as (CGrov esserl U rst m N (ireelk hb20 NW 23d et apt 2 rabel (c) h"344 NW 2d ar 'Wm S iLouisel carp h_750 NV 22d av '" o el doc)3a sludent 1.kdl SR thtrn Mm W elk City Clk I(tB) r442 15th st (i[Bi Lumber UU. Ittuec Ma lutes I snloemo Goodyear Serv is m B' (Hazel E) pres Baker lns Agey Inc h4t 315 E 11th st I NE b3d st 3Ieelia swld Fred J) r400 NW 32d st Willie (c) greaser B & B Service Station r08 OUR PRICE MIarlynn student e Allen Baker N la 1344 NW 2d av Marion r541 Navareov us(Coabl' Wlllis lo a( eIIcN)da IS LOWER Marorc lndr l6 NW 16th as BAKER ZIN L JR. Asst V-Pres First National M iteE K student Sel SW 10th ao Bank. h760 NW 3d nt, Tel 2-1488 Ey L (oiteh r Dooglun Primay Sch r1965 NW Baker's eying Goldman mgr shoes 70-72 E Flag-h let st Mary M 1,2025 NOV SIst st BAKER'S CREDIT CLOTHING. Durward F Cooo F. H. A. Stoycoed K lRossll i el4 FECRy rl12 NE 2d et Mgr, Credit Clothiern. Dross Approl For Men Stildeed K e857 NOV 46sh st and Wtmen 137 N Miami ot, Tel 3-2320 FINANCING Silnc u rs tel ope Ralley-MIlam Inc 01634 Se vce SIils (Clarence A Baker) filling at. SW__________ 3 15th St 10,' 1 .?}\ 32as Nora (wid Jas N) h912 N' 23d st Bak, Mark cok 1307 N Bay Share de Norval S (Marion) carp h1964 NW 25th av Baktis Micul ook Ponce de Leon Rest, Omer C (Sadie) pt 1572 NW 63d at Bolagot Benj h553% NW d s 663 N. W. orlon (Audrey) barber h43i SW 3d av Baiasky sarl (Violet) sismo h5112 NW 1st pl 1 Oscar J dish washer 'Betty's Restr Balch Eloz r466 SW 13th ter 14th St. Patricia mgr Pauline Apts h971 3W' Flagler ct apt Horace B (Irene) nisrn B' H Thomas Dairy b 42 SE 6th St Paul M (Helen deB) tchr Miaml Edison Sr High Vernon ismn Sou Dalrleo Inc r2810 N MIalt Sch l227 S'W 15th aca PHONE Percy R (Ruth G) r300 Universlt dr (CGables) Malcom Edw L wrapper 3iSCo hl3 NW 15th an 3-3091 ItC;r ; Lela M) auto meoh S3660 Frow ar apt 21 3-309 1,;eol 31" f;ecH n~ae abtoospiocer SRT&TCa r64 Peter R (Theresa )1) inspr 1h1044 NW% 29th ter NW\ 42d. st (Buena VI'ta) apt 2 BALDA RICARDO, Importer of Panama Hats, DI" Prince (c; StarthaI lab r2804 NW Is t sre t from Ecuador, South Amerla, Wholesale Priscilla walter SHK&Co r363 NW 2d is and Retail 148 NE 3d ot, h do R Francis hipr The Evangel Press r364 NW 24th Baldensperger Theo E IJennie) h1964 NB 26th an t Balder Thos ic) lab r242 NW Sth at SRandolph r393I NW 134 to Baideldge Frances elks NM ldcst AW Rlchd (c; Rosalie) lab 1,233 Industrial av IC Frances H tuld Soot Ti hl3tl S Miami an Grovel '' Jao H osn, Miaml Colonial Hotel rIt750 W I chman gdnr Iami Biltmore Hotel r100 Anos4th av tasia av ICGables MarIoe slen r1316 S Miami av Robt olk The King Cole Hotel r512 NW 10h st Baldwin Albert D Itabel E) slsmn H H Trice & ter Alt (c)I 2333 NW 6th t -Robt (Jean) pollcemn h rea 560 NW 64tah st Alf (Annele) 1'221 SW 30th av Rbt C 1,110 SW 12th av apt 15 '' Andrew J atnIt t26 S\W 16th av Rob 1 1Ruth1 opr NIBRyCo h37 NW 24th cc Areh L (Doohlyl eng 10 346 NE 1st et S BAKER ROOFING CO INC, Archie W Bowman Bortie (c) le Coconut troe Jr HIgt Ich r36 171 P r Graham 0 W are Se -Trea 2127 NW nOt T h inas as (o m av, Tel 2-2446 Bullding Ill-16 Coral noy ICkables) Rosealle (c) maid 1341 NW 5th an BALDWIN CHAS F (Gladys), Pres Baldwin In" Rose Mrs h622 6W 1s1 t surance Agency Inc. Baldwin Mortgage Cn. Rose oid Harry) e ill SO 11th ter Mgr Jefferson Standard Life Ins Co, Mortgor ompaf Roy F (illdred T) ck Rogers Pharmacy 15635 Loans and Insurance. 220 Seybold Bldg 38 NW 4th av NE Ist st, Tel 2-i8l, h2604 DeSoto bid (C Roy G (Madge L) eng Univ Hosp 'I406 Ponce Gahles), Tel 4-1153de Leon blvd alt 11 W(Cables) "' Chans 31 ISuth) h,53 NOV 41st st Roy L Ida) lih520 NW 23d ct apt 3 (Thas W (Charlotte 31) b840 Biscayne bid Russell 11 (Grace) pntr 12340 SW 1lth st Charlotte 31 irs urn rm 840 Biesayce hid S E elk Jackson Slem HOSp er769 NW 3th at Cora (c) maid 3334 Garden 4 .1354 NW 6th at PURE "Sally 1n aliter r rear 429 NE -2d av Dorothy ro NE 13th t apt 12 Samt ic; Jeroline) oli porter Hotel Urmey b Edwin B IAsdelIa I) sismn Loose-Wiles Bk' BATTERIE Sarah () 118 NW let av Eleanor aI, Holea's Grille r1442 NE MtSarah (wid Sterling) 11338 NO 24th st ami t YALE Simon H (Epicure Buffet) l623 Obest av (MB) '" Ella h?61 SW 1st ot apt 8 Sonnie (10: Margie) lab h1711a NW 1stt 01 Ella waiter The Town House .261 SW -a t apt TIRES '' Stia io 5o2cs bt NIT 47th tee H E BAKERSTURDIVANT INC (A S Baker. 3 F Elmer L (Elita; Riverside Service Station) Io Stordivant), Merohandis Brokers, 710-711 444 NE 79th st Postal Bldg 327 NE Ist av Tl 2-3253 Frank (Marguerite's Coffee Sihop) r261 NE lIt Theo (c) lab e19"5 N' 4bh Ot st PUR Thos (c; Lucille) 4O1 W ;ch Pl Frank E (ieloent R) printer h1495 NW 35th Thos (c ; Leila )11 porter h rear '4925 N 5th av It 'IL Thos uploA Are Mattress .Co Fred (Mlargt) 1,719 NW 'iat at apt X17 OIL Thos C elk Granada Apartments 150 SE 4th nt Fred maintenancemn Hotel Roberts e1325 W Thos E k Empire oltel 112 N Stiami ac Flagler st -Thos I b. mgr A & P Food -Stores r856 SE 9th H (Minnie G) 144 NE 90' st PETROLEUM >(Ma L)mr Rrpen Theatre 1 Al PETROLEUM at' (Gla dys) driver 31TCu r.5530 NW\ 2d av Geri av (CGahlesi PRODUCTS 4-64 CHAPLIN-GREEN, nc. S. W. 1st St. Regular st. augusfin. GRASS SOD Phone 2-1741 6619 iscayne Blvd. Tel. T.306


73 PACKARD MOTOR CARS Authorized Sales and Service PACKARD MIAMI MOTORS INC. 1740 N. E. Second Ave. Phone 2-7621 Packard Salon. 923 Lineoln Road. Miami Beach. Phone 5-3055 PALIIWIN BALL. Ge J( lOlle; Second Avenue Liquors) h403 NE Fenner (Alma) h595 NW 44th sit d 'Forine (c) maid r535 NW 15th st Ge R (Gladys M) pntr h141 SW 7th st Frankle Mrs waiter Pig & Whistin Inc 5661 NW Gerald E ISIn M) serg detective Miami Police 31st St b2:43 lercfal arc (CCrae) Fred (Mary El 'h1084 NE f1st ter Geraldine r3233 Percival av (CGrove) e Fred (Lillin) police Miamti Beaeh Police Dept o Gertrude rwid Walter) r1230 Capri s (CGables) r19i SW North lver dr Glades 0 beauty opr rl416 SW 7th st Geo (c; Susie) gdnr h346a NW l7th st Grovec (Clara) b347 SW 10th a' ali 7 Geo F (Mabel) bkpr h72 NW 30t'h st apt .. .lery C (lCeelle A) lawyer 36 NiE lst at 11901 r Hugh -1 (Frances) ydmn 'East Coast Millwork sin Ileayne blvi & Fixture Co 1539 NW S1t at BALDWIN INSURANCE AGENCY INC. Chas F Ira (Ethni O) pres 1ill U-Drive-It Service Inc Baldwin Pros. W Webb Swearincar V-Pres, h511 NE 38th st Howard E Parker Treas, Walter M Wilson Iaaac Ic; Hattie) farmer 1150 NW 27th av Sec, Geo T White Asst Sec. 220 Seybold Bldg Isaac T' jr Ic gdnr r41'50 NW 27th av 36 NE 1st st, Tel 2-8i81 (For further inor' Jas H (Doral driver MTCo ti2 146 NW 5mtoh st mutioe sne Iront cver. left side linto and '9 Jewel A (Lola ) ironwkr be' roar 275 6W I5ki stppe 35 Buyers' Guide) "Js 0 eTheima LI erase eye P566 SOY 3d at Jua (c) lab r rear -51 NW 711, st Kenneth (Florence) h30 NE 75th et John student r2604 Ucoti blvd (CGables) Lelia (c) 11743 NW 2d ct John C dentIst 60 Lincoln rd R10 (SIB) e932 Leslie L clk ICDDC e294 NW 54th sit 15th nI (MiB) Lillia elk Paritan Dairt ic c621 NW 67th st Janeldclee (DiNd Glerald) Ii72 NW 23d SIt Lillian Sirs lsan Burdine's Inc r3420 Segovia Judson W I ulcth ) mech Marine Mtotars & Parts st (CGables) Co 12-486 NW 7th PI apt 1 Lillian I (wid Curtis) h42 Almeria av apt 11 Kinderearle & Primary School (c) Carrie B (CGobles) Anderson Ic) priji 1737 NW 1st It Lizzlei 1 Ic) mald r174 NW2d et a Leland (c; Bertle; Douglas Road Cinro) 13643 Martin P r621 NW 101 sIt Thiotas a iCGrove) Marvin L (Linnie) icemn h2180 NW 11ch av Loonle (c) waiter re0 NW tat et n Ncna M (c) rl743 NW 2d ct Marie trs 1,510 Capr st (CGables) Ollie sten Marine Terrace Hotel 'h1521 Lenox av Mary i1, pr Aima Sanciez 13904 Durango st (C apt 316IB L b 4 patll]I 'rry )t (Pearl LI barber 1443 N Miami as a 1ar1 ylwid Pwnell l) r1444 NW 30th st 1146 NW 7th ct BALDWIN MORTGAGE CO, Chas F Baldwin Pres. R Estelle r813 SW 23d ter W Webb Swearingen V-Pres, W M Wilson Sec. Raymond K (Winifred) nervicemn FIaP&LCo b Howard E Parker Trees. Martgaga Laces end 3413 NOV ltb cc Real Estate 230 Seyboid Bide 56 NE nst at. Ella Poaner medical iedhrlogest PIhysiciaas Tel 28181(For further Informaton see page Clinical Laboralory r320 NO 11th as 49 Buyers' Gude) S p rar Miami Sta Inc r3613 SW 23d ter Myrtle P (lid Fre B) ht250 SW 6th at apt 114 Sally 'R lvid Jos Hi 'h167 NE 45th It ilte waiter ms Ellia Brown r22 NE IPN sIt Sue E (oid Dar) smstrs h294 NW 31th s1 "Pothk (Piead pratlmi 3tiomi Pollee Itt444 NW U-Drive-It Servic Inc Ira Ball pres 814 NE 1st 10)'h Si si B Jackson r364 SW 300' 11 Wm lhO NW 60th at Start iartndr Rlsko Buffet Bar r265 NE 1st at "Wm A (Mary) sisnin Knight & Dorris b-020 NW Theo A (Agnes) b4s41 Bay rd (MB) 20th st apt 3 Thos E embalmeor Phllbrick Funeral Homes r660 c & Chain Kirby P Carter pres J M Dean sec-treas W Flagler I1 liquoIs 1'13 EW th st Virginia waiter Cat & Fiddle Grill r53 NWO' 41st Biallance Jane C 1r b11414 Lenox ac IMBI st Ballantine Darld G Ularguerile) h1513 SW' 3d It I M" W H (Minute Alan Printing Co) r28 NW 30th av .Herman ervice n Itr i1non-ar ni d Inc Waiter t (erth ) hitr Miami Hhoi Gro Co t aBallat Augusta L (aid Henry) r965 NOW 5th st 1343 NE 1st t' Cora L Mrs slswn United Mfrs Agents r676 NOV Wm L fllling sts 175 SW th st i326 SW 6th st 27th at api 1 opt 17 Crete A MrsI (uppyland Ktnnl) 177 2 0 NW 17th Rale Choa E (Vota L) lab PO 1i2351 SW ith av Baleski 'Sari mIsnm Florida Fruit Drink G' Edw C (MAury Mae) tarotk, 1223 Collins av (MB) BALFE ALEX M (Eleanor H), V-Pres-Geni Mar ih167 NE 38th it Merr ll-Stevens Dry Dock Co, b6t36 NW 8th Edw G (Helen A) slon h4464 SW 11th st ter, Tnt 2-8551 F A emp Cilty Ice & Fuel Ca r Tower Trailer "' Edw B IMnrle E) it552n NE Ist v Pk (IHollendale) Balfour At etls 121 NE j5th t Gertrude Mrs mlory 17 BE 1st av P1335 NW Ag ncy Jone L ai't Joe) h501 NW -6th st 3id at Ronald ICarnell) carp 1734 SBI 7tit at a Henry (c) porter U-Drive-It Co h232 NW 13th Balgo .31ohn J Ir Lil) credlt mgr Farris & Co h st 8230 NE ;I Ct "' Howard R sismn Clark & Lewis h676 NW 27th Balirk Chas cheuf 5P Minorca av (CGables) st apt 4 RallkjlaVah, (Suzanne) -rht h3910 Rumquat JlkW(lr)snr%73N ths rI rr "Jack WV (Clara) I pete h1765 NOV 4th ItIn Bailall twts (Shirley) produce men -302 NW 2d Jas (Elyat janitor WIUTeICo r1625 NW 6th ct a apt 2 John M seaomn USCG rh49 NE 44th at Blkenem Idhbod L (Theim) elk Biley-MIlam Kaye (Commerc)ial Clnts) 162 NW Ih 5t Inc P21 NOV 3Ot It a Pt 4 t oa 31 r220 NOV 7IP aa InirrIC Balkins tatie I r36Osta u v (CGrovel t S ts (Solana Hotel) rh6 Alhambra clr (C n rin Balkte NIek (Evelyn; Royal Coffee Pott h229 SW Gables) 1Ith a Robt A sIsmn Franklin Prs Inc e White Belt Ball Alf J 12813 SW 23d ter Dairy Farm n Anna S IwId j Chas) 911795 NE 4th av Robt C samn Claude 31 Shriver r2476 SW dot Annette P308 NE 130h ter apt 21 at (Bernice (1d Woi M) .437 NE 74th 1t Smith S (Alice B) agt Penn Mut LIe Ins Co I Clarias (c) tihr r4150 NW nth av 985 NW 5th It Claude T (Lilllan) iamn Puritan Dairy In r621 Starke R (Crete A) brklyr P7720 NO 17th av NW 97th t '" Thos WV (Mary) landscape gdnr 601 NW 97th st Clifford 0 elk RCDDS r294 NW 54th st I do Curtis Ir sInger t42 Almeriar av pt 11 (CGables) W A wtchmn Standard 'Wholesale (ro Co r1862 Deouglas P IDorothy W) stamps 36 NE Ist R408NW 4th at 410 231 Alesli av (Cablen) W in (1) lab Pl929% NW 4th et GrOUmd Earle pone r730 NE 90th nt Batleaux Ralph E (A-il) h rear 342 NOW 35t'h st Bdw mgr Palace Cinns rI5 5 Flagler lI Ballenger Harry P (Anne) P2201 BrIckell av Flor Fie rii6v SW tl'it -I-I .1, Hi opr Credit Bur of Maml Inc h lit 1 l Li --is I-uni...I i.-i nr : h Sa NaW' ith 0 I s Congress R al s --i': a -Subdi-i 2.1151d D elop er Bl DeeoesRa stteSbiiesadSpecili~zing In Lot Sales $2 Down-112 Weekly s Organization -Realtors PHONE Mi : .3-2652


McFarlin I n h U Im HinE & Co. IC. LUMBER YARDS Inc Ballentyne H Earl ( oi se sI smLn A 11 R'l"" r "\ 1 u l .,1 1: I Mfrs. ,1 c Scx11316 Is aluMr cr (,,l36Atn d(B) *Col I. (Luuisc: L, Band Sakes f'ni 1,0~2 SWil l tt A (Coi Ballcuw Et-hel r1314 NIV 21.1 If Uth sl al'1 1 t ulCO Jas L elk Gould harmaiy r^_I SW i1t rd Louise ir mgr Burford Apts rli ,' SW lth A Rallied Gertrude () cald '1110 N'O 3d ia Asphalt Ballet Dewty IlGldir E) Sremn City of Coral Ranrie li y H (Wellington Hotel) h65. Euc1r,. Gables 1-2309 SOW 61st c1 ptl t I 0 Ei LIUlISOf Ballilger Almia t en niswn The Hisiery Shop r105 .it 2r01 S 7'1 s At 94,1E st (m.hoe i) Louis pres Hilt Package Stores Inc h1967 SW Arth r1317 N i B S' Tirre t apt 7 0th ii AND 8 S ( mlit slore icr In w Tire Co r10, NW" Louis IHarhy sismn 0501 SW 7th ot AND 0 E it 1 n Dixir Tire i rIDS NOV' Luuin i-pre, Gonzalez & Prieto Co inc Everett h riS ee i 'N Trudy elk, Louis ScIwrzkoff r655 Euclld no ESTATE OF !1th n1 UltShores) npt NIB BALLINGER KENNETH, Attorney Fla P & . Bandter Matthew S (Amy) mgr June Dairy Prodh601 Grand Concourse (MSU) mv j co Inc 2517 Anras av ICGrove) Loretta Waiter Iiihl E Donaidsone 7715 NW 0th Bundr rer Isudoe I Beulah) base ball player 11 McFarln Ballin Lillian nis n nn IeCrtry's rs8 hIoimmerce i Ii rdi linnie I sld WO El h9 Rd 9th it IJ ( 1 )I B Gade' sec Nitichell I) Price und Chus 00 Zating Ballman Ar.. T (Tarla) seii''mJD hills El elk 0 roar 3120 SW 2110 icr Stree FrI ( e s en eoi Pomesti Refrig ii mI R elk Iiiiiii sity Assessor .010 r80 NW Htult Bal shley Sarha Boulevard Gift ShiP) h B as .+e in ilso Bair and Bayne Sufcn 1034 HI ica2ne lvd '' Paul I iettl I et 423 79 I'01 t apt 7 S I C 4 ol{iyine & CB Ranfield Chas student r4373 Merldlan u (1B1 S Ge F Iiil li 133 NE Miaiimi ei Osar i Ilrenel 0'1-373 Meridian av (MBI nnGeo NI 1o6 NE sail ter Patsy Di student r4373 Meridian av (NB) Contractors I lre) 117S N NOV I apt 2 Ban He W' Helem h800 Columbus blvd .01 lab'11 rIWi S uW f IG~" Liiliuo 101 moald r559e N'W 1010 It os le) laO r2 1CA NOV 16th ci Offina NMlles b10112 NO Nt t Bangor Apartment IEdw W' Holmes) 220 NW Ballough Ervin E (Theresa) pilot 813 Lorca sIt B 5 th 1085 (CGables) Bnls Dleh aush r22 d NE 29th Ballowe Milles C (Mary L) sec-tres Flagler 31emRanir Donier I PJuaslal uindl 02018 NBW 2 Ia N. W. 56th St. orlal Ine 161 NW 23d a Ella NId Eug PI t603 NOV 22d I nRot A (Dunnie E) plant mgr City lee & Fuel Llod aroh r'23SW h rte Villas) 'h810 C 167 N'W0 250 av Bunk ura i v r nfBi Phone Balnis Henry i (Constance W) mgr National Pkg At as NIH) Stoee 10l1th st Iy1 NFi rank ahliokr r1d26 SOY 21, n 7-3558 Baloisky Sami L lr phys JuiOnn "lro oso r du of Ray Bin l Carl Meeks liquidating agt 117 Balone Neta (ci maid 016 Castile as (CGshles) Roy T JeanvtIs pilot U S Quarantine Ste h Bolt Peter IPaulinel pilot '1i326 E 7th st (HI I e8 ISW 9t St Raltes Ella slson h1702 NE 1st et ap 4 0" Tavern (Ocar G Pseker) liquors 2101 N Balton EdIth NI student i919 SW th st aet7tH a C s Edna B (wId Alf H 3r) t713 NE ist si Buk Iren nure 8611 A!antle av (TB) r d i Wynne Mrs model Burdline's Inc r6827 Indian Bsnkr It Aes ren1 sn28-336 NE 28th 6 PHONE Citek ilr 01,1HI Baskers Park Aoariouents 32-ON 0h0 3H E Bat-oe A (Salyn' PhTShop) r1O NE 2d as BANKERS & LAWYERS SERVICE (Schuyler C 3a ltzell Jane eth WPTeT (., rO30 NE ds as Hodge). 305 Commercial Arcade 127 NE let Thos I (lane telegrapher rITeIL's 0-030 NE a ist J Banlier Agmst C v-pres Bankler Bros Ins r335 Baltzsr Peter meal ctr A&PFnodStores (H) r3829 47th I 01-B k NW 23d et a 'Rros inr tbs C0r Bankler eres Auguss C Balya John E (JessI) 1721 NE Miami ot uneircs-pres Curl I Rockier uee'-tne-s ele ioz~n Anthory (Nina NMl coposltor 00 135 SOW 'C, I ~lu n e-cre Rarthaer Bros Inc 1uth SIt pt 15 1747 Purdy an NIB) Bamberg Atoddin Ic) porter r2-10 NOV lit st Rolt W pres Bankler Bros Inc r335 47th si "' Eulnt(Opheba)1 lab G&L Roofing Co N416% NW INBI 11th ter Ranknight iamile (wid W) r1230 NW 61st 5t Evelyn slswn SHK&CO r473 NW 27th av Branks A C udJisier FIlP&LCo r1257 SW lst 5t Geo C (Lillian Isimn '473 NOV 27th a5v Abr R (Nettle U51 colic Atlantil Furn Co 01120 I llan Ien s mlru WVSLseo 01731 NOV 27th :1 NOV' 311 01s "' Wiley F elk r17i NW 2711 av aAlberta lc) maid r307 NW 11th 0t Bamberger liara ld ilerman) 03837 Loqut av '' America (cl cook c1864 NW 62d ter ICGrove) Annie (c) d12 NOV 6th eS ]ouis 'h625 Abbot av IBB) Arebis BD (Charlotte) meter rdr City of Hialeah h [/ i an M s s s r S i e h 7 W 2 t v N 1 t a Baibl Gift Shop (Iva L and Edna L Hlilyer) 275 2 ItL st iHI 180E 'Biscayne blvd Beul le ; Ilnnle lob .1424 NW 63d sIt Bambrlek Helen M (Wd Rchd) designer r37 NE Bradford Ni i ZadaI chauf '0371 NW 47th st 48th el ('arrie itI studen h rear 1932 NW 6th ci R Bameel Clifford G (Betty) shoswmn h977 NW '' C'al Ilda I h li836 NW 15teh st 4th st ai 13 '' Edw A (11 ry) ro 3100 NW 26th St 63104 do Bamford A01f (Frances) carp h3 NE 30th ter "Effie (cI h3533 fapder av -(CGiTe) CIVIL Betty J Mrs restr 700 NE l9it 01 e127 NE 3d -Effi let maid ih3564 Franklin av (CGroe)E' Ella (C) pantrywGrandma's Kitchen Inc 1 3 6 ENGINEERS Roampic Edislh Ni sud Gury 005 NE 00th 01 NW itO s1 Ban Mary Mrs hsekpr 4133 Sherhdas av MNBIH Frask B real est 1215 Lncoln rd (NIB) t9119 Banna Supply Co Inc Saml E Thatcher pres-tres Collins uv I IRB) Architects' Antnis Cubillas v-Pren Mr Mary W Thatcher Geo Ie ;lyrtle) lab h1652 NW 6th e d see 1052 NE lot et Geo( EsI e M) lab FECRy -0427 NO 110 5t an Tree The restr 315 Aleazar av Clberc 3 (Edna) lb SO 3E 5t apt 4 Engineers' Banus 01 G cash NaI Bisulit Co Governor (I" Clsmentilne driver HyaO Y Supplies iBanberg Theo elk ieger Maloly Waldorf r 1036 NW 601h pl Baro-i Billie irs i5927 NE 1st an Ida A maid Mi NE 81st st r rear 1932 NW 6 Baneroit Chas H (Helen MOi receiver i'ilr Nail ct s ank in ilamlI r227 NE 2d st Ivy G Mrs assi F A Vogt h113'A NW 29th st Bluepeinta oand rox Beauty Shop (c eJulius David) -64. NW Jau ('Bertie) Ismn h rear 572 NW 22d It Photostat 1th st Jos Ic stevedore rear 1932 NW 6th ct Print. Box The Mrs Bernice Woloward mgr iilnrs 2332 Jos 0017te l wbsemn 1932 NW ist et rne de Leon hld (CUaatles) -Kely III h:b h314'A NW 141h 't Surveying $UBURBAN SECLUSION 47 N. W.lst URBAN ADVANTAGESM n Shores I SeaecH Your .H Han.--H St. W.-ll Fin a. Y.ur Ham. r(= illage Opp. Court House BESSEMER PROPERTIES, Inc. (suena. tolNw amiSbh.m COJ 1317 BISCAYNE BOULEVARD-PHONE 3.3111


Carnahan Insurance Agency KERMATH MARINE "Reliable Insurance Service" ENGINES 327 N. E. tat Ave., 1214 Postal Bldg. Phone 2.7055 Gasoline and OIl SA S BAR1 ER Lena i' tehr Nllami Senbur 10gh Sch .h44 NW 1(c; Ruby) r1132 NW IIst pl 21st av apt Dathi s m Ak Mr F Eerade "Io E (loy G) ChL13A NW 29th st Hotel J FRANK Lulu (cl Ironer 201. NW 'ith pl Edgar (Alpharetta) confr 932 NW 69th st h d OloagltIc (eiick li5le NOV 211ith 01 0 Edo' plate s50 NW 27th s "'HaggeI e drkmkr 1121 NW 6lth et r do EllZ sen Carr & Carr 519 l f 2d lt Naney (c "mk h rear 431 NW 11th it Eliz l rs marker LaNor Inc h2959 SW 12d ter ^ Olden tc: Illlli) wait"r 1725 NW1 3d av "Eliz D Mrs h5237 Latlorr dr "Shelley ICharlottet tapt r14212 NOV 22d av Elsie .ha0 NE 13th SW apt 14 Tios Ic; Lula) lab r327 NOV 14th ter Ervin A (Beulah) plstr h2316 NW 63d at "isn (Grace) samn r1212 NOV 22d a G Curtis (Mary) agt h2360 NOW 31 st INC. Vison S (Laura) mtec1l Fogal Boat Yard 1t2133 Geneva awid Cromwell) 14600 NW 1llh as N IV W lth av Grant (Anna) coek Crystal Grill r2018 NW 1st ^ Vinson S Jr welder r2133 NW 11th as Win (c; Elizl) baker 818 OW 2d av r227 NW Harry (Lucile) opr 1tl779 NE 2d ct apt 17 Pek at Henry (e; Annie) lab Domestle Ret'rI Co I125 Fire Equipment b,; Is: Plaggle) lab l1421 NW 6th et NOV 70sit Wm A lab r2133 NW lith ov .Jack 'D IMildred) ohe! h227 NE 26th st apt 3 0 Wio T Anne) elk Crittenden Bootery Co 1992 Jas P (Katharine MI driver Carley J Smith NOV 4th nI Trans r4316 NW 22d av Maltsioo H Powell (Virglnia '11221 NW 4th st John C (Cr vie) supvr h151 NOV 17th pl W = Henry le lab 1521 NW 13th t John N1 (Minnie) carp h rear 945 NW 24C et BaoLcoven Earl elecn r2261 NW 58th at '' Leslte A tech Physleal Therapy Hosp h rear Ole trla lannor Helen K Mrs 112441 SW 26th ot 526 NW 11th a Plants Bsnnertman John C (Martha R) sismn h1029 SW Lesla J NIrs elk Clifford E Gordon r29 SW 9th st Sth si apt 11 Lillian (old Ward) s161 NE 2d st apt 1 larho R 1rs sten Carson & Petteway .h1029 Lillian S Mrs sten Jeffrey Lbr Yds Inc sN00 NW SW 5ki at apt 1 11th ae anning C Play (toid Simeon B) h829 NW 23d ct ay (wid OV H) 12363 Bay rd (NIB) Repairs-Parts Bannlst Ed' c, Meddle) t,1791 NW 74th ot Oliver L (c) lab r125 NW 15th t lary (c) maid 695 NE 59th st Pleo (Cth) driver a rear 4316 NV 22d av Service Tas T Ic) stft drinks 6505 and fish 6801 NW '" Rot (Ela) pntr h2959 SW 22d ter 19th v "h6505 do Walter (c; Viola) lah h433 NW 7th st Benson Edw A (Anna) janitor It rear 154 NE 68th Win bartndr South SIde Bar t Wm 'B c) lab 'hll5' NW 3d av anl. Air A (Pae C) printer HDN 6248 SW 31st Barberis Louis (Teesa) driver h2231 SW' 62d av 52 rd Barbers Union No 523 meets 3d Wednesday each Bnnten Leonard (Annie) chauf h693 NE 68th st worth at 0 pm 47 NW 3d st N. W. ith Ave. Mantz Wi H )Coeello) elk 17706 NOW 14th pl Barbieri Chas Iab r263 0' Flagler st Panyan Kennels (Irs Alice G Houser) 155 NW Leo D waiter r151 NW 4th st 57th at Barbizon Apartment Hotel (Nathan W Glosser) PHONE "Tre partmernts iii NE 11tah si 539 Ocean dr i 0B)0 Bapdtos Edwin (c; Elaine) gro 3642 William ov h Barbour Hugh elk r2165 NW 29th st do Jas R (3arguerite) carrter h2165b NOV 29th si "Ivy (l) 1364s Willim av (CGrovel Marjorie V irs 61355 Bay Drive (MB) Baque 4ietile hIss t175 SE 12th st apt 6 Wallace (Bernice; Wallace 'Barbour Co) C1165 BAQUE FRANK JR. V-Pres J C Horning Ins (M 41,o st (IB) B), s75 SE 12th St. Apt 6. Tel 3-1809 "' nll.ce Co ("Walae Barbour) interior decorBar of Music (Bill Jordan) tts 427 22d It B) NI 'tor 415 41st st (MB) Dirab Morris (Resle; Colonial Hotel) 719 1s t ni Rarbre Dorothy heautician r211 NW 35th si (PIB) G Ross iech Ungar Buick Co h2I1 NOV 35th st 1 Barad Cis W (Hazesl eolir Sou Furn Co h1444 Geo W hlpr I C Heloty Furn Co r211I NW 35thNW 53d t at IA Barash Max 9sarch) rlsmn The Leonard's Store "Jas Irmla) del boy Biscayne Oldsmobile Inc h r42 NOV 3d ar rear 3363 SW 2d st Barbart An. Apartments 50 NE 13Ch st Jas W (Delia) formn Ungar Buick Co h1327 Jean Mansios (Earl J Harrell) 956 Euclid av NOV 45th ot J IR) Sarinell soda dispenser Land-O-Sun Dairies Inc Bartoree A Louise Irones Roler tWay Inc r693 NW r1327 NW 45th st 13d 1 Barcelona Apartmenis 1020 SW 2d ot 3 0 Retly E slawn r695 NW 224 si Hotel Slherman S Tuban) 507 Espanola way 0 o 'Marlon F Ire r Bettet Way Inc r693 NOO' 22d (MlBsi liestauran 834 Ponce de Leon bird (CGables) Z Wim I (luby) carp h3956 NOV st-h st Barcena PedroI IC'nonia) carp h821 NOV 55th ter Barhary Dorls D Icl drsmkr 1143 NW 5th el h do Barehan Jo. IEe) mgr angel's Inc 11303 SW d Idw C) butler r1143 NW ash et 3d s t.. Barbash Apartments 1151 SW 5th .t Barca Edah nurse S93 NE S1st St api 2 r do pl t David sec-tans J Barbash & Sons Inc x258 NE Peter (Edah) hS93 NE 81st at apt 2 Id sl Barclay CiharTlote r222 NE 35th si o J & Sons Inc Jarob Barbash pre Leo Barbash Dors Mrs tehr Cocon ace Etementary SC o-pro David Barbash se-treas auto renting h rear 139 SW 23d st 0 o 361 NE It 5t Edith It (wid Ceo) h222 NE 35th st 'p Jecb (lauline) pre J Barbash & Sons Inc Edna rnuse 2116 NOV 20th st h do r s 1315 Pl 20th l "Jas K iamleian r2336 NE 2d et apt I eo l(Dorthy) v-pres J Barbash & Sons Inc 6 John H (Athol T) acet City of Coral Cables r Z rA 141 SV 5th st opt 3 532 Lavitla dr (h1S) Barbatnlsi Eragellne (Harry's Mrket) r-45 Lenox Jos W (Dorisl tchr M B Sch of Mus & 'Dancing Q av (Pll) 6 year 1389 SOY 23d ot us IHorry's to rkell h45 Lenox ar (MB) Margl I i aid 11125 NOV 4th et litery (Harry's Market) a74'; Lenox av (NB) '" Mary nurse 2116 NW 20th ot h do Thi (Harry's Markel) 1745 Lenox or (NIB) Plaza ]lotel 1940 Park as(B) Rarhe Amln Ps r10 Erds C r B write ODN r2226 NE 2d et BE "CaueRbt2 Flgs si opt 0 P 'Vletor E (Edith LI agt Prudential Ins CO l49._ Hazel 4 tenSouithland Moto bers pt r38 WV SE ldh at In r132, W1 Barbe B481 F IEmmy) alsmn h345 NW 3d st apt Jack J (Fannie; Bar,. Men's Shop) 62285 SW 0 Barber Agnes WSr Fla Nall Bk & Tr Co h425 SW "ten s Shop (Jack '. Barrel men's furngs 245 E ISth of 06 Flagler t t A ttn G IwIld SIdney J) 1243 Meridian av 11I Norma L nurse 1129 NW 4th ot apt 4 h do RlnSaml J (Blanche W Lawyer 19 W' Flagler nt w Spartmenln 2375 RW 9th st il107 12126 NE 2d t B tr Natural I[,-er Product, C-rp 1:'37 Bare s Hr old Miller mgr men's clo 1040 Lincoln The CITY ICE and FUEL CO. "Vitalaire" Air Conditioned Refrigerators C Diaplay Room 2637 N. Miami Ave. Phone 3.2191 0


76 LON WORTH CROW CO. REAL ESTATE LOANS INSURANCE 11th FLOOR SECURITY BLDG. PHONE 3-4757 S .0 marcus Anne see Mrs Ida R Lear r1420 Ocean de Barment Co h 1653e SW17tih aarhdall latestm a. z (SBi melen J e1653 SW 17th at y0 Bard Cynthia (wid Frank Fl r719 NE Rd at lvestment C S 1 Arth T Barkdull a res real est F Lee (M1ayl h234 1E 2 ti In (nAth st We2dall2210 NW 7th ev 0 Stephen H (Beateice) Waiter 3 Rehd A Ismn r1653 SW 17th t U Barden Elole nurse 811 NWX 13th at r do Ruth C r1653 SW 17th st Q 2 +' 'Gee SI (M(ildred) eal et 12ll Lincair rd (MBi Bth)n 3SX17ha -" kGe4 S 1td eat LThos H (Eleanor) pres Riveria Realty '& Con* r Ir i t SW 13th st strution Co Inc h721 NW 13th as Q "B Gen I fe musician 2145 S 13th t Barkes Aaron r2l 22d at (MB) S SBarkneR (DTomdinic dre r Tn284 N 2 it JS (Rose: Five OClock Club) h211 22d at a JHata B (Tiiiie, drpr MTyCo h34 NW 23d t (B ___Ruf R (Tllie) opr B Ry Ca h284 at 23d Sam (Five (Clack Club) r211 22d at (MB) Rufus B it epr PIaFALCa till NW 23d at Barker Allen D (Sadie) carp h3274 Day av IC Rufu R r or FlP&Lo r84 N 23 st Grove) R ardan Ann (i maid till NW 2d an rve t Baeare ata Ht ad re1 NW 2d Chas (c) stevedore r524 NW 14th st o aBare ee iso Bar and Baer Dant SI iF nrence) h562 NXV 33d s1 S A Lewis (BennI A) printer The Evangel Pressae Edwin C IDvrothy G) clk Miami Millwork & h927 SW 7th th av Lunher C'n "441,5 NW 24lth a Bennie A Ies tchr Gladevew Elementary Sch ,Edwin D (Janl) barber 321 NW 8th av h43 NW m -, 927t SW ;7th anvdi 1t ane atr31NWSta t3N 0 Justin (Flora H; The Evangel Press) h259 NW 1P s let S1 slsmn 1i2 SW 10th at o Kathryn artist BCDDB r262 NW filth ca cHel A 2 iN W che BakrTWnhaiaHg 3ds aodA(lth okrTWsigo ihRDSQp "Kenneth artaitrxie r26 NV 3dt ti School r1721 NW 5th p1 -C sltenm Eane 259 NY 3d s 12th a latold L (lMarguerite R) slsmn FIaP&LCo h1000 a Oaar F (Benlah Hi s mn t35 SW 7th at SW 8t h av w Roar A stea c ) rISn SB' li at lHenry (c) hipr Feehan's Inc 1533 NW 14th It w "Te r11b 4 N 61tTemA kstock elk 31344 SW 7th st Howard W\ (Lai. M) slsmn Nall Biscuit Co r131 0 Thelma elk rI (64 NIX 1t at Henar ITh (Li itta aIRtel at j b Baretield Gladys waiter Old Heidelberg e243 SW \\h wid Leslie G) 137 NW 29th at a Wm .aladmtr Old Heidtlherg r243 SW -ii ci Jas 0 (Clarie) lieut detective Miami Police Wmetaldr ld (widi)ber r41 El h1739 SW 9th av Barenthalet Nelin mid Wm) taiter eltI Eactid a Jas T (Josephine F; Tropteal Day & Night Bav 3f) aag) he SW 9th st eritClareata nue 112 NIX 7th at B dao Garaget i,5131SW lka Barfield Anne s krsean n Harper Methkd Janet e opr Postal Tel-Cable Co t28 SW 10th at rBane Sls beaty Fec de etdC Janie Mrs drsmkr 41 NW 12th av h43 do Beauty Salon r2134 Ponce de Leon blvd IC J.,ssnr1 W3da Gatlesi "Seslms 331 NWV 32d 5 "Cha sicredit age Fatal Tel-Cabte Ce) Josha (c) iLuvenia) dish washer x228 NW ~SW C6 t1th at S Davd elk Royal Fruit Co Inc r1352 NWY 4th st 90th st: Sarker Ttdd Beatti h7ke NE SEdith V mirs 626 SW 3d t Margt R Mrs asst see C'hase Federal SavIng & Ellz cl maid 304 aW 34th av t1616 NW 5th Loan Assn h1000 SW 8th av " Marv r1131 SW 9th at Eva 252 N" 1st st pt 1 Orval 0 (Janet O) boat capt h28 SW 10th at k John E (Francis) t169 NE 90th st et 1 John E (Sarah) atndt Fort Dallas Park Garage Robt r157 SW 20th rd h13'53 NW 4th st Robt (Beatrice) elk Walker-Skagseth F S Inc argt Mrs slswn Donald D Freeman r63SW 17th av Narelle B '(Thelma) driver A&PFovdltartc r Rohinsas F Mtaryi ilk Fgh Plate GIs Ce h39lS 1035 NW 64th st Wood av (CGrove) Bchd (c) lab r941 NW' 2d av Thas J IM Agnesi auto mech h346c NW 53d st Roh driver e813 NW 7t'h av BARKER TODD BOATS (Lloyd Barker, Edmund "W Odell (ytlolene E) a-pres Brice & Johnson N Todd) Builders and Designers of Small h1035 NW 64lth t Pleasure Graft. Powered by Outboard and InWm (Anna) h205 Alhambra cir apt 4 (CGables)r Matrs 24 SW North River dr Barlan Fred 0 IGOldie G service mgr h36i SW anna nMaitr .1615 N Istt 't 24th st a Wm H M-iran, apr Dunn Bus Ser CO k829 Wm G driver W T Price Dredging Corp h2780 Si iath av c pt 303 NW 24th at 1Pm H tlc 5l) slsms r137 NWY 29th st Barg Harry M h1040 15th at apt 1 (MB) Wi I (Rovena) r562 NW 33d at Barger Wim E IMargaretha) e27 NE 2d 5t Ws M (iMarle mech h2210 NW 5d e1 E Barge Hubert A iDrucilla) phys 174 E Flagler st Barket Fazy Mrs cash Issa Barket 11514 NW 8lh R302 h1530 SW 11th at M 'Sybil student a253 NE 99th st Issa FOzyI gros and meats 400 NW 14th et Wm J (Ella) phys 25 SE 2d av R442 h2;53 NE 1514 NW 8th av 99th at Thos (Mary) gro 400 NW 11th at h7ll NW l2t E Barger Floyd D (Letlie V; Hub Service Sta) h73 at NW 32d p 1 Barkett Abraham (Della; Barkett Bros) h tear R Jns elecin Abbott Elec Co r1621 NW 29tih et c 400 NW 6t~h It' Mat A tins MtCrney' titli NW l9rk et Hrnt (Ahraham Barkett) gros and meats 400S Cea Lhnta M"d re s 6 1" N 291h LibrHstuent15 alamasca an apt 4 12 NI V Wth6 JCGaiec iHtlen pct m ackett Beat r tear 400 NW 1th aI Jnes (Gladys) Nharm Alcazar hrmyIrs ga 53 NW 3d at kWl0S NW h7l5 Salamanca av apt 4 iCGakiani ii Barkam Jesse petr The E B Elliott Ca e42 NWh tiarki Nargebla) tv2148 NW 10th av 35th av Im frults 746 NW 2d av r2148 NW 11th a Barhite Rel B (Georgia M iormn h2921 SlW 16th Barkin Harry mgr Breedings Resell Drug Store Tl CO. *ter (849 West av (MI) 0 Burl ironwkr r2921 SW' 16th ter Bairkley John B ic; Mttie; Barkley's Poultry 611 Geo A t2:1 SW 16th ter Market, k443 NW 15th st -N. E. FIRST AVE. ."Georgia 51 Mrs slswn Joseph's h2921 .SW 160h Lernard ssmn David Alan r625 SW 4th at Phone 3-5308 ter Stack (c) lEmily beer 1456 NW 5tb pl h153 Jenar SI ( cwrkt tMar1 SlP' 16th tee i N .1k cih us. Warrehouas Baribeau Alphonse F (arian) prsr French Benzal BARKLEY'S POULTRY MARKET (c) (John H Distributors Clnrs h1643 SW 32d av Barkley), Live and Dressed Poultry 443 NW "LGirard iL-N'ce) prar French Benzol Clits k 15th It. Tel 2-0240 WHOLESALE rear 1'410 \' 27th an Barkinn Frank WI (Doris E) auto meek h1752 NW and RETAIL Barick Russell St (Irene Imbimer Gautier Tun44th .s cral Home h rear 29 SW 91h it arkIwltz Albert (Cecile) ship elk Fla Whol CrO EVEVRYTHING Bay J San(Leknerer l442 NE Iliami Co 11936 SW 2d t apt 11 13 I t apt 110 Barksdale Brunner (Vesta) plstr "590 NW 103 For Your Bartell Kath v ad Agnat) th28 NE 4 th av st AUTOMOBILE Barka o JoS C (Rebecca) mariner h1215 SW 4th s i Hatte L (cl cook r413 NW 14th ter Thr ugh Miami Beach Abstract and Title Co. Friends (incorporated) asd Serais We Brawl The Only Abstract Plant in Miami Beach Miami Beach First National Bank Bldg. Phone 5534I M


300 THE COLUMBUS Combination "Miami's Finest Bayfront Het _____ ____ ____ __ I Cheely Tub and Shower _ _ _" Dining Baths OPEN ROUND oom Lumber BAIIKPALE umbNESL J L (Clutile S) sismn Johnan Ins Agency Inc Elwyn I) 1eli Dorsey Elementary So, 1600 12002 SW 12th ot NW 17111 a J"Jo ie Effle M) lab FECRy It rear 1023 NW Elza L (Ellz) cigars 204 NE 1st av 21259 NE lst el 24th Wm (c) (Willie) whsemn 1543 NW 12th at Ernest (c; Theresa) h1229b NW 1st pl Wat (Bertha Cl adjuster Geri Ench Ins Corp Ethel (c) walter 13460 Plaza at (CGrove) I19 1 SW 250 at Flora Mrs h1852 NW 39th at apt 3 Barkun Ella (c) maid 841 NW 15th av Trach (Jackie) carp e160 NW 26th at Barlett Wm D v-pres South Florida Amusement Fred (dHelen) emp Ungar Bulck Co h3142 NW Co 3d an Barley Fred C (Gertrude) h845 SW 126h et Fred mech r227 NE 14th ter apt 3 ne Wm 0 net, (c; Mary lE) pastor Ebenezer A Sf E "'G A wtchmn McCi-ory's 1361 N W 21st ter UG Chure) (c) 21310 NW 11th at "' Gaylord OX' (Irene) sismn h6815 NW 2d et Barlow Anna L (Harper Method Beauty Salon). Ceo (Maey: Seaboard Novelty Works) r1693 hilt Alhambra cir (CGables) NW 56th ter "'Annie (wld Jas) h533 San Esteban av (CGables) Geo E (Mary R) slgn pntr h237 NE 80th ter Bailey (Walline) lab i rear 2024 NW 11th av Georgia I h513 Altara av (CGables) Clayton Ilenle M) coo t rear 575 NW 52d at Grace Mrs chr Shadowlawn Elementary Bch Frank (Mildred) whsemn h 300 NW 5th or apt C r8245 NE 1st av Jas W samn Alexander's Inc h7516 NW 13th Grover C (Frances) carp h170 NW 44th st an Harold G cirus performer e'536 NW W3d at Jahn ahauf 4901 Collins av MB) Harold O (Anna) butler 5681 Pine Tree dr (MB) "!oadoet H Mrs Interviewer Fla State Emp Sere Henry (; Daisy) atndt r1476 NW 6bh pl h..d7N 2d or apt I Ilaward T IMahell statlntlcian hilso NE 88th at (S Richd D Ially) hkpr Venetian Shortway Inc 0 Ira A (Marguerite B) ptstr 1676 SW' 25th av 1777 NW 31st al Irene Mrs grad nurse 139 Meridian av apt 22 SIteht A sismn Garner Elec Appliances Co 1218 SIB) r do NH 26th at J Harold (Helen) atndt Smith Bros Service Sta "Roy 'K -LIllIan) h715 Lakeriew dr (SIB) h341 Madeira av opt 4 Thos A (Eale) gro 3428 W Flager nt h do J J i)oy (Ethel) mech h117 E 7th at (H) 1400 Barinen Edw (Enelyn; Barmen's Espanola Drug l Jack 0 iRuth) gdnr h rear 1168 NW 30th at Store) h1116 14th pI (MM) n Jack Wv (Wymo G) sismn l,836 SW 6tH at apt 2 N. 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Harry elk Barmen's Espanola Drug Store r1116 "Jas cook Vick's Bar r1245 NW 1st av 14t) pl (MB) 0 Jas (c) lab r505 NW 17th st 17th Ave, Barmen's Espanola Drug Store (Edw Barmen) Ja (Irene) pntr h1319 Meridian av apt 22 1444-44a Drenel av ('B) MB) Barnaby Lionel (Geneva) mech Ih rear 3031 NOV Jas E (Dora) h1245 NW 25th st 1711h an -" Ja L (Era) rag ht2910 NE 6th as Barnard llz D l (oid Grant) elk PO r2360 SI Jas Phdrver W J Price Dredging Corp r3200 SW Telephone 12th at27ho aErakne iCarlotta) h1108 NE 117th at Jas R epr Dunn Bus Ser Co r800 SW 27th av "Everett K (Anna; Barnard Nut Co) 2527 NW John C (Dorothy A; Jack's Serv2e Sta) .128a III), at NOV 27th st Jak' UevcnSI) U Lucille nurse 276 NW 41st at r do John W (Ella J) carp h534 NW 43d at w Nut Co (Everett K Barnard) 140 NE 12th st 4 Jonera (c) r1033 NW 2d pl Owen L (Mary) hlpr Barnard Nut Co h rear Jos (c) auto mech r2006 NW 5th ct 1321 NOV 27th at Jon St iJohanne 'Do Dooghast Shop) hiltI NE Richd student r577 NW 40th at Miami ct Wlnaton elk Barnard Nut Co r527 NW 40th at Kathryn (c) cook r330c NW 11th at Barndollar W)m W r3636 NE Miami at "'Katie C (cl h6lSO NW 1701 as Barnell Chas caddle r19 NE 12th at Lamar 3 (Mary) h2222 NW 7th at Barner Fred H (Mlaret) platr k749 NW T5th at Lelia (c) lndrs h214 NW 14th at Barnes Ahorn C (Nell DL cho elk FECRy r61 NW Leonard r12910 NE 6th av 104th at Stamle (c) h11033 NW 2d D Adrian .D )Aane 1) napt Dada Caaaty Pack '"' harian riSS NE 76th s1 lvlnlan :h916 Marlana ar (CGables) Marvin (Mildred) driver h1530 SW 4th at apt 1 Albert L (Helen A) tres ht231 Pizarro at Mary Mrs r7I NE 2kt h at (G(ables) Mary L step ComI Credit Co r800 BW 27th av Altlie (c) maid 1553 Sopera ov (CGables) Mel (c) e3460 Plaza st (CGrove) Alval N elecln Neon Sign & Display :dfrs Mildred L cash FlaP&LCo r259 NE 24th at Inc. Anta rs ook 5681 Pine Tree dr (SIB) Millie (c) maid r1033 NW 2d pl Aeth (c; Chrltlne) lab 15371 NW 17th at '" Milo (Eliz B( mason h2345 NW k4th ter Audrey E sten r234 SW 10th av Molly (mid Redick E) h80D SW 27th av Ben) L (Louise) sign patr h2855 NW 23d av Naomi Mrs maiter r757 NW 33d av Betty Mrs br mgr Economy Cash & Carry Clar Nathan (c; Annie) porter 245 NW 12th at c3l NE 70th Nathan Ic; Sarch( hlpr Holleman's Grille Ia 'Bradhury L {Nettle) 1918 S Greenway dr IC 30c NW 11th st Furniture Gablt) 0 Nellie H sten C Gables First Natl Bk r423 F Chas A ab r44 Railroad av (CGrove) Candia ar (CGables) a C(ha A (Dale) utilitymn h5445 NW 5th et Nellie W miid Wm; The Cake Shop) h425 NE Chas H )Annset h781 NW 55th st apt 4 25th st Chau H (Ruby L) pntr h7933 NW 10th et Nettle (c) maid 1'528 Brickell av ^ Charley M (Johnnie M) lubrcatloamt Sham Patricia R Mrs elk r1869 SW 5th at Bras Oil Co r775 NW 108th at Rae (c maid ri135% NW 1st ct ChutnceLt lAm G) plstr 1,5611 NW 24th av Rehecca (c) Indrs r444 NW 16th tr Interior Chr per G ri 33 NW 10th cIt Rena Mrs r67 NOV 34th st Clare (cl salad mkr Grandma's Kitchen Inc Richd (c; Adeline) lab r1848 NW 6th t r3cor KV 11th st Richd W (Ellz L) lino opt h3120 SW 25th nt DeCorators Claude M lawyer 46 NW lat at 1246 rS00 SW Rht (c; Susle) barber 1643 NW 5th av h6710 mid 27th an NW 2d ov Clinton D (Irene) circus performer h586 NW oger A (Ella) musician h591 NW 63d St 3d t Roscoe L (Gertrude) )2T729 SW 17th st Court Apartments 826 SW 6th at Russell W (Mildred) carp h248 NO 53d st pr ,9mp (Irene) mgr 1,139 Sleridlan av apt 53 T Ellis (Melvla) h8631 Atlantic Way (MB) (MB) Theo G (Mary) city firemn h5944 NW 1st ar D'neo M tiawn RCDDS 120 NW 10th av Thos L (c) r1033 NW 2d pl llalie (c) rik 11948 NW 5th pl Thor m (Jan) wtchmn h8245 NE 1st av Dwight M (Kath) radio tech hill Cadima an 'Walter (Marian) driver 156 NE 76th at C(able) Walter B in sismn r244 SW 18th av ErNO r311 NE 14th at a t 33 "Wm (C) earp r345 NW 12th at Biscayne Blvd. idmln J r (Nelle H) bldg elk FNBk h423 '" Wm (c; Ida) lab r1553 NW 2d ar t/.ta an (CGables) 'Wm H sismn R F May 1126 NE 21st at at E ii I Bertha) lab h rear 233 NOV 612 st OWam H student e244 SW 1ath a Ela i rl430 NW lst et Willis (c) r11033 NW 2d pl Fourteenth GULF LIFE INSURANCE CO. DAL "A SOUTHERN INSTITUTION" Life Insurance and Annuities For All Needs 3-4669 7th Floor Security Bldg. Phones 2-4911 and 2-SOS 't


N N TA E D j A A ENE.L T TLAC.EPODN E A E C IM M O O BANSo BARNHILL n NillEan H (In W errn .u\o Sup Ci r43 Mary [che 11r Lee r Hg : '. 126 Sermn A\isn)[(ne An Jrgenscn & doheeffler hris '' Melissa A Iwid Julius fit 219 S19 11th o AL At "u""" It" pai 1418 NW 3d or Barn Adeaile student r3061 SW 14th t Barninghan Elton C (Irene E) lab PO h212 NW L "Anterl'S 2th an 4540 I TTLE tR don & Conroy Inc r159 Barnott Thos A (Jessie L) carp h947 NE 934 at TITLE A m th r Barns Paul D Hon (Victoria) judge 11th Judidal IBSL Betty H lsmn 915Cr8tl Lorcast 01ibCale) Dist Circuit Court Chambers 400-93 Court or. re RdI Pine Tree Dr ole (eB) Houoe h3575 StGaudens rd (CGroveI CO CO Clre Ic) maid Tr234 NW 14th Bt Barnswell Jack (ci r1443 NW th pl Datid driver t661 NW 24th ot pt 3 J.o (cr r1443 NW 5th pl Baid H Sadie Jr chldren's wear 152 SW th Barnum Anna F twid Frank S) h3533 Palmetto Tidle St blO3 PV 7th nt v an iCGorote) lnutaene Dora G mwid Bertram) h2112 SW 12th a Drothy I (wid J Merunl h552 NW' 54th at Ella M (c) maid 4190 Alton rd (IB) tr. 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Julia cook 1004 Coturro st (CGableS) Ceo W (Helen) lab h2135 NW 43d at Katie M wid Sam)) h115700 NWl 6th et Louis (Sarah; Parkway Cleaners) h1022 SW Phones Lazarus (Francs) K22 "9' 9th I1 12th d Leli (F r6230 NW 14th sit" Morris (Anna) h561 Jefferson av opt 19 (MB) 2.7624, r Leonard E (Mildred) mgr Atlas Sign & Adv Sarah Mrs slswn Bornell's h1022 SW 11th Ca h511 NW 6th st Baras Evans student r2037 SW 13th st 2-1625 Louise (c maid 345 NE 26th ter J Wm )Miami Rug Cu) 92032 SW 13th at Louise SIrs waiter Rite Owl Barbecue r3112 SW D J Wm Jr student r203-, SW 13th st ith 00 llaroooh Jean SMrs 9234 N'W 1st et "2 Irgt 9 slsmn r 5 '00 NW t1 et Barr see also Baer and Bare a itarie salter r743 N'W 5th ct Alice I,) maid 91846 NW 1st av Miami Gnash Mildred Sirs grad nurse 5712 NW 6th ct r do Asenath V r1945 NW 6th st Onfice Newton (Louise) fishermn r3112 SW 27th ar Bert (Jessiel linemn r1001 NW 27th ot 1661 Noel H (Mary) catp 92021 SW 58th cI Beverly H r427 SW 3d st Lea Ave. Motley W Jennie) sismn h05; NE tst as Bonnie r5243 Collins a (MB) Paul se-treas Barnett's Inc r1231 Euclid an Chas Ic) r1844 NW 70th st Phone 5.6649 Peter r5t NE 5th st Chas (Enal patr 19321 NE 1st as Richd P (Beatrice) real est 1 27 Alton rd fiB) Chas E (Bettie L; Barr & Bare Plumbers) r43W r2057 N Bay rd SIB) E 41st IH) Robt T (Irene) golf pro h2215 NE 41h av t Chas E (VIrginla) pntr h2937 NW 27th BI Rupert T (Thelma T) sismn Loose-Wiles Biscuit Clifford (c) driver Jos S Gong r76 NW 14th Co hI1 NW 50nb si st Bulb waier Spies Bar-B-0 r1027 SW 7th st Dorothy R student r1559 Michigan av apt Is eaml mgr Derby Bar 927 Euclid ar (MB) "Dorsey T hlpr Hart Drug Corp r1321 SW 71N co re S ILida JI h120 SW 65th ar st T h ; Julia) 9235 NW 16th tt Eleaar (le maid h6933 NW 18th av W W (Jane E) tel emp SBT&TCo r1828 W Ellagene student rSd9 NW 3d nt Flagler st Enith Mrs maid Jackson Mem Hosp h1280 NW Walter (Gene r622 Lenox av GSth ter Valter 0 roofer Acme Supply Co 1014 NW Gertrude Mrs r143 NE d av 5 t h 0 0 r" G lo r ia r 3 3 2 1 N E 1 s t o r Wanda slsmn McCrory's rel43 Obispo av IC Hattle R Indry wkr Model Lndry Inc t1509 NW Gables) "Her av iherm n r3112 SW 2th on erman (Maud) slsmn h rear 926 SW 10th a5 "im usher Ren Theatre J Jane iche cOGS NW 2d et Barnett's Inc Herman Barnett pres. 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HOLLIS BUSH & CO., Loan Correspondent HOLUS BUSH, General Agent


KAUTZMANN-VERNET LUMBER C. MERRILLLUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIAL STEVENS 2~ yr 0i N. W stCrt f 'ssd nbidn, Sooth Miamn Yard PMami Yardhone 2-8481 "WE HAVEIT" Phone 4-4343 DRY DOCK BarRe1l1 Ituby It N+ IKautzo-n-Vernet Lbr elr I L 4 t Co si0t N 41h st XIShnm{L P lI IHa Ha y A Mtnild,) rl0 Pennsylvania av Joh III"' s 13 1"ki"'! Home Miik Prod Assn Barre arryv ,httlldi31t i a ir & Marg1 wid Wmi 11) h555 NW 39th st Barenthaler Haney (Ann ) cash Fenner Barrie Leland E (Aagot) auditor 0,418 Sorolla av arres Fays bs artst5 7th n bl oucher Tooley-Myron Studios rai ion L I~ae patroltt h 115525 NW 77th st "Wioarenitr olyMynSudsvl ia Ln J paveolmn Protective Patrol Serv r1927 Barri itu (tee NW ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ O D8t na(aritioMevn Dorothy L; Furniture Service WBarmt ohn W (Helen tl sisms 6730 NE Miaml S 1uth bottler M1iami Whol Gro Co H Barreto Anna ti (wid oger) r6t E 28th at iit22 NE lit m ter nr8S 2d tT c tVglina clae etmIrdin irrl NE 24th st Barringer Chas H shotunt 5 S 2di Rar Adeittic Lw i tdr, r.791 Grand av IC '' Cora tNi ihetter Dry Clarsn r2 5 2 NW 2d st Gire)i A '' Huhert W IMary( eng h276 SW 4th ut apt 4 AlG W1ar1 I Aihambra r (CGahlen) Barrington Bernice Mrs h843 SW 13th av apt 17 -Apartet 1) M '" Clifton L (Dorothy Fi opr r787 NE 85th otS AriCEna) 4a mgr 1t6542 Nh 324 an Wsi E (Florence) stone mason l3'7 Bird av "Chas E (Menlo;a Barrett's Shoe Kli) h49 SW i ('(ovo I tht E ; Barr1tt ato D (Helen L) h3595 Avocado av (C Builders Chas F mgr Barrett Apis 1t20 NE 49th st B Gravel aBlm r 44N lta arronn.eca" isu Haos Repairers David atad at e3224 NW 6th san Arnce E (Grace L) meat etr Frederiek's Market Del M Mrs tchr Pinewood Park Snh r10538 NE Danl3 r 31 Griffing blvd 4ths n Da arr70 rtigbn 0 t Dori "i47N da Edna studetit v1S II NW 71st icr os ylres l buyer tCDHS r2235 SW .21st ter Eltit (tvwid Lee H) rL.)30 Griffing blvd Marine EdIth P hilt? 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W. 11th St. verett driver r4103 NW 24th av h2437 NW 54th St "Evret anher Reget Thratre r3224 NlY 6th ar Jos F iPearli r609 NW 58th asa Esekiel C (c) maltressmkr Ace Mattres Cs F (ra3 ntc2ma h7i NW yn 0t et Miami River NW 16th tee Ka~t~ryn Mrs mgr New Barron Ayts h206 NE N Florence Mrs 72192 Alton rd (B) 14th t apt 203Phone F lorence A Ms restr 521 SW Spa st r do orts i 01ilaenm)rn 1 h1 1r 5 t 37th Pho T ranea C rib NE 44th ut alIrPui e naiaes7 W3t 2-5151 Gerga M assoe prof UoFM r1001 Coral way (C a Gahledi "Ramoasa C r296 NE Nth st opt 203 "Honer A (bary) shoe repr Barrett's Shoe Klinlc Richd waiter r1156-60 NE Miami ct apt 8 ri9 SW 12th at Roht (Kathryn) eng (206 NE 1th st apt 203 Homa, IV iCerelel baker h3224 NWY 6th av Robt IMael nech h536 14th t Jas A me (m rico ) pdlr 74103 NW 24th an "Roy L (Ida b) carrier PO h1999 NW 76th ut Ja MaAre) hI0 Graadar h4 lvd NW thl Virginia grad nurse 1862 Sty 5th st apt 6 Jote (Stry I2189 Granada hind iCcublesl r do O *John 11 1Florence) h5221 SW 8th nt John J (Mary E( bridge todr Dade County Re" Walter L Jr driver Milami Furn Co r609 NW pair Shop hl1t NW 58th at Sth a ohn B (telen) patr Curtiss Aerocar Co h226 Wifred H I1 E) h906 NW 9th sIt NP E S~ a5h t (Hi Wv V I Elie LI prister :h73(i NE 130th at Js (Betyl leut US t300 NE 125th st apt 3 llie (c r1807 NW r th o s Leonard T (Eunice B) mgr Union Finance Co h Barror Jan P slums r h1B N W 2Nh vi 1 3143 SW 21st Barrow Alice 3 Indvs yhite Pelt Lndry r7021 NW Leslie I (Oma Bi bldg div Frank C Hilson and 35th st rch 1'41 NE 2d av R1505 h1720 S Bay Shore Clerent Ic la ele-dr r NW 6th ct 4 sPe Ia iCtioetr Cay dyer XI' lte Belt Lndry r2850 NWl 5st ter Louis P (Janel 1721 NW 4th si Edith vc) h4s NW 20th at S rack E (Magle City Garage) r1635 SW 3d st Eliz nurse r400 NW 9th av apt 4 "' Ia rlun elk Acroland Oil Co rI 442 NW\ 2d st "Franmes Mrs roach apr Mathews Best Foodsh Murtha E sec At. Bk & Trust Co r424 NI 3212 NI r 62d4t h 23d vI I renic c) laden h204ii NIX' 6th it Marin E Ilsabelle) produce h510 NW 50th 01 Jas B (Murrie) Janitor du Pont Bldg h1980 IrU 3 bar E bis elk Peninsular Life inn Cs h161 ND 51t te ) car t Sunset Ilands h10 oMaude lwid Okle J) 11347 S Everglades ConNW 65th st rnmBr r corse I1113) Leonard N cr Braznell Hotel Hart-v Shoy arid RI d te; latei tarmer h1772 NW 62d at Braznell Hotel Beauty Shop r1325 SW 7th I0 Roht E IHeleni elk it2376 W\ Flagler at apt 3 nt iugt (Patrivial spl agi 1;11.1 SW 13th el '' Lillie Icl maid r3380 Brooker st (CGrove) Sally E lfen h rear 3413 SW 23d st C' Siorrie Inds White Bell Ladny r2850 NW 51st I o "ton H Il(Mary G) il442 NW 2d at ter "Stlu wid John) 12225 SW 10th st '" tay (c maid r2046 NW 6th et "Sue (wid 'ti) B37 NW 47th st "' Raleigh (Frances) silker h'3242. 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ANE BRYANT OFFICE SUPPLY CO., Inc. SERVICE Loose Leaf and Blank Books-Office Furnitwe Architects' and Engineers' Supplies-Typewriter Supplies PHONE 2-0588 44-46-48 S. E. FIRST STREET PHONR 2-58 BARtTLETT Celeste T (sid Cites W0) 12280 SW 3d at apt 2 Ells I receptionist Hudson & Cason e312 Rldge" Chas K tchr r395 Douglas st (CGrove) wood rd (CGables) o Clifford K (Martha) Interior decorator h2729 Emma (wid Horace) 81019 NW 26th at SW 23d ter Els)e L (c) maid 13427 Douglas at (CGrove) o Edw G (Mary J) dog kennels 550 E 25th et (H) 'Frances Ns nurses' aide Jackson Mem Hoop S hd do r1015 NV 26th st Edw J (Caroline) stsn h2130 NW 28th et Frances A Mrs typist Miami Fruit tnd Inc h Emma (c) h639 NW 1st pl 1176 SW 20th av apt 20 Frankiyn Lillan) etecn Unity Elec Co h1265 Feank G (Ruth) h709 NE 83d 2 SW 1thb at red i(Franeu) mech hints5 NW 26th e1 "Hazel S (wid John C) mgr Connecticut Apt 'h Fred D (E D-wn) oismn 8153 NW 53d at 120 NE 3d st apt B Harriett (wid Edgar) '83938 Leafy way (C Helen r428 SW 5th 00 Grove) Hugh L sismn x20 NE 46th st Jas r311 NE 79th st 8Jack (Cecile T) chd diet clk SBT&TCo 85931 "asjr r1 l E 79th nt NWV 1st pI t' Lorraine seen 2304 NOV 17th aVn apt 4 JaiNs (R y) blr mkr 8234 NW 2d av Margt waiter C C Sandwich Shop 'Jerry (Louise) race track h2137 NW 59th at tlidred Ici Indre h228c NW 13th at Jessie Mrs r240 SW 16th et apt 1 Nan E (wid tegs) 229 SW 24th rd John A oIsmn r 2 130 NW 28th u5 Nicholas (Agnes) printer h61 NW 23d at John C (lnnle) carp h rear 734 NW 26th av e Ruth bwid Paul R) r8873 Harding av (MB) BARRY JOHN N (Mary E), V-Pres Miami Herald Roth H 1oe 62000 N tota St (Crove) PRileshieg Co. 200-214 S Miami c Salt H (Winitredi) 8390 NE 10th av Jos Rev asst pastor Catholie Church of cte Little Wlter J (Macgi plst '84033 Farh an (CGroe) ful Fiewer ri220 Asaslaeia or iCaher) Wither It iFranes A) cik Tip Tao Grc Ca 0 lowp IorieAjjjtdrii 842 NE 711hi 01I 1116 NOV 20th an apt 20 Stacr ( sd Jad 46 W 13 et We D fm D Bartlett Coin Machinei) h5900 13" Sloe (Ruby L; Green 5f1 S eerc Stat 811684 NEtha NOV 27th e Wem D Co Machines (Wim D Bartlett) 26 NE Nles (ISose Al driver h rear 690 No 22d E4tit a) MOTORSWe st is u\mJ(v)atl wech h143 NW 77th at MOTORS uby L Mrs soft drinks 1684 NW 27th av h do Bartley Coifee Co Inc (hr) Brace P Boone br mgr O" a eth 0129 SW 6th or 5t6 NOV Gth It Inc. e Rev pastor Satrick's RC Church 83700 Jot H Sory) carp h3027 NW tb st Steridian asr (m tpSIrs Ilk Stusa Isle Indian Village h3027 Parda n a (8 ai oph 1000Saw n NV 12th si Bscay a Dosal Per R Ini aph ) m1h116 S Miami av et Rap c earllne) 4lab 01420 NW 14th ter Barth Winston C (Sophie) siemo h137 NE 82d vi'ast c oetni1002 W3t a Blvd. at Barstow Winifred sten Walter B wilson h620 SW a Emity noeso Jaho Mea Peep lovd. ot Bartan A T (Ai cone) r3620 NE 1tt c tht Ter. Earl ah lAiteen) 821 SW 141h ter apt 6 Fred A (ae) h115 E Rivo Alto dr (Rivo Alto HONE Bartavs n K29 r s hlpr Shenandoah Candles BARTMES RUSSELL (Elsle R). V-Pres-GenI Mgr P Fred S elk Farrey Hdw Co Inc e2651 SW 29th FrigIdaire Corp and Domestic Refrgeratlon 536 Co inc, h1637 SW I6th slet 3-3806 3-53 1 a o k Shenandoah Candle, e2651 SW 29th Bartnett Edith K cison 1576 NW 100th sl P 'Edith K (nid Pete) r5) 6 NO 100th at St1e F(nK tlh 16 Elliott (Lucile) s-n h 1125% NW 36th at "Stove P GAnso 1r tile hipr 1s2621 SW 20h Pl '" Leslie R (Jesasle F) routecn Model Ludry Inc BatrooeCauuitird P itartan) farmo Flu Doirims 82425 SO' 26th et Co 61384 NO 33d st Peter E ic platr h576 NW 100th st Barter Jos L (Mary) rest 3025 NOV 7th av 8729 Violet C Ilk Fapotus Fay's Inc r1312 NW 37t NW 37th St at /tarteli Huh V Wareg) carp 1658 NE 58th et Barto -ichI student r3409 LeJeune rd (CGabies) Oai W ter sismn Southern Lndry Inc r643% SW Bartol Anton ewtchan r2632 N Miami av 3d ti Barion Alt 1 moor The Surf Clubo 1800 Collins.,r Bartls H Wilson (Margt) agt 8339 NE 100th t ( I T Bartetus Jos F iMargI) sheet metal wkr Neon Carl W (Lucmilo) printer 83815 NW 20th ch Sign & Display mfrs h52 NE 17th Carolioc laid J Hunter) iOGO Collins cc iSI Bartenback Sarah 1843 NW 3d st Co.thy r377 SW 1ath rd Bartenfelo Anna maid Jackson Mem Hep 11724 Frank H (Helen) meem h377%A SW 15th rd NOV 0th c0 Frank J (Agnes) sismn h6228 NW let ar / Barter Bert H (Edith) oIsmn hill SW 29th rd Fred chacf 5681 PFine Tree dr (MB) J Daddy heauty ope Naaliiaa Breauy racier d19ll Prod C iLaciloei repeats 02220 NW 5hal tar Bay ed iM)s Geo (CatL) h3397 SW 24th ter Barttgis na M re 61 OV 14th st (H) "Goo He' (Mabell 83610 Royal Palm ar (C Barth Arth cln r 9 E 3d st 5851 Govel C lictdpyrtle 51) 8709 E Dilido dr (Ifltdo Harry (Mignoo) r18N'4 Alton rd (11) Islardi Harry bRnnde Stothor Kelly Inc Earl R (Lillian) h3770 Royal Palm av (nB) rHelen Sire nurce 1231 Lsbon at (CGable) hdo Lola mild 105 NE 65th s1 Heny The Cottage Lanch) Oliver W (Donna) plmr h3061 Stary et (C Henry J ta le) 6 SW 13th at Grovel "Ilomer Ji Sta'rle er muc13h 51137 ay Watv (Gertrude F) photo engr h1012 SW 13th C Mildred) aro mech 03076 Mary St Bart n Ellsworth artist r1128 NO 6th st apt C H Jotel (Jon H PartonCo r701 NW d a Barthfield Salome (c) r17'7 NW 68th an John H rEdith; Barton Hotel) 829 E Fluglec at Berhlow Wm elk Ulllan Cut Rate Drug Store '" H l(Ellal musician tt27 NW 64th et -Barviol omw Apartmets (Harry L Baker) 1568 Leoter SI (abel 1) petroleum products 2119 W~aiogton 00 (355) SOY 3d it do Carolyn M Mrs h928 SW 33d av a Louis 8700 NE 83d ter Cyrus E (Edith If tehr Ada Merritt Jr High ,t Niles S vismn Lester M Barton d3119 SW 3d at Sch 86430 NV 6th av Ruby Srs Indrywkr 82520 NW 9th at H L designer 1920 SW 33d an Sidnry T (Ele B) forma Swint & Co 81459 NW Wmc J filling ostn 810 OV Flagler en 5518 ci Burtholow Gerald H (Imogene R) v-pres Produce Silas W IMargt S) city fOremn 8126 SW 0d at Brokers Exchange Inc 84212 NW 3d a Wm (c; Jessie) flremn 11934%] NW 5th av Bartla AbCrt H (Kathyn) real est 8644 Navarre Wat L elk Miam Country Club r1345 NW 11th at iCAhlf G~n (A m r n2193 5 Falr Bartlett AlfG (Alma M) acet eng 02304 NW 17th Bart E m m aglre Tree do In) oc ol 0 "Stry cold 5200 PIne Tree do (MB) rnia et ndoc 613374 Douglas st (CGrove) Bartos rances hpr Hialeah Bakery r334 E 9th 31 "Chmster B (fiel real eat 2245 SOY 3 .d ae r do at IHi Edm H (lrene A) mailer h1045 NW 27th st arow Lemucl J (Luella) pair 02339 NW 7th p1 Edwin N lone) dredge capt Clark Dredging Co Bariron Lous (Stary E) lk h2000 SW 24th at 1503 NW 010 tcr apt 23 Miami's El I1 I250 Rooms Year iiiii uwl BATH 'Round E from Hotel COFFFE SHOP TAP ROOM 250


GPJENdW s 3d Floor4 Biscayne Bldg. INSURANCE AGENC, Phone 2-2644 Marta Anna V (wid Jas) '602 NW 9811 at BASKIN Maccrls Aug lab 9346 NW 51st at "Morris mgr Jasmine Manor Apts 1516 10th at Ralph W (Marla WI rik h1919 SW 400 at apt 1 (MB) Bartley Edith Mrs r;. NW 271h av Paul (Ethel) tailor Burdine's Inc h rear 734 Bartwell Carrie Mrs lab Howard Preserving Co Michigan av (MB) Marta John hipr Sunshine Products Inc Base Pedro (c; Geraldine) walter h503 NW 14th Baruch Harwich 11921 S Bay Shore dr (Curove) It ga Sa1n W (Leonora F) sima h18 E Dilldo dr Boy baker r858 NW 21st at (D&lido lsland) Bason Gertrude (c) maid r3519 Marer av (C tarwid Morris L (Jane 8) slams Cudahy Pag Co Grove) JumEer 9312 8 W 32d at Basnoetto las ri19 BE lot av tarwell Hosa (c; Ann) 9lsmn Peoples Drug Store Bass B Ernesest(Etta M) meat etr Geo M Polk r90 Barwi1k CIttoe (Annie Si oestr whr 93191 4W Ben (Rose) soft drinks 846 NE let av rO58 SW S0tlh 5th at (leeR ( 7atths M) toll cot Miami Bridge Co N' Fettle (wid Chas E) r1145 NW 5th c& 91761 NW 47th ci Clareoro A (Bath) ntgr Taatoa Aparlmeats 63 EaHery C 4 Eveiyni chat Yellum Cab Co 931524 N0W 34th at apt I N (et Davod (hlrlam) sec-treas David Bass Inc h1959 Ja L (El z) tese sept McKesson & Robbins Inc SW 12th Bt 971N 4hat"David Inc Sirs Miriam Buss Su py4h12 W r tpas Daorid Bass SupplyIA 'a M (Alxii r h2t 2NW 6th AT sec-treus jwirs 114 E Flagler at John I ("aodrE carn r311 NW 50th at Edw B (Eliz) slsmn Dade Home Appliance Marion H (hev)ryni slamn 9286 NW 13d st r2650 NW 23d 0t Morris (I'aulinr radio eng b1811 NIW 48th st Fered (c; tie) porter r2011 NW 6th pl Willey G (Etemtul carp blS NW 22d at e" Grrdoh C (Ethel) asst see Miami Feed & Supply U Marwinski Rub irs r408 SW 4th av Co hl520 SW 11th ter Bary Jules (Lily) r233 NE 5th st Helen opr Linda Lee Inc r3434 NW 1st at Banr Burr M (Hazel F) h040 15th st (MB) J H vhs supt Sun Oil Co 9710 Jefferson av 1 1Baunl ntor Sirs sian Florida 5 and to Coot api 7 (SiB) Htor" 0168 SI 1oth st Jack (Sylvia) h1236 Drexel av apt 5 (MB) Joe (lael) h1768 SW 15th st John T (Clara M) driver h904 NW 23d at Leo (Olga Florida 5 and 10 Cent Store) h2272 Jos M (Lillie) sism MSCo h967 SW 5th av 93 SH' 7th at Opt 9 "Leord stodent r2272 SW 7th st Lillie Srs Ilk Miami Wbol Millinery Co Inc N. W. Sth St. Peter 0 (tary) 91152 NW 3d st h967 SW toh apt 9 Petr P (Florida 5 and 10 Cent Store) r1501 NW Leo (Eh) lsmn x445 SW 2d nt lO8t as Martha (wid Josiah Li 93080 Altos rd (MB) Virlgi hkpr Florida 3 and 10 Cent Store r2272 "Miriam Mrs pres David Bass Inc h1959 SW 12th "W lit s Ft Nut W (Grace M) contr rear 1037 SW 8th 0t PHONE "Waiter P (Chr~ite ; Florida 5 and 10 teal h do Store) t 2 NW 3d st -" B W rodmn FaP&LCo r319 NW 3d av BASCH GUSTAVUS, See-Tres Tourist City Corp. Ralph L (Julia R) slsmn SBCo h90 NW '27th st -0 6 162000 Bisceyne Blvd, Tel 7-9346 Robt W sub carrier PO r3434 NW itt at Joel ri000 Biscayne blvd Boy H (Margi) ftr FIaP&LCo r3434 NW 1st st Mascom Arth E (Ethel C) bird dir 1358 W Flagler Roy H ir doormn Sheridan Theatre r3434 NW ai h do asb st o Call J (Apses) lab t39 NW 100th ter Shae byP Mrs r33b eridian av &LCo 92443 Richd A r300 SW 1th St NW 4th 03 Basomb Ruth L aten C B Motk Co Inc T1358 W Turner G (Mottle B) 03061 SW 27th st Plagler at Wm L (Orrie) trucking h910 NW 30th st Barcosm Bertha A Mrs 91678 West av (3B) Fassorear Kennth W (Vinita M) tel emp SBT&T Mandam Ja A (c: Monlea) shoe shiner Barrell's Co 9760 NW 22d pl Shoo Klinik r31 SNW 17th at Vinita M Mrs ser rep SBT&TC. 9760 NI 22d Bacden Cath (c) maid h1485 NW 5th et pl Ralph Ic; Atmn) cook h273 NX 5h ter Bassen Davis (Carrie) 1928 Euclid av apt 7 (M Wm Ic; Franceol lab h rear 1624 NW 4th av B) Baseman Roy T )Mrgtl mgr Personal Finance Bassett Albert (Ismay) stsmn North Blvd Realty Cu 1t330 Romano av (CGables) Co 1h256 NE 38th st apt C Bash BeHat R (Jennie) h923 Caria av (CGables) Albert Ir (Anne) unit mgr Coml Credit Co r756 o Herbert V i1776 NW 2d st apt 24 NE 38th 0t apt C John L IMyra r776 NW 2d St apt 24 Annie (C) e448 NW 20th ter "Rosemary etudent r723 Camil av (CGables) t Carolyn rc) SE 79th s1 Macha Emma Mrs dramkr rear 2417 N Miami av h Carroll (Eliza) r156 NE 78th st do Fred E ir (Alice Hi service mgr Walder Radio Peter (Emma) Ironwkr b rear 2417 N Miami av & Appliance Co 1252 NW 27th st I sham John Minie) mach opr h3811 NW 20th Lawrence J (Sadie) br mgr Lindsley Lumber Co ci r826 SW 6th st Banhaw Arth C siwan Miami Whol Gro Co r222 LeRoy C (Willie 11) chauf h1402 NW 61st st SW 12th at Malcolm B (Anna S) sismn h2323 NW 31st st Manheor Fay fruits 936 Ocean dr (MB) 9 do Mildred J Mrs checker SR&Co r1442 NW 2d st Mahforo Alke E student r700 Alhambra cir (C Bassi Jos B (Mary; Elbow Room) h8889 NE 8th & Gables) as J Heoy )tudent s700 Alhambra cir ICGables) Bassin Morris gro 4701 NI 17th av r do Marrt R student r700 Alhambra cir (CGables) Bassler Harry E (Ethel) h4411 Meridian av (MB) Raymond i (Nelle) 6700 Alhambra Mr (CGa" Robt E nismn r4411 Meridian av (SIB) hiesi Basso Ales (Lena) barber Jules Levitt Rawhre Lula waiter Crystal Grill Bast G Y Jr slsmn Burdine's Inc r225 NE 35th at MIl Thos (Minnle;' Avondale Grocery) h995 NE Banl G (Rebecca; Royce Hotel) h634 Euclid th at MB) .LT.OS Manila John B (Helen) 128 NW 't:h at Bastaian Dickean B photog 1732 NW 3d av h do Bake Sami (Sela WI 124 E 26th te ln Gertrude (c) ndr hS1355e NW 5th at M sima W' bins chatrm. Nau Coancil of Jewish Fastan blfonica 0 Ironer WYSLInc rile NW 15t9 or Women 9354 NE 26th ter Boutar Eudaldo (Mary) b17u5 NW 42d st Baaett C P slama Flagler Chee Co r1167 NW lst Basten Lottle (c) Indry r1914 NW 2d av at Sybil (c) maid 1914 NW 2d av Baskette Dorodty M emstrs h196 E 50tH ter Baster Hattie Mrs b11626 NE 7th at Irma muolcin x1986 NE 30th ter Basehoim Kenneth student r1868 SW 25th ter BaSoin Alonzo L bkpr h'14 NW 61st st Martin (Inga) brklyr b18e8 SW 25th ter Beas". C typist x1704 NW 61st st Bastian Building 835 Lincoln rd (MB) francis D (Wisifredi dairywkr h111 NW 67th Bastill Lillian (c) maid r1914 NW 2d avn 5t Baston Edna cash MSC. r4912 NW 11th a5 Masa eiii Maurle pres Atlantic Mangement Co r536 10th Jesse N (Alle M) dairymn h4912 NW 11th 00 ,t apt i B) Josie nurse Jackson Mem Hosp r do F1'ELITY FINANCE SERVCE -"" a -HAROLD L SUCK, P-H. L1NST $300 six PLANs!3-3 Suite 828 DuPont Bldg. Phone 3-8303


82 Alexander 9 Sunshine Orr Jr Fashions (Inc.) B B S N OhBATES 1ans Ale R*t) 869 NW 30th at allace (Ruth) tinen FIaP&LCo h2020 NW PAn smuen gr89 Ng 30th st d0th s(t t Plumbing A al t86 NW 0th st "W iey J Beatrice) mech Orange State 011 Co and Batchelder Mary Mrs ated 'Carter & Wixsoe '" 277 NE th let tFuneral Directors r110 NE 2d as apt Ot (a Laura) lab r361 NW 13th ot Hetn Batchltalet Castttr-tion Cs Bra E Bateheiler pros '' Wet B ratter t44 NW 25th et eating "5416 P "ce de Less blvd (C~able s) Wet W (Louise) sismn h36 NE 65th st apt 22 Contractors Geo prs Batcheler Construction Co r Sunset Batet David Mt (Luty G) rep Aetna Life Ins Co dla R,,2 W 19tht ter Batria Agres r1228 NOV 0th st apt 5 .Frank lab r2922 NW 22d ct Elr E A515 SOP 10th at apt C3 r' Mlarian Sirs sswn Burdie's Inc r2935 SW 34th Feank Y (Mary B) hS329 S\}y 1ith as av Barry A (Eleanor) alk iaP&LCa b751 NW 13th ob T (A Mane) sta Nh29h5 SO 34th as Main avBath Bee) (Katie) 1l1000 NOV Oath It MaH" Hugh D driver r3014 NW 26th st Club The Edn C Newast mgr 5937 Collins av Office tone h1220 NW 4th st apt 5 (Sm) John A (Eleanor) driver City Parks Div h344 Batman Edwv r22 5 6 NO 64th st 218 NO 57th as John OV (Katie) mach h2256 NW 04th so N. E. 6th St. arne A stre r7-51 NW 13th av Baton Thos (c; Jeanette) busboy Holleman's or D (Lucydell; Batchelor & Dyer) h1133 Grili Aera NW 00th se Atmcria av (CGables) Baton Areand L iMatot F) phare h3lt SW 0th I" Tillman (c; iattlie) lab h300 NE 70th st st apt 5 PHONES & Dyer (Oliver D Batchelor. David W Dyer) David (iEliz) sismn Flamago Oil Co r7601 NW 2-311 Bate Ath H (Laara ea sg h1133 SR' 2d av: Battaoch Wm P (MOllie) 017620 Abboti av apt 4 O Ceall (Dixie R) radio technecan AFB Police (SB) and Deyt 1611 NW 52d at Battelle Lelia S (wild Albert C) 1,2924 Collins ov 21 Henry V (Edith) cash Perky Properties Inc h Seavey (Marlon F) h4488 Prairie av (IhB) a SW 22d rd Batten Altee Si iwtd Wm I h3730 NW 22d av Batema B Frank r259 E 9th et (H) Bertha D 1231 NE 19th st apt 3 Brooks OV (Gippie) umnr h1409 Alhambra cir Leiman carp r3730 NW 22d as (CGables) Mildred r3730 NW 22d v Ross C (tAina) radio inisr US Federal ComBattersby Chas student r476 0 NW Flagler ter nunications Com, h259 E 9th st (H) Carence (Lena) driver h4764 NW Flagler ter MIAMI BEACH Bates Albert student r22 SV 9lt ot '" Clarence jr (Marion) driver r4760 NW Flagler Lt A E (Helen) eldtl eng h3703 N Miami av ter BRANCH Alice r44 NW 2,5Sh st Baltey GEo C sismn h1769 NiV 38th st apt 2 1122 Alice rs bkpr Paul's Boat Supply r428 SW "' Gordon W (Arletta B) eng Lester F Preu Organ. 2d It ization h901 NE 127th et Ann r59 NE 11th ter P' Jesslie M id Fredk A) mgr Muriel Arms Apts Beryl A (Alice) sismn rt28 SW 2d st h429 NOV 13th av apt 4 PHONE Cathlier (wid Max) r14", SW ith ter Battato Salvatore S (Betty; Caruso Restr) 1067 rChas P (Laarai n stch h336 NOV 11th an WV Haglr 51 5-3546 Ca B iAlart) abauf 052 NOV 36th St Battie Ja a() lab h4l8a NOV 1 th a S C ta St(arguerite C) adt mgr S!2 SOV otsh it Battlcg Elis C (twid Jos Ri h1001 NW 2th ct Chas S jr se r22 SW 9th st Baitista Ralph D (Mary) glazier Pgh Plate Glass Clarence \V carp Pro-Test-U Awning Shutter Co Co h24 SW 37th av r277 NE 58th ter Battle Ben (Isabel; Battle & Hicks) r1726 MichlCrockett H tilemkr 44 NW 25th at Ge0 av (MB) ttGI Damon student r22 SW 9th st Calvin (c ; Fannie) lab h4E22 NW 14th ter Edith SI Mrs actor Federal Theatre r4&5 NW Cullen G (Jessie K) artist hO2 NW 48th at 4th at Jas M (Grace St) lawyer 131 SE let at B100. M t" Edson tE (Bertha) refund dept r234 NE 3d at ,, 11840 Castile av (CGables) 1FJ1F Ellis t (Catharine) roofer 126 NW 28th -t .Icrry (' Eva ) rS32 NOV 1st av Eva ta student r SW 9th st Jessie K Ars alswe Moore Furn Co bt NW Frank (c) h365 NOV 10th st 48th SFrank J r3703 N Siaml av Joe C (Mary Cl dept mgr Russel Paige Inc h as Geo E (tessdre F agt Met Life Ins Co h1744 61 NOV 4\th stI IllpJ Sa d"Jao L (Aese) trait pkr 02613 SW 3226 or aiahl J I(Lucy) carp h3165 Elizabeth at (C Gea E carp r1535 NE 1st av Grove) aGrace (wid Walter) mgr Bay Vies Apts h234 t' m (c lab r289 5 NOV 45t 5t NE 3d st apt s & Hicks (Ben) Battle) real est 1658 Lenox av H r C ,7 ect st aPt 2 (B lrace L projectionist Colony Theatre r129 SE Battl SB N) 4th st General S le) barter 344 NW 14th st h349 do s M sismn Dixie Tire Co h223 Menores as r' Jos cc; Lula) lab 1h560 NW 15th et apt 1 (CGables) Lamar ac; Susie) porter r1705 NW 3d av 0a W cllr Rhodes-Collins Furn Co r1793 NW Lula ic) h1ttl NOV lst to 18ih ter Oillie A bus by Grandma's Kitchen Inc r11 Janie () maid 2036 SW 12th ct r220 NW 11th NW 12th 1t ter Zeeil (c) t1410 NOV th av c John L Mrs chie instr Walsh School of BusiBattley Mildred siswn Burdine's Inc (01566 SW ess Science r Poa n Fla 220 st spt 2 ior student r2 SWO 9th at Baton Harry ) Sarp) artist 05405 NV 2d av Mult g Eliz slswn OcCrory's r2424 NV 5th St Baltrell Jeannette E sers rep SBT&TCo r73 SW lttiy (Mary; Gene's Market) b53 NW 52d st tst sI grp icLuse C Otrs tel opr StDN 36 NE 65th St apt 22 Batts Gertrude (c) cook 1,030 NW 1st et abel Mrs sten -425 SW tith a apt 19 Sat A clk PO r1930 NOV 4th ut +. '.tajeMr itsekr 't454 NW Sih et '"Ssi? s-alter rIOSS SW 12th 51 A' \gaxt C ( Celia)hr ter i444W 25th s t Batt)ynamtnd H iMStury Et aat supt Prcd In Co scar B r2020 NV 20th st 2apt 3 15, NE 105th st i'hilip L (Sadie) r61 SW 6th It Baucoa Allie M ales State Rd Dept r168 NW 5ld Lee student r22 SW 9th -aRbt (Wreatha sismn h328 E GO, st (E) Batrn ev E bus driver r168 NW Sod st (Sallie; J & B Market) Cits P (Hallie L) sismn Singer Sewing Mach y H atadt Biscayne Kennel Club C h220 S 61st a Miami t Charlie L htSW NO 52 a auth (c) eaid ri39 NWI 1st et Harry J ste r168 NW 52d It Sadie D form Deey Lndry Co 360 SW acne rB stan Ingrahat bldg r168 NOV 526 st P Gth st Jasper A ILols Ci sismn (3084 NOV '.th St O*-i dney D r47 SE 3d vt apt 204 John H stre Shern-WilllIs Co r168 NV 22 Thos iuak .Ucazar Hotel r153 SW 8th st st a'os E (iunice) gro 322 NW 22d av h rear do Walter SI cEllos C) 1t64 NE 130th st iola (c) maid r 31 N Bay Shore dr Baucon Alton r35 NE !5th at HALL-STANLEY COMPANY S3-847 NOT INC. PAINTS-LACQUERS-A can or a carload il N. E. 8th ST. TEL 3-5228 I II


83 Leon J. Lichtenstetter Inc. South Florida Distributors HUDSON MOTOR CARS SALES-1700 N. E. 2D AVE.-SERVICE PHONES ALL DEPARTMENTS 3-3126 UUo Handel Henry nisn Peninsular Life Ins Co r1967 BAUMAN SW 8Wh sIt Harold r165 W Flagler st apt 36 U Bonder Hazen chauf 4275 Meridian av (SI)F Jas mngr r2923 NW 2-d ct S'Jdon F Itildred W) kn219 SW 5th av Jonte E driver Combs Funeral Service Inc r1850 Bauer Anne C wld Geo) r112 NW 53d at Alon rd MB) F' Arth F ILoiu M)I lawyer 36 NE 1st st R901 h Julius (Dora) chof 11365 W Flagler st apt 36 2939 SW 1311 at '" Percy r1865 W Flagler st apt 36 Bartlo maid 350.5 South Moorings way iCGrove uth slswn r1865 W Flagler t apt 36 Johns" Carl (Savoy Hotel Coffee Shop) r253 NW 2d av Baumberger Elsa M nurse Jackson Mem Hosp 249 Manville Carl Jr (Savoy Hotel Coffee Shop) r252 NW NW 29nh t d cre rd *istr emp Solar Water Htr Co r249 NW2Aph s Cha G (Fredra) h1440 NW 17th et Baumer G Harry (Eloise K) slsmn h913 NW 46th Roofers Ch.elutie A cash r112 NW 53d at It o Harriet I 11036 NE 89th i Harry III student r913 NW 46th s ^ Herman n-fres Mujestic Market Inc t Hisbiscus Baumgarder Louise (wid Pearl) h7510 NW 15th Al uetal tla noL tuden HMaggle Ei h769 NE 90th ft Baugardner Bros (Donald S and Homer M) auto G & L John (Ioseinie S) I lder 52161 NW 56th It renting 17-19 SW 1St at Solar Water "'L T driver 21TCo e2701 NW lot a C St (Stary H) 1122 W Dilido dr (Dilido Is" Lulu Al Io-, urdinen Inc r2939 SW 13th st land) Heating Mina Arsn Burdine's Inc h5 SE 7th st apt 8 Chos V (Eselyn; Chas V Baumgardner Auto Stil entertainer Old Heldelberg h9 SE 6th st Tag Agcy) 1183 NW 34th ter apt 28 Chas V Auto Tag Agency (Chas V Bauregard" Nalthan N se-trea B & XV Ca Ine hlt2 NW ner) 2523 NE 2d av Sheet Metal 53d nt Donald St (Baumgardner Bros) e2488 NW 43d Work "Ray C (Bylnin El 52372 NW 334 of onr Walle l-Eoter) electo h940 7th st apt D (MB) Elbert I Loutse) driver h2488 NW '3d nt "'Walter mgr GriffIn Eletrlc Co rlOl Washing' Ethbert L IE Kate) 12483 NW -13d nt Inn a (SIB) Franceu sec-treas Modern Beauty Supply Co Air SWin E (Harriett A: Boner's Watch Shop) h353 Inc r625 SW 23d as -i NW 37th st iomer M (Doris H; Baumgardner Bros) b340 Conaionag B.uere Watch Shop (Wlom E Bauer) 37 SE 1st av NW 23d on Boueeo'hmluit Harry b25 NE 1411, s apt 1B Roy (Ann) driver h321 SW 9th st Bnugh hotn J cIk Around the Corner Ion r65 NE BaUmgurdt Forrest (Hattie) roofer h2721 NW 6th It 58th st Theo (Grace) gdnr 33 Star Island (fsB) Baumgart Cath S ,Mrs naturopath 1479 X Flagler 79th Street Baughan Arvhie F lab PO r621 NW 23d cit st do Clara (wid Robt) 53737 NW 20th 0t Oscar N (Cath) h1479 W Flagler nt at N. E. 4th Baughman tcsiv r8045 NN 10th et Baumgarten Edw student r42 Almeria av apt 10 Carl A liarau V) scoodwkr Reed Furniture (CGables) Court 3ffg Co 56835 NW 5t et Baumgartner Elsie Sirs cook 1670 Purdy et (MB) Ella lwid Hobt) e rear 1152 SW 6th St 0 Henry J (Maude) carp 'h2641 NOV 25th av Emma mwid Harry) I rear 338 NW 36th et John (Elsie) hsemn 1670 Purdy ct (MB) PHONE Frank R r rear 338 NW 3611 )t Sidney saw sharpener Smith Hamilton Lawn Ceo PI (teso) shoe rept 9921 NW 7th av 58045 Mower Wks 7-1675 NWthI 10th e Thos R (Frances) gdnr hi25 NE 113th 0t Ceo T 1,7122 NW 3d or Willard A (Mary; Bay Ridge Market) h800 NOW Lena Itchr Muin Senior High Sch r7122 NW 77th st 2d av Bauodster Ernest A baker Slnm Baking Co MEtta ell) E 7815 Baumohl Saint (LaRhea) h7720 NO 8th a Stilldeed slnt r8il5 NW tifth et Bonuotelo Sarah Mrs 51343 Colltno no apt 6 (31 Rohi N (Lorraine) olk Gene's Market r rear BI 653) NOV 'r N s Bann Rttdolh J (Freda) musician 51507 Meridian "Viola r rear :33 NW 3615 nt no I SiB) Baug~t (hns WV (B)etty slimn Russel Palge Inc Bour Raytond H (Helen) 91223 Antlila av (C h-102 N l3th ci ( HI Gables) Cht Ir )rnea hipe Burley Oweldng VSc Suner Abr (Minnie A) h263-67 Collins av (MB) In1,5526 NOV24 us "' Leon otadont r263 Collins ov IMB) Baug5t Chas L meat etr A&PFoodStores r861 SW nnie A trs gr Hotel Kniokerhocker h263 lot sColnno(t) Baukoghnt Alva L (Ruth) driver h2130 NW 46th BasoDi F alo rButdine's Inc r650 SW 2d ut 1 1 at Peter tailoerlBuedine's too r650 SW 2d ot Bauldree Leroy lEtelyn) driver h220%y NE 30th Saoendell Frank A iartoe toch Washington Bauler ithias N hl140 S Venetian way (San Bal C e y30 N s16th ant C. Baum Anna (n-id Fredk) h5431 NW 5tlh av Dewey L (Gladys) lab Miami Sla Inc r2931 N\\ Coroe (mIid Wio,) 'hsekpr 1633 SOY 19th tee 0ha Euarta 16 ttn-)d FwIecr A 12169 NOV1 50t 1 Harcy (Fannie F) ship eik Crane Co h728 NW Feedk h63 NW 5701 t 4th st Geo r2012 tay rd (MB) Kirby e728 NW -24th nt Harold r26 NE 791h t Batter A Harvey (Mildred) eng h407 AItambra All Line Hester tshkpr 39 NOW 57th et cir (CGables) Huhla Iwid Fritz W) r9_ NW 17th t 0 Alexandria S (Grace P) Iinemn SBT&TCo r o J 0 u H pres East Coast Constructlon Co r Dania 1.1 NE st uv Joht E htnerlh Li Ismn Lawrence E Lewis Inc '" Annie (c) maid r1161 NO 1st pl hi413 San MA5r1c av (CGables) Apartments 901-21 NE 88th at Jos I ILe) at siteu cnh hs57 NW' 21st ter At'l A (Helen) meat ve Miami Grocery Co -h Letha lwid uld) 714 NW 201), av 5-49 NW 28th sn BAUM M EARL (Emmalene W) Lawyer, Rooms Bo netlust 1238 Ne Eneel Club r Ulot Fla IS-IS Anthony Arcade Bid9 3440 Main High" Dean H (Mary) filling Ita 501 NW 8th at h630 eay ICuconut Grove Station). Miami, Fla, NW 2d st Tnt 413018, h2128 SW 3th s, Tel 2-224t Earl W (Helen L) trainer h3600 SW 4th 0t Rudolph (Feosa iH dy Baum Accordlon Edna br mgr Economy Cash & Carry Clnrs Inc S,, dio) r"1507 lerldln as r1220 SW 15th ter Rudy Anoedlon Studio (Rudolph J Baum) 1377 Edw H (Helen W) drftmn Edwin L Robertson N Iloy Sttoe dr h1i4a0 NIV' 46th ot aier E (Mabei XI) barber Arth T Strickland -" Em a tro sten C Gables Mortgage & Realty hiig6 sly 6th at Inc 5260 SW00' t i t apt 3 Bauman Arth N (Anital phys h7135 Harding av Frank L (Say K) mgr Baster Apartments hSs3 (MI NE 89n), ot Bertna (mid Edwn) 1166 NE '231t ot apt 1 Ge e (Emmet delmen FluP&LCo 1h260 SW hISh "Char T hake ry 251 XV Finglee t e560 d o n api n rAlel 0139 NOV 58r us 3d Geo (Cl b 4741 NW' 13th et ed abel) olonh 5440 SOV 3d n apt 4 Helen C grad nurse 1136 SW 5th st r do Developers of a Greater Hollywood-On-The-Ocean HOLLYWOOD, Inc. MIAMI OFFICE HOLLYWOOD OFFICE iBIeMy Boulevard at Flagler SL Hollywood. Inc. Bldg.. Hollywood Bivd. Phene 3-7674-5 Phone 310


84 Philpitt's TJc exotic Oarbens, J Nurserymen, Florists, Landscape Designers and Contractors W. Flagler (At the Bridge) N. W. 17th Ave. an 2&6 3L V 607 LINCOLN RD., MIAMI BEACH E BAXTER BAYER Henry (c; Mary) driver Elliott C Gayle r1S um eC (m ary; uLoaveP CleF) N4 & Dyern) r R W1t Frank (Lse 9)ng o 9lareS58h 40 NE lad so sm (JB)r 1239" Baylno AlbertiRuth) boat blde Prim Boat Wk. st (H) mi St o621 Alcazar an CGabten) Jas P (Pearl) auto ech h1210 NE Mia -" Albret 1 (Virgeloa L) drlner W T Price DredgoJas driver rad i SW 24th et Inan g Corp h621 Alcazar av (CGables) Jesse (A N h1415 E 1st av (H) "Glenn C (Carrie M; Bayles' Market) h201& NW John r21 1 NW it Dt o as dJohn M rodmn CIy Dept of Pub Sodi n4760 SW Mlone C (wid Geo C) lk h5332 NW 2d an Mary sssvn Burdine's Inc c71 NW 34th at Bnales' Market (Glenn C Bayles) gros 2800 N Mary waiter Jerwann's Tea Room T630 NW 22d Malsm ar U .. ary Bayless Fred (Rath) carp b736 NW Stat at Nora Mrs r259 NE 31st st apt 2 '" Kennet J sMary J) life guard r1135 VeneUa av O '" Orville W (Calle El bldg supt h400 SW 10th av (CBabl s) apt 3 Bnylis Chas K (Frances J) Inspr Mitamt City Bldg t' R Cllfton (Gladys M) cash Jefferson Standard Div hl SW 16th ten Life Ins Co h3221 SW 4th st 4 S Wm (Bettyl mgr Ideal Emptoynent Serene Rlchd K (EEmma Ml slsmn Northrup Lumber Co bi7 a4ost a s bll NOV\ 3411 51 Bayliss Brooson bil40SRW Sth et (1 Robt E deitsron r69 NE 62d st Dairy Store (Herbert Bayliss) 223 Coral way C Robt H cabtkr Meyers Wood Craft h549 NW C ghI ) r) 100th ier "' Gone ES (Vlrgfsit) arebi hi9i8 SW 12th of Rosa L (c) maid r3944 Grand av (CGrove) Herbert (Florence; Bayliss Dairy Store) tif7 Wallace h (Julia) arcbt Patst & Steward h69 Coral w able)lyy NE 62 at "Howard (Floece; Bayilse Dairy Shoen r22T Wm (c) niesedore r45N t tCsral way lCGahlenl WeW 3 (Louise dei lary erbht60 SW 2d ter Baylor John baker Hoiland Dutch Bakery rigid B. a)"Annex 263 Jeffersou ar (MB) NOV 27tb et Ban Yean Aparme ts 422 NE 26th at John L (r: Evelyn) porter r1975 NW 5th av PIANOS "Be Die Dee Sapply Laundry (Roland L Riley) Bayty Whitney 4 mgr Peasley Gaulbert Corp Inc 422 POX' d as r3l0 NOV 14th an ORGANS Biscayne Lodge KOiiohts of Pythias No 3t Arth Bayne Mauis r341 NE 20th st OR 1 J H Bosworth ER & S meets every Monday S"ara 34 NOV ra S d t i 120 NOV 1th or Baynen Dora maid 258 NE 2intelt r1940% NW INt RADIOS Breeze Apartments 6795 Abbott av (MB) 2395 Pl N 86th av and 620 NE 24th st Baysee Apartments 634 NE 25th st O Court Apartments 849 West av (MB) Bayshore Golf Course Bernhard Lundberg mr Crest Apartments 401 NE 29th at 2239 Alton rd (MB) Coo t Aporiments 6917 Bay dr (MB) Baysde Apartments 145 NE 20th ter Front Aparmrntme 613 NE 22d at BAYSIDE COURT, Walter D Biever Mgr Modern Front Park es Biscayne blvd ft E Flagler at Cottages. Trailer Space. Recreaton oom mmd Market The (Quinten Andees) gros 710 NE 79th Luncheonette, Members Miam) Chamber of 40 S. E. ot Commerce and American Automobile Assn, Ridge Apartments 2336-42 NE 6th av Biscayne Blvd at I 12th at, Tel 7-9243 Fst St. "Ridge Market (Willard A Baumgartner) gros Beyston Arth H (Edna C) see Dade Drainasge 11000 Biscayne blvd District b300 NE 55th ter Shore Building 927 41st at (MB) Edna C Mrs sec Everglades Assets Corp k300 Shore Cafe (Ewing T Smith) restr 1305 N Bay NE 55th ter Shore der Bayuk Meyer h4540 Pine Tree dr (MB) "Shore Clar stare (Harry Young) 1309 N Bay Bayvlew Apartments 828 3d at (MB) r" Shore dr (John L Striekaend) 6810 Bi" Camp (red E Davis) tourist camp 1052 Sino ne rd Noet Strorlahd (6abe Dd Flaynng 361 ird Abstracts Shore Cour Apartments 1409-15 NE Ray Shore "No Gerove) Titles and Shore Fountain (Jas L Pratt ri dry sundries View Service Station (Elmer R Floin) 789S 5600 Biscayne bird Biscayne blid Title Shore Holding Co Ruth Magbee mgr real est Bayaore Robt carp r l927 NW 32d ar 5606 Biscayne blvd Bazemore Ceo B atndt W T Price Dredging Corp Shore Hotel (Mrs Emma Heath) 1307 N Bay r3071 Day an (CGrove) InsuranCe Shore dr Harry (Lucille) pntr e3071 Day av (CGrove) Shore Hotel (Wm L Hyka) 552 NE 61st st Jas J (ah) carp h1201 NW 75th at Shore Hotel Restauraat Wm V Stlckney mgr John W ILavernei driver W T Price Dredging SEE 552 NE 61st st Corp h2823 Bird an (CGrove) Shore Investment Corp Henry J Smith pres Rath mach opr Peerless Mig Co r1i1 NW 75th dD.11220 Biscayneblda -" Shore Press (Wn S Martiol printers 119 5 lovda student r120 NO 75th St Damioe av Itobel slswn SiHK&Co r1201 NW 75th at "Shore Tea Room Bernhard Lundberg mgr 2239 tary student r1201 NW 75th t. Allon rd (MB) Roy H (Virginia) mgr Horne-Wilson Inc b1875 ommon BAY SUPPLY CO. Edwin N Belcher Pros. 3 SW 18th ter Avery Guyton V-Pres, Clement B Chinn SeeBazist Hazel r14 NE Miami ct Trees. Gasoline and Oils, Marine Service 1217 liazo Henry lab Pul E Shipe Biscayne Blvd, Tel 2-7425 Pauline Mrs waiter Columbia Coffee Shop hN47 .6 '" View Apartments 234 NE 3d at NW 50th 0t Vlew House (Geo I' ramerl fur rnms 2857 Baell Lllie lc) maid r1678 NW 4th an Grand a (CGrove) Bazzichi Ed saod Courtesy Service Sta r843 NE Vista Apartments 628 NW 37th St 2d av T~iti Vioo Fark Corp Emma Soadormoso yes 0gt real Henry F mgr Courtesy Service Ste r845 NE td IlIU est 111 NE 2d 0v 11214 ae Way Garage (Wm E Loog) 221 NE 10th st Bea Agnes (c) r3737 Frow av (CGrove) BAYA GEORGE J (Mary), Attorney-at-Law 927 Willie ic) r3737 Frow r (CGrove) 2 Alfed I d aPont Bldg 19 E Flagler at, Beach Albert I (A Pearl) auto mech h62l NW 22d Tl3-1217. bli35 Seath Bny Shore dn (C st Grove). Tel 4-5749 Allen O (Madge L) h21O9 NW 76th Bayan Odessa Mrs dep Co Clk of Circuit Ct hT21 Arena Warren Murray mgr amusements 4. Abstract Dept. Alhambra cir (CGables) Ocean dr (MB) BAYAN OSCAR M (Odessa M), V-Pres-Mpr Guar" Awning Sa (Robt Clarke) 223 SW 22d av 37 N.E. Ist St. anty Title & Abstract Corp of MIami, h21 Boat Sips torp Carl G Ftaher pri s o rvlag A Alhambra vir (CGabl;s) Collins 1st v-pres Paul Eunschik d v-pres Bayard ireoc phsotog r232, SWOV s a Sib olha he-rea pine Intey A Title Insurance Bayer Edw usician 2h1003 Soe 15th av apt 22 as H Hoarihue oe-trats 92S rd as (X and Escrow Dept. Frank (Billie) washmn Ideal Dry Cing Co Inc Cab & Baggage Co (Harold B Wylly) 128 5th r1519 NW 38th at s (IBi 210 Fifst Federal Bldg. 0 Cook MIAMI BOTTLED (Old P. 0. Bldg.) j Use PHONE 0 Refrigerate Essotane 3-7641 S Heat v Servic e Heat Gas Service 1701 N. W. 7th Ave. NATURAL GA Phome 3-4645 N A U R G A "I


5 HERMAN J. ARRANT, Inc. BISCAYNE "NOTHING BUT INSURANCE" PARK Huntington Bldg. Phone 3-5566 ESTATES Beacom Manor Restaurant (Chas and Helen TayINC. Cabana Club Et-hridge S Boyd sec 4325 Collins -tor) 2606 SW 8th st a MB I Beacon hotel The (John S Williams) 720 Ocean Pn BEACH CAFETERIA (Jack Goldstein, Lawrence er (MB) Pi'oneer Gilbert). Go Where They All Go, We Serve Beacoreat John C (Josephine) mach Southland The Best 1361 Washington av (Miami Beach), Motors Inc h043 NV 5th t Developers Tel 5-9815 Josphie S mailter McCrory's r6043 NW 5th at Camllla r1777 Meridian av (i-BI Beadle E Pennington h_259 NW North River dr estricted Chas (Annie) h rear 604 NE 63d st Beagles Herbert B (Katie M) shtmtlwkr r1036 NW "Chas U Iitalh Nil stems h81i S0 3d st 22d et Cigar Store (Miachi J MeCrmlck) 2220 Collins Bea'hn Julius 00 jr (Myra) prsmn Franklin Prs Inc Home S es SMIIBI h2420 SW 11th st SCole of Commerce Thas Anglin director 1655 Beaird Marvin E (Carline) driver McDonald Elec FHA Financing Drene av R204 (MIB) Co r2247 NW 58th t Conditloning Club (Harold L Meister) 432 Es" Wo R (Dorothy) driver h2247 NW 58th st Insurable panosa way (MBt Beaks Shelly (c) driver r1427 NW 6th p Canstruction Co Cecil B Floyd pres Mrs Edith Beal Alf i(; Hattie B) hipr h266 NW 10th at Titles Floyd v-pres John D Dickson sec-treas contra Chas N (Virginia; MiamI Beach Chemical Ca) 13-7 "0 st (MIB) 1h1135 SW 6th at apt 12 Architectural Creamery Inc E C Fogg it pres L D Wings Gladys Mrs sten .743 NW 13th av res E C oap III see-tress 101 Alton rd (M Harry estlmator r5o71 NV 24th ar Landscaping it "Jas (c ; Mary) lab 11216 NW 12th it Dopartment Store Inc psador Rebin) 607-11 John (c) baker Riverside Tea Room r1528 NW Service Waikingias as (S 6lit u, 1 IdiOt e17l NE 21si at Judsn lc) lab r266 NW 10th at The Easy Way Edw (Julia) carp h rear 619 NW 2d as -" rollte (c) maid r1528 NW 6th av to Own Your Ferns Mrs lehr Andrew Jackson Jr High Sch Paull no Mrs beer 1334 NW 7th ne r829 do Home rI "l NW 33 st "Richlie Si maid 729 Meridian av (MB) -'b5 NW "iener Shop (ilrs Ruft i Meyers) 1445 Alton 10tht Property Office ed out) Rabi r325 SE tat asPnacyue Gen E tEmma) h1728 NW 8th et Roy L (Miami Chemical Co) r1157 SW 5th st 12424 Harbor Restaurent (Sirs Sonya Snowe) 1028 Washington Ic; Julla) porter M1528 NW 6th as Collins ey sit) Bealasky Ida Sirs r729 Meridian av apt 5 (MB). N. E. Dixie farry L lElir Ci h1777 Meridian av (Ii) Beale Inez (wid Harry H) 1017 SW 9th st apt 2 Baren Hotel tCbes G Warren) 19 5th is (11B) Dealer H Robt (Bertha) carp h5417 NW 24th av 1Way. Arlen Walter r1469 W Flagler at Bealey Jennie D Mrs prac nurse 335 SW 5th sIt Benry D mech F R Allen & Son edo Phone nJack W cr27 NW 26 sd Beau Asie W Srs trails City Cork Mkt eO 7 2 John hDnal chi clk H J Heinz Corp h'282 NE NW 3d at 7-1255 39th at Laura C (wid Fred) 11519 NW 9ts av J. itn J (Margt) real eet 128 NE '1st at h437 'Raymond clk r636 SW 1st st apt 4 Biscayne Park NE 3ith sa DBealor Jesse L (Alberta) mach h2722 NW 5th at Kenneth i student r534 Anastasia as apt 8 (C Beals B Marian pres-treas Miami Surgical Cn Is Estates Gables) 916 NIE 2d as apt F SLihting Filture Ca (Edw C Whiteman, Geo L Dale W (Lois) carp h3677 NW 13th st See Pase 67 otirete) 1255 Dade blvd (SIB) Eddie 31 (c) maid rl46 NV 7th m Buyers' Guide Lumber Yards Inc Edw K Olsen pre Mrs Sarah lary cash South Beach Elementary School CafF unnin v-pres Harry F Walkling sec-treac eteria rl540 Pennsylvania av (IB) 100 Purdy as IMBI "iary B ter South Beach Elementary Sch r1540 Masonettes Apartments (Walter E and Alma J Cennsylvania av (MB) Leonal) 1939 Indian Creek dr (MB) Beam Alf C (Maude W) h455 NE 56th at Mary F r347e NE 21st 1 '" Gertrude Mrs swn Orchid Hat Shoppe r68 SE "Mam'a She p (Harry OW Petist) mes taregs -d st 535 Wash ngian av (MR) '"'Jas (Catharine) bartndr r52l NE 7th sIt MIIl & Supply Co Cecil B Floyd pres Chas 8 "' R P elk Dallas Pk Hotet r do Headley v-pres John D Dickson sec-trees mill Ruth V slswn Orchid Hat Shoppe r Clyde Court work 132; 50th st (SIB) Apls Nelson R (PatrIcia) carp h584 NW 94th st Beaman Jos R r746 SW 10th av Perk iloinl Herbert Heath mgr 600 Ocean dr Beaman Olive piano studio 125 Alhambra cr (C Manufacturers (MBI Gables) r447 Giralda as (CGables) "Plaza Apartment% 4101 Indian Creek dr (MB) Beatos Rdhd lt chauf 3209 Collins as (M) Plaza arber Shop (Adolf Meyer) 2210 Collins t Susie Ic) cook 5209 Collins av (MB) av (SIB) ean A B phys 3565 Grand av (CGrove) h do "'Plana Beaup Shop (Adolph Meyer) 2308 Col" Dorothy nurse Jackson Mem Hasp r do lins as (Si l) Elector Mrs alterations Burdine's Inc h67 SW Paints Pin Hotel Nsal Kars mgr 1401 Collins av (M 12th at B) Roscoe R (Elector) carp h67 SW 12th st Pres (.Peul Hiltyl -prInters 217-19 7th at (MB) Reane Walter J (c; Pauline) janitor Central PropE n els Rad Shop (Alvin S Powers) radio reprs 708 erties Inc h6334 NW 14th et 5th at tSIB) Reaney 0Cm r2161 NW 58th St V Sivien Club Isaac Levy mgr 1637 Collins as Beard Andrew J (c) lah Packer Displays Inc r varnishes (MB) 1752 NW 5th pl ^ Shoe Repair Shop (John Adamus) 516-18 Cal' Carl E mtcemn Royal Palm Club riI524 NE 2d lins av MB) av Sho? The (Fhannys M Davis) women's farges Clarence (c) porter Corry's Crystalized fruit r 351 E Flagier It 15 W5hp Tongery Shep Inc (Isadore and Morris Arono" 2rank L (Cleo) slsm h7524 NW 14th p1 PAINT -rIeclo 681-85 Washington av (AIB) Geo F (Florence E) slsn h221 NW 55th at i U-Dr'11t F tE Dix mgr auto renting 836 6th C Gertrude C Sirs sec-treas Florida Conserving T at (MBi Co Inc h19 NE 48th at View Apartment l Jos E Jacobson mgr 121 Glen pntr h rear 44 SW 11th ot Collies av IMBI r Jas P (Ednal gro 3335 NW 22 asv h do Warren B (irne h1850 NW 33d st A Lee (Gertrude C) pres Florida Conservin Co Bearham see else Beeheem inc hI9 NE 48th st "Hoke J (Rose; Hke's Liquor Store) h496 SW Marshall E (Florence) fruit 3031 Grand av (C 938 2Lst rd Grove) h3443 SW 25th st Beacher see also Reecher Newton L r5520 NW 7th ct N. E. 1st Av. Emlly Si elk FNBk r2300 NW Std av Wade H (Roberta W) elk x46 NW 36th ct Emma E twid Leo t'300 NW 22r av earden Betty r412% NE ret av "' Leo C eismn Ralley-hDlam alarm Inc r2300 NW Chas E (Maud R) r300 University dr (CGables) Tel. 3-5031 22d as Jas IMantie) furn rms 412%4 NE 1st av h do ^ Wm r (Florence) elk r2300 NW 22d av Ralph H (Ruth T) dep elk Ce Clk of Circuit Beachan Otis E (Helen) elsmn h512 SW 20th Ct h27 SW 8th as apt 11 rd Beards Edw (Ray) h1045 Pennsylvania av apt 4 Beahner Wesley carp r438 NW 11th st (MB) Factory-to-You Beahmwood Apartments 6961 Abbott av (MB) Beardslee Harry C (Gertrude) h3908 NW 23d as Prices on QUALITY ROCK.SAND CEMENTLIME PAITY *BLOCAS -PLASTER Made Is Phone 235 S.W. Miami 3-2697 FOURTH AVE.


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Editor Miami Post, h1936 BefBo Harry A (Daisyl 0239 NW 63d at NW st 5t Bebut larry C exec sec Greater Miami Ins Board Jas (Jone> Ismn h2100 NW 63d n lee Bh170 SW loth s apt 4 Beatiy Alta L waiter 1eds Sea FoodInc e238 Lloyd C (iEthel 1) fns hl665 SW 13th It fl NE -8ck sI Lois nurse Jackson Mem Hos r do Benj F slsmn P A -lickler r30 N 9th st is Myrtle lid Cary V) hl67 NE 76th at MiamiI Becera Gahriel (Sofia) cigarmkr h rear 1230 NE NEED BEATTY CHARLES. Treas Dade Federal Savings Miami ct L odin rol \i amh i Gabriel Jr hlpr Ungar Buiek Co r rear 1230 NE i Da id lotu Li1 laW _,c! 1 ai Elto 03 Miami cc -e 3 NE 1st st R630-34 Bechampe Fog A (Beatrice) mgr Henry Kelly Co MONY?1 W 8 d s apt 2Ie h530 NWl2ittst OE Feed irma S diesel ccc 0171 NW 63d s Bechard hos A (iLarai real est 19 W Flagler st For 0 Hildah elk Opalescent Beauty Shop rIS4 NW a rop Renaur Lb YCabnc Plumbing 39tls s Phliao atblocee I h143 NW 6th or apt S Refrigerators Jhn J (Marg) 0154 NW 30th It Soland emp cecaart Lhr Ydc lac g hn P (Norma E) auto mech halt NW 26th as Bechdolt Artch L (Ethel E) act Met Life Ins Co Solar Systems enneth E diesel eng r171 NW 62d st h1944 SW 6th >( or Any Other i Lise 1177 NE i0th t apt 8 og collc 55 T Farley r1944 SW 6th It e N"rma J t911 NWC 25th as Beebe Carl t scary) crp h3046 NW 16th at Hne Walter riS W F'lagler h Bechei Lena Mrs r142 SE 3d st Improvement Beaty Priscilla h rear 21G7 NW 62d s Brechle Vinoa (wid John) hsekpr 2223 NW 613t st Beauchamp Ciarihel C Mrs clk PO 11164! 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87 DRINK .... in Bottles Hid DELICIOUS REFRESHING Hi 301 MIAMI COCA-COLA BOTTLNG CO. 2 B. Hill ECK IBOTTLING CInteriors Gea M (Belail16, NW 1st at Raymond 5825 LaGorce dr (MB) Studo Co' W serlmn DisIe Tire Co r475 NV 39th st Rose bipr Seashore Food Products ri2O Collins "Harold (Florida Spring Products Cul r2749 N ac ''Ii Miami *v Rudolph lab r2903 SW' 11th or I Henrietta (wid Henry) r321 NW 27th at Sam (Bessie) r5i33 Meridian av (MB) and f lenry E (Jessie) cash h320 NP 1'27th st Sam R (9rances D) setreus Miami Beach Mi m Henry 00' (Marie; Beck's Garage) r1324 Lenox Federl 'Saogs & Loan .kssn h2131 Bay a s as iMB Mit tSunset Island No Mi Henry W (Sell) 4i55 NE tad st Woter ikpr r717IsW 11 ar Herman P (Rose Ni mech h675 NW 39th st Wo P (Sto) roofer Robbins Roofing & Sheet n trua hairdrsr Harry-Helen r2231 NW 57th st Metal Co' bil92 NW 27th av tva 4u0 Pine Tree dr iMBI BECKER WM R (Gertrude H), V-PresTreas bade Julia h2311 NE 6th av Packard Miami Motors inc, h7723 NE 77th C Leon meat etr r3iltO Coral way ICGables) St rd. Tel 7-1067 S Llillnn (wid Martin F) beauty opr h3016 NW Beckerich John P (Elsa M) sIlsmn RPCo h900 1Ith av \W' 22d an n Lori stre Eldon C Horner r720 NE 123d at Beckering Harriett -2311 NW 34th s1 Int Marths A Mrs smstrs 92231 NW 57th 5t Henry R (Gertrude; Tropicat lee Cream Co) Murtha J rt465 NW 1st st h231.1 NW 34th st Sury r2311 NE sith on "Robert lee cream mkr Tropteal te Cream Co Mary r rear 171 NW 79th s r2311 NW 34th st Rosolie ten r429 NV 54th st Beckerman Edo (Rex Hotel) hO18 Euclid a (MEl "Sallie (wid Geo L) iV9 NW 130t at "Eve grad nurse 358 Meridian v apt C (MB) Draperies Thetna resh Sylvra Heiskarl r Trailer Pak r do Thes E (Dorisr y1 ( 9th st (Mt) Louis (Dora ; Rex Hotel) hG1S Euclid av (MB) Up Ver mgr East Coast Hotel 5329 NW 1t uv Mildred sswn Mush Beckerman r618 Euclid an postering 0 Virginla asst L V Gattle r131 NE 42d st Morton mgr Bes Hotel r618 Euclid av (MB) Walter H (Goldle h50 NE 82d ter Mush soft drinks 1458 Ocean dr (MB) r18 Window We IRose Ml carp I rear 5439 NW 32d or Euclid av Wm polir r1443 NE tst av Stanley lawyer h2905 Sheridan av apt 7 (MB) Shades SWm F (tons P) earp h037 NW 54th st Reokery Robi (c; Bettor Sidel BECK'S GARAGE (Henry W Beck), Complete Car Beckett Amelia (wid Jas) r1534 NW 53d 0t Service Day or Night, Storage, Gas and Olis. Chas V (Curollyn) lab 112 0 03} N Miami av Decorating Top and Body Work, Painting, Upholstering. a P s B Brake Service, Batteries and Tires, Alton rd ieonse E sst Bothweli Lethols rt23 NW 13d at 15th at (MB) and 1132 15th st (MB), Tel M Blanche (wid Wm H) h244 NW 11th av apt 5 Bekdnlt Eg F rol, r1944 SW 0th or Roy tRth SI; Blue (rass Package Store) h1534 174 N. E Berkrrl Ads F tines em94 uSW 6ot At~ n O NW -"d[ 71N Becer d G en ra asst Hotel McAlster r Bheck a ilie (wid Frank) 5328 NW 29th st Adelaide (mid Won hi8ld SW 3d st Dan T (Edna M) roofer h2973 VSW 36th a 40 St. Aeurse F (ieot i) root rot 111 E lgler r Geo carp Wollard Boat Ways r Opa Locks as F214 52123 Granada 1d EC hgle Jas hipr r2872 Merrick st (CGrove) T 3-4 Arrtorents R212.25 Meridian v (MBI ) John M lab r973 SW 36th av Tel. 11 BECKER ARTHUR H, So Robbins Rooting & tacy E Sre r2s72 Mererk n (CWeoDe) Sheet Metal Co Inc, h2101 NW 36th at Notion tiosse) drier Crandon Whet Grog Ce B Volght Oiall mgr Lrndsley Finance Co h1060 hillS SV (it 01 NE 85h st BECKHAM WALTER H (Clara M; Walsh, Beck" Carl (Elwina S) mseh 1,17 SW 11th av ham & Ellis), Attorney-at-Law 704-708 Oiym" Culth rs h2.47 SW 27th ter pia Bldg 174 E Flagler St, Tel 3-1211, h461 Christina naiter r2903 SW l 1th st SW 22d rd. Tel 2-1151 The Largest '" Davis tEsikort h19 Meridian o (MB) "Walter H jr student r41 SW 22d ed Dorthy St Water rIl0d SW 3d at Wint driver r"872 Merrick st (CGrove) Esoluive SE R Hk00 NE 26tr ot apt 6 Wint L (Pauline F) filling sta 2301 NW 7th Furniure Ells otuser Heid' Sea Foods Inc r656 NW 32d at av h2945 SW 25th ter Ells A .ten r' 'W 8th 0t Heclrenberg Fred (Mirlah) hr5 3 4 46rt1 t (MB) Store in Frank A (Corinne) meh h192% NW 28th at Fred jr (Dorothy) r534 46th st (MB) Fsedk nolr N Y Life ins Co r7't9 Meridian ar Beckler Ida Mrs 723 2d st apt 2 (5B) the IMBI Beckman Elz M (wid Carl Jr r3554 3SW 13th ter South Gladyn amn J J Lamb ine 53582 Avocado v (C Eloise student r1815 SW 4th st rove) Gertrude Mrs br mkr Palm Cleaners h1815 SW Griffin (Heleni h1110 NE 91st ter 4th ai Harry (Lillian M) tel apr Red Top Cab & Bge John E IAdrey: Fleridart Rotiniohiog Co) Co 400 N\V 32d st Harry Wailter el14 NE Sth st John H iUary M) carp h240 NW 42d av Harry V sory ch Burroughs Add Stach Co 91020 Olga L r1110 W 79th rs NOW Seth te ups 2 '' Sunmi ser Clyde A Epporson Audit Cu 1r2345 enr rot WJnrr ro21 r Robbins Roofing & Sheet NW Flagler st apt 7 Maui l h2113 NW 37th st Vernon T I"awasee Hamoc Co) WlOl NW 79th Hermon hemnt 5385 Pine Tree dr (NEB) st Isahelle r51 NW 18t h av apt 4 '' Wo 1c1 pdIr r258 NW' 10th et Jacoh iRachel) real et h826 Pennsylvania ar Beckoning Light Spiritualist Church 120 NW 15th l John (Verat busmn e2206 NW 6th av Becks Louise A (old Wm t) 944 NVW 4 0 d st Lillian nisan Llllian's Dress Shop r1448 NW Beckstrom Eleanor studen r410 Srto anv (C ,4th ter Gables) Leus H IEllo; Chateau de Elysee) 92436 SW Ross ar ay(ldred e-pres-aast treas Sollade Inc 0th at 5410 Sato at ( )kaklvor LoItl J iMton)in Ilk I E Schilling Co 92137 Beckwith Albert T (Ethel) planner FIaP&LCo I NW 36th t nevi iV 14th ter Louts U IKati 112101 NW1 360th at Genevieve slen rl85 NW 68th ter Mabel J water r1i0od SV 3d at Herber G (Bertha) bidr h185 NW 608th ter 0Mry 150 N' loth an apt 4 J Holden (Decal dentist 25 SE 2d at R432 h1839 e, hls K eFloreno) plor h1816 NW 47th st W 24th st (Sunset Island No 3) tMtnle C (wid Jacob) ir1952 NW 22d et Ooiden jr student r835 NE 82d st rNorman (Norman's Rent-A-Bike) r447 16th st Kate B (wid Sidney Ti r431 NE 94th at M kis '" Zelvit Ic; Zara) lab h6825 NW 18th a, Ole Ic) h11709 NW' 5tih at Bckw itt Chas (Lllian) pres Beckett tOptical C Olga (wid Luist 1422 SW 8th ot Inr25:1 SOV lth av Onear 1 rroler Ratbbins Roofing & Sheet Metal BECKWITT OPTICAL CO INC. Chas Beckwitt Co r2101 NW :6th st Pres. Optometrist, Over 25 Years in Miami Ott. Ifarlier r Ilestr hI5ue SW 27th so 36 NE lst av. Tel 2-7308 00a,:ll rerding eMall Tmple A A 0 Benie Jos c) lab r82 NW lat c' PHONE VI It~~~~ecton Mary Icl maid h3536 Charles av (CGroce) NY T A C .3 6 1 3-4261 S;l E p 324N L 2d Ave. O~U 2t gtcF o laut 1 ;e1~5 i \ and 40th. $t


ELECTRIC AUTOMATIC A. D. H. REFRIGe a ER..ORS A. D. R rIeIneaar Office Serdiee Onot. WCninC Zefu eratiQ 134 N.W. Third Ave. Phone 3-2128 FOSSEY Show Rooms: 134 N. W. 3rd Ave., Phone 3-2128 Bedda Clark (Rosalie) sismn h8707 NW 22d av BEEMlAN BEDDALL THOMAS H (Martha), Maml Beach "Bartin S (Margt D) phys 805 W Flagler al Local Mgr Florida Power & Light Go, 11810 h 2430 SW 25th ter 'C Michgan av MB) ^'Peggy uric AISCa r2430 9W 25thte Beddge Jon H Doris) sismn Boulevard Gro Beer Mao (Tillie) mgr The Wilbur Apta t1220 I thea, NSA 17th st Drexel av (1B) C Julius J Marhta 1: B ulevard Grocery) h11118 Beerman Doris K hr mgr Postal Tel-Cable Co f231 O i lao a IC~ahia) NW lot p 1 Mar ho i S bt hr Riverside Sch 111iS Milan Beers Alcira H H lw-id Jas) h1435 NW ,St st c Si Dora (mid Wa L) fh1661 SW iiib a Beddow Al B 744 NW 77th ter 'eo S Leena Beers Phata Col h212 NE 4th si Alf B jr r744 NW 77th ter Herbert (Evelyn) h661 NE 87th st Chas R (iL lina M) mech h2369 NW 30th st Herbert Jr r661 NE h7ch st Ela S dept mgr Burdine's Inc rIO NE 9te St Jas H (Nba 11) postmn PO h1653 SW 3d st Harry A abmn M D Futch Inc h70 NE 94th st John L (Mary) h1113 Tangier at iCGableil Bedea Clark A drier Aug Bros Bakery Jes cook Old Heidelberg r142 SE 2d At eMiami 0ietde Hal A I'Slicer Grill) h612 SW 8i st Julia r6l NE 87th It Beden Lawrence pot, r42 SW 6th st "' Julia M (wid Edw) O2200 NW 24th ct REAL Beibri Buiilig t'1c NE 1 thst sr Mary (wid Thos E) r2 W Beers) 212N 4E "Chaa E tt'ail r' E1,441 555 13th It Phouts Co (Gra o a and Wa ei22NB Edw H iLillianI carp h rear 1960 NW' 48ch 5t 4th ot STATE Lynn V (Edna M) mailer h46l0 NW 6th ar Ralph M (Leona 0) installer SBT&TCo r1200 Bedgood Robt L (Emma Li pres Carter Cleaners NW 24th 01 & Dyers h2814 Chucunantah dr (CGrove) Vera k2200 NW 24th ot Over Bedingaeld H T (Marie) driver OlTCo r940.1 NW Smn F (Vera M; Beers Photo Co) h3698 NE 2d 30 Year Bedlnto Peter (Cynthia) reprmn h rear 158 SW BeeriylI N jr (Flora) real est 11806 Batcayne blvd 18th r r do Bedon Myder D "Eleaori b3412 SW 29th nt Sean (mid Jack) h1l SW 9th st apt 1 Bedore Dorothy r745 NW 12th et Nany sItru Oelkers Minry Shop r1580 N 1825 Bedsoe Travis S (Mary Ei carp h2257 NW 51st i181th rt ter o Then J (Emma M) h134 NW 18th at Bee Anna (cl r3761 Oak av (CGrore) Beeslier Betty waiter Old Heidelberg 242 SW 8th Biscayne Grant C (c) butler h3k23 Washington or (C st Grovri Beerer Otargt At (mid Atoll r5434 NW Miami ct Blvd. Harold NA'

,w PACKARD MOTOR CARS Authorized Sales and Service PACKARD MIAMI MOTORS INC. 1740 N. E. Second Ave. Phone 2-7621 Packard Salon, 923 Lincoln Road. Miami Beach. Phone 5-3055 Belasco Ernest seamn ri21 NW 25th at ELK Viola (Viola Belasco Studio of Dance) h1314 ^ Sanl it osmn Allpalta Hardware & Paint Co Salzedo at apt I (CGables) Inc r3700 NW 12th av Viola Studic of Dance (Viola Belasco) 834 Wm J (Annie) shoe repr h3700 NW 12th av Ponce de Leon bi'd (CGables) Belktcz Claudia nurse 3510 Pine Tree dr (MB) Selheck Ka1hlde.'151 SW 18th av Bell A W plmbr W H Pennell r2961 NW '30th st Belcher Alf (Martha) slsmn River View Sundries Aire Apartments 185 NE 49th ct h620 NE 61st st Albert C (Rose A) mach opr till SW 22d an "a E Eva) .codymkr r280 NE 116th ot AlbertJ (Imojene) slomn fBelcher Oil Cc h2226 Edw 1Anna) ssmo h280 NE 116th st SW 25th an BELCHER EDWIN N (Mamie). Pren Belcher Ol Alonzo C (Emily; Bell Haven Camp) hT736 NE Co. Belcher industries Inc. Orange State Oil 77th at rd apt 8 Ca and Produce Conditioners Inc, h737 N Alwiser (c) shoe shiner r1321b NW 1st o Greenway dr (CGables). Tel 4-4218 0 Amelia (c) hi651 NW 5th pi Edwin N jr (Virginia) asst Belcher 011 Cc h1564 Anderson 3 (; Sarah) h1656 NW 5th Di SW 12th av Angeline (wid Robt R) r1490 NW 46ih St Emmett (Clara) cook Hotel McAllister h67 NE Anna 440 SW 5th av apt 1 53d At Anna 31 (c) Indrs h near 1948 NW 3d et Florence W (wid Geo A) h922 NE 84th st Annie (c) maid 609 Brickll an B L (Earls F) emp Belcher 011 Co x310 NW Annie S r660 NW 3d at 121t an Apartments 421 Washington an (MB) Benry ( Athena M) coll, h155 NE 59th ter Artn M (c) r1815 NW 6th av BELCHER INDUSTRIES INC. Edwin N Belcher Arth C r1-0o NW 7th ct Pre, J Avery Guyton V-Pres. Clement B Arth E driver Mills Rock Co r2551 NW 64th st Chinn See-Treas, Oil Burning Equipment and ^ Arth G (Kath) baker h120 NW 26th nt Air Conditioning 122i-1223 Biscayne Blvd. B Frank (Emma E) carn r NW 7th st Tel 2-7425 Bakeries Inc (br) W E Daugherty mgr 259 NW Jeannette A (wid Saml A) h310 NW 12th av 4th st John A r737 N Greenway dr (CGables) Barbara G elk Coral Way Cleaners Inc r222 John Z lab 1614 NW l0lst st Calabria av (CGables) Josephine asst buyer BurdIne's Inc r Everglade Beni (c) r3S76 PercIval av (CGrove) Hotel Benj (Gladys) pres Royal Fruit Co Inc h1527 W BELCHER OIl. CO. Edwin N Belcher Pres. J Fiagler st Avery Guyton V-Pres, Clement B Chinn See" Bernice (c) Indrs t120 NW 7th at Treans, General Office, Storage Tanks and "' Bessie H siswn RCDDS r906 NE 1st av Docks 1217 Biscayne blvd, Tel 2-7425, and Blanche minr r1400 NW 7th et Fisher Island. Miami Beach. Tel 5-1065. Stor' Bradley sismn h137 NW 37th st apt 2 age Facilities Port Everglades. Fia (For furt" Carolyn emp Sou Dairies Inc h26 NW 26th st thee information see coo page 36) apt 4 oy E (Margt) cook Miami Fruit lcd Inc r280 Cassie r2705 DeSoto bid (CGables) NE lfl6h 01 Chtas Ic; Elnora) fish 235 NW 17th st h do Sudolt tth r2204 NW 02d nt "Chas Ic; Iva L) pntr h1418 NW 63d at t Ruth rl S rear 1120 SW 16th an Chon ic; ito L) porter Johnn & lack Beds' Sam A I HilMa W) eprmn Oil Sales Orange Shop ri79 NW 14th nt State Mii Co h.501 Mtideira at (CGables) Chas C iLinda) h14 NE 251h et Sidney ( Edot slson Frethan's Inc h579 NW Chas W (Annita P) maintenance mcn h2273 NW l9lth 30th st BELCHER TOWING CO, Edwin N Belcher Pres, Charlie It: Mandy) hlpr Miami Beach Else Co J Avery Guyton V-Pres, Clement B Chinn r1321n NW 1st et Sen-Trea. Lighterage and Towing 1217 BIs0 Clara E (wid John F) h rear 8328 Collins av cayne blvd, Tel 2-7425 (MB) Marine Vertl fi t cook Miami Fruit Ind Inc r280 NE Claude nsmn Ace Cigarette Service Inc r515 NE Hardware litb ci 118th catHrr'wr elcourt Apts 2901-03 Sheridan av (MB) Clennon (c; Estella) ailter h371 NW 11th nt and Belcrest Apartments (Milton Plotke) 1573 Euclid Clyde E (Jessie M) elk h1490 NW 46th at av (MB) Conroy (c) r219 NW 1stt Paints Belden Irene alswn MSCo r140 SW 12th av apt 9 Cora A Mrs ri45 NE 67th st Seldner Aparments 1687 SW 10th st and 5036 Cora F' (wid Wm A) r43 SW 9th at NW Ntih ter Cornelia (c) r3611 Oak a (CGrove) A Lennard IMillicent) r1687 SW 10th at apt 1 "Cyrus (c; Ella M) lab h634 NW 20th At Millicent Mirs siaw Hab Corset & Lingerie Shop Dan) W plstr r858 NW 1st ter eOT SW 10th pt 1 David (c; Pearlie) hlpr h6512 NW 14th et Minnie D Mrs tomen's turngs 2200 Collins av David jr (c) lab H W Tompkins jr r6512 NW (MB) hlFa7 SlW 10th nt apt 1 14th ct Beldua Marciel butler 5T27 Pine Tree dr (MB) Dolores B Mrs maid Jackson Stem Hoop h518 BeLer itric B real et ili NE 2d av R1501 r129 NW 23d st apt S SE 3d st 't Eddie (C; Cora) driver Soliade Inc b364 NW Below Paula elk Wild Cat Gro r71SW 8th Cty '10th st Seifloer Hilton ( Hattle l) driver Miami CIy Edgar L cabtmkr Stylanege Inc r901 NW 4th Pubhilt ernice Div h300 Center nt (CGrove) or Belford Henrietta (c) Indrs rear 1759 NW 1st Edw (c) lab h1805 NW'2d et t Edw pntr 68 NE 59th ter Belfart Hotel (Mrs Cordell. Saine.) 252 NE Eliz (wid Alf E) r727 NE 68th at 2d at" Ellison M (Vary G) bkpr Jay Deering Property Selgim lLinen Shop Raymond Kassio mgr Lito E b1025 SW 4th av Flagier s Ermie (wid Walter J) h1403 Brickeli av Be11lsch Stney x28 NE 5th at n" Ernestine (c) clo itnr 1019 NW 2d av h do ellphl Rue Ic) r1711%k NW 5th id Eulabelle B Mrs taller SBT&TCo r1462 SW Bellkore Itnlph. cik Hotel York x321 Collins av 19th av (MB) Eunice waiter Jackson Mem Hosp r1519 NW 19th Phone elin Julius (c; Della) 4tevedona h613 NW 14th ,, e Fanci E lnenSBT&TCn rll55 NW 7th Ct iMax A )eletN t2663 SW 11th at "Frank D slSm. Hopkins-Carter Hdw Co 413 2-7" 1 log Henry IAnnle) A2763 SW 14th st SW 7th st Sel-Jar Cuffee Co (Wm A Snyder) roasters 2214 Frank L r114 BE 4th at NW i d ac Fred e bus boy Grandma's Kitchen Inc r1730 Belk(ayton (Kate) slsmn h1156 NW 40th at NW 3td av 1 thll ten Baldwin Mtge Co ,2612 Taluga dr e Fred D (Vera J) swsm. h1377 SW 5th at (CGrove) e" Fred Wa (A.. B) pres-tread Columbia Tire Co Prank L r3700 NW 14th av Inc h5932 NE 6th av Yacht, Engine ". Jas D IFEdna I) suns mach h763 NW 13th at Gary (c) hipr baker r1436 MW 6th ct ,, JoyrN E r3W0b NW 12th ar Gazrie (c) smsSrs a1665 NW 6th et and Luthro B(Ethel Jl elk PO h.2832 Taluga dr a rlande r Echange Contractnr O h rt 3700 2th av Ge ic h Collins a (MB) Supplies WALTER B. WILSON Real PHE6135 93 LNCONROAD IAIBCHInsurance S..6hL


90 SUNNY The C. W. Kistler Company 6% and 7% First Mortgages, Real Estate SOUuT 12.13.14 CONGRESS BLDG. PHONE 2-5154 BELL TPIIe An) S2N a1t t l" earli a I mald 19 BE Ithu tiltH rOSLO NW GeooP (Lula M) matt Wood Mfg Co h2541 SW 1th t Cf Gladys Mrs tress Royal Fruit Co In 1527 '"t C e) \Flaglee at B' alp slitt M1 iermson & Co Iran lab r1321h NW 1stt oL Randolph E (Irma B; Bell & McDavid) tll6 AtHarold 11649 'SW 5th batehea cia I P~abteal Harry (Pu'ine) form Miami City Waste Ra d atistC S\W 9th sT a p t I "Div 1h556 -W 35th st Rlchd P br mgr Piggly WVIggly' Stores (br) 11317 Harry (Naomi) driver h rear 1924 NW 22d st SW 501h A Harry E (Naomi ; Hotel Evans Barber Shop) RoIt tc; Laura) b1660 NW 6th et Benj. Moore & r1607 NW 16th av '"Robt (c) lab r235% NWV 14th ter Co. Products Haven Camp (Alonzo C and Thaddeus R Bell) Robt H (Mattle L) janitor 901 NW 21st ter art 3200 NW 79th st Robt J steward r68 NW 33d av Ronano Henry bsa driver City of Coral Gables r222 "oy C sismn Shell tot Corp r9301 NW 4th av Lacquer. Calabria 00 It~abteal Ray R 1ti90 NW 46th1 s1 an nHenry H (ane) atndt Allright Auto Park Inc r Satl car wother L J Lichtenstetter Inc r1643 an163 NOV 3d at NOV tlot It Enamels Herbert D (Janle) carp h25 E 9t st (H) Sas 1 ITIlie; Bell Hotel) h43 Biscayne nt o totel lSam S Bell) 813 Biscayne t (MB) (MB) Dixon's Hotel 1tacob Brastoff) 110 S Miami so '" Sannie (c) atndt r6512 NW 14th et Graphite Howard H (Martha P) h669 NW 22d st Susan A Mrs 3086 NW 18th ter Pait Hugh R (Esther Mo th60 NW 33d as Tuern uEag J Helen beer 2339 NO 27th ns Paints Ira r2t( NW 26th st apt 4 Thadde3s R (Bolt Hasen Camel e1200 NW 79th Borr (tKath A ; Biscayne Sundry Shop) ht5fl at Wooster sW 11th st Theo A (Georgia K) Osst bkpr Thomson & Me. Bruohe J Harry driver Miami City Waste Div r1537 NOW Kinnon r1920 SW 3d st 40th st Thos E ree-treas LuNoma Perfume Stop r1270 James B. Day 'J Wade (Alie M) 1a6 NE 59ty tr NO 29tH 1b &Co.'s Jack (Rosa Al truits 121 NE lst ot Tony (0; Rebaces) tab h3l8o NW 14th it & Jack IV elk Bonacker & Leigh Inc r1762 SW Tony (c) lab r339 NV 14th st Shellac 22d ter 'l"ysses C (c) r1321b NW Ist et Jas h440 'SW 5th av apt 11 Van D (Grace A) spl mangr PO hS2I NW 4H11 Wall Paper -' Jas elk ht93l SW 24 st apt 12 st Jas D (Irma L) carp h43 SW 9th st Velma 3 elk Hotel Columbus Valet 11545 NW Jas J bartndr Biscayne Villas r12100 Biscayae 1st ot apt tS 801-821 bhnd Viola lo) maid r6512 NW 14th et Jas M (Lola M) carrier PO h034 NW 44th st Virginia Mrs bndr Franklin Prs Inc blO2 NW No. Misi AV Jas W waiter h2295 SW 9th st apt 24 1th av apt 112 Jeanne bkpr Knight Hdw & Pot Co r1521 SW Virginia (wId Chas WV) h1762 SW 22d ter 14th ter W Darrell slsmn Singer Sew Mach Co r2541 SW Phone Jefferson h3630 NE 1st et 27th a( Jessie R (wid Wm A) oh3654 SW 24th st W Julian (Beulah) Ins adjuster 117 NE Ist v 3-3317 John (c; Lillian) firemn h230 NW 15th st R917 h1211 Venetia av (CCables) John (Dorothy) sports editor MDN hl145 SW '" W Sherman (Marie) h714 NE 74th st 13th at Walluce A hl115 Obispo av (CGables) John F r2541 SW '27th an "Oalter 1c) busmn hila NW 14th st John F (Bessie) deliverymn h906 NE 1st av WIalter (Eliz) gdnr h1400 NW 7th et apt 3 Water H (Georgia B) h29 SW th ar John L (Lavonnia) r5743 Collins an (MB) :" lItter H (Jeannel slsmn Pgh Plate GIs Co It Jos barber h541 SW 4th 0 -apt 3 l51 SW 14th ter Jos F (Arabella V) notr h162 NE 80th ter Oalter H (Dorothy K) sismn Lindley Lumber Co Jos N whsemn r1377 SW 5th st r1620 NW 37th t "Joshua (c) atndt Mliani Laundry Co r443 NV Wi (c) r427 NW 21st at 9th s m bartndr Second Avenue Liquors r406 NE "Juliet h1637 VSW 5th s[ apt 6 2d av o "Kenneth C hr mgr Ralley-Mllam Stores Inc r961 Wm bkpr Carter & Wixsom Funeral Directors a4th (M B r 1651 'W Flagler st Leonard (Bell's Cookie Shopl h2032 NW 12th Wm (l) gdnr h11767 NIW' 1st ct av to; Rosella) lab h24Sa NW 6th ct Lennard A sismn Marvel Clnra Inc 2541 S l" m Normal slamo l4l NOV 5th et "7 sr "' Wm B (Eulabelle) r1462 SW 19th av Lloyd V (Helen) metaltan Peninsular Casket Co lWn B ( essie M) marine eng h3031 NW 17th av r y 65 NW 24th st Wm H Mina) sismn h679 Abbott av apt 3 (NIB) Lofton (c; Estherl h3611 Oak av ICGrove) Win R I S Mary) dep assessor Co Tao Astr hBO Lorenzo (c; Mtaude) h rear 266 NW' 9th at Milan sv (Ctablesl LotIe (l ) Indrywlker 1131; NW 2d to Wm S emp South Florida Electrical Supply Co Lucille r255I1 NW 64th at rll5 Obiapo av ICGablesl Q Lula W (,oid Rht Itt b rear 455 NE 64th st O"ttt (Olive) 1t1307 Madrid st I(cahles) "' "Mabel A seen Fl:l'stLCo ri2 NE 6th st Willie 1c1 1019 NW 3d a Iargt Mrs r26 NE 25th st 0 & MDavid (Randolph E Bell. Rudolph S Mr" Mart H Mrs tahr Andrew Jackson Jr High Sech David) lawyers 25 SE 2d av R730flr Rox :1s Itiami Bll's Cookie Shop (Leonard Bell) bakers 20l 7 "tarthta elk rIS 1 NOV 3dat NOV 13th as tary trs h221 NE 3d st Bella Vista Apartments 624 SW 14th av Mary A () maid 5'33 Collins 55 IMB) Bellagamba Stephen (c) tab t107 NIX 7th at "rNilredl den tao colis City of Carat Gables r12.2 Bellah Jas C (Mary E) hr mgr Bailey-MIilam Granada bId (CGables) Store, Inc h619 NW tst st '" Miley J ILillie) pltr h S NW '21st ter \ito1e (wid amt) pri sec Miami Industrial "' yrnice L (Vera E) v-pres-sec Columbia Tire Bk hi 261 SO 1st st 'o In 12084 Prairie av (MB) Bellamy Albert 0c) porter 'ht3 N76 17th st s "tyrlle (al maid t69 Onaway dr Carove) r3379 '" Benj (c; Bertha) lab r1993 NW 5th at W Naooiv'lodrsas av (CGro4e) N" Cline (Iy Rosalte) lab h129 NOV 5th et Nannie Indrywkr r rear 1424 NW 22d st Donald L bkpr National Package Storm Ic t"Nathan 1,542 Jef-ferson av apt 3 M)r76 W Iha Nell (wid N Raymond) btt53 SE 9th at apt 7 Ernie (I; Sanmie El waiter h6517 NW 14th 0t Nitsa E slen F'Iat'&LCo r2950 Flamingo da rMB) 5" Essie Mae IcI oa Id Ida E Stilwell 108 O Rivo Sliver K atndt Dick's Cos Well rl-00 NOV ith ct Alto dr (Rio Alto Island) OiIa IC) maid 1022 NW Sth At rd Grace (wid Alf DI 13890 Poinclana av IC S'Ornie shoe shiner John Ambagts r1321 NW 1st Grove) "Pau krC i rdtCo130S\ 1,I Grace 31 (c) r1606 NW 6th av 0 '"Patl Ehkyr Jeanne reporter I706 SW 40th ,v Paul J tEv.l t or P C Dovis Tailoring ( Roselle (ca maid 0'4 NW 16th sr O bl 91 NW 39t av '" Sammie E Ic) tCIr r t517 N 1 14t(h et AJAX CORPORATION ANDREW J. ARRANT. Pres. m onfied INVESTMENT SECURITIES Bonded 1101-102 INGRAHAM BLDG TELEPHONE 2.2522 Private Telephone to H. Rentz & Co. and J S. Bache & Co.


mm miOIflRVPHONE Page 3-6601 Electric Company BELLCHAMBERS ROBERT T (Adeline), Mgr Bendle A\partments Mrs Era K Hendie mgr 626 United Tours Inc. Belle Ann Aplr-mnot+ 9r0 Jefferson -v (MB) "Era li "'id Floyd C') mgr Bendle Apts h826 ColA arumens 25 NE 25th ut (ins a tI (MB) Authorized SInle un Bay Spa (Jos H AdDae) 21-23 Belle -Hrsard \ ec Bendle Sales Co Inc '2347 Bls Dealers Helmt rorene F Mrs cash Little Farm s314 NE "Lin Mrstosas eBendle Sales Co Inc h:347 BisWestingh1use Bell-CIaIre Apartments 625 Meridian av (MB) Robt W (Luul) pres Beadle Sales Co Ie 1t2347 Co lete Line Belledeu Ceo L h955 SW 9th st Biscayne bled p Beller Lois W Mrs bkpr Melrose Nursery & Soils Sales Ca tnc Robt NV Bendle pres Harold W Electrc Co h2805 NW 31st st Bendle sec Ars Lula Bendle treas used cans Roscoe W (Lois W) elects h2805 NW 31st st 2400 NW titov Appliances Bellevue Hotel Chas E Householder mgr 407 NE Service Station (Bendle Sales Co Inc) filling sta 7p a-0 Ws t7th lee 2460 NW 7th a Bellew Kyrie (Cora) td SW 23d ter Bends 'itos slsmn Brandt's Food Shop r311 NE "Theolto A oth RCDDB r3ilO SW 23d tee 14th st Iell Ignatio mach opr Miami City Waste DIn Beneby Admiral (c; Georgia) gdnr r1615a NW 3d r769 NOW 19th st Bellmon Herbert Valet 5960 Alton ed (fB) r' Andew (c; Jeanette) porter h1815 Nt 4th av Setimyre Mary K mgr Southern Hotel 6 do (B) '" Bened C;turi cook W4 Beltot Alf H (Emma) real est 191 SE 15th rd I do Chas (c) driver P 3 Albary r1331c NW 5th av Bellows Ann residence see YWCA r108 SE 1st an Lucille (c) oaid h1331c N4 5th av Refri erators 41 Reynolds (Marjorie) h3642 Bayhomes dr (C Mlnnle lc student r1430 NW 6th c rove)" Wm M ic; Jessie) janitor l 430 NW 6th ct Ranges Bells Eug (Dora A) brklyr h1717 SW 37th av Benedict Antoinette itsr h1690 NW 23d av apt 3 Dishwashers Belmont Apart ents 929 SW 5th st Cecelia B SIts elk PO r1961 NW oh th ct Club (Geo Shelton, Chas Friedman) liquors Eug H (Bessie A) barber 11912 NW Miami et Water Heaters 1608-10 Alton rd (MB) Fay S slsmn L L Powell & Son r Gan Marino Commerelat Dry Cleaners (br) Jas Baird mgr 3412 NW 7th Island I I B) Rerigeratlon a 'Frodk Water Coolers Betel Arth Greenfield mgr 301 Ocean dr (MB) Helen slsw Louis J Schiller r1030 15th st (MB) Belorance Josephine (wid Felix) p529 Majorca on John H (Anna) hk226 SW (CGables) J tosephine lits nurse 826 NE d av h do Specialists in Leslie B sst cash 03326 SW 32d et All Electric elamrtier Charlotte meS t r Ciablos ElemenRobt atndt Ocean Breeze Trailer Park r11150 Westinghouse acy SCh h4246 SW 14th ter apt 2 Biscayne blvd "btsda BoCasl tudent rh414 SW ter p t Robt C (Anna) comtr police Biscayne Park h733 K h SithAm A5 IBeyri sent 2145 SW 11th st h do NE -18th et clebe B Dale (Mtnnle C) 10 NW 5d d '" Sauller T (Cecelia B) bldg contr 1961 NW 24th Belt {; Loolso SMrs offie s en M5 C OWtlson rl676 ct h do21 SW t9th ter Benefteld Jus C tilestr Venetian Art Marble & N. E. 2d Av. Litc (wid Fleter) 1,t676 SW 19th ter TeraCo l29 NE 82d sIt Beltas Herd Ic) mold 2613 Nocatee dr r2015 NW Lester L slsn SBT&TCo r952 Alton rd (MB) PHONE 011 Cl 0 ICMrv) itein (c) lab r1153. Id ct Fth c tert) rIt Benenoeld Ben (Mollie) h23 Jefferson an (MB) 2-5255 Frank (e ; Berta) 02015 NW 6th et Benenhecley Joshua (Edna E) gdnr h2740 NW 24th John J ic: Kltoa) beer 3005 NW 3d av h1970 do so Roy R (Marjorle) tourist camp 5950 SW 8th st Ruby waiter The Thirty-One Hundred r2740 NW r do 24th st Relvedeon Apartments 244 NW 11th av Beneratan Viola (wid Wm) r3462 North Moorings Belvin Jas Ic; Marie) elnr LaFrance Clnrs & WSay iCGrove) Dyers b1755 NW 6th av Benerof Ann E see White Line Cab Co Inc r4450 Beman Hardy (c) 61416 NW 5th pl Post st (MB) Bemelmans Lantpert (Emmy) sculptor rear 2653 Benesh Jos J auto moch hipe Miami City Garage SW 50th et h do r2734 NW 22d av Benetez Rafael clk Surf Hotel r444 Ocean dr (NIS) Bemes3h Albert (Tillie) -,1018 Meridian av apt 5 Benevolent Protective Order of Elks R E Norcross l)ec 0 NE 3d av Bews Lucy M furn rms 1144 NE 55th st h do Beoneld MaNrie Mrs mold r1430 NW 37th ot Bee, Balt & Tackle Shop (Beni Lubelsky) 1100 Benick Eug H (Bessie ; Brown Derby Lunch Room) NE 19th It 66122 NOV 7th av Fish Market (Benj Lubelsky) 1100 NE 7th or Herbert L (Marie; Brown Derby Lunch Room) Realtors Pines Jay Podll mgr beer G76 NW 5th st 66128 NW 7th av Beneh Jack (Phyllis) mgr Adorla Beauty Salon 'Reniskie Nathan h52 Meridian av apt 17 (SIB) 6L234 Euclid av (MB) Benitez Benj (Emla) chauf h rear 2020 NW 3d Senaw Eug B (Helen C) stsmn h rear 12940 NE av P T 4th an Benitoa Antonio r6918 Indian Creek dr (MB) Benhekn Sury intwn r1344 S' 3d st Jos P (Josephine) h6918 Indian Creek dr (MB)E Bender Anne swn Burdne' Inc rt44 NE 5th st Benjamin Adda M wid M Ennis) 6310 NE 25th JBetly MI see Thus R Norfleet 1782 iW SI t t CaUpy private see Sunset Islands Co r1220 9th Alice (c) r1741 NW 62d ter St (Sl) BENJAMIN AMOS. Associated S Pierre Robineau. Cath Mrs h229 NW 5th at apt 2 Lawyer 7h Floor Olympia Bldg 174 E Flagler Florence 0661 NW 901h st st, Tel 2-2410. r1637 SW 10th t, Apt 4. Tel Frances waltress rl771 NW 36th st 2-2468 tlrace 01 Strs elk Jackson Mem Hsp h1964 NE Apartments 101 OWashington av (MB) 4th a Chas G auto pntr 13-17 NW 2d av r173 W FlagJohn P (Minnie C) lab PO h661 NOV 90th st ler et Laura r46 NE 47th St Daisy (c) maid h1836 NW 5th ct Marjorie rN61 NOV 90th Mt Edo Ic) porter 1-30g NW 14th st I 1 Maltte 0 Iwid Chas W) 7020 Biscayne blvd Edw G sect Cecil D Milner r560 SW 3d et O MelIn Rse; 'al,, Stamp Cc) r740 Euclid Emma C) maid 1513 NW 5th av as iI(BI Emmett L (Dorothy) mgr Florida Federatlonist Merle V' ILIllian) electn h1872 NW .t nt Inc h2300 6W 52d et r Robt W I Ethel) carp 04735 NW 2d at '" ay Mrs h21 SOY 13th av apt 206 Ruth Mrs 61782 SIV 5th at "H (Eli O I h640 NE 58th 0t Thomas W ( Mary) carp h rear 258 NW 41s1 t Harden c) 0546 NW 20th et Walter c) porter r330e NW 14th Isador (Florence D) trea West Flagler Amuse0Wm Margt) h 0113 SW 1st st ent Co h3460 Sheridan an (IB) Bendhelm Harry ISallie) hI510 Drexel av apt 4 Isador (Sophiel moo Melba Aps h631 113Lth t IMII opt 2 (MB) Be"I Fred G em V Pimbr 1260 W Flagler st Jake le) lab r1508 NW 6th et endlct Frank L (Floren 11 roofer r1748 NW 16th Jas (ci stevedore r3636 William av iCCrovel aI 4Linwood (c) broom mkr e1741 NW G2d ter FLORIDA'S FASTEST GROWING DEPARTMENT STORE 2.616 .ill .ia N. E. First St. at Miami Ave. Phone 2-6161


92 aa Stembler-Adams -Frazier TINGLE Insurance Agency Inc. MA PAIFi __PHONE 2-4174 First Federal Bldg. 100 N. E. 1st Ave. l BENJIN NNITT B JLouis (Rose) sts b1637 SV 10th t apt 4 ivid Icl r067 NW 5th p1 ,I Louise hi Mrs hoe mg i3iam7 Chnhs t20 NW David A (Ida O) sheet metal wkr W t Robbins 2d 0r & Son Roofing Co h900 N 22d t .im' ., e -" Morris lab City 3 NWpet 2de Di [ Delmar .1 (Velma M) cok 111260 NW 38th at Mais 'Morris lab City Property lite In Daze L ITesuie) rolls NOVltta irms 2" Ned (c; Astir) iah 11733 NW 2d Ct a neinand I wrttaper Bcau h2ii NOV 3Mh a First Nora Ic) maid 3611 Bayhomes dr (CGrove) d" a sweamier r a r195 NW Ilh an Exclusive 3769 Florida av (Crove)ora Dora ci cook ? NW dd ar Oscar L (Louise) pntr Chas G Benjamin 20 '" Dora C t r Ii pr unshine Prodts Inn PAINT NV d ac Doroity 195 NW Kth si apt2 Russell E (Vera) shimn MDN n129 SE 3d t EDoroty B olo Si K&a) r3 6 NW f s ha STORE Benjamine Edt D auditor r537 SW 3d st Earl C ( rGeori) 2332 NW 234 an "' Frankie L tech Jackson Mem Hosp r 2 0 Edwl (Ne(I Nla)ni7iniri (MBWnt apt 34 (d MB Ben Karl Alexis Jr student r691 NW 31st ter Edw R (Virginia S) mgr Berner-Pease Inn h7601 Distrihutors Dolile (wid Aleisi 1691 NW 31st teerW3d4 s r royce tchr Bighand Park Seh r91l NW 31st Edm V (Rasetta) 13080 Aniation av (CGroes) DOZIER ter Elaine omors rk & NW lth at Benn C Edw (Judy) radio opr r34 2 1 NW Flagler Elo I Mr elk rSrT&TC 131 NW 19th a. adtenr' Ellie Ic; Pztebel I perns il NOVI S i 13ts GAY'S Chas (Natd P) auditor h3421 NW Flagler ter Elwood K (Madelyn) waiter h1227 Marianna at Aarguerite aIrs r2510 SW 9th st apt 5 iCEable l PRODUCTS Myron E (Jeannette W) slsmn Balde-Wod Inn Emma (wid Al bert, e31ia W 261h st 3669s SOT 14th 01 Emma (wiid Jahn) h13i45 SWV 1l711 at Thos (C) filling sa 1662 NW 3d av h1739 NW Emo E meat otre l I NV 9th at 4th at t' Erastas L I Elira Cl olsion h1068 NOV 6th at 4th 1 llav rgaerlte3 ShorSM dr Ernest K (Lillian E) photog h512 NE 75th at Bargdh(C3rte)y s Ethel alterations Burdioe's Inc r1912 SW 28d Sunlight tenser Boo & Pintiog Co Thot 0W' Penner prert ten bites Leonora Ben er see Saril C Letenso v Eula Mrs Ir olk TrficDi Die Miami Beach Pellee e rcs Isadore Boesjmin teas 1023 SW 25th7 on E epet 132Mieh gas oaptg 140 MP) 11 Painters' N 2 d AtL Frances A mgr Junior League Thrift Shop r2368 Suplies "John P Jewel E) butcher Bockmoor Gro 159 Frnk h9h NE 3d a PPNE 59th ItTah795N3dn Leonra Irs see Penner Box and Printing Co Frank dihwasher htarty's er r1424 NS 2d h2449 S9W 4th st a 494r ne 4 N s t Frank W (Chrisline) ssmn b913 NW 39th at 49S .1st "' Mar nurse r 861 NW3t~h It Sp,4 we et 1 lc n 2 1 a.C. s "Sollie today wke Amer Linen Sap r743_ NW 3d Fred Lae Mret thanI Paa Lnontea 1~~i-dr In l NW9 St It OV a \s (Leonora) pres Benner Box & Printing r B)d7IMP) Co j244 SIW 4th S CeoM 3fav90 NOV 78th at PHONE "Thos Wlt I m I C rear 2449 4W14ttbhtt Gay A lt aynor H) tress Southern Food Stoes OHO E m' ida hI)r simn 1304a NE4 st 4tt too 173 SW 16th ten 2-5012 Clarene ; Renec) porter ,334 NW Leans) restr 155 NW 35th at Pros ''t Bt arry A r114 SE 4ll It Bennett Abbie V (wid Geo A) r1825 NWV 21st st Harry E (Ruby E) prsmn h1020 SW 13th or Ada (wid Burle) 1900 NW 23 St Hattie (c) 12067 NW 5th pl Adallne 5l lwid Jas) r4206 Alhambra clr (C atrs h1740 NV 23d ot Gables) .. el M riv s cc Hudon & Caon r24 28tth Algernne elk r55 SW 21st av apt n t li i. Alf Alata 3150i Hibiscus s (CGrove) Henry Le MarthaI) e11 NW lt 0t Alrin P (Madeline) barber J Noomon Bennett BENNETT HERMAN V ( H P1es-Gersi Mat rl 9 NW 29th st Pan-AmEriTan e rt ertiet in, r2Gn Md Ame 1 E (w id Thos) b1.510 Genoa st (CGables) PnA ia n SertSrieIc -2 E2 CAnne (wid Isaac) t11m32 NE 1st av 6t0 ogv(Josephine) auditor 'Miami Beech KeaA frth C (M5ary JI sIsmns Ralley-slilam Inn hll34 e1lbrSrsd Dextel u 51-T1 nt Ciaso r Sarfslde r (a It) h1874SW 0 "'Hunter (ladge) h1541 Brickell av Arth J (Clarice) son 1614 1W 3d an apt 10 2 sbl L hint ttattslioian BardIpt's tat bails Betty mdse adj Burdlne's Inc r31 SE 6th It NaelL Mrs tatsiinBtdn aebg ala) (c) r3760 Frow a(C Grove)" NE Eia ri at M erritt Pettyodo C stckmn Slaml Parto & SprIng Co hel. 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II4 NW 4th st lessins a (CGablesl Johnnie C Mrm dep Co Clk of Circuit Ct l1825 Chas I student r152 SW 8th sIt NWV 21st st Chas T (Nellie) h328 NW 1st at Jut leO oe3 2 0 NW 24 at 201 2032" Ciara P Mrs priv sea City Clerk (3IB) r456 Jos K (Eubel) plmbr 11912 NW 234 trr St Pass at Juanita student r15e SW 8th st Clarence A (Maybelle B) bh6910 NW 3d nv Julia B priv ses Burdine's Inc r342 SW 1ith Caumet Clarence R (Fannie S) tlsmn Koger-Everson Co at apt 3 d. Inc 2363 SW 26th st Julia B IwId Cass H) 144 NE 52 ter g.dg Clayton F (Dorothy W) 1728 NWV 22d p1 t Kathryn lis oahr Caostack Elemetary 511 E (ossie (c; Janel patter r33-1 NOV '15th 55 112 Palmetto dr (lISpoti 10 N. E. Cora IW (4wid 11 ebr104 oisp o v fCGables) Lawrence (Reba) reorte 1503 NE 6d at3 Third Ave. Daisy It (wid Augustus) 628 NW 63d st Lawrence student r31 NW 19th an Dalmo E meat at, r1345930 17tht Lena (c) r1539 NW 5th pl nor. Dan W Helen) linemn FIaP&LCo a1444 NW LeRoy (c; Virginia) h1956%rh NW t l E. Flagler 1ath at Lester Ilk r2900 NW 78th st Phones MELROSE NURSERY & SOILS CO. 2-8435 Nurserymen Landscape Designers and Maintenance 2-8436 2741 N. W. 27th AVE. PHONE 3-8611 For Further Information See Page 53 Buyers' Guide -J


PAN AMERICAN SECRET SERVICE Ic. 0HNE 'S' HRA .IE DY"All Le .tm to Investigations Solicited" IT3-1 OLYMPIA BLDG. 18f -11 R: TT Bennie Banks A r1339 16th at (SB) t M "lmin Tf (Mlarmt M bridge indr h6i NW 10th Ella Mre librarlan Christian Science Reading e aRa LewIs h rear R98 NE 80th at Ella (wid Geo F) G0339 16th st (FB) L Ic) cok x160 NW 7th at Bennington Geo S (Eunice E) driver Little River Lotus B Mrs h18 NW 47t4 ter Lumber Yd hT23 NW 73d at " LndajiMI-e)h13_0Drexel anr npt 24 (MIB) '"Jan L (Ruby) h177S NE 3d et apt 4 y" Louis h920 ennsylvania an apt 2 (MB) RenioLn Edt A (Besste Ci ri SALRy h3677 SW SLeuise Mrs waiter Terminal Lunch r Chimes 3d st Botel John N (Betty K) formn SALRy h1705 NW 44th te-lle (c) maid r43 NW 14th ter st e wLlla waiter Terminal Lunch r Chimes Hotel Benny Morris h rear 3302 Crystal ct (CGrove) Luther C (Cecilta Al: Bennett's Service Station) Bonoist Jos 3' (Josephine) clk FIaP&LCo h618% hi20 NW 28th st SW 13th av Date iZenna L) clk FNBk h157% NW 28th "Louis SI c114 SE 4th st at Louis \I mgr Elmn Aptl h629 SW 10th av apt 2 "Mabel student r809 Messina av (CGbles) Benoit Albert B driver Renuart Lbr Yds Int r "e t Marcellus R ht1809 Valencia an (CGables) 1044 NW 27th av o Marguerite H priv sec (Lester F Preu h326 SW Ales E (Almeria M) h1044 NW 27th av rJ m 6th st tpt 12 Ernest J r1044 NW 27th av "Marian sten Lewis J Hewes jr r1912 SW 23d Louis carp r1044 NW 27th av tnr apt 3 Bensuh Herbert h436 NW 96th at SMurtita h695 NW 20th st apt 3 Herbert R (Mary) sheet mtlwkr G & L Roofing Mary beauty vor 152 SW 8th st Cv r9299 NW 7th av Mary J h329 NE 56th st Bensinger Earla waiter Palmer House Restaurant SMeKinlev (Gladys) Carp h3170 SW '24th ter r6512 NW 5th ot "Me rii Ot (Mildred M) tour lyr b24B4 NW 61st Brason A J (Aleina) mech hISRI SW 24th at Mita W i v(ones Miami 'Beach Express Co) r4568 Alicu E (wid Jos) h540 NE 132d st Post an (MB) Arth B (c) phys 1018 NW 2d av MR42 NW 2d AU "Mona Mrs h3561 SW 14th nt av S)ocrris h67 Collins av apt 30 (MI) Berry (Grace) eng h2429 SW 25th ter g 9 Murphy M IEuia) steelwkr Maule Industries -Beverly D (Stary P) furn repr 117 Sevilla 4v a r313 NW 36th et (Ocabtes) bl2l Senilia an (Ci2Shles) tNorman D (Phyllis W) rlk Fla Insp & Rating Birgit sten rt105 SW 58th av E rv Bur h923 SW 12th av Chas D (Era M) h566 NW 62d st 0 Jos auto pntr Nat T McGehee r619 NW 31st Clifton D (Ella S) lawyer 25 SE 2d av B513-15 O at ht235 Coral way (CGables) Phyllis W Mrs Men Mayor Appliances Inc r923 David (c; Lula) lab r320 NW 11th st w SW 12th an Doris asst mgr r6039 Collins av iMB( I "andall -L (Viis) lab Livesay Window Co Inc Edythe sec Dr J Holden Beckwita r48 NW 25th td r3046 SW 28th la st Raymond W (Bertha) car h152 SW Sth st Einar (Elsa) pntr h2105 SW 58th av V lichd A optIcianJas H Keene Evan Ic; Irma) h3630 William av (CGrove) 1 obt (; Wi iletta) r1705 NW 3d .v i Frank R c712 SW tot at a Robt B h40 Ventura av (CGrove Geo (c) pntr r316 NW 15th st Rahi B (1I Tallulah) rlk MDN h6143 NW 4th av Gunnel slswn SBK&Co r2105 OW 58th av Robt C (Zola) servicemn Davidson & Co Inc r Henry C surveyor M B Garris e5928 NW 1st ave .2 NZ 22d a" Herb bartndr Chesterfteld Cufe 3Ohl Elh Tip Top Gro Co e8 SW 11th at BENSON J A (Mae L), General Contractor 1632 a oland SI (Ruth) ssm. h4073 Park av IC Pennsylvania av. R4 (Miami Beach). Tel Crane) 5-5379, h601 W Dilldo Drive, Dllido Island, B 0 (vci mcoob r755 NW Sib ct a JTel 5-4044 Altred (Atm) mgr Gulf Stream Apts h639 Rosis c) c826 NW tat av Collins av (MBI) Rusell H chr eng WKAT Broadcasting Co r1339 Jas M (Ora L) gro 9902 NW 7th an h do16th st (MB) "Jerry S (Kathryn) R1584 Biarritz dr (IB) Ruth H Mrs s-pres Pan American Secret Service John lab Fogal Boat Yard r36 SE 2d nt Inc cl7 NE 24 an Kay A waiter rl3l0 NE tat ct S Sadie A (wid Herschelt V) h2644 NW 22d et Leonard (c) maiter t3630 William av (C Grove) Sarah E (wid Cais) r33550 W Fairview at (C w Margie (c) r3630 William av (CGrove) Grovel Mary P visitor State Welfare Bd r117 Sevilla "Simon Ic) chauf 540 NE 96th st r641 W 14th av at Monte r131 W 7th st (H) ife Simon (c; Allie) lab h1637 NW 5th av Morgan (Altec) ntr r2708 NW 55th at Tallulah adv MiSCo r3624 NW 2 2d av Nannle C h267 NE 25th st Thelma E Mrs mgr Eleventh Street Cleaners Nina (mid L J) 51S14 SW 22d av apt 11 Assurance "32 SW 4th at Olga prn Santa Clara School h1558 BW 6th st Tha C shan Table Supply Storen h219 NW apt 3 Sld nt Press IMilton Zirl) printers 209 6th at (MB) 1n Valley K (wid Robt) act Standard Wholesale Valerie r16 Meridian av apt 108 (1t3) U, Cro Cu r6920 Camari nst (CGables) Walter J (Florence E) stonecte h rear 3228 SW Vernn driuer l118 NW 14th pi 3d st of Canada ^Vernon tMatrgt) sismn W H Thomas Dairy h Wortity T (Jewel) filling sta 276 NW 5th st 7718 NW 14th pl h1i20 NOV 53d ot Virginia (c) mald 3190 Pine Tree dr (ME) r Bent Robt 0 (Isabel) h4821 NW 15th av 1956 NOV 5th p Bentel Karl H (Mildred D) sismn Bell Bakerles Tirginta student r 52 SW Sth st Inc x!59 NW 4th st Complete "Wanda Mrs ht109 Valencia av (CGables) Bentham Marie (wid Jas) r7639 NW 15th as WIllene toehkpr 20 NW Rth st r do Benthou LeaIs (c; Viola) lab r249 NW 9th at Life "m aern mech r514 NIW 54th sI Bentley Aaron (c; Mary) h1445 NW 1st pl SWm student r42 Almeria av apt 5 (CGables) Alton J (Mellie L) carrier PO h2468 SW 23d and Wm E (Jtlla B) sismn h342 SW 12th av apt 3 sI Km W (Eath) ole cler 645 S Miami av r3485 Annie K Ic) maid r3428 Hibiscus st ICGrovet Annuity SW 22d ter Beni J steward r1116 Ocean dr apt 302 (MB) Wm E jr IElsie etsmn TlaP&LCo h2121 NW 1st Calvin P (Irmal h27 Star Island (MB) Service ter Caribelle (c) maid r3 6 32 Charles av (CGrove) Wm P grease rack Christopher Motor r555 RW Clara B r27 Star Island (MB) 1st at Clara B (mid Alvin) h2962 Alton rd (MB) Wm B nlk Dade Pharmacies r1733 NE 1st av Cleveland (c; Mary) lab r1622 NOV 4th av W KEITH Wilson (c) porter 3ill End Shop x1218 NW C Corey Ic Harriett) h3373 Thomas an (CGrove) lit ct Donald cik OQAM r429 SW 5th st PHILLIPS, Benn's Service Station (Luther C Bennett) 1002 Earlle G )c( barber 3346 Douglas at (CGrove) NW Uath st x3745 From av CGrc'e) Dist. Mgr. Berney Motrris C rep Pan Am Adrwuys Inc r3302 Elease (c) maid x915 NW 3d av C li1 t Ellen M (c) ma Id h4?00 NW 13th an Ingraham ZORIc LITTLE RIVER LAUNDRY Inc. Blga. and ZORIC CLEANING P-1241 2-e 341 N. E. 8lih St.


94 M u PHONE 55 N. W. MO IM FIRST ST. M 3-5769 and Oppoalto Z u 3-5760 rANtS VARNISHES LACCUEU S ENAMELS Court House C .C BENTLEY Bercellin, Emil Irene) ballOde h632 15th at "Geneva wailer r260 W Flagler t Pt 3 (MB) Grady (c; Rosa) lab h3417 Hibiscus nt (CGrove) Berchette Bertram J (Velma) h120 NE 60th It Henry (c) lab r3428 Hibiscus It (CGrove) Berdeaux John P (Willa) opr FIoP&LCo hi 77 Herbert J Iloni h466 SW 3d st NW 31st s) Herbert J Jr student r6 SW 3d vt Virgil (IEliz) driver United Lumber & Supply u Ivor Ic) odnr r3632 Charles av (CGrove) Cu Inc h3104 NW '28th nt " Jas (Ruby) carp h2729 NW 24th st i Will. mrs vsiswn Baker's Credit Clothing h1177 i' Jan W (c; Grace) porter h3438 Thomas an (C NW 31st vt J Grove) Woodrow meatntr Gene Sickler r3104 NW 28th o V Jesse (c) lab Melrose Nursery & SoIls Co r si 4900 NOV 13th av Berdel Frank h1il NE 8eii vt at 2 Lorraine B Mosl 1320 NW i1st st Bereegofl 'Helen floorwn SlCrory's r Atlantlie Aot > Louise S miid David S) h113% NE 60th st Clilivav 1MB) "o M spring mo Miami Mattress lfg Co r1235 Arth jr pres-mgr Arih Berel Inc h2127 Pinn Tree NE Miami Ct dr apt 4 (MB) Margt S Mrs priv sec r728 NW 53d st BEREL ARTHUR INC. Arthur Beroi Jr Pres-Mir -" Raymond C (Clare) plstr h44R9 SW 10th st Junior, Misses and Women's Apparel 666 SRot J Cath B) cartoonist h561 NE 63d st E Flagler st, Tel 2-5357 Sulile 31 10) cook h16l NW idth ut Walker (c) porter e3128 Bibiscus st (CGrove) Berenson Rlchd I (Maey F) r145i BrIeel or W Warren H (Florence) carp h2429 SW 9th at 4th rice vi eleoprdu~ont Bdg 1835 7W S Willie E 489 SW 10th st "NW 2ot tee i Blanche Nirs h4029 N Miami av C 2 WeillnAnIe rs S30 18ty st 'Cr'e Chenive slidnt r33 NW 26th sI apt 2 Zto Annie (wid Geo B) e n34A v Day St 3CGrove) Henry (Rose) mgr Tia Pants Stores l c 119$6 i "Bertha opr Style Craft Bag Co r1795 NW 47th NW 3ith st apt 1 I t -' Herman (Cele) tray slsmn h4560 Royal Palm Q / n Colon E (Dorothy) driver Bailey's Lumbhee Yard an i(Hi CInh rear 2110 NW 30th ot Jacob (Hannah) e6961 Indian Creek dr (MIB i"nDacline rn326 NW 30hJohn lle) wtchmn Fogl Boat Yard h2820 p Flit L lwid Chas S) 'h1374 NW 1st ot P U Florence Ic) maid 372 NE 102d st r641 NW Jon aun Cennby's Shoes) rfl4 Washing0 "' G \ 12015 SW 6th st apt 2 Louis (Eva; erg's Beach Wear) r9_8 Euclid Glynn W liarie c) h217 SW 2d at No e' Harold J (ChIsel niuton Sliani Whol Grm Co h Norma St prir tee Nali Tlivl Cu cR33 SW 2dolt M 542 W h3di \lm (Helen) h-6961 Indian Creek dr (Mi) Har L (Evelyn) pair Christopher Motors h Berg's Beach Wear (Louis Berg) women' clo 635 2:126 NOVVashington : n (MB) 2 Herert lEtberl yisle h2133 NW 0th st Bergon Mickey waiter Harry Rosenbloom c605 Binton J (Eloise) drive iT h3226 NOV 11th Lincoln rd (MB) p Bergelt Gco (Margt) h rear 418 NW 224 uv Noward E vismo r2351 NW 56th st Bergemann John T (Ella MI h2324 ;) 60RY St Jt ksonCnuesBk o605 W2t Bergen John R IElsle C) Ilk 1259 SW 2d It slsmn Consumers Rha Co Q1235>4 NO 26th slury J (wd Fredk) r1672 Michigan at 1MB) John (Arlene) truck driver h1001 NW 23d ct 'm S (Bessie B) h2258 SW 17th It SL M whse2n Banana Supply Co 1940 NW Miami Berger see also Burger t A hr Annal clnr r1928 NW 3d at Annie r1435 Meridian av apt 2 (1B) Specialists on Lou.s P ([delia Ni) lectn h1129 NW 61st at Renj (Berha) h702 N Slami anv A A uggie Jc maid r1437" N\ 6th ci 'Bertha Siva mint 753 Washington as (MB) h ALL MAKES ~'Marvin S elects r1i29 NW 51set nt 903 Milchigan 00 SiB)M OUTBOARD Mal (c; Paulne) lab h1520 NW 69th St '" Bertha A dten duPont Bldg e2961 SW 5th at apt TO Paul T El1la E. nis mgr Orange State Oil Co 18 MOTORS ball SW i6ib at "Bessle Sits h1361 Seridion orapt 2 I(lE) New and Used Rohot C (Tansie driver h21 NOV 23d et Geo 0\ Emma D) Prd637 NE 7th ast Simon Ic; Flossie) chauf r641 NW 14th st Geo W (mLouise State 5 & 10 Cent Stre) P2634 "i Walter 0 (Lillian) carp 1721 NW 4th av W 8t& Wm Ic: Anna) r1520 NW 69th SIt Wm A (Lena M) ssmn Ideal Dry Clog CauSoc Harry h9ll3 Byron at MB) h235t NW 56th ut -Henrietta SMrs The Outlet) h701 Moridln ar Moto 5H iSallyl meotctr Ciorence J Hurst 4 M t NW Miai mc Cl Hey fumigation 832 N Miami an r do Bentz C E printer Franklin Prs Inc Ignalz (Henrietta) h04 Meridian at (MB) Laura B nurse 1419 NE Bay Shore ct apt 11 Isaac b1435 Meridlan av apt 9 (MB) Service h d" JacNh to 20 L-. av (MB) Len ssmn 1839 No Flagler ter .ary tnd Ocean Breeze Traller Park Cto.a c a ~oh1 bip v Jeanne liid Clement ) h1435 Meridian av apt I CO OOti G (Julio El acct FIaP&LCo h9l6 Obispo or IMIll IC~laIev Jerome J IPk The Outlet 1320 Euclid ur IMB) and Benten Jshanna r3535 E Fairview st (CGrove) John hl pr rIS W Fiagler nI apt 3t Olaf h3535 E Fairuiew it (CGrove) John F chef Borden's Lunch r443 NE Id as U-Drive-t Paul (Dorothyl butler 4777 Pine Tree dr (i Louis (Dorothy) ecker Clyde-Mallory LIne 11r1o r01i20 SOV SIP ot S 'Reldar r353.5 E Tairview It (CGrove) '"Louie (Beritha) clr b90:5 Michigan at (MID BBaoLtiery Ien hi a 1nuI a t ilt C12 NV 6Wh v ayt E bi lIrred it udent r522 Lenox a apt 1 OMB) Bez Sin rs h1261 Sulas as' liahirci SlMinnie A Sirs hi2961 SWV Sib St apts 18-20 Larona (wid John) h3126 Pine Tree dor ('MB) oiiee ismn r_5 Lenno an 1 -MB Representing W ter G (Lee) supt 'PIaP&LCo h338 NW 59th I array clnr r90 Michigan av 0MB) Outboard Benzin Manuel E driver Standard Wine & Spirits Root olk Hartly' Employment Agency re816 Co e3320 NOV l3d vt MOO' 1st an Motor Corp. "Marcea sun Donald 1 Freeman e3320 NW Sigmund iTessie) driver h822 Lenox a apt I Martins andl Lochmood Sernice Station 13320 13ID1 Mfg. "Elto" 5a nt Slmson (Carolina) turn rms 835 Meridian AT and Martin driver 3320 N 3d at MB do "Ei Mthn0 dre br332yNOV 1334 aW s Via a Mrs beauty op h2463 SW 7th t opt 4 Evinrude" Mathiar EMar)l hr rlyr 502 NW 53 st P rs maid Io Ct Hse r1000 Gratigny rd Motors Betiinger Eatl Pip 6512 NW 5th t Wm (Hida) bottle mks mgr P209 SW 17th S Jos h20Bella W120 S S 8t 8Wt B b(ouse LI elk r8 50 h 2d nS Morris 120 SW Sth st Bergeron Eug (Eli ) opr Tropical Radio Teleg Ca 'oarrd iasPh (Helen) mgr Yelow Cab Co h1900 11h910 NW 50th t S WB N P r im era ar lG ables) l a w RCto J hiA s o i l ge il sl m g r lto n ico C orporation o Not Berardi Paul h710 Jefferson ae apt 26 iMBI he 0 to ld G Pad m Ssr6 Ndt River Drive rts eS NO vOth sI PHONES L. L. SERTEL r D. REDUCKA 2-6575 and 7-2372 14 N. E. 1st AVE. .41g


95 HOT WA TK P A from SUNSHINE I E ,Bk -0239 N. E. 14th Terrace Phone 3-1655 s 0OR rr--r .Ann. Mrs cok NotI CoIllns av (MB) Berkman Edw Hf mgr Royal Palm Lunch 1,3-, rA." Pennsylvania av apt 6 ('B) Brgh Aug C specialist FlaP&LCa r1222 SW 17th Berkow David mgr Atlantic Ocean Baths N4O Bster acyne st (MB) DAY OR NIGHT' iln student an030 unset rd (CGables) Berkowitz br sismn A & B Pipe & tetal Co Inc SEselyn Miss elk Bordline' an toe i1l SW 224 red8SW 15 lh an as apt A "' Alex se-treas A & B Pipe & Metal Cc Inc Fred E Jr (Dorothy A) ship ck Gent Elee Sup r608 I\W' 15th an THE Corp 65519 NW 14th a Esther S Mrs v-pres A & B Pipe & Metal CE Otto (Prances) chemist 61030 Sunset dr (C Inc h608 SW 15th av "DUPLEX" Gables) "Philip (Esther S) pres A & B Pipe &'Metal Cc e arnh tchr KInlock Park School r1030 Sunset Inc h608 SW 55th an DOUBLE ad iCablesl Berkwitt Chas 1 ILillian) optometrist 'B221 SW r WaIler 0 (Evelyn) cik h1818 SW 22d a apt 9 11th t t BerghIf JOhn E (Freda N) meatesr lerman tack Berlenhach Carl bellmn Hotel IcAlister r2132 h3735 NW 24th an SW 12th av Berghelmr Irene walter r76H NW 2d at Berlin Barnet (Betty) Ismn r830 2d st (MB) BergIda Andrew N (Edna) slsmn h1284 NW 37th Bertha Mrs Iswn r04 SW 38th et it Elsie SMrs h16 NW 54th tWATER BERGIN CECIL A (Blanche R). Dentist, 3 BasF Prank student r945 Meridian av (B) ATER tien Bldg 835 Llncoln rd (Mlami Beach). Tel "Geo student r945 Meridian av (MB) 5-3802, 13435 Meridian av (MB) Gertrude S (wid Louis) h945 oeridian avahd a Bergland Aihert IGladys) 62935 SW 24 at Harry ins agt h1561 Drexel apt 3 (MB) a Money-Back C lo IllilsdirI 691 NW 75th s1 Herman jr aast mgr Strand Theatre r87 NW Boarantee Enice r9t NW 25th et 3st terGurne Bergman Allen (mid Julius A) s1765 NW 4th at Lars (Rose: Boston Shoe Repair) h243 Collins Annie E Mrs siswn Burdone's Inc r rear 1312 av NW 37th nt Marion r1600 NW 54th ot David D (Jennle E) h150 NW 18th av "Maurie r rear 1428 SW st st o Eleanor A offlce amp McCrory's i65 NW 4th i Nathaniel student r945 Meridlan av (MB) St Saml mgr Jacob Siegel r700 14th pl lMB) Ether Y Mrs slawn E Forrest Withers Inc 146% Theresa student r945 Meridian av (MB) S A R NE 12th t" Virginia r1600 NW 54th st o Frank W (Annie El elk Burdilne's Inc h rear Berliner H Roy (Eva LI plisr h2413 NW 14th at 1u NW 311 605 Berman Belly (Betty Salon) r837 Llacoln rd (M H EA lER GanGerade Mrs 16416 NW 224 tar B) Leater J (Elsle) h2719 SW 19th at 'Betty Mrs s704 Navarre av (Cables) Norman chauf r145%4 NE 12th st Elliott (Marian) sismn h803 8th t apt 6 (MB) CO. o Raymond A driver r1765 NW 4th at Bymon h28PO Royal Palm an 13B) Ray C lab e1965 NW 17th av Jack elk rI5O Cammerce ot (MB) Wm M (Essie: Carter Clothing Co) 6458 NW Jan A (Ranallod) lawyer 63969 Bardie ed (C 416 atn ap ISO6lrn N. W. 25th StL Beegnana rMlr e Pennytnonia as apt I Leon H Mn (otel Sun) r742 5th st (MB) IMi "] Maas (Isabel)l r112 Ocean dt (MB) "MrBn (Ammie) 6750 Pennsylvania av apt 1 & Ca (Stses Berman) whol canfe 430 w Phone 2-6496 IMB) Flagler at Bera Reuben (Muriel) sismn h1612 NW 51st ter Max (Mary) 61236 Michigan av (MB) Bergeff Allen Mrs 64210 Chase av (MB) Max (Sylvia; Greyhound Bar) r260 Euclid av Bergquint Edwin C (Pauline) carp h90 NE 48th (MB) at ^' 'eyer (Sarah) 61401-11 Collnsa o apt 2 IMB) to Bee ran Debs F (Edna) patr h460 NW 23d ct chl 1020 Meridian vo (MB liwee B lElmer's) 1054 NW 7th at "Morton student r104 Navarre av )CGabtes to H armn tIr 1054 NW 7th st Moes toulse; t Berman & Ca) r1745 SW Bergan A el r452 SW 2d st 1516 s, Sydney S (Maroln) turn ems 265 NE 1st at "Rose Mr 61563 SW 2d at apt 11 o Saml (Lena 5) clk Sun Botel 6742 5th at (ItB) Beensalto Bert (loe Sibken Bar) r1lSO Blasan Sami B (Julla) h3750 Sheridan av (MB) y hbird Sarah Mrs mgr Sar-Ber Apts h1407-11 Collins ry Bergon Harry (Neval rho rids NE 306 ter av apt 2 (MB) . Beegoan Lie anra meek r eo 3061 Mary s Ted (Rene) pres & mgr Teddy's Inc (MB) h iCtlrae) 1405 Lenoxav (MB) C BLereymeJ Elmer m xr 6329 NE 89th st Wm M (Sylvea K) stoms David Alan h1464 SW 1 Llnyd J Carmen) r328 NE 80th s5 E1st as GU BMacbk Baby alswn Saint Easer rt453 Eoct14 .s Bermann Elsie Mrs v-pres S Bermann & Sonr IMB) Inc (11912 SW 7th st 'N SeeItch SamI (FannIe) 6549 Meeldlan on 1(B1 Jps J (Belle) sec PS Bermoon & Sans Inc 635 w BerIty Meredilh chr 269 NE '20th s5 opt 2 SW 19th ar s 5 e Berk Arnold (Flora) 61320 Drexel av apt 18 (M Pearl H cash S Bermann & Sons Inc r1912 SW 0. B) 7th st H Herman M mgr Sunray Apts h1235 Pennsylvania e 5 & Sos e Plgwand BersEnn pe Etla Her" at I (5181 nixsyon-()pra ap J Bermann sec-treas meats C i odrels rI233 P'ennsylania or opt I (MB)I 219 5 Mml or vr B dake Ath dadv sge 429 SW 23 rd Sig und Elsie) pres S Bermann & Sons Inc h z Sidle Iw-Id Icreal) h 429 SW 234 rd 1912 SW\ 7th St in "Btella Mrs h559 Pennsylvania o apt 8 (MB) Sole r1912 SW 7th at z C BERKELEY ALBERT E (Mary S), Offlear FHA Ber-Mel Yarn Shop (Mrs Frltzi Wise, Mrs Ida z l Dept Ameritan Bank & Trust Co, h756 NE Hammer) 1521 SW 8th at (' 73d. Tel 7-2801 Bermoni John r246 Jefferson av apt 7 (MB) Hernard I (Annette) h2924 Prairie av (MB) Bern's Cut Rate Drugs Abr Revman mgr 901 r Cafe The (Lucillo and Mrs Kate C Bardeman) Washington av (MBI r" restr 2041 Biscayne blvd Bernard Adolphe A (Jessie M) h1435 Brickell av Berkhelimer B B driver FraP&LCo r1060 NW 55th Apartments 1619 Meridian av (MB) > at Clifford h534 NE Aid st apt 22 (/1 o Enary L (Minviel plstr Acme Plastering Co h E Geo marine surveyor 327 NE nst sv R714 6 602 NW 11th ter 6814 NW 6th av Gordon (Joan B) pistr r602 NW 100th ter lyd M (Eva) driver Miami City Waste Div h > Jack (Emmle) mach opr r2804 NW 1st av apt 3020 SW 24th ter r 4 Fred INorma) (army b1333 NW 33d st Joan B Mrs ssn SR&Co r602 NW 100th ter Georgia H Mrs smatrs h^63 NW 22d tar Warren pli r rv02 NW 100th ter Benri (Claudia) cook Teddy's Inc r1 2 4 2 Drexel Barkheinsr Barry C (Clen Royal Tropic Aquaav apt 1 (MB) rlum h59 NW 25th av John (Kathi 66324 NW 11th ar .a 'aR (Vla) bldg supt Central Baptist Jordan Installer SE Nat Gas Corp 1207 SW 19th Churs 6500 NE let ar t0 Lolu cash Olympla Theatre r253 NW 4th st Lula B (c) maid r1220 NW 2d av 'U z Dependable NATIONALLY tC Jewelers MAY a AV S JEWELRY AT 'p for CASH PRICES A 37 Years 16 N. E. FIRST AVENUE ON CREDIT


94 J PHONE 55 N. W. M 3-5769 and 3-5760 pAinT -VARNISHES LACQUERS EmmNAs Court House z NTi brE o Emil (Irene) bartndr h632 15th st I.. Os Geneva water n260 W Flagler pt 8 (MB) Grady (c: Rosa) lab b3417 Hhibsus st (CGrove) Bert hette Bertram J (Velma) h20 NE 60r, vt Henry (c) lat r3428 Hibiiscusat (CGrove) Berdeaux John P V(WIllal opr FlaFP&LCo b1177 Herbert J (Marion) 466 SOV 3d vt NW 31st st r' Herbert J Jr student r6 SW 3d st Virgil (Elizi driver United Lumber & Supply tvor Ic) gdnr r3632 Charles av (CGrove) Co Inc h3104 NW '28th at Jas IRuby) carp h2729 NW 24th st 0 Willa Mrs siswn Baker's Credit Clothing hIT a Jas (V lc; Grace) porter b3438 Thomas av (C NW 31st si C o Grove) Woodrow meatctr Gene Stickler t3104 NW 28th Jesse (c) lab Melrose Nursery & Soils Co r 't 4900 NW 13th av Berdel Frank h166 NE 28th vt apt 3 Lorraine 6 his h1320 NW 91st ot Beregoff 'Helen floorwn MirCrery's r Atlantic Apis Louise S (wid David S) h113% NE 60th st Collins av (MB) w 'M spring mkr Miami Mattress Mg Co r1235 Arth jr pecs-mgr Arth Borel Inc 2427 Pine Tree NE Miami vt dr apt 4 (MiB) S 3argt S Mirs rein sec r72 \ NW 53d st BEREL ARTHUR INC Arthur Bere Jr Pes-Mir O' RaBymond C iClare) ltr b,4499 SOW 10th It Junior. Misses and Women Apparel 6868t Robt J (Coth B) cartoonist h561 NE 63d sIt E Flagler st. Tel 2-5357 Walter (c) ot hl bisc st (CGrove) Breson tichd I (Mary F) r1451 Brlekell a, W ~ Warren H (Florence) carp h2429 SW 9ti i Brth at r ce t cle vpr duPont Bldg r35 NW Wm C (Josephinei form 12795 NW 21st ter o Blanche Mrs h4029 N Miami so S Bentos Aont Mrs h iI Day or Cleave) Chester naladmn r35 NW 26th st n I CO "eAnne Avid eo H) h34 8 Day av (CGrove) Henry (Rose) mgr 'la Pania Stores Io hi3s Bertha opr Style Craft Bag Co r1795 NW 47th NO 36 h st p a s a C aE)aroot rtre Bi~pariec ard Herman (Cele) trar sismn h4560 Ronyat Ps.: Q /L Cnlen E (D-!rhy d er Bailey's Lumber Yard "Jacob (Hannah) r6961 Indian Creek dr IMB) r/ DaIanc ea "110 NW 30th t John (Milie)t wtchmn Fogel Boa[ Yard h2820 D~vialne 121 N~ 30h )NOV 5 1st It Florence () maid 372 NE 02d it sr641 NV Jonioauli ;Crosby's Shoes) rM44 Washing G h205 SW 6th st apt 2 Louis (Eva: Berg's Beach Wear) r928 Eucild p ynn W (Marie 1) h217 SW 2d st Norma Si rin n Nail Title Co c553 SWio gs Harold J (Chloe) sismn Miam Whol Gro Co h d Oa t pi S ti ilo Crb de MDIat 542 NW 23d pt \Wm (Helen) h6961 Indian Creek dr (MB "Harry L (Erelynl .pnil Christopher Motors h Berg's Beich Wear (LOUIs Berg) women's clo 35 W 32 WWSt t\ashington av (MIB) 2"b26 NOV th t Bergan Mickey Walter Harry Rosenbloom retS Herberit (Esther) pisr b2i3 NOV 90th t Lincoln rd (MB) Hinto J l Elolse) driver SiTCo h3226 NOV t1th Bergelt Gea (eMag) h rear 419 NW 22d as I oward E nIsmn r2351 NW 56th st Bergemaann John T ( Sit) h2324 NOV 50th st Jack sismn Consumers Bke Co 0t2035% NW 26th Bergen John R (Elsie C) elk r259 SW 2d ct st 'vrry J (wid Fredkl ,1672 ichigan av 1MB) John (Arlene) truck driver h1i001 NW 23d c W m S (Bessie B h258 SW 17th st L 31 whsemn Banana Supply Co 1940 NW Miami e Ar A na lor tS NOV 3d ai Annie ri433 Meridian ar apt 2 (MB) upoelalists on Louis. P Ildella i) electn h1129 NW 61st at Beni (Betvrtha) '02N ilami av A A ggie l mad la11 NOV is6th t "'Beriha irs minr 75 Washington an (MBI h ALL MAKES Miarvin 3 riecto ell29 NOV tint a1 95 SIehigan an SB) OUTBOARD Mat (c ; Pauline) lab 1i20 NW 69th st Bertha A sten duPont Bldg r2961 SW 5th ot apt T Paual T (Elm Esls mgr Orange State Oil Co iA MOTORS bait SON 16tb a Beie Sirs hi361 Meridian on a 2 (MBl New and Used '" Rohi C (Tamsie) driver hGht NW 23d CI ,o OV a Di h631 NE 7t vi Simon (c: Flossie) chauf 1641 NW t4th st '' Geo W (Louise; State 5 & 10 Cent Store) h2634 Wetter 0 (Lillian) caep hi92t NW 4th an SW 8th st Wn (c; Anna) r1520s NV 69th sIt Wm A (Lena M) sismn ideal Dry Clog Cu Inc Hna Nn Th Byros l (iB) h2351 NW 56th st SIB) Srs (The O(tMBi) h704 Merldian or 1 r W"H (VIly) meattr Clarence J Hurst r1940 Henry fumigation 032 N Miami an r do Bentz C E prlniter Tranklin Prs inc ilnatz iHnrietia) bl04 Miridlan an (MB) "rLara B nurse 1419 NE Bay Shore ct apt 11 Isaac b4l5 Meridlan an apt 9 (iMB) Service h do 'Jcbr2 eo vOB Leo sismn r1839 NW Flagler ter B' Jacob (taryl atdI Gcean Breeze Troller Park ,Wn eli ~ tlBa'ron bird tadge O l2 ANO 60th c b Jeanne (wid Clement) h1435 Meridian av apt L Qu Cto (Julla El sect FtaPdaLCs b916 Obispo an (i10tt (Clohien) 'Jervme J Ilk The Otlet 132i Euelid on (MBt and Bentien ohanna r3535 E Fairview ot (CGrove) a' John hl rk 865 W Flagler vi apt St Olaf h3535 E Fairview t (CGrove) John F hef Borden's Lunch r443 NE 2d ae U i v ItePaul (Dorothy) butler 4777 Pine Tree dr (M Louis (Dorothy) checker Clyde-Mallory Lines S tr6120 SW th st (Reidar 1353.5 E Fairview It (CGrove) '"Louis (Bertha) mlor 1h90, Mlichigan av (MB) BatRoveatai Lo ea actist hit 2 NO let at apt Mildred nstudent 822 Len aapt 1 SB) B a ivr ena Aitv Sirs hi16]_t StitnasO IC~abirsi Stinnte A tra h29ti1 SOV' Sib at apta it-20 Lavona lavid Johv) h3i26 Fine Tree do (MBI Uiartiotee so r620i Lenoa an (itt)I Representing Wter G (Lee) supt Flat&LCo h338 NW 59th urray var rS Mtchgan av (MB) s, "Bay b,2ll Collios a pi 4 (MB) Outboard Benaing Manor) dtor Standard Wine & Spirits Roi Ilk Hartley 's Employment Agency 17816 Cv eS320 NW Sad 01 NO' 1t an Motor Corp. Maeli alsswn Donald D Freeman r3320 NW Sigmond (Tessie) driver b822 Lenox av apt I Mfg. "Elio" Martin aindt Lockwood Service Station r3320 Slason (Carolina) turn rms 835 Meridian an and NadW oit S sB r do nd iartin W drire r 3 320 N W 53d OV d Viola )irs beauty onr h2t11 SW 7th n1 api 4 "Evineude" Fathias (Mar51 hb l 132S NiW 5ad 5t W F Mrs mald C Ct Hse r1000 Gratigny rd Motors Benzionr Earl h Wpr 152 NW 5th Wm (Hilda) battle wks mgr h209 SW 111h a5 Benon Bella riW SW 8th 't 0 Wm B (Louise L) elk r850 SW 2d at Jois l20 SW h t Bergeron Eu (Elia) opr Tropleal Radio Telet Co 114 Berard Ralph (Helen) mgr Yellow Cab Co hl900 tish910 NW g0th s a S. W. North B rmer an (CGables) nRobtJ aApi )geni Bls hgronrico Corporaton PoolRergfeld Gladys rs r65 NW 69th nt River Drive PHONES L. L. SERTEL REDUCKA 2-6575 4 T and 7-$2 14 Na E. lst AVE. POE248 PHN 248


95 HOT WATEK PIKH M AND CO AE From SUNSHINE 239 N. E. 14th Terrace Phone 3-1655 n i i Irgers .nna Mrs te ok 4901 Collins av 1MB) Berkman Edw B mgr oyal Palm Lunch h135 / iso Pennsylvania an apt 6 (MB) Hergh Aug C specialist FlaP&LCo r1222 SW 17th Berkow David mgr Atlantic Ocean Baths p0 HisDAY OR NIGHT Ic r cayne ci (MB) A Rr jIH 4BuntIn student 1030S Sunset rd (CGables) Berkohitz Abr sIsmn A & B Pipe & Metal Co Inc ( Y Evelyn Mrs elk Burdine's Inc h1818 SW 22d r608 SW 15th av as apt I "' Alex sec-lreac A & B Pipe & Metal Ca Inc Teed E ir (Dorothy A) ship elk Gent Elne Sup e60 'SW 15th an THE Corp h5519 NW 14th av Esther S Mrs r-prem A & B Pipe & Metal Co Ott, (Frances) chemist b030 Sunset dr (C Inc h698 SW 15th av "DUPLEX" Cables) Philip (Esther S) pres A & B Pipe & Metal Co Sarah chr Knlock Park School r1030 Sunset Inc h608 SW 15th av DOUBLE rd i'CGables) Berkwhilt Chas 1 I'Lillian) optometrist 221 SW Walter 0 (Evelyn) clk h1818 SW 22d av apt 9 Itl st COIL Sergbr f E (Freda N) meatter Herman Mock Berlenbaeih Carl betmn Hotel McAllister r2112 hSIS 2 NW 24th an SW 12th an O A 1ergholm Irene walter r768 NW 2d st Berlin Barnet (Betty) sismn r830 2d st (Ami Hergida Andrew N (Edna) ssmn h1754 NW 37th Bereha Mrs sIswn r204 SW 3th ct WATER at Elsie Mrs h1600 NW 54ih st BERGIN CECIL A (Blanche R), Dentist, 3 Bas. Trank student e4S Merldian av (MB) HEATER Ilan Bldg 835 Lincoln rd (Mlami Beach), Tel Geo student 945 Meridian av (iMB) 5.3802. .3435 Meridian av (MB) "Gertrude S (wid Louis) h945 Meridian av (31 installed on Berglund Albert (Cladys) h2935 SW 2d ct Harry ins agt h1561 Drexeln av apt 3 (MB) a Money-Back C Gus ( Sldur h91 NW 75th at Herman Jr asst mgr Strand Theatre 687 NW t "Eunice 91 NW 75th nt 31st ter Guaranee tergman Alle. (wid Jullus A) r1t65 NW 4th at Lars (Rose; Boston Shoe Repair) h243 Collins Annie E Mrs sswn Burdlne's Inc r rear 1312 av NW 97th st Marion r1600 NW 54th st David D ijence El h150 NW 18th as Maurie r rear 1428 SW 'ISt st Eleanor A office emp McCrury's r1765 NW 4th Nathaniel student r945 Meridian av (MB) at Y Sam) mgr Jacob Siegel p700 14th pl (MB) Milker V Mrs sisn 3 Foreet WIthers Inn p148% Theresa student r945 Meridian an (MB) hB 1nth at Virglnia r1600 NW 54th st Frank OW iAnnie Ei eth SardIne's Ic k rear Berliner H Roy (Eva L) plmbr h2413 NW 14th at 1312 ' 37th nt Berman Betty (Betty Salon) r837 Lincoln rd (M HEATER "Gertrude hIts h416 NW 276 ten B) S]eater J (Elsie) h2719 SW 19tlh St "'Betty Mrs 704 Navarre an (CGables) Norman chanf r1454 NE 12th st Elliott (Marian) ssmu h803 8th st apt 6 (MB) CO. 1 aymond A driver r1765 NW 4th st Hyman h2800 Royal Palm av (MB) oy C lab r195 NW 17th av Jack alk r850 Commerce st (MB) MWm M iEssie: Carter Clothlag Co) h453 NW Jos A (Rosalind) lawyer 1,3969 Hardie rd (C 4th a1 apt 206 Grore) N. W. 25th St. Bergmann Mildred r750 Pennsylvania av act 1 Lena S Mrs (Hotel Sun) r742 5th st (MB) (iMS) Louis Isabel) r112 Ocean di (MB) ''1orris lAmmlei b750 Pennsylvania av apt 1 M & Co (Moses Berman) whol confra 439 W Phone 2-6496 (MB) Flagler it Bergo Reuben (Muriel) scsmn h1612 NW 51st ter e Man (Mary) kh1236 Michigan ax (MB) Bergof Alice Mrs h4210 Chase av (MB) Ma (Sylvia; Greyhound Bar) r260 Euclid av ergaulet Edwin C (Pauline) carp h90 NE 48th (MB) It "' (Meyer Sarah) h1407-11 Collins av apt 2 (MB) Sergre Deba F (Edna) pntr h460 NW 23d ct MIchi r125 terdan av (MB) M timer B IElmer's) r1054 NW 7th at Morton student r704 Navarre av (CGables) to Herman pntr 61054 NW 7th st a Moses (Louise; 31 Berman & Co) p1745 SW Sargtaa Adetla rO.52 SW 26 st 15th it im Sydney S (Marton) turn rms 265 NE 1s1 at *h Rose MrS h1563 SW 2d st apt 11 B de Sam (Lena B) elk Sun Hotel h747 '5th st (MB) Berttoilo Bert iBtac Mibbhn Burl riS5O Blapayne Saml B (Jula) h3750 Sheridan a (MB) bind Sarah Mrs mgr Sar-Be Apts h14071 Collins Bergun Marry iNeva) chef p148 NE 20th ter av apt 2 (MB) Bergusn Lief anero mech r rear 3067 Mary st Ted (Sene) pes & mgr Teddy's Inc IMI) h (CB e )se t 1405 Lenon av (MB) P C Berkeier Elmer m r h32 NE 89th st Wm M ( rylvea K) slsmn David Alan kt464 SW Lloyd I Carmen) r528 NE 89th st 21st av C B;erth Iuby iswn Sami Rovler r1455 Euclid av Bermann Elsie Mrs x-pres S Bermann & Sonr Iti Inc Bt917 SW 7th St i Beritch aml (Fannie) I549 Meridian av (MB) Jas J (Bele) sea B Bertann & Mnn Inc 135Berity Meredith thr r269 NE '!0th at apt 2 sW 19th an s Berk Arneld (Flora) k1320 Drexel av apt 18 (M Pearl H cash S Bermann & Sons Inc r1912 SW 0 = "Berman M mgr Sunray Apts h1235 Pennsylvania t San Inc SIgmund Bermume pes Elsie BeeSMoris 1235 PennsylBan) a av apt J (o) a mn arJs J Bermann sec-treas meats Serhe Arth adv mgc r429 SW 23d rd Sigmund Elsie) Bees S Bemune & Pnx Inc h Sadle (wid isreal) h429 SW 23d rd rd 1912 SW 7th st 1 tella Mrs 1l.5G9 Pennsylvania ai apt 8 (MB) Sofie r1912 SW 7th s t S BERKELEY ALBERT E (Mary S), Officer FHA Ber-Mel Yarn Shop (Mrs Fritz Wise, Mrs Ida Dept American Bank & Trust Co, h756 NE Hammer) 1521 SW 8th it 73d. Tel 7-2801 Betmont John r246 Jefferson an apt 7 (MB) a Bernard B (Annettel h2924 Prairie ar (MB) Bern's Cut Rate Drugs Abr sevman mgr 901 r Cate The (Lucille and Mrs Kate C Hardeman) Washington un (MB) st 2041 Biscayne blvd Bernard Adolphe A (Jessie 51) h1435 BrIckell av Brechetmpr D B driver rlaP&LCo r1060 NW 55th Apuetments 1619 Meridian an (MB) it a Cliford 1534 NE 23d st apt 22 Zmsrp L I.inciel plstr Acme Plastering Co 3I E Gee mtarine surveyor 327 NE 1st av R714 k 602 NW 100th ter 6814 NW 6th an vn "'cordon (Joan B) pletr r602 NW 100th ter Floyd M (Eva) driver Miami City Waste DIr h > "Jack Esie) mach opt r2804 NW lot av apt 3026 SW 14th ter 4 Tred iNorma) .srmn h1333 NW 33d st 1 Joan B Mm sliswn SR&Co r602 NW 100th ter Georgia H Mrs smstrs h763 NW 2d ter Warren plstr x702 NW 100th ter "penri (CiAl) rnok Teddy's Inc r1 2 4 2 Drexel Berkheiser Barry (Glen Royal Tropic Aquav apt 19 (MB) rlum 4 h59 NW 25th av John (Kath) h6324 NW 11th an *ewa B (VIla) bldg supt Central Baptist Jordon installer BE Nat Gas Corp r207 SW 18th Churc h500 NE tat av r Lulu rash Obympla Theatre r253 NW 4th at Lula B (c) maid r1220 NW 2d av epencdable NATIONALLY .gw DJewele MA 0R 5 ADVERTISED n) MAY ORSEWELRY AT Yrs CASH PRICES 37 Years 16 N. E. FIRST AVENUE ON CREDIT


Florida Machinery Corporation SALES RENTALS SERVICE A. NEW AND REBUILT MACHINERY 312-316 S. W. North River Drive Telephone 2-8419 HARD BERNSTEIN BictiA h16 SW 3d et Jack (Fannie) h1676 SW 14th 06 Peter lJosephiel 836 NW 12th st Jacob (Fannie; Harrison Hotel) r411 WanhH1 egina (wid Dovid) ntSW 26th rd ingtan oe (MR) R dA cabtmuvidHageran' Cabinet Works r Joe mg be Brstein r4340 Nautilus dr (M 5324 NW 11th as H)l dSaie fesi Louis Robinson 1829 NW 43d Len Rid Maurice) h1018 Meridlan a apt 14 Sot (Sadie) elk h1829 NW 43d st (Mae egina ( Rae Begina Beauty Shop) b1571 Walter (31110) carp h rear 2421 NV 31st st PonslIania av apt 2 (SB) Bernard's Apartments 928 Jefferson av 1MB) Oscar F restr 671-7 Wahingion av (MB) h and 10-Cent Store (David Sehermer) 1940-42 2469 SW 16th i apt 4 NR 17 l av Hush see el1676 S'.' i4th vi Sernurdee Joe (Marie) tile str b64 NW 9th st p" Saml E (Sara; Norma Apis) b1605 Euclid av Bernrdi ach ugr Jay Bee's Soda & Sundries r313 a t 2 C B)t NW 224 tee Sarah M1rs (Vitamin Heste) h3lt Coiling an Josephine elk Jay-Bee's Soda & Sundries r313 ( M) NW 224d tee Hernoell Win H slmn 781i NW 28th sI L abse livd hn IromInik) h313 NW 2d ter BerreS Albert J exec dir American Red Cease L Every BB ar Loh F L usW) phy05 N 29th t BeirlIl? W rH(arion S) h435 E 522o Alto d Line h do IMB) Werner L student r205 NE 28th st Berrie Nellie H (wid John C) h38+5 Wood as O e Bernbck 6am (Lee) tailor 6852 SW 13th av Herrich Florence L (wid Jos R) silk remoapta I153D Berndt Chas F (Edith) sismn h281S West Trade 2701 Biscayne blvd h do av (CGrove) Berrien Cornelius r832 NW 3d a Borerker Chao (Eva) gro 8235 NE 2d av h do r Hardie (c; Jenny) gro 548 NW 14th at h rear Berner Edna urct MSCo r1522 SW Flagler ter do Edmund (Viola) chef 1828 Commerce st apt 8 Berriman Bertha H (wid Floyd) h1650 SW 11th Bo Franes J (wid Jos; Lillian Gift Shop) 133 Berry see alIes Srry NW lot as ___ drivr Dude Cu Nemedlees Sap Co o Geo L oeg r1644 NW 19th ter v Adalaide r413 NE 34th st Geo R (Elsie L) carp h1644 NW 19th ter Albert (c; 0110) cook h1710 NW 3d ae Lewis lk Lillian Gift Shop 133 NW 1st av Alma smstrs r rear 3186 SW 23d et Louis driver Nu-Way Plumbing Cs x145 NW 33d H V (Blanch) tilestr h91 NW 56 at 220 st "'Barbara walter Dade Pharmacies r833 Almerla SEYBOLD Louis G Ironwkr r1644 NW 19th ter av (CGables "LD MSargt L Sirs sie Moamsath Ptumhisg Supply SoBel (C) maid 661 NH 88th of r do Cc r4720 NE Miaml l Sou (Ruby; East Coast Bar) 12828 SW 1811 -Pease Inc Harry W Priest Pres Jacob Miller vter PHONE pros Elmer E Blackburn sec-treas whol auto C Nathl 1r (Gertrude 0) electo R E Lowry Elan parts 1932-40 NE 2d av Ce 6147 NOV 43d st 28 ii Walter T sismn Miami Parts & Spring Co b Carrie Mrs (Palm Tea Room) r rear 1610 Lenox 4720 NE Miami pl 0 (IMB) Walter T sismn h2012 SW 24th st apt 11 Cath Mrs 1661 NW 51st at Berney sea also Barney Chas E (Ella) lab h rear 410 Euclid a (MB) Alf cook UoIM r2801 Bird av (CGrove) Chas O driver R E Lowry Eire Co r1873 SW 4th Tred cIsmn J Rubin Sons Inc 11953 SW 2d st st apt 59 Cha H rvlcemn r732 NW 1st at Harold H (Gussie B) assoc Bay W Durling Inc Chak F r217a NH 2411 at Cu8 SW lid av Clarissa (c) r603 NW 14th 0t Hattie (c) maid h1743 NW 6th av Claude E (lnez J) archi h2218 NE 2d et l ehard D D framemn SBT&TCo x435 SW Q11 Clyde K (Othella M) slen 6724 NE Miami 01 ICstCm D Grady (Myrtle) patrolma Miami Police h1ll David H (Marguerite C) ret h819 SW 4th 5t NW 42d 01 Bernhardt Martha Sirs mgr My Valet Cleaners r"Do nald H (Hoena Vista Iron Wools) nfl NW & Dyer r131 NE Sth at 51st sA P ie Berni Hotel Theo Neill mr204 Biscayne blvd Eleanor o iwn tRoyal Palm Furn Fctya Inc eLoS(Mr)m-RC 216 olisa r49DugsrdCrv) 1 Lo S Story) m SH&Co e2l1l Collier or r4197 Douglas rd (C~rose) Bernice Apartments 62 Michigan av (Sl) Emma B r1945 NW 6th st Bernick Carl (Elsie) colicemn h1772 NW 19th st Ernest (c; Lena) lab h rear 350 NV 10th sI INC Bernie Geo r322 SW 5th av apt 5 Essie (wid John) h752 NW 1st s1 Bernier Arth (Evelyn) poultry b801 NW 12th "Evans (Lillian C) driver 180 SW 3d at .09 in ylo o (ret NE70 FN11 Eras)k (C; Janiel gdnr r816 NW let an Do n Berning CHI l (Harriet) lrieNW lth st "Frank (c) lab r1743 NW 6th av UUUU as Ce (Ella A; Hares" H G Inc Hugh Llor mgrs) 4 Heraogon Henry 2 I7oorpha)l pr Q1914 SW 3d NW OV4th st anrav r yGo H Hazel A) Ipir G'M Dykes Iron Wks Io ad 1ernon Henry (Maril) plstr 13589 NW 49th at r302 SW 1 sth a s PlHouth Bernreuter Betty r1257 SW 15th st apt 201 tore W (Chrine M n Goodeicb 8100 Paler E (Eliz) sismn h1257 SW 15th ot apt 0612rea 4 NE Mtmi 1 201 Cilenn r rear 477 NW gil 01 Hrrno Carl atndt Ollie Trout Trailer Camp r Grosvenor (Frances) bkpr h2018 SW 4th t_ 10600 Biscayne blvd Harry A mgr Central Smoke Shop r752 28g Bernet Moward atndt Thos J Same 17929 Colln 1st St av (MB) Harry G (Leona Si) auto mech 148 NW 011 Sates and Bernsteen Irving (Ida) v-pre Miller's Liquor Hilton Co Inc Richd E Berry pres Alts K BIE Servine Store 61610 NW 34th st ton v-pres p*otogs 111-13 and 114 23d 51 Bernstein Aaron (Esther C) lk h29 NE 61ot at iMB) apt 3 Jas A msnr r752 NW 1st St 2020 Abe fiii sa 550 Alton rd (MB) x4340 Nautilus Jas B (c) lab r rear 350 NW 10th St Bidsryne Blvd tr (MB) J.a H (ary) city firemn 18713 NW 4T t a e BERNSTEIN ALBERT B (MUryali. Attorney-at" Jas W (Pearl I) elk Mfine's Food Center h115 Law 946-953 Seybold Bidg 36 NE 1st st, Tel NW 59th st PHONE 2-8126, h Granada Apts 150 SE 4th st, Tel John Ic; Louise) r354 NW 8th st 2-8126 John (c) oh t1151 NW 2d av 3-8621 Anita ee r1t76 SW 14th 51 John L (Carrie) pres-treus Berry & So. Dle "Edw nmes's do 327 NE 1st av H1314 r do h rear 1610 Lenox av (MB) r Harry (Belle) 143 MeridIan v apt 5I (MB) John L res phys VIlctora Hospital 1939 1W >d Herbert student rilt Washingtona 0iB) st apt I Herbert H (Gladys) sismn x620 Lenox av (MB) IlJohn T nCOra L) elk WeInkle's 1745 NW l2d pl DEPENDABLE Isaac tailor Philadelphia Tailors & Clnvs r722 Julius (Madelene) sismn h763 SV 511 s1 UEEDABL Collins av (MB) 61June (c; Hannah) lab 1624 NW Id as USED CABS 1899 N. E. 2nd Brprssentisa Mortgages Ave. W. B. LEEDY F. H. A. AppTel. 3-8621 ha AA C onst.s an e 214 SHORELAND ARCADE App. Mortgagree PHON 2.84 MIAMI,.FL. ]mnrance


97 Why Pay More? RED CROSS DRUG DEPT. STORE DRINK SUN RERRY Bervar Helen t waiter '1007 cW 6th st SPO T K Rennelh ordery Jackson Uem Hosp r do Johanna waiter r007 SW 6th ot Kenneth L1 (Drothy WI forma Bou Dairle In Mary alter 11007 SW 6l st h t51 SW '9th M Berlek 9'redk C h843 SW 13th av apt 9 Bottled Lee. x3269 M.ry st (CGrove) Janet A slswn RCDDS r832 Majorca av (C Sunhiane" "Lloyd HRuby) stud n 928 SW 19th ter Gables) MarjorIe tIk Burdine tn r426 NW 4th st Wm E (Janet A) r932 Majorca av (CGables) SMinanir M1rs r165 NE 79th st Berwin Walter J r267 NW 1stt at Nancy minr r134 SE 2d at Beroind Anthony () porter r358 NW 6th st and Olin M (Etta \-I blksmith G M Dykes [ron Wks Evelyn E hkpr r193 8 NW 7th st Inc 1tt873 SW 4th at Besao Kenneth (Wiloa) milk dir I rear 111 NW a Ralph D elk Washbsh Liquors r2019% NW 26th st Flagler ter Besdansky Ida (wlid Louls h624 SW 14th av "Randall D (Ada E) eng h519 NW 94th at apt 5 "Rennie (Girle) foran h rear 1843 NW 55th st Besdin John D r624 SW 14th or apt 5 Rlchd E pres Berry-liloan Co nc r506 Espanola Beseker Chas E (M adaline) h235 NW 39th at U P y 181 B) esknd Sidney (Adele L) pharm O1900 'SW 9th Ronald L br mgr A & P Food Stores h3085 Inat diana et (CGrove) Bess Alonzo F road dept Belcher Oil Co r135 SW "It. Rose c3131 NW 24th st 18th a Rose nurse 1973 SW 4th at r do BESS FUNERAL HOME (Kenneth B Bess). 1326 Alkalized" Bally demokr 1451 Collin av (MB) h do NW 7th av. Tel 2-3525 Victor A (Beulah E; Causeway Service Station) 'Kenneth B (lithleene C; Bess Funeral Home) h821 SW 23d av apt 9 h525 NE 26th =t Wallace I') caddie t1336 NW 1st et BESSEMER PROPERTIES INC. Henry C Phipps Walter (EtIlyl h321 NE 78th st apt 2 (New York) Pres, Howard Phipps (Now o Weoley G (Ada M carp h301 NW 57th ct York) V-Pres, David T Layman Jr (New o Wm H (c) shoe shiner Naml A Meadows York) Sec-Treas, Roy H Hawkins GenI Mgr, p T Wi P del boy L M Anderson Dent Sup Co r Successors to Biscayne Boulevard Co and New S S 732 NW 1st st Miami Shores Corp. 1317 Biscayne Blvd, Tel Wm R () ydmn Fl'P&LCo h421 NW 10th st 33111 (For further information see left botBOTTLING Willie (c) h1152 NW 2d a, tom lines and page 67 Buyers' Guide) "'WillIe (e) lab o208a NW 12th st Saml S (Helen) gro 3098 NW 27th av h256 CO. Inc. & Son Inc John L. Berry pres-trean Carrie L NE 2d st Berry v-pres Janice M Rempe se contrs 1327 Bessenger Delene waiter The Tower r60 NE 3d 20th At (MB) t Barayhill Robt T (Bernice) 0oney elk By Ep Besser John J watch repe 612 5th st (111) r1008 Agry r Hialeah Flo 4th t (JIB) 2231 N. W. Berryman Hutton L (Grace) h2646 NW 171h a Best Albert Jc) elk r2083 NW 6tt pl Edw (Margt) nurseryam 11446 NW 15th at Battery Co Ted W Pickens mgr 1599 W Flagler 1st Ct. Gertrudo Mrs h2905 Sheridan at apt 2 1MB) M as B (LuclIle) driver White Belt Ladry r3722 Ren nurse r5424 NE 2d or NW 23 et Curolyn hlpr Miami Edison Senior High Sh aercy G (Lalle) oidry ogr h3722 NW 23d et r5934 NW tst pi Ph. 3-7533 eon Gertrude 31 rs slswn Mrs Rsos Mellnson "Eileen waiter Carl Graefe r NE, Peachtree st e510 Sa 7th ot Electric Co (Raymond L Meyers) aloe contrs Wm N (Gertrude) elk Mrs Rose Melinson r510 5854-70 NE 2d av SW 7th et "Harry (Lena) barber George's Barber Shop r149 Bert & Jo's (Burton L and Josephine EiSnor) NE 15th st gros restr 1681-37 NW 27th av 'Harry H auto mech h5937 NW .ih et Bert's Groceterla (H Bert Albury) 3438 MaIn Henry B ir chef 15437 NOV 6th er CA hoy (Ceron) Horace G1 otto otech r-5934 NW lot yl 5" Recreation all (Bert Dunbarl billiards 350 Kenneth B (Kathleen) atndt h525 NE 36th st NW 8th a Kent nurse t424 NE 2d av Bertdh Lena mld 691 NE 74" s r do argt (wid Henry B) r5937 NW 6th et Berlerman Margt Mrs r3 Briake a Pauline (c) smstrs r309 NW 14th ter 'r1 Reeteean Aparet 3cr rW1 4t~hel c'' Thos ast rge Miami Recreation Center r244 Bertha Apartmnts 978 SW4SW 6th BERTHE DRESSMAKING SHOP (Mrs Bertha Ww E lElot) mtoielon r3lrerdlaa an a Call), Dressmaking. Alterations, Remodelm B) Ing. Ladles' Tailoring, Work Guaranteed, Wa L ILille; Fifth 'Street Lonch re 21180 T Reasonable Prices 154 NE 2d st NW tot cv S rear 403 NW 5th 1st 2 Nettl Aae.i Met olrr rear 40 Hodee rt 729 inilac S Beotholl Chas r302 B Sliati av & Co Vera iberard mgr woomen's furngs 2201* BetodAei rs s iswn Geo A Handwerck 2205 Cldins k r (MB) ,J 5821 NW 14th op Beutor Bieltd J rib 9'NBk r442 NE 7'5th at Theo (Amella) metetr h13921 NW 14th av Besvinick Sami 1 (Lena) agr 'Steorge Apts h Tula C Mm 1l41 NW 17th 00 rear 736 Collins av (MB) Bertholf E Harris student r350 SW Sth at Beancourt Delores r2479 W Flagler sl Jas F r350 SW 81h at Florence elk State Welfare 'd r1132 NOV 7th av -. Jas H (Anna R eng County Ant Mosquito Dis" Slaria (oId Antonia) k353 NW 5th st r [rict h3510 SW 8th at '' Maria (wid Gullaimo) alteration dept h5479 W U Wm R x34S SW 8th st Flagler st Bertln Lela c) bsekpr r3540 Florida av (CGrove) Betel Learline (c) cook h3921 Florida ar (CGrove) Bertman Irv ng (Lucy) real est h344 Ocean dr Berenourt Adela Mrs slswn r695 NW 2:d at apt 3 hC Betit B iterior decorator Reed 'Furniture Mfg Co BRvolI Fred rhof Salt D1 Fletola r1tO Collina an rI0S34 NE 2d p1 1MB David Congregation Bev Max Shapiro pastor 135 Oe Bertomew Carlos (Marietta) Ironwkr h432%4 NW NW 3d av U W Ith at David Talmud Tarah School Bev Max Shapiro 'a Barool Sa-lno (Grace) plmbr h341 NW 45th st prin 135 NW 3d ar 5 9 Bertram Albert J (Marlon) phys h916 NE 2d av Jacob Congregation Moses Mescheloff rabbi 311 apt B Washirngon av (MB) Marion lre mgr Southland Apts k916 NE 2d Bethany Covenant Church Rev Oscar E Osterberg ar apt B pastor 4798 NW 8ti at Bertrand Collie (Genora) janitor Am Bk Bldg r334 Bethea Burd J (Julia M) barber 947 NW 7th av NW 10th st h4736 NW 16th av ien E ('Helen M) butcher h639 SW 8th av apt 4 LillBan student r1127 NW 27th et I %etub Frank mach opr Perfection Steel & Wire Bethel A SI E Church (c) Rev Hanry W Fayson Co lac r1801 NW 34th s pastor 249 NW 8th st Meanul Maxwell D (VelTa; Home & Garden) B Adline (c) Indrs r6529 NW 14th av in 1131 OhIpo av (CGables) Albertha (c; Louise) lab h1952 NW 4th et enaldl Edw A (Llller k4112 NW 18th av Alf (c) janitor Cralge Apts r1648 NOV 3d av 3dw A Jr (Mary J) janitor Shadowlawn Ele" Anthony (c) lab r3738 Oak av (CGrove) mentar 7 t Arabella (c) maid hl036a NW 4th an Mary J Mrs asst janitor Shadowlawn Elemen" Arth R (Berte V) sismn h2787 NW 61h av a tary Sch Arvis Ic; Myrtle) elk h3515 Plaz at (CGrove) Z COMM ERCIAL INVESTIGATIONS A PHONE SALES AUDIT SERVICE 610-612 3-2870 Security Bldg. r S T O R E CHECKING


The Miami Beach First National Bank Oldest and Largest Bank Ia Miami ah Organized Noember 2. I Commercial Banking, Savings Dept., Safety Deposit Boxes Phone 5.3471 Lincoln at Alton Road, M. B. T 1111" IBETHEL iT c barted, Pelican Bar [351 Plaza s CC Louise Mrs atter 0Tth Street Lunch h rear "Ag ()rrov ee cnBa 315Paa t( 407 NW "th 3t Groe) C" Lucinne c) [1301 NW 6th at B B dredens 17 NW Stir s 3 s"Mabel Ic) maid e1757 NW 5th "t Ba il (Virnna) e ht1017 SW 9th at apt 3 Magge (c) maid iWG4,h Perclvat av (COrove) Bearice () lndrs i55t NW 14th at Mltacihi (c; Aary) ir431 NW 12th S Beatrice (I) maid h757 -405th rt alachl Ic; GeY rde druggists sundries E79 'Benj E (c ; Caroline) adi 1551 NW '1st It NOV 8th st tailor 822 NW 3d av r352 NW 18th 13% do st Beulah Cr) maid r2122 NW 5th as ~ Morgt ic said h119b NW 2d et Cecil (c) lab h6529 NW 14th or targuerite ic) r3-S1 Hibiscus st ('Grove) SCephts ir )c; Agnes) tchr C3876 Florida as (C ~ {Ilton (c) lab 133a16 Day av (CGrove) Grove) Norris H (DeLuae Market) r2fts SW 19th at Chas (c) lab r364 Percival a (CGrove) NoI (Gladys) s2l15 NW 1st PI "Chas E II) thr h15l NW 15ti rt h Nettle (c) maid h1 2 a NW 2d av Charlotte 31rs h1042 SW 7th st Cr1 tede r3 2 5a NW 11th tee Clara B clk Postal Tel-Cable Co 4736 NW Flag~ Orion (c; Olean) viste h1697 NW 73d at ler ter Sarah) gdsr h3629 Creed as (C Oswald C (c; Olive) 'lab h3ti1 NW Gth at Clarence 'c Penuel (c; Gussie) gdnr 3606 Bay View rd Grovel (CGroveA h13658 Ouik av ((irove) Clerra Ic) r103 Jefferson dr (CGrace) ( (Percy (c) lab G344A NW 14th t Cleveland Ic) shoe shiner Juliuss Lee h123 NW e R W caretkr r3172 SW 25h "th ac "'Rachael (cB W 3886 Oak av '(CGrove) 'Clifford c) gdnr c3 6 5 8 Oh as (CGrove) ttseheci (0) r1hr Oak a DanC) tralter Mlack Baeikley c8l3 NOV Illh st tehoea 'C) r1470 NW 6th ao Doise C( )cook Cat & Fiddle Grill [t53i NW 'tlod 'roe bartndr Pelican Bar r3762 Florida a, Dth Po (C) maid e1138 Oak as ((CRe ttihd (c) ydmn 25 Star Island '(MB) z do Skes tc )Edlttl PCr it 2t N5V 6tt av s Bhd F carp City Property Mice Div hI161W W Edw lc) caddle [1155 NW Id a" 5th e NE S "Eloocer C1 cookt s3479 Hihiseus rt (Coe)z Boh (Cr) siO740 6th at "i lra 10; Rebeca( gdnr hrISl NW 5th pi 'Rob '(c) i e cream mkr Roy I Schneider h622 Ema 1I) ice) Dosrlas Primary Sehooi NW 1th pi TO ER "Enock Ir; Atto") gdsr h6823 NW t8th 00 Beh (Cr' 'Irear) tab e461'A 1W 12th st Enoch (C) gdnr 1424 W 28th st (Sunset Island Boet (ck) r l74i2 NW 5th et No 1) e do Rarer (C1 elk Chat 1L Ross z'lt NW ttth st Ernest IC; Minnle) .t y533 NW 4th a Rth (c) aid r613 NW 15th at BHN S rest 1) iabh141tit NW ad as BaRth 'C x428 NWV 6th or ErNoros msngr [3136 NW 27th St Ruth E slswn Pubil Self Serv Store t3172 SW Frree (cl tied1 e NOV 2 or Bath M (c) maid r327B NW 15th at a c) Indrs r332a NW 14th at Sarah '(c) cook h344A NW 14th it 'Frazier L IA lein) capt h12235 NW loth ac "'Sarah '(c) maid h49B NW 80th at Fred P h3136 NW 27th st Seventh Day Advetilst Church lc Rev Harold Geo (c) r3'38 Oak av (CGrove) D Singleton yastor 350 NW 14th ter GOa C; Hazel) Sshermn h353c NW 6th st Stanley (c) porter Darling Shop r182 NW 6th Geo cr; Corinne) lab h103 Jefferson dr (CGrove) av "Geo (c) lab r1747b NW 2d t "' Susan (c) a3843 Percival as (00508e) Geo (c; Marie) lab h1i0 NW 6th av Sylvia (c) prsr Harold V L Stewart r224 tW "Gen Ic) lab r18 NW 16th st 13th It Geo (c: Idal lab h1890 NW 70th at Thaddeus (c; Charity) h1262 NW 50th It Geo H (c) yorter C Grove Tire & Accessory Co Theo r(c) r3581 Charity) u 5t CGrove) enton r3419 Hiscus st (CGrove) Thos (c)l lah 3316 Charles -a (CGrove) P Georgia c) mad r3738 Oak sv WCcrove) Thos 'c; 'lab) Ih h'13 NW 15th St Georgia'S (wid el ington) M a28 NW 6th rt Viola (e cook Cb1018A4 NW 4tih av 'h r Gldy (c) m Orod t ( ove)ngs way GC ) Virginia elk French 'Beezol Clira r1017 SW 9th Shiia r GmI H cel 3629dOraenrrt B ve lt W te t apt 3 d "'Goe r69Gad v(~oe Hannah mald SLFrak -Hosp r181S NW 510 Dl a p 0 W2 vr4 W1t Harrlet Ce) h3686 Oak ('Gooe) Virginia (c) reste 903 NN Id 00 c142 NW 88th N Aarrlet Ic) maid h3581 Hibiscus St (CGrove) ler Tie Co Beritett (c Indrs h345 NW 13th st t Walter (c) lab r128A NW 24 a s 5 Hattie (c) r3664 Ook a (CGroe) "Walter (c; Eliz) lot [45 NW 19th 0t "Hattie (c) C574 NW 20th st Weolington r rear 407 NW 8th at Henry (c; Addle) gdnr h3659 SW 27th St 0 Wilbert (c) lab r65'29 NW 14th av Henry (c) rest wkr 4 .46 NW 13th St Wm (c) h sear 3363 Thomas at(Ovroze Hersey J (Syvia) rboatmn h2044 NV 1st ao Wm r529 SW 10th at ida M (c) maid r1656 NW 5th av Wn (c) '574 NW 20th St Irene [1017 SW 9th 't apt 3 m (c) fisherm rI29B NW 13th Il Distributors ]rett waiter s3176 SW 25th st Wm (c; Myrtle) porter h3887 Perceal ac (C Ja Leland (Lena) patr h12;5 NW 24th st Grove) ha Hood Tires A (e) lob WPA 6520 NW 14th st Wm (c) porter Colony Hotel r37 NW ti HJane (c) cook s336 NW 17th st W'a A c; Doris) ah h3563 Mihiscti st IC Jln c; Mottle) chaps h446 NW 13th It Grorel Ewd Jshr CC isb r160 NW Id or Wm 'A C ; Mary L) 'ab h reor 359 NW 4th John ce; Allhrtal lab h_ 6 NW 9th st a OW'm A (Laura) porter Flap&ICo bl710 NW Batteries John (c Anne) p r C81 NO N 4th as 4th rr John (c Buelah) porter r1518 NW 1st rt Wr C hse meoh SBT&TCo 1761 SW 5th it Jos (e; Bernice) h1970 NOW 1th s t Wi n Livale) h7St Oak at (Coavet -5 Js (CO caddie s33Is NOV 14th t" Wm 8 '(Emma MI male hI4S NW 26th it t Qualty Jos (c; Hattie) Inc c146 NOV 6th pl W Oier H sism DeLuae Market h669 SW l9th Autom e Jos ye Prter h NW 4th a5 : Larry (cs; Ephbanna) Ill1, NW 5th pl t er A jr elk r9669 SW 19th at Accessories La c) Idrs i 111 NW 5th t Onifred ( ) sten m H Lurre 1710 NW A es re Lu (c) mai It2 W de Leland elk Walker--Skagseth F S Ins e2044 NW Bethoil Ellz L (c) sten Kelsey Pharr r1741 NW Leon (c; Carrie) tdnr h1829 NW 69th ter h51( do Parts Leonard (c) asm bi Sunsline Industrim 1628 Pirda C) drks 3149 sr d a ((1co 10 do Laesad Cr dclre ererds NOVahE Id Os ymo htSOW 10th sO Leord (c) driver r1628a NW 2d aJ9th t "Leonard (c) meat et Gonzales Cuban Mkt r Wm (C; Zllyha) Cishern h1T5741 Ng th av 357 NW 14th ter Bethune Anne H ser' rep SBT&'T'C r27 S Rd 0 "325 'Leonard (c: Rosa) prs h3,2a NOW 14th st host T ee-Ireas Paiat Prou aas C Leroy (e) janitor ssear 433 NW 14th ter 2d as So. Miami Ave. Leth (c) h18 4 NW ict P 1 Benj T jr msngr FaP&^Co 21 BE 2d aI Loretta indrs 258 NE '26th st b1S50% NW 5th t 'Clarence -Cc) lab h6311 NW 17th at PHONES SalesRentals Real Estate and Investments Mortgage Investment 3-4688 NOBLE H. PARKER -Realtor AND Ten Hundred Lincoln Road Bldg., Miami Beach, Fla. 3-4689 Telephones 53037; Res. Tel. 5-3101 Reordential aed Bosiness Pcoperty Apartmeit. Mams.. Etate


99 ROBSON, LINK & COMPANY GOVERNMENT BONDS INVESTMENT SECURITIES MUNICIPAL BONDS 942-947 Ingraham Bldg. Miami Phone 2-5126 ciTil'NE Beusse Albert 'D (Ameyne) sismn h1361 NW 4th Dant (c; iath) raretkr h1338A NW 2d av st apt 7 -lly (cr Eugenia) filling sta 1799 NW 62d Jut M grad mgr athletics UofM r42 Almeria av sI h6320 NW 17th ev apt 10 ('C Gables) Hurst M nurse 1400 NW 9th av apt 3 Beutel Chas (Laura) bkpr b521 NE 19th at "' Mar jorle h871i 6W _d at apt 6 "1 Clarence B (Ruth E)l ores Beutel's Solar Hester MauIne asst Dr Wm W Miichell r27 NE 2d ay Inc r55 NE 11th Mildred see r9lt 'NW 42d at Mary Mrs r250 NE 3d st "' Nathannel Ic) 1-3671 William av '(CGrove) Rnbt mech r',21 NE, 119th at "Nalhanintel echuaf 1016 Alhambra cir (C Wi, Edna) i nstaller 1521 NE 119th st Gables) r do BEUTEL'S SOLAR HEATER INC. Clarence H Percy A Ic gdnr ht51 'NW 70th at Beutel Pres, "Manufacturers of Quality Solar u Roberta eroner WStLnc r332' NW 16th ter Heating Equipment" 1527-29 N Miami an, Tel Rasa Indrs h332i% NW 16th ter 2-2585 n Sharon cash Dade Pharmacies r529 NW 46th St Bern David M (Gertrude) 1h1906 SW 2d av Distributors "Thos r27 NE 2d av Jas '(Mary) h719 NW 1st st aptBuic Bet Nicholas K (London Hat '& Shoe Service) Beverlck Pauline maid 156 Leno anv (MB) r do r252 SW 2d st Beverly Apartments 1009 SW 2d st M Betlejeski Jos L (Anna M) designer Paist & Stew" 'Arth J (Rosamonde) barber Rocco Joffre 1-244 otor Cars acd rl512 Washington av (hUB) NW 35th Set-Mar Apartments 108 NE 6th st Eileen (c) maid r11551 NW 2d aS Resell (tea (c lab Miami Concrete Products Co Geo C (Preiilla) r2109 N\ 76h st Sales, Service Bettag Clarenc L '(Agnes Bi ,tsmn Southland Geo C slsmn Domestic Refrig Cs r1644 SW 4th and Motor, Ins bl443 SW 2d st apt 7 st Better BusIness Bureau of 1iami Wnm E Lester Gus B ic; Mtattiei gdnr 01807 NV 5th pl Parts mgr 119 E Flagler t R234 Hotel -Ro L Marshall mgr 75 W 24th st (HI Dry Cleaners (Mrs Cora Barringer) 241 W Flag" Land Co A M 'Rose pres-treas Mt H Sielin v-prestee at see 1623 Leo av ([B) Food Store (red Learoyd) gro 576 NE 125th at Mary Mrs mus tchr 677 'SW 5th st apt 4 r do eervce Garage (Fredk B Schaefer) auto repra Terrace Apartments 3300 Biscayne blvd 426 Michigan av (:B) Terrace lanor Apartments Squire T Day mgr ap tnr Edil L Jamelt pres clu clsra 1937 Ptth 3224 Ritrayne bled 12 l111 It IM1 "ii Vloian ten Pausl C Taytor rP260 SW' n'4b st UI-I Betterdge Jut (Ella El carp h2510 NW -North Beil Roy Ik1e2363 NO 34th 01 icer de Beville Annie 3t (wid Frank) cook cafeteria AnHetlie hrill Ilnhetlel floor Enebe h rear 723 NW drew Jackson Jr High Sob h1303 NW 45th st Jas W i cl FIaP&LCo h2468 SW 19th st eltis Annie (wid Chas K) ht69 NW 33d st r Maude Mrs r112 NW '40th st Felton F YAda) driver rear 112 NW 30th st Benin Frank ,2136 NW 18th st Rob, T slsms r16. NW 33d st Bevis Augustus P sismn Tarpon Tackle Shop h247 cn A Toliver L ILouise) a Shell Pet Corp r169 NW NW 33d st 33d at Barion L (Myrtle L; Tarpon Tackle Shop) r Hetitson Lillan 'Ic) maid 533 Grand Concourse 8291 NE Pd et Phones r.522 r'W 20th td Edythe-Helyn student r3351 SW 25th ter 2.8111.2.6112 Settles Ertrald A Mrs JehI SO 3d tI Ellie S (Teero) act Industrial Life & Health Hetner Edm V g lint aee mach h319 Flarida an Ins Co h977 SW 5th st apt 2 lIt~i'i Eug A (Sally E) mgr (Wetern Auto Sup Co h446 Hetts Alf E (Erma Al bkpr Russell F Hand Inc NW 44th It hit. 'NE 59th ut F St rlb El Coeosiirs Hotel '33 SO 2d av Carlton (Mildred M) shop Solar Water tr Fraoces sten r27 NOtV 33d Wt Cn 1-943 NW P4th st "Graydon E (Willie Slae) pres Graydon E Bevis Curie V ieid 'Harvey JI ht3 NW 30th st Inc h2130 sO 24th ter r ^ Erna A Mrs rep Equit Life Asasur Se h1l2 NE "G Eraydon E Inc Graydon E Bevis pres Gussie Mae 59th at 'Bevis sec 1143 Ingraham bldg 'John E (Alma C) mch Beach Bot Slips Inc Gussie St see-bkpr Graydon E Bevis Inc r141 c Oh114 MW 7th et NE 20th ter apt 5 a Merrltt F (Dorothy E; Modern Tavern) 252 Harwell P (targt J) spotter r2541 SN 27th av N-E 80th ter RHelen beautician rt4 -NO 334 st Thos M (lula Ml Installer h342 NW 24th sn 'It bert N Gerrdn 0 eofe 209 NO 624 t Ene R (wid Fredk) n7 SE 6th sI h207 do apt 4 p Retly Aparlments 3025 N' 2d an and 2271 SW Ruth rwk rP47 NO 34 s9h st .Marlyn-Inez beautician r3351 SW 25th ter Setto's lit-nary Salan itely 'De~et) 1272 SW Robt C in (Winifred Ei tisisn tDN h1486 NW o 93I ar S3 st 2d st Rewat Jat 0 sign Sooma Bella Apts h384 NE 55th Gift shop IBetty Bryman) 529 Collins av '(MB) tenr apt ilReseauiam (Betip Mtrgan) 1410 Bisayne blvd Jas W ,Lucille V) pharm h309 NE '59th ter let Bte Mrs (11202 Astruria av (COables) Jimmie iLucille) student r1644 NE 1st a etn Chat (Geillel meat er h2053 NW 23d av Lucille credit office MISCe e-23 NE 57th at R er Jns A h916i NW 1h st Laise r384 NE 5',th ter apt 1 Sea Ju (Mary; 6ordon Apts) hl144 SW 4th st Wm B (Bessie) r309 NE 58th ter apte 2d h)dsex Herbert slsrt eWestern Auto Sup Co r 4010 StMar),w(id Joe WVI J83S NOV 2d st BEl PIeid eurhler (has r35 Meridian av apt D (MB) Jas W (Margt) plstr h4010 El Prado (CGrove) C Ao n Har D Reictler pres grading cotrs Beley Robt H (itarceline ti elk h636 sW 6th I70 Alia nd IpB ttt p( at 30i 3 O0 llHarr U (Anna W) pres Beuchler Ce Inc h702 Bey David A(Rsett-a) meat ete M & V Gro Co Trh st (1SIR)h.537 NOV 22d st B o t H (Deity) h358 teridias an spt D (MB) Earl 'A (Marthai pntr h rear 670 NW 23d st BEugosl Itare (ci rn-tb 'N It as y Franklin A (Barbara E) meat etr h2190 NW p Seugnot 4Ceci1 A VlII -eit' rn&Bd k) 5ha W Bit bt Garnet N e537 NW 22d et H n le i fnrman Miami Shores VIllage Louis waiter rl8 'Smith Cottages (MB) hg9 NW 2d av "' Paul A -hipr r537 NW 22d st S ryrtle) feed 2207 NW 79th It h2204 Ths P driver r53 N 22d t 624 a Beulah Westle M ~~~Rnyer Gnu(hla rve er30 N 2 t Ir Bealab Wi'estny Methodist Chsrch (c) 3795 Frow Harry J (Mary El pilot b3306 LeJeune rd (C 9 o( v0 Beum 'Winifred Cables) 1BeunWr idolph C rer r5 N S s 3 Stsph A (ary) real est 6040 NW 224 av filling S e a s n i d n b d t r 5 6 S W 3 d s s 0a 1 9 9 d o h P2 3 5 N W 5 9 t h t U t n Char I tai \\ 3d si Keyl Apartments 655 NIV 27th s( tI r rna th lorr11 E slswn Burdinra In r525 NI Lawrence H (Viola L) real ost 15 NE 53d st =6,1r It iiah dof STORAGE WAREHOUSE COMPANY ; = Fireproof Building in Heart of City r Banga Psems tth Free Dally Anxsss. Furelture Stalls SI.00 per month up N Prist. noem. $5.00 per meth up. Opec Sterage le per cubic feat 13 N. E. 2nd ST. PHONE 2-1208


100 Fossett's r UTIHEASTEit 4rum hsagerSt Prescription -Ea Pharmacy oetdek .Viclnr mldr r12741 NE 14th av BGELfW rmacy Shudy tob loy lawyer r321 SW 10th at Helen sten El Mirasol opts r14 27th st (bfB) Iianchi Jerome r7dS NW 21st st apt 1 apt 140 Philip (Anna) chem hT68 NW 21st st apt 1 Jean sec A N Spence r544 NW 64th st Biarritz Villa Apartments 6837 Indian Creek dr John (Frankle C) carp It514 NW 64th st W. E. (mB) '" John H student r544 NW 64th at FOSSETT "Villas Apartments '(Aaron Bank) 6810-14-16-18" Mary Mrs h5424 Pine Tree dr (MR) 22-28 Abbott an (MB) Mary R nurse 2177 NW Flagler ter r do Prop. Blastiase Jerry (Tony) waiter r123 SW 10th at Pharmacy IEdw F Blgelos) 5301 NW 17th av Biwaa Rex countermn r27 NE 2d av Rawson R (Alice) 1,4WG Park av (CGrove) Bibb Can T (Helen) h1129 NW 3d st apt 15 Bose P Mrs mgr El Micanol Apts h148 27th at Wm S (Lucilte) contr r269 NE 104th t '(MP) apt 140 Blbbins Chas N .r12000 Biscayne blvd Wallace J (Mary H) h2177 NW Flagler ter Bibbs Jos (c) lab 13709 NW 12th It Biggars Hovaed 0 (Edwina W) maintenance h The Only Bible Chas (Florence C) saism h7(3 NW 64th at 1135 -NW 6th at Chas J (Myrtle) phys 1243 NW 1st st h do Biggers B Earl (Maude L) slsmn SBCo h789 NW Exclusive Florence C S1rs asst bkpr 3oore Furn Cs h781 13th av apt 10 NW 64th st Bettj (c) hipr r700 NW Ist av Prescription '" Geo R (elen L D) eng h3802 Little av (C Blandina nurse 2424 Bay rd r do Grove) Dorothy office sec Forrest E Johnson r1665 SW Drug Store Gladys student r243N Iw tst st 13th at Truth Hall 629 'SW 7th st Ele awd Mope) 759 NE 101st at in Greater Bickel Benj F (Betty M) emp SR&Co h rear 155 Eua C (c) beauty opr Bertha Stephens e718 NE 26th at NW 3d rt Miami Biekelman Albert G (Florence) chauf h20 NW Evelyn h362 NE 20th at 75;th st-"' Henry 5 (Hernie C) sdsmn h2045 NW 26th st Bickers Frank (Louise) reprmn h1920 NW 78th at Hope mech Flo Marine Service Inc r105 NW 62d .lekerstaff Robt W (Thelma) ssmn Ameeren at 'Paper & Twine Ce r190 Park nt (MSpgs) Howard (Edwina) serv dept Otis Elev Co Thelma Mrs priv sec Lon 'W Crow Ca r190 Park Robt E (Addle) lndrywkr h3681 -NW 2d ter Ground Floor It (fspgs) Rolt E student t3681 NW 2d ter Bickett Francis I (wid Cornelius A) h4751 Bay Wm S (Ida 'B) k105 NOV 62d st Entrance rd (MB) Biggs Albert W (Edna C) slsmn Graybar Elee Cs Honto Bickford Wm J (Olive) printer h1294 NOV 37th sI P1414 SW 224 ter nt ton Bilking D Park aismn h345 NW 3d t pt 15 Carl atndt Matt's Service Sta r212 NE 36th at Side. Bickle Horace IW (Thora) sIsms 62763 NW 3d et Btelly 31 (Margt) formn Drake Lbr Yds Inc Bicknell Virginia slswn SHK&Co r419 HE 3d at rl617 NW 2d avBickom Leo V (Ida) hl614 EuclId av apt 1 (MB) p Edith h1235 NW 4th st apt 2 PHONES Biddle Carl mach h203 E 14th t (H) Edredge D (l3ary) elk C D Kenny Co h438 NW Florence Is-id Moses HI r203 E 14th st (H) 159th nt apt 3 2-7691 "'Leuis A (Anna) drugs 830 NW 79th at h do J Lercy pmbr Siami Sta Inc r45 NW 5th at r B 'dleman Miller M (Tracey) h729 NE 5th Jay orderly Jackson en Bosp g do 2-7692 Bidlingmaler Alice nurse Jackson 51em Hosp r do Myrtle Z o'flce see Matthnws Crussers Inc r2243 Bidwell Jas N (Zulema) ag John Hancock Mut SW 9th at Life Ins Co h4004 Anderson rd (CGables) Nellie H see Lewis R King r2243 SW 9th st John T 'IMargiel P1b612 SW 12th s Ray E (Clarice) hatchery 8050 N Miami av Rchd sismn r541 'SW 4th av apt 14 r do Ble 'Ruth (wid I ') rfiB SSV 2d Oeyner L (Pearl K) decorator h1772 NW 45th BlehI Albert G (Mlinnie) coap Miami Ice Cream at V0 & Dairy Co r24 SW 2d av Bigham Homer tub r3180 Plaza st (CGro) Albert G jr statistician AIDN r24 Sw 2d as Bigler Albert J (Kath) 13670 Hibiscus st (CGrone) Martha 01 sten r24 SW 2d av Biglaw Orlando E carp h1945 NW 47th ter Bleler Albert P sta mgr Kay Ville Service Station Bilagher Geo (Hate) ssmn 112336 NE 2d et apt 11 g h6728 NE 2d av Bilck lane elk r159 NE 8th ot C H -(Clara) b7536 NW 4th et Jean tagger SR&CO 7159 NE 8th at Effie (7536 Wh 4th ct Jos (Lottle) patr h159 NE 8th at tielefeld Martha (wid !Herman HI) r437 SW 3d at Stanley pntr rd59 NE 8th st W N r1038 S Everglades Concourse (MB) Bld Chas E (Helen) small animal hospital 2500 i elland Florence Mr, drsmkr ri51 NE t't st 'NW 79th at h do "'Olaf (Florence B) odv novelties 36 NE 1st st Bilea Leon L (iliz F) bldg supt Major Applianes 'R306-O8 1151 NE 1st st Inc r"346 CW 17th It 2 Blelman Chas F (Eva M; Hupp's) h1018 Madrid Bilger BarbIra A III pr Col Credit Cs r1936 It (C~ablesl NW 6th st 331nIs Chas A h365 NE 61st st Chas F 'h90 NE 72d 0t Blens Cash Ic) r3 9 77 Washington av (CGrove) Frances deSI offlce asst T B Mcahey Mter Co -Bleree Lucius V slsmn Bu rdne's Inc r41 SE 6th r1936 NOV t1b at st 'Helen C rt36 NW 6th at Bierec Dorothy L typist Russel 'Paige Inc r42 Roht J student t936 NW 6th at SW 3d st Virginia oaura 1936 NW 6th sIt do Eelyn 3 typist Russel Paige Inc e842 SW 32d Walter W jr salr N Y Life Ins Co e1936 NW V st 6th s1 Waliace L (Ruby L) lighthsekpr 1842 SW 3d st Wm OS (Mary Al printer MDN bM1936 NW 6th at Plerly L Almon (Dorothy) aismn Southland Motors PlBlijet Innie Mrs r rear 7805 NW 2d et Inc 112405 Linoal as (Cros Bill Chas G (Corinne) be mgr American Fuel Oil D iorsatt Hettry (C Thelma) hi44 tSWI 19th as Ca bO906GCenoa st (C~ables) In r is r29 N 6th an Ct E ad Ernest J; Bill's Barbecue) h81 i 7 er)' boy 1 In (Li l1lian SI, The Haddte Ir1230 CatsNOV 171k a (ll r s k e s "' Habs E (Mtarie W) mgr Bill's Barbecue r817 _____ R icaciscrki Lotaine Mrsa r1221l NIW 3st nt NIP 15th an lBer V ait r 11 l th) mgr Bayside Court h11295 The Tailor I(tWm R Iawls) 133 NE 1st st r Bscayne bird Trading to (RobI J Spann) 2d hd furn 2450-54 W, \alter 01 IC studcnt r112795 Biaeaynr bind NVl' Sik 01 Sietec Edo' Ikoairo Tacern r2724 Nl 36th st Bill's Barbecue (AIrs Emma J Bill) reste 1444 SW I4J Pier Ced)l A (Tacy P1 ytcbr hNtE NOV 5th ct 8th si Eft Deten (id Tbaa E) r4 NE 7st st Barber Chop (1ot N Landry) 182 NE 79th st gjPeco Arth P 1,45 Pne Tree dr (B) die 14 Cleang Hand Laundry (Mrs Bie Gol' P arbara r5-NIP 64th 1t ''Prce Station (Wm H Heslington) 3005 NE F/r t Cl[o ('i7a NE 4tmr Soat) Elceida otl 2 at l oCub ( )O NE 541h :t Billhery (;e,, J (ola1 marine eng h910 NOV 5th an Edr P I h11rgia A; Bigeoa Pharmacy) b2136 Biliet Service Station (Thous R Fossey) filling S NWV 58th as atta t601 NE 2d av o A. H. BECKER "THE RESPONSIBLE ROOFERS" T. W. MILLS Lz., Robbins Roofing & Sheet Metal Co., Inc. Establlshed 1919 ROOFING AND ROOF SUPPLIES 222 N. W. 26th Street Estimates Free Phone 2-3705


101 HERMAN J. ARRANT, Inc. "NOTHING BUT INSURANCE" P llua o Bldg, Phone 3-5566 Bllihelmer Lena T (old Iring) atsi Frank Bindschadler Berline D (M ldredl sup,'440 NW Morrow h11.-i SW 24th sit 19th av Secr n t cah I'rd Ins i" r"IO S' 24th sIt ines Charity (c) cook 1601 S Miami av r do "Thus slam. r71.f .1 i8th st '"Edw (c) ydmn rJ101 Brickell or BILLIE'S KLEAN KITCHEN (Ell Rubin), Just Binford Geo W (Mildred) driver h788 NW 21st It Good Food. 2129 NW Miami et Bing Gen clsoin iaddin Sign Co h1280 NW 5th Mlsa Beaury Shnppe ILillian Gable) 139 SE 1st ter st May 9 (wid Geo E) r582 NW 63d 0t "& Berti''. Corner (JW and iertha C Housen) Bingaman Walter R (Annie) carp h16 SW Sth It gro and Illing sta 4201 W Flagler at Bingham Anna B ("id Harry S) ril2" Almeria av Billiet J D cite fIlremn Coral Gables r2306 SW (CGables) 61st et Beatrice Mrs tchr S1iver Bluff Elementary Sch W Blilig enrol C pump mock Orange Stats Oil Cs i2l6t SW 24th ter O361 NE 8th 5 tClinton S (Beatrice) pete h2961 SW 24th ter Billings Clarence H (A Estell) mechP0h1935 NW H West h rear 136 NW 00th at s er Julian (May F) b13 6 SW .7t [tt Elliott A (Priseila) flight officer h3366 SW May F Mrs r-353 SW 26th ter 28h ter May F Mrs tehr Pon.c deLeon High Sch 3216 Jo S (Lillian E) slemo Gen1 Tire Co 2453 NW SW 27ih st 3d nt Bingmn Eiia E maid Bivd Hotel r ds "Jy (Addle) drsiciu h23 SW itb nv Bingston Helen maid 1341 SW 1st ot r do "John L (CloeS W) drop sundries 301 W Flagler Minkele Jacob r123 NE 75th st 0t 12341 SW Id st'" Iarion Mrs (raron's Yarn Shop) -' June student 2453 NW 3d at 'Binkert Wm J c114 SE 4th st Vance W (Alice) cog b5015 NW 18th av Blokl (Glenn cNr1 r N 23d t Billlogsley hartiers r 1 NW 42d st Jck carp r46i NW 3d et I Stanley tile str Venetian Art Marble & Ter Jack Jr ." ep e46e NW 0 3d no a.Co 1l14; NW 61lt ot apt 1 Binkov Jas h729 Meridian av apt 7 (MB) Logan lFrances) real et 112511 'SW 27th Ia Binner Lce b50 NE 13th st apt 4 Lorn student rlsi NW 42d ot Robt aearo mach r3892 Douglas It (Cr-ve) BiIingoly Bele (c) maid 2208 S Miam i n r do Blnnix Frank K (Bertha) h1721 SW 11th at Sllington Arth D (Julla A) wire opr J S Bache BINSWANGER & CO, Joe Nadler Mgr, Manufao-& Co h1434 SW 2d at turers. Importers, Distributors Plate, Orna. Clinton h ear 225 NE 23d at mental and Window Glass, Mirrors, LibbyJan W boardmn I S Bache & Co r1434 SW 2d at Owens-Ford Safety Auto Glass. "Brasco" Thos bdmn re434 SW 2d at Store Front Construction, Distributors Valspar Billman Robt dish washer C & Eat SandwIch Shop Painlots and "Reardon" Cold Water Paints 127 r440 NW 3d av NW 5th st, Tel 2-31 BHWups Julia B (cI) h633 NW .I t Biorn Anthon (Anna) h1644 SW 3d at tilly's Men's Shop Inc Wn Reiman pres-sec men's Bir J Anthony (Alma) clk Seminole News Agency furngs 40 NE t It In i0 NW 31st av apt 7 Hlilyard Pearl h1562 SW 2d st apt 4 Mary A slswn Burdine's Inc r1124 SW 7th st Blabroug Arth (Florence) distributor h528 NW Birach J Alex h234 NE 3d st apt 7 19141 an Birant Alice Mrs h327 N Miami av Charlotte pri sec Go J Bay r3669 Poinciana Birch see also Burch av (CGrnre) Betty r2185 NW 86th ter Charlotte T (id Thos A) mgr Poinciana Apts Earl elecin r21 5 NW 6th ter h3669 Poenciana av apt 1 (Crove) Jeanette I Mrs h1453 SW 3d st Blshi Ero (wid Philip B) r5620 SW 5th tee Mathew M (Kletha) clk Miami Millwork & Lbr Bilnon Edwin F (Ruth C) h714 NE 73d st Co r1029 NW 31st at la"nbelle (mid E F) h227 NE 26th st apt 26 Robt potr r2185 NW 86th ter REED Milterar Apaetments 04 N Miami av 312 Ocean "'Se F (Fioence) oil h2185 NW 86th te d, (MB) asd :34 NF 4st or Say E Jr deivor I C Beiroly Earn Co r2i85 NW 'Arms Apartments Mrs Hazel Pehler mgr 935 46th ter onstruction Catalonia av (CGables) Victor (c; Matthe) driver r923 NW 4th av Barber Shoe (Chas L Stephens) 3818 NE 2d av Blrchall John orderly StFranels Hosp r do Buildiog 139 NE 40th st Blecher Sidney (Margt C) h2113 Bod rd (CGables) Cafe (Alex Demos) restr 207 NE 39th st Bird see also Byrd O "Cleaners & Dyers Inc E Edw Herseh pres Geo Alonzo (r Jennie) lab h1035 NW 4th ct B Peterson sec do clas 43 NE 38th st and Benj H student r821 SW 18th av apt 202 466 41st st (ME) Chas (c) 43577 Hibiscus st (C Grove) Engineers Dalres (Chas A Foseol) 3764 Bled rd (CGrove) "' Clyde S (Gussie L) h2037 NW 4th St "Drug Store (Jebn Coshen) 1200 Anastasia av Eddie (C) 1357 NW 9th rt an Ctatbles Eliza (c) X664 SW 27th 0t "Fall Apartments Mrs Lenora Kruse mgr 931 Flora ea h 51SCo rl26 NE 76th ot COntractors Catalonia ev apt 4 (Coables) Harvey W (Thtekla Ll offie 109 SE 1st st R Plce Hotel side cnt 205 \E 39th t 302 1102 Brickell av apt 5 "Service Station (Russell H Brown) 2351 SW Jas L (Sybil E) ism. BIBl Frey Inc h335 NW 37th av 12th a apt 4 Soda SHte (loy Hssler) 137 NE 40th ot Jesse ce; Bertha) h356 Percival av (CGrove) Bulkheading Theatre Gordon Bradley mgr 14143 NE 40th st John (c) r3848 Oak ar 'CGre)sI Bilton Ben) T clk MTCo r1939 SW 23d ter John (Lilllan) driver h031 SW 18th 0t Docks Sl p Clem r625 NE 63d at Lillian slswn Bohi E Williams r3031 SW 18th "Mary C (wid Chas) corres see Miami Woman's st Foundations Club h625 NE 63d at Madeline (wid Jos) r5 SW 18th ter Wood Piles W Jas r125 NE 63d at Reginald 1602 S Miami ae apt 5 Bilyared Jan (Esther) pistr hT20 SW 2d av Richd lssmn r rear 33 NW 12th at Concrete Piles J Jr (Mares ) plate h920 SW 30th av Road Apartments No 1 924 Bird rd ICGales) S h Blmber Annie L (c) r1440 N"W lnt p1 Road Apartments No 2 928 Bird rd ICGablen) Sled Sheeting Sleder A Edw asmpr rl32 Collins av (MB) Robt N (Sarah) carP 6862 SW 6th st apt 1 Guniting Albert A (BInder Bros) h41 NW 44th av Rose Walter ,429 NE 2d as apt 3 "Ben (.Harrleue) Sate expert h1438 NW 8th ct Sylvan (Pauline) elk h rear 2037 NOV 4th nt Bridges Blanoie Z (wid Irwin) rS25 SW 21st a "' Virgil INorrione) super r rear 152 NW 34th at "Bros (Jos P and Albert A) novelty mIr 41 NW Wm T (Mabeli lather h235 Collins 0v (MB) 44th av Birdoulay P (Laura) chef h321 NE 78th ot apt 4 Flnley mgr Villge Hotel 1144S Washington av Birdsall Amos (Anita) b5135 Alton rd (MB) pBn) David W (Lillian) furn ros 33 NW 9th st h do 1345 nom P ,Inder Bros) hi NW 44th av Guy A (Myrtle B) slso. Markowitz & Resnick "'Naomi Carolyn Hand Lndry & Cirs kI93 b141 SW 3d st 20h St. Collins av (iB) Rob A (Mercedes) pray p nt 133 W 3d st In ) Mio' BeB)Slndfour Jas e31 NE 7th ot Blrdney John S Helen) C1581 Brickell av Mami ach, Bl0drim Arth J r260 NW 24th st Martha r1581 Brickell av Fla. "'Ein r260 NW 24th st Bldsepa -Marian MI (wid Henry U) h6985 Abbott Wm E r260 NW 246 st an (IB) Phones WASHINGTON STORAGE CO., Inc. 5 55 d AsonSa ALLIED VAN LINES Ins. Moving Packing Shipping Reg Cleaning Baggage Transfer P. o. Box 5 1001 Wanhington A r M ) Storage PHONE 5..344


102 Sales rSXINE Altr INGRAHAM BUILDING 25 S. E 2nd AVENUE ;Eo A Manage Birdsong Francis W (Tennyson) sismn h579 SW BISCAYNE 91h -t Camp Nn 30 WOW A W. lforrisnn sec 215 NW tR Lena H .(wid W r T) r79 'SW 4th st 4th st m nt "Pearl (wid 'Bebt 'C) r 44 SW 18th ter Chemical Laboratories Inc Max H Seiffert pres Steph H Ice cream mke Reinhold lee Cream Co Stanley A Dckes v-pres Roger W Clerk sen r7-4 NW 18th ter Edw W Gorham Lreas mfg chemists 2207 NE Birdwell Pauline slswn RCDDS r421 SW 3d t 2d an S irearbum ake r-3l0 NW 5th it Clinic (Donald D Richardson. Hugh T KirkBirgbuuer Carl (Louise) auto ins 1312 Ocean dr patrick) osteopaths 1389 NW 7th at B au[ ei (M0) "Collins otel Sidney J Wolfe mgr 7-9 Collins av Birk Ingald Selomo) farmer h1843 NW 1st t SIB I "oiiht D r1831 NW 1st st "Driving Range (JaS E Thornton) 5051 Bliscayne 0 irkcleed Thee Tnet)cr h2 S 7ha bled Il Birkenhauer John (Lillian) h1726 Michigan av Dry Cleaners (Leo Levitt) 118-20 Biscayne at (1B0 1MB) 9 o slay r1726 Mlichigan av (MB) Dry Docks (John W Harper) 167 NW South a ireli Chas J (Irene E) sign pntr rear 315 NE River dr 2d ae h do Electric SupPly Co Emmett Wr McClintle pres W '"Mal maid 700 NE 63d se do Mc i-gh Monidiomery sec-lreac 815 SW 18th S Birmingham Cath 'A (oid Tios) h1236 NW 28th av st Eoployment Service (D E Ford) 129 NE 1st nt t Edw L (LiIlian C: Birmy Photo-Engr Co) h35o R207 'SW 19th rd BISCAYNE ENGINEERING CO, John A Mnare 0 Edo L jr photo-engr Birmy Photo-Engr Co r364 Pres, Norman C Harvey V-Pres, John J BeeSI 19th rd sett See-Treas. 47 NW lst sI, Tel 3-3666 (For Ethel see Biriy Photo-Engr Co r364 SW 19db further information see left side lines and page J ~ rd 21 Buyers' Guide) Cuy (Bertie) baker 1977 NW 4th st apt 12 Extermin Zing Service Ine Norman .t M-acDonHelen nurse Joelson 'Sem Hosp r do aid pra Wilfred A Snare sec-treas 3012 SW Hugh D opr Dunn Bus Serv Co r3035 SW 25th ld st st Fish Market (Jack Goldstein) 815 Biscayne at Jason r758 W Flagler st '(MB) Loan \ Wm E printer Miami Oi lice Service r758 W Fruit & Vegetable Co Chas Kokas pres Chris Flagler Ht Kokas v-pres 316 W Plagler at Birmy Pht.-Engr Co (Edw L Birmingham) 17 Gardenc Corp Chns G Branl Pre, real est 101 E NW 3d st Flfigler ,t 151/2 Rtas Birn Harry N 'Henrietta) checker h322 SE 1st et Gol t lob end NE 1107ih si to River apt 10 Hardware Co W J\ie Sietrel) 721 NW 62d se Louis '(Anna) mgr Elwood 'Apts h334 NE 32d st Hatcheries Inc Hazel R Aiken pres Howard H apt 2 Gleasoo v-pres Sic, Slary 'P Aiken sec-treas Birnbaum Jos S (Betty) lson h1730 SW 5th at 100-u2 SW 27th ov Established Otto rf7 NW th at BISCAYNE HOUSING CORP, Arthur M Griffling Birnie Alice re;0 NW '1st st Treas, Real Estate Developers and Home 1916 JaN lFae) b NW '71st it Builders 12424 NE Dixie Highway, Tel 7-1255 Jas wtchmn Roberson Lumber Yard Inc (For further Information see right side lines Ill rozer Hiram i I; Efie) c'hvof':h2022 NOV 5th pl and page 67 Buyers' Guide) Birrer Horace S (Dorothy R) real est 845 SE Improemen Core IS i WeGboo Pres-treos H B Sliami rd h do Schoolfield v-pre Lstr F Preu treas real est Birsch Ralph gro 435 N Miami av r820 2d ft (M Iiscaye Island MARKOWIT B) Kennel Club P Rot Knight pres J C Knight Birt Doris W tel emp SBT&TCo e1369 NW 30th s-Pre Benj T Costello sec-trea 11 NE 2d avs[ I-3 ri"g trarlk 200 NW 115th It RESNICK Harry W '(Eliz LI h1624 SW 11th ter BISCAYNE LAUNDRY (J A P Turner), Laundry '" u Hary W (Hazel) sismn J L Springer Egg Co and Dry Cleaning 231-233 lI th st (Miamil 1h1369 NW 30th st Beach), Tels 5-2954 and 5-2955 a iscne 'Aipartments 11230 Griffing blvd Livi or Sire (Sraml S0Iloay) 8171 Biscayne Plumbing "ll letic & Boat Club tor Boys (Philip W Shaw) bled 701 NE 107th st and River oa C" (Saml Thorp. M-1rai R Thue) 974 Installations 'Auromobile S lrv B H r (Herman R Amacher& Suppy Edi V Bode prec iding sin NOV 9th ae 2201l Supl aCie EdEBd re1iln t and Supplies -ar Ine Cladia T Hill Pres 'Gertrude Towne v" l i W Flagler ast pres John S hill sec-treas lilutr 23 NE Is[ Oldsmnbibe in, Char, "N Sangerman pres Virginia Sn geran seo-tres autos 1121-25 NE 2d ar Oldsmobile Inc Earl B Scarsdale dept rgr used Barber & Beauty Salon Jas E Stansberry mgr car dept 1432-34 NE 2d a 630 Collins ar (IMB Park NE "d av si rc 19oh st Bay Apartments 141' NE Bay Shore t BISCAYNE PARK ESTATES INC. Arthur M GritBay Chapter No 17 N(HES) 120 NW 15th or fing Pres. Marilla Gritting Collins Sec, Real 'lay Islands Co Da l A 'Stearns pres Frank F Estate Developers 12424 NE Dinir Highway, Stearns v-pres J G Pay noe see real est 38, N Tel 7-1255 (For further information snn right Hibiscus dr '(Hibiscus Island) tide lines and page 67 Buyers' Guide) Bat Lodge No 31 KaofP 120 NW 15th a BISCAYNE PARK-TOWN OF Bay Lodge No 124 (F-AM) 120 NW 15th av TOWN HALL. NE 114th st cor 6th av Credit Shool (Wilfred C Lyle) 2850 Pine Tree dr Ths Sl Vaxey. ma Or Ceels t Ilu. Riddle, re;s) Applications Bay Temple 120 NW 15th av R--a Sir-k, st public property Treated Bay Yacht Club Bernard Metsch steward 2540 UIisi yne Pharimacy (Jas A G Embley) 2841-43 NW S 'Bay 'Shore dr (CGrove) 24 as Confidentially Beauty Distributors Ioc Frank J Ewald mgr 111 n Plaza Theatre Edgar Pearce mgr 209 Biscayne NE 2d av R306 st (MII Beauty 'Shop Della Funk gr 58 Flager st Rug Ca (A'hert A Uloder) 223'4 NE 2 ar E Benefi Insa ranc e Agesce Eoiio A Johnson genl r Securities Corp Rath Maglee mgr real est 5606 Gas Ranges 0t 121 SE 1st at R8l4 Bicaayne blvd BoorC^Slop (Ethel A Harbin) 36 Biscayne bled Slo lAndrewc Wr Lorman) clo cloes 4608 NE at Lower Cost 3die BISCAYNE BOULEVARD CO. Real Estate 1317 '" Stevedoring f-o ohas E Albury pres W A Earle Biscayna Blvd, Tel 3-3111 Albuiry .c. -reas Biscayne blvd it NE 12th at C Brass Foundry l(Waltnn Ferguson) 1820 NW 1st Store (Wilbur A Shauger) gen mdse 12429 Mstnt Compolete ai ,Disie has Display Breeze Apartments Slorgan D Hosole mgr 193 Sundry Shop (J Harry Bell) drug sundries 1501 In U. S. A. N th sNt l Bauilding 19 Flaglr et -Te 5tee l eCL~nei rsW -i acleco College dgr B Newhall) 327 NE 1st J"1 a evp B C L nie seo-lrnas 1220 C O-m 1W 61), ct hr 441 41st (MR) Bicaayne Blvd. On the Circle PHONE 3-3351 r c ELEPSAOHE I-4e2a t a C it eM N SQO


CALVIN OAK Mi. INSURANCE FHA First National Bank Bldg. Miami RISCAYNF; BlvnoP YSE Tourist lomn tharry C Taylor) 3101 Biscayne rah S (wid A HI drsmkr Mrs Blanche Renee bird .157 N% 1st st apt 2 Transfcr ('o fthas B Wallact") 191.; NW 7th av Seed C. (Raymond L Bkshop) 21:0 NWV 17th .v Troplcal Fruit Co (John Glanopoulos) 5604 Bis" Thos P (Marie) hlpr SBCo r351 NW 22d st Cane bird Troy i (Carol A) p alicemn h4343 SW 9th ter American T1s1 to Carl Meeks ilquildatig alt I17 NE 1st Vernice (Gladys) milker WV H Thomas Dairy Ib av 1st f 5912 SW 4th at ^ Veretinn Blinds '(Slade C Jones) 860 NW 36th Virgil A (Florence) btpr Jeffrey Lbr Yds Inc Sr6 N V W d 1 Bt View AparIents 333-337 NE 33d o OW H lab liami St. Inc r512 NW 9th ot Villas (Dani J Brennan) tourist camp 12100 Wm H (Carrie A) mgr Ocean Park Apts h3776 &rs Biscayn bird Prairie ar I& ust Yacht Basins (Chas S Toms) 173 NW South Wss H ir l'targs El h138 Fnntaln nt iPaim River de Island) C Blichoff Betty r37 1 6 Pairia av (MB)d Bishop's Garage (John A Bishop) auto reprs 132 U. Gen photog G5 NW 35t h t It do nW s at Wio Idn) stomn h3716 Prairie anv LIB) Bishton Aglie (Elsie W) rlk PO b2946 SW 27th Blicomb Laura sIswn 6.33 San Esteban av (C av Gabiles) Bisignano John (Grace) farmer r5319 NW 23d av tlogro. Ernest J (Sun Mattresa Co) b2222 NV Blok Jehnna (wid Harry) h830 2d st (MB) Depts. Bishot Sadie C Mrs (The Pines Apts) h2463 Pine Bisnet Glenn A (Marguerite) carp h67 SW 9th A Tee dr apt 6 (MIB)I[L Bishop A Lcc Grace I sirmn SBCo b400 NW Bissell Randoick A (Guyla G) h4'O NW 92d st 36th et Bissett Jas A (Belle) acet 25 SE 3d a R740 r336 Loans I Adda L sten Mlilarn Farm Dairy r1935 NW 2d at W 31st st GIB) o Apartments 613 NW 27th St Bissieks Fred W r1004 SW 12th av Aubrey M (Blanche) city police h347 Madeira Hissig Wrt Is2422 S Miami an av '(CGables) Bissinger Chas F (Clara) hlo10 NW 15th av Personal Barce (Gladys Hi stsmn Burdine's Inc r1801 SW Hazel r1010 W 15th 12th st Blssit Alma (c) tndry h4820 NW 13th av Loans Besole (c) maid 718 Aledo an (CGables) Bisson Susan (c) cook h180i NV 4th ct Beverly 119 Sevilla av apt I (CGables) Bisz Cath see Leland Hyzer r1036 SW 7th at apt 3 Blanche Nro yurn rms 252 SW 1st at b do Emm K (wid Jacob Ci b2369 'SW 17th st Cadwell L (Ann rio cine h7621 NW Gth av H Eli ehr Miami Senior High School r2369 NW o Caron (c) r1733 NW 5th pt 17h at Safety Chas D (Bessie) Osbermn 1302 NOV 43d at Ralph J (Cath) clk h1036 SW 7th st apt 3 Chas W r2 NOW 3d av itner Howard Z rlecen h226 NW 1,6 ter Vaults o Claude ] (Mary D) slhmn Cudahy Pkg Co b49 Bittel Harry mgr Belle-Claire Apartments h625 NW 25th st MOeridian av apt 2 '(MB) Della ,3269 SW 24th 0t Bitter Lawrence J OtavIs) confr 1027 NW 7th av Delmar T (Cola B) lab h rear 321 NW 7th ar r609 NW 50th at 139 Edgar (Oidelia) board marker Thomson & McBitting Adelaide Mrs slswn MSCo r20 SW 13th Einnon h2994 Coconut av (Crove) av N. E. 1st St. Edgar jr sismn r994 Coconut av '(CGrove) Bay jr elk Postal Soda Shop r520 SW 18th av Eaw carp h8383 NW 15th av Sam iCeih) 141 E 5th at IHI Edwin G agi Prud Ins Co r6700 LeJeune rd (C Bittinger Alf iEdythe) mgr Arena Barber Shop h Gableo) 31j NE 61st st Elton (Era M) milker W H Thomas Dairy h Walter (Edith) lab h034 NW lst p1 814 SW 79th av Bitrner F Lester aphut Wood Mfg Co r4 JefferDA E "Ernest U r5i2 SW 1st at Son an (MB) l Ethel M 1907 Coral way (CGables) Jacqueline A se A E Christen Inc iEtta mald Natl thildren Convalescent Home r John F (Claire) carp h3344 NW 15th sI 513 Fontana av (CGables) Priscilla r3344 NW 15th at "E 0l M r428 SW 3d av Bit. Frank J jr lelanie MI) mgr Nathan Schweit" 'Harry 13716 Prairie av (MB) zer Cr Ine h1338 NW 34th at Harry W (Mary A) gro 600 NOW 11th st h1032 Trank J III elk Nathan Schweitzer Co Inc r1338 NO 6th av NW 34th st Jay L Collr r39 SW 7th st Melanie A student r1338 NW 34th nt Jesse (Mary) Indry supt Better Way Inc h1145 Bitzer Bertha C norse 232 NE 35th ter h do NW 40th st Biran Chas A (Grace) ship clk Ralrey-Milam Inc John 'A (Lulu E; Bishop's Garage) h2745 SW h3027 NV 12th av 32d ct ihas E (Ell) h2496 SW 8th st Joe Lillii driver Reed Coast Corp h6931 NOW Bivens Jeptha (e) chaf 916 Surfside blvd lOG) 51h1v 1aria wid A A) ,391 NOV 24th at "Ste (wid Harry) h15313 Bay rd (MB) Ornille radio op r3381 Del Mnrte dr (C re) L Iork (Lilly i opntr a 19-5 NW 2d a "Otis (c: Frances) lab h rear 426 NW 15th st Leo L rlk Burdin's r SW st at Phillip (c: Marion) lab h1919E NW 2d et Lester IRse) radio maech h rear 7620 NW 1st Wn. (c) lab r1722 NOV 2d et ct Bivin Lonnie (c; Robert) gro 243 NW 11th st i Lilliaa P dept mgr Burdine's Inc r1935 NW 2d do t Blvins 'Albert 'C ir (Billie jr) asst dist supvr F'1u Lilie (c) amtrs Times Square Cleaners r156 P&LCo h2036 NW 3d st apt 4 NW 10th st AMderson (c; Rosalie) r135 NW 9th at "Lloyd (Alma) formn Reed Const Corp h7531 Arth C (attle Hi h171 NW 91st at NW 15th an Billie F 3lrs sec Poe Lbr & Sup Co h2036 NW ^ Manuel (c; Bessie) hsen 718 Aledo av (C 3d st apt 4 Gables) "' attle (c) r1529 NW 6th av larietto E maid 939 Brickell a Sandy C (c; Florence) clo clnr 710 NW 2d a ^ Biller V sisn Ungar Buick Co h1775 NE 2d h6543 NW 14th rt et apt 15 V'irglna (c) maid 324 NE 34th at r1437 NW 61h Naoml '(cJ r2022 NW 5th pl av Oby T (Annie) clk Weinkle's Liquor Store h119 Biixel Vm O (Villa Rogers Pharmacy) h66 Ni Seillo an apt 1 (Calles) 44th s Otis R mtthel N) rharm n I) 145 NE 24th st Binley Robt ship elk r24 SW 2d as "Petrcy G Illael) mgr Muriel Apts h420 NW Bize Harold E (Clara B) sismn h1051 NW' 2d t Bouth tiver dr at apt 21 oYm"nd L (Mact; Bi hop Seed Co) b1516 BIaell Areh L (Lois R) serrice mach Rogon-Lyle g NW 32d st Inc h4244 NW 22d et Rex 'Ulyrtici checker h rear PS NW 25th st David B (Tavle) wtchmn h4657 NV 23d av AI Rab atrnd eo Clark r721 NW 13th st Scott T (Pauline) glazier h4244 NW 22d ct Rboh I reot ass 12415 SW 17th av Blzzoco Lawrence (Grace) filling sta 865 NW 11th noevett lea porter r63i NW 20th .t at h1628 NW 15th t tpeREFRIIBENATINII BAILEYES LVMaER YARD A Complete BAILY'S VIYICILUMBER &l BUILDING N 536 PHONE MATERIAL 'STORE L N.W.28h t.3-2105 STORE'


104 ELECTRIC AUTOMATIC L ]FREe REFRIGERATORS . General Office Senvloe Dept. Ay 'ccL '" e " 134 N.W. Third Ave. Phone 3-2128 W Show Rooms: 134 N. W. 3rd Ave., Phone 3-2128 Rjerg Paul (Astrid) h rear 425 NE 63d st BLACK Bjorck Aug T (Edla E filling sta 501 N1 5th st Mary M Boarding School Mrs Nellie M Floyd Rh126 NWO 11th or yrio 666 SW 4th st Edba E nurse 126 NW 11th av h do Maurice r4779 NW 22d avBlork Harry 311 N'E 79th st Nat B (Maurine D) office mgr Budson & Cason Oscar C (Olive) seans o311 NE 79th st 11776 SW 16th ter Bjockland Knut r2930 NW 27th st Nelson M (Zella MI phys 18 SE t t I703 N Bjorkman Alma -(wid Gustave) r48 E Rivo Alto h1318 Venetian way (Son Marco Island) d (MB) Percy F (Elsie C) shopmn h1773 Collins av (1I Leonard installer The Maxwell Cu Inc r1021 NW B) 27th ct '" Persia B (wid Frank) h14l NW dist at Traugott W (Anne M) pntr Archway Ocean Villa Rihd D clk PO 71227 NW 81d at 1l10 Smith Cottages (mB) Richd D inspr h131 SW 4th st apt 6 Bjorn Herbert florist 8310 NW 14th p1 h do Boh 0 (Anna) h36 NE 65th at apt 7 Blahon Ce W III h4011 3eridian ar apt 4B (M Rosamund Mrs maid 2144 SW 11th st h rea B do limber Co Blachman Jacob (Cella) mgr Celia Apartments h 'Sam (Gunderson & Black Fish Co) r West "l i 2 Meridian av apt 4 tMB) Palm :Reach Fla t i iBlack 2Abr (Etkell c131 Meridian av apt 1 (B) "Thad J (cl cook ,1503%d4 NW 0th ct Benj A (Nelle A) serc mgr Tropical Strs Inc h Vera M (c) maid 1617 Brickell av 3031 NE 2d et Walter (e) chauf 1617 Brickell or OUR PRICE Benj H tt529 NE 1st av Wm (Lena) slson h200 SW 17th av IS LOWER Beryl oeds StFroncis Hosp r1610 NW 4th a Wm student r3109 LeJeune rd ICGables) Bogan J fc; Luella) porter h6224 NW 14th av Wi A '(Martha S) insapr Gulf Life Ins Co b2322. Bonnie Mrs slisn Patty 'Cake Pastry Shopye r SW 232d an Hollandale Fla '2 w C (a ; Eliza) lab FlaP&LCo r1921 NW 671t Booker T (c) porter 321 NW 6th st ct F. H. A. Cat Market (Preston S Brooks) 88 SW Red rd Wm L (Alice) supt Miami Water Works h1145 F.H A CGables) 9W 13th st Cat Tavern Joe W Lipop, Oscar Morris) beer Wr L jr elk Miaml Lndry & Dry Clog Co r1145 FINANCING 00B ed ci ICables 00W llvh st Cesar (c) driver r312C NW 14th st Wt S carp .,2917 NW 23d av "(has carp r4760 NW 20th a Willie Mrs h1361 NW 4th at apt 9 C lara (c) maid r220 NW 12th st 0' & White Cab & Baggage Co (Moris Marks) Clarence (c; Ethel) lah 1945 NW 5th av 608 Collins an (IMB) 663 N. W. Clate J sismn h1170 NE 126th at & White Tavern (Robt E Smith, Roy A Masters) 14tb St. David (c; Eliz) lab h1610 NW 4th ar liquor, 2211 NE )d av Edna tehr Coconut Grove Elementary School r Blackall Vernon s hlpr Jersey Ice Cream Co 2501 nagua an (CGrove) Blackard S Theo slsmn Grover C Dorris r7728 NW Edw B slsmn .Walker Jordas Inc r1824 Alton rd 6th ct PHONE (NB) Blackburn Ann confr 1200 Anastasia av (CGables) "' Effie (c) maid r117 NW 11th ter r do 3-3091 Ella (I ndrs SLFrancis Bonp h1610 NW 4th Aprila r1077 NW 23d st -Bus let chauf rM7 Bay dr (MB) "(Elsie (c) cook h121R NW 1st et Clare-r J (Alice M) ptc 156 NE 16th st Eug (Myrtlei ato pntr r1015 NW 21st ter Elmer P iProale h) sec-treas Miami Parts & Eva F (wid Elwod) 1647 NW 51st st Spring Co Inc h921 NW 29th av Eva W Mrs opr SBT&TCo 150 NOV 79th 0t apt 7 ." uacdya (wid Chester) h901-911 NE 88th st apt "Evelyn (ci lodra 11743 N60 1sc ct 13 Fla (c) mold h1302 NW 1st t Harry D '(Marv C) h1250 SW 22d E I Finet, Ins (Frio Petrel NWo 1432 NOel s Lilius C elk FIaP&LCo r913 NOV 29th ar '"UID Perl A (J3us) 1320 NE S~d so "' 'Laisa (mid Jolts 0) 1913 NW I9ch v ASH "' Forest Inn (Fritz 1rette) ,80restr 3453 NWN 54th st "e L sla Gi Johk FPL1 913 NW 9th v Fred (c) n11 NW let t Wo J (Loretta G sisen 1301 NO 29th at Fred (c; Macs p1te 1 1430 NW 1s k PI "6 w W student n1250 SW 22d ter Geo I (Margt) carrier PO 14. NE 69th st 'Willie (c maid r1740aE NW 2d ct Gerald IMabel) driser 160 NE 13th ter Blacker Annc slos, dybii's ryb l 50 3d st apt 14 OR ldys (:) lndrs Si~rancia osy elk-tO NW 41k'. noe lMeu (77 000 3d st apt 14 JSa 1-11(00 E:1 oi l Naarro as (C~ahiesi Hal N (Ellen) tehr Shenandoah Jr High Sch b BLACKER JOSEPH E. Architect 206 LeBlond 1962 SW 5th st apt S Bldg 147 Alcazar av (Coral Gables), Tel Harry 3J (Cath) h252 NE 80th ter 4-5811, r81I Navarre av (Coral Gables), Tel O L "Henry (c) dish washer Eddie's Luncheonette r 4-3194 1I. -' \ A Blockcoed Hacec (Halos 1 r316 NE 1411 ter Aorer ( c rnel 4hef 11419 NW 62d st ekHarS rr -H e)re Soutern onste" oaac (c; Marie) blksmith pr h1841 NW 6th "e D C r l i n 17 1 a 'om an Jsah .( LF, in At tr ,19N 6ha Black ston L insp Miami City Building Div (piane F octe 3301 1st t Blacklidge WIlb r J (Jeanette) eng 12716 NW "John T (Jessle) carp 11431 NW 56th st Blackman Andrew (c) lab 11331 NW 4th av k-e D (Willye R) v-prec Fla WhO Sundries Bla-che (c) toid 1203 Ferdinand st (CGables) cnc h1154 NW 2911 Icc ladoa hI step Fla,&LCo e1S36 NW Narih Ricer PURE Lilias R (id Cha E) 6303 NO 2d av d Lmnie K Mrs ostro 3301 NW 46th st r do Gordon D (Ruby) oin h201 SW 32d rd BATTERIES Lloyd G (Kath) waitr I ar 024 NW 9th st 2 Ja T ci 01673 NO 67th 01 Lnuella Ic) mad 9216 Abbott ar apt 5 (3IB) r "a Le c)e r119, NW 67td t ap24 N\)~ mi 2Lee coek-ec r620 NOV l')d 0234 NW i-Ik or Louise riOt SAV 6th ct apt 202 -A Louis mgr Wilkinson Dental Supply Co ril0l .' Olica ci maid rn02 NO 67th 01 Jefferson l(B g Stanley student h439 Anastasio av apt 4 (C Y A LE S L a u r e C (E d a t c a r p 1 7 3 0 1 che ago a a rn e I nc(C r v e G a b l s i Manay Ic; Beatrice) dishwae Hordinra Isa Thos (n) gdnr r17s NV 67th st h1430 NW 63d s" m (c) pstr e1930 NW 6th et argt () r1649 N 5tho der Parlh14 lackmer Eleanor slswn Burdine's Inc t329 RW *' RE Macmen M (Una) naop. 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105 PACKARD MOTOR CARS Authorized Sales and Sersloe PACKARD MIAMI MOTORS INC. 1740 N. E. Second Ave. Phone 2-7621 Packard Sales, 923 Lincoln Road. Miami Beach. Phone 5-3055 Sinckviltz David IUiruthy) I :r53 SW 2d ct Blade Clarence (c; Loulse) .1416 NW 1st ct apt 5 "1 Luclle I,) tehr r1416 NW 1st ct Biasklhawr 1irold G sretkr Oiml Country Day Blain JaS J nsngr Burdune's Inc r18 12 SW 9th > Orh 161 NE 10711h t "John S (Emma S) b12 SW 9th St John D Vlet F) 1h2129 NW 1th t r John S jr student 181 2 SW 9th st SNina A Sirs 91cc Lindley Lumber Ca 61130 NW6 '" Louis ( nds r r 027 NOV 6th a 47th ter Rhd L sismn G dyear Ser r1812 SW 9th -t Blackshear Allen (c) lab .354s NW ith at Blaine Arth (c; Beatrice) lab h rear 1614 NW\ "Alen (c: Eula) porter h3748 Washington av 4th us ltGrove) Clara K Mrs supter SBT&TCo h3096 New York Asle 1. 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Tel 7-2842 Johnnie (cs lab rlt07 NW 6th et Morgage Vern stodent r1736 NW 47111 st 'Jos J 1 Sabel, welder 1,810 SW 64th av L Walter rl728 NE Sh 55 Lawrence (e : Betty I porter Mangel's Inc h93 Ia Wm (lt inle) boat salt 0l33 NE It -iv apt NO 2 d 5t 214 Lester A (JOSeptinel .h137. NW 33d et LOW INTEREST WInton student r15332 SW 12th s Louis (c: Anna M) t,r Booker T Washington LOW COST BLACKWELL & WALKER IT J Blackwell, Wm High Sob h1967 NO 0th p1 LONG TERMS H Walker Jr), Atlnrnys-at-Law. First Federal amle c) Jr 032 N O 610 et 217 NE i l as cm nor NE lot sI 3d ii. Tel Naihan B (; Terah) porter 0519 NW 13t st Blac 1776 Nora (c) maid h422d NW 11th at See U. for aOc-od Lee E )Hsee) sites 036 SOW 36, an "Oscar (c; Amanda) 01616 NW 0th pl Yur Financial BLACKWOOO W R. Asst Treas Fla Power & learl sisw Burdine's Inc r349 SW 30th rd Liht Co. h442 Navarre av (CGables) liReginald chaul 1452 Bas rd (SB) Requirement FlaiP" rs-e cI driver Hyman S Waldorf il rlSI R.s111lT (L se mech 5l,1 4N 15N, as apt NOVd II Il I mi-,. -'. Sail I,: LIi I.b1711 N1 61h pi Ground Floor Real Estate Subdivider and Developers Congress Specializing In Lot Sales $2 Down-82 Weekly B 8g De Lucca's Organization Reators Phone .I. e , .1 3-2652


106 "Everyting 'to Build ntig IFMC CORAL' GABLES R" MIAMI. SHORES MIAMI BEA CH LITTLE RIVER COCONUT GROVE BMoseley Roy (Eleanor E:) file hlpr h1491 NXW 58th 10-n11 1 re 1., I r t male=, BBl I E d 1' r 11 U l cB Br. Bky Betty r1536 JW 2d t " 1 I I 1,168 \1 !3d A u co" Georgia (id Carl) 1153B S 2d sd RI"ne Jal I Eh sI i n hl 90 NW 41, st A llCO Homer Rt (Regina) tihe str h!2 NE 28th st h andf r wai 1onr tounitn Beer Garden rill Jas (c; Daisy) ydnl r35 la Douglas st (CGrv11 4th +1 Asphalt Thos IEllse A) mice su t Hertz Dri-Ur-Se f Rlanford .oln It ; Grrtrude) ab 1124 NW 1311 + 'Stan 11989 NW' 58th ut t Eanulsjon X iii B (Iildat carp r3968 SV 6th at Blank Arline r70U i ine Tree dr (NI) Blakeney Ja E atidt Chas W Magill ri11th st 'avitd ri0 Pine Tree d, (MB) cor 3th at Larence stodvn r225. Ale-i av (C1ales) Verner Mrs :h21 NW 3d an icclI tirlthy) stsmn hl017 Jefferson at apt AND Blakey B H IFrances )fi sismgr RBurtine'a In I XI it) 370 SW 31st i a-n Rose r7i line Tree dr (.IB) ESTATE OF Wt B uphl Wood MIfg Co r2918 SW 26th st Saml I.atice) pre Florida Sugar Distributing We C IEIle iz 1745 Majorca av (CGables) Inc 370n Pine Tree dr (I B F. Blakler Florence C registrar Grteclr Miamet Nurses ll anken.hip D A Iitpr Renaurt Lnbr Yds Inc r J. F. Reglstry r302 NWV 10th ., 70O SW' 8,1 st SNorman N (Flerence; Blakley & Quinan) h32 -cF or E) 1,a9' SW 11th st NI 1th a reel It i ary c eng h2259 SW 18th at BLAKLEY & QUINAN (Norman N Blkley, Edi In i mgr Grant Siuhern Ins Co r2330 NE ward B Quinan), Attorneys-at-Law 403-411 I rth Seyhold Bldg, 36 NE Ist st, Tel 2-2611 leart I 11ra i ssra FcLcmingo Garnient Strs Blaltek ae alcs Btcyleck h-2a59W 161h at atre '" Geo B atndt Alcazar Service Sta i Orum (Louellai IiS95 NE 43d at iHrvey (Kathleen) 1152 NW 35th at ilnkei Clas )1211 Cllina v apt J (MBI Jas H cJuliette) carp h2751 SW 23d ter itlnkman Lawrence (Flrenoe h2922 NE 4th av *Srfaeng a atn Lbilk il311n NW IVith uc atl 2t Lnka X11ari Icl ceorea h328 NIX t It cSu a L Fredk (ra LI dentist Ill NE 2d av B912 t it I : Evelyn pastor Neu Hop lisinnh1481 NW 7th at ary aR Ptist Church hid00 NW 1ith ar cor C Murine dental asst RolanId H Griffin t30-2 SW tientheie Leis A iMary Il 134. NW 30th at C th 4 at Blantin Alden slamn Collins Gir Co r1362 NE Wm1 T (:Anna UI pntr 115281,. NWA 6'!t It 2d et Blameuser Bent J (Elsie) ,h209 NW Sath -t Ardin rl3cl-2 NE 125th 1i Office Blacimey Geo F (Evelyn) drftsoan 64150 Palnciana Aa A laid David F) 1670 NW 1611 ter an (CGrove) Benerly elk Ct Tax Aisessr r1262 NE 125th at 1085 Blanch hanmi (ary; Dixie a. 10 and 25e Stre) IN1-) N. W. 56th St. anid res Florida Commercial Alliance .C COnroy tElla) tiiin r2919 Whiieheard at (C Blanchard uusto -jr (Dalaren P) lk Cadahy Pkg Grivei Co r186 NE !d eI t Denrthy I rian) erts Gordon J Hennon r rear Earl i iHazei) Iatrin 1946 Sa Ili rt 'Ti 41 224 et Phone Evans (NeFrancls Hotel) r19-21 NE 3d at Edw B iMirerca L) ve ngr Wlcer B Wiln 735 Harriett laid Albert B) r rear 3130 SW 25th 163 NE 2d a 7-3558 tiartiec 0 "I Tlcee ataa a lCceryn ell31 Ellis ISue K) nrmn Pinenod Park Elementary 'at~lee 0 31r Ths)slsn 3e~rry' r131 Sch .19191 NW 4th av SW 7th st 1;e T cllr Rhodes-Collirei Furn Co r468 NW L Arthurine clswn McCrory' r149 S\ 6th at 23d n Xlyles D Rev (Rae) pastor Seccic Advent Gra'a F student r .rear 2335 SW 32d ct rthritan Clrichl Ic3721 NW: 3d ie "... Henc I INayeilli carp Iv 919 Whlieheard at Paul meh R S Evans Motors of ,lank Inc r3. CG rvel PHONE Crysat t Ccrovel Irene eheeker r550 SW 4th AC 3-3666c Rachel r805 )2 aina e ICGables) J Clyde je niter Pen Club r4IO NW 20th an -Yiciacine lilt I70 Atcar an Jlirer nech Rrussel Paige Inc r127 NE 21st Wa G (IL ue) aee Chevelier Land Co h236 iay a. (Mary We plntr n 149 NE 98th at Aledo av ICacnbles) Jennie L ilk iConty Judge h1341 NE 1st av W N )I )I) nalter Comer Howard r;O NE Se clO6h NW 10th tee 3d ai Jesse C Elair) mclr Ptny Club h4S16 NW 2911 al C Iche Anna L Iel r186 NW It p8 -l ieewel H el3t NE Is a eAStrap M arry Btivcccr 36 NE let ci "icccr 12 elk; 11t6:7 Tiler aTall -in I' Coes ~ 1120-2 i KllerF ) lirt NI) torrnn J P Guerry & San t Jon Iet dlshwiasher Roger' Restr r242a NW ntill NW1' 26Jh GI Blanhes Beauy Salon (Mrs Blanche Ilidelf) 3607 2 k k C IIBtaene bitd Luer riid i lWm) 11763 SW 2d ter SBlanhert aAne 1dry Bh) 3t NE alit s1 -t Luther r2919 WTigriTa0rd i (Cre) ltanehtre Anile 61332 NW 29th s Sic arguerite se rd20 Lenox av (-B) Blan Bernarl G sec-real Everglades Sten's Shep Niacy W 1 Xre aractr 104 SE Isl at i 149 NE Inc c100 SW lInt at 99th st Philip G (Jennie) 66100 SW 11th li Peter rl13d \E 125h st clanc Caries niCe Cuban American Taning Co Ibt )i r rear 2735 SW 32d ct 4: 721 I. l1th at 7 .i tille it (Ora Itc elanin Farnis & Ca rib0 NW cmilo ( livida; li1ini Coffee )lillr) 1, 128 N 9til a MLiaai iv Ls Thos hlpr Tip Ton Grn Co c3010 SW 32d an Iepd (Lceia) 1160 NWl 21let It r -t Ic F eliaireiin Bide. Occircr Bd af Pulie Inea Alva W (Anna L; Bland's GroceryB) aa16S nacll$ rt iD C m_ Pb n BC r E e a n Dacrep e cic i Beuy l ~BLANTON W FRANK HON (Lizanna V), Dade tIO L r buS SE OlF e S County Judge (Probate). 7th f1 Court House. C Clean B in r37 NE 17th ct Tel 2-0551, 11637 Tiger Tall av (CGrove), Tel ENGINEERS Earl sandalec t Court Funiain 11520 NW 4-1223 .. 0th st -' Wilec -lk r rear 2735 SW 32d et Ernestine +Iswn iricmair Bakery rS20 NW 50th e 2m ICrric E) I rear 2735 SW 32d ci st Yao s Wt IHesse E: Roosevelt Bar) h120 NE Architects' Fred T (Iluthl) 6224 NW 21st. at apt 11 .tiii lerand Geo F (Lillian) aisnm Renaart Lbr Yds Inc h709 Blash Frank Ic; Ellen) housemn 2810 Seminole st EA dneersic cv a ICGales ICG rave) Engi r aJohn (liar riot) lsmn NISCo 690 NWl 18th av Blasiak Thes IBernice) tailor h'43}% NW' 30th st Supplies i John WI (lacl) pantr h5112 NW 13th an Biasingicme A1 Rav (R Violet) waiter Claytons Le-n pnir r37 NE 17Th st Ilestr ble NW 32d et tlagge (vid Aden) r320 NIE 0th st Eva I s err r SBT&TCo r1935 SW 2d It Blueprints "lcmiA (Blanche) depi emgr 62272 .W 19th at Rob L irebecca) emp city Ine & Fuel Co h230 Photostat Blande Grocery I.Aa V Blald I;ro 3837 NW NIX 24th ct 17th an Then D INaude 1I) barber 60-1 Biscayne bId Print BIande-rroen Wilheminn M1rs ccck 5611 Collins ar and 69 COullins av IFB) r8235 NE 2d ct SMB) ilaics Oiccr It'lren ei) dIS Meridian av (NMB) Surveying -ySUBUREAN SECLUSION M e o s 47 N. W. lt URBAN ADVANTAGESi"ia tnores St Select Your Homeile HeoII .'il F Your Hom ye Cp. Court House BESSEMER PROPERTIES, Inc. NswMtilShoreCo. 1317 DISCAYNE BOULEVAtD-PHONE 3-3111


107 Carnahan Insurance Agency KERATH MARINE "Reliable Insurance Service" ENGINES 327 N. E. 1st Ave., 1214 Postal Bldg. Phone 2-7055 Gasoline and Oil Blaskc Josephine beauty opr Mrs Bessie M Bailey Blinn Herbert r327 Euclid av apt 102 (NB) rcaI NE 76th at Loater A (Etiel) wtchemn 'h11 NW 4th at Theresa mwid Jol h330 NE 76th nt Minnie F smstrs 1927 Euclid av apt 102 Mtli FRANK Blass Roland A bkpr Monte Industries r'5S NE "' Wm H (Fannie) ad, mgr Heview P'ri ntmg Cu It 41h at 215 Salamana ac apt 6 (CGablem) Blatch Arnold le: Rebecca) r314 NW 15t.h at Wm H jr checker iurdine's Inc 2 u IG : Antl nete) h222 Short an ICoe)e an apt 0 ICGahlesl l Geo (c; Curnetta) gdur h1749 NW 61st at 8lsh Howard J (3yrtle) pilot S Coast Guard E SGeo Ic) repran 220 NE 21sI ,t r Liberty City 2906 Virginla rt (CGrov) Mary Ic) Indrs h2013 NW fth ct Blass Albert H Its NE 10th It apt 1 Walter J jr (c; soma) cook Cat & Fiddle Grill "Alneo Ilargt) hi5. NE 281 It h1404 NW 67th at Building 103 NE 2d at Blate Alen el509 Meridian a (MB) Clifford N (Nancy) -h1306 Lisbon st (CGables) nltrice J siswn 31SCo r1509 Meridian av Dwight (Mnaine) pitan MBRyCo h rear 276 NW LUX Sliu3a sisws ri50u Meridian an tMB) 4'0th ct ^ Nuthanlel 1509 MerIdian I E) Gerald D (liahelle HI 12251 SW 10th at Sail A iEliz) slsmn 1.09 Merldlan av (MB) Jonathan A (Jean) elk Adams Tours 5813 Milan Fire Equioost Blatt Abr S mgr Delman Inc rI50 Jefferson av av (CGables) M") N iabelIc J aten r2251 SW 10th st Arch (Blutt's) r3 42 Frow an (CGrove Minerva E (wid Irving W) h1960 NW 23d av ersan salsmn Blatt's r3425 Frow av (CGroe) Properties Inc real est 103 NE 2d st R212-13 Morris (Anna A; Blatt's) h3425 Frow av (C "'Rot tehr Caburn County Day School W ITE Groe Tyler H (Gladys) writer 1lt212 Milan an (-C Dieseletrin Basi (Fannie) h801 3d at upt 17 (3FB1 Gables) "a Sondra etk Isaac Skolnick r319 NW 3d av Blilstan Albert G (Olive W) filling sta 105 SW Plants BLIt s (IMorris and Arth Blatt) luggage 3306 8th at 11716 SW 11th si apt 3Daugtas t (CGroe) BlIstine Hampton 1 (wid John L) :h rear 3998 Biat Chas (Janet JI mgr Dalryland Inc h675 SW NW 23c t 19th an Blitch Albert S (Edith) sesmn I20 S MiamI av Blauvelt ArtIt 31 (Lillie 311 sisn 1,40 Aragon av Albert S jr (Louise) Clk Taltey's Food Store r Repairs-Parts I Cllables 720 S Miami av ie F Ilath; .3iami Idern Art Shop) 1i19 SE a Heaj B Rev (Hattie) pastor Missionary Bapist Service 7th at Ch l3401 SW 2d st Blaylock see also Blalock Cey J atndt Wm L Baldwin r168 SW ith t Anne 11242 Dreael av apt 25 (B) Fenie E (Lotiiel emp Interstate Marble and A) d L (Mary M; Miami Typesetting Co) 12717 TIle Co h227 NE 4 ili .ter apt 4 52 Columbus bltd (CGales) '" Floyd R msngr r168 SW 7th st 548 Blanep Emil F slam. E C, Sewell Co rI3 NW 22d "Hattle Mr tchr Gladeview Elementary Sale h ac3401 SW 2d at N. W. 7th Ave.Elena Harry W iHazel) geni cantr 69 NW 24th av John 1 Rerma M) shoe repr 643 Slialm av h h do '68 S W 7T st 1lkelier Eleanor H trll9 NW 10th ct tee H Etta L) reprmn John 1 Blitch r168 SW PHONE Sarah (wid B F) r8271 NW 10t et t Olive (wi t H) hh 2 24 Itan S (Carnu IInapt h8270 NWl 101 et\ 1c ai iP02N 12th antr ~ "Sara siswn Singer Sew Slach Co r23 SE 6th at Blohkman Henry -Joephine) h2612 Sl 1st St Him E (ganul P100 NE 12d tee Bleckner Fannie sswn ,r610 OW 10th an 4 Wm H 17.anch W6 N4 72 ter Elodhe Addle nisitne State Welcere Bd el'7 NW BWlien Helen a lch opt Mism+ Garment Inc r121 44th ne NW 62d st "inbep (c) chauf 2929 Bay rd (MB) Carl M (Daisy) driver LaFrance Clnrs & Dyers B'"ian Then paer r321 NW 57th St h14427 NW 19th av 'Blivien s irgn rc 37 NW th avt Frances O cfe asst -tr Arth O Wood rl007 NO -Bliins Virgisia I l 1-431 NW 0th ca 44th a Bliythe Harry I1 (A "e) h21 23 SW 22d ter 4th Ja i Tliza rd A Irth R (Anna 11) driver 3ITCo 3e405 NOVWa ha T pair h531 NE "d av apt 9 a9th st rL Jeh A (Mabel) slsmn hi 85 NW 47th at Bloch Abr F (Eisie G) -44 Jefferson av apt 3 Jamn D isman r707 Escobar an (CGables) 01H) -. OMerelen Y IFra I pntr h2315 NW 17th av n Frank H ('Daisy) h60 NW 9th st Neattle M (wid David 1L) rb187 NIV 44th it i" Gordon (Dorothy) meatete h 15-2 SW 2d at Sceetle (c) nc.k 2929 Bay rd (1B) apt Vaughn A IFrances 01 sls supvr Consumers e" JsEea llh'i Citia Pert eel P1017 JeI Skg Co b1001 NOV 44th st Fe cnc a apt 0 ce0Bi o Blndson Earl A I Ethet -F) elk Miami City Elec Div Victor e IEta I 1711 SW 9th st hl61 NW 3001h st Blocha Cities Service (Jos Bloch) filling st 1101 2 e _ Blnedner Earl H I Edna) servn Domestie Refilg ciscayne hlvd "1 lb I Co b3170 SOY Sth at Blok ee alo Black I Bleemer David (Rose) meat~s 705-07 Collins ac "IAnie (w id Jas1 h631 JTefferson ac (1B) 0 118 r42 Meridian an apt 10 13B)1 C saim r17 NV th sb Blotactin e H IHirye aaiiesm Normandly Beach Clis.(,; Sadie) h3719 Thmas an ICrane) Development C. r918 ay dr apt 9 (Isle o David IlIa rat beach apparel 2306 Collins av Normandy) ) I h12012 SW 24th si apt 2 N Blelibtry Elhelda hI3 Alton rd apt i3 (31B) Gea I Alvin t Ii NO 50th C0 H arry 0' I~aaIhtabeOl P14 '00NW'beridean ac (181 ,' Bleibry Edith h253 NE 14th at apt _A fni' g Rita BIecka Cilhdren'a Shop) r143 SW a Bieltrey Fred late Fogal Boat Yard rI944 SW 3a iig at trving mgr Dolphin Hotel r937 NE tst an 2 W Blekly DaIsy (et maid 1507 Madrid at (CGables) Louis ISise) 1o43 sW 7ih st o35O5 Douglas st (CGroe) Maurl ce soda dlspenser RCDDS r301 SWY 1st -t Blond Nm H IAlilce 311 1e256 NE 11711, at "Oto ( I (Marguerite) beauty ops h220 SM 14th a 0 Blender Apeartments 10i NOV 29t ter '" Phyllis rtident r4200 Sheridan an '(11) I Blen hs it h35 NE 61st at Block's Children's -Shop (Irving Block) 1221 lv Bleser We P mgr Yine Villa Hotel h2at NE 2d at Plagler at Bletiner GCi J IP rear 626 NW 22d st Hlocker Cie. Ic) cook r14 NOV 5th et Blerin Carl C pollcemn City of N MIlami' hI0 -' Ernest (c: Gladys) drug sundries 1210 NOV 3d f J NE 126th sc an h do h Chas N IHilda O) carp h3138 NW 6lst s s Frank L (Lillian; Business Equipment Co) r Mary clk North 3Iami O r1440 NE 126th st 143 NE 2d at 'O Blew J Oxiar 1Ella) alsmn Cannon She Store h Gertrude waiter Wm M Stevenson r324 NXV 9th 116 SW 11th ter apt 204 s t Bie, Hary C hr G' de lew Elementary eh r Henry P (Evelyn) h776 NW 19th aE Miami Spring, John elk Dade Pharmacies r3072 Bird Ai (C Eliebr Harry (11,IIe; Blanche Cv, Shop) rWve1 1090 SW0 1th lt" Lo i (Susan) 34 NW 9th st 1ue han lk r ls0 SW I ter Luther O blue printer Harmon In ( r534 NW m O Elond Ehi a~ NE 4 av9ha The CITY ICE and FUEL CO. "Vitalaire" Air Conditioned Refrigerators DiaD .. on, ar _e __ m _o ra 5


I 88 LON WORTH CROW CO. REAL ESTATE LOANS INSURANCE 11th FLOOR SECURITY BLDG. PHONE 3-4757 .0 BLOCKER BLOUiN Z Mary (c) -1450 NW t1 p' Timothy R sismn A&P Food Stores r2019 Nil B Pierce (Irene) emp City Ice & Fuel Co h_68 NO 21st ter 25th At 'Blount Aneita sen Prod tns Co r1629 SW 13th Ran dolph W (Muriel) clo crnc 341, Main 1wy 't apt 1 (Crv h072 Bird v (CGrove) Annic (e) Indes r351 NW 16th ter S Wm i jr IMacga K) drftsmn A R southwell h parloiso-I' 223 NE 20th ter 8029 NE Miami ci Bruce A (Mrigt A) agt Suwannee Lire Ins Co e 'Block tone Florence Mrs '.1'560 Drexel av apt 15 1721 SiV 611 t apt 16 iM C1 t'ailc Sie (lent 911am) illypoo ro.tsvoc rs iI d Caroline E (wid Howard A) r2213 NE 2d rie 1152 NWV 7Th at N e t "EwD ILenal lonpr hL07ti1 NE. 3d pl Clyde S sismn r 931 NE 2d t Frank R (Ei ) r247 \V Flagiler 5I Dalry A ]irv ,3626 Alton rd (MB) Grace Mrs thr Miam Beach High Sel r4220 Leonard (Mary) troublemn FlaP&LCn ,415 Prairie .1 apt 7 151131 rN NW 22d la Henry 'f 11illie C) patlolmn 1Miami Police I S 'Bloedorn J Rein-hard (Minnie C) h152 NE 93d st rear 61p NOV 25d pl Blofield Linda 1622 Lenox av (IB) Icy I I lsa B) .ast director Dade County ZrnBlohr Carl H (Mildred B) archt 2011, Alciale a ing Con h300 NOW lath s rat (CGahles) 01256 SW 3d st 0 91, Ic Iteeccat hi3361 NW 16th ter Chas H (Jessie) marine eng h1258 SW 3d st Paul IiailiC) barber : rear 1152 NW 7h at Mildred B Mrs (Mildred's Dry Cleaning) 102-6 Thelma W' Mrs h-5i SiW 15, as o 3d at Theo (c) Ih ear 2032 Nit lit. t S BlombergEdith ssir t1420 Ocean d (MB) "T1ios C Il .tricha A) office gr County Tax C nare SMre crne 145 E Fiagler 01 R265 r RenseCnile 0b1452 Aigcrla an iCtiahles) elit Hotel (MB) W Wier 1 (Ma1. ie J.I hJ0225 NE 20th ter apt I _BMey Ellz Iwid Jaol rN11 NOV Flagler ter O Willard OV (Frances Ei mgr Mildred Apts 1i1029 r Ursaline lirs gr 34 NW 147th av h471i Nih SWy 1th s apt. I j Flagler ter Ohm rI:0 Prairie an apt 7 (MB) a Wm S (Ursalene) carp l4711 NW Flagler ter Fm jr i hrline BI h2436 SW 7th st apt 1 V Blemgr en Albin lha00 1592 Brickell av Blow A Sanders iRu by) abstractor Dade-CommonS Blon.dle Chas (c; Bernita) porter r327 NW 14tH wealth Title Co h620 NW 34th av ter Aiunie L ilk Dade'imonweai6lth Title Co r754 oBlndell Roger elk High View Drug Store NE 0lst ,t BIonsky John V (Phyllis) student -l28 NW 8th at Chas 00 clk Jaden-Crimnwoealth Title Co r754 Blood nna waiter -1514 NE let It NE 8' t Chas H r1877 SW 7th st Jesse M (01ry LI v-pres Dade-Commonwealth eo rate 94 23d at (IB) R do lTitl Co 410 Aragon a' iCGabled) Geo J (Fiorine) h1373 SW 16Lh st O lory L Mrs see Io pres Dade-Cuoiinnwealth S'o We J driver Henry Kelly Co tnc r971 V FligTitle Co 419 Aragon av ICGables) ler st Shirley L ylkI DadetCamonwealth Title Co r "' Wm L ha rber ,1435 NE 127h at 7 4 E ssti Bloodsaw 'B O (c: Emma Lou) airplane washer h Violet H Mrs oT54 NW 81st st 1761 NW 68th ter Bloxharm 1oy T (Ern) I baker 1212 SW 8th st h do BLOODWORTH ANDREW D F (Virginia), Asst Bludworth Glenn r'04 NE 2d av City Manager City of Miami, hi1241 SW Ist Rl i Albert (e; Jlohnnie) lab r2065 NW 5th pl t Ann slon SHK&iCa r3041 SW 18th t Evelyn (c) nmld 1229 SW 4th st Bird Iauee (uHarry P Manstrelis) restr 3632 Jas Ic) porter Tip Top Hotel t Hilrd Cafe ; Annie Williams) 36 NW 17th it O H B (Alte l anir 0111 NV 2th 1, apt to rd Lunch (Grover Deppe) rstr 101 NE 20th Potter (c: Mt tic) janter rS4S NOV 1211h '1te Wm (c) porter h rear 1029 NW 1st et let Bloom see also 'lohm and Blu Book Publishing co (Lino L Sertel) 150 'SE 4th Abr (Bee,l) imgr Everbleeni Apt Hotel 1347 st apt 305 WOashington as apt 2 (IMB) Cw0 hake & Pastry Shop (Mes Anne Eckert) Barbara 9rs r420 SW 5th on 2415 IiascIyan hitd 1559 SW 8th st and 208 (Ceo L (MI ldredi slmn h593 W 49th et (MB) Aliambra cLr (C Cables) Goldye elk Florida 5 and the Store r2020 NW Bowl Tea Rol (Irs Carola Ressler) 149c1 20th t apt 8 NE 2d :t Harry (Bertha) h834 Ocean dr apt 208 (MB) Cloud Chie 1216 W Flagler AI Irving t144 NE 2d a '' 'Dasid (c) porter Seaway Apto 1898 NWO lst at J 1 sIBmn 31 Simon C 0 r N Miami a Derby (Norman Leer) rle 697 SW 83t 1 E S Harold 105 Nat 21th "Eagle "enuc rant dMrs Ida C Rieman) 121 NB Lisette wid Andrew) 112545 SW 1th Is at M Morriss (Paulo) br mgr 'DeLuxe Laundry & "Era (c) maid Hotel McAllister -2065 NIV 5th pl Dr Cleaners 'Ioyd pipeftr r30 NW 6amh At Pauline Mr (Lincoln Road Book Shop) r North Gras Apartments Frank Fisher mgr 858-866 N Theo J (Thelma) ,1801 SW 27th o Gras Palkage Store (Roy Beckett) IIOuors 183 Bloomberg Geo W (Bessle RI carrier PO st 829 NW NE g e6tH et 7th av .a tat Shop Aliie H Schwartz mgr mines 78 S '"Irwin student r814 Lenox av apt 4 IMB) Liun.1,) rd (MB) Norman (Anna) ersmni'Bacco Vintner's Inc .814 JaNquVe 'mdeut r126 SW :2d t rd 1 2Lenox av apt 4 1MB) John ( ILilie) bridge frm h 41 SW 18th Sadme I71 NW 17h it a Joseplin" Ic) mad oc49on NW 19th st aml (Rebecca) h731 NW 17th st Lews E arndt h2U20 SW 24th at Bloomer Betty beauty opr .ro75 NE 5th at t Luther G (Addle L) Ins a a 26 SW 3d et rd W A (Blanche) h795 NE S5th ,t "LuveeIa lei maid '1018 NW 1st av CaBloomfid (; Flossie B) whsemn Miami Furn 'M Ma.rgt Vten Homer N Henry 1015 Lenox av Tie C CynrI1 C NWir Is pionhra 06li'2d d I M' lO Mrs le-tIeas Bloomfield Realiy & e Ce h Mirror The (David Kleber) cfrs 148 NE d at Baby av apt 1 (B) Moon Anahis Mrs Olt a McClusky mgr 1361 NE. FIRST AVE-. Lout.s O (Ida) pres BloomfieldRealty & Inv Co NW Ith st Phooe 3-5308 ,162: Euclid av apt 1 (MB) Mome Ginger Ale Co Isaac Levin pres, Heary R Realty & Investement C Louis O Bloomfild pres Klein (Cleveland, Ohio)v-pres Aug H ndenU.B, Warehouse Mrs Ida Bloomfield sec-cas 543 Collins av boom 'ec-t real carbonated beverages ye NN NW Dstributors (NB) lIth 't WHOLELE luss C Larry A--m Howard Bros -552 NE 51st st '" Moun Restaurant (Dunl Caposello) 645 NW 62d andWRETAL Blouln Adrian student 2019 NW 211 ter at "n REAL ath (wId Jos MI 1h2019 N\\ 21st ter Ocean Villas Apartnents 6918-24 Indian Creek WeGaynor C (Mare) ssmn h rear 3807 NW 22 dr BMB) EE G Mami L (Rchy L) al Gulf Life Ins Co B62 c Jrr l bl53B1 WrYour NW 31st tor' Ridge Dairy (Oscar T Johnson. Tage Gustafson) FAUTOMOBILE u' R1 y L 111s "pr SSBT&TC, 1,672 NW 31s1 ter 29,3 NR' 6711h ut Through Miami Beach Abstract and Title Co. Friends (Inoorporated) we Grow l The Only Abstract Plant in Miami Beach Miami Beach First National Bank Bldg. Phoe 5341


I09 200 Roms COLUMBUS Sm Combination "Miami's Finest Bayfront Tub and Shower Hotel" Dining "m Baths OPEN YEAR ROUND Ro BLUE IItInC C rncllui (Lo, A) mur h37 NE 17th st Rosa ( m naI'l \a1i NW Fr a ""ran i ci m.,d r3.51 NW th ter "The It Ic; .na) lab lit21 NW 5th p "' LI., M Ir. ISwn ria SW 3d at WVllow Ian (Ernest A and WO A Joyce) restr Thus Ic; Ellz) lIrean 1348% NXW Silt at 2502 NW 54th at ]lesh Chas OP r827 Callina anv (B) ^ & Gray Cab Co Win C Dorsey pres Martha R Blusieln Etta Mrs r218 3d at (ME) Dorsey v-pres Harry E DeNise sec-trees 20 flouter Tetta rIS43 NiW\ 5th It NW tn an 13y Dane 'Sara) emp Interstate Marble and Tile & White Market (J Ernest Emth) gras 3536 Co ,153 NW 25th It W Flagler at Iteran (Sarah) slsmn h577 NE 107th at Bluemrel Hart L B chau r1014 41h at 'IMB) Sally 1,1550 Drexet av pt 10 (SB) Bluesien ebecca (id Wan) 1,243 Merldlan av lilye ias porter W lcewortIhc r327 NW 27th av ii apt 17 (MB) 'Blylenen Waiter wlchmn Geo B faeger r575 NE OH lueslone Anron Z (Anna) b359 Meridian av apt tIoth st O (.11) Blythe Alice beauty ope Patio Beanie Salon r5701 Sllan r235 NE 15th ter Pine Tree dr (MB) Blurts A\part mens 27 24 SW1 34th as Hazel see Frank O'Neill r5701 Pine Tree dr lnuhm see also Bloom and Blum 0IB) Geo OP toee eng 1256 NE 38th at apt A Bo's Products Co (Theo 4 Yeager, Jas D Yeager) Blalock Horace (EdIth) form O H Thomas Dairy rood products 156-160 NE 13th at 11307 SW 6'5th av Bang Helen h260 SW 1st at apt 9 Blum see also Bloom and Bluhm Jos C electn hipr Lyon Elec Co 81 NW 30th it Anna S ivnd E J) r774 NE 86th t Lawrence B lab r81 NW 30th It Arth (Lillian) 14880 !ine Tree dr (MB) Marion W public sten 28 W Flagler It Bernard (Esther) pntr 12892 Merrick st IC Robt D alk rS NW 30th t Crane 'Ba) Len,, (wid OWn) rf49S Llrcain an (Cllrane) GoEsther (wid L W) r5636 Alton rd (MB) Boalcs Grace r217 S Iam av Jack h1008 Jefferson an apt 26 (MB) Boardmn Edw F Lawyer 1'21 SE 1st at R1019 r254 "Jacob (Mollie) mgr Dolores and Shirley Apts k NE 35th st 1424 Callies anv apt 2 '11) Jos U (Cira Ci ptrnmkr C H Lyne Fndry & ^ Loon (Sylnia) opr 1918 Ocean dr apt 9 (MB) Snch Cn i3613 Ronal Palm av ICGrove) 14r Leon Jr student r918 Ocean dr apt 0 (IB) -" Ralph J1 (Barbara) foremanDickinson Steel Erect" lsn L (Mary; Mami PIe Bakery) h3149r ing Cn h251 NE 35th st N. W. Center at ICGrove) Stella Mrs 1,320 NW 4th nt apt I LillIan asst Dr J Frank Laird Jr r7629 NW Boardman' Hand Laundry & Dry Cleaning Co 7th Ave. Is) an Olarer Mayerovitz) 139 Collins av (MB) Louni (Lucle; Crescent Hotel) 11420 Ocean dr Boartoeld Rsloph R lk A&P Food Stores r3124 MBO Florida av (CGrave) Man (Ita) sIsmn Blum's Market h741 4th st apt Wm ad, 1h3124 Florida av (CGrove) 3 rM) Boast LeRoy (Alma El radiomn Ungar Buick Co h Telepone a meb e lswn ie d apt 9 (MB) 1569 SW 4th at P Bit (Blum's Market) r741 4th st apt 3 (MB) Boat The (Chas Anthony, Fred Consan) restr 39 Blum'1 Markel (Rita Blum) grus 704 Collins av NE ist av 26125 4MB) Boatwright Fred L [Josephine) plstr 11844 NW Blumberg B Louis (Celia) mgr Roseburt Apia h345 82d sN Collins av apt 8 (MB) '" Hotel Apa.rtments Leonard M Boatwright mgr eni mgr Benjamin Apia 1,101 Washington av 25 NE 7it St apt 0 IiBti Jas (e: Lottle) lab h534 NW 3d av Natlian Idrs) sec-treas Reliable Trading Co Inc r" Leonard M 1Mary mgr Boatwright Hotel Apts h1429 SW 1st at 'a2s NE 7th at I ml (Jean) h365 NW 5th St ." Patk auto maech r813 NW 71h av Blame Ader H i(Carrietl r 3611 W' Flagler St Ba,,irir b nic r7 5 NW 15th '. Helen Iswn h1207 W Flagler st apt -1 Boan C Beverly (Helen H) driver Fla Whtl Gro Jas IWandal pntr 10131 NW 64th at Co h22 NW 23d st apt 4 Blaenbach Earl O (Martha L) slamgr Wolpert's '" Helen H Sirs nurses aide Jackson Mem Hosp H I Furn Mlt Inc 1i, S0' 8 at 2 NW 23d s[ apt 411111 Blumenfleld Sat) (Mallie ; Blumenfileld's Reatr) Lennard G I(tyrtleel slsmn 122 NV 23d nt apt ti088 Callans an SIB) llumenfield's Restaurant (Sainl Blumenfleld, Chas Boazman Arth B ssmn Keyes Co h1429 SW 2d at 'S Wolfe) 668 Callns an (SB) apt 11 Slumenkranz Herman mgr Hotel Madrid h427 ColBob John (c: VannIe) r1143 NW 2d ct tea. lIns av (T) lib)':b (Rob T Lumpkin) resir 2325 N Miami av SWe, (Lille) r427 Collins av IT) -" Auto Wrecking Co (Rob E Heaton) 353 NW Bianmensan 'Darn I mId Isadare) rI9ll SW 17th an 224 at Blumnensteln Richd her 12552 SW 9th nt Billiard Parlor (Robt A Taunton) 18 NW 12th Exciinve Bnmenthal Elliott D Ruby) gre 3897 Grand av en (Crove) 12821 Cancoochee av (CGrove) Bob Hard (c) hlor Smoker's Garage n220 NO V "Elliott D jr student r2821 Coacoachee av (C 11th sit F Grove) Babbitt see also Babbitt 0 contr 605 Lincoln av R612 (11) r1637 r" C Murray (Margt T) sece-treas Little Rlver Euclid en (MB) Bank & Trust Ca h7736 NE 77th st rd apt 4 Loule (Adele) h610 SW 23d rd Ch: (Drohy) slsmn h4'53 NE 35th st r Martha Mrs h927 Jefferson asv (MB) Jas C ri75 NW 19ih at Ia n yMary Di 1173 SW 3d at Jas W (Hazel) mgr Hospital Pharmacy h1121 Nathan M Iliartha) sisnt 11045 Pennylvanla NW 40th st av apt 3 0iB) '" Slaud C lid John W) furn rms 1620 SW lst at Interior Setymour (Banna; Sams Market; CGrove) I I do 3427 Fraw av ICG'rne) Sam, J (Florence G) Installer FlaP&LCo k1877 Deomtm Blumer Citie I Lan, Blumer) 1841 SW 8th It SW 25th st 0 Lillian Mrs slswn Oillage Beath Shop r1020 Satl W (Alice R: Mliramar Pharmacy) h260 heridian at (31B) NE 28th st apt 3 and a Louis nauriropai 1841 SW' 8th It h do a Tls (Rose) lab 12763 NW 88th nt i R E lab FiaP&LCo ,236 NW 3d st Bobo Arie B (Anne) carp hW20 NW 5th av .oer ^ Raymond E IDarls EI asst cash Pullmn Coa Cyrus 31 (Pear)t waiter 12428 NW 28th st 0514 NW 18th an F Earl (Elsie El waiter h2424 NW 28th et hlumeaahn Jaik samn R1148 NW 21st at Jack E (Anne El elk PO r60 NE 5th st alumhard Herbert L (Ella) lam'. Meltaer Mir Co Thos B ILillian) ltsmn h2233 SW 17th at k2295 SW 9th nt apt 22 Babson lanuel r133 SW 18th av Blaun Harry (Fay) -pres Rosedale Delicatessen Nathan (SadIe) nism rI3 SW 18th an & Restr Inn h1791 SW 1th ter Bacanegra Frank (Vic's Taekle Shop) ,742 NE Bisayne Blvd. Blundell Ezrn B (IEmIly E) 1167 NE 21st at 79th st Alunk Iln reel S Ilren 1 drlyv r hll151 NW 4011h st "' Victor (Clara) iVlc's Tackle Shop) 1h742 NE Blunker Estrle sten Mead Construction Ce r1344 79th stSWs"ap eclPIo tfnicrph79N 3th Fuenh "Jn A 11311 SW 3d at apt 2 t Terrace GULF LIFE INSURANCE CO. "A SOUTHERN INSTITUTION" Life Insurance and Annuities For All Needs 3-4669 7th Floor Seuerity Bldg. Phones 2-4911 and 2.5088


I10 N N W. T 11D r A A. .': IFs 1 O O 11cc I3' 01 I I ciic, ., re red i G (Emma nI rte, Jackon NNhJs(ird 2 Icer; ciu ''' i O.\l', -t lIt rove, B hcchili Eil Mrs (Sheridan Barber Shp) r Jcln h428 SW 131h cv apt o B mncrs S n t iha r2 A 708 o st st (MB) Margt Mirs beauty shop 1327 SW th t 'r428 "Nina manicurist Sheridan Barber Shop r708 51st 'W 13th a' apt St (MB) Boerke Lulu (wid Jesse T) furn rms 226 W Flagler Bert Aug r2367 NW 32d st St h do TITLE Fredk W (Mailda) mgr Marlborough Apts b1754 Boettcher Louis sismngr Ollie Trout Trailer Camp TITLE SW' 14th st apt 3 r10600 Blscayne bled INS. arr Gy race Brickell an ap It Boetner Jack A HelefcH) mgs Goodyear Flyiig 0 co "' Macn (Dersc MI r471 NE 25th St Field iiliil I NE 4th av CO. C 'Bockemarle Lena R Mrs (HOme Delicacies Cake Bogaards Anthony 614 Lenox av apt 29 (MB) Shop) r142 SE 1st et Anthony (Dorothy) sismn h305 Day av IC Becker Mervyn L (Martha) mach lt970 Bird av (C Grove) Title Grove) Frances Mrs h644 Lenox av Ipt 29 (MB) Insurance Patty Mrs maid 823 Brickell a '" Jack (Marh fishing guide h3036 Matilda av W Howard (Sue) lino opr h1419 NE Bay Shore (CGrove) Escrows ct apt 6 Began W'm ,36 NE 65th at apt 18 Abstracts ick Alma H (wid Jas F) mgr Banyan Tree Bogard Mildred L Mrs chf opr SBT&TCo 12129 Apce 1,100 NE 26th at ups 1 NW1 3 4th it of Title Fred J (Jeanne M) clk PO 1400 NE 26th st apt 1 Orval clo elnr 3040 NW 2d an r2129 NW 24th nt Bckman Leonard isetaller r1021 NW 27th at "Robt V (Mildred L) tile otr h2129 NW 24th at Bockstoce Edw (Emm) h40lI NW 17th av ." Victor pantrymn Betty's Restr r1440 Biscayne 2d Floor Bocodt Grace miaid 7759 NW 1th pi 474S NW blvd -d tee Bogart Chas F waiter 11352 SW 7th at apt 3 Huntington Herman (Grace) sign pntr Wm H Hodkinson h Eug :r561 W Flagler st apt 9 4749 NW 2d tee V ila ecen E Gee Bernard 103 NW 6th as dg. 'Bodaoer Chas (Katilyn) underwriter Gt Am InBogert Mar rlSOS NV 3d an demety Co t263 NW 26t st Bogey Edw (c) chauf 1039 18th st (MB) S tiled sten Gt Am indemity Co ri76S SW Boggess Terry waiter r31i NE 3.5th at Phones 22a rBoggis Arth (c; Sybil) 12053A NV 5th pI S ddle Alex (Dor) h219 NW 40th st Lester (c) r2053A NW 5th pl BODDIE RAYMOND, Sales Representative Nash Sybil (c) maid Hotel McAllister r2053A NW2-1625 Pumps and American Blower Go 507 NE Ist SIh pl av. R224 Tel 3-2151, h65 NW 49th st. Tel Boggs Alex 1V furn reprs 1217 SW 5th st r do 2-4968 Beverly C Mrs beauty opr Prymrose Beauty Boddy Roy (Nina) gro and meats 3301 E 4th av Shop 1S30 NE Miami ct (H) h do 0 Chas F (Elma L) cook 14431 SW 10th St Mlami B Wah 'Wm (c) porter r315 NW l0st "' Chas F jr e431 SW' 10th at Nde Winfield S (Sarah E, carp h54 SW 4i st Clarence (c; Evelyn) chauf Orange State Oil Co 1661 Bode Edw E pres Biscayne Oil & Supply Co r 2 336 ril01 NW 4th et Lenox Ave. NE t1 or Dorls L student r1175 NW 61st at Laban (c; Sabel) janitor '11468 NOV 6th pl Ellison C (Eclea) h2133 Meridian av (MB) Phone 5.6649 Mabel le maid Clyde Court Beauty Salon r1+6S Elma L clk The Manhattan r1431 SW 10th at NW (ith pl Hugh C (Tressle H) h240 NOV 51st at tarlan A sten Standard Wine & Spirits Co r129 Jewellreonia) ismn h20 SW 11th st SE 4th st R I cash June Dairy Products Co r33 NE 21St Bodego Joaquina 1frs lAce Radio Shop) 46 NW ot 36th cc Luther (Glada V) mee, Rollins Garage b234 NW Be Sol a 36 NOV Sct c31tH Ier Boden Albert J sIsmn S E Philpitt & Son e0l4I NW Merry br mgr French Benaul Chnrs r2217 SW itht sd O'scor WV (Mabel L) chef h1175 NW 61st st Harry E I(azel J sismn SR&Co r252 NW 3d st Pearl (c 1 L NOV 1st n Hael A Irs slon Real Silk Hosiery Mills Inc r R F bus masher ITCo e626 NW lot et Boden heim Jean Mrs restr 2242 N Miaml av h do y RijHt C (Fra)ce SI teller Am Nb 3 Trst Ca Bodenhorn Al me'h Ungar Buick Co t2l0 W Flagh1921 Btay r J apt I(Ak lee cc 'iRh NV' (Leila) t2l17 SIV 3d st Bodensteie W H elecn Packard Miami Mcss Inc Thos K massage t117, NOV 61st nt rC307 L 3d as B)gmT ALoTise (ct maid s111 Collins av (MB) r649 Bodermn LIu(lio id SMoei mgr Teio Apha h NIX' 1B)h c 1359 Euclid 0s 0 3 I hIBi Bogle Jas H clk Esmeralda Hotel r do A tseo (c g hlee NW 1407 NV 65th 0 Bogorad Max (Sonia) r874 Commerce at (MB) Alic (c) 1ll NOV lth as Bogue Alf G appr h-470 NOV Flagler ter Thca (c) r1183 NW th p1 Bohack Irving r1023 Lenox apt 2 (MB) d A cid la An1 s NOV th E a e L Bo annan N al Glorli printer Review Printing Assurance So lety of the US h1431 NW ct o ir if N O 10th et st Bohannon Caroline sten FIaP&LCo r325 SE lst p 1 F rank D (Margt R) 1h2133 NWV 43d It P ,Or P Tracto Llnrt S it13NV4dc Chas S (ilmsa) patrolmn lilami Feline b111 Bodioa r do (c) gdr 3701 Indian Creek dr S V ith It B\ dman Philp student r439 Anstasia an apt 2 'El3 ( I nn e) Ins peninsular Llfe Ins Co 988 BodCGayE rol E Groe P Srs slsw United Ifrs Agents h325 65th t" Hey F (Edith carp 1174 NE 54th at Boecher Jennie mgr Tropical Ice Cream Bar r216 John D mach RelIance Motor & Machine Co NW 36th st 1523 NV 3d et apt 4 Beeee r.lwid John B) h2250 NW 35th at '" Michl A (Florn-r decorator h267 SW lot at J5" Howard S lab r22I NO 35th st 'Bohelm Geo N Mrs r268 NW list st Boegr ,tlvalyn student r351 SON 26th st Bohemier Pierre (Blanche) phys h1361 Meridian Blanche NI 'trs h310 SW 26th st av apt 8 (SB) Boegel Emma b235 NE 25th st Bohland Gustav (Eileen) sculptor 913 N Everoehm Starie C ten Louis Helman ell SE 7th st glades Concouroe (MB) k915 do gViria colo it Tooley-Myron Studios r1168 Bohm Rudolph (Agnes) barcndr 6139 NW 22d at NOV lch cc Bohn Blanche Mrs h1720 SW 11th et 4 Boehme Harry edne l1318 NW 7il st '" Chas B (Ella) b5030 Bay ed (5B) + -ier see 1259 Castile av (CGables) Ed J (Eva Lc mgr Franklin Court ApIS 11603 Betmee hrt StMrs 21371 c NOV Flagler te 'r Front P (Nartha S) printer 8146 Soy 9th ar Q Boelacter India (mid Narry)I 1022 N 'Bay Share opft2 Is Frid (Loretta) h4136 N Mliaml av Mortgage Hollis Bush & Co. Real L aHOLLIS BUSH, Prnsidnt E t Member of American Institute of Insurance R 1 Eat Appranum Ap raisals Harshen Bldg. Mlaml, Flu. P


KAUTZMANN-VERNET LUMBER CO. MERRLLUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIAL STEVENS Miami Yard, 201 N. W. 1st Court If it's used illn0. South Miami Yard Phase 2-8481 "WE HAVE IT Pho RY D CK hohner Betty r .511 Tger Tull av (CGrnv) Bolick R CJr sism Burdine's Inc 1865 W Flag'" Edmond IElniel rrpurter 1_511 TigrTall av al ler at t Mlcniap 4CR130.S (CGEnes ElhEiV T HA Ry h3 1 04. SW Boimert Howard R iLRan prey Bohnert Sheet 2d It Mhtml & ito ii ii2 W9hst"Vro 324S ds Margt H (wid Maitirew J) trens Bohnert Sheet Bulin Anne E Mrs mgr Alpena Apts h337 SW 10th Metal & Roofing Co hIllS NW South River iav apt I dr Bessie Ni r337 SW lOC'h av apt 1 Skeet Metal & Roofing Co lloward R Bohnert Chas L (Flirence M) sism Mvie Industries h tres Mrs Wilma M Conrerman v-lres Mrs 900 NE 95th st tarot H Roet trees Sd NEt 12th st Dorothy L sten G&L Roofing Co r800 NE 89th Bohr Chas F Itarliai cold 71 SW 13t av t Rathrer Ralph (Marie) h rear 315 NE 63d at Eug E (Anne E) coioi adjuster h337 SW 10th H Bobres ArTh (Eva) corler PO 'h2211 NW 82d i an apt I 1 tlorenrc presser Little River Lndry rI9 NW 1 Terrell T cood adjuster r337 SW 10th av apt T 76th at olIngor see als Bollinger Roire Julia (ci maid h1235d NWh' 5th av Celeste ste. Packard Miami Ats Inc rldd9 NW Nelson R (Bole & Sow) r120 W Dilido dr (Di23d sf ildo Island) (fl) Franz J artist r1409 NW 23d st o & Stow (Nelson R Boice. Mulford Stow) contra Maidn F e mid BeRt W) h1469 NW 23d st 1 20th si l Webb ILiilie) e31 NE 79th vi E l.Boldo Lawrence (Elaine) i3016 Alhambra cir (C Boiko Ales r103 0 NW 6th av tuloers Gahlesi too 1031. 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W. 11th St. Jane Jr5O20 Grand Concour s Bolling Fred c; Ev I porter h26d NW 71h ot at John W Inrtha) h:520 Grand Concour se Susie (c) mid h rear '229 NW 4ih a i ohd Roroid ntsmn h730 W 2t an R5 Bollinger se also Bolinger Miami Rimer Bolden Belie in) cook 1352 NW th it Anna (wid Harry D) h2255 SW 10th sit Eng t In; uye ) staand 1202 NW 3d a Julius 1h1.5.5 NE 02d at Phone No" (cI maid hi l NW 3d a Newton -R iEliz J1) ser supor FIaP&LCo h2333 2-5151 Bolding E Mme ht531 NE 2d av apt '12 SW th it Boldt lieo C Jr ht501 Prairie an apt 4 (MB) 1\'nm J (Inenta) carp l61 NW 6-kth st Bolen Albert (Ruth) sismn 9i38 NW 3tsh at Boilman Annie (wid Warren) r2l0 NW 22d ci Florence maid 27 E Dilido dr (Dilldo tsland) Elmer otein Neon Sign & Display Mfrs MB) Bolliainn Viola 30 NE 13th at apt 11 Js C(Wil] M)slsn h79 N" 18h tr olman Hnzel nurse St Eranci, Hestp r do Jan C iliie 31) sism k h95 NW ts ter Helen Hers mid St Francis Hosp rl44 N tl "John G (Bertha L) bdr -1701 NE 72d dt t d "Raymond L (Kathryn L) mason d174% NW vIst It Bolognese Thos (Frances) lab 1536 NW 2d an Bolenbaugh Lucy V (wid David D) b121 NE 36th at Bolstr lf (Lena) [ormn slsmn Acme Plastering Roles se also Rolles Bowles and Roa-lu iii 11 291. SW' 9ti ot Agnes sc-irets Hackney's iami Beach Rest, Alt -r pstm rci 2 8 1 SlY 9th t Olor msy) 1 12910 SW 9nti it tae r2lt SE 1stu+ n Roll Jori F tr iso oath rie Anin (; Sadlo it, mgr DixIe Hotel r327 NW hE) sis Bozarth's Trailers 14th rcondl N\ AnSi It si toli iyues Arlie driver United Lumber & Supply Co r3409 RLe land i nn I Inspr iami City License LeJeune rd (CGibles) utry liid Al lt SW -Ph on t Betty siswn r1 17 NW 38th at ca mai 2 :11 lim Tree d (iR) Bunco adn r123 NE 4d a Wm G (Hize J) formn iO 6331 NW 224 an tialy t rn h38l NE .d 1 apt s Boltonri kif i turnmkr Sunshine Industries r1924 w Ema Ici maid r26 NW t' sIt uguSta 11 (id Jas N) i659 NE 73d ot a o nth Io c) sa2 r55 N sW 58th t Bernard E (iJessie) shmn Flamingo OH Co h i Eva (c) cok e5rn6 N k5th, st d" i N%\' 31 ot .1" t --A Etu I0 aii hkS r 1d 0 NW ^d vt "Cis Ic : Ellen) laroer -r52 I'NW 13th otr Harry (Rati Is trnt l Ore In i1 Wt Chas Ii (Dorisl i5131 NE 2d a h a rmy" Elz s n The Antique Dome n713 NE tst or Hiinnr lr) rhit NIV 2d an" Elton r5431 NE 2d i di vi Jus (c) u ra/ tnt 14.0 N\Ivh t Ernest F (Lois, .rod h1790 SW lath st "Jlu Ic: tradrira) else hd NW tinh st (er RG B IDell simi id htl San Antonia dr (C Karl A IEleanor) beer 9504 NW 7b av rl-0 NE Gables) S ith It "Geo uW (Neille) ildg Inspr City of Coral Gbles C) Louia SI lwid Sami C) rlSt NE 25th st h11209 Ferdinand t (C(.lies I 1i11ie 1) beauty shop 823 NW 3d av rit NW Hardy S ILula h403 NW -i4th st 9th I Herberl E plstr 'h rear 1423 NE Miaml pl Morris A (Mary) mgr W T Grant Co h1332 SW o Laura J (I0d L JI 1i226 NE 25th at 10th ni Niary P slsn Real Silk Hosiery sIlts Inc re11 Olemon r602 NW Itth st San Antonio dr (CGIlilosi HN ilbur ILouse W) pntr hS13 NW 28th a[ itlph 5 Illelen S) pre Nechanlial Labacatores itlph ritti SW 21st Ier 4.333 31nridian av IMB) iS Sadle H tci baoty shop 327 NW 1lth ter h do Bicnd M (lyInn, B) .nm Daton & Asbury r Q Watson riI72 SW 2111 ter (S37 Indian Creek dr I MBIW h Wilbur (1) elk r1709 NW 6th av Rot A (Agnes) estimtar hl031 NW 39th st C Soloe Alex (Eleanor H)i 1163 NW th ter Waller C I iildred BI eotlratnr C&L Roofing ch Bolger Clement L alsmn Trey B eot I r625 NE Co r338 NE 824 ter 63d t" Walter B (Effie V) s mgr Walter 11 Rayes 5 Jack auto meh r67 NW 321 st h143 NE 2ut'h ter Mildred ters waiter r2388 NW 321d st Boly Jas barber John F liubert U N t N /AnITARY Linen /UPPLY 0 in U -426 Tamiami Trail TeL 3-7751


112 SALES BRYANT OFFICE SUPPLY CO., Inc. AND SERVICE Loose Leaf and Blank Books-Office Furniture Architects' and Engineers' Supplies-Typewriter Supplies % PHONE 2-0588 44-46-48 S. E. FIRST STREET Homer Thos J (Helen G) v-pres Natl Title Co h Be'h.m Robt H Jr ( elk r269 NW 38th et 1823 NW 8th st Thes (Mary) racer h2163 NW 63d st Bemberg Eulln (c) r416% NW 14th ter Boniby Annie (c) maid 326 NE 26th ter r1356 Ben Air Hotel (Rob S W atson) 1060 Ocean dr NW lst uv iBS) Bonfan Ktr' (wid Wm) h'2702 Alton rd (MB) -Art Beauty Parlor 119 E Flagler st R201 Bonita Fruit Preserving Co Johann Petersen pres Haven APartments 228 SW 1th av and 6980 5418-26 N Miami av Harding ac (3B) Garden (Rudy Bachman) florists 3150 NW 36th Mar Apartments 229 NE 24th t st Ton Apartmenr (Leo SteIn) 945 Euclid -av (1 Bonley Theophilus (c) h1820 N'W 5th p1 B) Bonn Elsie 7906 NE Little River d "Ton Cleaners & Dyers branches 159 and 1018-20 reree (B7 r1767 NV 3d at Flagler st and 1240 NE 2d as plat n468 Honn Bella Apartments 364 NE 55th ter NW 7th st Bonne Apartments 620 SW 13th av Bona Fred Ker dept MIN rID5 NE 7lt et Soenetend Ethyl F see John M Kagey h443 NW Leoecra 16 couterwsn LaMont Inc v3012 SW 23d c 2nd ter Bonnell Chns 1 (Coralle E) hlpr 9SBCo r653 NW eBOnacker Evelyn asst Dr Abr R Hellender r 2 3 2 7 22d st SW 16th st "' Coralle E \rs fnshr Little River Lndry Inc r BONACKER & LEIGH INC, B B Leigh Pres-Treas, 653 NW 22d nt R C Singer V-Pres-Sec, Merchandise Brokers Harper J (Else 11) h650 NE 76th at 11I19 NW 22d st, Tels 2-3155 and 2-3156 MIOUroc (Ruth) atndt Everett L Cline 1h2364 NE Beey Dlretlry 1 3trs tel oPr FNBk r732 NW Ron e sswn 12105 NW 61st nt Ic nseeo eit)[omen's N Bona Pate Iola G (c) maid Olyni Bldg r197,5 Bo L B on LonLe't) on' 1.ev e 112 7 (V' filert "O NV Sole Bonnee Chas H (Esther I) elk h1534 NW 7th 1Noe 3 (ci tesld ;1515 NW 4th cc t PEELER Botas Berton (JOY) ptr t0 NOV 90th ss Bonner Dorothy S asst see Coral Gables Federal hau3c ntht ( s k & Loan Assn e603 Minorca ar (C MOTORS La r NW 62d et h do Emmeti B (Ann S) driver Ralley-Slilam Inc h MOOR uBhlrirtllHoward (Eliz) h4766lRay rd (f)~tl reavri 3llWe3Hv s Bond Anita Mrs se Jack Q Cleveland h235 Me" Harvey Ei (D rot St rep Am Erp Cos 00331iInc. 'Brea apt 10 (CGaelld ) CeL r E I Gables) ic Bessi ce eid Jas Pe ede NE e0t3t NE 3d Julian h (Annie L) detective h6224 NW 4th as BEsyne wafter Reld'a Sea Foods Inc .1534 NE ''d "Juln W jr elk Freeman & Sons Inc r6234 NW Biscayne cr Blvd. at Floyd 0 d1st slsmgr Graceland Park Co r"26 S P (c Ironer Joe Cheong r938 NW 2d av"l Upshaw L I(Ileit S) asmn Davis Tours Inc 4t 20th Ter. Frederic (Lisla C) h411 5V 25th rd 542 NW 14th av SGee lcertvdr Brire Per PHONE i"bG Eker rid NE 20 crt BenecIle Mae M SIrs masseuse h1743 NE 1st av BHeen Erostrs r36 SO o s v Bonney Clarence F r2342 SW 16t, ter Heen r Anita 3k SWh harmy "35 Erell bellnm The Norman r911 4th st (MB) 3-5361 essy r\nic., elk Seiblerc Phars) ey 3 Mlnle R (oid Frank SI (h2203k SW 18th av otroJke cc opt 10 lCkeee( ceBonnie Jimmie (Angelina) a usement devices Henry J largucerlte) Slso h135a SW 18th Ct 14S W Flagler st h930 SW 7th st r F (lrIrml Ies Howard F Bond in h Sonning W C h2612 SW 16th st relny C1rirecccio Sciv illE aull DrtS Ben168SW toiard P tne Hoard F Bond pres Irma Bond Bn13h Ec andelyh (Deorry Si erg hlD SW cycl broker. County Causeway Bese Ie 5 (Reee) pietr rOO NE 88th st I .rr, S re ee Bw cd F Seed lee r Couty Bonn lie chef Halcyon Delicatessen Inc cntevkor EhY BOnell ferry I IFlorence C) eng Hotel Urmey h BIa elk4r6 NE 20th st I 05"3 N\\t :.[i I Vera A) seo Sun Oil Co h1837 NW nnst lra C(wid Louis L) r1.51 S9th at "l |a'k C' (Clara) pntr m3337 SW 6th st BONSTEEL LOUIS S (Ruth E), Attorney, Asso" 'rtle G r3000 N rtoma st (rsG k oe) late Shutts. Bowen. Simmons, Prevatt & JuS i r ( a le I carp 1h0o36 NNV e m3d pl apt I lian, 8th Floor First NatI Bank Bldg 101 E O Icr P jr driver Monmouth Pluubing Suply1 CO Flagler st, Tel 3-3621, h854 SW 9th st. Tel r36 NW 23d PI apt 1 2-782 PI ura (wld All mrd 653 NE 33d ter PhIlip C iZ e) auto mech 1678 NW 32d st Iebt sdent r13 SW ISOt, ct Bonura Niekile iEsther) fill ta 3191 NW North lIobt A (Helen) atidt Dixie Garage h636 NW River dr h do i3d PB apt 3 Bowell Ine L (Etta) ssmn h235 Majorca as apt 3 Taunle R Mrs slswn McCrory's 112,9 NW Stith (lCUables) Ponwit Renee C Mrs h4011 Meridian as apt 3B Wm bkpr Mlami Parts & Spring Co r264 NE Ir BI 20th st Teller Nance Jackson mgr women's furngs 907" VI. elk r43 NOV -3 or 913 LieIn rd IMBI OV E IFlorence El 1,264 NE 20th st Bonzer Blanche nurse maid 1545 erldlan av 1i1 BSnded Collection Agency Inc Franklin C Bush B) !res E Clyde VInitg v-pres Luke M Brooks Beobyer Henry IMabel) brklyr Ih625 SW 13th av ier 1161-1163 NOV 3d at and 3360 Douglas Steleel Als elsen P T Sedge Ce 1120 SOW 1th lCl2Cevel \lblas MssnETBdeC 1'5S 81 hindcesn Ellen cook .005 Collins ec (5tB) Boe otmer lather h14-4 NE 11th ter Brodi Dare J mgr Hotel Blarritz r1435 C dIns us Beoher Frank L (Lile 5) carp h121 NW 39th IIBh) ei V }tor baker 12221 NW 3d It Frank L ir carp r121 NW 39th at vlBend Ah tiller Stiamil Attress Mfg Co r5371 Lester I (targuerltl) carp h4920 NW 11th aS Novr 7r 'ar st See Amterica ( Inre b357 N6W l6th at Geo D (Isabel) ck 1c74 NW 2d at apt 4 ee ei ok>3NE t t4 NE 3011 Bon ant Fr S (Hlen M) super Feninsular "Felx (c; A i porter 4501 NW 32d av irr (In C ) 1431 k Mmet Fr nces Mrs slsw Mrs Gertrude F Wolfe .1923 WE ELVER iere 1111VIcf Hackney's Miami Reach S\'oo 11s Rteatr rs l4 "d st (y1RI "'Rhoda slwn Burdine's Ina r1353 NW 31st at Bone Bcotrice Ipr 1138 NW 15th av apt .10 Roy T student r2515 DeSoto blvd (CGables) g I rth ar 18 NIV 1511,a o pt 10 Bookardt Harry formn Mimi City Pulic Serr "arl (vd Bid 1130 NWh l5th il upt 10 iv r135 NWO den, Da (ohn a h N W 1s t et 1o kn y Edwin A (Anon H) h076O Meridian a Boaf d Lawrence P IOcta 14.."U Bay rd ( I Edwin A r rl764 Meridian (MB) B" Roy T rii64 Meridian av (iB) I s I'I250 Rooms H-otel COFESO TAROM $os Round o


113 The Keyes Company W. FAER STMIAMI REALTORS-BALES-RENTALS BLANCH OFFICES PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 1688 Alton Road. Miami Beach MORTGAGE LOANS 2319 Pee de Leon Blvd. Coral Gables Bookaslln David r834 Commerce ct (0iP) BOOTH O Ida hSm r834 Commerce at (MR) Ranse J (Matildal 1h791 NE 90th st Jacob r834 Commerce t I MBI Rene maid 960 NE 5th av Boolo Ella P (wid Lewis) ril NW 2711 It Robt C (Edith) Ilk 111033 SW 1th et East Then W (Lavina) Ins Peninsular Life Ins Co h Robt E (Ediolnn) h711 NW 1st at 7920 NW 1110 or '' Tin's E I VIolet) scanln (hSIS SW Id at ot 308 fnmerhlne Adrian C (Lola) Int decorator 429 Tos S (Doris Mi locksmith and gunsmith 7829 NW 410 sf ap 0 h do NE -!2 or 0531 NW Odd 01Co s o Lula Mrs mgr Stewart Apts 0429 NW 4th st apt Wilfred M student e524 NW 9th st t m sismn Braridi Food Shop e45 NW ICt ot Boon Eug M (Olive V) asst mgr Met Life Ins Co W E pntr 013 NW 2th or 0450 SW 21st rd Wm G (Joyce; Boofh's Gulf Service Station) Boone Anna slswo r1027 SW 121'h It h rear 920 SW 4tb ne o Annie (wid Leelle) h29(5 NW 23d ov Wm M (Melissa) teehi eng h321 E San Ma" Beni F (Ruby D) sIts. Patten Si Co 01601 N rino dr ISan Marino Island) V 38th ai Booth's Gulf Serice Station (Wm G Booth) fill Beulah, ci waher r1440 NW ist av sta 944 5th st (iMB) Brace B (Flr) hr mgr Bartley Coffee Co Inc Boothe Ann cash Duval Jewelry Co r YWCA hS15 SW 16th at Bootle Jaa A (c: Elaine) porter Burdine's Inc h" Dal (Virginla) asst embalmer Gautier Funeral 349 NW 16th icr Hom 1325 SW 45th v Wm I (C; Gertrude) porter Burdine's Inc h rear Supply Henry Oc; Luciu oiauf i4 NE 20th ter 216 NW 16th ter Jesse Pt 13672 iougla st (Ctrone) Boot Jas N cook Columbia Coffee Shop r213 NE BOONE JONES & BAILEY (Robed J Boone. Har2d av old G Jones. H Frost Bailey), Attorneys-atooyer Mary wliter r1307 N Bay Shore dr Co Law 1908-1913 Congress Bldg I iI NE 2d av. BoR Albert (c) Lib r565 NW 15th It Tels 2.2629 and 2-2620 (See card in Legal Anne L nurse 1820 NW 48t3a st h do Blue Book DIl "' Hiram (c: Ida M driver 1565 NW 15th sf Leroy J (JuanItal mgr Gables Thitr 3600 Nathaniieli c; Luell: lab r1329% NW 1st ct SW 16th sIt Popp Murray IGenelevel scervicemn Gen Tire Co Lester R iRose) eng Olopia Theatre h2018 SW Borah Barbara e2018 fed rd iCGahbIc) 58th ct (Boral Eug liquoro 169 SE 1st at r236 NE 28th st 93 Lucas B oIein Miami Mattress Mfg Co r52% Paul emp Standard Wine & Oplrits Co r236 NE SW 12th A 2th mi N. W. 5th St. Margt elk r521 SW 12i st Borchardt Melvin M (Anne HI acet 605 Lincoln lary E 03672 Douglas at (CGrove) rd 11616 (MB) h1638 Nw 8th ter Maurice 0 1 Euta M) gdnr Jas Deering Property Borekway Ge 0 h2068 Bay rd (M) h1173 SOY 17th st ordas John jr (Mildred M) tires 2315 NW 711 av Oscar B (Rea) elk Goodyear Sect h227 NE 26th 2196 NW 17th ot st apt 4 Mildred 1 Pirs sten Costar Feuer h^t19 NW PHONE R Wy colic The Leonard's Sloe r-92 s NW 5th 0v 17th rt BOONE ROBERT J (Edna P; Boone Jones & Bodea u Jos sismn N-E 7th st Balley), Lawyer 1908-1913 Congress Bldg III Julie M waiter Teddy's Inc e2h Smith Cottages NE 2d av, Tels 2-2629 and 2-2620, 62975 SW (MB) E (Mbldr, 2,smn hf521 NW 'd ar idd Frcg H elk toaule Industries 1747 Purdy Cvht l (Ruth Mi tudent 1528s NW 62d st Walter C (Era) sismn h824.4 NE 1st av 0 Hoy in. Wiltie) ydmn 3 56 Florida av (CGrove) W'ai)i Cella) archt 629 NW 7th st h161 NW "Vi eglvlio e2557 NW 20th at to ter BOONE W EDWARD (Lillian W), See The Brook Brden Alonzo J (Edna M) atndt h2410 SW 9th st Club, h9072 Byron av (MB). Tel 6-1989 Ashbert R (Florence) boaian 11626% NW 12th "I Wm ic) cliau 6365 tIne Tree dr PiB I s Wm Ic; Sylvia) gdnr h3330b William av (C Cleveland (I-a) dredge apr h21, NE '.5th st ioec ) Dillard (Lella) widhn 11953 NW 21st at abs Oritlieb fci evaid e312 PerIFow sy NW CC(Tdrove I Dooglas erioler r24 10 SW5 nih s1 Psei ercy E 2t fddie (Claudi oro Fogal Iat Yard '3329 Bgrairr Lodge Noi 132 ii ill P' t30 NE 12510 at Soy 42d tee Booiery The (Sami A Futerfas shoes 248 Carat way ( t bhec) 0 Edgar (c) r2t0A NOV ith or Boilh Albert L (Rachel L) elk h920 SW 4th av Geo F rh15 NE 2th s Arlie L (Cath LI mgr Regal Fruit Co r319 NE Harold A (gary J) tug Capt Reed Costr Corp It 34t7 at 6747 NW 4th ct Aurora C Iwid Harry S) 0230 NW 22d Ia Henrietta (c) nurse Jackson Mem Hosp i11.5 o Clyde V (Bertha) sls eng FIaP&LCo h620 NW NW 3d av101s st Berbert W (Opal) 0610 NW 27(h st Edw L (Matlida) 10917 NE 10th et lone uphol F S Evans Co r26 NE 75th ot Edwin H ( Barbara ) h5(0 NOW Odd ot Isahela l(wid Jcs) r2410 SW 9th t Edwina huyers ass, Bucdine's Inc r711 NW 1st J (Jutilna) sismn Dixie Tire Co r185 Nv 26th at Ellen 01142 SW in' si apt 17 Jas B oatmn r4'9 NW Oh st" Emma L sisan r245 NW 400' h it Jas E (Claire Bi driver 175 NW 25th st Foed r136 SW 2d at opt I2 John petr Fogal Boat Yard r1603 NW 7th ci Gordon J (Alcel e 1231 NV 55th at John A (Eihel) eng h728 NW 19th at Gre r361 W Fklgler at il9 John W (Ada) shipper r2410 SW 9th at o Harry stsmn e30S4 NW 28th at Lowell It (Vera; Borden's Lunch) t014 SW" Borace G taaolse) sui t Miami City Animal & South River dr Insect Control h524 :W 9th st "'iOsborn N (Blanch F) lab PO 'h721 NW 18th Jas (Dell) anitor South Miami PS h School et T A iab Beach Pilat Slips Inc 1459 NW 6th 1 I(CGahles Wilielmina elk r2410 SW 9th at o Jls L IRuth HI geni supt 02285 SW -lth aev Borden's Lunch (Lowell B Borden) 2162 NW 7th o Joe P lawyer 1t9 E laoglee en BASS r9b SOY 4th 00r on av Boedenoff Ann Sirs r4dS NE 2d an J Leon P (Julet Mi sismn Jersey Ice Cream Co Border Geo J mgr Clarelon hotel r205 4d at 11B1 1 ht6il NOV 44ih on Bardero All L (Addil carp 0363 SOW 6th at Leonard J (Leona) oiler FIaP&LCo 11326 NE Nathan Eold) driver r4005 NW 23d av Miami ci Bore Edgar collr The Leonard's Store r13S NE illie B (ci h rear 215 NW 6th et 10th at Loulsa (wid Wm) h903 MW 18th ter Borek Matt student r3409 LeJeune rd (CGable:" Louae Mrs hbi04 N Miami av 2d 8 Borel Ruth lurn rms 135 W Flagler st h do Marton sismn r3014 NW 281h at Borella Geo L ('Beach Lighting Fixture Co) iOi'i Maron Pies cash ida O1 Fisher High Sch CafeNW 64th st lerla r1303S Pvidian av i1111 Boren (has A Iirenel sismn Pilaml Staty Co r^37 Moit n 05 I Virgi i a i.i 02:119 NW 55th st NW 46th si Ir1 rO32 E Sa5Marino dr (Soan Marina G-"R (Sue 1i) auditor Miami Jockey Club Inc Inndl 1ti74 SW 9th vi 'FDELITY ISERVICE HAROLD L. DUCK, I-e L1N T1 $300 six PLusi Suite 828 DuPont Bld-. Phone 3-8303 I


114 Alexander f Sunshine Orr Jr. U Fashions (Inc.) BOREN WALTER A (Ida S), Pros Miami Station. BOSCH ery Cs Inc. h1619 NW lst at, Tel 2-7120 Waltr C (Charlotte; Norman's Bar) t2016 NW PlIn..Ln Borer 31:o i (Farah E)ibalric Pig & SO I to n i7t' av g oIe S: ; NW' 47r1 I P S mE (ither; Bosch Ele Cc) h2280 SW 11th and "Virgil busis Pig & Whistle Inc rt ci 39th st Borg Carl H h221 SW 11th av apt 5 Bosche Geo F (Alma D) credit mgr 3t 0 Huck Paint Heata Sara C Mrs sec to dir Dept of Public Welfare CO Inc 11236 NW 6th St apt 8 1r907 SW 23d as Marl ssm r13..8 NW 7th 0t Contractors Wi V (Helen) formne 1641 Majorca av (CGables) Boae Moo d (Pauline) dst super FIaP&LCo it1114 Borgelt Js 1 (Loretta) h22i NE 56th st SW 11th as Borgesicit Reglna mnr h1126 Ocean dr apt 5 Wre htS NE 70th st apt 1 (MB) Bosfield Bernard (c) dry cir Parisian Clots & Borges Juan (Careta) b01 NW l 1st pl Dyers Inc r1319 NW rth et Mario 1 Angel purser 'hSilt NW 20th i Clarence (c) shoe shiner r rar 1512 NXW lot et Main Silo r2ii2 xv I s p '' Erma (c) Indrs hr re 1512 NW st et Office Boegeson Bedford O bodymn iBorgeso Body Wis "Lucilie (c) maid h1 21e NW 14teh 0t r2241 NW Isi ar abel c) maid 1240 NW 4th st r1319 NW 5th et 218 Body Works iPeter O Borgesoi) ato bodles Sihadie (e co r 1119 NW 3d a r111 do I4l Nov lot ge Bosharr Jeanne B r hl1 Pin Tree dr (MB) N. E. 6th St. Jon A biodymn Borgeson Body Wks c2241 NW Om H (Emoa hi h.14t Pise Tree dr MB) ist a Bosley Chas sausagemkr Geo Disc r3644 NW 21st Pretr O (Berta; Borgeson Body Xks) h2241 ct PHONES NW 1st a '" Leslie A student -r61 NE ist ot Borgsteadt Warren h801 NE 83d s? 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(Lula) ship clk Atlantic Furm Co h r 9IS 4t It II)143 NW :;IsI If "Rita hsekpr Normandy Plaza Hotel r6979 Collins "Walter F sheet meta11vkr Pioneer Sheet Metal & A EvI MB ( Refg 1ks"'I860 NW 81st It Si.mnd (Sfargt) driver r rear 719 4th st (3B) Wiley pte r1001 NW 23d ct ",^I 1112-1 Drexel av apt 10 (SIB) Boston A\partments 1714 SWl 11th ter T r:.. eger J Art! meat et 5th Ov SMrket Harry et; Lucy) 1m k r1.S06 NW 3d et e rchoff Louis (tell B) bkpr h813 N Friami ar Jiala I) coCk 11L49 NW Pth a, apt 3 N -l-al Clinic IWagier C Miller) 3384 Mary t a game Tony (A nnie) fde h2o20 NW 21st t (CGr 2el at Ala so e NW 24th -t Nconn Bot ) lk Orliht eN t dah 1 len 1OV ut et Shoe Repair Lars Berlin) ^_3 Collins ar (MB) ao N\\ 24Co b t Thorntl (: Ruth) [at Miami City Public Se r o (Julia) chef 'h101 SW Vatt at Div NW Od grap rg r r-101 ,W 50th :1, & Florida Atlantic Court Land Cc Pepper & l l Belj 1-67 NW Lt ;t Cnffrin Inc Els egts 2ehe SE 2d av R625 +a Eug h^_36 NE 28th It apt 4 Bostrom Anna ''__ NE 10t'h s[ Ptaaoe L. lie C IFlnrence ) ch, dritsm. City Dept Jahn R (Norma) elk SR&Co h2145 SW 17th t Adarouss ,f Fub Serv 1,1920 SW 17th ai Normanm D (Ruth) elk Wrlght's Mkt r2924 Jackr:thn Fredk W (Frances HI pres 1facm Broads I t (CGables) a: crsing 1'. 1,.i7 NE -,711, at B~ostwick Chas P earp, hS71 SWN -3d st apt 11 :rza 3Matlhewy J mech Flagler Cher Co r44 NW "' Dale W atndt r250 NW 33d loth av Elmer (c: Rebecca) lab h1127 NW 32d av A7t'. "Car Plaza Apartments 1619 Pennsylvania av Cc. B (Estelle) produce 'h4791 NW 1st st pIBI Ireene lrs stn Packer Displays Inc r South ai I ilt Bay gdsr Shl27fEo 4td s ItlomI Irey cnt, 12741 NE 14m av h do Jas ci porter r320 NOW 10th st -c1 Chas A (Christle) elect. h5828 NW 6th et "John I (Irene Si) asst mgr Peninsular Life Ine pt 1 C( r South SiamA Stri ost(Wm E Bosch) lec appliances 128 Jul C (Anna) watch repr h rear 108 NW 7th Erher lies teh, Miami Snir High ',I 1,280 Leonard I, IErliel HI ofr he mgr Fred Howland SW Itth st Ic 112233 SlW 9th t HALL-STANLEY COMPANY 38487 NOT INC. PAINTS-LACQUERS-A can or a carload 113 N. E. 9th ST. TEL 3-5228


L J.6 Leon J. Lichtenstetter Inc. South Florida Distributors HUDSON MOTOR CARS SALES-1700 N. E. 2D AVE.-SERVICE PHONES ALL DEPARTMENTS 3-3126 SOSTWICK Bouce Hattle (c) maid h rear 3623 Charles av Lucille to214 NE 15th ter (CGrove) Nargt InId Wi r215 Crystal lt (CGrove) Bouhard Madeste r2011 NW 35th st Ruby A irs sten McKay Dixon & DeJarnette Boochelle Anne tohr The Rockwood Outdoor Sch c1520 Pennsyivania av (MB 1-218 SW 8th a Walter L (Brsvic L) aIdt Jack's Parking Lot Boucher Chas N (Nardio) boat capt Fla Marine h250 NW\ 3d ot Service Inc r26 SW 5th av Johns"Wm C; Ellen) shoe repr r357 NW 13th it "John W r726 SW lot ot Boswell Calvin (Ruby) driver r rear 1418 NW 7th Na rdo lk ordine's Ie r33c SV. liih at Manville ar sim r60W c Siloy scion Bordioeo toen r Archwly Deoso Approved 1 Dick sIsmn 260 W Flagler t Vilans pp Lulu ic) maid 3774 Sain owy (CGrove) Boudhoter Jos S sismn t128 NW 49th it Roofers MirIam B Mrs seo Geo C Gordon r1540 PennsylBoudreau Cora (wid Jas) b129 NW 14th av apt 3 vania av (MB) Emma (wid aos) hi'4t NW 59th st ~ Robi Ic; Jeslse) r133 NV. th pl Harold student r129 NW 14tH ar apt 3 All Metal Thos G I ihyiis) sismn to128 NW 15th st '' Lucille manicurist Columbus Hotel Barber Shop G & L Bosworth Arth H (Ethel) sismn h929 SW 5th st r1603 NE 2d av apt 10 Moe B (Addie) 1,745 NW 59th st Solar Water Cath nmse Jackson Mem Hosp Ruth At bkpr Dixie Tire Co r129 NW 14th av Hetn BOSWORTH 0 L iRaby), Ass Miami Mge Florida apt 3 H am Pawar & Light Co and Miami Wate Ca, hI872 Boudry Win W photog cit SE 7th at SW gth st Tel 2-6231 Boudys John tie mfr 407 NW 2d av ih do Systems David IMar)e I17230 SOS 16th ter Bouerton Francis tchr Orange Glade Elementary David L dentist iii SE Is st R1210 1 r1872 Sch Sheet Metal SW 9th ot Bougainvllea Apartments 161 NW 34th ter Ethel slswn Bordine Inc r929 SW 5th st apt 10 Bough Aug (Patty) h569 NiL 94th yt Work John S (Mary Li opr MBRyC" h1534 NW ith st Bouelhan Theresa maid 7736 NE 77th ct rd apt 5 Leo (Gertrude L) sion Remington Rand Inc h Boughknight Julia (c) smstrn r6,17 NW 1Ilth ct 29 NE 61st ci apr 1 Boughton Herman (Frances) phys 605 Lincoln ir MinnIe St Iwid Jesse) h2737 SW 24th ter rd ROS MB) 'hIS3 Collins o0 (MB) Conditioning Bother Carl r1c527 NO \401h 1-" Wilma D (sid Frank ) 120 NOV 3-th ac BOTHWELL H ROY (Eunie E), Dentist 303-306 Bouie Wille (c) 1l1 0 NW lst a1Olympia Bldg 174 E Flagler st, Tel 2-3650, Botkater Edw H slsmn -N570 NOV 22d nt h670 NE 59th sI. Tel 7-2169 hleln lors Indyr ker552 NW 9th st Jos 0 jr slOTn 1il13 S{IV 11th st Bouler Geo (c; Alice) Whsemn 1195 NW 11th ter o Leila ( ed .l1 S) 11143 SW 11th yt Boulevard Arcade 130 Biscayne blvd 79th Street 0 Lillian M opr Postal Tel-Cable Co r1143 SW 11th "Barber Shop (Russell J Vara) 7835 Biscayne at N. E. 4th tote SMatilda irs h2334 NE 3d S Seaoty 'Salon (Jos Daitilo, Mrs lnez Reed) 2504 Court Roy H student r670 NE 59Ut at Biscayne blvd Wm W mech ri 143 S0' IIth sIt "' Bungalows Srs Helen A StoCabe mgr tourist Betner Rott E (tyra L) slomn h759 NW 48th yt camp 109 6 Biscayne blvd PHONE Boksied Po8:h i (Virginia) cable splicer SBT&T n Christian Church Rev Frank E Harlow pastor Co h .I NW 3d vi 501 Biscayne blvd 7-1675 Edith 1ra Sir5i NOV 3Nd astc Cleaners (Aug L Lancaster) 1801 Ponce de Leon Hyra Mrn h516N 3da blvd "';ables) Bolt Harry N (Elsa) I rear 1015 Lenox av (MB) Deicatssen & Grocery (Biago DiFabio) 2047 SSaN S Itelola) lmp Tip Top Gro Co r-36 NW Biscayne blvd 9th a, Boueher Fred St (Ethel Si) decorator h rear 1650 Drug Co (Lee M Gerstel) 184959 Biscayne ble'd y' 3d or Food Shop (Robt N Eagleton) restr 2419 Bis" Roberta artist r rear 1650 NW 2d st cayne blvd Bottle Cop inn (Jos Wiser) rote 1290 NW 119th st Frocks (Nathan Roth, Maurice Weintra,) Clinton J (Gill B, bottler t-I NE 17th st women's elo 138 -iscayne blod I D ic) lab rilI NW 14th ter Giut Shop (Ashley St Ballou) 1034 Biscayne blvd BOTTLED GAS CO (Southeastern Natural Gas GrCocey (J J eddingfoli 3023 Biscayne bld Corp). Distributors of Bottled Gas 449 W Hotel Arth W Howe mgr Dade bled ne cor 51rFlagler vt. Tels 3-5391, 2-5944 and 3-2243 (For idian a1 IMBI) further information see ilt top lines and page -" Hotel Barber & Beauty Shop (Mitchell Malauf) 25 Buyers' Guide) Dade blvd ne cor Meridian ae (IB) BOTTLED GAS RANGES SALES AND SERVICE, Hotel Cafeteria Arth W Howe mgr Dade blid 00 Southeastern Natural Gas Corp Distributors, cor Meridian av (IB) 449 W Flagler st, Tel 3-5391 (For further inHotel Coffee Shop Arth V. Howe mgr Dade blvd formation see left top lines and page 25 ne cor Meridian av (MBI Bottluyers' el h25 SW 24th si opt 11 I Hotel Valet (Mrs Paula Feigel) Dade blvd ne car a Jtery Ia iJic ellp B1 ediara S ar 24 00 OW 3at 11teridian ac (MB) Jerry J 'L'lsl hlpr Burdlne's lnc r2020 SW 21th Liquor Store (Eug H Rieger) 2043-45 HBlscayne st apt 1.1 bird Balton Sager Bouth) nantaimbe Acme Sop Co h tod 6:55 NO 26th st apt k C Radio Co (Henry J Lehfeldt) 1845 Biscayne livd l LineSide (c; Robt Beckery) confr 365 NW 17th si t Service Siation (Walter J Parten'heimer) hlling Bottomley Amy (wid Saml) r250 E 9th st (H) sta 2838 NW 2d av r Henry H (Elsie) auditor Florida Sugar Distribu" The (Mrs Della Williamson) restr 348 Biscayne tors Co h1is SW 23d st blvd Jar radio rpr r2:0 0th It (H) Typwriter Co (John H Semmelrat)h 1119 NE 2d "Vesta L (aid Jvs) h250 E 9th st (H) st Botts Earl I A ey,, ) h5350 NW 6th t Bouligny Lawrence jr ssmn t1389 SW 23d st BOTTS FRED (Botts & Field), Attorney-at-Law Boullon Chas D (Nora; Casa Casuarina) 'll1 1010-101I Biscayne Bldg 19 W Flagler st, Tel Ocean Or apt 108 (SIB) 3-1433, h598 NE 56th It, Tel 7-1831 Bounds Geo E (Ruth) carp h2787 SW 33d av Freeman lrpllha) sismn 16i5 NW 271h st apt 4 Gorman G installer SBT&TCa r3353 SW 24th t o John I tI .,la) t13 NW 361h ci "G race student r2787 SW 33d av o Laurei O (Sarah) e3047 Parlele av ()SB) "Grocery (Grover Bounds) 2339 SW 32d av In Lucille M oten lersian Lime Groves Inc r138 NW Grover G (Gladys; Bounds Grocery) b3353 SW ti rt 24th st BOTTS & FIELD (Fred Botts. Newton R Field), Lester (Audrey) meat etr Bounds Groery 303 Lawyer 1110-1111 Silece Bldg 19 W FlagOIL 240'h St ler at. Tel 3-1433 (See card in Legal Blue Max H (Dora) r620 Lenox av (MB) D S Book Dept) (Baune Edna r1503 Alton rd apt 9 (MB) Botwlinik Fannie (wid Harris) h801 Meridian av Bourbeau Fredk L (Mabel) sismn RCDDS 6'J720 IMB) NOV 2-th a Norman r01 Seridlan at (NIB) Paul (Crena) auto mech h2756 SW 11i st apt 4 Bnrzia Arth B c-igarmkr r6110 NW 101h s Bv,,eban Macu -omees ci o 1135 Lincoln rd (MtB) Theo (illilda 'hip ec rIGO NW 10th st r1550 Michiganav (SIB) Developers of a Greater Hollywood-On-The-Ocean HOLLYWOOD, Inc. MIAMI OFFICE HOLLYWOOD OFFICE Uttaay.e Bagleegrd at Flater St. Hallywood, iae. Bldg.. Hollywood Blvd. Phaa 3-7674-5 Phoe 310


'I 116 Pilpitt's ThJe (Exotic Oarbeno, 3lne. Nurserymen, Florists, Landscape Designers and Contractors W. Flagler (At the Bridge) N. W. 17th Ave. and 28th St. 607 LINCOLN RD., MIAMI BEACH E BOUREAU HARRY N (Vivian), Attorney, AssociBowididge Fredlk 1'V (Gladys) sismn Rhodes-Collins ate Shuts. Bowen, Simmons, Prevatt & Julian Furn Co h2273 SW 12th st 8th It First NatI Bank Bldg 101 E Flagler st, Gladys Mrs see Inman Padgett h2273 SW 12th at Tel 3-3621, h1310 Genoa st (Coral Gables), Sidney e2573 X5V 12th si Tel 4-3385 Bose see also Bow Bourgeois Chas (Dorothy) chef r120 NW 34th st Bertha (c) Indrs h371C XW 13th at 'ourget Alice F (wid Arth) h rear 2 M NW 22d et Bruce 0 (c; Ellen) gdnr !i11821 NW 66th st Gertrude E Mrs 1303 E 61il st (H) Charlotte (c) maid h rear 1716 NW 3d an Jos A driver h rear 184 NW 16th st Eloise (c) 1821 NW 66tn st Bourke Margt Mrs v-pres Fla Awning Co r4332 Fred (c; Geneva) oiler r1425 NW 1st pl NW 7th av Gerald (c ; Alfreida) gdnr h351 NW 16th ter "'Michi A (Margi) pres Fla Awning Co h4332% Jas (c; Marguerite) janitor Congress bldg r'58 NW 7ih as' NW Nthst Bourland Mary waiter Riverside Tea Room r228 Marguerite (c) clh t416 NW 13ith st NE 31st sol Oricol (c) Iodts hiti NW 14),h s) Bourn Clayton A (Kalvinal b1850 NW 20th t Orient (c) maid rl4 NW 14th st Bourne Clifford N (Mabel) acet h439 Ingraham Pearl Ic) cook 1805 NW 4th ct hwy IC'Grnvel alter (cl porter e121 NW 66th st Edw r67 NE 86th st Willard (c) r1821 NW 66th st oEvan F (Wallula) Ih135 Calabria av apt 4 (C Boweln A Lawrence (Casement Window Serv Co) G Gables) r1301 N Bay Shore dr Evan s jr r13 Calabria av apt 4 Frank R (Kath) steel sash medh Casement Win" Geo G h5960 Alton rd (MB) dow Sere Co h8:30 NWV 64th st Gloria student r131 Calabria at apt 4 (CGables) Bowen Alberta ors cempt opr Southern ood Jas ( ISuet lwr r259 SW 2d st Stores 947 NW 18th et S "Jean 667 NE icth st Alf (Sophia W) inspr Gulf Life Ins Co r1558 Mferle (MNaggi e) lab r3197 Douglas st (CGrove) SW 6t-h st L Myrtle E (wid Archie) h2829 Merrick st (C Alf C (Clara) h1328 N 3d st apt 10 Grove) Allen R sisvn McCrory's r3628 NW 23d an Raymond mgr Bay Drive Court Apts r6917 Bay Augusta dep elk Ca Clk of Circuit Ct r21'3 NW PI.Nos Vdr apt 1D (31H) 7th et rginia Mrs beauty opr Mrs Margt Baerger 5 Carroll T phys 2610 SW 8ih st r do ORGNS 1144 NW 32< p1 Cecil (Lucille) slsmn 'h205 NW' 17th ct Walter R (Dorothy) golf prof h667 NE 36th ot Cha, niS NE 6th at ''IO Wm (Virginia) musician Sl4-4 NW 22d pl has (Ruth) auto pntr Nat T McGehee h1641 Bourret Ilaymond radio repr r 5 2 Tiger Tall av SW' 161h si (C~ruse) BOWER CRATE D (Jessamine; Shauts, Baowen, 0 Bou fld Louls (Helen) 1432 S Hibiscus dr (HiSimmons, Prevatt & Jlians. Attorney-Bowe Phi blscus Island) 8th f First NatI Bank Bldg 10 E Flatgler st Uhul i Thos S (Margt) h2176 NW 22d at Tel 3-3621, h1840 NE 4th av, Tel 2-4296 Bouterse Gladys Mrs slsw Allapatta'h 5 & .10c fly r229 NE 24th st apt I0 Store 62701 NW 24th it Harry 0 Iladys .pirolmn MiamI Police 62701 Dan (Eli.) uphol t169 NX 20th st 40 S. E. HXV 24'sW et h l"ce hIV 01 Edoar W (Ethel MI) mgr Standard Oil Co r Fbgt S. Howard 31 (Mary R) musician Cn1017 S s \iRta H) 9t036 NW tis et John driver Sou Liquor Distributors r1449 NW lFr 3t Elisaeth) act Pentland Purvis Keller 7h dnyeSsLqocliilooneiyN & Milton nl52O NOV 3d st Boutis Honoralo cook Harry Singer 1885 W G, uorothy tel emp SBT&TCO h1146 NW Flagler osit u H e s Foare oBWEN GERALD A. Parchasing Agent and Tax ror BOUTON DEAN G (Frances N), Purchasing Agent Assesnor City at Coral Gables, sIhf2 Venetia Florida Power & Light Co, 6 The Towers 00 (CGahses H o(te, Tel 2-7bls Abstracts Jeso e A home eeonomist FaP&LCo 11 S Gurdcn C (Thelma 1i044, SW 3d st apt i r uysoue Ia (Crsve) "Gus slsmo WI R Hobblns & Ooo Rootong Ca Titles and "ute Ocar 11 Ildahneel 1,2628 SW 16th ter 1044 SV 3d s01 apt I Houtneli Apartments 237 NW 30th st H L chauf Wilson & CoTi Boutzilo Oleg N (Eugenia) h969 NE 92d st Hardie (Carh) bus driver r416 NW 22d ter ile BOUVIER JOHN A JR (Helen S), Attorney-at-Law Howard D (JulIa A) driver MTCo h6228 NOW 1008-1012 Florida Natl Bank Bldg 121 SE Ist, 5 et Insurance Tel 3-5321, h)060 NE 85)h s. Tel 7-2160 (See Hugh L (Mary) boatmn Belcher Towing Co h card in Legal Blue Book Dept) 6230 NW 5th ct SEE Marshall A (Eliz) lcndscaping 217 NE 36th 0t Hugh L jr lab FlaP&LCo t6230 NW 5th et h do Joel (Ethel) plmbr h3628 NW 23d av Bovard Roy T (Peggy) demlist 13 Alhambra cir John driver Burdine's Inc r1519 SW 2d at d (Gahltol 4 Palmarino Cl ICGihies)I John Ic) loh t13l NXW 016 en Dade r1141 N Everglades Concourse apt 106 John Bbarber Biscayne Barber & Beauty Salon SF'B) r24126 NIW 43d st How se H also Bowe '' John C (Sall') 133 NW 23d st Com"o Apartments']5_3 West av 1111) Julia A Mrs slswn Oelkers Mlnry S'hop 1,6228| mO Douglas M (Leona) slsmn h1012 NW 64th st N' 5th et Douglas 3 jr student rC012 N 64th st L iBlanche elk Fenner & Beane 1530 NW 14th av Eli' J tchr Andrew Jackson Jr High Sch r629 Leo H (Hortense) forma Miami Riviera Pub Co wealh NW\ 42d st r4150 SW 13t~h s[ W9 "Gea G (Carrie C) elk PO h"_180 SW 24th Louis (c ; Gertrude) 711536 NW' 6th pl Jas INellie E) Inspr h118 W 6th s (H) Louis A r1307 N Bay Shore dr Louis G i629 NW 42d st Marguerite 0ssN r230 NWV 5th et Ti l Lulu S (nid Richd L) h629 4 02d st Mary E displa dept SHK&Co 13628 NW 23d ar Boware Lllian () student e6216 NW 14th av Merle J I Cno i) h2752 NW 57th at Willie C (c; Leila) 'blpr hd216 NW '14th av Nellie r416 NIW' 22d ter Willie C (c) sten :h6216 NW 14th av Newell (Lucy SI) real est 2026 NW 1st st b2027 Howdell Gea 'h7i14 Say dr apt 3 (MB) NW Flagler ter Bowden Bertha A (wid Thos) 'h28 NE 28th st Paul S (Eleanor C) slson 3421 NW 17th at Bobble waiter 289 NW 2M st "Robl (Bowen & Fegan) 136^2 W Flaglert s Frances opr Style Craft Bag Co r135 NW 77th st Roh lk r53o NW 14th av Geo L (Ruth) golf prof h1335 SW 7th t apt 9 Rob elk r1721 SW 19th st apt 18 Ahstract Dept. H Palmer slsmn Dalton & Asbury r800 8th st Roy W (Laura) carp h3362 NW 52d st 37 S.E. Ist St. Fl8e Thos H (Jaqueilne) r,1608 NW 7th av apt 7 John (Frances) ironwkr r35 NW 77th st Upshur C (Nancy) tmkpr h3060 NW 27t st ](inns H (wid Arth) h6520 NW 4r'h av Virginia sswn SH&Co r215 NW 17th ct Title Insurance Oscar (Lura L) r4236 Alton rd (7) Walace F (Louise E) slsmn SR&C. h rear 1361 and Escrow Dept. Philip J (Edna E) yacht capt 119 NW 7th a1 NV 31st st n e m student r6520 NW 4th av m E sIsm. SHCo t1449 NW .17th st 210 First Federal Bldg. *MIAMI OTTLED (Old P. 8. Bldg.) Coob 0 Use PHONE S Refrigerate 1 Essotane 3-7641 0 Heat OGas Service 1701 N. W. 7th Ave. A R A L G A, Phone 3-4645


HERMAN J. ARRANT, Inc. BISCAYNE "NOTHING BUT INSURANCE" PARK Huntington Bid. Phone 3-5566 ESTATES BOw EN ,itx i.iphons L (Jula Ai b1735 Washington t"n lI mgr High ,Drug Stlore r119 SW 2d ast at NfBI INC. Wm2 S (Panes) Iiyer h9it NW 18th et AlPhonsus L Jr ltudent r7-35 Wasiingto ao & Fegan (fobt Bowan. Ralih Fcgan) news 3622 eMBr Loneer W Flagler t Arth S IShirlt?) cletn I E Lvreo Elee to h Bowers Adtm c) wituhmn r917 NW 3d at 3 313 NW 40th t Develo rs John (c; Ado llt lab toil NW 14th st Clarence r1020 SIV 19th a JulIus (c; lamletat lab f 1i 0 NW "d av or, E 'ten 1020 SW tnu at Lnte (c) maid ret1 NW 3d av Edith 1,) gru 1912 NW 4th t t1914 do Restrcted Bower see also Bater and Bowr l Edith -stei r1020 SW 19th 0v Abr Iilnniet rill ki st I Mlt" Ell. 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E. D linno A hirs mgr Hotel Knickerbocker r130 3d Fedt L taxi driver rI812 NW 4th It ot (AIB) Fredk M W ath) elk The Interstate Co h7112 Hway. Neal (E ltnor) bkpr r1022 NW 34th 0t NW 4th t Virginia slswon 1224 NW 31st tt "lGo 1 (Jane L) ont .1812 NiV 5th s t Phone Wm lk Greyhound Cuba Tours r"301 SW 19th st Gertrude ( o 3670 Trow a, iCGrovel Bowerman Jos I' Lille; Fla Quality Frut) r331S Hatiran B (Minnic) glazier French _3erru P1.1e 7-1255 SW stt CsGa Cu ti7:7 NIV 13th as "ierlam el k Fla Quality Fruit 3 W t st lIarrs I Iars) glazler Fla GIs & Mirror Co Biscayne Park Qult.Fu3 t591S NOV' Gth IticyePr Boers A H (Anna; Mlt Royal Apt hi10 Euclid htrbert elk r2137 NW 13th a Estates v apt 3 MB) Herman (c ; Bessie) lab h rear 331 NW 17th ut Ada 0525 Attara av (CGables) Jane L lrs tchr Miramar Sch 1.1812 NW 56th st See Page 67 Anthonp It tten llami Coca Cola Bottling Co b John D Ic; Lala SI) longshttiin r1302 NW Buyers' Guide '336 NOW S0ht st Silt 00 Barney iFlorenco) police MIlami Beach Polce Mttilda (c) l3547 William a, (CCrue) Dopt h.409 Hlbscus Island IMBi Mildred D 154 NE 434 st BonnIe 1 ltltIe; B & B yerolee Station) B oth t (Beulah) driver FaP&LCu r1940 SOY 0,1535 NOV 3lo, s 4th ut Chas (Wlnnlel mgr Bowers Process Pictures Lc Sherman (c) prs r1851 NOV 1st ot u1$8 P once do Leon bI d (CG ables) W in G ( dsner ) usihecia atre h 23 N E 2d e apt 1 Ch. 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E. 1st Av. 0520 NW Stb an Cahls Pearl mad 710 NE 72d ter Jas L emp wiaml A uarlum r1260 SW 6th at Folly peronnel iMSCo r244 Biscayne blvd Jesse jr r1014 NW on v Tel. 3-5031 Proceso Pictures Inc Chas Bowers omgr motion Jahn W wchn Clark Dredging Co r343 SW pictures 2121 Punc de4 Lon (ltd (Cnbleo) Bot 4ierd Sat E Ututh W) c'Isni Phllips Hdw C h Lor II ho: & A Gurag) h-01 NW 38th st 6024 NOV 6th ar Leon L %ada; Hialeah Furniture Col r64 E Viola 02711 NW 2d ,t 2d I Factory-to-You Wo II (Gerace 11) I22;1 SI 9 st pt 1 Ltie iwal Je s rilN 5 -h aP Prices an -ROCK-SANjD a-CLIETNT-LPE QUAUITY aBLOCKS 1 -PLASTER PIT Phon t Made to 2351 S.W. Miami 3-Z2g? FOURTH AVL


IIH ELECTRIC S~tERVC t co P mYNSX~ SA~ I9GAHAMi BUILDING ,,,, 2115 E.2nd AVEUElERICESA IW SANS BOXD Lois elk Jti I Curkey r774I N' 4th 't Clarence B lIary E) macli opr A H amiey "iLiiisesiiiient iv?, NWV d'o iv api I & Savs h123't NOV dti s kathleen see -Shell Iel Crn r2 18 5W 3d ci 'Cleora (c) raid 1924 Ferdinand nt (Cables) LO AN iseid torn) r13 SW 5th atv tDanl tc; Sallie l driver e1134 NW 1st et Tall' 11 :1 Burdine's 11, 1103 NW 61h an Dora r3221i Virgiiam vt (('Grove) S *I Co r431 Ed emp City Ice & Foe Co r Hollywood Fla Opal l P l ii silu C 'W 'iler Co r431 NW Efolia (c; Allbertha) lah 'h313 NW 62d st 3d st R' Ethridge a (Htlevn e each Cabana Club h car ie) titpr East Coast Equip Co r1Gla 1300 Sheridan ae (iMB) NW 3d av F"I lo lab l172 NV 12th si Il,!,h F (lrene) dentist 1771 tliscayne bled Ernestine tour South each ElIementary Sch h do r2336 NE 6th or fl Siymand iss t gr L & A Garogr r451 NW erl B IMorgtl h,3901 NW 23 ae i la th 't Fred (Eunice)r sultrace MIII & Supply Co iht N tl elen) phys 935 Lincoln rd Rl1-15 1930 Bay ed (\13 (It h 514 Royl Palm ar DB) Fred 'mdh Boh nert Sheet Metal & Roofing A tobi W issi sei First Trust Co r131 NW 3d st Co 124 N'W 1st st Sophil sten Brdine' Inc r Bo 71 Opa Locka Ganeela (c) hlpr White Belt Lndry tWade A delver Lindsley Lumber Co rI12 NW Geo (c: Jos e) lab Dunn Bus Serv Co 11236% S47th At NW 1st "t iii" W i chat 915 NE 83d st Geo 5' !Xabel) shon Geo Dire h8120 NW 14th fl" Wi E (Rose A) barber Little Sieve Barber pl S'hop 17825 NE 1st a' Harry I (Adelaide B) contr 233. NW GiB or 4V n1 (AlmIa) mcW 11i50 E 4th av CH) h do Bowne Robt C (Faye) h1009 SW 2d st apt 14 Helen Mrs sten Adiv Holding Co r55 NE 99th Bawnes Amy olterations MISCc r269 SW 19th rd 5t 1007-1016 Bowness B Carl (Jane) carp h544 NW 23d cv apt 6 'Henry (c; Rosa) lab t11038. NW tot a Robt Amy E) carp formn ii216 SW 30th rd Henry Ic: Cora) porter r832 NW 4th nv Bowa Etnora ic) Indrs r422d NOV 11th st Htel i (Harry 1 Martin) 2335 NW 6th av l" E a iok 1479 N (lit ar Jak purih at rnli SW 3d It U ( IT Bo rser Earle B ILouise) credit mgr Miami St. Jay W h620 SlW 16th 00 apt 7 Inc h1l01 SW 16th e "John Xl (Florence) 7h219 W 6th an LD Geo .hlpr Miami Tile & Marble Co r3259 NW "Js R (tAttec; Ali. Apartmentsl h666 NW 38th 69th it vt apt 2-4 Hein salad girl Pierre Hotel e14i5 NE Miatni Kitle lv) maid Christian HospItal Assn r6100 pl NW' 62d st Theda ,Irs waiter r7 t. NOV 24th st Kenneth N r3139 \W South Rieer dr Wi chf Piere Hotel r11:6 NE Miaii ri L Barnet III aver tiech r3226 Virginia s iC Bowsky Herman IEimia L) hi2 NE I7th st Grne "I'ilard G cartoonist r6 2 NE 47th st L J Tailoring Co (Louis Morgan) 135 SE 1st e6' Bostan Apirtments O SlW 3d st av '" c Freda student rS0 SW 3d st opt 1 lena c Indrs r1614tt NIX' tt ct SJan st n SHK&Co rS80 SW 3d st apt 1 Lillie Mrs 1i3326 Virgcinia st (CGrove) iJohn F (Grsce t) cabomkr h880 SW 3d st "Lily C ,ten MTCa e3326 Virginia ot (CGrove) apt 1 Lily t c) el63 NW 9th vt Bowyer Gene 11 (.Jane) finance dept Jeffrey Lbr "'Lulu -520 NW 39th st yds Inc 16920 Harding av (3B) a i A mgr Alamo Apt Hotel h4121 Indian Mabel A hsehpr Hotel Granada r1017 Meridian Creek de apt 1 (MI) iv (MB) Mary F IwId Wm J) 1it402 Columbus blvd fO l U "Marlboro T (Celia) gro 3129 NW 7th a, h7 (CGables) NEl 50th st Melvin ) (JessIe I) 'mp City Ice & Fuel Co h Bfl Cuhau E (Margt S) olk PO 12232 NW 4th ter rear 1629 SW 4th at 'EED )1 uet 5 Mrs opr SBT&TCo 12232 NW 4th ter fecedes nurse Edgewater Hospital r154 NE "EE hW It r225 NE 75Jth s 9hs Bey Scouts Iall North Miami Troops 760 NE "Nellie Ii) maid 1133 N Greenwap dr (CGablec ONEY25th at Nevada el tlpr White Belt Lndry Bsyaiian It I rug impirter Hirsch-Fautl Inc r eNorman I (iris Mt installer Sistrunk Inc r359 1 111 li ayne bled SW 19th rd Boyte A\dieu to) IAh c7Il NIX' Ttth stSXItict For iiorii C ILirriuve elk 1i3572 SW t13-h ter No nood 31 (Kate) shotn h1600 NW 8th st Plumbing Arth C (Edna) 1,h167 Iol Pilm av (B)t Or, ,Irs 1h6 NE Oth at Refrigeratora C A janitor Flal'&L'u e126 NW 29th st Ora E :2i NIV 39th ct SolrELDON L urn ), Lawyer 1106 BirP Maicellus (Emna pros Ablapattah Hardware Smiar Syterns rayne Bldg 1 W Flaler s, Tel 2-66015, h & 'aint Co In "68 SW 21st el or Any Other 2277 SW 19th s. Tel 4-3684 "Rird S lab Fla'&LCO 1959 NW 4th at Hometn Fily B ile Iyalker-Skagseth F S Inc r513 libt r117 NOW Gist st apt 4 NoVme t 23d et Robt B jr whsemn Westinghouse Elec Sup Co lmprneemnt Esther L Mrs elk Guaranty Title & Abstract r127 NIX' 47th ter tirp 0 Iliamci 121 SW 3d st J ) h20i NW 11th ter F'ik \I 15 NV 2:;d et Sadie 11waiter Piul I Keirn c967 NE 78th st GoC Era l t h12h NW 29th St Sear-uok le) ioll, 1113 1 NW 1st et aGo D (Doroth I driver Dade Co Newsdlrs Sup 'i Seahrik J ir i ) lah 1134 NW 1st ot t e3'72 SW 1ith ter T Ryan I lary Ni chiropractor 111 NE 2d av S K (Henieta) r2901 SW 7th st 2U2 1i2300 SW 13th st Grace student r126 NW 29th St 'W Burke iStela) sistn 13150 NW 22d st J' '' hn S rpein h628 SW 16th a Walter S I520 NW' 39th st s A id T'hs) h513 NOV 23d et Wibur J (Velma) r1600 W 8th st ey L steen Fred C Evans Co r2627 Biscayne Witlhemina (ei maid e700 NO 1st or NOd ~:)h7( rii am (MB: Clest e hau f 390! Braga~nza a (C Sn R Bosh) h3760 Peiele ae tMB) Groret h3833 Grand av (CGrove) 5 im (Gay) 1h820 NW 9th av Wm I (Barhira) sItsn 1h322 Gifford la IC vi (An na) cik h501 NW 23d et Grove) T:d A 'H (Frances) h1611 Meridian av apt 10 Boyd's Oscar Humphrey mgr shoes 75 E Flogler .idde tehr MB High Soh r107 NW 8th av apt 10 st Alodene (c) cook 1425 NW 120, st Boyell Louis (Fanchon K) elk SR&Co b2333 SW "iedsie L (old Thus C) turn rms 737 NE 1st 11ti st Applicalions For av h do Boyer A G Mrs tel emp SBT&TCo r1271 NW 2d Credit Treated Chas (Mercedes) mech Hayes Gateway Seenic st Confidentially SU r46 NE 13th ter Aaron etr Central Press Inc r633 S Miami av '" Chas A (Marlon) restr 2115 NO' 79th st 12411 '" Aron G ICtrat sisms r125 NE 20th st MAdKOWITZ Co' Itryan B !Jessie At ssmn Hector Sup Co h Chas M (Jimmie S) project lonlst Colony The.. 10%3 NWA loth n, 5 te h420 'SW 15th rd Ce'il M lk Walgreen's 1011 SW 5th St & RESNICK Chas S (Lois ve ) 2167 S al Shore dr vC iOrotiy wafter The Tower 563 NE 80h ter 4 GCrare) "FIrenov "atr Carl Graefe r NE Peachtree ter 1220 Biscayne Blvd. (In thn GrinlS PHONE ALLSTATE 3-3351 i TIRE STORE TELOTOONE 3.4071 1 '. lS *1525 N.E.2mW L


119 DRINK .. .. in Bottles DELICIOUS 9r 6 REFRESHING Harold 301 NSt. MIAMI COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Phone B. Hill 10yEit Bays Uormltry Univ of Miami Mrs Sarah WellInteriors }'red ora) w.rter Je n a apt ne en igr 11119 Leieone rd IC Gables) MB B0ysen Jean C Mrs 1161 NE 2d si apt 5 SHelan lIl Wie) sra tlh Beckmin & Lews Boyson Carl drier h3_21' SW Qth si Studio h2774 SW Ilth .i Bcystne W! hp Chas Kraft Mfg Co Howard sismn Oliver Pharmacy r Biscayne Boyton Emma (c) ssttrs h374 NW ith st and bird sad NE 110th st Lewis (c) lab 129 NW 6th st J Edison (Delano A cutim b h041 SW 14th Bozart W S h l NW t et av a Is jr lar r1651 NW 7th et Miami Jas (MyrI' i tis)1 SW 5th st Bozarth Edo R (Robbie F) musician h3135 SW' "John H (iltatnche 11) lawyer 1057 Lenox as B ttt Wt 210 (MB) h409 W San Marino dr (San Eug M (Myrtle B; Bozarth's Trailers) h8320 Marino Island) Dixie hwy Kate C h42 Almeria at apt 7 (CGables) John B (Ada V; Bozartsh's Trailers) b3214 Co. r, Little (wid John) r161 aNW a7t4h .t Biscelyne blvd apt D3 Louis W (Pearl) esrtlmater h2325 SW 19th ar Madge Mrs nurse 92 NW 28th st r do Lise Ic) taid ril51 NW 1st t Wm F (Madge Li eharmn PO r1651 NW 7th Ct Marian K Bh1790 NW 3td st Wm H (Hazel) pill, It rear 128 NE 60rt o Inc. ".Murray Jane) asst office mgr 'h rear 727 NW Bozarth's Traiters (Eug 30 and Johnt R BozarIr) 7thr sI 8400 Biscayne blvd Raun a n r.ech r3446 NW 17th a, Bozeman Edna Mrs tehr Wm J Bryan Junior and Ralph (Florence) bartndr h4 Almeria av apt h Eter Sch 237 SW 30th as ICGables) Ernestine (c) r67 NW 9tih st Roht pres Nortirwest Motor Sates Inc r1015 Matlie V (wid Irving E) turn rms 142 SW 15th horoll rt (CG blCPesa as h do Draperies Robt R Jr lawyer 174 E Flagler at R613 r225 Parl B iFreda) sismn 11970 NW 47th ter NE3a rhh id gdnr ir rear 330 NOV 3d as Upholstering tRoy (lads ; Bayer's Noveliy Stand) r623 NE \ W 0 ( da e 327 NE lot as 1219-li Slid at 237 SW 30th as a SAmi iEdrel) l5i0 NW 9thI st apt 4 Boziazis GCo cach h2151 NW lOti an Window Sarah (wid Irwin) h235 Collins anv MB) Brahtam Ernest (Caroline) ssmn h1509y SW Vivas Mrs 1hi56 NE 29th t 1stt Sthdes Bayer's Novelty Stand (Roy Bower) gifts 1301 Brace Geo (c; Hattie) lab h268 NW 11th sIt Hiseaca nri rrv John is) labr rshh Railroad an 'Cflrare) DecraiBisayed Andy artist WQAM r1498 W 59th at Willis L (Ellen) stsmn .113623 Royal Palm av Coratig Edgar O (Mary 00) alsmn Railey-illam Inc it iCGroe) 316 NW 8th av Brasemeit Harwood H mgr Waldorf Hotel Apts Harry (Babitre) h1709 SW 23d ter 1334 Washington av apt 1 (MB) Jar V ILola B; Simplex Sales Co) 02228 SW Merlin iDorothy Ci chauf Cudahy Pk Co r653 2d it NW 11th sIt 174N E Luther F (H11e1 pbr 1,2491 NW 7t"h st '" W B adv slsmn Review Printing Co r$24 W Boyette C E emp City Ire & Fuel io r Hollywood Fagler sIt 40 Fla Brachnow Nicholas (Sandra) bartndr h1320 NW Coton I student 72199 SW 11th st 76th ter "larshall \1 Margie E) gr h499 SW list at Brachten Ellz H (wid Michl) h626 NW 11th as T 3 -4311 M iriat Mrs slswn Albert E Shohti r1744 NW track A Myrtle (Franz Cleaners) ir33 NW' 2d a T 3-4311 44th st "'Beni H D 1ahia) elecetn r7704 NW 5th ct loyinagon Angelo gdnr r3121 NW I1st st Eddie (Helen) r1e1t NOV 35th st ,liles iRerhrcr) gdnr Ir3121 NW 71st st Ross S (LOLie) driver h1185 NW 48th st Riley gdnr r3121 NWl' 71st st Bracken B Clark (Jornsie) pntr h107 NW 32d at Boykin Bertha (c) cook r200 NW 14th at "Gene (Edna) dept mgr Blre & White .Mkt Bessir maid 034 3d at IMB) 056 S0' 0th st The La t Burton (Jewel) idrissr Dade Co Newsd1ts r Harry P (Sarsh E) auto mech h151 NW 41st L es Sup Co h1320 NW 82d ter at Exclusive J G (Ann K) mgr Gent TIre Co 750 NE Gth It 1r Jhnsie Mrs tchr Miami Edison Senior High F Jas le; Arle alndt South Beach Service St. Sch 107 NW 32 t Furniture rl521 NW 6th et Sami J (Dessa) h536 47th St (MB) o Julius is; Mary) chauf 01463 NW 3d av Sarah A (wid Henry T) h45 NW 41st st tore i Jrne stdent rI-) NE 0th t Brackett Effie S Mrs 1 r218 NE 22d st the SMac c maid 100 Lenox av (NIB) r1463 NW Esteile asst Dr Willard L Fitzgerald rlt NW 1d6a 1st St South Boylins Anna M (c) maid 1209 Jefferson dr (C "er r 127 3d a Chrne)) fller Miami Mattress \Ig Co L371b R Ltechnicia Tropcal Radio Teleg Ca Nwo etOio Mim ltteali CoI 031 illie \1 is) std 1820 SWV 11th at Ju B t lee) ydmn 1209 Jefferson st (C Brckhin Legon If ice cream mkr r1152 SW 10th Jr B c;rleiyssitlln ro oI s Grace) Brackins Dona hsekpr 2930 NE 4ch ar Jas H jr In porter Dade Pharmacles c209 Bracknell Harry slsmn Wm L Bracknli 23 NE Jefferson dr (CG rove) 46th st BRylan Chas E carp .25O NOV 45th ar Lonnie t (Evelyn) slsmn Hector hop Co r23 Ilenry T (Louset) cl2 NOV 31d pl NE 46th st t MttIn J elk 12000 SW 24th st apt 13 Wm L (M ercie) gro 5728 NW 2d av h23 NE Boyle lrradley student r3409 Le Jene rd (C 4dthI sr Gablens) Bradbery see Bradbury Edw C Orosisc ) dentist 6915 NOV 3d an h do Brodbrn lias F (Janet) 1h303 SW 2501h st "og student r3 Escobar av (CGablsa '" Chollie M I,) r3L1t Oak as (CGrove) Hazel watter r3 NE 7th st "' F Mrs srr.sirs Miami lattress Mfg Co r337 I Ian i Claudio) 12N5 NE 95th st NOV 25th st "a J (Ruth E; Schelbler's Pharmacy) 229 rr GCo elk r229 NE 3d as Itiscayne bltd GCeo iOerna B) dep sIk C' Clk of Circuit Ct S" hn r141 SV 5th av h09 Sevilla as (C~abies* John h38 NE 13th ter apt S Gertrude (wid Edw J) irt4 SE 6th at Laura (wid Rbt) r2,, Jefferson an (MB) "' Jas Jane) carrier r315 Mendoza an (CGables) Nelle C (wid Arthur) 1643 NE Miami 0t Jos (c) 317 Oak as (CGrse) Rita slident r94a NOV 3d av Louise c09 Sevilla av (CGables) R Pbt student cl1t3 NE Miami cIt Margt r14 SE 6th St Robt P bkp r12r11 SW Gti st Marg up Venus Beauty Shppe Inc (CGables) Wm E stdent 6l4 NW 3d av cSO Sesilla as (CGables) W. L (Liazie E) radio repr 144 NW 62d at h do Verna B Mls sten A It Morrison & Co r09 Bores C 1 reI r Ieoc 9 NE 65 tr st Sevilla "r (Gables) Roynwr Rnymond A mate r2039 N Miami Ar apt 5 Braddock Brevard P (Annebell) .aro 1174' NW' S, nl W e umanor Jeffrey Lt S Yd Inc h ',PA teh m, s 1linmi ,.e ,,t L r:dear .v I PoIsI pr b11124 NWe lith a P ON E 0in ,hp "lk L'ase-Wiles Biscuit Co VIa rmatr Lindsey Lumber Co r00 PHONE rig .W {e : t NW 23d et 34A261 O E R y 0 v1~. 3-648N. E. 2d Ave. and 40th St. yvF10 flU ?, 0 ost t tyUta'" '=


120 ELECTRIC AUTOMATIC A. D. H. r i a e REFRIGERATORS D. H.General Office Service Det. kctric'e Zfefrigerafolo 134 N.W. Third Ave. Phone 3-2128 FOSSEY I i Show Rooms: 134 N. W. 3rd Ave.. Phone 3-2128 BRADDOCK BRADFORD Eug D (Eleanor) electn G LaVgne Elee 100 Waltace lab r3453 SW 26th sIt NW 23d1 ct Wm Ic Henrietta) car cint h2164 NW 5th et FcliN A (ea raJ plstr ih193 NWX 14th a We IZ G (lareta) vehiclem t By Exp Agcy 137 Fredk (Laura) roofer h2314 NW 1st av NW 30th st Geraldin iec Tire Co 1107 NW 47th Wm R cable splicer r2,12 SW 14th st s,Wm W carp '112013 NW 3fiami et Q Jag 6lst se etei NW631 een c) 1162 NW Gth ar Bradhan Janie (c) maid r1757 NW 6th et "Henry A (Bertha E) h135 NW 21st t Lutella (c) cook r1757 NW -6th et N d tapt 3 Beadic Abr B (Beatrice) newspapermn h1235 Jane B student r1779 NE '2d ct apt 3 Lenox at (MB) Leavv F (Iamit) cond h111 NW 30th St "titchel E student r1255 Lenox av (MB) in Llad I Ilaggie Ti electn a4442 NW 2d et Brading Eug restr 36 NE 1st et R130 Lorraine s -n Btdine's Inc r1742 NW 51st Bradley Amos (c) lab h54 %O NW 13th at Miami e Aet L cchol e1329 NE 3lth ter a lagacc T +sptr Postal Tel-Cable Co r4442 NW Belle maid Dallas Pk Hotel e271 NW 8th 0t 2R A oft Chas F testing and regulating 'hf WUTeICo REh Pauline Mrs 1836 NE 3d at e46 NE 35th ter E' Spicer sismn Lester F O'Quinn r2735 SW 32d Clifford porter r610 NW 2d av at '" Cora (ci deeker' t 14 NOV iNtt at SWmt V tNellie 31) clk FlaIP&LCo h940 NW 43d Crine (c) maid Gables Theatre r Cottage St Grue Over Braddy Wc (Gorgie) slsmn -t1635 NW 40ht Darid(Erma) h335 NW 14th ar apt 7R 30Yearn Bradeheft Paul T (Mary 31) sisen Coet's Shoe David (c) Oder r212 NW 14th ter 30 Store ]i 1530 Griffings blvd apt 2 '" Dody (c; Ruth) lab h560 5 NW 13th at Braden Cicas cctr r rear 2617 NW 23d av Fda I.lici sInl10 SW 3d sIt Chas H lah City Parks Div h613 NW 27th at Eliz wenc's cit 615 Linesls rd (MB) r959 apt 15 Wesi av (MB) Crnicn G la 6143 NW 27th st apt 15 Ella (cI) Indrs r1376 NW 50th st 1825 Frank WV farmer h2700 NW 23d avr Ernestine (ci confr 229 NW 9th st h do Wm A (Gary L) h1355 SW 6th st Eva (c) ht1,l1o NW 6th as Biscayne Bradertman Philip IBessle) h1553 SW 7th at apt Evelyn rs I4O NW 12th av apt 209 16 Geo (e: Fannie) farmer r3399 Grand ay (C Blvd. Bradlcitl ttarbaea student r1855 Meridlan at 3M Creove) B) Ge E (tliired) 1c2340 NW 31st at E Shannon (Gertrude) hISS Merldian av M Gordon lab NtiacmI Military Academy r11601 B) Biscayne blvd Phones Elsie K ("id Thos H) br mgr City Dry Cinrs "Halid P I Edith) h2024 NW '1st ae Icer -,I2 NE lst ct Itald IV tBeatrlce 31) fremn h14"% SW 4th -5763 c 1" Ca (cir car l5422 NE 1st et sr Jack rdmc Fla l'&LCo h5122 NE 1st It Harvey L ("tilie 31) car opr h2173 NW 48th 5764 BRADFORD A LEE (Brainard). Associate Lawst 3-5 64 ye, McKay, Dixon & DeJarnette, h534 SW A"cer H (AzaIe) Ilimn. N39 NE 48th st 13th ae '" Henry T (Esther 31) ship elk h1131 NW 33d av Apartmlnts 186c SW 4th st, 2310 SW 7th t tl Ccarslie 3; Apte Brokerage Co h622 aed 790 NW 3ct t S(0' 7ith cI Antd TAM6 NW lm sIt apt Jas saitee Hickory House Inc Itcti 1 ba 1 i Haml Welding Wks) t rear "Jon H (Christlne) auto ech 140 W 7th At 1410 NW ath av J iLiltian) hIM NE 3d at Canon I Oaccn) mgr The West At Apts '1311 eoa Ic c; E ) pse Th7 NO I4th ler WSHAW amre (Ill NE 1st av 7'11. ( Eval phrer 3 N 1td Itr l Ih er 1f "' Lt'aed C Itec Iet Crrie) pastoe The Chuech t tee (0111) at 'titr (i) 1107 NW 62d sIt r ln r "Ei)cr h204t t(B Lorenzo I,) r9'2U NW Ist av SHhcites E I t NO 7th rt tr Lorenzo L (Luis) filling sta 2800 NW 1301bav flU t W Il a eit32 41eoogst UI SMB Leecter h c cr6NN'lta flfl N a ,, t I a n P i~itnic5l deiver h19bO1 NIX 4241 At NOV" 1 anee \ i ysc t reprn SBT&TCo h 3l-rt e:25 NE 3thi erh n4ts SL 1\ 11( at l iN Mai )L tnl h sups )Iamf Seaman's Institute h^_""3 NiOM~ ii~ cl:S111 t3iamiIte NE 1010h 1 Ura C wid L'usi turn ems 521 NE Ist as Stacy twid Slichl) r30,3 Gifford la (CGrove) r NMary J Ic dishwasiter r141 NW 6th 3t B typen r3lt, NI 9th 01 ray Sti'US Immigration & Nat Sera e311" Eunice 'n3 P7 NW 1st a Paul (Erie) h2453 NW 44th sIt Ewng sl n F T Budge CO r235 NE hst Reuben le; Totso) 1304I Thotas av (CGrove) Co p n 1'rei P 1)May .11 0shing editor (DN 13.100 Robt E (Dorcas) platformmn RPICo '1330 SW Biscaynce 1d 17th at BRADFORD GEORGE HENRY DR (Lydia A De' abt J (Gladys L) als super FtaP&LCo h2120 Vilbiss), Representative The Praetorians, h SW 13th st 352 NE 32d st, Tel 2-7563 Rollan i clohth mn P'enisular Casket Co SGuy (A3ni 1 3r policecc Vtaci Shores Vil" i CilIs IL Carolice)i 1c32 NE 22d at lag 'i21 NOV 233h t Sarah A id Chas Hi c227b NW 51st ter PURE ." Horace (Minnie L) aata sePr 353 NW 22d t '" 'Stella S Mrs r1521 NOV 51st st 'i11 NOV 234 ct 'Thelma bkpr Meyer Davis & Weiss r1521 NWBATTERIES Iny INnia) tcaaf hOl1 NW Miami estSa a Ic la'idl Wmti) 1h37 NOV 31st s Verla tchr New Sliami Shores Ec m Sch r1952 "S Jas c fme.m SBT&TC. 12512 SW 1Nth st IW Ist It YALE 'Joht T (c; Estllai lab it365a NW 16th st Viola (c) maid Woe N Booth e321 E San MaLeonard F lauica) rofer Jas W Byrd h1503 elso dr (San Marino Island) TIRES "Abcerca vi iCGables) '" Wesley (c; Bcula-h) lah 13644 Cak av IC LewIs J driver Scgal's Safety Cab r61 MeldCerae) 'v (OBlE Wilbur W ()abel) pilot h3920 Durango at (C "c Lillt (c) coo Jeffers:n Hotel 1c206 NW 6th t Gablesi Louisa 31rs 1217 NW' Sliami rt W t Ic; Audrey) 01512 NW 5th pl Marcos student r3453 SW' 36th at Woc pur e120 NIW 34th 11 PMarc C IOhristne) earp lcaview' Novelly Wm 31 (Mildred) mteorologist 1222 PhoenetIa Wrks 3453 SW 26th st ar apt t (CGables) OIL Maynard lab Biseayno Kennel Club r636 SW W m W (label) pilot h3-t0 Toledo ot (CGables) 1st st apt 4 Beadoer (hyliss M (wid Bert) 261 Palm av MSyrc T (wid John S) 'h249 NE 17th ter apt 5 (Palm Island) Rachel cwid Almr 120 NI' I1ti ac Brads'haw Arth L slsmn 1730 4th sIt W 4 (MB) PETROLEUM c" Robt R otometiss 174 P Flaglee St E319 r "c Asaley (Ectma B) sisan h1235 SW 6th at opt PRDUTS 2512 SW lath at 19 PRODUCTS ROYAL CROWN COLA PAR-T-PAK BEVERAGES -64 NEHIProducts S. W. Oa .t St. Phone 2-1741 540 N. W. 24th ST. PHONES 3-6287 and 3-6288


I2 PACKARD MOTOR CARS Authorized Sal. ad Service PACKARD MIAMI MOTORS INC. 1740 N. E. Second Ave. Phone 2-7621 Packard Bala, 923 Lineela Road. Miami Soa.h. Phone 5-3055 BRADSHAW DRADY Celeta nurse R Marshall Parer Roofing Tiles Mfg Co Inc Lauris W Nelsen Donna Mrs aiter Caruso Restr r305 SW Ist pres 1rs 'Anna M Netsen v-pres A Loulso at Nelsen sec 3260 NWt 27th av Flulee asst Dr Eug V Denault r2756 SW 33d Boy 0 ('Doris L) glazier h200 NW 26th av aptel Frank phntog h425 SW 1'2T av apt 15 Russell asst x2175 NW 86th ter "Geo R (Verna C) pntr 1 1427 NW 21st at Stuart F (Kate R) lawyer h1852 SW 14th ter ^ Garnet W (Jerry) meth Elem Equip Co r718 Thos caddle e28 NW 76th s BE 6th (H) W P slsmn Consumers Skg Co r170 E 12th st Margt Ic) r1660 NW 3d av (H). Sary E r1427 NW 21st t Walter C (Ludle) brklyr ih1911 NW 95th st Robt B (Donnal elk Eat Coast Flheries Inc r W'm 11810 Devonshire blvd opt 11 (CGables) 305 SW 1st 01 Wm H (Thelma M) ptstr h614 NW 23d at Roblt J elk 142 SW 15m an "' Wm L plstr r2931 NW 27th st Gonna wafter Valentino's Restr r235 W Flag" Wm S elk little Farm r676 West Trade st (C icr at Grovel Thou T Jr opr Dunn Bus Serv Co r2756 SW Wm S lInez) slsmn 12940 West Trade av iC 33d et Grovel Bradotreel Fredk (Frances) pntr h153 NW 2d st Zeke (c) lab r307 NW 11th ot apt 5 Braeger Elaine 'h1560 Drexel a opt 17 (MB) Bradt Chas cook Elbow Room Bera.our Apatmes 7436 SW 7th st VirgIl emp Solar Water tr Co r115 NE i1st Rrfford ArchiemW (oulda; Archie's Soda Shop) st aOr330 Mitilgan a, (51) Bradweil Helen (c) maid t32 NW 9t h st Bragassa Anthony (Virginia) eup agt r3569 Bay-" Lon (I: Alice) ydmn 1 E Schilling Co h1346 homes dr (CGrove) NoV 51h e Wymoed le: Annle B) oh rt64 NW It Bragdon Ernest P (Margt) auto mech Tutan Raema (c; mAid 154 16 NW 5 a t Motors 152 NE 22d at Rirbc AnI id9 1 West Trade av BCrroso) Sragg Ale W student t3235 Sary st (Cfernie BRADY Ann) N (e a de a) S-GrvMg Bette R sec Personal Finance Co 1821en aW Fraek T Budon Co. BI9S SE 14th nI, Tel ihas E (Jessie N) h45 NE 60th ter 2-4540 Clinon (c; Alhbetn) tub 'h1426 NOV 65th st Anne B sec Olof Zetterlund r738 NE 83d ter Rile student r45 NE 60th ter Aparoments 620 NE 22d ter and 625 NE 22d at General L (c) porter r835 NW 1st et SChs driver r230 SW 16th av Geo (c) porter Congress Hotel r229 NW 12th Chas installer Solar Water Htr Co T433 NW ut Chas A (Doris El meh r68 NOV 45th t Herbert S (Nellle) gdnr h3500 SW 26 ti Eddie enteorise r 8 NW 324 p1 Hullus S (c; Julia) bldg contr 247 -NW 12th Edgar porter Jackson Mem Hosp r2127 NW 8th ut 229 doa av Jessie N Mrs prin Allapattah Elementary Sh Ellen R (wid Satl) r1737 NW 46th t h145 NE 60th ter Eug driver WVPA John L (c) porter Hotel Flagler r212 NW i2th Evadna 1791 NI 1.tIh ol st "F Andrew (Grael pollemn Miami Shores Vii" Richd F I(tinniel h1740 NW 22d St loge 1664 NE 96th st Opt 6 Rirhd J (Gladys) elk FlaP&LC. h2991 SW Geo Ir student r324 NW 53d st Stst st Haltic i wAlier Ceo Eng Robt E (Tyler F) b9 SE 6th st apt 30 4 Harold R (Alie) erigerator repr 171 MNV 'Thos D (Grace) route supsr Puritan Dairy Inc Marine 46th~t I doh420 NE 34th st opt 2 el A toke 435 W 6th pl ST o tr Ulysses J (c: Letha; Seventh Street Garage) Hardware Ci thrd (Mildred E; The Little Farm) 13210 W e Less river 406 NW 0th at NOV loth p1 'h Ohsr;Lsildlerhet O 0hu n a L & Co (John L Brady) ptmbts 188 NW 29h Braggs Ja W (c) barber Jas Walker r208 NW Paints "Janelle student r7931 NW 14th p Moriun (c ; Mae) baker h208 NW 12th st Jack )Aumo Consumers Bkg Co r170 E 12th st Braham Harry M (Mary) h3026 Flamingo dr John D (Isanoru) storekpr City Parks Div 56S Brahney El. M (oid Chas) 11166 'SW 19th av NW 43th st '" Stuart elk r1166 SW 19th av "John L (Eleanor S; J L Brady & Co) b1766 Erailler Geo (EtheD) farmer h541 NIT 94th st NW 5thr t Brain Edw M (Beulal) elk h126 NW 12th av Trade av (CGrove) Sinn te C asst Z N Wright h4000 NW 6th uv Joe E iLilllan Janitor rBT&TCo b1732 NW Brainard Editl iswn 11325 W Flugler st apt 2 th av Bra hswaite Esthr H Strs tehr Phadouluwo Ele" Jns J (Anna) brklyr h2175 NW 86th ter mentary Sth oddS NW North River dr S" J BS iHildn L) 12918 WShiteheard st (CGrove) tProoeis S ciy fee x3lt NV th p1 Julia lwid Edw L) 12158 SW 14th ter apt 2 G Ga T (Losnie Al oirtal 17 lNol N th Kat nurse 324 NW 53d t h do Horry usher r)2 NOVW alk '5 6th Rath sten US Dist Atty h2660 SW 32d el trlir V Sestehinel mr Camp Royal Touriss Berber point grinder Spruill-Cordon Paint C (mp y10821 Tiseayne brd Wks In e77Tt NW 5th et "lnrgt h1519 NW 9th av "M Emma (wid A V) r10821 Biscayne blvd Margt student r195 SE 14th st 0' Stry (wid Theo) 13229 SW 23d ter "Martin chu r44 SW lst st Richd S x3229 SOT 23d ter Marilo P guard Met lee Palace Inc r2811 SW Brake Apartments 1152 NW 5th st 0th t '" Carh Iwid Geo) h1152 NW 5th st apt S Phone MHItt J tGrace) golf pro h344 Mendona av apt John A carp h1145 NW 29th ter 8 (CGbles) Paul tng WQAM r3840 Wood av (CGro" 2 7641 SMildred (wid Wm L) elk r9921 SW 270th st Brakes trene Ic) e3475 Hibiscus st lCGroe) SNace 1 (Lillian H) inspr Miami City License Brakka Ruth maid 5820 Bay rd (MB) Bureau r6230 NE 1st av Brako Jas (Luelile 1) pntr 12239% NW 56th st SQr11e M (Della) installer Solar Water Hot Co Brakove Lee Tp Top Shoe Shop) h374 NW 24th st Brakvo Sasina waiter Jackson Stem Hosp l2235 Otto W tElinor) roofer h365 Grand Concourse NW 7th av W 65 and Cono Bam Bertha tcr Central Elementary Sch r5900 Paul A (Anne t) teller H First Nail Bank XW it st Yacht, Engine 1 738 NE 83d ter Wm V (Theresa) 1029 SW 5th st apt 12 Raht *UI) 12127 NW 0 h a Braman Sidney T Isa E) elk h7753 NW 4th av and SNE 3d ter Bramblr Walter t506 Meridian av apt 6 IMBI Cmmtrantnea iobt F Ocnnie L) glazier 687 NW 29th st h1150 Bramble Evelyn W r305 SW 1st st Opt 1 NW 27th st "Leon (Delia) b115 NE 78th at apt 2 Supplies WALTER B. WILSON Real : PHONE 1.5 938 LINCOLN ROAD Insurance S.W. 6th St.


122 SUNNY The C. W. Kistler Company 6% and 7% First Mortgages, Real Estate SOUTH 12-13-14 CONGRESS BLDG. PHONE 2.5154 A rb ontez H slswo SHE&Co r2130 NW R lANiDON 43d St Louio 3 (Eliz) mgr Southern Paint Co h1549 Oscar E (liary L) photo engr h3241 Florida av N' 15 i A C~rose) Ralph Et (Bilio) mgr ]Iacona Apis h72t RW C'Guy (Pauline E; Guy's Barber Sop) h2130 6th ot apt 2 CO. TN' 43d st Brando Geo J I isabel G) meteonrotogiat tr6t NW Bramen Vera nurse Jackson Mem Hosp Glen Royal pkwy opt 2 Bramlett Blanahe (wid John M) r44 NE 45th st Pabel G Mrs elk Dade County Bd of Public Chas (Doris) l1274 NW 611 st apt 2 Instruction l67 NV Glen Royal pkwy apt 2 Chas \i coiir The Leonard's Store o1780 SW Brandt see also Brand and Brant th st Art (Sarah) gdnr h2758 West Trade av (C Ben Moore & "' Homer P (Jeanette H) prs-treas Todd FounGro Jtain Supply Co Inc :h228 NOV 26th at 'Carl (Loulse) druggist h41 SW 31st et Co. Products "' Jeanette H s-Pres Todd Fountain Supply Co Claude V Ilda 0) h6d NW 17th pI Inc h228 NW 26th an Ernest H ,Harriett) sismn 1h45 sE 2d st apt 23 Ronans Wm A (Eulah M) auto mech Great Southern Ceo F plmbr ii2747 SW 20th st Lacquers Auto Supply Co Hugo E (Ruth El mgr Aqua Marine Apts h694 Bramiette Rosalie Mtra sec Florida Tong Oil NE 76th apt 9 and Groves r720 NE 72d ter Ida laid Frank) r1059 SW 3d s apt 1 Enamels We M (Rosalie; Florida Tung 011 Groves) r Jas M 'het r601 NE 60th ter 720 NE 72d ter John K (Mildred H) ci, eng h72I Majorca a Dixon's Bramlitt Helen S Mrs asst to registrar Uorm it (CGables) his5 SW Pi st '" lildred H lieu sre Dr Wiley 0 Earns byld Graphite Brammer Doris L sten First Trust Co r1427 NW liojorca av (C~abiWl Paints 54th ot Patricia sorn Spelito Food Distribainrn rOSS 1 unsn B (GIladys) rarp h rear 2520 SW 16th W Flagler st Wooster st W'm G (Virginia; Buek's Top & Body Works) Brushes R Wayne USA r1427 NW 54th t r17 75 NW 141st at ERihd a plmbr h1427 NOV 54th a1 Brandt's Food Shop (Harold L Wilkens) 7900 James B. Day Wm O (iary El carp -h2320 SW 31st av Biscayne bLid 0" m O jr (Edith) c Op r3124 SW 23d as Patio Grill iMrs Ethel 3 Wilkens) restr 7900 & Co.,5 Brats Gustave A restr 39 NE 5th st r do Biscayn bird Shellac Bramson Abr wtchmn WPA 143I NW 2d av Brandwood Raymond (Estelle) '0544 NW 28th st Bramwell Wm M (Eleanor L) h3780 Loquat av Brane Muriel E emp McCrory's r1610 Lenox ar Wall Paper (CGrave) 01B) Branai 1 N (Alice E) mch RPICo 13092 NW Branoham Albert G (Bess L) 1r325 SE 1st p api 23d st Jas R (Margt) sismn 3792 Qumquat or (C Benj Ic; Annie) gro 1804 NW 6th ot I do 801-821 Grove) Bess Lt Mr mgr Daliae Apts h325 SE 1st pl No. Miami AV. Branan Lee emp Federal Theatre h4797 NW 2d apt 7 N.MaiA' sl Chas F (\Mary) h116 NW 60th st Branch Alex meatetr Hawthorne Market Coy (c: Rosalie) waiter Victoria Hospital h BetG 150011 tororn b,67 NE 29th or 27 1 NOV 0th At Ahoe G SE ti r John C tehr tlami Senior High Sch r1614 Len3-3317 Earl sict r,C SOY 13th t o av It) Florence (wid Geo R) r7612 NE 3d pl ioter 1c; Lizzl) h605 NO 17th st H Bert r67 NE 29th sr '' Offle B (c; Rosalie) gro 1601 NY' 6th et b Henry (c: Emma) stevedore 440 NW 10th st 1603 do Inez cash Baing Shop r7 NE 29th r 'Rosalie (c) maid Philreik Funeral Homes "rving B (Lois W) r67 NE 29th st r1603 NW th et John D driver r1629 NW 29th et Brannaman Frances h521 SW 12th ar apt 107 o John L baker r122 NE lh ter Brannan see also Brannen and Brannon Kenneth (Beatrice) carp b1429 SW 14th ter Geraldine student r261 NE 102d st Rot E student r67 NE 29th st J Gr1ftin ICora Is pistr Acme Plastering Co Ruse cash Maylair Theatre .3i 12 NE tst et 0642 SW I1 h as" Steven Ic, porter h re0 3304 Wlliam av IC Oscar (c: Florence) carp h1938 NB' 5th et GCroe) Walter H (Stella M) elk h733 NW 34th av Branchey Alex meatetr r5926 NW 1st Brannen Ella Mrs Ibpr inlock Park School o Branstrec also Brandt and peont Cafeteria 0 r odr cliat glass blrn h340 NW 71st Fred L (arg carp h3146 McDonald st (C Boo Grovel h Rlr'nard lii 2da SW 3d ot H Stilson (Iielno r-pres-mogr Junkin & Avant i enL rint ro t1 NE srays" liertan hlpr The E P Elliott Co r2-44 NW 29th w h1200 SW 10th nv liars in iElla) I67 NW 60th pi BRAND CHAS G iVirginia D). Pres-Treas-Mr BRANNING BRIGGS (Edith C), Pres-Treas ranBrand Properties Inc. hi025 Sevilla av (C nin Insurance Agency. 6337 NE 26th ter Gables), Tel 4-2257" Geo IE her K) skpr Branning Ins Agency Q "Cha, AV student r102v Sevilla ai (CGables) h :i13 NW\ 2d ,t apt "i Editih (wid Iot)t 62006 Oak al (CGrovc) BRANNING H PIERRE (Edith H). Attorney r. Edw A (Helen) 635 SW _1st av and Counselor-at-Law 1103-04-05-06 First -"'Jhn r2966 Oak ;v (CGr.,I) Trust Bldg 21 NE ist av. Tel 2-4041. h24 SE" John sludvnt x840 NW 71st -u 6th st, Tel 2-6536 (See card in Legal Blue denneth Po TGLadys t; Brand & Roberts ReBook Dept) \,rr F h n P 8i ir10 NW\ BRANNING INSURANCE AGENCY INC, Briggs lL71 ne 11 litr Phlli Re.r 1Branning Pres-Treas, Marine. Fire and Caszs t ualty Insurance and Surety Bands 705 News ''--v BRAND PROPERTIES INC, Chas G Brand PresTower 600 Biscayne blvd, Tels 3-5761 and 1. Treas-Mpr. V D Brand V-Pres F A KinO 3-5762 (Far further information see left side (Miami) Sec, Real Estate 501-502 First Nalines and page 35 Buyers' Guide) a doHnal Bank Bldg 101 E Flagler st, Tel 2-2523 '' Lewis delmn Brooks Drug Stores No 2 r319 .1 cusan I (wid Leonard A\) I rear 560 NE 71st st SOC 12 10 L+1 OlVliv Icl hsenmi Victoria Hosp r816 NOV 3d av '' Lewis G (Eva C) ass, sec-treas Little River a & Roh,"rt Reorigeraion 1'n (Ken nethR HBrand, B.,k & Trust Cop r RD ^ Box 450 H y -o 0is its-ber s) 1333-35 N Bay Shore de' Louis C (Ilarion) gent agr FECRy h158 hE 2d Brandenhurg E C (Abble) b756 Alhambra cir so (CGabis) Lools J (Emeline M) oice mgr Orange State Brndes Stymosr (Stella) estimator A H Ramsey Oil Co h319 SW 11th at S hor& ns In bl107 Ferdinand st (CGables '" Lucie M see Peter Nardyke 319 SW 13th at Brandl H Lee Ilk Am Fruit Cro:wes Inc r Box Percy T 1Althea) yacht capt h1900 SW 171 st 2 "X' Sterry student r2l SE Gih 't Brandon Edgar E (Grace G) h3725 Sheridan v ,Branningson Frank hlpr 44 NE 9th st itIMB) Brannon se iso Brannan and Brannn G Edw \0' 1342 SW 12th ay apt 2 C tO r Y \ Sth st AJAX CORPORATION ANDREW J. ARRANT, Pres. Qulified INVESTMENT SECURITIES Bonded 0 I01-I02 INGRAHAM BLDG. TELEPHONE 2-2322 Private Telephone to H. Hentz & Co. and J. S. Bache & Co.


123 mIAmi LAUDRY PHONE Page ______R________________G____ Electric Company 1i8.NN))N -Bruswell :Abiner i Lolai flremn 11115'. N\\ 181h st Inc Chfrlrd C I\--Jai hlul_ N, )Miarm pi opt ~ Ace studlnt r'4:9 .1W\ 3d st Calls \f IVrral ,Isoma bhe NW\\ 1h at apt 4 Ala 111id }:hwa rse \\W "9th st '' 3l trray I(ini tc E pharm Dade Pha rmles Ann G \I rs nurse Jackson Mem Hosp r1785 SW Authorized r Silver Palm rd RD 1 (Homestead. Flat 13th St Dealers H W Msmn Masher Furn Co r412 NW 2d or Chas '3430 SW 3d st Inez R Mrs (Perry's Grocery) h1012 SW 17th BRASWELL CHAS C (Ruby M; Braswell Realty Westinghouse at (Security), h759 NW 2d st. Tel 2-1371 BRANNON IVAN I (Rose LI, Ree-Treas In *' Dana cash Rooy Theatre rfl9 NW 2d st Complete Line Worth Crow Co. h261 NE Id at (Miami Doris R see Jack Sloore r359 NW d st Shores VillageI, Tel 7-1835 Edwin rE921 Btir a (CraeEctlc Jolla C h23: Majorca at apt I (CGables) Eliz student r3139 SW 3d ot Aa n LenoC (wid Earl E) h75 E 5th ot (H) Frances model Burdlne's Inc r Hotel Gotham Appliances "Macau (Jostl) r rear 745 NiW 341h at (MB) Mildred (et maid r363 NW 17th t Geo H (Beatrice) elk Westinghouse Elec Supply Perey M (Ilnez RI) plstr h2012 SW 17th as Co h2128 SW 2d st Walter pdr r115 NW 6th 0t Harry elk r3439 SW 3d 5t Branson Jnhn Lou Mae D) agt United Life Jas mgr Red & White Independent Sere Sta r Ins Co 1t 7 8 5 NW 30th St 17 NE 27W st Brant see also Brand and Brandt Jas A (Eltz I lab h rear 732 NW 13th st Jack lEmils Supt k2212 SW 16th av '" Jas L elk Witt Eli Cigar & Tob Co r137 NW Jas tGertrute) eng h2102 SW S8th et .,5th ter Branthooter Victor A (Mildred) elk r1643 NE Jas L (Betty) roofer h rear 19 NE 14th 0t Refrigerators Sav "E7 n John D IBetty J) dricer Bailey's Lumber Yard Ranges a mles) (idIn rear 551 NW 27th st Dishwashers Arth T (Myrtle) cht Inepr US Customs h1136 BRASWELL JOHN D, Sismer Braswell Realty Water Heaters Cordoa st (CGables) Security, r100 NW 8th av, Tel 2-1371 Commercial Ais L Mrs nurse 709 NW 27th av apt 1 h do Nannie T (wId Sawl) h2921 Bld av ICfrovel Refrigeration Billie rlstn r2136 SW 4th st Ralph T (Alice R) madt U S Fd'y & M1g Corp If Waler Coolers Chas (e) porter r329 NW 16th ter 3439 SW 3d st Cower 17 IlOisle El h4S NW 0 th aN BRASWELL REALTY SECURITY (] D and C C Radian Corn let muld 04 SWV 20th or r1421B N raswell), Real Estate Rentals. 100 NW 8th Specialists in tEd traIc; Louise) carp r262 NW 10th st an, Tel 2-1371 (For urther Information see All E setrln Florence twIl Frank) h2136 SW 4th 1s' igh Hnarold Ic: Effie) watter r270 NW 8th s Reneer L (Zoe) br mgr Shadelle Corp h39 NW Kltahens Barry T driver -h559 SW 3d st apt II 100th ter IMShores) Jas (c) lab r327 NW 14th ter Walter Ic; Mary) gdnr 1546c NW 14th st Lou A wrapper Burdtne's Inc r1924 NW 18th Wm B (Carolyn) pntr r3439 SW '3d st 214 fer Wilson L (Florence) oeatet r'2921 Bird av N. E 2d A Hone (c; Maggie) lab h333b NW 10h st (CGrove) Otis P (Rose) chef h1447" NOV 7th et Bratager Garnet see Miami Police r152 NE 5th Percy I Re (c: Josephine) pastor Israel Bethst PHONE el laptist Churh h2053 NW 6th ot Brateher Alice walter SHK&Co r907 Brickell av 2 5255 Vnelle r2136 SW 4th st '" Leah sten Fla State Emp Serv r1218 SW 7th Brantly Sue id Frank) 1h4020 NW 2d oe 01 Brantner Hubbard (c; Anna) lab r1881 NW 70th "' Lonnie (e) h446 NW 2d av et '" Pauline waiter r1768 SW 22d ac Branton Cassie M (c) maid r1711 NW 1st et Vernon (Juanita) It37 NW 24th st Brasch Glenn sIsmn r1023 S Maml av apt 4 Bratley Jesse H (Della R) h1I177 NW North River "Hele I J Mr elk Mtacy W Blantn x36SI W dr t str y Bratman Bertha (old Benl) h129 Washington av Theo W (Helen J) investigator Dun & Bradapt 2 (MB) ireet Inc r3262 SW 25th st Oscar I1218 Drexel av apt 33 (MB) Branda Mary V h1105 4th st (MB) Bratney Ella (c) Indrywkr r4907 NW 14th av Brehear Jas r541 SW 4th an apt 11 Bratt Cleveland )c Joyce) lab h1130 NI% 5th et g Brasheors W W (Lena) real est Hollopeter & Fred E (Lorna Mi) sergt Miami Police h800 NW Post Inc rl50 NE Out st 46th st Brasier Floyd P potlee sergt Coral Gables r5513 Hiram H (IlMerril) h530 NW 22d av apt 2 Fontana at iCCbles) Bratthauer Clifford C ship elk Burroughs Add n Mary A Mrs sten FIaP&LCo h226 Sidonla av Mach Co r1861 NW 47th st apt 4 (C bslesi Bratton Gladys tchr Riverside Sch r131 SSE 1st Realtors Branlngtan Mathew Q olsmu Soa Dalries Inc r14S 51 NW 33d st L B (Gladys) slsmn r129 SE 1st st O(go nurse Jackson Mem Hosp Brauer Sam h421 WOashington av apt 2 (MB) Braslln Salomon r533 Meerldian av (MB) Broaughton Ann (c) maid 744 Lenox av apt 4 (M PROPERTY Braslaw Max (Resle) elk Hyman Traege r-1440 B) Eaulid os (MB) Braumbaugh Patriela elk r418 SW 4th av MAAGEME" Brasmar Edna Mrs elk Mrs Margt Ward r745% Braun see also Brown NW 19th ter Edwin H (Helen) meh Otis Elev Co h234 NW Braof Lena (wid Isaac) r rear 1507 Meridian av 50th st (MB) Fred IMarle) tailor 141 NE 2d st R6 r1039 ,W Walter (Edith) r rear 1507 Meridian av (M 2d an NL S 8) Sandra c631 NE 82d st Beas Dalsy hI823 NW 20th st Thos E piano repr 46 NW 22d as h do Jos F hipr Acme Supply Co r1837 SW 7th st Win G (Agnes H) mgr h489 NO 15th av Rail Bar The Geo B Smith mgr liquors 32-24 'rauns Chandler (wid Paul) r1023 S SIami av FHA 23d st (IMB). apt 24 Rail Restaurant (Mrs Mae Sinnott) 320 23d nt Hollis P elk r1327 SW 4th st IMORTGAG (MB) Braunstein Herman (Jay's Men's Shop) 16 OvieBrSneale Ethel Mrs pract nurse rear 3121 SW do (CGables) t3d ter r do Bravand Jane SI bkpr Welding Supplies Co T817 Brsseur Albert H (Ruth H) patrolmo Miaml PoNE tldih st Ilce 04 N4 'W 24th st Rudolph J (C Jane; Welding Supplies Co) mgr ^ Odessa siswn Burdine's Inc r1743 SW 06th st Nail Cylinder Gas Co 1t817 NE 116th stE Brasslgton Clayton on (Sudle) truv slsmo h324 Reanerman At (Eva) h1317 Collins av (MB) Mendza av apt (CGables) Sant A helen) sismn h121 NE 5th st apt C Uraamar Theo (Edna) driver kh580 NW 9th st Bravo Anna (,id John) r2127 NW Flagler ter apt 21" Florito (ROsailna) kitchen mn h143 NE 11th Bras well Jos P (Ivodean) slnmn b1650 SW 5th ter t 'Rose 01 student r143 NE 11th ter Brasted Edwrin D m tsh n Federal Theatre r Steph (Pearl) eng h124 NW 15th aA 1,67 NW _;1)11 5t W L (D rthy S) slsmn Drake Lb Yd In Roy M1 yl 1147 NW th st 218 NE 26th st FLORIDA'S FASTEST GROWING I .. tEPARTMENT STORE 2-61 N. E. Fret SL. at Miami Ave. Phone 2-6161


124 TINGuL Stembler-Adams-Frazier EAr TINGLEInsurance Agency Inc. \4 PAINT 7r -PHONE 2-4174\/ First Federal Bldg. 100 N. E. 1st Ave. Brawn Fredk hlpr FlaP&LCO h1129 NW 5th at Bredenberg We K (Alma) h284 VW 75th at il "Grant A (Los B) sismn Miami Home Milk Prod Bredlau Frank H (Fredericka) carp h1644 SW U Assn hi06t i W 37th an Flagler Ian Brawner Frances mate r45 NW 77th at Maniag T heauty opr Clyde Court Beauty Salon Miami's Braxton Cleddie (Estelle) opr Dunn Bus erv Co 1iS1bn W d a yt apt L16 r5 SW S9 th at ''uilnahi F ltda J) etty Brecon 'h315 SW 16th a. First Ella I) ladt tr141 NW 6th et o Walter R Mant T) installer SBT&TCo hiSa Exclusive Elle (a) maid rO4l) NW 14th nt SW '2d at ant 18 E INT ailfard (c; tins) carp 644 NW 14th t Breee Fredk L IMadeline; TraIl Flsh Poultry & PAINT (c saee re r1 66 NW 6h at Egg Cl h117 SW 5th at apt 11t STO E eBar Avn C (Etta At rantar 1761 SW' 9th at "G Cn L (Mary A; Brecen Fink & Labster MarSTuRE Chat T (Biltie 1) tilestr hi34 W 11th at (H) ket) 1,241 NE 34th st Edna A Mrs lndrywkr Dewey Lndry Co 761 'SW r Than C ahta kr r152r NW 7tth at9th a) Brarca's Fish & Lohater Market (Can L Breame) Gertrude slswn RCDD r821 SW 23d av apt C 400 NW North Siver dr Distributors a Gus (Great Southern Auto Paris) r515 NW 32d Brredanh SeF jr servicemn Goodyear Serv r159 NE DOZIER Jahn (c; Daisy B) porter hIOSa NW 12th at Breeding Albert L (Bertha) carp k2147 NW Flagand I H opr FaP&LCo r1436 Pennsylvania av Jaer te(Breeding's Rexall Drug Store) r HollyGA "I ia (wid Dana) 1,lls NW 324 at moadFi CS Lillar ntra rse Jackanahisc Hap n2136 SW Breedtng'sPaackage Store Harry Wacher mgr R h It liquors 2230 Collins ar (MB) MSa (mid Wm) h1333 Obispo av (Gables) Rexalt Drug 'Store (tas M Breeding) 672-74 Nora (wid Lester) sten r21 SW 23d av apt 6 Coins anv (MB) Preston H (Mary L) mgr meat dept Lovett's h Rexaall Druag Store (br) Frank Toback mgr 2232 Barreled 429 NXV 10t, an97 CaSWn an3dB I Ralph L (Netie) hOT NE 70th at Breedins Daid I (Jennie) pair n2972 SW 224 Sunlight Wan (Anra) mgr Cen W Obenour k1210 Merla dias na apt A (SIB) Dlavid R (Mary) pntr k3ilt %X 224 ter Braylett Dorothy waiter r ear 245 NW 40th at Jas W (Carrie) patr l29 NW 531h av Braynon Edw (c; MaydellI) gra '1674 NW 5th pi s" Lillian waiter Liles' Pharmacy r3172 SW 22d Painters' and 556 NW 17th at 1647% NW 5th pl ter Supplies Ethel a) thr Booker T Washington Higlh Sch a Says (LouaIe) lk r2972 SW 234 at upis r-l1Si NW 12th en aaso in; Mary) Ink ki94S NW 5th as Henry W (c;t Effie) gdnr h4918 NW 12th at a Rufus (Dora M) mech Dixie Tire Ca h824 VV Ronald (i; Elanie) baker h rear 4918 NW 12t1 P7th at 49 S. W. 1st r d(srdan Margt W rs ste n 239 NE 15th st 4 .W Fred (Etta) 1484 NW 80th at Breen Agnes C sMn A Delanna & Ca ic r1672 St. Branell Bake & Wheel 'Service Chas Brazenl mgr lichigan av (SIBi auto reprt 150-54 NW tst st Chas h484 E 14th st (H) Chas (Ruth E) mgr Brazell Brake & Wheel ^ Chas H (Jim) h1512 NW 16th ter PHONE Narrice 'httlt SW 12th $2 '" Jan W9 (Mary' E( h2k9 NE 80th inn 'Brazeon hOb C -adilor \I3ami Whol Cro Co r Kathryne sis,Sgg&Co ri'ter NW 16th ter 2-5012 1226 SW 19th ter "' Mary E r269 NE 80th ter Brazle Homer L (Nellie) h50 NW 28th at Breese Chester G (uth B) charmn PO h614 NE "Mary D waiter Rinerside Tea Bae r0 NW 28th 6Sth at at "' Lyman r533 'SW 21t rd Brazier Mamie Ic) mald 2125 SW 23d ter Ruth B Mrs tahr Miami Senior High Sch r614 brazil Craytn L (MLyrtit) barber h'225 NW 18th E NE th at ar Brekht .J E 1,8261 NE 3d arsset4 Alfre Jules (Helen Mi director Miami Civic Center r Brehmer Fred J (Mincih T) installer SBT&TCo h 31NXV 2d at '2821 SIX 28th at Braznelu Annex Apartments 4323 Indian Creek Minnie T Si tel Instr SBT&TCo 26'26 SW dr (IMB) 28th ct Apartments 4310 Collins (MB) Breld Jack (Hedl) h1626 W Flagler at apt 8 Center Scott H Braznell mgr 4300 Collins av Breidenbach Walter A (Helen) sismn Julius Da(lB) menstein Inc nR35 N'W 41st st Hatel Sactt H Braznell mgr 4323 indian Creek-'" Walter A Jr chf elk Remingtan Band Ia aSSS drir and 4300 Collins anv (B) NW 41st at e i Hotel Barber Shop Leonard N Barrans mgr 4300 Brelg Bernard C (Agnes I) electn h rear 042 Collins av (MB) SW' 3d at H'atel Beauty Shop Leonard N Barrow mgr 4300 Jos B student r542 59' 3d at Callins av (MB) Brell Irving R (Ada L) sismn 14750 NW 1st ax Hotel Cigar Stand Wm Q Seibar mgr 4300 Col. Breiner Wm A (Helen H) sismn Underwood Elliot a lins av (}5) F isr Agenay tO NE 47Ph at S"ary J (wid C W) h4310 Collins av (SB( Braisia Dani stadeat ti5tS Pannayirania at (S Scott H (Dell) mgr Brazanell Hotel h3605 FlaB) mingo dr IMBI -" Goodwin student riS6 Pennsylvania av (MB) Vlrginta r3f05 Flamingo dr (SB) Louis (Mary) phys htI68 Pennsylvaniaa av (M Breakers Hotel The S J Campbell mgr 2425 Col1) ins av IMB) Breining Joyce vlainist r2329 NW 2d nt Hotel Cffee Shop The Breakers Hotel opr, Breitbart Milton J Regina) agn Prad Ins Co r 2425 Cellins a (MB) 9528 N MIam1 a SaQe. Brearley Chas E (Evalysi plmbr h681i Abbott Brelthaupt Chas J (Emilie) mach T B McGnheyDaleS ac apt 4 (MB) Jitr Co k834 NE 1st av Clarence A (Lillian) pioha h1949 NW 49th al Elinora r767 SW 2d st Renta Brezeale E Fremont (Edith) major The Salvation Harry (Bertha P) h767 SW 2d st R as Artay t1004 NW 11 av Louise r767 SW 2d at Breaht Emil iEmily h1167E 13th (H) Breitp her Henry (Bessie) pastry cook Old Harry caddle rt67 E 13th at (H) 'Hidelberg h 1020 SW 2d nt apt 14 Rt ) elk Pla.a Hotel r31G Biscayne bird Brell Irene H (wid Hudson) nurse 161 NE 24t 'Bre-kenridae Homer E (Sildred) iasmn h548 NW apt 7 h do 30th at apt I Janice G athr Erlington Heights Elementary 201-203 BRECIKENRIDGE LELAND D (Sophie S), Realtor Schol '241 Palm av (Palm Island) (MB) 813-814 Ingraham Bldg 25 SE 2d av, Tel Brellsford Edw S r263 W Flagler st Calumet 2.5756, hl319 Castile av (Coral Gables). Tel Brelsford Clarence R (Hester) roofer 530 NW 1st 4-3292 it h do Bldg. Ralph (ula) h1 8 Jefferson av apt 1 (MB) Hester Mrs (Health Food Center) h530 NW Robt E ('Anne) ih61 NW 8th at li at 10 N. E Sophie student a1319 Castile av iCGables) J E sten FIaP&LCo r305 NE 60th st Third Ave. Bredel 'JUasita inrs beauty pr Opalescent Beauty Roland C (luth HI sismn Standard Wholesale Shop 14798 NE 2d av Cr Co h1023 SW 2d at nor. Nell M (wid Fred) mgr Bue Ocean Villas h6924 Breman Edw J (Dasy BI h515 Catalonia av apt E. Flagler Indian Creek dr '(SIB) 3 iCGables) Phones MELROSE NURSERY & SOILS CO. 2-8435 Nurserymen Landscape Designers and Maintenance 2-8436 2741 N. W. 27th AVE. PHONE 3-8611 For Further Information See Page 53 Buyers' Guide


125 PA AMERICAN SECRET SERVICE, I1c P2NE II j r "All Legitimate Investigations Solicited" NGT339 OLYMPIA SLDG. I .y O 11reme Iele w eSilrA. rIwou SW Ist n Brlaw Ihas h 5150 ri apt i ) Stil lirmme \\"ilir 01M.rUa; Hotel Pau!a'l Barber c

126 S PHONE 55 N. W. N MIAMI FIRST ST. A 3-5769 and opp.uls Z C 3-5760 FAINTS VARNISHES -LACQUERS NparA Court House Brewster Dora (e) h1171 NW 65th I t Xricr .s 1145 SW 21st rd 7.. Ethel (c) Indrs h6246 NW 19th et ed D) teller First Fed Sav & LoanS rEvly c) Indrs e 49b NW 6th st Assn 118 SW 22d av Fnnie (c) maid rO4f NW 1O e1 Hrl'klayers Masons and Plastrers International Frances women's do 639 Lincoln rd (MB) r Union No 7 W H Newell financial sec meets 2210 Alton rd (MB) eery Friday at 8 p m 47 NW 3d at General (c; Liza) hauf r1717 NW 65111 at Brlckley orold J (Louse l ) servicemn r1244 Gentle (c) butler 144t S Bay Shore dr (Point SW 3d st j View) BrlckTan Audrey H h250 NE 25th st Joit W (Mary E) h122S NW 4th at apt I Juli Mrs dmnsr Burdine's Inc r1398 NW 55th nLeRy (Flora) I1005 Brickei av apt 27 ter Lza (cl maid 1446 S Bay Shere dr (Point '" Mtired 1250 NE 25th st Vw) Nell r7l NW 2d st ta 0,I13 Lenny av apt 14 (MB) '" Sadie (wid Israel) 11502 NE 1st a -, 0 'Thos I Ea) h419 NW 2tet ov '" -Siod (Ann) san. r2510 SW 16th st 0 a let tob r330e NOV 141 St 'Bricknell C Ethel r2219 NE Sd et 11ar ston enry driver 1rer 303 NW\ 22d a '" Wm J (Claudia El arht h2219 NE 2d nt "' olaad MaUde) h34. N I1C t t t ridant E L, lab City Parks Div r63 NW 17th p1 flw I land H (C rolyn) elk Shadelle Corp r rear Ida 51 Mrs hl83 NW 59th ot apt 3A 3038 NW 22d av Briden Mildred nrts Jackson Mem Hasp Brezeale E Fremont (Edith) comndr l100 NOV Ilridenl, ker Albers WV (Lottle) h2h1 NNW 77th 11th av st Q Eug F :tdent r1004 NW 17th as Clare It (Anna B) lather h038 NE 133d at rezeeki Diavid attlt Janerous G Kilpatrick sll r' Leronrd C slotmn r1038 NE I33d st 15th st IH) ridenbeeker Hasi A (Mollie T; Aladdin Sign o StNtley carp W 41 'Tmpkins Jr Co) ,203a 0 NOV 1st ter Beia-ont .las J ITiltred T) f opr Postal TelBrideott Ells (wil Wumo r318 Mendoza a, (C Cable C, 1017 NW :tha Gables? Brian see also Bryan Bridge Bar UMoses Pallot) liquors 456 W Flagler 0 Chas (Mlidred) baker I, rer 2100 NW 3d t riont Lester (Lotuse) bkpr hll9 NW 58th ter 'Hotel (Jos Feldman) 362 W Flagler at Blisdy E z e (id Frank) r19 SW 32d rd Operators Local Union No 799 teets 1st TunsBrtasco Geo J 1,017 NE o 79th t apt ,; day eall, toth0 it 7 :30 p m 925 NE 1st av 0 S Brice Acme A It59 N\ 21st st Bridgeotrd Jthn L (Carrie) driver The Tesas Cs 4h Bei indryakr Moldl Laisv Inc r Soth MiI3i NW 7 t1 St oal Bridgeman Andreow act Arragoni's Ornamental "l Chas (0) porter r130 NW 10th et lron OVks r rear 2010 NOV tat av UClara (1) maid 3l 1, Flaming" iir (MB) Edslstn h rear 2018 NW tnt av Ele T INettle A) pharm Iltckmoor Pharmacy Bridger Thu, E (Dolores) h8225 Abbott av (MB) Z 14 NW flet st Bridges AVin doto aseclt r3044 Matilda st (C Flod () r1600,1% NW 2d av Grove) Frank (c) porter Vernon M Tribble r7I.I NW Alvin ICallie) formn h1221 NW 22d et S H3d a Alvin C s3044 Matilda St (CGrove) Harry M (B Evelyn) charmn PO h30:31 NW "Aneil driver Radiant Oil Co 17th av Arden W elk Arth H Fudge r221 NW 2dIt ct Henry (c) r3.7 NW O itl at Arvella (wid Lawrence G) drsmkr 2018 NW lIt Noreen ota MOnmouth Plumbing Supply Co r et b do 137 NO V th ter Austin L elk Crandon Whol Drug Cs r South Nunalv 1H Lillie) gas 5303 NW 2d av h197 Miami Specialists on N"O 14 at Calvin ICoral Gabes ode Shop) r3014 Ma" Richd A (Ora) elk I321 NW 5d St (ilda st ICGrsoe) ALL MAKES Ilrhd A in (Nettie) elk h321 NOW ,id Si "' Chas e; Mtlis) lab r1412 NM' 5th pl OUTBOARD Rodney ( ) r2026 NW th a Claud tat driver Ray-Hof Agencies rF217 NW MOTORS -" Roselyn A atn cha t Ewing rS2 NW 3 t 3d t Vernon IRu oth) in(pr tiatn Coca-Cola Bot" Clyde C (Bessie) sIsm h4124 SW 4th ar Nrtw and Usod tilin Co r3ll NIX 00th 01 B" E t E so nres Unir Hasp tinCnt R prea Industrial Co of Florida r15-0 '" Fiwin L (Thelma Ci pharm Live & Let Lire NIX 1st apt 2 Drug Stoe r3t NOV 57th s Outboard m ,; Beattlee i) gdnr h1215 NO 6th or t Elan C Ithkpr 3014 Ma tildo st (COrov-> o wn F 1i 17st Hy rd (MB) Eli, ntse Cnive rslty o1putal r3151 Coconut o oar i tailson as bt E Johnson postre-tras W Odell Csote di (CGabls OtrBarfield V-pres Mr, Ilatie L Jlohnsen see prod Ernes, IHazell elk A&'Fund:Slorea r11707 SW brokers 1140 NW 21st tr 51h st e Prick Jas B e a iar Dalls Pk Hotel so 15 0W9' Eela sten r129 SB. 4th st Service :1Sth tv enoes (Evelyn) see Jos L Eggum r Robert John 1h ,1en !) c k Alh~ur H"111 h Cl I Mte] aI5 'SW 37 h al a Front N (Anna: Coral Cables Body Shop) h Jan I is ilk re4. SIC :7th or 3114I Maotilda st IC~rove) Co. o ti sole t 1 St3 "0 GronillS I I tazel L) olasn Miami Home Milk aCo Beel A art ttat 100 SE sili s1 M. 1 Iril Aen o It 5 NIX th t and ii BOlll G r~rl teiaheli iv "i; 1 13' 00' 1?l ttr?1si t eng Colt Stseamt Iee Co BRICKELL ESTATES. Wm I Fickling Mgr. 1414 2.5 '1' d at -rive-It Congress Bldg, I1 NE 24 av, Tels 2-0586 and ." al san r325 SO 17th as 5-t105 '" Jas R ILellie) ot'eward 1t175 NW 44th st Bot i r Etate s onveo Co Pobt M Curne pre' John O (Lotis P) fosrmn Shiom Home Milk Prod tres M Moor s-reH tdgoeds 0 Currie -1 hlos N I1 av see 1605 SIW 12th av ", Rae lttden 175 NW 1 4 U h" Fanne (I d Chas) h1:2. Brlckrll av '" Lee 1 I Hiean hIl5 Si0' 10th st epresenting Go M IElizl) slmn 03174 Birt av (CGrove) Lese (e; kila L) ydmn r1978 NW 09th ct Outboard la ilegrol r823 Brickell orag Lila G lest M Jay Flipse r147 NW 21st at ''ary Estate Maude E Hrikell mgr 401 Brick'"Lucille Mrs (Ridgeway Fish & Poultry Mkt) Motor Corp. eli "s r32S SW 17th av "oMaude E mgr Mary Brickell Estate h501 Brick'' Margt "(fie asst SHK&Co r3044 Matilda at Mfg. Elto" eli av 0 roe) -" vOve :B (uid Wm, B) Ils0 SE 8th s'1 Marvin 0 (Lulu L) valuator FHA rl021 NE &"d and Park >5 Briekell av ten "Evinrude Wmil B statent i; iSF Sth ot "' Mary E eash r1900 NWV 22d av Motors Brike J F (Bll) pulr lO5903 NOV 5th t Slichl olk Dade Pharmacies Brickenden Frania S (Emma( h2121 NW 34th s OslH ICharlnel dlspr FIaP&LCO 1t1795 SW Ralph W IRth)la Bon Ton Cleaners r 5th ot 1183 NW 27th nt Ora slswn F N Holler 5 & 10 Cent store s1701 114 Brier hhr 11401 1h021 SW 1Stt an opt 0 6l Slth sI S. W. North "Frank 1 (Nellie) h1751 SW thst '" Peter hIlr 0 Arth Lummis Luther 0 (Louanna) 14731 Pine Tree dr (MB) R C (c; Linie) atndt rill NW 6th at River Drive PHONES L L SERTEL IF. Q. LEDUCKA 2-6575 and 7-2372 14 N. E. 1st AVE. -PHONE 2-4188


127 HOT6YWATER P K AM L NC__'. T From SUNSHINE ._ S AE239 N. E. 14th Terrce Phone 3-1655 | "$.W Itvln ibr :.nb ll n i 'uble Sh r Bx 5S6 CIara L Mrs h6a SO at lst apt la .. mb yliam Ernest cook Blue Eagle Restr Rabt 1 Wina B) whsamn 7i0 SW th It Irving hc) cook riS N' 14th Icr DAY ORr cMGHT o Harey Iitmh KI driver hobblis Warehmus'"Jesse T lWolma) lab h .. 1 W 3d et '((c ing & liistributing Co r rear I saW 1SWlth st Martha 1" siwn SR&Co r310 E 25th sI Waller Jr IVirgIni.l h2904 NW 51st at Nlalida Ic Indrs r15 6 NW 6th pl Walter A IFeiz) prainn h2336 NW 301th at Silas B r 6 NW 601 1t THE Walter B (MIarguerie) lab h2120 NW 26th at cSilas B Jr (Ethel) sismn Flagler Chev Co h7G We, C (Fay) gro 2152 NW 27th av I do NW 60 i t "DUPLEX" Wim D igr Alamar Barber Shop r233t NW 30th Tios (c) r322 NW 14th ter at r Wehater C loscphine H) sismn R F May 3301 DOUBLE "' Winfred r5514 NW 601, av SW i0th av apt 1 Brldgemater Harold it) ehaut 5924 Alton rd I M '" Webster C Jr drioer r301 SW 10th iv apt 1 COIL B) Brightbill Clarence D (Est-her) petr 0330 NW 32d Mary (cl r828 NW 1st et ter Sedrick (c; Leonora) gdnr r rear 113% NW Brighton Apartments 348 NE 33d at SOLAR 15th s Marie 'old Leroy) 'hsekpr -3072 Bird av IC WATER Bridgford John L h1346 NW 75th st Grovel ,ridham Gladys hsekpr r2154 SW 24th Brigman Delay B (Mabel) auto mech 08040 NtO HEATER Paul (Eunlee) mgr Normandy apts 142 NW 91 ov 15th a0 apt 103 Edw L fEttle 1: 'Pan American Solar Heater Brhisan Eluz (nId W{cm) e313 0tendoza av IC Works) I095 NE Sad at Installed on Geblea) "Ina 'H ('Pearl E) lab Miami City Waste Div it a Money-Back BrIdwell H C bridge opr Miami City Public Service 583i NW 23d 0t Guarantee Din r640 F Drive (Sg) Robt F sImn Piggly Wiggly Stores Inc e.35 NE Rosser E (Margfeciie) chf elk Sy Exp Agey h 39t It 1801 SW 24th at Briley Jabbo reprmn Peacock's Cycle Shop WIler E (Sudle) sismn Lehman & Spartlan 'h Jas R bleycle rear 620 NW 2d av r3429 NW 173 NO a't at 51, aS Willie (e) maid 2 Star Island (MB) Brill Abram (Yetla G1 0478 NE 29th ter EAR Bied Jack (HedlI) bertndr h162, SW Flagler hi) I. I Rse LI cletan Brill Electric ,301 St ter 10th an apt 6 T Brier Eleanor A siswn RCDDS r444 SO 2d st 'if Jr (Vera 'G) elk r301 SW 10t'h av aptBriere Frank J (Adelaide) 03696 SW 23d at 6A Erlerton Bennie A (Edna Xl cng h135 NW 122d Chas R (Amy) electn i02290 NW 9th sT ec c CIltilon 3 (.innie) beer 313 SOV 3t1 st rR61 Brigance Frank G (Ruth) mech Dade Co Newsdlrs NOW 2d at Sup Co 11931 NOV 23th st Dorothy B sten Sweet Insurance Agency Inc r Thas T lk ri ) NW 1.1 ,t 47S NE 29th ter Briggle Frank 1 (Emma) hi 513 SW 15th av Dorsey C h226 NW 3d at 310 Vernon (Reh c) illeatr h2735 SW 23d st Edw P (Thelma 'A) electn h2749 SW 5th rt Briggman J D hipr Dade 4co Newesdira Sup Co apt 2 N. W. 25th St. Brirg Alibert K (Ora) 1714 Brickell av Electric Wilton W Brill mgr elec equipment 1005 AnnIe S (mid Wis P) h79 NW 34th st apt 3 5th at (MB) Phoe 2-6496 Bessle 10113 SW 12th 0v Harold H msngr r301 SW 10th av apt 6 Clife B (Agnes L) h5234 LaGoree dr (MB) Janice G cke Earlington Height Elementary Daisy II r1450 NW tot av Sch r78 NE 29th ter SIte ck r8,I SW 2d at John H lEmma V) carp 'h near 3040 SW 10th Elale bkpr r1013 g' 1201, av s F Estelle 13020 NW th Av Miriam J sMson Hartley's Inc r127 NW 13th av 14 Frank M (Celeste) pilot h100 Country Club apt 6 prodo ICGables) Rosine student 1301 SW 10th av apt 6 Geo J (LilnOI chef h115 NE 78th at apt 3 Soptronia (wid Isaac) hd36 SW 6th at > Gladys hoastess 250 NE 32d st apt 4 Susan hsekpr 302 W Dlidc dr (Dlldo Island) Ranld E IErnestine B) prof UofM 0431 Ve' Virgit C (Gladys S) rec elk RyExpecy 1119 3 tarde av (CGables) SW 8th st Iarcld S (Grace D) carrier PO 06127 NW ist Wilton WV mgr Brill Electric h127 NW 13c av m pl apot 6 Harriett student r6127 NW 1st p1 Brilling Anna Mrs 1520 SW 1st ct apt 13 Harry e17 NW 5th at Brim Donald (May) lk r320 NW 3d ar g Helen (l) 13e66 Thomas av (CGrove) Brimber Harry (Lena) 011 Meridian a apt 1 c Henry r79 NW 34th It apt 3 (M) Jete bid Frank) 0235 Majorca av apt 5 (C Brimer Roht F r1111 N Everglades Concourse apt r-Gables) 202 (IB) r3 Io (Lillian E) cook Alcazar Hotel Ill. NE 7lh Brlmfield Maude tcl cook 0351 NW 1-th ter .. c Malt A IEllz) mgr Burroughs Adding Machine Melvin (c : Cleo) bartndr 1144 NW 2d v m Co 0315 NE 101st Brlml Wo W0' (Relali G) cif examiner FHA 0 l m 6 4ticd W lWilme) slamo 0733 NW I-tl s1 1945 SW 5th at =mo' o Bar (Wil sr) D h1013 SO 12th an Hrimsan Chaa T lJalia 0) esnlr 1012 Caanooia T" Bara M siswn Burdine's Inc r527 SW 13th av av (CGables) h do C c Susan 14151 Collins anv (MB) Brincefield Calvin W (Mabel) patr h1231 NW c Thos L (Alice) reprmn Miami Furn Co 03644 741. at z m SW Id at "c Chac E i 0ranes pcctr hISS NOV ciih lee Wailer E (Harriett E) 14435 Royal Palm av "' Ferdalla (lid Jolh) r7435 NW' 13th or IMB) c Then interior decoralor 17435 NW' 13th av Walter O Jne C) h5151 Collins av (MB) Brlinekerlff Mary (coid Clarence E) h1526 Sly Wm C IBertha sismn Chas M Lowry 2002 9th st Allon rd IMD) Brindley Aaa B (Norma) sismn L I Lichtenstetter r Willir 0 1c) h134Ga NW 2d av Inc 1t270 NW 29th st BWlls A Sara M) h527 SW -13th av Norma g Pres Lu Noma Perfume Shop r1270 In & We" Ine Harold B Lewis v-pres-mgr real est NW 29th sIt 11 NE Isi in 111 -20 0 Weima pstr 819 NW' 23d av Brigham Anna Men arM Ibrarlan Flagler Memorial BrnCon Jas Ie) lah Porkin's Second Hand Store Llbrar t2-22 NW 16th ter 3ringe Christopher farmer r rear 434 SW 12th 0 rta &dw F P (Marion WI lawyer 169 E Flagler st 0 0 R1221 1230 1,116 GarcIa a CGables) Brining Fred Mrs aten Domestic Refrig Co r632 cc ba G M N r tlaham & Co) r298700 Flagler at NE ltlaml p1 c 1-ry ( Ana) 1c2222 N00 I er Brink Frank I LIllie B; Hotel Flagler) 0637 W Mary (will John L) 137,34 Matheson ar (CGrove) Flagler st Ituray F Ill0tty It) tmkpr h1IGO SW lth at Rbt acet 0125 NE 55th st apt 6 & Co tMr Eta G Briahami real est Iit NE Brnkele arlan instr h119 Menores ar apt 3 I!d av ICGables) Bict Alice (c) oedes 1544d NW 14th st Brinker arroll S I31arisre) drirer Gec1 Elec Aparunnta 301 SW l0th as Sup Corp h1278 NW 44th st Depenble M ANATIONALLY g N JewAeIlerys ADVERTISED to Jwlr *ffl flJEWELRY AT 1,)ac for CASH PRICES a 37 Years 16 N. E. FIRST AVENUE ON CREDIT


128 Florida Machinery Corporation SALES RENTALS SERVICE NEW AND REBUILT MACHINERY 312-316 S. W. North River Drive Telephone 2-8419 Brinkloe Geo H )Grace) naturopath 458 Ocean BISTOW dr (MB h do Leo E (LUla) carp h2721 SW 31st et Brinkley Horace F cVirginia) meats 2800 N Miami 1 Marg Mrs clk Fifth Street Fnit Co r128 NE as ri32 NW 7th ot apt 7 7th ot Oscar C gr 1200 N '9th at rtl21 NW 29th Brsty Cath maid 730 NE 62d st ter British Viee Consul L A Oates consul 327 NE "Shelly 0 (Losl ins aftt h20'34 NWt 1st c 1st av RS 04-00 Brinkman Ella E (lid Albert) h2917 NW 23d av Brite Eug (Rosa) cigarmkr r3079 NW 28th st Geo A (Margt) asst igr Hotel McAllister Britt Bertha (0) cook 3144 Royal Palm as (MB) Guril r911 SE Miami rd apt 8 r227 NW Sth st Walter (Helen) elects 1336 NW 79th at Chas lc) butler 1535 Collins av (MBI) Brisknell Geo S (Reliance Sales & Service) r301S Cleola (c m id 5125 LaGorce dr (M In NE 2d av"Douglas E (Thelma) sIsmn h612 NE 72d at -l rinkwortle Helen nure 1820 NW 33d st r do 'Fay M r1519 Granada bld (CGbles) Brinnl May Mrs oilnr M"o Ant Davis r122 SW 2d Lucile ipr Five 'Hour Photo Service x289 NW Briner Nell T t64 NW 55th a "' Mattle (r) maid rl6 NW 9th st rtg Binsfield D'Arey (Olivia) 111655 SW 10th st Percy (c) hsemn 3157 Royal Palm av (MB) r Brinson see also Bronson and Brunson 37 NW Sth St Every Alice listd Than) r2380 SW 11th ter Rufus 'A (Cha.rlotte B; Seventh Street Curb Austin S (Ruth; Corner Supply Barber Shop) Market r1920 SW 1st st Line h6201 NtV 22d av Pavilla (c) maid 1793 NE 2d et r rear 1797 VE of C R slsm r35 NW Cie. Royal pkwy 2d ct Calcin C (Ora) wechmn 1l12 NW 82d ter Viola maid h546% NOV 3d ac Insurance" Carroll H Ic I r212 NOV 6th et BrltiI Wm B h3n0 Biscayne blod apt C3 Chas clk Ouality Club Mkt r2472 rSW 16th Brttin .nc tech Jackson Mes Hosy ter Chas I gdnr h29.32 Virginia cc (CGrovet Clara N sten FlaP&LCo r144a S Mil 0 '" Marian r25 3 2 Virginia st (C~rove) Clennle (c) maid U2113 NW 5th pl Britton Earl 'S tEdna) mech Red Top Cab & Bge Cleveland (Cclare lot r94 NW 24th st Co r36 S0 9th st 'Clifford (Thelmal lab t94 NW 24th st Ernest (Mrle) barber r224 Meridian av (MB) ClInnie tc; Virna C) .h422 NOW 7th st Fredk r307 Alesio a (oGables) Grace sten 1,700 SW 10th st apt 3 Jack (Rene lt: Britton & Morton) h234 NY Helen L priv see A B Connolly & Co r1700 SW 36th st 10th st apt 3 Jas E (Lillian C) ser-treas Central Allapattah Homer F mtch i77 NE 29th st Properties tne 1-t10 NW 26th st 220 Iralee (1) maid r422 NW 7th st i Janet tWid Geo F Te 0307 Alesio av (CGables) SEYBOLD J H service officer Veterans Service Office r Jos C Cath) pIlot h1317 Astrurla as tCGables) 236 IV lstn t "LeRay restr 1601 ON Flagler st r1c69 NW d so BLDG. Jesse lEdna) mgr Red & White SerIe Sta r Marie (mid Henry) r10'36 NW 29th ter apt 2 237 N\V 24t ct Rene 21 Mrs meg Britton & Morton h234 NW PHONE Jas H (Eli) filling sta 3698 SW 8th st h1220 hi b hqailta ar (C~ahirn) "RohI (V Irciniol heser bO95 NOV 4tst nt 2.8181 Jo n T (Ic.) Isn Loose-Wiles Biscuit Co h Thos E e 1-t NW 1tt Na 2472 SW 16th ter oin Ite IAlston he5445 NW sth as Malcolm M (VadaI driver 11935 NW 57th st BTase C )MHazel) carp b t N lat Mtargt tchr Riverside Sch r119 SE 3d st BRITON & MORTON (t ak Brion Ralph lay Irs elk -SBT&Tto c301 NE 79th nI p 3 Morton). Druggists 196 NW 36ll st. Tel -" L Lester glazlier Fla GIs & Mirror Co r57 NW 3-271 21ctr Britelces Eden -K (Mary de Ftclf den elk Coantp l Mt tee Ck Criminal Ct of Record rd33 LaVila dr Pratlotes r1700 SIW lIte ss aye 2 )MSpgs) "00ai deleas Net) hiscit C.. i) NOV 2th s '" esWm K (Rath El sIsmn h2601' SW 13th st a R oond carp r128 NOV 32d ter Broadhet Gen (Ellz) r442 NW 12 h av Rus s Rab A 126 NV "36th st apt I Broadlfoot Roht P (Della M) city firemn 1373 "ane L ttay) 301 NE ite st apt 3 NW 35ti s Sara E errand girl tCbiDS r2342 SW 17th st Broadmoor Apartments 436 NE 29th st '" m G sl.;mu bti7 ll Miami a, Broadvlew Apartments 851 SW 4th st Paie BridyG City Ice & Fuel C1 1920 NW Broadway Delicatessen (Jos Pearlman) 1425 "ff t Washingt..n av (SIB) Thos J farmer h,292 NW' 42d av Hal S ins agt 1,"971 SW\ 1_th st Briois Albert (Louise) reprmn FiaP&LCo h320 Norris W (Mary E) tSr Dede County Gowers INC NO 42 a v Cooperative Mkt Assn h7e. NW 2d st Louis sIsmn r320 NW 42d or Tailoring Cn Inc Chas Goldstrin pres Annie Rene IDoris) tcatetr Henry A Milander h233 toltsnte v-pres Wm GBldstein see-tresa thtli st (H) ceen's furngs 933-37 NW d as Eorn C B (Miriami sismn 117.9 NWB 49th st Hrnadwell Carrie Mrs re NE 7th st Harld H B tlr Buena Vistn Elementary Sch s Edwin G jr (Ethel) 12847 Cocost as ICGrove) INW 42d l Bea Vita s Guy (Cella) pntr h243 Coconut av (C~rove) and 12NHarv y F lab I ITrn W 4'lststHBrchon Julius J (Viola M) formn Flash Enp & oh H ntadent c121 NO ist tSgC'1,48N 32ds PlynIouti 2irP Sra Cses Cit IVPAo 175 NW 49th Hroc s Fil hp I92 l\O' 0th St IJthi Robt C ttnsse) lino opr 0t192 NO 70th st Brock C Lester (Nueetil sgr Ocean Spray Hotel Wm P (Mary G) cone r 269 NE 90th at h do h141'0 Collins as (MB) *rlsa Del nar Leonard J Irsem mgr opts 3624 Cecil (Myrtle; Cecil's Service Station) h rear Colllns nv (L r M3 NW 17h ov Hrisbon W m le lab h18 NW 11th ter ".Doroth H Mrs (All States Bar) r725 NW 80th Sales and Briscoe Eli. G (iid Fred P) h3050 NW 36th st s ~ Service Fraces T (wid JMn T) h20 31st st Francis L bell,. Hotel McAllister r415 SW Itristee tih.) B 'ToSa h)h34NW 3daap 6th avc aes 0 odn b Ktle)sonn 01421 Roes Sarso 2020 Bristol Aparttets 2036 NW 3d t and 536 NE G o (C a le e) Bcyn Bld 62d at Harol (Daboroh batd ) Sae Biacayne Blvd. Hotel (Abe H Laltin) 225 NW 0th stAll tates ar Jesse (c) lab r327 NW 14th ter Helen Mrs t Dr Ralph IS Akers h rear 1r79 PHONE '" Orley M (Zeta L) contr 337 NE 35th st h do NW 47th s '" Theo D (Edith B; Green & White Trailer Camp) 2Jos k (Billie S) nurch agt 1321 Astruri at 3-8621 3202a NW .tO at (Buena Vista) Cables Bristow Clyde E lather r rear 1845 NW 6th st Margt L (wid Wm At 12030 NW 1st st Etbia h t priv ser Albert H Bernstein h2508 Bis. N".,kland M (Kletha) mgr Santa Clara Court cayn hlvd apt 303 ats r1029 NW 31st st J F nte], FlaP&LCo r1608 Tiger Tall av (C "Neal M )Christine B) mgr Fla Inspection & DEPENDABLE Gr"ve Rating Bureau h219 NW 1st ter USED CARS Jas H (RUth) elk h1'334 SW 4th s[ Raymond (c; Carrie) lab h936 NW 1st av 1899 N. E. 2nd Representing Mortgages Ave. W. B. DUKEY AF. H. A. Tel. 3-8621 B'ham, Ala. DUKE LRA RD B1 HOEAID RDECn on App. Mortgagee PHONE 2-4848 MIAMI, FLA. Insurance L


29 REDJ CRO 1 DRUG DEPT. STORE ~ DRINK E. gr Thr t Fs 3SUN IR f Brokat Mar Mrs beer 2i N1:iIt +I L. 1 SPO T Raymonsi i ,en patol. Miami Police I rear Brokaw Du phne R Mr, rs ,ic, Se or a Hose 1879 NW III, sit hi1IrS1 NW Sri at rd Wm Ii (Muli, lab h2163 NW 89th st Edna E Ivid Arh) rIISO NW Stb st rd "Bottled Wn W Frarah HI Imbr h903 SE Miami rd Harry H 1KI1z M; Buckeye Auto Parking) 137 Sunshine" Brocke John Ic) Porilr Turf Erxch Bar Inc NW 47th st Brucklil Henry M 1Margt ) h21 NE 5th st apt Paul W (Esther C) welder h191 NW 45th st 9 Boy M (Laura G) lsimn h1781 NW 23d sta" Herbert office mgr Paul W Klefeker l12i NE Wilford K (Daphn RI drilver bl180 NW 8th rt and 55h Si api h rd ban. C (Mathildal sep b136 NW 7th pl Brokers Servier Bureau Jns C Campbell mgr real Brockemnn Geo H (IElenore) I6 5 Nh 8th st apt est 938 Lin.In rd booth 13 (MB) 21 Hromaghr ileIrt E Ichr Miami Senior High Sch Orrckington Ge A (Ori) novelty mfrs 16 SOW 17th bL""'; NE 10th 1v v r do Brman Geo IClare) 1,4510 itoyal Palm av (MB) Boi John E pntr r291i NE d ov Bromberg Arth T v-pres Little River Theatre Corp U PHsroim Euir A cnk North lionif P0 hii4hh NE Lolrnheriolna hsr;O NOV dlti st th at Bromberger Chas r2 I; Jefferson av apt 4 (MBI Cieraldyoe witer SiiK&0rii11400 NE 8th ct "hm sismin r246 Jefferson av apt 4 1IMB) "ls Morgan ato mech 11400 NE 8th et Brame Chas E (Ada S) h;4: NW 27th st apt 3 SNaomni Mrs (Community Cleaners) 12710 NE iiromiser Dlonna r456r Pst av 1) Alkalized 2d av Brmley Aparment.s 826 NE 121st st Travis (Naomi elecn Dave's Speedometer Ser" Chas if (Berth) carp hi524 Griffing bid vice h2710 NE 2d se JOhn LG (Bernice S) ssm Packard Maml Mtrs Brckmerer Eunice \I Mrs elk Guaranty Titl & Inc r1320 Obispo av (CGables) Abstract Corp of Miami r1852 NW 47th ter Bromr1lanor Apartments i017 Jeffersosn av Briclkwvy Coili iBasilir Ih13325 NW i0h as I Sii "Hrsy Li lllan) carp 1311 Nh' 75ih si Bromsley )iha hiSS NW 4th st apt 207 SUN SPOT Knneth L iMInetle) v-Pre Tmlmili Furn Co Brondgeest Lida E (ivid Albert 1601 Aliprla Ph '1l,41 NW, 23d s1 dri Loiher B farg) elk hb429 NE 102d st IronLrriI SI H Ella H) ri ashnip Union Ceriiai BOTTLING "osalle Mrs IR olie's Hospital Beauty Snlon) Li1e Iris Cr r i6iS Pennsyvi ni a v 13 4 (iBnc h3324 NWh ol'" Moris Si I aria'h I (3106 Prir or (SB) CO., Inc. Hrod John (May) h221 NW .58th t N mrlee B 1r1610 Pensyl-nia ov apt 4 (MB) Maury IGladysl 1'231 NW 34th st Bronson see alo Brinson and Brunson rdbeck Eug G (Blanche) shomvn r2388 N\ih Albert IC) I 16 NW 14th ier 28th st Chas (Cl porter r3573 Franklin av (CGrove) Broden Fritz sillir. 3054 By rd (MBI Clero (Ir Irmk rl3 30 NW 15th st 2231 N. W.BOder Sul pintrymn Herman Alpert r227 is si "Henry Ir; Jonir B lah r116 NW 13th sr (MB) Herman L atdt CollIns unbath Solarium nrr233 13t Ct. W i aro mech 1i2775 SW 12th st ist 5t (SfB1 Briderlck Dii d F h5048 Bay rd (IB) "Wr Ic) hlpr r3701b NW 11th si Fred J (Grace I1 raiorn C&L Roofing Co r645 Bronsein BerJ B (Rose) sisem 1i351 SW 22d rd NW 1rIr, ter Harry 17O Lenox v apt 15 (MB) Ph. 3-7533 Geo (Margt) h2385 SW lith st h hose lwid Abr) h543 Meridlan av (MB) "Howard A lfary C) orindi 0562 NW 46th st Sanford slsmn r351 SW 22d rd John E i30 NW 11 a7 vr Britin Ben E (Sophla) renl est 605 Lincoln rd Mary wild Milceliil L. i65^ Pine Tree dr (iB) R1521 01) h?301 Flamingo di (NB) Sary M Ivid hmhi 362 NOV 46th st Il n sin Oellers Mlnry Shop sf3 NOV 2d ae ihi J (Jennie) 11624 NO VBth st "Selma sriini r3191 Flamingo dr (NIB) Iloders Harry T (Vida SI pres Adly Holding Co BROOK CLUB THE, W Edward Boone Sec, 9424 cn 112431 Bay rd (MBI Harding av (MB). TnI 6-1800 Oh Louise v-pres Adir Holding Co s2431 Bay rd (\t s Eha T x23; SW 1I7 S B Eunlr Ic ) maid 560 NE 72d st 11653 NW 3d av Buoth A i-pres Adiv Holding Co r2431 Bay ed Lucl r I,: ired) i rl 610 NO 550 p1 'MB-i h'.r iin farer li 90 NOV 78th, st'1 S (iB) Mrookbank Marion formn r51S NW 10th av 1^ Vida i rs sir Ardi riln Co i243i Bay rd Brooke Alice B student r1217 SW 4th si | (f0) E Jos J I Mildred) r1922 NW 79th st B Crder Ereiyn K sirin firle'i Coon ShOp i6i4 Mirgaretna rwid John B) ?136 NE 96th s Cril jirs av rpi (Sf01 t Shirley Mfrs r 5 NW 31st st [r11 Hsay Srilal 0(724 Prllins r 001 o SM01 Brooker Beatrice Mrs (e) 1I1247 NW 68th st Jo sOI24 CollIns ov ripi 2 101 1 El"en liea y oi r Rapillarrd Beauty Salon r64Soona Mrs siwrin Marle's Gown Shop 0624 ColSW) 1l r :1 op17 Ins v apt I0 IM) "Margerlr 51 Mrs 17;7 01 Si fIrodhad Jas IFiorenre) 11405 NE 34th st Thos IIlls) r esr i, r1621 W ilth a apt 17 Brad1 Erl W (Sarah) Il firemn h530 NW Ilth Brookes Kiilourne E (AlmB) chauf Loose-Wiles r v RBierl Co r3117 NW 11th pl Fredk C (Wreaths 11 12036 SW Ih si apt 3 BIookfield Chas gulide r2859 McFarlane dr (C Roht Ps iRosa (7hi NW 2i si apt 10 Griae) ridiek ii i (Be le aud i r 1164 SW 19th rkssie siv r C ,rrve Lunch Room 13092 New Brodsky Aaron hFihr Meridian av apt 8 (ME) Brookins Aibe, (c; Mamie) chauf 11310 NNW 4th Bertha Mrs b67 Collin s a pt 6 (MB) (sr; L (e) maid r1340 NO' 41h a0 Brody Anne Mrs riii Meridian ov apt 3 IMB) Bennie orderly Jackson Mem Hosp Reekema Berendlin Iwid Jrhn) h547 NE 130th et -" Fulle V (Ellen) Irklyr h4762 NW 3d st Myron M sismn Wilson & Cs r(47 NE 13ltih si Fred (c; Johnniei chauf s214 N '6lh st 101 Sr Brosn Julius H ICaroliie 311 geul coni 1706 SW Jhinnie (cl maid 5221 Boy rd (MB) T 19th t h do Lucille R slen Kennedy & Ely Inc r7726 NW "Jullus 8 Jr servleemn Mattson Radio shop rl70G 40h av ** SO 19 i 35t h '" MaIcle) mald 2181 Bay rd (NIB) r1340 NW Hroes Toring driver r203 NWV 35b 51 410 ai cBrofky Jos 9035 Jefferson av apt 1 (MB) "r Theo E (Ludie) brklyr 1i3668 SW 31 s EnS a Brogan Frank G (Muary; Srhuman's Kitchenette) Brokman F Ralph IThelma) Inspr Stale 1oad 1231 NE Sd .t apti Dept rs6l SV 13thJohn H (Harriett) 12615 Granada blvd IC Brooks Al S1 h261 SW is st apt 2 ( ables) r Alba (c) lob ri1 NW 6th pt "Thoa A IAnna) 1,26'33 Pine Tre dr UMB) A bert chauf 476.1 Meridian av (NIB) r HrogIdon G(iu E (O'11. 1) tel tmp SBT&TCo hol0 Albert S I Reulah) meattr Jos Maroon 1r'42 NW w p NW' 171, 0v 30th Si Julla r1824 Alton ed (MB) Ale Ic) porter r1419 N61h pl ,, Lucille 153'2 Michigan avapt 9 ( V II Alf auto mech L & A Garage 1101 NW 38th st Otil L I" P111 1221 NW Ist av r Alice (r) r1225 NW 3d et Bri Sami (Base) B 853 SW 13h av "Aice fc) mold r3132 Franklin av (CCrove) Bronm Adam A (Margt) r rear 137 ENW 37U1 stAlle (wid Jas) 113104 Florida av (CGrove) COMMERCIAL INVESTIGATIONS m PHONE SALES AUDIT SERVICE 610-612 3-2870 Security Bldg. S T O R E CHECKING


130 The Miami Beach First National Bank Oldest and Largest Bask In Mliami Beach Organized November 38, 1921 Commercial Banking, Savings Dept., Safety Deposit Boxes Lincoln at Alton Road, M. B. Phone 5-3471 COOKSBROOKS Alphonse J (Mary A) whse nuc Southern FerJohn Ic) h.,emn 4.3S NE :74th st tilizer & Chemical Co h3870 Leafy way (C John C (Janet) cIk PO 1,:180 NW 6th av Grove) Joth G broker h1037 SW 4th at apt 4 Amon (Eunice) carp tl54 NW 100th ter John R (Eva) opr FaP&LCo 13346 NW 9th a Anna (wid Harry) h235 NW 34th ter John S (Eltz H) abstractor Land Title Co h2929 Arth dairywkr Edw Anderson r7990 NW 32d av 'SW 16th ter "Barbara sten Dargan & Co Inc r6Tl NW 47thb t 'Kate (wid Saobt F) 1h2930 NE 2d ct Benj J (c) barber Jas Jasper Barber Shop r6401 Leola h164 NE 80th ter NW 18th av Lewis (Alice) mect Washington Garage h446 Bessie (c) raId r1235 NW 6th av Collins ct (MB) S Billie Mrs h57 NE 14th nt apt 5 Lillie (c) r1235 NW 6th as Blanchard L (Florence I) meatetr h786 NW 46th Louis ice creamnkr 1176% NW 24th St st Luke M mgr Bonded Collection Agency Inc r152 Brace R (c) pnrler McCracysI r234 NW Sth at NW ::7th It Calvin D (Josephlne) slsmn r1652 NE 1s av Luther L (Gladys) lsmn 1152 NW 27th at Camilla (c) r813'5 NW Id av Mabel L masseuse Henderson's Health Studio Chas ic: Lily) h1450 NW 1st av r:505 NV 12th av SCias (c; Gertrude) chef r2033 NW 6th av Mae Strs nurse 1552 SW 2d st apt 1 r do Chas dishwasher Puritan Grill r7845 NE 1st av Margt (c) lsdrs h1322 NW 2d et Chas B (Clyde; Stills & Brooks Paving Co) eMargt E mus tahr 6725 NW 5th ct r do r9536 NW 4th av oerion 1 (Simmve B) lawyer 119 E Flagler at CNo E ee m)eteena Fta&LCa ell181 R519 1112ll SW 4th t apt8 NW 51st ter Mary A student model r305 NW 12th av Chas F (Emma L) h3461 NW 11th Pt Mary B 1 rs asst mgr 3cMurray Printing Co S Chas F (Elsie C) slsmn 11028 1W 29th ter 12016 NW Mliaml ct apt 3 lary C (wid John) 11831 NW 28th at Chas I (Mary S) real est 110 NE at sIt h2272 Mattie Mrs r2428 NW 13th av SW 11th ter Maude grad nurse 136 SW 33d av r do Vitester whsemn Standard Whol Gro Co r463 Maude L (id Wm H) smstrs h1635 NE Miami NW 6th st ci Clarence L driver 1ills Rock Co Nellie lc) Indrs 11614 NW 3d av Coleman (Mallie) h235 NW 59th st Ollie M (wid David E) r62 NW 28th st apt 3 Crawford (c; Ruth) lab b423 NW 9th st Onas W (Louise; Brooks Drug Stores) h00 NW Daisy T (wid Adolph) h6725 NW 5th ct 17th en David A (Christine; Brooks Grocery) r3030 NVW On1a Wis ber r r Brooks Drug Stores h299 1st av SW 32d cc rd Dean driver Economy Cash & Carry Lndry Inc P Pierce pre, Flagler Memorial Inc r5301 W r rear 1876 W Flagler at Flagler st Delphus C (Gladys; Brooks Garage) 5h1468 NW Preston B (Mildred) h2845 NW 56th st 53d It Preston S (Madge E; Black Cat Market) 14031 3-5761 Dora A h3030 NW 1st av SW '13th ter Dorothy siswn Independent 5c & 10c Store r235 R V lab FlaP&LCo NW 34th ter Ray r235 NW 59t'h av 5762 Drug Stores (Onas W Brooks) 1701 W Flagler sIt Rena ic) ntaid r1229 NW 1s1 pl No 2 '1698 SW 8th st. No 3 2001 NW 7th a Rlchd r677 NW 47th sIt liquor dept 697 NW 20th st Richd usher r75_0 NW 4th et Ella (c) Indrs r1803 NW 4th ct Richd E Ernestine) sismn h1107 NW 30th sIt Ella (ci maid 315 NE 55th at 'h426 NW 11th at Ricld F iCerline) auto mech Brooks Garage Ella B ic) maid r1322 NW 2d C r2855 NOW Slat ter Ellsworth A IHonorine) carp h5133 NW 4th et Roht L r2930 NE 2d at Pe"n Elmer S iVictoria) plmbr h2910 NW 23d av Robt 0 (Anna E) stsmn 12735 SW 24th St ff Elsie C Mrs sten 102 8 NW 29th ter apt 3 Roger G (Bessie) h1925 NW 79th st e Emily (c) 'h138 NOW 2d et Rose h5310 NOV 13th av Emma (c) maid 1311 Alhambra cir (CGables) Ross R (Marle HI photo engr Birmy Photo-Engr She a Ernestine mimeo ops McMurray Printing Co r Co 1213 NE 3d as dfllf 1107 NW 30th st Roy ,)tarin) lab e1044 NW 17t1 av Ensie (c) cak h813%2 NW 2d av Roy Seeh Freentan & Sons Inc r1912 SW 2d It Estella (c) Indrs 64 Palm av (Palm Island) Roy H (Marie EI inspr Mliami City Bureau of Estella G (wid Francis) "930 NE 2d et Food Inspection & Sanitation i518 SW 12th Tire Co Ethel P rite Altara av (CCabls v Evelyn naiter r235 NO 34th ter Roy R kt gt Paramount Travel Service Inc r Evelyn Mrs cook The Boulevard r218 NE '15th 146 os iieton av (AIR) ter Sam porter Dixie Tire Co e1130 NOV 2d av Fannie (c) Indrs h11452 NW 5th a2 "1 Sbrley WV (Effie) carp 1,1781 NW 23d st Frank (c ;Lillie) lab 11431 NW 5th av Sprinkler Co Inc Rabt 'Bartley pres Mrs Doris G Irving (Emily; Hotel Greystone) h529 NE 1st Herod v-pres W\ilferd N Herod sec-tres 2140 av N liami av Distributors G Leroy (Ann) marine eng h2993 SW 16th ter T E (Sarah) sl-nn L B Price Slerc Co z2.4 Garage (Dolphus C Brooks) auto reprns 2137-41 NE 38th at Hood Tires NOV 3d as NO de Thelota 51) lndea ellI9 NOV 311 an Gee (c) lab r1235 NW id av ^ Thos dairywkr r176 NW 24th at Ceo C student r3180 NW 61h av ^t Vertie Itid Chas r164 NE 00th Ir Exide Ges T emp Sou Dairies Inc r39 NE 241h 5t Viola tehr 'm J Bryant Jr & Elem Seh r231 Golde N (c) maid s819 NW tt et NE 55th st Batteries Gordon P IE ie) meatcer h5933 NW 5t1 cc Virginia F r2930 NE 2d et Grocery (Daaid A Brooks) 3326 NW 2d av Walter A r2297 SW 58th av Haroid (Clara) h231 NE 55th st Walter E (c ) 122 29 NW 1st pt IHasty sinsmn 61036 900 7th at apt 10 Walter E 1,416 NE 33ih et Harry C (Mary B) mgr McMurray Printing Co Walter .J I Evelyn) driver s78 NW 10th st Automobil r2016 NW Olisami et W Walter L clk Canton Dixie Lodge No 1 100F Henry A (Jewel) r_720 SW 14th Ist W'arren (c) lab 17744 NOW 1s et ACCessories Herbert atndt e134 SE2d t NW Oee artlt r2 0 NW 25th av apt 10 A eso es Hezekiah Ic; Hattie) 61030 NOV 61d tee Wm (~s c; Beethla) chaat 111922 NB' 6th as d Holmes lab r5761 SW 6th st Wm watch repr Leon Pollack 11425 SW' 5th st Homer E (Garda K) barber 2708 NE 2d av 61168 Wt L (Estelle) 8120 NE Miami ct NW 37th st Win L (c) chauf 9440 E Dixie hwy arts Inec (c) Indrs h1737 NW Ist et'"aWm L emp Sou Dairies Inc rl0l7 NW 55th It Irving It emp SR&Co r235 NW 34th ter Wm L jr slsmn r8120 NE MIami c Jas A sIsmn Brooks Grocery r3030 NW 1st a Wm S1 (Ruby) cls Nall Clothing Store r661 Jas F (Irma) auto mech Jackson's Garage r261 NW 31st st NOV 22d st Wilton N r650 Palmarito ct (CGables) 325 Jas W (Camelia) atindc Clover Leaf Service Sta Winifred (c) maid e1610 NW 5th pl h118s NOV 24 1i St WOinnie (wid Hilton C) 63080 Bay rd (MB) So. Miami Ave. Jesse driver Westinghouse Ell Sup Co r373 NW Brookshire Hugh bottler Dade Co Dairy Farms 14th ter r7614 NW 3d pl PHONES Sales Rentals Real Estate and Investments Mortgage I vestments 3-4688 NOBLE H. PARKER -Realtor AND Ten Hundred Lincoln Road Bldg., Miami Beach, Fla. 3-4689 Telephones 5 3 0 37; Res. Tel. 5-3101 Residential and Business Property Apanrtmenta HNmes, Estates


131 ROBSON, LINK & COMPANY GOVERNMENT BONDS INVESTMENT SECURITIES MUNICIPAL BONDS 942-947 Ingraham Bldg. Miami Phone 2-5126 Broom Flora Mrs ralter r1854 NW 39th st BROVDER "Jan Ic; Louise) grm 201 NW -17th st h215 du Edtrin H Clarence 3; rowrde's Station h1910 Larry bartndr Bridge Har r320 4W0 5th ov NW 35th st SIdney C (Reba L) sergi detective Miamo Police Frank E i:136 NW 2d ot apt 2 11242 NW 2d st Jas P (11:ude C1,336 NW 2d st apt 3 Broom' Albert W (Marie) =erviee mgr Ingman Jhn driver r2t125 NW 11th et MIrt hi52 SW 16th at Myron student r3914 LeJeune rd (CGables B Gordon R Irene) lawyer 139 NE tst R1S t1834 Tim J IAngrto) h515 Catalonla av apt 1 (C NW Sot1t Bier dr apt 1 ahiles) Jas W IMalti rm'h Merchants & Ouners Trans Crowder's Station (Edwin H Browder) fill vta 3600 Co h69 NW 53d vt NE 2d iv Marie Mrs th Coral Way Sch h 18.2 SW 16th vt Browdir Edw W city firremn r530 NW 14th anv Myers T atndt Venellan Way Sta h oear 566 Brower Alvin (c; Ruby) r1444 NW lot av NW 22d rat Kenrth C (Daisy) prsmn McMurray Printing Wm F (Helen; Pan-Am Valet Service) h1l01 C. t631 NE 119th ot Distributors NW 35th s1 Manley B (Ira Arnol, Bert D Bruce) photog B "Rck Brentmleld Arth (c) r1213 NW 1st pl 905 F 'oncc de Leon blvd ICGables) Edw r353 OW 9t it rapt A Morland ht531) SIV Ith t apt 3 Wm G (Eli J) caretkr 1600 Bay rd (Oth) r do Itipley B (Jonnic F) lawyer h22 W Rivo Alto dr Motor Cars Wm L oflce mgr Fla Marine Service Ine r353 (3111) SW 9th st apt A Brown A M 1261 sW st slt Brophy Chas D (Lillian) cab driver h306 NW 51st A Winton r U S Engiteers Reservation (IMBI Sales, Serie t Ada (C) maid 03l NW' 4tih an Esther W S (wid Truman WI r3950 Poinciana av Agatha (c) cook -190 Ingraham hwy (CGrove) a ICGrove Aggie (c) Itt 176 NWi 5t pl Parts John J iRosa J) pro Bayshore Golf Course h3350 Agnes c) 1716 NV Sid ar Chase an iMB) At (c : Minnie) r327 NOV 10th 0t Kathleen student r3350 Chase on (i') "Albert c) r1543 NW ist p1 Rosa 0 sten e3350 Chase av 31B) Albert A (Ora) driver ih3146 NW 28th 0t Violet F student r3350 Chase av tMB) Albert I (Rose) t926 Michigan av (AIR) Brosaoner Lena wid John) r rear 152 NE 271ih1 s ihert L lc) alteratlions MSCo r439 NW 15th ot Arosard Edw J r-131 NW' 3a Albe rt W 113essie 711 1510 NE 70th It Brorche Merle .\ (Marjnrie LI sismn Life & Casu' Alberta bkpr Cartley Coffee Co N420 NO South aity lot Co 11920 S t2tht or Circer dn opt i U IL Proohar Olive (wid Geo North Miami Beauty tAlbertha I ca ink' 226 NW 16th ter Shop) r639 NE 125t ot Alex Ic; Eva) r23I NIV 0th st Rob E student r639 NE 125rh ot "Aex D (Anna 1t) mach h45 W' 4th st (H) .Eireoan Isabel 31 private see Fair Practice Bureau '' Alfair IcI r48n NW 22d an r244 NW -Ith nv 0 Alt (c) lah rlAS2 NW 3d an harion cin opt r244 NW 1oth av "A1 slson Dao id rown r620 SW 13th an apt 1 Arose Claire Mrs waiter White's Tavern rIS NW Alice ca r399S eosnindton aA (erove)"R8h st Alice Ic) maid r3605 Florida av (Crove) Brosleld W Andre chef Atcaear Hotel r443 NE 2d Alice (c) maid r3902 Grand av (CGrore) an Alice E Mrs beauty shop 1481 NW 79th st ri504 Browoier Ceo D IMarian) broker E G Sewell C NW 14th pl R575 NE 66th st Alice L ItIS NW 4th st apt 2 Geo D Jr sismn r575 NE 6fth t '" .AMen G (Ilnez glasswkr hIl121 NW 50h st Fmroclk (Nell H) ssmn 1575 NE 66th 01 Alice dairy-n r62S0' NW 32d an Marion B cash Burdtnos Inc r575 NE 66th t Alyen Ors maid 1872 SW 25th st rrost Anton L (Mary) inspr FIl'P&LCo 0561 SWO Alyeor mgr 1Walton Employment Exch 131 SE 4th at ls 0t Ernstoff Jacob (Bessie; Bell Hotel) k110 S Miami Amanda (i) cook tSd36a NW 1st el nIav L Anderson (c J.intie) lab bi611 N\0 1st pl Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers 3819 N Andrew ici labh 137k NOV 141h st Mlaml a" Andrew i ilrraine W') pirs 101 E Flagler st r of Railway Traintacn meets 2d and 4th Sunday Andt It i 220 NOV lot ct j Of each month at 9;30 a 3 215 NW 4th s Anita Twidi Edgar T) smstrs o185 N0' 26th t of Railway Trainmen A'1i..oty meets st and Ann iwn iv el Itnc ri63 NE 75th 0t a C d Friday rae) month 216 NOV Ith 01 A. I cik lir'vie Caic ra Shop 112' SW 7th xt x Srntkeroan Ceolla C (IIorveti mech k-l43S NOV 23d ~ i,t yt P let 1114i NOV I vv yiX lone letter shop 127 NE Ist av i1118-19 rOS8 NW Annt M Mr if 1 k N Burdine's Inc rl8 19th rat .NE 4tht 01 C Vittent IPaulitn) bridge 3or O1tami City Annie i c) r7Iia NOV 7d et o z Public Sero Div 758 NOV otht "I 3 Annie Ic) r ii7 NW 7-i list 2 Rita A clk ry4 NW 19th ot Annie h Mrs mgr Victory Apts "t340 SW 5th ov Brotbtertoti Jay 1 avsst igr Hotel Chesterflctd r855 tot 1 N Collins r (0111 Annie 01 ci eok 1369 N Venetian wray ISatt n r erounklard Andrewcok VErnell L Pope r528 NE Marco 10land) Oi an Apartie10sitG Payne Brown) 850 NOV 3d s3 amn' Breads Jack (Violet) produce *h323-1 Virginia s 35 NOV 26th s1 'r 0 iCC rovc) Areda in )vtmah(dreat NOO 161th 01 CBroughton Alberta Ors offlcewkr 1243 NE 16th st Arnld O IKatie) sismn 13430 NW0' 4th Icr 0 Macle Mrs 566 NW 29th st Artcomt L ic ; Malie) h1 705 NW 3d av "Vera E (wd Jas) bkpr Acme Plmbg Co h332a Arth Oladeline; Coral Gables Ini r353 OlinNW 51st 11 812 orca a OC-ahls) Wm C tMary El lson WOiloon & Co h1316 NE Artit janitr 'once de Leon High Sch Istt cI Artt (0; Rebecca) Janitor Ingraham bldg h4804IWm K student r352a NOV 51st 51 NO 13tt et Z Braun HIsty Apartments 1521 500' 6th 1 Artit reprontro65 NW' 29th st Hrounson Jama (ri h323 NW 8th xt Art, (r) ooe shiner Dinie Shoe Repair r1738 Brove Ellen h1620 NOV 3d 0t apt 2 NW 5th st 3 .lie r1620 NOV 3d s1 apt 2 Arth N r2417 NW 26th 0t o John trainer rI620 NW 3d ot apt 2 Arth T (Edith L) stereo h313 SW 10th st Browsrd Kenneth ILaura B) carp It rear 1605 NW Asa F jr Meioi mgr Griften Tire Co 11343 W O 10th ot NO lot t apt I p Quarries tee Wo f Dabney pres Elmer C Luc" Asa F sernicern Jos H Gibson Jr 2 rock see-tnus 3004 Nw North River dr Augusta L tc'r Robt E Lee Jr High Set ri4t SS r Bnwamnilk Harry pres Nassau Hotel Corp r1423 NE 434 0t apt 3 0 W H Collins av apt t (M) Ausby I (Cora A) mate h2229 NW 61St 0 NorrIs elk Nansau Hotel r1422 Collins a apt -"' Avery H (Beatrice) collr United Bureau of Cal* a (1B) ietions h86 NE 39th 0t a r Browder Arnld sttdrnt 1314 LeJeunrdl M C B Howard (Kathryn G) dist suprer IPA 1,S ea ") Cab1rs SW1 27th rd cs o Dorothy Mrs nute 1910 NW 3ith 0t r do Beatrice Ic) h216 NW 16th ter A" H STORAGE WAREHOUSE COMPANY N Fireproof Building in Heart of City r fl Baggage Room with Free Daily Access. Furniture Stalls St.00 per month up U Priest. Rooms $5.00 par month up. Open Storage to per cubin oot 13 N. E. 2nd ST. PHONE 2-1208


132 Fossett's 1UTHEASTERi449 W. Fmar. Prescription H Pharmacy "Beatri R(OW maid 3523 Crystal er ICGrov) Cha{' mora ragau APts h21 NE 3d st apt Beni r"842 Sheridan av IMB) 17 "BenJ (Reba) coll r1320 NW 35th st Chas W Dorothy S) food broker 2124 NW 7th Ben (c; Mary) Janitor h330 NW 6th st av h1837 SW 7th st W. E. Bent C (Kath) 1151 NE 51st sttChas gro 123 NW 5th av h do FOSSETT Beni C (Kath) hl50 NE 52d st Chollie 1 rc) maid r44 NW 21st at Bert musiian h315 SW 15th rd C" ristine (wid Jas) h912 Euclid an (MB) Prop. "' Bertha () maid h440 NW liet st Chtrltopher (Augusta Wi pilot h421 SW 7th st Bertha M waiter Burdine's Inc r2473 NW 26th nt Clarence (c) porter r247 NW 6th ot Bessie h1823 Biscayne blvd apt 28 Clasola (c) cook r3231 William av (CCeove) Bessie (c) h1119-i1 NW 1st p" Claude E (Edna El dep elk Co Clk of Circuit Ct Bessie (c) maid 9'15 SW 13th st 1i.26 NW 3d st Bessle A Mrs tchr x2737 SW toth ter Clementine (c) maid r rear 151 NW 7th at The Only Bessie I (lid Wt F) 11337 SW 3d at Cleveland (c; Lubetha) hipr Pflueger Museum SBessie L (id Love) h rear 357 NW 24th at il352a NW tat av Exclusive Betty (c) hoekpr r642 NW 2d av Cleveiand Ic; Ellen) lab h1829 NW 5th at Betty student r1320 NW 31st st Clifford wailer Oceanic Garden r1442 Jefferson Prescription Betty B Mrs asst sea Chevelier Corp h145 SW as (MB) rc 18th et Clyde (c; Florence) cook Grandma's Kitchen Inc Drug Store Betty t comet onr Burdine's Inc r536 SW 4th at t375 NW 7th sA g Beulah (c) maid 128 Alhambra cir (CGables) Clyde E (Clarec) inspr 505 NW 29th st In Greater Beverly B student r65 SW 18th ter a Clyde J (Lois El ech s160 NW 62d ot Blanche r228 NW 39th st Collie (a; Clitonia) r3736 Frow av (CGrove) Miami Blanche G smstrs Lucile Stephenson r5430 NE Cora (cl r033 NW 6th av 1st et Cora (c) r146 NW 80th at Blanche Y maid Leamington Hotel r1910 NW Cora (c) maid 2111 Granada blvd (CGables) r 1st p1 do Bohbin beauty ope r7504 NW 14th pl Cora (c) maid h362 NW 6th St Basne (c; Josephine) lab h1631 NW 6th at Cora twid Dail) h3174 Virginia ut (CGrove) Brownie student r2945 SW 4th st Cora A nurse 25 NE 50th st r do Ground Floor Bunyon L (Lora S) carp Pro-Tect-U Awning Cora M (c) maid h264b NW 7th at Shutter Co s1170 NW 56th st Corinne Ic) Indrs 1613' NW 1st ot Entrance "Byron B elev opr Olympia bldg r305 SW 1st st Cornetlia Ic) cook r1443 NOW 1st ct HCntntOn apt I "Cornelius (e) driver reI19 NW 5th an HnCoFredk student r12 Euclid av (112) Coy (Myrle) 1824 NW 8th nt B314. C Gordon Jr (Tommie G) sismn hots SW 6th St Crawford B (Anna) mgr paint dept Southern apt 6 Baked Enamel Co 52825 NW 23d av C M hlpr Plantation Products r SW 12th an and Curtis D installer SBT&TCo r750 SW 32d av PHONES 12th st Curtis F (Pearl) watchmkr Duval Jewelry Co Caltsta C (mid Elmore A) r30 NW 32d p1 hl2708 NE 3d ar 2-7691 Carese A Jr student rl NE 44th sat D Eloise r328 SW 30th an 0 Carl (c) strident r1829 NW 5th ct Daisy (c) cook r858 NW 13th av 2-7692 BROWN CARL L (Carolyn B; Chappell & Brown). Danl (Cella) h1565 Drexel av (MB) Lawyer 1101-1105 Security Bldg 117 NE Ist Dant (c; Lucy) h1860 NW 69th 5t av Tel 3-1666, h65 SW 18th ter. Tel 2-46818 a Dant lc) gdnr r3771 Grand ar (CGrove) Carmelita (c) maid r105 NW 10th st Dan (c; Ethel) gdor h4846 NW 13th av Carolyn ste. Bankin Bros Inc r900 16th st Danl lab Miami Biltmore Hotel r120 Anastasia (MB) av iCGablesl Carolyn Mrs nurse Mrs Sarah James r2979 SW Dan) (c; Beatrice) lab WPA r1241 NW tat et 5th 1 Dant G (Marvel) driver h5625 NW 27th an N Carolyn S (wid Wilbur E) nurse 460 NW 23d p1 Dani M (Alice E; Brown Potato Chip & Pretzel P 5 do Co) h585 SW 11th nt "Carpet & Drapery Shops i all tW Brown) Dast M Jr (Wilhelmiaa) sismn Brown Potato 2318-22 N Mtiao t Chip & Pretzel Co h820 SW 11th av apt 15 N Carrie (wid Livingstone) rI340 SW 9th at "r David (Faye C-. Ford Hotet) h1025 SW 20th av Carrie tcl maid r Nazarene Qtrs 70th st Dat-id tires 1261 SW 8th st 5620 SW 13th av d Carrie (c) alid r1332b NW itch av "Dartd E elk SR&Co r252NW lit st apt 7 Carro () Indrs h560 NW 13th st David E (Elsa i office mgr Root Coast Equap o Carroll R itlaron) nsmo Fredk H Woodward Co h1145 NW 4th t r2901 Flamingo dr (MB) n Della (e) taid h1339f NW 5th av Cassandra C nurse 751 NW '1st nt h do Della W Mrs sec-treas Industrial Co of Fla r1520 Cawley C (Dorothy L C) sismon h450% SW 3d at NW 1st at apt 2 nhas c; aud 8 NW 6th r do fDerby Lunch Room (Herbert L and Eug H BeChas 5120 NE 3d St apt 210 Ik) 6128 NW 7th av Cas C eh btle2 534 Fine Tee dr 151) Derby The (Walter E Tyler) 3058 SW 22d st Chas ITle)erp 234 Pne Tree dr (MB) Doris tirs model r915 NW 8th st rd an Chas cook r65 NW 24th st "Doris Mrs offnce seo Am Red Cross r471 NE O Chas (c; Grace) gdnr h1i67 NW 67te st 31st st 0 Chas (c; Cora) Janitor WUTeICo h146 NW 8th Doris Mrs prtv sec R Ernest Nitzshe e2467 SW st 23d st Chas I: Lottie) lab h369 NW 14th 0t Doris E le) maid r rear 1460 NW 4th av (, Chas tc lab h119 NW 16th st "Doris L student r852 NW 2d st a Chas Ic; Aoita) lab r24 NW 20th st Dorothea A prt se Paul W Brown r323 NE Chas Ic;: Mary L) lab FECRy b, 414 NW 67th t 17th nt "Chas (Rose) mgr Hotel Lemar h1027 Penasyl" Dorothy tc) t740 NW 3d n antia an apt 2 (MB) Dorothy tc) cook e1614 NW lot ot 4 Chas le) porter r147 NW 5th pl Dorothy (c) cook r376 NW ith st Chas A (Edna ; Seaboard Printing Co) h613 NW Dorothy () maid '1740 NW 1st pI St27h st apt 5 Doronhy student x1922 NW 53d st S Chas A (Lillian) pntr h1243 NW 8th av Dorothy (c) waiter Rockland Palace Bar r810 Chas B atndt Clover Leaf Service St. r600 NW 2d av Alton rd (IM) Dorothy Mrs tehr Allapattah Elem Sch r1859 Chas B Jr (Aliae) 66300 NW 4ot av NW 23d st Chas C iae creammkr Good Humor lee Cream Co Dorothy L C Mrs sten Baldwin Ins Agcy Inc rCtoss sty th n r45 SW 3d at L Ch ah s C (Lydia 0) pntr 51760 NW 6th st Dorothy P Mrs mgr Bungalow Coort ADthil "Chas E (Frances E) sismn h425 SW 6th st West av apt 4 IEB) C Chja, H (Metrtlow) mech Flagler Cher Co r971 Dorsey (c; Laura) porter 11352 NW 1st at W Flaglee Douglas .H student ratIW NO 1st pI Chas H (Lucy L) mech h7928 NW 13th et "' E B tc bhelmn re27 NO 10th ut SChas H ILucilie) mech h1373 NW 79th nt E Walter bl36 N 1st st a Cj Chos cat labe r 6 NOW 6h av "Earl A (ina L) sheet metalwkr G & L Roofing Chat J teateir Lsnett's r65 5 0W itt 51 Cs h8440 NE sr an Chas L lab r rear 357 NW 24th st Earl D (Mabe ) lk PO h5718 NW 1st pl o A. H. BECKER "THE RESPONSIBLE ROOFERS" T. W. MILLS 4 Robbins Roofing & Sheet Metal Co., Inc. o Established 1919 ROOFING AND ROOF SUPPLIES 222 N. W. 28th Street Estimates Free Phone 2-3705 6


133 HERMAN J. ARRANT, Inc. "NOTHING BUT INSURANCE" Ia0 Huntington Bldg. Phone 3-5566 Sarl J itMatelt driver Renuart Lumber Yards Frank E fDorthy JI h2494 NW 43d st inc 7,229. Alhambra clr apt 6 (CGables) Frank H (Rita) Ianr,930 Sz 7th av ^ Easter I Otra hI021 NW 30th sit apt 3 Frank H Jr carrier r93n SV 27th v Edele le) hsekpr 828 NW tat et r do Frank J iHarrlett El It737 SW 2d s1 Edgar tc) lab h1807 NW 'it rt Frank M mertetr Piggt gl Store r 9: Edgar Ifl lab r rear 439 NW 14th ter Grand a Ev C NGre) Edgar niamn blSte 107 N liamt av "Fred carp r1n3 NW 9th v Edith B tct student r4804 NW 13th et Fred t; Agnes) lIb 1,3745 Frow a0 (CGrovel Edw le) butcher 1415 NW 4th an Fred L tAltce) i'an 1190s SW st a "Edw (c; Bernice Si idar 76536 NW 14th a Fredk tl.auise C) tinemn h129 NW 5th It "dw c) lab rt1422 NW I't av Fredk B r11 NW 47th ter Edw ict tatb 11920a NW 3d av Fredk W 0 (Helen G; Brownie Camera Shop) a Edw tct tab 'I.07 NW 6th av 1i4070 SW 1 2tit at i Edw t pnorir 139 NNV 12th ni 4 2 Louise r3146 NW 28th st Edw D (c) olatn Xlr. Estiher Schneider r1415 G Payne I Loulse D) mgr Burdine's Inc h85 NW 4th an NOV 2d ot z Edw F (slary) Intar r730 NE 90t-h st "Garrett A5 (yrtll l 136 HISW4ths a Edw H (c; muanctial lab 01969 NW 3d at Garrett A jr iTwida H)1 hi 4 Edw H lawyer 11' NE 2d av R 112 r210 Calabria Gaston B (Minnie) blksmith G M Dykes ron ae apt 4 (Cable,) Wirks Inc h420 NW South Ito ver or it I in Edw J lk WOlsn & Co r528 NE 2d an a Canton B (Louise) opr Dunn Bus Serv Co 13264 "' Edw W steam shovel op, e72137_ NW Flagler ter tW ad st Eleanore H pr scr Leonard K Thomson h2t Gene 1I ; Maudel lab h833a NW 1st ct Almerla an t(CGables) Geo r2551 SW 19th at Elmta (c) rk07 NW l4th t Ceo chaf 121 NE 92d at Ella (c Inden Victor[a Hosp r467 NW 11th st Geo cook Clarke's Better Food Grill r16 W "' Ells let amid r367:3 Oharles av (CGrove) Hlagler It 8118 M(rs smstrs E.lfrieda Muesebeck h,305 SW' Geo Ic) hlpr Chrla Ian Hlosp Assn rl13 NW mt at apti 7 1st pl Ella mid Wail i iN SW 9th t apt 3 Gceo c) pntr n1637 NW 5th v Ella G Mrs bh624 NW 11th at "Geo tc ; MarIe Iortner r4 NSW 14tter Ella (c) maid r07 NW 3d an Geo (c; Mary? whsemn h226 NW 9th st Ella Iwid Wm K') restr 5821 NE 2d av h274 NE Geo B (Johnsie) turn rms 51 NE 7th st h do, 57th nt E ea B (Stella) offlec mgr Dunn Bus Sce Ve "Ella 01 let maid 121420 NW 4th, ci o23 B JS 9th It ile Idl balrer hI55 NW12th at Gea H rn student r243O0W 0t9h ni Ellen Id maid hi4 NOV 1241 at Ga C ( ;race) pair h302 Ble av (CGrove) Etlin Slurp Cy stone caster Jas Arbina r3075 Geo D bkpr Sanitary Mattress Ca Inc r4607 SWO Virginia at (CGrannI 7111 0 Elona RK Ms lrienation Studio) r900 16th st Geo (Carolyn) elk (.563 NW 22d sttMB' Geo E (Man 31) col USA aupt U S Eng (IMB) Emerp W il sta 1505 W Flagler It 11461 SW b U S Engineer Reservatlon tB) t~lt ~* Gnu K in r Ut S Engineer Heueraatiaa IMB) 7th ht "1 Geo F Mary) h70 NE lst st apt 1 Emma (c) hlT NW 0t t Geo L elk identifleatton dept Oiami Beach Police Em L e 19 NW 6th an Dept r Government Reserailon (IB) aEmait tadent r 3 Jefferson ar th) Geo ) (c; Lavinial blksmilt h218 NW 14th ter Ernest In; Dora M) lab 1614 N Sib an Geo 1 jr (c) lab r18 NW 14th ter a Ernest In; rall tab rli-75 NW fith et 'Gnu P suoli 1it790 NOV 3d at apt 2 Erwin IMay) h3133 SKy 23d tar apt 6 c R iLola B) tcateteh 231 SW L ith a K anle M I) maid n2-40 NOV' thItt Gnu V i Elic 1) h337 NbE 3.1th at. Es e d 4 t alm Island) Gc (V it dr ler Tie hjilgare Seed Co r148 NO 'Eather 11it6O NOV 24 at ha Ethl as David Alan r155 breal av (MBi Ge OV t(c ; Minnie) driver RPICo r416 NW 15th Conutuctio "Etlehe r nitld it217 r NOV Sib at at Ethlt e maid Il NO 9th st Gee W (Jessie J) driver Orange State Oil Co "Ethal Id Brantley Hi tehe Orange Glade Elem h,3536 N"W 45th at Sebl r2i2 SV 5th s apt 7 Gee 0 (Jessie Ilsan h768 NW 36th av O R Etta J (e) maid r320 NOV '1th at o Georgia (c) alId 11539 NW 1st et Etta (e) maid r3877 Prow av (Crove) Germa B rs caush hi922 NW 53d st Eug tMaudet mill hd A H Ramnsey & Sons r Gertrude student r10-, SW 20th an Engneers D 2 Box 264 Gladys (c) maid r1527 NW 1st at Eunie collrr706 SW 40th av Gordon cloma italley-Milam inc r961 W 40th st an ao, Eate tl nook r6ll NW 3d aa (t1B)Ip tati Zanie te (dir r406 NW i3th at Grace Ira tchr MB High Sob h2934 SW 27th an Conractors a Eunice D In: Alberta) lanter b6234 NW 14th Gus (c) lab 1145 2 NW 2d av a" Guossie turn rms -438 SW 1st st -h do Eutah B Mrs asst Dr Taylor Lei hiOs NW Gusale (wid Chas E) 1,736 NE 66th st 87th i" Gusta Mrs mgr The Maryland 'House h29 S Evelyn (c) aitd h355, NW 13th st Mbmi Bulkheading Everett B signs 145 E Flagler st R259 r315 NE H E stgemn Fla3'&LCo r618 NW tat et 2d ar Harley L (5manmanda A) I-steo phys 270 NE 23d st DonAn Eaklel tidal grt 4212 NW hvd av h do h937 Harding av (MB) fantle B Mrs hlpr Santa Clara Sa Cafeteria Harlow J r4340 SW 9th st Foundations h3230 NW 8th av Hacmid lc) porter Gerge-s Service Sta r1423 Wood Piles Fannie M maid r1753 NW 41 at NOV 5th pl Fann 1 (wid Emanuel) h1550 Meridian av apt 2 Harold D Marthat 7,532 Mlichigan av aPt 11 Concrete Piles Finher t paper carrier r1403%a NW 1st et Harold E (; Winifred) lab h,2017 NW 6th et Steel Sheeting Frence ta) 'h1920 NW 1st pi Harold E soda disyansee HCDDO r5t NW 0a~a ot Florence mafter Corner Gerit r641 SW 12th an Harold P (Dorothy Pt h18-3 West av apt 4 Gunitine Florence (wid Harry) r134 SW 7th an (MB) Bridges Flster H h24i6 NW 79th t Harold V (Betty B) pntr 1445 SW' 18th et Frances maild i15 NE 70th st Harris B slsmn Christopher Motors Co 21S3 Francea Walter h,115 Meridian av apt 5 MBI SW 5(h st apt 7 Francia Mrs hsekpr 1348 5 SW 22d ter Harrinsn iHenriette) ein r36 SW 6th an Frank IMary At nhaul r3619 Flamingo dr MB) Harry r34 60 7th r 1345 Frank elk 1atk Ligan Harry ilary C) interviewer Fla State Emp 14 Frank lc) lab r1011 NW 1st pl Serv 1113i35 SW 12th at 2M St. Frank (c ; Mamlel lab 1i736 NW 68th ter Harry te ; Rsnal lab b,624 NW 1st et Frank (c; Charity) lab h344 Fow av (Cronve) Harry (c; Eiz) lab F T Budge Co h21 NOV Miami Beach, Frank (ILeola Porter F T Budge Co r1341 NW 14t t Fla 1"t Mt ioarr I (E,cti lab 1.2009 NWX' 62d 09 l. Frank -O maintenancemn I E St hilling Co h1850 Harry mactter Fletchcr's Itc SW I a Harry Dorothy M) 1310 1W 9th st Phones 5-5397 and WASHINGTON STORAGE CO., Inc. 5-5398 Agnt ALLIED VAN LINES Ian.o Br Moving Packing Shipping Rug Cleaning Baggage Transfer 677 1001 Washangton Av. (M. B.) Storage PHONE 5-3448

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134 Sales Property Manage INGRAHAM BULOIND 25 S E. 2nI AVENUE SEAVItE SAY Oh a RaWt "2 Harry Js222 o(0eoNW 1st Sa gg tf o HarryK (b rjorier emp Hartley Inc h1620 Jas : labt % l Nora ave CobliS REverglades concourse (11B1 "' Jas Ic: ; ertha) lab h31 h NW\ 11th sA Harry P ( Emm \) steward h155 NE tooth at Jas (c ; Ida M)l lab r6A70 NW 1811 t av "Harry J l 36S t vas Ic ; Anita) lab 1,842 NW 1st et kr Sou L ( fre) &w Halt ha Gr Co r3174 da (c Abera) lab Norma GravesCob12 et a Virgioiast 51CCcove) NWV 2d et ^^ 9 Hacel sten Kiwanis Club of Miami 1353 NE Jas tat lab r33 NO 16th tee Ha thr Pys e4 Jah lot porter Washington Garage r1535 NW esQ "Hazel Irl tahe Phyt llis Wheatley Sleet Salt 11545 5thc at < 'sN 1tih pl Jas tc) porter h330 NE 70th st j f Hebn beauty opr r129 SE 4th st Jas lc) shoe shiner r1631 NW 6th at Helen sdent er12 Euclid av (MB) Jas A (Mabel) 1f1341 NW 20th at Heln OMrs beauty opr h2508 Biscayne blvd apt Jas A (Jessie M aero mech h2946% SW 26th at et n3B1 r Jas S (Hattie C) carp h2401 SW 9th st e~Helen ( N drsmkr 618 NW 11th an C (: Rosalie) r1657 N 3d a r ~ ele S aidSsosatnl dsmk r~S N 11h 0Jan C (TheltaJ S lorniegslde Machell h57it *Hel E wdNra)en L rib r99l4 NW 2d6s1t Jaa 'et t HelenM c) m~atd rIS NOV 21st st 3FHester) emp City Ice & Fuel Co r911 NW 0. L ele M cl ad N 21s sl3d ct Helee T sleey reee Bardine's Inc 13582 NW Jas G glasswkr r'l-21 NW 5th st 2Henrietta ( ) cook 450; Meridian JanMB) d Is(Emma V) sergt Miami Police h2132 SW Heneietta /c) Inde r1125 NOV 4th an Jas J (Margt C) mgr The Mayflower h249 NE anybSSMeridian av apt 0 (SIB) 3d st Henry ltose) porter Collins Gar Inc r624 NW Jan, (Kath A) safetymn FIaP&LCo h53 NE S s Ist 75th 01 "Henry E (Ida lt) h7,26 NOV 31h et Jan J IMora LI set a91 tat er Seen (ItefliHenry F Ia; Jessle) tab h6t2 NO 1st av 'genoe UnItI h536 Navarre ar ICGablest Henry It (Annie L) h340 SW 5th an apt I Jas L mesalwkr 450 SO 3d at Herman F (Aloe) slsmn Standard Whol Gro Co Jas M (Eliz) 1f706 SW 40th av 118s 323 Camil. av (CGables) "Jas M slum. h133 NW N5th av apt 19 L Herman Oa lk West Side Drug Store r25 SW Jane pkr Brown Potato Chip & Pretzel Co 820 10t .vap SW 11th av apt 11 Herbert lc; Annie M) lab 5h117% NW 1th st Janie le) Indms h160 NOV 17th st Herber[ L (Anne M) carrier PO h468 NW 23d Janie siswn r30 NO 10th st ewett (Laura) 11100 SGree rJ ae(CGab J et waiter r3435 Douglas st (CGrovel Hetnlt ~aaal tt~ iiGenna'a deiC~ble) 'Jaser 4 sringmhr Miami Sftlrrns Mfg Co H-Wa"kiat (ci driver Peoples Drag Store r21O rISIS NOV Shawml et NOV tth tr Jay rib r706 SWV 40th an Established HIms Mrs nhr Shenandoah Candies h3025 Mary Jean irs t242 Drenel av apt 23 (MB) 1916 ar ICGables) "Jean Mrs elk hl2I1 Pennsylvania ar apt '10 Moraee tel barber Elmo W~ade ISIS) Horace chaaf r1718 NW 11th at Jean M Irs elk FNBk r274 NE 57th st Horace (c: Ruby) porter r1124 NW 4th av Jeanne Mrs sea Dr OV Duncan Owens r1559 Horace (c; Bessie) prsr r345 NW 10th nt Michigan av (MB) Howard (Lulu) electn h2154 NOV 64th st Jennie F fwid Edw) h1530 Pennsylvania an Howard C (Larenta M air meeh h3215 SW 24th (MB) MARKOWITZ cr E Jenslebell (c) maid 1017 Brickell av L Hnward S Motlie M Jr FIaP&LCo 'b1d4 Jerry mach 11345 SW 1st aT N H O r t 0 1 d' J e s s e I c ) f r u i t s 4 72 5 N W 1 3 t h 5 1 h d o & RESNICK Hler t I EdNal sled: Saten Servie Sta 312 Jesse (v Ethel) porter Economy Cash & Carr Hubert D (Grace S) ssmn 323 NE 26th at esLndry Inc 11433 NW 6th pl Hys k Jessie (c) elev opN O1653 NW 5h Plumbing Ida te) maid Beach Haven Hotel n1470 NW 6th ^ Jessie F fir Burdine's Inc r3536 NW 15th at p 1 Jessie L "d) maid rIS49 NO 5th pl Installhions SV J (Allie J) atedl H Geo Schmidt r2806 SW Joella 10) cook r934 NO Sd et Installations John te) nook Hi-Crade eStr 20th ter John Icl lab r1414 NOV 1st an and Supplies unn L mgr r35 NW 7th a John Ic: Oral lab h330 ] Nn' '19th st Ira (e; Clhristine) lab h1755 NOW 5th av John tc Daisyt lab h rear 230 NW 18th st Iris J (wid Jos WV) hsekpr 5 NOV 15th st John tc: Addie) mech h549 NW 4th an Irma L nlk Fla State Emp Ser r237 NE 24th st John phys 1h52 NOV tot st apt 7 Irxin cabtmkr Furniture Service Shop r406 NV John (c) porter r838 NW 1st an 41st st John (c) porter The Texas Ca rSI9 NW 9tb st lsaac H (Lida) bridge ope Miami City Public John (Ruth El slsmn h820 SW 20th av 11 tl,;lftj Service Div 'h4220 NW 23d or John C r161 Slichigan an apt 2 (IMB) sidor (Birdie), dry gds 2178 NW 7th av b4028 John C (Eva C) elk PO h89 NE 70th st h AT' NOV 25d It Jobs C (Nellir Lt lab SMiami Coca-Cola Bottlng 1l41' S Alice Ena Ft real nst 120 Coral way IC Co h rear 25L OSi 01 Ckl and (G Lincoln ed 2616 IMB) k3025 '' Jobs C Marjrlef metalwkr h 837 NW 3d ar Aihambra et (C~ablrs) e J B Ic; Florence) lab h1646 NW 5th av John C )Emma A) Pntr StFrancls Hosp riDs Credit J ('arlos (Evelyn J) formn City Parks Div h771 NE 89th st AppicationAs NV 13th st John C slsmn h1023 S Miami av apt 5 Treated 1 Cecil (Helen) baker t rear 65 NW 27th st '' John F carrier r930 SW 27th av Clifford (Crace) br mgr E G Sewell Co h2924 John F 1025 NE Sd av apt 6 Confidertially SOV 27th av John F (Amanda) boa[ carp b3131 NOV 27th at J Leonard (Faye) driver r2752 SW 28th Ia John F driver June Dairy Products Co r1100 NW J Lonnie olsmn 13131 NW 27th st 25th st ESTATE J McGibbon (Pauline) 11626 W Flagler st apt 4 John F slsmn Southland Motors Inc r317 NE J W adv Head & Ashley Inc r Albambra Hts 24th st Gas Ranges Jackie waiter Valentino's Restr a235 W Flagler John H (Minnette) carrier PO b1251 NOW 8th ne at Lower Cost "Jamb r252 NW" 1st at a t John H (Sally) decorator h3047 NW 26th at Ja N John H (c :Hazel) prsr .1545 N{' 6th pl Jacob (Flora L; Little Brown Belly Grocery) John L (Niabel L) h425 00W' 10th av apt O01 h994 NW 2d at John N r1061 NW 37th st Most Complete Jacob (c Lat. 1 gdnr h340 NOV 14th at John R Beatrice: Metropolitan Gr111) h1345 Dipa Jan n35 NWn Sib of S00' 14th st Displa as h rear 2141 NE 2d ar John R tNelle) alsmn h357 NOV 31st at In U. S. A. 0 as hlfI1tII NW 16th at "John S (Pearl) gro 2900 SW th Sat h328 SW Ja Is h1 hl149 NW 6th av 30th 00 J22 iJuaitl Ibodywkr Flagler Chev Co 61560 John T Lily M carrier PO h2947 McDonald st 1220 SNV 36 sf apt 5 ICG rnrt Biscayne Blvd. On the Cirls PHONE 3-3351 A LLSTATE 17 pT/RE STORE E01 1]5 lS1S.25 N.E 2.KE

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35 CALVIN OAK INSURANCE PHA First National Bank Bldg M MORTA SYSTEM t oW U t" L o r e t t a m a I n d r s r 1 n' e W 6 t h 1t JJhn SI lle"r Vlat hrl l NW 5th a Lttle 9 .\Blancthts E) glazier Gentry Bros Inc Jlhnni1 Irl mold rl lIt NW Mat At C u b NW Jnran Ie, 0arti lab Coastal Wiper Supply Coc Lue (1) l1819W std t use 111174 6W 5111 et 15. NWAmencuan ;Mry abbS5%N 6h In elk Waiker-Skaneth S Inc Lous W) te) vW 3d v a t3 gdnr Ill NW 91ta t -L0u11 student 2ew> nr 4th r Mler las is; lent i s, tnOh220 NW 47th at u Lou 1ashin y Co r704 ller Ira JJ iutIt lb 2r14 NW 4th ct Louise (cl maid h637 NW 1st Ct & T Jas (ci at. slat NEt T0tat use( md 1 s e(Dld ln) !I it, porter E norado Colony r3433 Bougan" Louise Mrs checkerd mer Line Slupplynr65 NW SJuts een1 Paris Dry Cteanersi h4050 NW t Lu t Ch4 d Js P aLen So Ce ,1221 NE Itt .r "Lucia A (old S Andrew) r2413 NW 7th et Jal Iasothy A h3175 NWO 27th t Lucien 0 (Elval mgr Goodrich Silvertown Stores Ja J J Dayulsel tkr 1,2652 SW 2th a h6164 Pine Tree dr i(ti) Jo1 (iSamie I neal2ir Seeth Street Curb Lucille tc) maid r1721 NW 1st PI Mkt h,1740 S) 16th at Lucille c) student r1524 NW 2d at Dept.. k huaIc SerWa insh a 1t t "L lie M student r535 NW 733 us )mJosu ic; Me a m) Ins agt r42. NW 15t st Luclu at ta) lrPugr uemr "Judsa Ic; Efelyni tab 1,606 NW 3d as Lucius ic: WilmaylItip Wr7t t Pitge Museum ,45S f 1 -IA. Julia (et cook h rear 1629 NW tat et NW 20th as Julia (cl Indrs h607 Ni 14th st Lucretia ci aid 171 NW 9st it t l lulls (c) maid r45 NW 11h nt "Lucy Ic) 1,206 NW Plt aI Loass Jolla let maid S NW 7th nt "'Lucy Ltc mid r1I1 Pal a h t Juals Mrs tel opr lintel orcey r18 SW 4th s Lula (c) tmu rl30NW 1th e oath (ci maid hi 527 NW 1st It "h s du S rs r106 NW 34th At Lat 1 .11 "wdP 09 F 0t Lula St Il hairledsr 340 NWV 14th ut hs do Loans K a r S N9 E tooth Lulu t) h904 NW 1tt ac Katuns "2 rs e129 nW 61st 11 C dishwasher Gus Laggin r636 S MIaml an "^ay e200 W th at p M S h336 SW 6th av K~eith(ula) mllke hM40 NW 6_d at Mack "L (Elma; Royal Palm Service Sta) h125 endal 11 ILuiel carP r1069 NW 55th ter NW 27th s[ Safety Kenneth Evelyn Ji driver 15658 SW 2d ter Madson D May El gro 5102 SW Sth s h do -1 e 562 VWVaults 1hA Kenneth M Lillian R) cuntert. UofM M e 1 77th t K irk artIst 1,216 SW 7~t st StMarelet 02373 NW 73d st 'Kirk Ic: Loolse Janitor FNBk h6239 NW 14th t e lE e ma2d29 NW r NE d av L Kdw ld Lt office see SALny ,950 SW 6th st Ma1e )a 635 Bouganville rd (CGrove) 1 i locksmIth Chas P Edwards "Manassh (c; Mary) carp h3401 Thomas an (C N. E. lit St. Laura lC nill34 NV 1st a Mandy (c1 hef r1648 NW 5th PI wLaura rl m"aid mestetr Huh nu Ceaser ", Margt (c) beauty shop 447 NW 9th st h do Lawrenre IClaa meat r HbFood Center h Margt maid 1U50 -NE 3Jth st 3275 Day as ICGrovel Margt Ic) mald r1405 NW 5th t Lawrence R Ilessie JI 1,605 SW 3d at %Irmt (t maid h206 NW 14th ct t ears. et Ind s Slams_ lo maW 020h Nth 14t Leat h336' NW 19th i Mart (c) maid r4838 NW 12th It Lee 1 lc l040 W a1t lMargt E see Davis a Olsen te meult tR nert Sheet Metal & Roofing Co Margt 0 (wid iha-s: aragoss Apts) h221 NE 070 SW 9th sl3ds Lana le) cook h1415 NW 3d av Margt T Mrs 11061 NW 37th ut Lenora lel r1923 NW 2d et Mrie h1218 Streneln apt 23 (MB leo mar Mlmnt Federation of Musician, Bowling tarlon r520 SW Ist at apt 22 Alley' r540 N Miami so "torlon F otstdent r1760 NW 6th st Leo tC) prr r261 NW 7th ol -tarion O I Sary L) driver h1436 NW 61st ct lea L tEngelyn) h11416 Surolla ar lC6ablnI Marjurte r912 Euclid a (MB) ten M IBerthis elecln hI t NW 334 st "Mariore (c) maid r4926 NW 13th av Leola (C) rar Flamingo Garment MIrs t1800 Mark B (Annie Ai meatetr Mrs Clara B Greilf NW tst p hIll NW 28th st ap 2 Isola wailer Mi5 NW 24that Marshall L Ic; Merlta) lab r rear 5415 NW ith leaOn to lab 51942 NW 4th at at a tean A MIlderdI lb Tropical Awning Co I Martha (c) maid h1938 NW 4th It 232 NV 121t a -Martin P (Mary) h1063 NW 37th st leonar R h4229 Alton ed (iB) "Marvel (wid Frank 0) h4030 Ventura av (I leonard W ILlillian) elk h162 SW ith a Grove) l oy Ic; Annie) elk f122 NW 6th as StaroIn ic: Eliz plstr r230% NW 19th it lery et Lchr Phyllis Wheatley Sch r363 NW' Marvin B I(belt millwkr East Cost Millwork 1Th at & Fixture Co r1526 NV 34th st Leslie A IMakeli nsmn h929 SW 5th At apt 16 Mary cook 1050 NE 84th st Leslie T eng Southern Landry Inc r Ludlum ed Stary hsekpr 3700 Mleridlan av SlRt iSMiami} Mary tcl trald r102 'NOV 5th av a Lael ; Flnorence hlpr r557 NW 13th t Mary tcl maid 695 NE 59th s tevl tr; Clydet torter hI(t4 NW 3d as Mary lc maid ,1002 NOV 1st a "lewls Bk D Hugh Stattthews r2350 NV 53d at Mary tc) muid h1222 NW 1st av Lawles I; Willa St lab i 4174 NVW Ist p1 Mary ict maid r39 NW 4th ac ^ Lewie iLetite real ctt h169 SW 17th nI apt 4 May lC) smats h449A NW 12th st a LIla let maid r3636 Oak an (CGrovel tary Mrs wailter Silver Dollar Bae h79 NW 17th "Lila I wid harry) r2342 SW 17th at ter Ilitan r61 500 lIh at Mary (wid John l) r313 NE 70th at a lilIan tc 04240 NV 0th st Mary A (wid Edw GI r40i 0 V entura a (C Lillan C r175 NE 45th st Grove) SLIllIan W Mrs lSteond Hand Furnltura & Co"Mary C Mrs anaesthetlt Jackson Stem Hosp alrnment Cot r226 NE 25th at h1135 SWO 12th At LItmes pra Carter Dry Cing Co 633 NW 4th "t ury C Mrs smstrs Flamingo Garment Mfrs r as 5075 Virginia at (CGr.rel Coten H auto mech h6029 NW 5th et Mary B Mrs sec Dr Thos W Hutson 1,3501 SW isla B Iwid Wm Hi r2417 NW 26th st 1st an Lsan IJa-Phine 1,164 E 17th lHt Mary J wtld Jast OSS15 NW 61st 55 Lorane Mrs -hr Miami Fdisen SenIor Biio Seb 0 Mary J Rer NW 3d nt s34 Nt 'nth ,t trt ,1115 A nastasa ar (OGables) bretta ri 7'. SW 7h ati le ) 145 0 NW 6t1, av BAILEY'S LMER ARD LUMUER & BUILDING PHO NE MATERIAL N.W 2t S.32105B STORE

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136 d-eO.f ELECTRIC AUTOMATIC L Fri ire REFRIGERATORS &leeric efrierat0AGeeesil Offie rveoo Dept. A 3rd* 134 N Third Ave. Phone 3-2128 Show Rooms: 134 N. W. 3rd Ave.. Phone 3.2128 W RROWN BROWN attie (c) Inde, b637 NW 2d me Ralph A Besle t acr 'A&PFoodSteores 3Lattle Ic) maid 540 NE 96th at h2959 tW 60th it Mattle Ic) maid 1429 NW 3d av Randolph (c; Alduzia) whsemn li SA NW 1st E tale (c) maid 17 'NW 12th at ct itaud () hsekpr x,33 NW 4th av Randolph W h152 NE ih st mud E maid McCrery'o r1555 NW 1st et "Ray lab Belcher Oil Co r1310 NW 1st pl Maude Ic) x18'13 NW ^d S t Ray 'H (Jeanne) mgr Hotel Antilla h110 E Naude Ic) rald h160 NWV 4th av Ponce de Leon blvd IC tables) Maxwell elk r3174 Virginia at (CGrove) "'Ray 0 (Pearl DI driver STCo h105 NE 65th st liGhbbon h1626 W Flagler st apt 4 Raymond (c; Annabelle) gdnr h1763 NW 67th st "teLester (Annie H; McLester Beater Repair Rebecca .1 slsn Burdi e's Inc r326 SW 6th at rice) r12S NE 4I, st apt 10 "endel (Brown's Dry Goods Shop) r626 Merl" Refus (c) r1229 NOV 1st -l dian av (MB) Reginald R slsmn h173 NE 58h at Merline (c) ndrs x14631, NW 5th et "Rene (c) maid r1415 NW 3d av 31-14 "Irs office mgr R S Evans Motors of Richd Ic) barter r366 NW 10th st Ltami Inc h1343 NW 1st dapt 1 "Rihd boy SIK&Co r209 NW 0th at L BI" UUI uu. ic 3 tahel) lab 3555 NW 9th ox Richd (c; Odessa) b 1119%{. NW 18th at Mlckline (ci maid r332B NW 16th ter Richd (c; Virginia) lak h1356B NW 4Wi an Mildred 09 cok r_627 NW 486 st Richd (c) lab r192 A NOW 2d at Mildred (I maid h237 NOV 14th at 'Richd C r1 'NOV 19th as OUR PRICE Mildred Iwid Harry) h7334 NW 2d ot Roht r"5_ NW tst st apt 7 IS LOWER Mildred taiter h62 NOV 56th st apt 4 i Robt (Bessie) slsme h1629 NW 16th at Siles W (Doris Ei slsmo h403 NE 31st st Robt (Rose B) carp h2669 SW 9th at apt 3 \tliard r 101 NE 1st av Robt clk r2294 NW 64th st (nnle () i2201 NW 74th at Robt (c; Alta M) tab r15'0 NW 15th at innie (c) maid rni329 NW tst pl Robt (c) lab 1646 NW 51t et F. H. A. MinnIe Ic) maid x369 NW 14th ter Roht (c) lab 781% t Grand as (CGrove) Morris elk Brown's Dry Goods Shop 16a6 Meri" obt A (Lillian CO carp hi448 SW 10th st pdian at (1B) Robt C (Helen) 'h337 SW 5th av at S FINANCING tzelle (r) r1476 NW 5thpi Robt C asst cash Fla NatIl h & Trust Co r1023 Nancy (c) fnshr French Benzol Clnrs h434 NW S Mlami av 14th ter Boht F iNena S) driver RPICo h rear 143 NW Nancy ic) Maid r1132 NW' 1st pl 26th st Nannle (c) cook 11965A NW id ar Robt L (Jane W'V pkr Brown Potato Chip & 663 N. W. Naomi (c) maid 131SA Nw 6th sl Pretzel Co 9920 Sw 11th av apt 3 Naomi nurse Jackson 0lem Hesp r d" 3bt M (Ivadell) pntr h rear 4155 NW 23d et 14th SL Nat (Reba C) dry ada 532 NW 2d av h444 SW Robt 31 (Juanita) clap Belcher Oil Co 1214 NW 15th as 17th ct Nathaniel c) shoe shiner r1433 NW 6th p Robt N (Belvie 31) carp 15621 NW 6tih c Nathaniel (c; E Belle) bellmn El Comodoro Robt N Jr appr r5 6 21 NW 6th ct PHONE Hotel h607 NW 20th Roht S printer 9 rear 3806 NW 20th et Neal chaul E G Sewell 'o e908 SW tst an Rogero k (Mary B) ssmn Natl Biscuit Co b84 3-3091 Nedra A Ich Coral Way Sch r2737 SW 10th NW 44th at ter RoOsecelt Ic) tlab 1740 NW 2d et Nellie () waiter r3786 Day av (CGrove) i Rosa lc restr 175 NW 'lth ter h311 NW 6th nt Nelson 30 porter RDDS e944 NWV Sib as "Rosa L tc) r1446 NW 1st p1 Nina (c) mtaid r3254 Brooker st (CGrove) Rosa L Or) r3876 Percival an (CGrove) Norman (c) lab r325 NW 10th st Rosalee (c) Indrs r165 N' 3d Hv Ocilla (c) Indrs r246 NW 16th ter Rose le) Indrs StFrances Hosp 1360A NW 11th it Olin V IHillaa(liS3O2 Story st tCGreve) st Olae J Mrs cash Uoft 1tt45 Jefferson an (M Rose nurse 424 NW 3d or h do (H W likn Hitoy 1310253 inepe Cott Tan,. Coith~ B) "aNose Mrs 9542 Jefferson 00 apt 11 (MB) Oliver C jr a'm hd1135SL NW 22d B" oy E (Mfaude) inspr County Tax Collr h126 SW Dllie Icf maid h417B NW 7tt st 7th a1 "Ollie (Amy 'L) plmbr h rean 1177 NOV 38th t Roy G (Bessie Al elk Roy 'L Startin 92737 SW B ORS Ollie (Anne) poster Packer Displays Inc r304 10th ter Si Wit S4lk a" Ruby N 9215 NE 33d at apt 13 Organ (c) porter Booth's Gulf Service Sta 1433 Russell 17 NW 5 th st NW 6h it Russell H (Donle; Biltmore Service Sta) Orin mech Norton Tire Co Inc 'i Ruth (c) maid r321 NOV 11th nt air Ossic e driver Momand & Miller Office Equip Ruth (cI tald r229 NW '15th at SC r 21 N 3d av Ru h c maid r iS3 i N V. 6th a c sie I tittd Ilt, NOV 2d as Ruth Waid Willard sten r1833 SW' 16th ter a Os ci le silk foshr r245 NW 14th at Ruth L c) maid e34S3 Hibiscus st (CGrove) Otis M 1Sianiel dentist r70 SW 40th av Rutherford B (Sue SI electn 95653 SW 2d at Owen ILillian Ei plant 0upt 3lmai Coca-Cola Sallie e2x18 SW South River de C any Bottling c 93111 NO 31st ot Sain am's Smoke chop) r18 NE 3d ov Parpin s etter Brownie Keep-Fit Bowling Alley Sait (c; Eloi) lab h37 NOV 10th at Con16dIJ ni9 S\OV Oh 51 Saint Ic: Stelna welt diger 97496 NW 23d anv Paul H lpr The E B Elliott Ca r835 NW 7th en Sarah (c) Indrs h171:3 NW 1st et Paul It (Ruth I h528 NE Sth nt apt t11 Sarah Ie) maid h2'.31 NW 9th st Paul W (Olive R : Brown Carpet & Drapery '" Sarah (') moaid r1332 NW 2d et Shop) (323 NE 'litH st Sheppard te) 104 NW 13th et PURE Pearl Mrs mgr Claire Dress Shop 912708 NE Sidney H (Eleanor) meteorologist h2801 SW 3d as 19th ter BATTERIES Pearl D rs lohr Olaii Edsan Elementary Bch Sidney S (Maude) 94472 SW 9th ter h0IS NE 65th st Sidney S cans Bull Steamship 'Line 02371 SW Percy F atndt Jas S Parker r6001 Biscayne bId 8th st apt 2 YALE P Perry Iil gdnr r1833 NW 3d as Sonny Ic; Drusilla) h3632 Thomas on (CGrove) Peter (tary) carp 916;3 NE 5-5th Sonny Ic) lab r430 NW 10th at T I R E S P flli p :e ; A lm a ) etec 1 t toR N W 1 4 th v S ta n le y A ( ary E l a c et 4 51 3 N E 1st e t Philip student r330 Senoresr a (C okles) Stanley A (Mary) meek I2413 NO 7th et Phynte (c) maid 3333 SW 25th ter h4007 Grand "'Stella (c) maid I rear 435 !NW 20th st as (CGrove) 1' Steward 'V (Alice Cl spotter 91451 SW 6th It Poierer (c) r rear 1347 NW 1st p Iyloia (c) sock 5334 Pine Tree dr (3B)I Pope K janitor Sou Furn Cc r94' NW' tst t T 'Few i ary) pres-treas Trutred Tire Co of Potato Chip & Pretzel Co (Dacl 31 Brown) 1100 Miami h523 NE 34th s S0 Sth ast Thelma (c) cook r934 NW 2d et O L Prudence (c) waiter Ethel Baker r rear 153 NW Theo let r3403 Hibiscus st (CGrove) 14(,h st Theo (Kathleen) drirer Economy Wholesale Queen (e) r44 NW 21st st Grocery Co r1_21 NW 25th at Quill, 1e ; Ell, B) auto reprs 1742 NWV 5th et "Theron 311-3146 NW' _Sth st PETROLEUM r1137 NW h ot Thos (c) ri45 NW 8th st PRODUC R F HLuey V) printer 31DN r3S06 SW 20111 ct ." Thos (c: Felicia.) carp h rear 1761 NW 1st ct PRODUCTS -4 CHAPLN-GREEN, nc. Phone 6619 Biscane Blvd. Tel. 7-3866

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137 PACKARD MOTOR CARS Authorized Sale, ad Servine PACKARD MIAMI MOTORS INC. 1740 N. E. Second Ave. Phone 2-7621 Pakard Salo.. 923 Lincoln Road, Miami Beath. Phone 5-3055 'Th, hipr K16tchen Inc r327 NW 14th ln I' (Lsuretta A) 11535 Euclid ar IM1B) ter O in 190 SW 5 1 vtn apt 3" Th.o inemn 5151 bllins or lB) w ft I Agnts A) ofice mgr Lawrence E Irwis Tho let lb nr1714 NW 2d e" Inc rlu4 Granada bled (Cables) Thou Ici lab il332 NW 2d et '" Willie (ll lab r3781% Grand an (CGrve) Thos B tc; Jueta1I porter 1409 NW 12th st Wilie Ii (i) mlad r22 NW 114th tSThos C 11sell artit 1110"1 NW 29th ter apt 4 WIIe t 1,I nurse Colored City Clinic 1-; Then eoatmn h2000 NW North Itilr dr NO 1sI p1 ^ Theu (Ro C, Brown's Gulit ServIe Sa) hI W'illIs It (c shoe shiner r139 NW '12th sI NW 37th "t Wilma see slpr Burdlne's Inc r1361 Si I Thos E ticln h871 SW 3d st ap 10 "' Zella ci 1,1714 NW' _d or Tillie r1550 eerian at apt 2 IM1R1 Zlle C (Berchal 12915 SW 19th st Van lec ueened lab r rear 530 NW 3d or, Brown's Dr eierae Co 1432 W F'lagler nt Victor 1 (GCorgia) stone mason b1453 NE tat tor aGds Sh'I'i II td'l Broa) 213 N Ialomi et Cw SctoI'I Slai TIos i nro lii Vtolette nurse Jackson Mem Hosp 10 NW il3'1H' I SVirgil B spring mkr Miami Mattress MIg Co BROWN'S SUPER CEDAR CLOSET LINING, A H r1217 NW MIamil t Ramsey & Sons Inc Distributors, 71 NW I llh Vlran tchr Ida M Fisher High Sch r1575 Drexel ter. Tets 2-8163 and 2.8164 For turther Inor 8, (11B) mation see back cover and page 47 Buyers' W F servcemn Jos It Gibson ir Guide) W Spurgeon driver naule Industries r4102 N Brontwn l mirboke Ii iEtici; Browns Produce C' Miami n 16 IW I 8 t, i at W Wells UlargtI rS01-921 NE 88th st apt 12 .vlii, W i Ea!rice Li hLo: a SP&Co b,121 Nl a Waddell (c; L )onal lab G&L Jinofing Co b rear Sitl, st 1460 NW' 4th av '' Cltaon 0' Ir slsmon r1391 NW 56th t Walkrr P (Lucyl slsmt Miami Coca-Cola ot Dinvers waiter r227 SW Sth st IlinL Co h352S NW 15th st D'ortiy J sicn ris13 NiV 10th st Walter saimn e0ld NW 21st at Drenncn itllidrllul tchr Contal. Elementry O 'niier It Ifna 111n chite PO 83230 NO%' il, anv aSi 11127 NO' 4ih aI Walter 3 (Airni pl Icntr :349 NW S0tl, ter do tiurwa rd B (Lois) office mgr Packer Diol'a s5 Wolter P Iee' Ot dI ell eg h330 Menores an Inc h728 Alihambra ctir IClGbnes) WCahiei Everett C IEdna) mgr RPICo 1,504 SW 1th av Woahinglan Ic ; Gertrude i drinse -iIO Nil' I 'h" Mal E lie ngr La Sonia Apts r153 5 Dre0i an st apt 2 (M5111" Washington It; ErelynI porter -RCDDS it rear Ian 1 .SII'ib : Sh7nndoah BIr .i O p 1727 NW 4t'h t An larie) 1,x45 SW n9th .t W'endelI J ck rIR Michian it apt 2 (1B) e II (Nun:i Fi reprtIetlru & BradsitI,. Wlbur L student r125 NW 27th at 1,2168. al' 7ih si apt I iO'lhelmina Mr see O B Whiie iRii SW' 11' h Proince 1'0 (Brioik It Brownel 10 S0' 101 a ov aPt I '' itliadella Nli nurse 1127 NW 'th i h do Wlhelmin i IR id J.s) 9,536 NW' 47th St Brownell Clarence D W audilor County Tas CIIr Willard C mgr Oluami 'toito 1,2467 SW 23d st r-,alt SW Tilt ter Wm It; Itary) hId15N NW 1st pl Josh u,, Ic) porter Miller-Buck & Ca r250 NW m Anniel) h42 NE 28th at 10th si Wm it; Viola) auta Eirch 3iT54 Charles at IC Roht E r131 NW 3d si Greve) Brianle Rarney iCharlotte) filling sta aindt Ti W l I; Corrine) beer 640 NW 3d av 1, do 1687 SW' 16th st apt 3 Wm Is: Betty) brlmn r315 NW' 10th st Camera Shop I Fredk 10 O Brown 444 NE 1st a Wm Ic; Almal builer 81967 NOV 4th ot Charlott Mirs beauty ipr Rouge Bon Beauty Wm Ic; Winilfred butler 'b1626 NW' 5th pl Sioin 1l164 SW 10th st apt 3J Wm IRuittl carp h171045 E NOV 21st ci Keep-1Il lwlniitn Alley (Mrs F Bertha Stenrud) J Wm I Maut 3325 line Tree dr (MIB) X11;9 S\ V h st Wi (c) chicken dresser Clark & Son r177 NW Brownie's Slarket (John C Brown) gros 8223 Bi3d n cyl-i Wm (e: Annie) driver hili N 11 4th anv 1roonin A O\Ianfild (Helen S) nlk FN~ik 1,529 Wi is; Lea) lal' rIS35 NOV ih ct NO' 1I1 a apt 1 a Wm Id lab 1I30 NW 3d an 11ii;' Sirc cee i'osta3l1ldg 1,7: IV i1th st w m nir The Maxwell Co Inc r1536 SW 9th It Peti' il imald d46l NOV 19th di opt 1" 'hiaS Sarah) cook t145 NV 2d inN Wm o( t 1 porter F T Budge Cn r1504 NW 2d Dl id ) sorner Is3 NW' 16,1 sc Ir Fred It'alm oiid Cinii Wm Is: Aerta I porter l962 NW 4th ct J Frank carp r rear 2421 NW 7th St Wm 1,I prTIer 11ir NOV lth 'I 't) 1 R0 barber Marlin Englenan r1012 NW 63dA Wm lI) shoe shinr 55CS%' NOV 1351si st A "Wm Dorothylthr 608 SW 1int a Lec H (Neii V) clk ly E Dodd 19542 N lilami Wm waiter klnhadt's r154 W Flaigler st Wm A (GladysI pntr 1,1320 NWV 41st t Leoy (c; RettI ) r:r h46NW 13th vt We A I Itry !Il pres-treas las-Ala Optical Co Mary (i o Henry) 1127 SE Sth ni n tt3341 001 1st an '' Siax En nrir Standatd Wins & Sp ilt 5' IiC Wm B (Nolliel 1A4 t h313 NW' 58th ir 11 NW I0th st Wm 4 Itrma M 'lk Flut&LCn 1a3076 NW 18th '' talk P bkr Combs Funeral Serlce Inc r1539 ter NE 2d av ^Wm tD ILouisel Ilk WLTeCi r2945 SW 19th it '' H't lilatrleel ecin k735 NW0' 64th st o Wm D (Genglo t) t pir 'hrisiitSpherttors "'Robi J IFlorence) mech 7 1 Lichiistetter Inc m IF NW Flogler ter iS IS NE 33, s aii 1 in rn O I Esiey Icretkr 5005 Collins v (MB) W;Itr Jes li l I ef M ari's Grill bli 5 NW Wm P student ri231 NOV 611, av Wtn WV Elit pstr h1111 NOW 406, st Wm F I Mrgt DI lawyer 36 NF It sItI001iroawle tintly riiate see Holywood Inc r24 SW 1003 hR14 Sntaa st IVGahles 121th n SWa G Otaty) ba rindr Silver Dollar Bar h79 Brownlee 14rthi Sirs siswn lWoolworth's r319A NW 470h ter NO 224 I a I m I IFlirencel h3721 NE Oiami ci N(1V c"'n C Iirownleel Plmbr 1231 N laml an "O H R1226 0' S tter Hanse Iie; Julial lab h1767 NW id on Wm I driver Edw .0 Kly r618 NOV 11th a Jn (Bertiha) meter rdr r319.0 NW 25d si o We It IRut11 Ison h2907 SW 2d an "Jos L Ioay) sttore No 3 mgr Dinls Tire Co Wn Ii R IMattle I Iarp h25 SW i0ih as pt 4 114 NE 541h +t o W. J Cree A) diot mlr Ottuol Lfe Ins Ca of "athryn trs hr mgr Palae Cleaners r14 NE Groud NV ht2 NE 44th st 5ltu ce M Om L Iare B) b521 SW 6th 1 apt 1 Mildred Mrs beauty opr Patio Beaute Salon 1,553 Floor Sim I id is-ni) 1,177 NE 235 I NOV SOth SIO S,D lI lN l ii inni Fill vh \'.rn 1' Ith \: rlnilae ,'2 Congress SpIcialilling In Lot Sales $2 Down-$2 Weekly Realtors PHONE oi i 2 27 ''. -.3-2652

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"E erthing to Build Anything", McFarlin in-;iiiiw PIi CORAL GABLES 3A i:ORES MIAMI BEACH&Co.'T. RLUMBER YARDSC IncCU 01 Rrnownley's budk F ni shing Law rence At iin i l .ii i Mfrs. rigi .\ i. i'.'; s1 171. e Brow nlie A D blt 5I SE 41.0 I1 apt 111 1 i.,ie liade 11 i iPha ice 1931 NW 3d "s Anr f Brownson Arnold iBillie) elk h570 NE 120th si. Brundigc Lemuel E iDorai clIk McDonald Elec Co COBrownstein Shirley slsw~n r 00 'Lenox av opt 6 '1111 NW 39th .st 'T' Brownwlne Jos (Rose) h710 Jefferson av apt 4 Brundy Ede F (Katt) sIsmn 0113 NE 25th St Asphalt 11 Bruneau Jos E (Verna) roofer G&L Roofing Co Brostne Alice I ) Indes r rear 529 NW 4th v r6.51 NE tat il Erulsion Miles 1 IETrenef set Gulf Life Ins Co h rear Brunell Beln nurs 601 NE 4t 2 n do 1127 SW 1:1th of Hetnellt Batch F (Corinne) lab h429 NW 22d ot Broyles Arth (Maiel) carp h222 NW 22d at Brutner D L R1523 San Rafael an (CGables) Graham elk r222 NW 22d av Ellz B )Its office asst Parisian Cloes & Dyers AND Brozzo lohn J h1917 HrIght dr (H) Inc r3712 NE lst ot Brubaker Abe S (Eliz 08137 NW Gt av Helen Mrs cash Strand Theatre r371 2 NE 1st et ESTATE OF Gee h262t W lst av (H) Jan H driver McKesson & Robbins fnc 11,1 H Landis (larIon G) h1431 Alton rd (MB) NE 1st av J Leo O dog trainer 1t2111 NW 96th oI Wit N h1272 W Flagler st apt 313 Leonard doe trainer 12111 INW 96th s Brunet Chas A I Mona H; Brunet & Pinkert) h737 sattle Iwid John) 12521 SW 16th ter NE 171h st MCF Scott tinsmith h224 NOV 59th a0 Ernest L gdnr h660 NE B6th It Bruce Albert S brklyr 1635 NW 10th s1 & Pinkert (Chas A Brunet, Paul C Pinkert) Bert D (Mtanley RBrower) rS05 E Ponce de tlllint sta 245 NW 2d av Leon blvd (Cables) Brunger Frieda hsek'pr 1530 W 24th nt (Sunset C Lewis (Matilda) clk FIaP&LCo h ws Gladys Island No 3) Stret11 Brunl Eliz Mrs h1677 NW 26th st apt I S Chas H (Saginaw) pntr Rollins Garage h545 NW Brunjes licd J elk 316 NE 16th st 48th st tBrnk Ethel t (twid Wm OV) h450 NE 126t1 st Surfci Chas L elk MBtyCo r Matilda av (SMiami) Brunnell Luther meoh tlami Police r519 SW 5th Dorothy wait r r776 NW 2d nt apt 16 51 Edw W pntr r1537 N MiamI at Brutner Earlsworth (Beatfleel) phys 11728 SW C'ntractors Eva Walter e262a NOV 24th 1 1 5th st BRUCE GEORGE (Phoebe), Architect, 407 Se" John (Helen C) stsmn h811 NW 21st st curity Bldg I17 NE lst av, Tel 2-1492, 12477 dtobt O (Edna) slmn 4 5 SE 2d ot apt 3SW 19th st, Tel 4-3447 Brunny Clifton A stockmn Burdine's Inc r17 0 Gee jr student r2477 SW 19th st NO 19th ter Office Jose bartndr h700 Leno n apt 7 (MB) Jacob F r1770 NW 19th ter 1085 Katryn A br mgr Postal Tel-Cable Co rl193 Bruno Harry tEunicel artist 1892 NE 88th nt NW 31st st John (MOarle) butler h304 Ocean dr apt 3 1M) N. W. 56th St. Lacey (Lucille) tech L 9 Anderson Dent Sup Louis (Dxhe Dairy) h601 NE 31st st Co r1011 W Flagler nt Louis (c) conlr 943 NOW 2d av h doLaura laid Gee) h61 NW 16th st Thos A (Edna) er Treanor & Fatio h3564 Sf Phone Letah (avid Rlchd) cash h1193 NW 31st at Gaudens rd tierote) Louse Mrs maid 5208 Alton rd (MB) Wm (Wilhelmina) 37-4 rvington av (CGrove) Lucille sswn Real Silk Hosiery 91bDs Inc r Bruns Walte W Pearl 9) note NY Life Inn O 7-3558Per ) orN LfeIsb Dallas Park Hotel h2201 ,C 22d at "'Lucille Mrs slswn Burdine's Inc r1011 W FlagBrunsell Oscar (Virginla) auto mee h e5424 NE ler s 2d av Mattie (mid Jas) h636 NW 10th st Virginia r5424 NE 2d av Buhy teleg epr WL5TelC r Dallas Park Hotel Brunskill Arth D (3i1ldred M) stern Burdine' Wallace E (Dolores M) meb South Fla Motor Inc 0109 SW 5th ot apt a PHONE Paies Co 02047 NW 23d at Mildred M Mrs nurse Burdine's Inc 01029 SW Wm (c; Wilhelmina) Indrywkr r439 NW 11th st 5th st apt s 3-3666 i C"rbe) oId Harry St 02661 P Boy Share de Brunson see also Brinson and Bronson "eBob C tpmitzert h159 OW 1810 at Bruchez Albert (Atice) bellmn r128 0E 62d Ier Bob C jr student rlSS SW 18th an 5Brucker Alt E (Betty E) mgr Rhodes-CelItns Furs Coerie H tmid Beet h3168 SW 24th ter *C of sami h24 I NOV 29th 51 Eddie C elk 'Dade Pharoacles e45 NW 5th ot nl tressict cr6oonIst a836 NW dit St Ellis lab 247 NW 17th st "Brnk carp .03 h NE 6310sf ap o 21 Ernest (cI butler 4591 Bay rd (MB) BracnerHermn tarai h~f Jffeson t at 6 Ernestine A Mlis bindery girt Central Frets InIMB) r2242 NW 33d st Bruder hm E h rear 86 NE 47th st Henry lc) lab OVPA rl6 NW 13th st S Brueggebors Eric O (Martha) mgr Bankers Park Horace D iDelores E) ptmkr 1901 West ar 4 Apts r238 NE 28th 0t apt 2 1777 SW 13th av Bruen Frank J (May W) h5709 LaGorce dr (MB) Jesse L (c: Emma L) lab 01822 NW 5th el Bruggeman loothr9 NV40 J95 eat apt 12 Lena R Mrs lk d FNBk C431 NW 3d 0s Beaggisser Fid laid Arth) h500 NE 2'6th ter Martha L (c) 01721 NW 1st pl Bruhan Franecis (Anniel carp h4999 NW 2d st Muriel (c) 'aid 4591 Bay rd (MB) Bruhe Alice Mrs beauty opr Opalescent Beauty 'Reuben lc) hsemn h267 NW 5th ter Shop 0 rear 224 SW 22d av Robs (cl porter Hospital Pharmacy r1721 NW Thos R Allice) mecit Ii rear 224 SW 22d av lst pl "Win Ilrene: Sun Bay Water Beater Co) h113 Ruben (c: Lessie) lab h2134 NW 5th ct NOV 71 av Wm J (Lena R) bkpr C W Kiser Co r431 NW Brumdage Saint A (Blanah E) barber h3030 SW 3d st Be 1r ax (Jennle) 0109 4th st apt 21 IB) BRUNSTETTER ROSCOE (Mary Gertrude), AtBesmilk Geo 0409 Bibisa.s Island apt 6 torney-at-Law, Ingraham Bldg 25 SE 2d av. Brumley Chas S wtchmn Royal Palm Club r1469 Tel 3-3158, h825 Lisbon st (Coral Gables), CIVIL W 0st .t Tel 4-3831 BrumlIlk tGara Mrs 51400 Pennsylvania av apt s Bruc 1h: INadine muitre de hotel 5520 31st s ENGINEERS MB1 Brusepp Aparteent 1020 NW stO at W Geo (George's Auto Parks) r DiLido Island fe'nna s 1 rear 1820 NW 510 It Brumner Vm (Maria) -lomn 5141 NW 2d av Brusehater Julius (Grace) h12936 NE 4th ar Architect.' Brun Edw A h1l4 NW 6t av Brush Betty Mrs se S PIerre Robineau r2422 NW Brundage ElIz Mrs r7120 Indian Creek dr (NIB) 4th st and Eie M ( imaid r176 NW 5th pl Edgar asmblr The M-awell Co Inc r1622 SW E e"Ira J (Tamlami Hardware) r45 E 2d st (Hia15th st ngsneern leah Irvin S It17O SW 20t0 av apt 7 Supplies Jas L (Bernice: Brundage Paint & Hdw Co) Morris L lGussliel electn -1622 SW 15th 0t ril5:W 7Nth st t" bt J (Btty) act super Goodyear Service r LIllian Mrs (Kerner Kiebt r166 NE 90th at 2422 NW 4th st Blueprints Orson h45 E 2d st (H) Roht M ck Blvd 'Hotel Photostat Owen K I (LIllIan) sIlsmn Kerner Klub r166 NE Wm r1622 SW 15th st 90th nt Bruster Dora 91 (c) maid r1717 NW 65th at Prints Paint & Hardware Co (Jas L Brundage) 554Bruton Andrew (c: Louella) porter J Norman Ben5809 NE 2d av nett Surveying -SUBURBAN SECLUSION Miam n ore 47 N. W. 1st URBAN ADVANTAGESSelet u H mst Her 7 SL We'l rn.a:e. Yurnbsl Hem. L illage OPt Court Honus BESSEMER PROPERTIES, Inc. (Sccssntor-ebWimiSiresCo.) 1317 BISCAYNE BOULEVARD-PHONE 2111

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139 Carnahan Insurance Agency RMAN "Reliable Insurance Service" ENG NES 327 N. E. 1st Ave., 1214 Postal Bldg. Phone 2.7055 Gasoline and Gil Hi ro BrYAN. flinten rI\~lldrI I-r-e IW ID.. r2111iW :Ih Tlmnthy (' (31,1'. 1lnly One Products Co) nsoili aceil it'i Ni F) Tnfr R N io" le Min 1a. bi836 Njr 1 8h Ier Truman ( 1.1iMann E) genI formn uy Erp Agry Syl 1 eler I; Willie Mi car washer hs834 NW 1810 NW 46th ct QAth rer Tully IAnna f) sigt p r 525 NW 22d at BReUts ArIti ic: Rna Li hlpr blA7I INW 45th st e do lfff Bruun einar IMarion) gdnr I32 NE 54th ct Wrndeil R (largll mech Frank E Atwood 13096 K carp r rear 732 NW 351h ai NW 27th 1U Oill-n H lk IIC'DS r rear 532 NW 3511h It Wm C fMildred) servicemn Goodyear Service Hry-n se also lrin r2818 NW 2d av SAlierta Mn r1161 SW 1et I" Wm F (Kathryn S) broker 186 SE 123W ter INC. Anna N nladni r:31 NW 22d nt apt t Arnold D I Myrile; ryan Plumbing Co) h5 NW We J student 186 SE 12th er apt An73 rJeniehrc a prFim-ed m Jl Junior 111gb School Olin C Webib prin LUX Arlh J jr IJen, EI eler opr Firt Fed Ray & 21361 NE 12.tht cLaan Assn r209 NW 3d ar Wm Jennigngs Sleniorial Church 3713 Mlain hwy Fire Eluipment Barn,' ILiii Li pairumn Miami Pole h3020 (Cr nov) NW 9th an W i (Saldle) lak 1325 E 33d it (Hi "t' rt Ioohy K) lit320 SW 13th av Woo M I1ry) mech hl1l; NW Sib on R nI H oRubyl rdk Miami City Waste DI, h3126 Bryans Robtl A carp Southern Venerlan Blind Co SW 2ib SI r258 NE 5th It ('baa (c irier rl 16t NW In pI Bryant Aln usher Rosetta Theater r562 NW 52d '" (ae 1 niece Akl'Faadslorec si Dinseleetll Cicero IMargle I rear 329 NW 5th It Anc li(i Idnrlt Curtis 1Id nM golf nrm I45 SW Jib at apt 2 Andre.1 (Ch ink) carp u369 NW 1lth pl Ed Mr' inerrlewer Flu Staie Emp Serv Apartment Hotel (Wn C Bryant) 5424 NE 2d an 1~o!M. NW' Oli ci ed Beatrice 1. MIrs -ash h262 NW 52d st Edwin T 1 Macr Jn eng r1521 SW 2d It Brady rT h'NW 34ti dt Enach W (Mci) cllmn Standard NonclIy Wks CC (Margti e797 NW 34th st Inc 1,1393 NW 31st It all ccashiIM\ t t Repairs--Parts eeo 1W21 aNW 3aId II Miy Cle ci) said hI lb NW 3d ci Ere-k W al(r Daid S McCoy Collie Il) maid ih2i2 NW 12th st Service Ereaed Ies I r 1452 NW 1 I Si ae "Colvin I,; Ron1la) 1a, r1833B NW 3d an "Enirlir lel I ad r3Z-s NOV 10th sti Carle Ic) could 555 NE 58th ot Fay student 1441i SW l5)ti rd r" Chs IHeen) de i 132 NW 21c 1 h i rank i Erhn) ehu c236 NW 17th rt C (has I 1ik W 22d at (H) Furman (Virginia) pnur It rear 2923 NW 5th 50 Clifford atter 155aB NOV 14th ot 523 o Gen B INancy) 1132 EucIld av apt 10 (MB) Curtis Ic; borler Inrter h1432 NW 67tH St N Dell ep Hkere i Daisy (c; ilr 4 NW Sith s Har 1 artlal caPt Ilani Police 51444 SW Dasid t (c: Baby) a I 328 Hibiscus st CGrove) N. W. 7th Ave. l1 cdh ~ Jd (.lAnic Lilb PD13:6N 6t Rariy iJr parolmn Ml m Police Pallor n473 80 6th '' wlee se l)labcPO Paeoodi 336 NW PioGrill t 13 N' PHONE aI alt 3 E s d Jan A Rone 41 clamn 1320 NW 35th at "EtIIah (0 oh rI43 NO 1ot c[ Jeas r rear 329 NW 5th It Ella (0) lndrs r1442 NW '1tt t AO2A Jessie E Mrc mgr Miller Apts h71 NW 37th st .' Estelle G Id lr Benny Kaplan r512 Jeffeon John simn Budine's Inc r Graylln Hotel E t 9 B y "John 91 (iLannai lii trio Juhe 91 Bryan lee an apl 4 SiB) b23 I y an I e pn John ryanInc Esther mald 2166 NOV 3d at e323 NW 10th st h23-4 le-spa a0 iCohiesi "Etta (c) maid r1921. NW 14th st BRYAN JOHN M INC. John M Bryan Pres. Her" EuR (c) stevedore r312 NW 6it st berI A Vitian V-Pres. Mrs Emma W Vivian Eu 0 E (Grelal h74 Washington apt (MB) N Sae-Treas, General insurance. 910 Security '' Forest (c; lary) ouk 1150 NW 21st ter Bldg 117 NE ist av, Tel 2-0757 Francis (c; Leon ine) l h eli46 NW 2d a, to Jons I aryl 5n h1240 SW 17th ter "Fronels (ci Indrywkr r267 NW list s( Jos It IEls 11) lk i 324-1 Sw 3d It "Frank E (Nancy K; Hrynt & Pittman) th168L K.11 student r5 NW 7'NI st Castl le -v Iccable") E (Reba) millwkr hl479 NW 39th It "Frank E jr student c16 Castile av (CGabls) Lan P IEli i-cn h eau 3201 NW 2Ne a Fred c:Npttie) -alter r227 NB' 6th st Lualle I' Mn I.str SllT&TCi hI920 SW 2d It Genea B I ers smstrs Flatingo Iarmient Sfrs sill IS rS4ui NOV 11th pI L Margt tel opr Dallas Park Hotel r1868 NOV 42d Geo I ILe1l Hi 'h13y.0 NE fih i st Guvsle ( ndrs ri413 NOV 3d as M metr It Mr'!3.lo NW ith t "MHatt le t) maid 11.30 NW 211 as Marie J Oin mg Johnson Coal & Oil Co 11521 !latle (c) maid 1h369 NOV 8h st SW 2d t Helun (e lab r-122' NOV iii st z O MarIon I stcn Wm J Pruitt r845 SW 4th st Henrietta, tr rl7cu ,, S' 12th at it apI 2 Henry 0; Lieliail a b10 NW i1 i t Merl Ins mflr eOltropolltan Cleaners 'h1393 Henry lt: Dratl ha ru60 NW 11th ter r NOV 3nt "Ren H er B NO I 14th [ Morr A IKihi mfrs agt 1i4360 Ingraham hwy BRYANT RY H JR (Sara E), Pres-Treso iiiro-e) Bryant Office Supply Ca Inc, hi755 SW 12th j D BRYAN PARK PHARMACY (Charles M Tacee' t I haomi. Same Loatian and Manainment For Hoher Ic) stevedore r31 NW 13th st Over it Years, Preserlotions Our Spclaetyeo Hurrt r2a E Iotih St HI t 2200 SW Sth st. Tels 4-1703 and 4-9153 "' Ira J (Lulu B) arp 609 NW 58th b ^ P'ark Se,1 Irene Ir) cook h'2C NW 9th stS t ation (Jan I Saolmi lilling sta Jock n-iter Standard Lunch r2370 260' 61st st 2 712 216 R sbc' Jacob I te v di Ollie Trotl Traller Camp rIOn10 flltiiip IL3 eluecca i dome 1.h1J IS N 62d BiRsconi-nc hind 0 sl~ o Phi r133 NO1 31 it ct Jas (ci e432 NW 16h ter g o Phylm n lmuoIt opr uialec n Beauty Shop Jan (c; Thecresa) lb tlT5 NW 67th st Clumbing Ce lArnold D Bryan) 314 Coral way Jus Ic nrywkr Victoria Hasp r267 NW 6th sI I It eghiri Jns D Jr usher r2s N00 52d st --" Reial d %I Ilkecii crp 1 3033 N'O 9th ac Janie (c) maid 27 NE 56th 01 O Baita 9 rusl rme2 NO td an s Ja rrot i : dele) chauf h3232 r Brooker St (C "Bobt Geplteeg Pt)n~ rI9 Nil3 sftl Grate) t SI1 L an at Union Floano e Co r79 S bOO 1t Jene Mrs slswn h2003 SW Sath nt '1 A not L IThelma1 carp Jecs1 NW 31st t essle M sis n RCDDS r003 SW 25th s 0 Unbo L Thnnial carp ht(l K0 tt Inc J lathryn) driver A H Ramsey & Sons KohlR IAnnle I rn 1 b3lt6 N%61sI n IfIS N'10 Ib 4 1 at Rasa Iri maId e141 N 17th nt Jos Ic lea) (ibh636 N\ 20t xt r" Bo (Ianc) turn rm 59.61 NE tlili Jn h do Relis ci ret Soth Flu otor Soles Co2 2 R at n meatctr Loeett's Grocery h 620 N 10th sc .r s N a_ ii itns Ii i I. (0 St aI ise Ctlis hi3s6 Oi N 32d w The CITY ICE and FUEL CO. z "Vitalaire" Air Conditioned Refrigerators Displar Room 2637 N. Miami Ave. Phone 3.2191

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140 REAL ESTATE LOANS INSURANCE b P~FLOOR SECURITY BLDG. PHONE 3-4757 BRYANT -Bubhell L.:mrie W'r19 NE .. Nth s[ a Leroy (c ; Sadie) lab h'607A NW 3d Itrbhle Rar (Louis Lustig) luors gd it 9 5 3 ('>Ali, y 'Lillian student r1755 SW 12th st ac a l B 1 Lillie 3 (c) maid 1774 NW 5th st r1730 NW Bubeek 'Henry 1023 s Miami av pt 3 6th t Bubie Lynn S driver Beach ill & syply Co Lottle (c) maid Barton Hotel 11905 NW 4th a' Bubier Sami B tRuth) lsmn h89 NW 3011 at "Louise Ic) porter Ceo D Herrington r219B NW Bublitz Maxsel1 E (Adeheide) slsmn h2630 Flam10tmh st ingo d' (MiB) Louise (c) maid r417 NW tth st Bbnie John F i(Hnsai liquors 4339 NW 7th 03 Lucille A sten McCrory's r8026 NE 2d av h do w Lola B aiter Allen Baker r609 NW 58th av toh Madame irs musle tchr 14 NW 31st s1 U Margt maid et36 NW 20th t r do O Marle (c) iaid re4G3 NW 3d av Ruchall Harry (tary) barber o173 W Flogler st Maorn, wtiterr2627 NW 48th at Buchan Peter 'Eliz) pltr h46 NW 62d at Lary Ici h3427 Hibiscus st (CGrove) Bachosat Bett I Ic; Etiet) poecer rt30 NW Itt W Mary 1c) 03547 Thomas v (CGrove) Z Mary (c) maid 260 NE 102d st r450 NW' 21st Chas fetywkr Modern Bedding Co r415 NW 4th ter Chas (c) lab r415 NW 17t1 st Mottle (el saId 01530 NW 2d av P Bant plmbr's hipo r1777 SW 3d st Murray r36 E 10th s. i'H) El.a 31 opr SBT&TCo 1l1t0 'NW 22d pl O B ic; Clara) coll "3231 WitHiam at (C Elbe Ic) the Baldwin Kindergarten & Prima Grove) ary Sih (c) ri39 NW 1st. t BRYANT OFFICE SUPPLY CO INC. H H Bryant "iiit Ja HI 1354 Ne av (MB) Jr Pres-Treas. Office Suplies. Office Furni"Lauao B nrtse St1roolN Hosp toace, Aechiecis' and Enginecrs' Saustrs, I-raBnseSral Hp t< e rhtcsadEnmes Sipis N, lan R r-Ih,, phmbr MIarkowitz & Resnick h Fllinp Systems and Loose Leat Devices. 44-48 No SV 3d t 5E Ist st, Tel 2-0588 (For further informa" tlt S h finn see left top lines and page 55 Buyers Peter I u(to slohn J1084 NOV u5mt at a w Gaidel itonlien F' I tda 11) o tctes Jeffey Lumber Tdo 0 Peter (ci farmer r2114 NW 141t at eInc c6 NE 22d st Phiip driver Miami Crystal lee Co r176 NW Bolt Gi r 11010 NW d I1I 37t Snir las T (Elil coeD i,451 BOO' 3d1 at 27 Rbt ih Siuryt ban PBK&Co r104 N t Talo d,e IPorence) oplician h143 NO' 17th ct R at Vera 1wid O1m,) sten r636 SW 6th st apt 103 S'U) "Bsato toll NOV0 cOiola oWk 1t429 \NW 3d aa apt3 e' sta (c) ck3 d N 4th t tas H rriet i) 1 a reas Griffin, Brice & its0co 11' 1 11 U h I Burhanan Inc .h74Sherldan uv 151B) BW oolo (ci cook e3SSB NOW 13th uc Bt'Ioa lao ill, l Siteidu or\ Std1t Roy C (Jane) 0434 Ma-orca an ICGablesl 3i010 NO 33t l 4 -" Buus A sec-treas Spanish Village Cleaners r B nchtan, Alberta P Mrs seCounty Agri Agt 07 Espanola way lMB) r Hometead Fla Russell Ic; Victorca gdnr h1144 NW' 2d an 5' (Gertrude) It1377 SW 3d St _"_"Russell E (Ruby) driver 'h1733 NW 47th ter tcher Barbara student r11901 Biscayne blvd Sarah Ic) m lid h554B NOV 14th st '" Fred C IFred C Bucher Co) r129 NW 6.t st T Douglas ssmn Miami Whol Gro Co r22 Sy Fred C C IFred C Bucher) real est 3935 NE I lth at 3d a Theo A t(Mabel) bldg contr h5304 NE 3d av Kath Iwid Jos) 11901 Biscayne bld Thos pipette r05 NE lst a, Kenneth G (Pearl; Green Acres Trailer Park) Thos slstn Brandt's Food Shop 17608 NE Miami c1901 Ricayne blvd t Pearl student rl1901 Biscayne bird Thos (c) stevedore 1i73 NOW 14th St Bachmann Ernest A reste 827 SW 0th st r307 SW Victor 31 forms County Anti Mosquito District 6th at r1221 NE 1st av 'Ervin A ret, r,100 SW 7th at W H (Jennie) Ismn Guaranty Underwriters Inc Ge A (Grace L) sec-treas South Fla Amuser Ft Lauderdale ment to h1491 NW' 26,th st Walton C itnezl agt Moore & McCormack Inc Geo A ir msngr Burdine's Inc r34 NE 52d ter r Biscayne bled it NE 11th st pier No Il Buchner Frank W (Baby) counter-n r315 NE Wm Ic; Esther) caretkr 32895 NW 45th st 15th ter Wi, C (Elsa G; Bryant opt Hotel) 5421 NE Buchwld Iegi na r243 Meridian av (310) 2d an Satl (Rosel h?242 SW 25th av Om H (Ruby) eletn 12221 NW 3d ot Buchoitez Henry (Irene) decorator h2323 OW Wi H slsmn h 3 201.. NW 22d ter 1II it Willi, lc) porter Stone's Grill I447A NW 9th It Buck Ainswrth h3121 Bay rd (MB E illie I (c) cook h3643 Charles at (CGrove Clifford E (Flances) pontr 1I30 SW 27t1 a & Pittmun IFrank E Bryant. Owen W Pittman R10 Mr lawyers 174 E Flagler at R13 Edgar tH (Johnnie) pntr 1,1032 SO 29th or M Bryd Jos W (Stella G) elk PO 01705 SW 21st Eelyto 110532 S 901kan ter Fraok 31 (Carolinei elk it rear 120 NE 600h 00 E Bryman Betty (Betty's Gift Shop) 129 Collins av Gratz 1 (Lucille) meatetr Quality Curb Mkt (MsBett r2340' 300 7th at Bryan Alice D 1945 NW 6th st H Dudley ILoly f1) slsmn W Krames OrganBryson Albert C (Clara CI elk e 25l 1 NE 38th st 1ation h9t NE 80th st R J .tei Co Conner J Bryson) steel products BUCK HAROLD L iEilzabeth M). Pres-Treas S335 N Mtain av Fidelity Finance Service Inc, 1812 Valencia Claudla 5' (wid Arth) r1333 NE Bay Shore et av (CGables), Tel 4-6776 apt 14 Haywood I (Thelma) carrier PO h1158 NW La Conner J Iabel H; Bryson Steel Products Ca) at 3507 SBW 1900 no Houserd K IHelen Li elk Phb Plain Glasa Co N Earl R (Josle) sliun 1545 NW 30th It 1,2401 SW 28th st apt "aoE (Edith; Snow Cleaners & Laundry) rj41 J Stanley (Alberta) plmbr Miami Sta Inc e2401 J n a, (NIB) SW' 3th apt 5 FTP e Ce. "John L (Susan S) cigars 326 E Flagler st hSlt, -Jones Co The J Harley Jones mge resir equip1 ire o. Joieroaar mD oent 453 XV Flugier 01 .EFtRST AVE '" Joosita (c) mid 4515 0 ter don av r-B) 3tary Sirs dok Mfeseson & Bobbins Iso 01717 1 Minnie L student r306Cater st (CGrove) NE ic a Phone 3-5308 Nettle (Ie) aid rS38 NW s av a r 1936 SW 2d sa apt 16 Rufus O Stary W) patrolmn Milami Polle 1306 '" Iichd elk 11717 NE 1st av apt 4 U.S. Warehouse Center st ICGroce) '" Selby B ISailie Oi) r812 Vateaela ar (CGables) Distributors Rutit stduent 03067 Carter st (CGrove) "Walter (Mildred) prsmn h rear .9 NE 90th st WHOLESA LE 00Wm elk r356 NE. 30011 at opt B 00altec B Iti5 NOV 24th St Me BETAIL & Fkeecon John L Br too Sid T Freeman) Bie aoit t-t .lo Bahin mgr shoes 144 N Niami cigars 27 NE 21 ata Bryte John A h3353 SW 34th ter BUCK'S TOP & BODY WORKS (Wm G B-sdI. EVERYTHING Buan Barry (Lilliant oIsmn The Leonards Store Metal Work Our Specialty ,004 NW tt an' For Your 979 SW 41h st alit 1 TeO 2-0656 Fur Yauc i LilIlan asst bkpr The Leonards Store c979 SW Ba lalea Wmia D (Blanche) sismn Lester FAUTOMOBILE 4th 1t opt 1 B unn h2756 sw 25th ter Thrnugh Miami Beach Abstract and Title Co. Friends (incorporated) and Bervite We Crawl The Only Abstract Plant in Miami Beach Miami Bach First Natinal Bank Bldg. Phoon 5.5341

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141 300 TE COLUMBUS Steam Combination a mr',tS neAt twBrafon't H Tub and Shower _t_ _"_ Dining Baths E 'EA RU Room Inmher Buckard John J (Mary G) h2011 SW 24th st B tUAU Buckell Bernard (Rita; Sun Dry Lndry) h522 Arith S (Hel-n D) barber 103 NE 3d av h1425 Biscayne bId NW 30th st Bucker Mary L (c) h125 NW 5th at 'ins L (Amy E; Dixie Bar-B-Cue) 2032 NW Buckett Cloud (c) porter Magic City Garage 17th an r1603 NW 5th av "John (Ethel) restr 1150 SW 3d av Buckeye Apartments 12 NW 11th st Mary (wid Lmras) rll50 SW 3d an Auto Parking (Harry H Brokaw) 135 NE d st Budd Clifford Mills h2870 tine Tree dr apt 3 Bar (Chas Mullaney) liquors 04143 NE 1st av (MB) lotel Mrs Jennie Goldline mgr 610 Collin ar F R rel rst Wm 'H Cold Co r1900 SW 5th at Buckhalt C emp City Ice & Poet Co r26n26 SW "' Garland 11 (Ilattie H) cik 1h510 SW 13th av 18th at BUDD GARLAND M JR, Associate S Pierre Rob" Cath cash Piggly Wiggly Stores r1436 NW 30th B nen, Lawyer 7th Floor Olympia Bldg 174 E One nt Flauler st, Tel 2-2410. r510 SW 13th av. Tel Hubbard (Mary) lather h1926 NW 38th at 3-4378 Jas T (Vesta MI ice dir h402 SW 33d av Gladys M Mirs tchr Sheridan Park Private Sch Boar Thos A (Mattle L) icern h3415 NW 19th av 177 NF 50th at apt 29 esta M Mrs slnwn Sou Furn Co 1402 SW 33d 'talcolm S (Gladys M) v-pres Baker Ins Agcy av Inc l1 77 NE 50th at apt 29 Warele (Ruby) mech I1 rear 436 NW 30th nt R Dale (Pancoast Drug Store) r97g0 Biscayne Buckhart Clifford atndt r312 NW 5t st bid Buckholt Cecil (Dorothy) driver r rear 262N SW 'Win h1775 NE 2d av apt 13 lot at Zetta F Mrs nurse 29 Oviedo ar apt 4 (CGables) 'omer E mecli MB Otunicipat Garage It do Buckholtz Myrtle L (Mickey's) h27 NW 17th pl Buddington Dorothy 01 student r4037 El Prado Buckholz Mary H tcehr Ponce de Leon High Sch (C~rone) rS-y SW 13th av apt 9 Jas G (Lucy) contr 4037 El Prado (CGrove) Wi At ins Fla Insp & Rating Bureau h227 SW h do 13th av apt 9 Thos student r4037 El Prado (CGrove) Buckhorne Bar (Clarence C Jacobson) beer 156 BUDGE FRANK T (Minnie Mae), Pres Frank T NE 14th t Budge Co, 1600 Alhambra circle (CGables), 1400 Buckhout Paul C (Eleanor) 10'5 NE 21st nt Tel 4-4300 Buckle Edw waiter Sami Caro BUDGE FRANK T CO. Frank T Budge Pres, N. W. Buckingham Apartments Mrs Louisa Polak mgr Richards D Maxwell V-Pres, Albert N Brady 107 NW Sth an Sen and Gent Mgr, Northrop V Maxwell I7th Ave. MyrlIn chauf 4950 Pine Tree dr (MIB) Treas, Wholesale and Retail Hardware 5 E Backland Mary B r145 NW 61st st Flagler st. Tel 3-8431 (For further InformaBuckler Geo M (Eleanore Ni 11240 NOV 53d at tin see hack cover and page 26 Buyers' Roht N (Margt) photog 12 7th st (MB) r1240 Guide) NW 53d st ^' Harry C (Gussie F) h323 NE 27th at Buckley Chas H (Mary E) h13. NE 11th ter Budget Dress & Hat Shop Inc his Bertha SnelTelephone Eliz Ms hsekpr 40 NW 12th st r do lenburg mgr 2_-27 S'E 1st ar Emmett C (Grace) elk Jas W Purkey h445 NW Budinger .J Thos (Willie Al Insulation k342 SW 2 120th at 17th an net .7" Harold L (Eudora) elk h1559 NW 26th av Budliger Olargt waiter RoBht J Lindley (CGrove) Jao (Ruth) hit SW 6th at d2764 Tiger Tall av (CGrove) GJa L lanyer 2128 Ponce de Leon hind tC Budlong Wm L elev ope Hotel McAllister r428 Jas W (Margt) lab h5257 NW 5th st NE 3d ac Kth h666 NW 38th at apt 1 Budner Byoan (Sarah; Budanr A Nawoff) h Leon (Mary) r747 NE 72d at 110 SO 1t at Lucille 21 see Personal Finance Co r442 NE arri r1020 SW 1st st 7tih at Sarak r1O20 SW tat at Ss Namof (Hyman Budner, Nathan Namoff) Morontrs (Lincoln Branly Salon) rI120 LIedelicatessen 1131 W Flagler at HIHXIH cain rd (MBe Budreau Wan E (Madeline G) chiropractor 111 SMary A mr dietilian Soatlirastern Branch at NE 2d an R202 hilO1 NOV 1thi at the Fla Children's Home r09 NW 14th st Bade Morn C mgr Track & Shore Int Mory A Mrs tel opr City Tel Exch h20 NE Buzdz MimlS rlj NE 14th at apt 1 Norm B ionr220 So 7t atFAUTH, 32d as Buegeleisen Louis ot SY -5th at apt 12 Ruth e Mrs rCldCourt At Buehler Jos E novelties 7180 NO 17th an 15243 Ruth Mrs mgr Home Service Lnd y r225 SW Alton rd (MB) 61th ry Buehlman Bertha irs h1s23 NE 23d st apt 1 Inc. Thos C supt Moore & McCormack Inc r3437 BisBuehner \ a P A (Babette S) mechl eng 129 SW cayne btd Buehring Wn r240 NE 0th at Thos G (Mary A) elk h220 NE 22d nt Buehrmann Henry (Heical mach h237 E 4th at ECh ive Wo r60 NW 1stt nI H5) Wm D (Jane F) loans Am Bank & Trust Co Buell Dry Cleaners (Jos J Degen) 178 SW 17th av cih 2a '313 NW12th n Verne V (Louise) ssmn Davis & Alexander Furniture Buekiln aCrnlu (an13 N V1tra 12th SS SO O r421 SWV 3d at Buckman Cornelius (Jane) farmer h1602 SW 61st Buena Vista Apartments 23 NW 35th st and 176 Buckansr Carl It student r12084 NWV "9th tee NE 40th at Backner a I s dehr r 4 Econmy Cah A Vista Bar (Karl R iStoup) llquors 3711 NE 2d an Buckner Alma J Mrs br mgr Economy Cas & -VIta Bowling Alley (Howard F Holleman) 135 Carry Clnrs Inc 2126 NW Flagler ter NE 3th st "Chas L (Alma J) elk East Coast Equipment Ca Vista Department Store Inc Jas L Kinkaid pres rC126 NW Flagler ter Mrs Cora Si Kinkaid v-pres Buhl L Kinkald Interir BUCKNER JAMES HENRY (Alma), Salesman sec Sn Cora M'Hill treas 3500 NE 3d av Hall-Stanley Co, Paints 113 NE 9th st, Tel Vista Elementary School Hazel Weatherly prin Decorators 3-5228, 11008 NW 22d of 3001 NW 2d an "'lartha L Mrs h1892 SW 10th at Vista Furniture Exchange (Isaac J Aboulala) BUCKNER THADDEUS G (Loa Lee), Pros3620 NE 2d an and Treas Miami Coca-Cola Bottling Co, r Jack" Vista Iron Works (Geo E and Donald B Berry) sonville, Fla 232 NOV 53d at I lWi B hlpr Sistrunk Inc r122 NE 24th et "Vista Service Station (Marion A Cross) 4100 Inpot'trs Wm M (Inez) cond h120 NE 24th at NW 2d av Bucks Harold W (Marie S) credit mgr h2969 SW Buerk Chas A (Hortense) chemist h444 W RIvo 12th st Alto dr (Rivo Alto Island) Buckstein Ida '(aid Saml) 12e01 SW 11th at Buerki Frances G asIan Greater Miami Free InBuckwell Jas (Helen) h2110 W Flagler at apt 15 formation Bureau h175 NE 02d at Buckwelt Bert (Hael) carp h590 NW 90th at Bursing Win A carp c179 NW 22d at Buckwold Regine r31 Sheridan av (MB) Wilma A sisn RCDDS r1799 NOT 22d 01 Biggayne Blvd. Bud's Sundries (Brister (Bud) Austin) 3021 BisBuettner Augusta L rO NW 62d at cayne bid Buf Sarah ste Win I Brenner r6717 Bird rd at Buda Amy E Mrs (Dixie Bar-B-Cue) h2032 NOV Buffalo Coffee Shop (John Chokanls, Jas Flkolus) 11th an 1100 5th st (MB) Fourteenth Tenrant GULF LIFE INSURANCE CO. DIaL "A SOUTHERN INSTITUTION" Life Insurance and Annuities For All Needs 3-4669 7th Floor Security Bldg. Phones 2-4911 and 2-5088

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142 N N ISTANLEY D ,DD CO. 3'2 A U 0 0 Bufe Linn; Mr ssn Chalmers Musdc Ca iL L BH ,CN N h49 SE Hh ca r Car mll t (Virginia) prid 25 SE 2d av R1146-SMaxwell E (Lucille B)carp h49 SiE 6th st 47 111685 SW 13th ter Buffington Remer E (Jose foor eander Hl2 NW Chas (Verna) driver i237 SW 19th an 22A sA Franklin L (Sadie R) srmn h79 NW It st Wade r22 NW 22d at Fredk ntudent 1043 Obispo av (CGable) m' W G (Louise) chauf h152 NW 3d st apt 8 Bose F Mrs h1043 Obispo av (CGables) TITLE Buffum Pearl dental hygienist Dr H Roy BothSteamship Line The Lawrence F Craig geni agt TITLE wINl .401 N 2h st i C J Maltusek chf elk John B Canitien coml INS. Buford Albert L (Henerietta P) dep County Sheract Pier 3 Biscayne blvd ft NE 9th at LO Iff h67 NW 43d at W T elk FIaP&LCo t1043 Obispo av (CGables) e Co. Felix in) lab ri8 NW 8th ct Builard Abner (c) student r3616 Charles av (C" Jas h978 NW 3d nt apt 7 Grove) JessIe (c) janitor Ingraham bldg h194 NW Arey in) bell capt Alhambra Hotel r1460 NW Title 13th st 2d av Insurance Sarah L cash Live & Let Live Drug Store r667 Al Ic; Florence) 'bartndr Cuban Bar h507 NW Isace NW 43d si 17th si Escrows Bugasch Rbt (Wliheimino) h90 NE 84th st -" Alf W ( i; Isadora) 'h1748 NW 67th nt Abstracts Bghee Airoy L (Mabel) r4l NE 50th st Alma Ic) maid 4108 Palmarito av (CGables) Bugg Lawson C (lary E) elk FECRy u1120 SW r55nw Braoker ot (Crnve) of Title 11th at Andrem Ir ; Lethal lab kel2l NW 19th ot of Tid Minetta J hsekpr Whitman Hotel (MB) 12327 Anna (c) maid 3534 Palmetto av (CGrove) SW 11th an r3616 Charles av (CGrove) 2d Floor Bugge Ernest lab Biscayne Kennel Club r162 W Belj ic; Alice) lab li724 NW 5th av Flagler st Chas (c; Evelyn) lab h13:l NW 4th at Huntington Huggie Reuben elk M E Stewart r173 Flagler st Clara L hoehEr 1121 NOV 13th an do Buggs Fanny Pt (e) maid r257 NOV 6th 0 Clifton P lEmma J) phyn 134 NW fib ar Bldg. Leroy (c) cook r25 NV 6th st b L NOV th a Norman (; Lilly) watter h269 NW Ilk s Doe In; Legacy) lob h25ld NW 111k re' Timothy (c) hsemn r_57 NW 6thst Edith Ic) maid 3616 Charles av (CGrove) Phones Wm W Rev (c : Lena) pastor StPaul A 3I E Eliza fnshr Carter Dry Cing Co t1625 NW 6eh c Church b257 NW 6th ot Ellz (c) hsekpr r1322a NW 2d av 2.7624, Wm W jr () hsemn r257 NW th st Er e B (Nettle D) meats 1694 SW 27th an k1682 2.1625 Bugh Anna (wid Geo) rl 21 S Miami av Ernest (c) lab r rear 1654 NW 4th av Buhl Lawrence D (Cora) h4621 Collins av (MB) Eva (c) h1615%4 N 111st t Buhler Alva C tel opt r591 NW 22d nt Evelyn I ) smrs r54NO NW 14th st 0 Emil (Jeannette M) v-pres Fogal Boat Yards Geo (Ruth) auto mech h766 NE 127th s h1230 S VenetIan way (San Marro Island) He rd (t Adeline) gdnr h732 NW 17th et Miami Beach J Harry pntr Prigg Hoar OVks r327 NE st Hercd I; Al h1ie) gde b1iS NW 6tH ct Office Paul H (Mathilda; Beach Plaza Apta) h1216 "11enry I mdent ete30 \W 8 NO \V Ilk or 1661 Theodoa B Mr rec Fga) eal Yard 111320 S Irene (c) Indrytoae 1171 N R sd at Lenox Ave. Venetian ray (San Plarco Island) Jas (E; Alma lab b335J Benoker ot ICGrae) 1 Thet C (Theodora B) pre Fogal Boat Yard Ja4 1E 8 Dnrnlb3 3 ) auto neck Kieka Garage Phone 5.6649 h1320 S Venetian otay (San Marco Island) Jrshu O 7 Wiliam an (COv5e) 1 Wi (Myrtle) ship clk Monmouth Plumbing I' Jolus (Edna) emp Teop al Wil rm Inc re SuPply Co 1591 NW ^_2d s NW 5th et Buhner Wm A (Jane) orthodontist l274 Biscayne Slargt (ci h rear 429 NW 14th ter bld I90 NE 32d ot apt D Mary (C) maid h3278 Charles 0t (CGrove) Bjice Jon L slsmn riayniond E Carrol r733 NW Norma N visitor State Welfare 8d r2930 NW S-Pauline SI Mr asst jellymkr Niami'Fruit Ind Inc Norman c0) slsmn 1724 NIX 5th av i4730 NW 2d av '' Pearl (c; Howard-Buliard Beer Tavern) re2l4 BUICK AUTOMOBILES. Ungar Buick Co DisNW 3d av tributors 1201-I21i NE 2d aa, Tein 2-81l "Philip G Ic; Amandu) armer dl426 NW 5th pl Vand 2-S8Ill (Fur farther lefarmatin ore Ph11111p (ci tills NW 67ib ot right side lines and page 8 Buyers' Guide) Prince (c; Ladora) lab h325c NW Ilth ter L Builders I'lay Pradurs Corp Ray L Parker pres Rar naiter Holleman's Grille t660 Collins a v i ;a larker jr c-eres Mary E Reeder sec Richd waiter r3430 SW 13th ter ill NIX itb av "RObt (c; Fannie) elk h6224 NW 14t1 et Bul iding Serrice Prp Hugo Shonberg suptr 1 "tone let maid e4il NW ilih tr T V N, 24 an R60 "h' c maid r432 Nic b6myte a Trades Counel rrho L lenney sec 925 NE Ist av Sarah ( mai er r94 hw r Liberty City lBus Worth W' (Veronica; Service Clnra & Lndry) Tranle (ci de eve t h 34 NOV Ilk c t G" 12874 N ]tt"Truman K (Rotb1l racaicte 13444 SW 24th at 4NW lnt at "Viola (c) maid b rear 128 NW 4th av bbujky Frank B rI00 SW 4th a apt 7 Walter G (Anea 1) acci h1440 NW 14th Louis ose ) chef h700 SW 4th an apt 7 wr (c) sisimn 343 NW 13th t Buker Archie E (Anna) elk h1470 NW 24th St Wit D (c; Addle) lab h1733 NW 5th et C (Mamie) carp P3630 NW 22d av Bullema Gerhard (Anna G7 carp h919 NW 7th an + "Chas E (Nellie T) teler Little River Bank & Bullen Ilelen C alterateonwn Joseph's r169 NW Trust Ca h3324 NW l2th av 94th st "' Clarence (Jean) rgnin r443 NW '4th St Buller Billy S (Dorothy) dancing sr 1234 NW Bilkis .Alex (Vlrginial h7,57 SW 3d sA ith av h do "Geo waiter e757 SW 3d st Howard L (Irma) pilot h1245 Algeria av (C 4 Bukofeer Lena r538 Meridian at (MB) Gables) Buksha Cornre (1) shoe shiner Washington Shoe Bullet Mercy (c) maid r3441 Charles av (CShop r1117 NW 1st ct Grove) Bulbin Frank student ,1269 SW 5th nt Bulletin Rebecca (c) maid ,353 NW 19th at Henry (Nellie S) sec-treas Cowen-Bulbin Shoe Bailington Mabel L Mrs asst bkpr WSL Inc h1152 Sores Inc b1269 SOW l 5th st NW 29th ter Bulcrolt Allen ()ary) trainer ,34 Mendoza av "' Boy sa atodt Norton Tire Co Inc r255 NW ,k0 apt 5 (CGables) 5t1c et Bulger Louie (wid Benj) k3643 SW 23d ter W Hermon (Mabel L) alson F T Budge Co Mary C (wid Patk) 12783 SW 33d av h1132 NW 11th ter Bulifant S lianche (wid Joshua) a 185 NE 50th et Wm 1212 NW 34th av SWm W (Margt) aIsmn Bickel Estates Improve' m J (Frances I) carp k69 NE 86th St ment C h 85 NE 50th st Bullis Bessie Mrs lswa Surf Bathing Shop Bulkley Chas E (Harriett) h rear 2126 NW 18th St Balit Wm (c; Thelma) lab h3455 Margaret st (C Norm lE Mrs wrapper Shenandoah Candles Grove) r22 I SW th st Bulltit Alf (hi Pauline) lab r3 7 1 NW 16th ter Bull A I &i C In Lawrence F Craig gen agt Hazel waiter Hotel c) ll i7 r2217 NW 3d et C J Matusek chf elk J B Cauthen coml agt Rebecca (c) Inds h440b NW 10th st steamshi1 agts Pier 3 Bo1ayne bled ft NE Bullman Douglas (Marle M) buyer supt Economy It or W1hoI lro Co h35 NW 31st av PROTECTIVE LIFE INSURANCE CO. HOLLIS BUSH & CO., Loan Correspondent HOLLIS BUSH, General Agent INGRAHAM BLDG. MIAMI

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KAUTZMANN-VERNET LUMBER CO. MERRILLLUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIAL STEVENS Miami Yard, 201 N. W. 1st Court If It's used building, South Miami Yard Phone 2-848 "WE HAVE IT Phone 4-4343 DRY DOCK BIULLMAN Bunnell Emmett (Louise) an h3817 NW 13th av Sidney R elk Marshall E Beard r"919 Bridge" Ethel (wid Fred) r59 NE I lih tee port av (CGrove) Frances student r633 NW 79th st Bullooh Jas P (Eloise A) driver h rear 2405 NW Geo (Lillian) contr h733 NE 74th st 13th ct Go A jr sec Geo Bunnell Inc 2733 NE 74th st Bullock Ann C (wid John) nurse 66 NW 36th Ct Geo Inc Mrs Una L Longmire res Geno A Bunh do neil jr see Men Freda LeRoy tress contra 79 Bailey G (Lilly) reedinkr Reed Furn Mfg Co NE 20th ter e7324 NW Miami et Gertrude Mrs to) opr t633 NW 79th st A Clayton L student r66 NW 36th Ct '" Gilbert A (Annie R) fishermn 1t722 NW 21st at Cleo (c) mutd r1747 NW 4th t Luther IE (Ada MI auto mech h519 SW 5th av Hattle (c) Indrs r105 NW 17th si r' Mason E (Colleen) bkpr Goodyear Service r159 Howard (ci lab r367 NW 7th st NE 11th ter "Bard c) porter Everglades Soda Shop Inc Otis WV lab r67 NW 22d st r715 NW 4th av Theo C (Anna C) ng hit-it NW 21st st Jas (c; Eliza) porter h1625 NW 6th It Virginia r519 SW 5th ur John W (Kate E) real est 25 SE t2d av R929. Bunns Fairetha 1c) maid Helen's Malson de h1554 W 25th st (Sunset Island No 2) Beaute r352 NW' 11th ter Josephine A Mrs 11715 NW 22d ot Buno Gus barber Odle T Horner rt17 SW 13th s t '01 Quince (Helen) cuep 0h5915 sw diii it Bunteen Hasi sisson MSCo eG15 NOV 2dih sa autie (wid Jas T)I h10 NE 22d st Buntin Wataon (Frances) steward r341 St 12th Stilton Q city dremn r70 NW 101st st t atilders BULLOCK RALPH G. Real Estate Sales and Bunting sruce R student 2142 SW 17th ct Rentals 627 NW 36th st, r do, Tel 2-6294 Donald IOlarjorie) meteorologist h2581 Trapp ay Repairers u Ralph G Co (Ralph G Bullock) real est 627 NW (CGrove) 36th st Loretta (wid Geo) h160 NE 19th ter apt 4 Paiaters Robt M (Florence) city policeon h1152 NV Louise (wid C 0I r147 SWO lith at -ih nt apt 1 Om r23O NV 1st st apt. Robt S (Julla) ist v-pres Federal Bldg & De WOltmer slsun E Forrest Wlthers Inc r160 NE Marin velopment Corp h1209 18th st 1 19-1h ter apt 4 BlHough Win (Dorothy) radio repr 637 S Miami Bunts Iris S Mrs furo rms 35 NW 3d at h do Repairs. us 21232 NOV 7th ucJas H (Iris S) h35 NW 3d at a Sultan ro C (Doroth h12 NW 41st st apt 4 Bunyan Edo" (c; Alberta) gdnr 13364 Charles av and Baiter Apurtets 185 SE 8th rA CCkrsoel Dry Docking Suiter Mose (c ; Stella) lab h1930 NW 4th av Burat Paul pintr r537 SW 3d nt Rultman H Neal Mrs mgr Neal Hotel r30 N Miami Burbacher Chas R (Elsle) phys 227 Aragon av (Con aCahe,) b3825 El Prado (CGrove) Paul J waiter Mrs Mabel Register r955 SW 9th Burbage Florence Mrs br mgr Goldstronm Baking 1270 Co t26 IW Flagler st N. W. 11th St. Bulmurn kEit (c maid t432 NOV 1st ct Burbank Josephine 5t (wid Manning S) h125 SE at Rehnofia (c; Effie) porter r143 5 NW t 1t Burberry Harry E (OWilda B) carrier PO b1829 Mu. Raver Sandy (c) porter r1435 NW tat Ct NW 15th ot Silua c r3 05 0 1ot i E Burbo Rose waiter Sunshine Restr r606 Collins It Phone Xuo thdn Pierce OV Ilunie E) dog racer r1360O (MB) NE 6tha Buma s ((ary) h359 Meridian av apt 16 (NIB) Burbridge Albert F (Kth) pntr h1004 NE 119th 2-5151 Boncan Jos (c) El theov 4220 SV th at Wm (Mary C) r85 E Dilido dr (Dilido Island) Bnce Albert P (August E) gr 2"0 SWWt n Jr real est h825 E Dilido dr (Dilido Island) h4243 SW 9th at Danforth A rS60 NE 58th ter Burch see ulno Birch Wm M (Luellu D) ssmn h20 NE 58th ter Aeth O mgo San Carlos Hotel r1428 SW 3i st -+ Bunch Bossie httlt NW 47th ter Benj T (Florence T) farmer h1232 NO 54th ot ID -Byron S (Effie A) auto repr 5280 NW 27th av Cath lab r2534 Indian Mound Trail (CGables) G h2804 NW 1st av apt 4 Connie (wid Saud) h2517 NW 1st av uClarice Mrs elk r127 NW 17th pl Dasis C (Amy) gro 4700 NOV 12th av h do Geo 31cC CGrace A) eleatn State Road Dept Dorothy r2534 Indian Mound Trail (CGables) h111:6 SW 3d at Ella (I) maid 2120 SWV 4th st rS08 NW 3d av Harry C (Margt B) ssmn Turner-Fri. Co h842 Ethel tchr Orchard Villa Sch r116i NW 58th ot NW lst st H 31 e779 NW 34th at apt 2 l Leila checker WSL Inc r2323 NW 18th av Hugh A (Et'hel) hlpr Jersey Ice Cream Co h p Rchd H embahoer Wyndham L Philbrick r1853 1167 NW 38th st Washington as (NIB) Jas (c; Virgie) r1650 NW 6th us Buncher Leo A (MargD) pubir h756 NE 75th rI Jas (cI gro 1300 NW 2d av h1302 do 4 Bundeadm iHerbert J horse trainer r599 NW 47th John samn r1029 NW 28th ut .t John E phys 600 'i Flagler ot r2534 Indian Bundsden Wo bkpr c31 NOV 3d st Mound Trail (CGables) Bundsen RIChd T (Bertha) h4771 NO0' 6th av John F (Nita) real nsa 437 4tst at (5B) b do Bundy Adelbert student r325 NE 971h st Josephine (s) beauty shop 147 NOV 14th st 140 I Gladys bkpr Southern Cafeteria r1522 NE 1st NW 1st it targt M mwid Lorrin; Bundy's Restr) h325 NE Rath J Mrs drug sundries 3040 NW 2d av 0. 97th st h27t4% do Bundy's Restaurant (Mrs Margt M Bundy) 2832 Mary S Iwld Edw R) h253 Indian Mound N Miami an Trail (Cahial s) Bungalow Apartments Chas E Nadler mgr 1604 ieriosm L swn ICDDS rO5 NE 79th t Michigan av (MB) 2307 NE 2d and 215 NE Miriam oid John) ndnwn r65 NE 701t t W 1t 23d t Roger A (Dade 5c & lie Store) r2017 N Miami M ourt1 Apartments 1843 West av (NIB) and 104 as NE 25th st RuBin N (Lizzy L) phys 1774 SW Sth at h1601 I "Inn The (Elsie t Herbert) restr 1120 00' Flag80' 10tih 0t S ler st SoSl hipr Lyon Elec Ce e2514 NIX lot av Bunker Augusta (wid Leander) 11665 SW 20th st '' Om IGertrude) h1335 SW 1st s0 "Elz B r6921 NW 5th p1 Burchall Henry (Esther) slotn b509 SW 8th st Russell A (Myrtle) marble capt h2339 NO' Burcham Gladys Sirs r2012 NX' 18th a 78th 0t Burchard Lawrence D carp Peninsula Lumber Co Bunkley Dock (c; Hattie) utndt h1IB NOV 17th ut o2801 NW 31st si m Ilmogene) pntr h3436 SW 22d ter Burchell Chas A (Maude E) slsmn Hopkinso S Bunn Chas J (c) porter Williams Used Cars Carter Hdw Co h1344 NW 8th a :t Edw (Mary) landscape gdnr h2369 SW 32d av Geo IReva) carp h736 NE 94th st i ri Everett (Alma) dairymn Rucks Dairy h139t5 Borchet Drury J (EtIhel) se to asst geni pass NE 6th an ag FECRy 11322 SE Ist at apt 2 W C N Harry (Sara) tallor 235 1st st (IB) 128 iElmer auto ech Municipal Garage (NIB) r1164 Washington a (SIB) Biarritz dr (MB) Ida A Mrs mgr Orange 'Bowl Apts r1453 NW 3d Clean slomn r2032 NW' 1th as N 51 apt I Burcheeld alzyer (iid Andy) r1770 NV 70th 3tW Jos H (Wrennie C) agt h3228 NW 10th et ter Sami L (Anna R) plslr '534 NW 18th as Dorothy M student r1766 NW 78th ter t /fITARY LinEn CUPPLY -f 426 Tamiami Trail TeL 3-7751

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144 SA BRYANT OFFICE SUPPLY CO., Inc. SERVICE Loose Leaf and Blank Books-Office Furniture Architects' and Engineers' Supplies-Typewriter Supplies PHONE 2-0588 44-46-48 S. E FIRST STREET BURCHFIELD Burgess Alf E (Ethel) aIliykr h2469 NW 60th St ath r341 NW 45th st Anna L elk Jackson Memorial Hosp r721 SW R S lab FIaP&LCo r4h43 Prairie av (MB) 5th st Theo (Marjori ) carp h1135 NW 67th t Anne Sirs v-pres Shelleraft Inc 11628 SW 3d at Walter W (Delcie) carp h1766 NW P8th ter apI 10 SWillard H tester h1770 NW 78th ter Arth F I'Ets M) council member North Miami W C h47 NE 130th at '1540 NE 129th It Burcezak Harold meatctr N Y bleat Alt r150 NE Beatrice Ic) lab r610 NW 21st ter 64th ter CecIl IJosephine) h1444 SW 2d st Burlen Lillian r1936 NW Flagler ter Edw driver Allapattah Furn Exch r1 NW 53d Lowell E (Agatha) film opr h1936 NW' Fiagler St ter Eliz 0 Mrs h731 SW 5th at BurdrshsW Aleen h1:21 NE 5th at apt 5 Ernest hipr Geo W Peace & Co Inc r2469, NW J P opr FIar&LCo r7540 NW 3d et 60th at Burdette Burru (Jessie) chemist h1840 S Bay Ethel Mrs h3469 SW 60th st Shore la (CGrove) t' Fletcher W (c) porter Fredk F Nan rO1624 NW Jas R tandt The Texas Co r415 SW 33d as '5th et Burdick Agnes maid 1048 SW 11th s1 r1237 NW Henry (c) lab ri944 NW 6th et 36th ot Jack (Anne) h1628 SW 3d st apt 10 Arth (Christine) tlilestr Interstate Marble & Jas (c) janitor r2147 NW 5th av Tile Co 1143 NW 21st at Jas W (Grace) slamn h335 47th st (ME) Clyde R (Lorita) tllestr Interstate Marble & '" John A (Juanita R) hill NW '58th st Tlle Co hi344a NW 53d at Jas (c) lab r1446 NA 1st pl Doris A sten \i Lewis flail h1343 NW 1st at Jolla (wid Reese) hipr Ada Merritt Jr High Sch apt 4 f afeterda r731 SW 5th st NOLB Frank S (Ruth M) tlestr Interstate Marble & Mary F r335 47th st (MB) Tile Co h1626 NW 44th at Nathaniel (r Ruth) clo cnr Bon Ton CMncs N Jos P (Foster News Stand) rnl5 SW South h325 NW 11th at rLERiEERiver dr 0 M h-1441 Brickell av PEEath E ten Keyes Co b429 NW 4th at apt 13 R Generla ten Walter O Marshburn i2469 NW Leea E (Jay)at at Sou Life & Health Ins Co 60th at TflDC rti>2 NW 11th at apt 1 Rosa A (iId Jesse Ci mus tchr 1016 NE 2d av "M Patsy Alrs maid 1048 SW 10th av h do Ralph r341I NW 55d t Rumell clab French Benzol CfInrs r369 NW I'" ilhd ,Edythe BI mgr Edgewater Beach Hotel 14th st InC. 1410 Ocean dr (IB) Russell G hipr Johnnie & Mack Body Shop Burdin Howard L (ELI R; OfIre Equipment Co) r1515 NE Is et Biscayne b1527 sV 20th av Sarah E (wid Harry) h64 NE 47th st Blvd. at asech offcle Equipment Co r335 W Flag" Sidney jr (c) porter F T Budge Co r345 NW 20th Ter. Burdina Genie M (wid Freeman) h1452 Brickell Walter (c; Mazie) hIS31 NW 5th av av Wilbur student r721 SW 5th st PHONE 11 Ge M (Marle B) stmn Bartley Coffee Co h86 W J (Clarice B) city Sremn h736 NW 35th at SW 10th as Wm K ass a mgr Family Loan Cs r929 SW 5th st 3 5361" John Al (Pauline Q) ins 12 SE 1st ac h404 NE apt 6 26th ter Im T (Gladys W) -to 2940 NW Gib av c600 LilIan (wid Reddey) h409 E San Marino dr NW 30th st (San Marian tsland) XWm T mech East Coast Equipment Co t51 N' Pauline Inc Mrs Pauline A Burdine preo-mgr 100th st omen's turngs 730 Lincoln rd (3B) Burgett Frank (c) butler 1505 Meridian av (MB) Salisen Q Mrs ires-mgr Pauline Brdie n e Lucill bkpr Coral Gables Gro Co Inc h404 NE 2hth ter Orville (Cora) patr h429 SW 13th at hIay Stadium The ns NW 3d sIt bet 14th and Ray ILucille) driver Renuart Lumber Yds Inn 16th ave hI020 SW 13ia ter Siciorta r32S Cadima av (CGables) Reymond (ca Marle) 11515 NW 6th ct BURDINE W M, Pres Burdine's Inc, r Dallas Ruth r4020 SAW 13th ter Park Apts. Tel 2-4155 Rurgtlardt Lillian Al teller Am Bank & Trust Co SURDiINE'S INC. W M Bardier Pr-es, G E Whitlm'1S \\5 ISV sibtot Ec V-Pirs and BGrt Mr, F B rasap Burg rt Frank suto mech Damren Auto Serylce V-Prs and Geei Mdse Mgr. H F Cordes Sec. -" Frank G (Gildys) h412 SW 22d rd Tria, and Gen Supt, A Complete Department Frank G (Xivian) auditor Biscayne renne Club /S tore Apparel Far All The Family, Fare i itlof SE 1'_2t r tur. Rts ad Draperies For The Ferme 32 ladto Ars eceptionist Casey Walton & Spain ECleolar tt, IS-3b b Miami as ard I-3R BE h412 ISV 22d rd st ot, Te 3-1141; SIR Liscoln Road and Jery elk Hector Supply Co 141 SW 22d rd I Meridian av (Miami Beach) (For Further inBurgin Lilly B Mrs sten Eric R Reading r129 NE formation see left lap lines and page 14 19th tar Bu Ba'Gide) Braecns Chas cI janitor blISS NWX 3d at Rares G de) Burgner Ray J (Los C) slsmn Meltzer Motor Co 1lardis A1es let a3O33 Washangtos ao (CGrcvai 11525 Pennsyh-ani as apt 27 (MB) Burdkie Frank C (Doeothy asst mgr Sou Life & Burgos Frank J (Lucille) hammermn State Road Healt Ins Co a1807 SW th t Dept 1a20 NW 21st st Burdock Jessie r561 WX Flagler st apt 4 -' Frank P (Mary E) h20 NW 21st st Burford Apartmants 1752 SW 10th sn Burtam Avis (ci) maid r435 NW 12t st iurgard John M lestn r848 NW 29th ter Florence (c) maid h435 NW 12th st laaagart Frank P (Isa LI auto mech h127%, SW Burhart Emma (wid Chas C) h2100 Tiger Tail av 1ta at (CGrove) taargas Lucille Mrs or igr Economy Cash & Carry Burt Ben (Mary) bl35c NW 24th st Cisrs r1327 NW 42d st Donald H (Jeanne M) appralser FBA h48 AnG taargey Hugh T (B Henrietta) mech Paul's Veresill, as aCGhles) tan Service St 11528 SW 5th at apt 10 Forrest C deseloper Tooley-Myron Studios r5633 hRuby Watter TraIl Tavarn rS44 SW 8th as NV 6th as [ urge Arth W (Marle L) sisoan b rear 142 SW Glenn (Maggie) barber h151 NW 33d st apt 4 1d at Henderson (c: Pearl) lab h422% NW 14th ter Clyde C mech Frank W Plrot r292 NE 60th at Henry L (Isabel S) clk Met Life Ins Co h520 a ~p1 5 NXW l9I as aurLer Fred (Harriet) carn b7522 NW 15th av -' Rieh J samn rear 1015 SA 4th av is (Florence) r6401 NE 1st pl Russell h1936 SW 2d st apt 16 Maybelle (wid Thos) day nursery 1600 NW 52d "' Violet sten Coral Gables Mortgage & Realty Inc a h ds r11 NX' 33d st apt 4 tN"man (Bluma; Burger Specialty Co) h2130 Burkat see 51s0 Burkhardt and Burkhart ISW 23d ter '" Frank A (Ellen) h261 NE 80th ter Paul r1O53 NW 25th st '" Rosemary student 1261 NE 90th ter 1:a to mech e7522 NW' 15th av Burke see also Berke ySpcalty C r (Norman Burger) whol noselties Aaron B (Alargt J) mech Belcher Oil Co h50 O12 NE 1st av R213 SW 0th av P.tofie Mami's 250 Rooms iiilisliznYearWITH BATH from 'Round CT Hotel COFFEE SHOP TAP ROOM gle

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145 {ENlg 7 Biscayne Bldg. INSURANCE AGENCF loo Phone 2-2644 BURKE BIRTKET Alberta student r121G Astruria v (CGables) Geo blpr r234 NW 22d la Alice Mrs hsekpr 1477 NW 13th ter e do Paul B (Annie) noveltymkr 1234 NW 22d la Alphonso E (Mary M) rest 1501 SW lIt "''Ruth S Mrs mgr Park Apts h176 NW North h1670 SW 11th ter River dr Andrew M policemnt-Momi Bridge Co r HisBurkett Albert J (Annie McH) b363 E 4h ut (H) cayne Island Aljean r368 E 4th st (H) Annu (wid Edw) b420 Brickell a '" Bestie Mrs n325 NW 24th at SApartmen s 4246 SW 14lh ter Chas R' Helen) phys b5121 Bay rd t~UB) Apartments 242 NE 32d st Dorothy (Dorothy Burkett Beauty Salon) r247Ben C (Jessie L) sIn Ptr it593 NW 62d at Collins an Charleen elev opr MSCo r1229 NW Miami at Dorothy Beauty Salon (Dorothy Burkett) 247 Chas (c) barber Raleigh Sapp e227 NW 9th st Cotllns an Chas (c; Elissa) lab t1617 NW 5th pl Dorothy L interior decorator 423 41st nt (MB) Chas (c) porter Gulf Oil Corp 1617 NW 5th pl r5121 Bay rd (MB) "Chou W (Marguerite) sisman h rear 2172 NW Jack McClain student r368 E 4th at (H) 47th ter Kate E sen City of Hialeah r368 E 4th at (H) Claude (Dora) whsemn Flash Exp & Storage Co '" Silas (RUth) sw tchmn SBT&TCo h2628 SW r3IPI NOV 20th ss '28th Ci Cffurd h26l NE 3d an apt 3 B 8tkhboier Bryant (Margiei nementwkr bi5li NW Dab Ihmkr r3tpt NW 20 4cr 7th t Supply Edmund G (L Georgina) ogr Furn Spealallss Jack G Rev (Mabel) pastor Wet Flagler Park Ian b62t4 Bettelng an IlBt Boptist Mlssita b282-5 N Slami Sn apt 2 "Edmund L (Sae) sIsmn Investors Syndicate '" Margt V (wid Jos D) t5331 NW 7th nt bl403 Genoa st (CGables) S Letn (Ella) lab h6301 NOW 6th av Edw (C; elelssa) gdt r1521 NW 'Sth p1 Shearod student r55.1 NOV 7th at C Edw A (Bertka Ml Inspr U S Immigration & Burkhart see also Bukart Naturalization Service 11216 Astruria av IC Adolph sismn r1424 NE 2d an Cables) Chester (Lillian) airplane mech 1t2222 SW 18th Elmer L msngr r NOV 24th nt st Emmett E (Lena TI mgr The Cudahy Packing Emta (rid Chas O) h5100 Tiger Tail av (C Co h,1421 Sliami us Bug V utudent r3624 NErioieu)e SEann e r5624 NE Mam pl '"Gordon (Marjorie) aindt Gulf Oil Corp b1743 93 "Fannie Ic) mald h,3'7 NW 16th st NW 53d It Florence I Mrs otice see Dr Walter T Hotch" Henry A Mettle) k3155 NO 5th se apt B N. W. 5th St. kiss r342 DeLeon dr (MSpgs) Jesse B (Marie) potrolmn Miami Police h7936 2tFrank rt NE l2th st NE 3d an Frank T iBertha M) sismn Russel Paige Inc Jesse N (Gertrude) rest, 213 NE 79th st h do Fankkian gtl n433 OW 2d an -Lynn C (Loise) carp b1353 NW 1st at SFrendk (Been) b919 NO 64th s" Marl L (Elsie) opr Dunn Bus Service Co r3634 PHONE H aowrd (Gertrude ; Pa t Type ter C) S Dxie bwy (CCu) r305 (V IngPaham Tp C Vade E (Gertrude) sls supVr SBCO hl NW Howard (Ruby) carp b1224 NOV 1st ter 02d st -, Sas J Bonne) sismn b1157 NOV 1st at apt 8 Willord B (Hazel) pres WIlford H Burkhart Jeannette Mrs r17 NE 52d ter ia hlItS S Oiamt an Jehugh (Gladys) barber Frank A Covert 51428 OilfOrd H Inc Wilford H Burkhart pres Wm E SW 3d st Lewis se blidrs supplies 1130 S Miami av "Jesse W slsmn Table Supply Stores r95 NE 52d -" Wm (Lina) pkr h315 Cadima av (CGables) ter BURKHART WM, V-Pres King Funeral Home Inc, John 1,829 N 21st at apt 20 11774 SW 10th sIt akJosn erl NW 3d an Wa F wtettmn Clyde-Mallory Lines r1764 50' John tearubagist r110 SW 151 on 10th avJhn L tAnna Mt nuiness agt Hond Carriers Burkhead Harney D (Erminle) driver h72s NW Building and C n Laltrens Datum No 15th at 050 120U36 NON 254mmo Laorr Barheisna Lola Sirs cash e253 NW 4th at. "Jo I; Barries) 3677 Frow av (CGrove) Huekitlder Lu Nainr carn 199 S 3d st Kath h rear 36 Brickett av Apartments 269 NO 30th st Kenneth E hipe 4107 NW 51st ter Jos H (Maggie) h270 NW 30th at Keitdest e42 Jabe n "oilHop2 Mejselt C student n246 Tnepp an GCOaynN "Merits ontrs sailer Seakua Mnmeia Repat "' Regisald L (Clues) dasem. h270 NOV 30th ci NO' 2d 1t W Stanford (Grace) carp r18 9 SW 3d st "Mary (mid Rbl L) bS{4 pine Tree dN (3(B)( ukn etE(EhlE rf Mayola (c) maid Tower Theatre r267 NW 11th Brios Wr E (EthrI F) teetnt e mgr F T Budge st Ce 12044 (CGrove) MichI NI lab e2036 NOV 23d st Burks C E tgr Dixie Tire Co eSO10 NE 2d as 'Nathaniel (c) porter r1762 NW 4th av Jas (c; Irma) brklyr r330f NW 14th st "Nellie C maid 6055 Pine Tree dr (MB) r1621 John E (targt) technician ,1701 5 Bay Shore NOV 16th av dr (CGrove) Patricia sten r rear 34 SW 37th r Jos (Harriet) steward n1313 NW 8th av S SPaul (Clarie) elk 144 NW 334 ss Russell N -be mgr Esanomy Clara I05 at012 SOY "Ralph W (Ruth E; Rio Vista Hotel) h500 SW 4th as 24th av Burleigh Arline bsekpr h653 West av apt 5 (MB Ray ,919 NW 64th s It Jos T SJ priest Gesu Church rll NE 3d at t eROt L r5424 Pine Tree dr (MB) Kath N Mrs service rep SBT&TCo 5427 SOC' Rowan L (Virginia) cable splicer SBT&TCo 5th av h1855 NW 46th st Mae (wid Percy L) 1390 NE 72d at Susie E Mrs h78 NW 24th st Thos A (Kath O) reprmn SBT&TCo h427 SW Thos (Louise) detective b2110 W Flagler at 5th as apI 1 Burley Blanche B CS pract 25 SE 2d anv RS' Thos A (Bernice E) acct Pgh Plate Glass Co b1043 SW 3d at h rear 34 SW 37th av Clera H 3rs (Burley Metal Parts Co) v-ne F:EAS Thos D r56 NW 54th ut Burley Welding Wks Inc h2024 NW lit a U Vincent student e1420 Brickell av Clarence (c: Susie) auto meah h1732 NW " Vincent B pres-treas Furn Spectalists Inc r6928 Clarence emp Belcher Towing CO e1l S N r Harding av (MB) al Wm J (Marie) sismn Henry H Lewin 5242 NE Clarence A (Helen 31) h234 NE 22d st 32d st Helen R (wid Wilson C) r1043 SW WI i m V (Ruby) hsemn Alacanr Hotel 1928 NW Jas H (Lina) b1620 SW 16th ut38th st Lucille (c) maid r176 NOV 6th et Burkes Jas (c; Anna) porter b3637 Thomas av 'Lucy M (c)-maid 1113 Castile av (C o.( v mColde '' FMatthew (Clara H) pres Barley Veldi,; INona (c) mold rapPI Fruw as (Clise) toe 12024 NO itt or Burket Carl W (Ruth S) 1176 NW North River dr SMetat Parts Co (Met Clara H Barley) 21-2N:apt 1 17th ter Edt driver r234 NW 22d Ia Saraih (wid Harry) re55 NE 55th ter I EIT IANC SRVC HARO.D Lg BUCK, P. L1N T1 $300sx s Suite 828 DuPont BldgPhone 3-: 0

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146 Alexander Sunshine Orr Jr. ,(' Fashions (Inc.) BURLEY Burelde Lillian (c) maid r1040 NW 2d av Welding Works Inc Matthew Burley pres Mrs Burnley Cora h33 NW 25th st Plurnbmg Clara i 'Burley v-pre Mrs Emily G Reeder Eva 33 NW 25th at ec-treas 1625-27 N Miami aa Janie l122 NW 26th nt and Burling Waldemere (Louise) formn h2028 E 5th JohnW IM HNester) auto trmr h229 SW 31st av av () Bunma Chalesnna widEdwi K)r27% NW Heatin Burigame Miliu ra1009 SW '2d at apt 3 7th at Ha g Brin. John H (Teresa A) sign bidr h101 SW Burns see also Byrnes Contractors 59th av "Anna hsekpr 2517 SW 20th nt Burman Alberta elk r129 NE 45th st Bessie elv ironer LaMent Inc r1450 NW 1st av Burmann Donald carp h160 NW 29th at Calvin Ici lab r1341f NW 5th av Burmeister Bernice (The Studio of Gifts) r2570 Carlton L (Elz E) mgr Adler Apts 1026 SW Flamingo dr IMB '4th st apt 6 Burmer John (lv ar369 Oak av (CGrove) Carlton T (Florence E) awning 'hngr al026 Main Burnester Edss J IMaxine) form. Municipal GaSW 4th st apt 6 Offt rage (IB) h2324 NW 33d st Calh B tchr Gladeview Elementary Sch r226 Ofi Haenry (Mary) fertilizers 2818 NW 79th st h ndo NW 24th ae 218 Burnam Jas B (ilary iE) agt Gulf Life Ins Co Cecil atndt Frank Dale r Uleta Fla r5836 NW '5th av Chas h439 Anastasia av apt 7 (CGables) N. E. 6th St. "' Mtary clk Dolly Madison Ice Cream Stores Inc Chas r422 SW 2d av Burnell Andrew F (Evtra E) slsma McDowell '' Chas J (c) mech r344%< NW 19th at Motor Sales Co 6342 NW 5iSbh st Charlotte (c) 11319 NW 6th av Bruce R (Mabelle) projectionist h342% NW David (c; Blanche) farmer h1722 NW 6th et PHONES 1st at Dawson B (The White Castle) r4513 NW 23d 0t 2 1 Elvira E Mrs sten WPA b342 NW 35th st Dawson B pharm r118 SW South River dr hattle (c) r618 NW 20th It "Earl (Dorothy) supt 17026 NW 2d et Rob t srepper SR&Co r342 NW 35th st Edith A bkpr 6226 NW 24th av and Rarser C A Wareaosa & Traneter Ca Inc Cla"Edsn H ri42t NWV 9th as ment A Burnet pres Mrs Bessie B Cox v-pres Edw L (Grace M) siamn h1347 NE Bay Shore ct 2-3119 Sidney D Cx sec-'treas 20 NE. 11th st apt Clement A (Minerva) pres C A Burnet Whse & Ethel st opa Dade Federal Savings & LoanTransfer Co Inc 6227 NE 25th at Assn rll NE 82d ter Burnett Albeirt (c) gdnr r6901 NW 18th av Eug J (Bernice) elk FlP&LCo h2822 Pine Alberta grad nurse 2128 SW 5th at apt 9 r do Tree dr (MB) Byiord G IEula SI buyer h935 NW 15th av Everett L (Eva) h rear 344 SW 9th st MIAMI BEACH C E Lieut b119 NE r7Bh ter 9 flash 'barrndr Mother Eily Inc BRANCH Claude E beer 2i NW Mlami et r do Frank L (Thelma) vharm i126 NE 43d stDiana (wid Allen) maid 5435 North Moorings Grace M Mrs mag Eleanor Apts h1347 NE Bay 1122 16th St. nay ICGrove) Shore ct apt 1 Eldorada (c) Indrs h'2081 NW 6th et Hal mgr Corry-Burns Inc r1320 Drexel 'av (MBI Ella D Mrs mgr Englewood Ayts h144 NE 43d st Harmon H (Gladys) glanler French Mirror PHONE apt 2 Plate Glass Co h2223 SW 3d at Henry E (Hattie) lab h2750 NW 55th st I Herbert chauf 3517 Andros as (CGrove) 5 3546 Joshua (ci lab r583 NW 14th st -Jas A (Ella) elk PO r225 SW 6th av Leonard E ssmn rni9 SW 9th av "' Jas E slsmn Gen Home Appliance Inc h103 NE Lotle 1 wid Oscar -MlamI Tallor Supply Co) 59th st apt 16 r268 SW 8'h sIt Jos (c) 1319 NW 6th av Louise (wid John Pl h8512 E Dixie hwy Jos (Lucile) sis h1347 NE Bay Shore at apt -Lucius E (Reltal driver Miami City Waste Div 26 h2043 N' 22d cc 0 s Macle (c) maid 361 NE 102d et r rear 1835 NW Julia a26i SW lIs et 1st tt '" Jalia soid liern) rear 2449 NW 7th Raymond N (Evelyn) metalwkr Standord Shaet Laura lv) tndrs24 NW 14th at Ut[e Senail Ws inc r3131 NW 22d as Leila M buyer Burdine's Inc r1257 Messnla a. Russell pint r428 NE 2d av nCablesi aeIs Eldorado) ydmn r1438 NW 5th at Lillian B student nrl SW Beach Ple dr Ii~~i Waler I Lille Slootlye h42i 7 NWX isl as '" Lullse Ars 6114 5S5 otI River da na.. Wm r5871 NW 24th av -9 Lofton i (IWaunita) reporter F W' Dodge Corp oBurnetit Aubrey B 11 Margtc slsmn h181 Esr RD 2 change i11 Sparings) Mary lv) maid r1704 NW 1st av Cuy E slk Horne-Wilson Inc r40 NE 3d as Mary student r rear 2463 NW 7th st Ralph P compositor Foster Printing Co r141 Mary L slswn Walter B Wilson r1670 Bay rd N tiami av (11B) oht (Roselee) slsmn Swift & Co h1047 NW 9 Maude H h61 NE 52d st 38th st Mortgage Co Inc P V Burns pres 25 SE 2d av Iesnira Sirs see Is asessar Miami Cipy Assas3707 s Mrs Die 61047 NW 38th t Nathaniel (c: Geraldine) gdnr h163 NW 15th st Iueay see also Berney Oliver W lEthell carp h101 NE 82d ter .lex hI indt Dani T Eans r3212 SW 16th tea P V pres Burns Mortgage Co r Fort Lauder.("ice elk Coral Gailes Gro Co Inc rI4 NW dale Fla --32d pl Rob Apartments 236 NW 12th avAnnie R (c) hlstS NW 1at p1 Robt S (Mae) h667 NW 27th st I iyron lB & B Grocers) r560 NW 22d av Russell vurbmn Rex Theatre Cleveland lv; Louise) porter Walter H Hayes Saml T (: Tlilllei lab h1239a NW 5thb av rlII NW 12th st Thaddeus (l) porter s1t19 NW 6th an i ITurd L ( Evelyn) bkbndr 68 NW '5th st r1768 Thos (Ruth) hellmn h166 NE 25th ter Iultigropling SW 2d et Thos pt h54 NE 28th st Fredk AeUdy) lather 6270 NW 47th et Thos J sismn h652 NW 27th sIt apt 5 OimeographJ .111 (WIllie r) 'h3421 ISW 2d st Thos M jr (Roberta M) embalmer Niceley FuseJO ag RPICe r347 Michigan av (MB) ral Home h1231 Drexel av (IB) John (c: Carrie) caretkr h3762 Florida av (C W Not (Leila) mgr County Occupational LiGrove cense Bureau h1257 Messina (CGables) Louisa lci maid The Chateau r44-1 NW 12th st Wm buimn Hickors House Inc r821 NE 2d av St Marvin A atndt DaI T Evans r301o SW 16th i Wm (v) driver r1421% NW 5th av ter w J a114 SE 4th st Mary E laid Geo) 11748 SW 2d et Wm J International Detective Agency L H MeAut*g atic Sally irs 142 SRW 11h v Clatchie mgr 111 NE 2d av R608 Wm (Ic) Porter Southwest Service Sta r57'2 NW WmM rlimie) auto mech Frank D Marrs h ye ng 13th st 5601 NW 23d ay Burnham Arth B (Willie F) tr mgr Albury & Co Wm T (Dorothy) airplane mech h rear 2252 SW r330 SW 10th av 17th ot Photo Dell B baid Frank) 307 NE Miami t Wm T (Etoele) mech h3177 Bird as (CGrove) Ethel J Efrs 1143 Andalusia a (CGables) Burased Jas (Emmnl h310 2 N Miami av '" Martin E (Eva) installer FIaT&LCo h rear 1763 Robt (Ilargt) driver h5952 NW 12th av NW 21st ter Burnside Celestise (c) dremkr 368 NW 11th at N Ic li atndt Jake Austin r3b2a NW 14th st h doHALL-STANLEY COMPANY NOT INC. PAINTS-LACQUERS-A can or a carload l3 N. E. 9th ST. TEL 3-5226

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147 Leon J. Lichtenstetter Inc.G South Florida Distributors HUDSON MOTOR CARSSALES-1700 N. E. 2D AVE -SERVICE PHONES ALL DEPARTMENTS 3-3126 BURNSI DE BURROW\SCo Chas T (Llllan) barber Yutts Barber Shop h Clara Mrs sten Aetna Casualty & Surety Co r 1042 SW 2d st 2636 NE 2d av Chester (c; Ida) driver h653 NW 14th st Edw (Lena) car washer Ungar Buick Co r1413 Cornella Mrs h1040 SW 12th ct NW 3d av David R (Bernie B) stamn h7926 NW 10th ct Errol (c; Irene) h1705 NW 69th ter Edna M nos tohr 3400 NW 6th av r do Fred tc; Annie) lab 1325b NW 7th of Gramblin c i) porter 301 Brickel] v Benretta (cl rook r1505 NW 3d av i John (t: Dixie Gro) r rear 371 NW 13th st Ida (c) maid 444 NE 74th st r7031 NE 3d av Manville Josephine (c) tchr Dunbar Elementary Sch r Isaiah (c; Estelle) porter h1.54 NW 2d av 201% NOV 14th st John (c) gdnr r1798 NW 74th st Approved Krk H eo r3400 NOV 6th ae o Joshua (c; Rebecca) driver h1742 NW 67th st Ilscher V Mrs tchr Comstock Elementary Srh Lester P printer Burrows MultI-Print h2547 Roofers 71453 NW 2d st Swanson av (CGrove) Louis (c) atrdt L A Jones Inc r310 NW 6th st MarIe () h3676 SW 27th st All Metal Louise () r922 NW 1st av Mary 3tro nurse 209 Romano av (CGables) r do Mable I visitor State Welfare Rd r6820 NW 15th Melsay (c) h1798 NW 74th ot G & L av "Neretta (c) Indry wkr r3250 Charles nt (C Marietta (vid Myron) h3400 NW 6th a Grove) Solar Water Ormond A (c) tailor h201% NW 14th ot Multi-Print (Stanley M Burrows) printers 3458 Wm (c) stevedore r653 NW 14th st Main hwy (CGrove) Heating Buron Chas V waiter Cottage Grill r16122 NE 7th Murry o(c ; Henrietta) lab r350 Charles st (C Systems Rta waiter Cottage Grill r1612 NW 7th av "' Reginald (c; Violet) lab h185S NW 1st pl Burpeau Chas br mgr The Texas Co O2800 NW Stney Nt (Mary; Burrows Multi-Print) b209 Sheet Metal 17th av Romano av (CGables) Burr Aug C (Sophia) acct Clyde-Mallory Lines h Susan (c student r3250 Charles ut (CGrove) Work 1039 SW 2d av Thelma tc) maid 542 NE 72d at r do Chas D dental tech r1816 NW 23d st Burrus Jack r459 NOV 6th St Cora (wid Edw) r806 Malaga ar (CGables) Len F (Benie) stsm h rear 511 W Flagler at Ar "Jea C id Siebdt r402 NE 224 st Say C tJosett h114 Astilia av apt 7 (CGables) Conditioning "ash E (Catht tgr The Venetian Pool h806 Ma.. Wm B (Helen) sls eng h1225 Alhambra cir tC lags av 'CGables) Gables) "Jack E jr lfe guard The Venetian Pool r806 Burruso Albert E (Frances) real est 126 NE 3d Malaga as (CGables) at h do lune locker The Venetia. Pool r806 Malaga av Burson Bertha L Mrs masseur 1690 Alton rd (CGables) (MB) r do 79th Street "'Lucy M (wid Edw D V) r402 NE 22d at Burstein Saml (Rose) mgr Ortega Hotel r443 EsBURR RAYMOND 0 (Lillian), Attorney-at-Law panola way (1B) at N. E. 4th 500 and 545-550 ingraham Bldg 25 SE 2d av, Burt Edith T (wid Stanley) CS pract 1223 SW Coort Tel 2-7512. h2410 Swanson av (Coconut 13th st h do Grove). Tet 4-4437 Ellt r35 NE 5th sIt Warren D bLS0 NOV 3d st Emily W Mrs tchr Highland Park Sch b54% NW PHONE Wm W tElsi e) h2800 Toledo It apt 23 (C 340h st apt H Gables) Eredk phow r201 NW 01st st 7 -167 Willie M (wid Warren) r1816 NW 23d at Glenn (Freda) h1645 NW 16th st Burrell Betsy r536 Michigan as apt 3 (MB) Glenn t barber Kline Barber Shop r1053 SW Edo E tHelerl pntr h2344 NW 64th st 7th st Georgia A student r127 NW 12th av "Helen (c) r1826 NW 6th ur Henry (t) prsr r1639% NW 1st ct Jack N (Gertrude) wailter h1023 S Miami av O Verlan ins Peninsular Life Ins Co r531 NE apt 18 132d ot John R h35 NW 13th st Ruth W Mrs h127 NW 12th av Kath K nurse 57 NW 47th ter h do Burres Richd coast supt 11061 NW 47th st ti Raynold M r57 NW 47th ter Burreso Frank J (Mary) formn h1226 Lisbon st Buetashaw John R (Emma) h1502 NE Miami et (CGables) Burtner Virginia M h123 Menores av apt I (C Burrey Sargent W (Violet) route mgr White Belt Gables) Lndry h7646 NW lth av Burton Agnes Walter Little Jocks Lunoh r1419 NE Burrill Edw H (Sally E) h861 NW 1st at Bay Shore ct "too 'W Eona Et :1421 SW 7th st Apartments 336 SW 13th or Jas E student r2449 SW 7th at Arth J (Catb A) h574 NW 54th st Burris Albert (Louise) gatemn h214 SW 74th av Caroline opr biaurice Beauty Salon of New t I Edith to) maid h1604 NW 4th av York r126 NW 10th av Gusaie (c) aid 3839 Kumquat av (CGrove) r Chas C neat etr PIggly Wiggly 3474 Geand as (CGrove) Courtna G beauty ope r126 NW 10th av Horace R (Norma Si) prsmn h512 NW 19th av i' Dorothy H siswn RCDDS r1028 NW 29th ter Jerry I (Ruby) oaep h607 NW 64,th 6t '" Douglas (Louise H) h574 NW 54th st Van W let handler By Ezp Agep r277 NE 00th Edw plk Fishin' Hole Bait & Tackle Shop r1542 ter NE lst ct Victoria (c) Indrs h rear 1739 NW 1st Ct Frances manlcurist Frances Fox Method r140 Burritt Ana B r115 1st ter (Riv Alto Island) NE 16th st Kenneth B (Rebecca) ins 1663 Washington av '" Frances (wId Chas) slswn e1961 NW 24th ot All Lines (tIB) h115 1st ter (Rivo Alto Island) 't Fred ser h67 NW Glen Royal pkwy Burroughs Adding Machine Co Matt A Briggs mgr Geo W (Ada L) h3001 Poincana av (CGrove) 1409 Biscayne blvd Gerald J (Muriel) elk Elec Equip Co e1124 NW Chas E jr (Lila) tnvestigator Personal Finance 21st st Co h5d26 NOV -1st as "t Harry role Bollard Creamery r1028 NW 29tb st Clara t) cook r1468 NW 6th et Hattle tet ri0t3 NW 3d et o Eunioe (c) maid r1468 NW 6th et "Herbert mgr Life Bar & Package Store r71O Henrietta smstrs h7621 NE 2d et Jefferson as apt 2 (IB) John (; Alene) gdnr 8 Belle Isle h2076 NW Hugh C pntr Slstrun Inc r429 NW 25th st 6th pl Irwin G (Cora A) h755 NE 88th at t Lamora (wid Wm D) h274 E 5th et (H) Jas k710 Jefferson av apt 22 (MIB) Lillian (wid Chas) r196 NW 60th st Jas K (Mary W; Little Gas Stove Store) h3130 Lloingstos tc; Ida) h7031 NE 3d ov NW 22d av F. I S R archt h241 NW 3d st apt 2g ft Julius (Lizzle Mt lab h152 NW 18th st Versald C c ; Joyce) porter Underwood Eliott J" i P atsdt WIlliams ato larhleg r744 NW 13th Fisher Agency r1720 NO 5th av st m Ie Brateice) dry clnr h435 NW 20th ter Lawrence C (Nell K) mechl eng h1810 NW North o E r1802 N Bay Shoe dr Riser dr Oultorn Bc; Eloise) porter e423 NW 15th s "t Lee L ( Mary mi ab Biscayne Kennel Club h Suerow Betty r695 NW 20th It ups 3 7027 N Miami a Surrows Agnes (c) maid h1531 NW 1st et i Leroy (c) lser r156 NW 18th st Alire lc) Indry skr O3250 Charles st (CGrove) Louise M (wid Riehd J) r648 NE 72d st Beatrice (r) mald r323 NE 70th st Lucille (c) maiter Ethel Baker r153 NW 14th r Path(c) Indrs hIll NW 16th St Lula Mrs b1334 Washington as apt 5 (MB) Developers of a Greater Hollywood-On-The-Ocean HOLLYWOOD, Inc. MIAMI OFFICE HOLLYWOOD OFFICE Biscayne Boulevard at Flagiler St. Hollywood, Inc. Bldg., Hollywood Blvd. Phone 3-7674.5 Phone 310

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148 Philpitt's The (exotic arbens, inc. IT Nurserymen, Florists, Landscape Designers and Contractors W. Flagler (At the Bridge) N. W. 17th Ave. and 28th St. 607 LINCOLN RD., MIAMI BEACH E BURTON BUSH HOLLIS (Ellen A), Pres Hollis Bush & Co, Mance M (Pattle A) h128 NW 21st ar h1254 Coral Way (C Gables) Marion D (Irene) ag Industrial Life & Health BUSH HOLLIS & CO (Established 1927), Holils Ins C. '613 NW 23d st Bush Pres, Mortgage Loans, Insurance, ApMartha 'Mrs sten Walker Casket C r120 NE praisals and Realtors, Ingraham Bldg 25 SE 60th st 2d av (For further Information see left batMatle (wid John I) b1771 SW 14th at ta Ilines and page 50 Buyers' Guide) Mildred (c) maId r548 NW 21st ter IrIs elk SR&Co x2021 NW 26th et 1 n d ]lortimer C (Lillian K; Burton's Pharmacy) h "J L adjuster Com Credit Ce h789 W 13th av I1130 LIncoln ed (MB) art2 Ora E (Martha) agt Peninsular Life Ins Co Jack D (Allee) icemn h237 NW 96th st 2726 SW 7th st 'Jas x101 NE 87th at Quincy E (Maude) plstr h'546 NW 99th st Jas R beer 2127 NW 62d at h do Richd F (Marguerite) plstr h7727 NW 4th ct John driver Dade Co Newsdlrs Sup Ce Robt T Iytarjorie) buyer McKesson & Robbins John D 5237 NW 96th nt Inc h351 NW 33d pi John E (Margt J) seamn h173 NW 44th st S The 1550 Meridian as (MB) "' John J IGrace N) pipe It h1241 NW 34th av Thos R (Glydes) pres Venetian Shortway Inc John T (Alice N) Inspr Miami City Bureau of nI520 NW 39th at Food Inspection & Sanitation 'h613 SW 5th SW Ross lawyer r128 NW t1st ar an Wayne 535 NW 26th at apt 2 Laurel P matron Ameriran Children's Home C t Wm hkpr Amco Feed Store r South Mlaml 2900 SW 17th st a ten Cudahy Pkg Co r South Miami Laverne r"k Conty Judge n7600 NE 6th ct Wm 3! (Kath) sec-treas Julia Sinclair Service Leonard A IJessie) sisen Natl Blscuit Co h184 Inc k210 SO 14th ter apt 3 E 4th st (Hi Burton's Pharmacy ( C Burton) 1443 Washing" Marlha L sec SocIal Berm Each e CoMlds -ton .av (M B) '" Mnnie r1136 NW 29th st A Burs Willie (c) maid Strand Theatre r248 NW iNeal t N're s9sm BSrdIne's Inc 19th et 11530 Geifing hld 4 Burwell Apartments 953 SW 4th st Nell (wid Chas H) dramkr 409 NW 2d av h514 'N Elinor gowns 525 Lincoln rd 01B) r do do PwANuS eoE charm h1820 NW 5th at apt 2 Nellie A Airs sec Dade County Charities r Goulds BU E LI WM H (Lyra), Attorney-at-Law, Gen' Robs frt handler By Enp Agry r22 NW 6th av ORGA NS eral Practice In State and Federal Courts. Rufus (c) meat ctr Joe's Grocery & Mkt No 4 815-21 Ingraham Bldg 25 SE 2d av. Tel 2-7131. n1817 NW 5th pl RADIOS 12643 SW 19th av (Natoma), coar Espanala Ruth walter rl767 NW 3d et dr. Tel 4-3775 Soal W (Eileen) lab h359 E 33d st (H) Burwick Arth H (Cath) brlyr h47a SE 6th st Sarah r759 NV 58th sN Bees I Ayartments 320 SW 141k or Stantry E molter r2021 NW 26th nt Busa Pierre (Ruth) mid, Art Cement Mfg Ca It Theo L (Bessie W) mgr Rolfe Armored Truck 831 SW 4th st apt 6 Service Inc h1728 SW 11th ter Basbeu Geo (c; Emma) drug sundries 621-23 NW 0 Tommy hlpr r1767 NW 3d at 20th at h579 do 'Vincent (Eunice) r'511 Pine Tree dr (MB) Grace" B Mrs sten Moore Furn Co r1243 NW "'Wilbert T (Romle M) carp h,58 NE 69th st 40 S. E. 1st Jn WIlbur seamn r58 NE 69th st -ir t Busby argt (wid John) r254 Lincoln a (C Willa lc) h1817 NW 5th pl First St. Wm hlpr Mrs Mary Sinnamon Roht (Edna) charter boats h600 NW North River W' R (Vera) pntr contr 3500 NW 10th av I do dr "W R (Hazel) slomn b7628 NW 6th av Roy D (Grace) h525 NW 41st at W 'ylma T tchr Ada Merritt Jr High Seh 1936 Busch Clarence M (Jeanne) h5944 NE 6th av SW 13th at Esther r411 Navarre v (CGablee) Bushea Constance E sten FNBk r529 SW 7th ct F or "' Fred chef Schumans Kitchenette r234 NE 3d at apt 4 Fredk W (Elleen) silling mstr h2621 Natoma Bushell Chas (Minnie) h912 15th st (MB) st CGrove) Busher Bernard A (Berta) mgr The Interstate Cc stracts ay h132% NE 57th at 1130 SW 3d av A Leslie (Barbara) h4660 SW 14th el Bushfled Edw H (Irene B) h1048 NW 33d an Titles and BAscsen Bernard A r7612 NE 3d p1 Bushman Harry patrolmn Miami Police r2736 SW Buschman Sol L (Lena) h3540 Pine Tree dr (MB) 21st st T il Buschmeyer Laura V (wid Clarence) r400 NW Bushnell Geo H (Laura) h10 Palm av (Palm 32d nI Island) Busenburg Amanda (wid Peter) r2100 SW 12th st Helen slswn Royal 5r and 10c Store 11720 NE Insurance Bush Ahr Ilda) 5 and 10e store 1217 OP Flagler 1st et apt 2 h233 SW 11th av apt 2 Jessie A h4328 Alton rd (MB) Amela A Mrs h2021 NW 26th nt "' Lee WO driver S Fla Liquor Dlstrs Inc 26 NW SEE rlin F lab Miami City Waste Div 0559 NW 2d av 58th st "' Raymond O (Permella) super FlaP&LCo b2368 d Athel (Hllreth) germstr r1318 NW 34th st SW 13th 0t '" B F lab FIaP&LCo r1241 NW 34th ac Bushong Leon D (Marjore M) 0ntr SR&Co h1140 Chas (c; Izetta) carp r18180 NW 5th p NW 4th st apt 1 SChas E (Viola) waiter h3057 Day av (CGrore) '^ Walter F (Claire) landscape gdnr h2987 Jack' Clarence B (Idal h2329 N' 7th c[ apt 6 soe ot (CGrove) W onommo Coleman F (llly) h4197 tuglas st (CGrove) BUSINESS EQUIPMENT CD (Frank L Blonker, " Cora V Mrs 11947 NW Flagler ter James H Gray), Offire Eluipment. Sales and "Dock" (c; Mamle) lab h1754 NW 5th av Service, Typewriters, Adding Machines and Donald C aviator r2021 NW 26th st Cash Registers 145 NE 2d st. Tel 2-4357 ea h "Dorothea G Mrs clewn Irving J Thomas Co r Sales Servlee (henry L Rauck) business brok359 Avocado ar ICGrove) ers 2163 NW 7th av aEliz supvr Miam Recreation Div r618 NE BUSINESS SECURITIES FINANCE SERVICE. 2d as John A Reisinger Mgr, Automobile Loans and T I Ernest C no opr FNBk r753 NW 1st st Financing 1345 NE 2d av, Tel 2-1554 Esther R Mrs n1469 6SW 5th at apt 4 Buskin Archie J slsan r rear 2329 NE 24 et Et ac) maid r433 NW 7th at "Frankie Mrs Ichr rear 2329 NE 2d t F lora B (wId Thos) r559 NW 58th at Buskirk Dann J (0111e) h rear 634 NW 40th s{ Com an Franklin C pres Bonded Collection Agency Inc Susiinger John M (sue L) sIsmn 62416 NW' 23d av r4197 Douglas rd Busony Louis uphol Ace Mattress Co C a Garrett tary E) ftran h5519 NE 1st ar Bussard Edgar (Audrey) carp I rear 3188 Plaza at Geo M (Nancy) pqtr h1767 NW 3d st (CGrove) Ahstract Dropt. Gertrude (c) mid r1817 NW 5th pl "' Mildred sten r200 SW' 55th an Harrison E (Jane) loco eng h3821 NW 5th ar Bussell Amy Y Mrs sten Somay Products Inc r642 31 N.E. Ist St. Harry A tel cap SBT&TCa h893 NE MSet at NW 39th st apt 3 Jas hlpr r2622 SW Sth at apt 4 Harry H IFreda) sisms Jersey Ice Cream Co Jas E h1385 SW 22d st apt 3 Title Insurance '0727 NOV 64th st Leo E (Amy) sismn h642 NW 39th st and Escrow Dept Harry L (May) track judge b101 NE 87th st Margt Mrs slswn State 5 & i0 cent store h2622 Harvey D (Aldu E) carp 122 NW 62d st SW 8th ct apt 4 210 First MIAMI BOTTLED Federal Bldg. 0 Cook d Use gPHONE 0 Refrigerate 6 Essotane 3-7641 70N. Heat Gas Service 1701 N W. 7th Ave NATURAL GA Phone 3-4645

PAGE 115

HERMAN J. ARRANT, Inc. BISCAYNE "NOTHING BUT INSURANCE" PARK Huntington Bldg. Phone 3-5566 ESTATES Syrle sec A R Souhwell r4812 Pine Tree dr Ez (wid Jay C) r4497 Mferidian en (MB) INC. (MB) Enid (c) prsr Biscayne Laundry r1720 NY 4th Ths A (Carrie) sismn h2932 Bridgeport av IC iEenss Grovel '' Ernest () 1I3 NWY Slth at Busse; Aline sten Wm D Bordeaux r1-601 NW Ernest H1 (lary V) auditor S E Philpitt & Son Developers 3 oth st h2233 SW 10th sl Ewell It (trances M) cet tiotmi Home Milk Estelle cash Hotei Urmoy e34 SE 2d av Prod Assn h744 NWV 13th ter Ethel Ic)a maid h150 NW 17th ot Restncted Jos P (Evelyn) h114 NW 35th at -Ethel sswn r652 NW 1st sa Louis elk r rear 1221 NW 32d st Eug slsmn ^36a NW 2d ov Home Sites Steph slson DeLuxe Market r rear 1221 NW Eunice Mrs bl35 NW 4th at apt 4 32d ot Euphemia (0) h1333a NW 3d av FHA Financing Bussiere Edn 0 (Leona) br mgr Renuart Lumber a Evelyn siswn rG52 NOV ist or Yards Inc h NW 92d st and 28th av BUTLER EVERETT H (Marion N), Lawyer 1510 Insurable Bussing Dorothy r501 SW 6th ct apt 103 SW 15th st, Tel 3-2093. h do Eliz Mro mgr Jersey Kitchen Annex e501 SW F Eug (C: Geraidene) phbs 366 NOV 14th st h do Titles 6th et apt 103 Ford Ic Esteiie) r364 NOW 14th ter Gee (Eliz) h501 SW 6th et apt 103 Frankle (iid Geo L) slswn NISCo r119 NE 39th Architectural W (Claire) slsmn r1132 NW 21st st st apt 3 Bussum Chas H elk Seminole News Agency h224 Fred J h7315 NW 16th ar Landscaping NW 21st st apt 5 Fredk h1512 Washington ar apt 1 (3IB) Busy Chas 1812 BW lit st apt 1 Ceo G c) rt07% NW 19th st Service Raymond (Enid) h812 SW tat at apt 1 Ceo (c) porter r1722 NW 3d on Busteed G Leonard (Grace) rep Florida Tung Oil Ceo R (Rolline) clk FIaP&LCo h815 Ortega av The Easy Way Groves h153 NIX 34th ter (CGables) to Own Your Buster's Inc Buster Meltzer mgr restr 764 Wash" Ceo W (iMaybelle) h786 NE 83d st O o ur inglon av (MB) Geo W (Edris L) clv eng h231 NW 57th at Home Boswell Guy J r551 NW 1stat sat 2 Geo W Rev (c: Emma) pastor Stlary's Baptist relen r6011 N iam av Church h3969 Trow or (CGrove) Property Offcet Leslie F (Story R) gent mgr Colonial Hotels h Gerald M (Josephine) h6371 Bay rd (IB) 14 4600 N Bay rd (iB)" Harrison (c Enmma lab h1152 NW 1st pl Walter St curator UofIM r557 NW 1st ut apt 2 Henry (c) r1490 NW 73d st N. E. Dixie Busy Bee Restaurant (Doris D Goodkind) 405 NE a Herbert i lab r1418 NOV 2d a 3d av Herman (c) porter r411b NW 9th at Hway. Butcher Ellwood (c) barber x383 NW 17th at Slomie Mrs beauty opr 92 23d ut (MBI h460 NE J Walter (Ruth S) mgr New Southern Hotel 74th st Phone IMBI) r do Hotel RObt L S-tdidge g, 833 NE 1st av Paul K (Jeanne) slmn h3905 NW 21st et Howard h rear 2814 NW 2d av 7-1255 Butler Alene (c) cook h3962 Grand av (CGrove) Howard (Stella) carp h167 NAY 31st st n All (c) r1338 NW 1st av -Ida Ic) h1628 NW 5th pl B Alf Ic: Caroline) lob 11773 NI' 60th st Isaiah (ci lab r1530 NW 6th AY iscayne Park "Ann (wid Walter) h5305 NW 2d -an Isaiah Ic; -Mattie) lab h1474 NA 6th et Estates Anne (c) maid 537 SW 3d r457 NW 14th st "Jacob (c; Martha) section hand h361b NW 13th Anomi elk r5305 NW 2d av at See Page 67 Arth (c: Ella) h3331 William av (CGrove) Jacob 0 (Reba E) br mgr Farrey's Inc h5527 Buyers' Guide Arth atndt Earnest Hope r739 Biscayne blvd NA 3d at Arth (c: Sarah) gdnr r1322 NOV 3d av JaSn H bt341 NI 30th at Arth (c) lab r1232 NW 3d et Janie (c) pantrywn r321 NAY 6th at Arth (c; Margie) poultry 1337 NW 3d av r1132 Jas (c) h rear 180 NAY 6th et NO 1st pl a Jas (C: Mary L) driver h1630 NW 5th pl Beuah (c) beauty opr h419 NW 17th at Jas ic: Emilyl lab bi330a NV Sd av n Billie B (c) maId e1703 NX 2d rt Jas Ic; Ruby) lab h3859 Washington av (C Bruce Ic; Henrettai lab hltob NAY 9th ct Gronve)f Calvin baker Fairy Flake Do-Nut Co 1269 W Jas A r3123 NW 1st av Flagler at Jas E rS54 NV 1st at ^ Cath V mgr h219 36th st (BI Jas A (c ; Daisy) r1490 NW 73d et Chas (c; Evelyn) driver Coastal Chemical San' Jas H errand boy S E Optical Co ^5305 NOV 2d ufacturers -1233 NIW 5th a Jas t i lab Ptriian Dairy Inc r41 NOV 31st at Chas (c) lab Lotspeich Flooring Co r1520 NOV Jas MeD (Helen L) routemn Model Lndry Inc Manufacturers 5th ct h2112 'SW 59th ct Chas (c) lab r349 NW 10th st Jeanette (c) Indre r1260 NW 50th st "Chas (c: Erma) poultry 1631 NW 3d an h1417 Jemima (c) Indrs b320 NW 17th st NW 63d ot Jeremiah A (c; Ophelia) lab h2788 NOV 48th at CJa R (Harriett H) mechl eng h303 E Dllido Jewel tech Jackson Mem Hesp r do dr (Dilido Island) John (c: Easter) porter r1132 NIX 1st pl BUTLER CHARYLE E. V-Pres Newman-Butler" John C (Oma; Butler's Grocery) h1304 NE MiMaVeigh Co, h1600 SW 14th ter, Tel 2-0685 ami ct Enamels Chauncy W (Margt Ti dist dir U S Federal BUTLER JOHN DAVID, Associate Lawyer HawHousing Admn h739 Aledo av (CGables) therne & Morehead 826-831 Ingraham Bldg, Clara (c) cook r361b NO 13th st 25 SE 2d av. Tel 3-4728, r212 NE 27th st, Tel Varnishes Claudine (wid Wn R) mgr Kentucky Home h 2-0708 1221 NE 1st an Jos (Josephine) h^323 NW 18th as Clyde (c) r6508 NI' 14th et "' Jos (c) plstr r1S07 NW 6th a Clyde R (Marian) used car mgr Southland Mo' Julian L charmn PO r5305 NW 2d av ors Inc h461 NE 70th at Julius (c: Rebecca) hi 867 NW 67th dt PAINT David At (Eddie) gdnr h3543 SW 13th ter Kenneth P (Adelaide) barber 3616 NE 2d av David P driver r854 NA 1st st h4762 NW 20h Dennis L installer SBT&TCo r3554 BAW 13th Leanna c) r411h NW 9th at ter Lee (c; Winifred) driver hg26 NW 5th av Donald M (Jane) writer 86 NE 50th ter apt 7 Lee lab r794 NOV 11th av Edgar ir ; Willie) porter r4724 NI' 13th et Lena F tchr Miami Edison Elementary School Edmund (c; Blanche) h3875 Trow av (CGrove) r395 NE 61st st Inc. Edris tchr Ponce de Leon High School r231 Lloyd A (Marcia) sec-treas Crandon Whol Drug NIX 57th At Co h1601 SI' 18th t9 Edw (c) r637 NW let pl Lucille (c) maid 1837 SW 11th i st SEden printer Franklin Fe c ee S4O SW 13th Lola (mid Da01d Fi h834 NAY 1st at N. E. 1st Av. ter At C (mne) sisin r4ISS NW 810 an Edw (c) lab City of 'tiamt St C (Etha) slsmn r430 NE 74th ut Edw (c; Effie) ydmn r1508 NW 6th ct litbel A (wid John A) r521 NE 70th st Tel. 3-5031 Eleanor cash Burdiae's Inc c1157 SW 5th st Mae (c) maid r1503 NAW 1st P aptS Marion janitor Ingraham Bide h1232 NAY 3d et Elz hkpr h269 NW 73d at Marilon Jr (Fannie M: Butler & Rose) h1617 SEliz lk 'SE Nat Gas Corp r1327 NAY 2d at Michigan a apt 2 ( B) Elits (c) maid h710 NW 3d et "Stark A (c) gdnr h1835 NW 2d av Factory-to-You Elie (wid Harry) It059 Bay rd (MB) Mary (c) r3969 Trow a (Cre -ROCK.SAND -CEMENT-LIME QUAUTY -BLOCKS -PLASTER PAINTS Made In Phoer P-269 235 S.W. Miami 3-2697 MEO_ FOURTH AVE.

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ISO 155, COMPANY sUNpL SAY INGRAHAM BUILOIN 25 S. E. 2nd AVENUE SERVICE SAN iii TLER ut A L x167 NW 25th St Mary (c) hy-7 NW 10th at Martha E bkpr r75 NW 28th st Mary A r269 NW 73d st "Hoy (Leila) sign pntr Chas D Snell 675 NW "N atil (ci P3565 Hibiscus Nt ((Crovel 38th st ) iinnie ( =id Henry) r334 NE Miami i Butte C Wm (Susie) plmbr Markoitz & Resnick t t Butterfield Jas A (c; Wilhelmina) tellmn LeamG Minnie R (wid Henry) mgr Bartholomew Apis ington Hotel h1926 NW 5th et h1568 Washington av (MB) Joyce (cI student r1926 NW 5th ct I Miriam (c) maid r1804 NW 6th ot Lee C (Dorothy) atndt F Kumer Latta h1130 Morris 2833 Bid av (CGrove) NW 39th st Myrtle Airs beauty apr r2222 NW 17th av Mary J (wid Albert J) h571 NW 28th it Nayciron B Itahci hi924 NW 50th st 5 Milhii (c) student r1926 NW 5th et Nathaniel Ic; Edith) lab h rear 1720 NW 4th Wihemina (c) tchr Booker T Washington ,1 LHigh Ochool r1926 NW 5th ct SNettie J Mrs sere rep SBT&TC. r1935 SW 2d st Butierfoss A S carp Beach Boat Slips Inc r739 STAT L N .e (mid Haheri R) h212 NE 27th at Butterick Gift Shop The (Louise and Mrs Louise Raymond hotog r652 NW at at K Butterilk) 114 Biscayne blvd Raymond B(0: Lillian) porter h6230 NW 14th Louise (The Butterick Gift Shop) h1114 Alton ct rd (MB) BUTBBTER RAYMOND W o Charyle E). Pres Now" Louise K Irs (The Butterick Gift Rhopi h36 nINP &itr B n-UT Ie-Ma h h0 S 4htr SW 9th it TelI~it 2a-u0e-Mn85 g Cs hISS htr Nasson Z (Louise E) h1114 Alton id (MB) Tnt 2-0685 Butermore Jas H (Lois) supt h88 NW 54th st \Raymond W Jr student r1600 SW 14th ter Butterwick Kay (wid Oliver) h rear 469 NW 23d Richd (c: Violet) stevedore r1441 NW 6th It pi 1007-1016 i Robt Ic: Willie) lab r452 NW 5th an Butterworth Chas r821 NE Slst et Rct (c) mach Fla Spring Products Co r1830 Butticaz Geo L (Henriete) water Royal Palm NW 2d It Club h119 NE 56th st Robt C (c) lab h266 NW 6th it Paul r119 NE 58th ot 5 c T Robt O (Cora B; 0 K Beauty Shop) h253 NE Button Agnes Mrs h1114 NE 4th ut 34th st apt 5 Ralph J (Violet Ci conic 170 NW 57th st h do LDG obt S lk Pgh Plate CIs Co h1157 SW 5th st Buttorff Harry W (Cenyra IS) sismn Railey-MilamRon.aid 5ire riOS3 Siuriansa an (CGuhie) Ronald (c; Doris) emi Interstate Marble & Tile Buttry Benj (Ei) drier P1512 NW '8th st Co P rea 173i NW 3d un "Eliz A sten Central Allapattah Properties Inc Ruby (c) moid 2005 Collins uv (MB) e1512 NW 26th at Russell L (Sarah R) agt SALRy P3292 SW 6th Siae E (wid John A) h113 NW 6th st st utts see also 'Botts and Butz S Roberta student r3 2 92 SW 6th st ^ Doce (c) maid r231 NW 13th st y Sally tech Jackson Stem HosP Effie M (c) maid 1880 SW 14th st r518 NW0 67 ^ Siaml F IEssle G) slsmn F T Budge Co h2281 12th st SW .lnt st BUTTS FRANK L (Bessie L), Attorney-at-Law 2-76rah (c) coop r172 NOV 1st 01 601-602 Ingraham Bldg 25 SE 2d av. Tel Sarah (c) Indrs r145 NO 6th st 2.3061, 12128 SW 23d ter, Tel 4.2491 Stanley (Mariet 21935 SW 2d st Stanley 1k CGables Grc Co inc J P (c) dish washer Holleman's Grille r1137 Steen G (, ttie) cook Grandma's Kitchen NO t p A )g Inc h722 NW 3d ao Lat'eror P (Alta D) h1766 SMichigan an (MB) Susan (c) indrs h1648 NW 3d av Lawrence G (irma L) driver PO P737 NW 31st Sa Susie cook 4567 Pine Tree dr (MB) at apt 3 Sybil (c) smstrs b1130 NW 5th 0t i itle (c) maid 1229 Astrusa av (CGables) N' Theresa Ic) Indrs rAd7d NW Nh st Marian r1766 Michigan av (MB) n Ths (Anita) h277 NE 56th at "Marion (c) bus boy e921 NW 2d ct N Thos (c) gdnr 25 Star Island (MB) r1260 NW Richd (c; Effie) lab r19 NW 12th st 50th at Richd (Grace) sison h Thonas Dairy 13237 Thos A hr (Helen) tIk h115 NW 62d st S rjW i Ml mhsemn P273 NW ih tee S Thos F (Mildred S) sismn F T Budge Co h1923 B itzie (c;nlie DMJa) rmn7 NW 8th te FurW 5th st Botot Donald D (Juanitu) rI7S NOV 28th st For -' Timothby B (c; Alice) gro 1725 NW 5th an 1727 Bun Fred (Jane) mgr Bristol Apis b536 NE 62d st Plumbing do apt I Refrigeraturs i Victor (c: Esther L) lab Norman Graves Co h Buby Louis M (Mary) nismn h354 SW 22d rd g 1818 NOV 1st pt Martin sismn Chas H W Read r354 SW 22d rd Solar Systems E E prsr Marvel Clnrs Inc r3876 Tlorida av (C Buxton B G P537 NE 66th st apt 2 or Any Other Grone) Breward H electn P6505 NW 2d av Hne "00 Lloyd )652 NW 1stt so Frances A Mrs h3782 Matheson av (CGrovel m Walter 3 r670 NW 10th st Helen SIrs h645 SW 3d st Improvement Walter J sismn r5305 NW 2d uv M ary tchr Little River Sch r83 NE 100th nt Wilford () pear 235 NW 16th ter Thos F bkpr Miami Mattress Mfg Co b1129 NW \\'m Ic) r2 NOV 1010a0 31st ut S" m ; La oitr) dea e r330d NW 14th st Thos V (Evelyn) eng taP&LCo h6346 -NW 1st Wim (c Lydia) gro 533 NOV 14th st h rear do cIt 'onm Ic) steaedore h340a NW 14th at Buyck Jenedean c734 SV 2d st apt 7 3 m K (Le F) shop emp Pgh Plate Gis Co h Buyer Ruth waiter SoBe Eeey Wm J (Esther) h1a21 SW 5th ut 'School r217 LaGarce dr (IB) S Wm J wtchmn h2720 NW 29th st Buynar John baker ra122 NW _d av We L (Mary K) mgr Norma Lee Apis h1308 Buys Portense K music techr 629 SW 12th av r Pennsylvania av apt Ia (MB) es School st (CGables) Willie F (i; Leona) porter h6508 NW 14th et Kath Mrs h es School st (CGables) e Willie I (c) maid Miami City Chemical LaboraBuzbee Ida Sirs r135 SW 9th st apt 2 -tories r1452 NW -th a1' Loraine cash Rosetta Theatre r135 SW 9th st Wyatt H elk x253 NE 26th ter apt Zed (c; Marian) gdnr h1322 NW 3d av Puzby Stargi h1727 SW 21st st & Rose (Marion Butler jr, OWalter T Rose) real Buzzard Frank carp r2971 SW 37th ct est 1627 Michigan un (MB) "Wm carp r2971 8W 37th et Applications For Butler's Beauty Shop (Mrsrn Homie Butler) 249 Buzzell Albert L (Zoe L) city firem h3729 KumCredit Trealed NE 1st 5t doot .ao IC~eoSOI Cnfidentialy e Grocerc sohn C Butler) 22 NE 13th st Albet L (rc) L) slmsn Burdine's Inc h o Inc Geo Herald mgr shoes 10 NE 3d av 4th fl 2401 SW 28th s apt 17 IhMfARflWhITl stores -i1 E Flaglcer st and 139 Washington Mary L sisw BurdIne's Inc r2401 SW 2Sth at Bautman :'tophen (Nancy Ci h786 NE S5th st r L cash r3729 Kumquat av (CGrove) oKSNIC Butsch Frances sec Helen tar APartment Hotel Scozla Antonio (Anna) slsmn h24605W 25 f2421 Lake Panciast Ir (istli 1220 d. Biscayne Bind. r Os the Circle O PHONE R _"fLLSTAlTE 3-3351 *TIRE STORE 7l.EDNIONE 3.4621 0 S I 317152S3 21. ZoaW.

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DRINK .... in Bottles Harold DELICIOUS REFRESHING 3 N. MIAMI COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. 3 B. Hil Interiors RCG2E1.LLA EXARt Ernest (Ceasara; Funand Beer Garden) h414 Marguerite Mrs sten Robson Link & Co h12l1 Studio SW 4tb at SW 5th st 1Rob waiter Funland Beer Garden r2460 SW Marshall (Agnes) smn h2120 SW 16th ter 25th ter Stary r253 NE 14th t opt 2a and Bybee Virgil W (Leona) plmbr r2721 SW 31st cc Mary (c) Indrs r377 NW 15th nt Byce Mary B (wid Wm) r1750 NW 47th at Mary V (oid Wm) e1768 NW 6th st * Bychower Rebecca (oid Victor) h626 Meridian a tarriel musictan Bar of Musc r427 22d st (MB) M (MB) Nellie waiter Around the Corner Inn r44 NW Bydolek Jos (Marian) h501 NE 23d at 47th or Bye Bell Mrs sswn Moerow's Nut Shop r229 SW M Nellie 'G (wid Jos W) lk Jackson Mem Hosp Window 11th a h2. NE 50th ter Forrest 0 sismn h1229 SW 11th ar Pearl C swstrs Reed Furniture Mfg Co S a Co. Fred Blshermn r1135 SW i1th st Peggy L sswn Burdine's Inc r1920 -SW 2d nt John 0 (Dora E) h113 5 SW 11th nt apt 10 Byer Dani (Rose) pres Arena Bar Inc h4443 Richd W slmn Surglcal Sup Co h21 NE 50th ter Pralrie ar (MB) Robt 0 r12S 'SW 3d ot n Herbert C (Lillian) sismn h rear 901 SW 13th cI Boy B (Mildred G) carrier h1436 SW 3d st n 0 Jacob (Dorothy) bkpr h460 NE 76tih 01 Shirley V minr 1436 SW 3d st Jacob v-pres Arena 'Bar Inc ri8 SW 13th av Spencer F (Mytais E) mach Maurice E Lindgren "John otodt r3l NE 7th st ri470 NW 1st st Byerly Jos R (Myrtle) 1610 Salzedo ot apt 3 .(C VirginIa R r1768 NW 6th ot Gables) W Boarman IMarguerite) newspapermn hl2918 Myrtle Mrs mgr Salzedo Apts h1610 Salmodo at Sf 5th st Draperies apt 3 (CGables) W Nlyron pntr r1268 SW 3d st Byers Emma elk r277 SW 1st at Wade H (Rosa) cabtkr h140 NW 28th at Harry A h rear 1041 SW 10th ot Wi E (Slyrtlo) agt h843 SW 13th ar apt 6 pholstering Jos (c) lab r515 NW 17th st "' f F r collr rS43 SW 13th av apt 6 Josephine waiter e 0 779 NE 3d It apt 17 W P (Alzena) ep h626 NW 2d st Window Margt h541 SW 2d st Willie Ic( gdnr r3507 Douglas st (CGrove) Margt A Mrs r534 NOV 12th -av rella (wid J Wade) office sec County Solr r Shades Nell beauty opr Arvol Close 1560 NOV 51st at Robt I slsmn Jewish Floridian r325 SE 1st ar Byrholdt Chester H reflnshr J W Justice Co r435 Roy G city firemn r7744 NW 6th cc SW 6th at Decorating Snmol 65 NE 6th s Byrne Apartments 820 NW 18th pi Walter A (Rath) printer MDN h534 NW 12tM av n Arth R (Harriet) carp h832 NW 18th pIl Wn M (Esther) slsme bl244 SW 12th t '" E J (Maryland) ril E 'San Marino dr (San Byes Naomi Mrs maid Jackson Mem Hosp r2022 Marino Island) NW 5th pl J T simn Business Sls Service r105 Brikell av 174 N. E. Byington Chas H (Lizzie) h3630 NW 21st ot John P (Cath) city firemn Coral Gables h960 SAt 0 Mrs t emp SBT&TCo r561 NW 9th ot SW 44th a Bynes John (c; Bessie) auto mech h1516% NW Jos h2138 Bay ae (Sunset Island No 4) 5th Pt Lucile B pkr Siami Fruit Ind inc r Uleta Bynoc David (c; Veronica) bl474 NW 5th p Byrnes see also Burns Veronica (c) mld r1474 NW 5th p1 Darid (Alice) h1500 SIichtgan ar apt 3 (MB) Bynum Dan] R (Vivian L) toll colli Miami Bridge Dothy I r1019 NW 26th oc Co rl E San Marino dr "JHlen N (mid ichi Al hS0S7 NW 10W 2ht Phyllis Mr siswn F N Holley 5 & 10 Cent Store John E rIJts NOV 26th ra 11873 oW 6th st '' Jobs St (Jessie) h1644 S Miami an RupertB l 1 sta supl W T Price Dredging Corp "Loraine irs yrin Coral Way Elementary Sch r8S 1s'(t ot bl1232 SW 2So at Brd e als Bid '"Mary A (wid John J) b1019 NW 26th av The Largest Byrd Lee also Bird t Rob, (Lorraine) capt h1232 SW 21st ot A Lee cook Around the Corner Inn h44 NW 47th Byrom Callie ic maid Jackson Slem Hosp x1729 Exclunive 00 NW 6th av "'Agnes I slswn Burdine's Inc r120 SW 16th ter Gustave A (Alberta) onir hI19 SW 9th st Furniture B 'ertha E grad nurse 1268 SW 3d nt r do 5' Otis Ic; Collie) lab bl729 NW 6th av Stmr. in Carrie (c) Indes r612 NW 15th st Byron Jesse (c; Aline) Scwa h1453 NW 6t1h av "'Chas (c) lpr r357 7 Hibiscus st (CGrse) Julius (c) lab 1453 NW 6th av the Chas D (Perna) broker h1777 SW 15th 0t Kenneth (Sally) h600 E Diole hwy apt 11 Chas 0 (Beatrice) h1268 SW 3d at Sark Inc Mark Byron Ill pres Chas Moon vSouth D Jack (Virginia E) eles opr h3122 NW 2d av pres F Palston sec adv 111 NE 2d av R1002 at 4 '' N3 Mark III ( oeoi pres sark Byron Inc h3328 "DarI B (Bane) Ni cIty tireme bl63f SW 2d ot Gordon ac (MB) SDaela H Le NOV 1st ae '" Maurice Ic) r1453 NW 6th a SEoglas L (Lelia r) blISS Hardee rd iCG Tessie sten r12 Ocean dr apt 18 Eta Srs h301 Ss' 1st st apt4s C C Employment Office (Chas E Cook) 340 NE 2d Co formo French Beocol Clewa 1357 NW 9th Of C CO hpiiaHlnOh~)roetS Gleos E (Balsa )t drler MiamirS V age C C Sandwich Shop (Mrs Helen White) restr 1435 Grac E (Miati Delight Coffee Col r638 NW C E F Corp Caerolina Fritz pres Henry P Gardner 62d at see real cst 3240 NW 27th av SGroser Ic) rSI NW's' 1st aa C I T Corp J F Stston dist mgr auto finance 600 Groveic I 92 leac l1st7 aodo Sat Biocayne blod Boll_ Beety to; E) lhb n411 NW 62d tables) C &C Sandwich Sop (Eug Hill) 7930 NE 2d aV "Banh B ( ) Satry) farmer hWSS NO 69th lee C & E Eat Shop (Chas F Oiber) restr 700 Collins Hugh B ir c aby fribr3,. 89 NW th ter as (IB) J C j( (te r4 89 sNW 69tNO ter C & Eat Sandwich Shop (Eug Hill) 1652 NE "d av J C waiter Tomiami Get)) r127 NV 234 at C & G Gift Shop (Clara E Kaesbach) 127% NE 3 ao lsts tamsyirl ha l tO NOV23 t~tt 1st ao Jah iargu rto) blh n rd so ap o1 st C & L Amusement Co (Jacob G Kauffman. Isadore Jao (1) huller 30 47th st ISIB da 3 Karpma) 120 3d at IiB 'Jas driver 151 E 6th ,t ('H) Cabana 'Sportswear Shop (Edw Silverman) woJas N (c) r1895 NW 69th ter men's clo 745 Washington av (MB) Jas Of (Eva Al roofer 7622 NE 2d a, h262 NW Cabassl Domingo butler r455 'ine Tree dr IM 69th st BI rJohn (cl r3893 Washington av (C'Greve) Cabella Alf (DOree) slsmn h3553 'SW 1-4th at Joha A (Lira Mae) bldg h30 NW 17th It '" Dnree Mrs beauty opr Harper Method Beauty Lee maid r1439%F NW 2d ac Salon r3553 SW l4h sr t LIllie Mae (c) r1395 NW 69th ter CabezFernando lWiliie) chauf 1,634 SW 1st st "Luia H (wid E Lorton) bkpr J J Cater Furniture Frank (Grace A) purser h1318} SW 27th av Co ho 2% SW 12th, st Cable Evelyn r113 NE 12th [t lather (Mina B) supt Miami Feed Supply Co Henry C INannle) h1561 NW 8th st apt 3PH N h634 NW 42d st Cabot Margt Mrs tchr Miami Edison Elementary Tarrt M student r1436 SW 3d st 'School r170 NW' 58th st 3-6261 R p IA Y;b1 c N. E. 2d Ave. T0.U57 LD4"ma l 40th $t.

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Is ELECTRIC AUTOMATIC A. D. H. REFRIGERATORS CfTL e/a 134 General Office Servie Dept. FgY 3 rge 134 N.W. Third Ave. Phone 3-2128 Show Rooms: 134 N. W. 3rd Ave., Phone 3-2128 Cabral Caroline waiter Royal Coffee Pot Call Annie L tdhr Miami Sr High Sch r2744 SW Cabrera Beno (Josephine) spr Miami City Build6th St 1ng Div) h1314 NW 7th av Bertha Mrs (Bertha Dressmaking Shop) h2744 Delio carp r1314 NW 7th av SW 6th nt Dora student x1314 NW 7th av Christina alterations Burdine's Inc h187 NW Jas bkpr r1314 NW 7th av 51st at Rubin sten r1314 NW 7th av Clarence H (Hazel) h4'50 SW 10th at Cacheri5 Constantine J chiropractor 111 NE 2d Cora N ten Gen Electric Contracts Corp riS7 P f R406 x1327 NW 5th st NW 51st st Cactus The (C H Ward Jr, Del Mendez) restr 2241 Effle T sten Chus C Youmans r2978 SW 5th nt EW Flagler st a Esie P cash SR&Co r187 NW 51st st Caddagan C,)rn0lius H (Anna E) inspr US Cus Lafayette (c; Leona) firemn h1639 NW lot et toms h792 NE 77th st Martha student r2744 SW 6th st Caddell John B (Anna) h5748 Pine Tree dr (MB) Pauline student r2995 SW 4th at Jos C (Katie) credit mgr Com Credit Co h558 Peter S (Agnes R) sismn h2995 SW 4th at NE 09th st Rob) L opr Dun Bus Serv Co h rear 825 SW Miami Cadden Hugh W (Sylvia) 1541 NW 91st at 13h av Cade Chas (Edith) meat etr r2034 NW 11th av Warren sismn Piggly Wiggly Stores r187 NW REAn Core E bkpr Lindsley Lumber Co x1739 NW 51st 0t REAL 30th at oWm J (Jennie) h297 NOW 5th at Gordon L (Louise 1t) driver h521 SW 9th st Cabn see also Kaln and Kane ESTATE "Ruby (ci maid 1144 SW 19th av Alvin T (Lemsie) carp h930 NE 92d st Cadera Wm (c) lab r347 NW 14th ter Anna Ptrs r2039 Bay rd (MB) Cadette Julius waiter Nino's Restr Inc r128 NE Cullen (Aea M) h547 Navarre av (CGables) Over 17th st Earl C pin str John E Norman Cadiente Wm (Estelle) hipe r2164 NW 5tb av Ear F (Annie) slsmn L B Price Mere Co h1441 30 Ynara Cadieux Clovis W h1753 NW 49th st N Miami av Cadillac Apartments 429 SW 8th et Edith Mrs drsmkr 150 NE 3d st h do CADILLAC AND LA SALLE MOTOR CARS, NoEller (mid EIr r1829 SW 11th ter tan-Peeler Motors Inc Sales and Service P'eedh L pir sir John S Norman 2044 Biscayne Blvd at NE 20th ter. Tel 3-5361 Ceo A (Selma) plstr h7926 NE Miami et 1825 (For further information see left side lInes Geo E h215 Calabria av apt S iCGables and page 6 Buyers' Guide) Harsld F (Margt M) pistr h521 NW 10th av Bisca e Harriet Mrs h1550 Drexel av apt 4 (MB) C Cadnas Ecoest 01659 Wairgts as (5) "Leamon L iFlorence) h2271 NW 58th ot Blvd Cadle Frances Mrs tchr Coral Way Sohool r1774 Lena B r120 Genoa st (CGables) Lu L prio Kinlock Park School r300 UniverP (c) mai 720 NO 07th et 1N aily dr (CGables) Marie A Mrs dromkr 243 NE 25th at c do Phones Ralph R iMart J) sismn r235 SW 10th av Mary (c) maid p4850 NW 12th av Wm B sismn South Fia Mtr Sis Co r718 SW Naomi r1441 N Miami as 1st at "Oscar S (Amelia) pair 5364 NW 23d as 3-5763 Cadt rarGrace checker Ideal Dry Clng Co Inc r Ros M ryi Nt Title Co 636 SW 6th at 3-5764 Cado r t W5tloetbna Burdines bc t611 NW'2d Ruby cls r227i NW 58th st 3.5 64 ad' ^^Stoart eog 12633 SWV 31ci cc A cab Dixte Tire Co 148 NW 39th st Table (c; Loulse) lab 15e NO 68th ter "Thos C hO63t) NW 3d ct Wardley C tljillie J) drivee Fatter Sic Co ht Thorndyke A (Martha E) cash PO r6811 NW 2 g2 NOV 56t5 at 2d et WeA' A (Mlacga Ni 14423 Cryotul ct (CGrove) CWm E (Gertrude) electn h3540 NW Flagler ter Cadialladec Florence r s tebr W J Bryan Jr & Bultmoan Inc Bernard C Peddy mgr 406 SW and Etem Seb 0739 NE t2lsr at Sib ac 11311 uti Co dph H) eh 121 SoE6hor Sheept Metal Mn (i rt)r 31By d(B LU IURE & Scofiac Co P12105 NE 6th or apt 2 Caioc Mary L (mid Arih) e237h Bay ed (MB) Philip S (Flororce) tehr h739 NE 121st at Caiola Antlonette Mrs beauty opr h11 NW 3d av Cady Co D (Annie) h817 Meridian av apt 3 C apt (MB)1 Caleot Clarerce A (Hecttie) cary hIS52 NE 56th st B a Daisy Mrs instr r3409 NOW 11th p 1 Hettie Mrs tchr Citrus Groce Elementary School H UR U t o ld H ( O r m u) p l m b o h 2 2 5 S W 9 th a s 2 5 2 N E S6 ih s 1 Edw E (Ethel P) h30 Castile av (CGables) Cairo Restaurant (Said Dagher 151 NE 2d st Caesar Agnes Mrs h80 NV 31st ov ust 9 Caitanis Mary sten East Coast Equipment Co Inc Albert H 'h5410 NE 2d av r1259 S\V 4th st II Inc r^09 NE 3d st apt 3 Biscayne bld BE OIo R rili SE 4th st Cal's Cigar Stand (Emily M Callahan) 145 E Rufus (c; Hilda) porter h rear 733 NW 4m av Flagler st R 11 t a t2 ttwer rt ite r 63 NWI 7th st Cala Apartments 1352 SW 7th st Cages Chas (Aphrodite) b1563 SWV 3d s apt 5 Calabria Apartuents 135 Calabria av (CGables) C Cagle Cearl lab r6332 NO 3d 00 Calabrese Harry (ASmo R) cook Pig & Whistle 'ml u Franklin (Flora) ismn h229 NE 32d st apt 3 Inc r0 NOV 29th at Mardell r752 NW 22d pl Calais Elva Mrs r310 NE 2d av Mary Mr alterations Burdine's Inc h,52 NW 'Calamia Roy L (Edna B) sismn Peter Nordyke B Sod pl 6839 Abbott av apt 4 (ME) R Fee m 1 y ge tavr Clyde-Mallory Lines Calasay Mildred (wid Ben) nurse 1674 SW 3d st PURE "B Noa 22a 3'" Wilson technician r1674 SW 23d at Cahan Benj sismn F645 Lenox av apt 3 (MB) C lodec Douglas slsm David Alan r1824 Alton BATTERIES cahlu Ernest 118^8 W Flagler st apt 3 rd (MB) GyR studen)241 NF aoeri6em 00630 NW Calder El driver Slaml Parts & Spring Co r YALENri Nor Rvead YALE M K srkpr Hotel Hampton r938 Lincoln Jot hii 32 01eridian as apt 303 (MB) rd (MB Colderon Pedro mgr Harry's Mkt r193a SW 10th Nellie cook 5767 Alton rd (MB) 1 TIRES Rita L lwn urdine's Inc 241 NE 36th sbt Caldean Rhoda (c) r21 5 1 NW 6th av Robt F (Rhoda) -pres Wm H Gold Co h1219 Caldner Marlene waiter r 59 NW 24th at Lisbon :t (CGables) Caldwell Anna H (wid Henry E) r349 NW 9th at SThelma B slswn r241 NE 36th sl Charlotte (c) h1340B _NW 4th av PURE Thos trainer h45 E 26th t (H) Constance siswo Miami Riviera Pub Co r534 Wm J (Theresa M; South Florida Realty Co) Anast-asa av '(CGables) O IL,241 NE 36th st "DanI H (Nettie) carp h3173 Mundy at (CGrove) OiL W J ir lk r241 NE 36th st Delbert C (Selma F) br mgr Lehigh Portland Cahn Edwin D (Edna) h921 Calblra av (CGables) Cement Co I97' SW 3d st Joel G (ROsana) h1105 Malaga av (CGables) '" DeWitt (c) r130B NW 4th av PET ROLEUM R Kasen mgr Allen's Botery Foster A (So ephine) h1874 SW 3d av apt 5 P RobE K (loise .1 mar 12278 SW 16th av Fred A (Grace) elk h1552 SW 2d Bt apt 1 PRODUCTS H... ROYAL CROWN COLA 48-64 PAR-T-PAK BEVERAGES S. W. 1.t St. TRUE FRUIT ORANGE Phone 2-1741 BOTTLING CO. 540 N. W. 24th St. Phones 3-6287 and 3-6288

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153 PACKARD MOTOR CARS Authorized Sales and Service PACKARD MIAMI MOTORS INC. 1740 N. E. Second Ave. Phone 2-7621 Packard Salon, 923 Lincoln Road, Miami BeachPhone 5-3055 CALDWELL -CALHOUN Geo (Joseph) carp h rear 2973 SW 36th av Marlorie L br mge Postal Tel-Cable Co r1601 Glenn (Loca) h211 NE 97th st apt 7 NW' 25th av Grace (c) cook r3921 Florida av (CGrove) Robt (c; Irene) lab h269 NW 7th at "'Harris (c; Jessie) lab h1323 NW 2d et "ueben lab W H Tompkins fr H Harry J (Erin) slsmn h3076 Jefferson st (C Wm (c: Emma) tailor h336B NW 14th st Grove) Caliento Court Apartments 4029 SW 12th at "Horace L (iLinnle) dalrymn h rear 127 NW 47th Calkins Ada (c) Indrs r546F NW 14th at ter Albert D (Lillie M) se Wall Realty Co r44 NE Hortense (c) elk Caldwell Hotel r719 NW 2d av 38th at Hotel (c) 719 NW 2d av Bert E lab r168 NW 53d at I lab FIaP&LCo r229 NW 11th s' Glenn H (Mattlie S) bkp r1200 NW 34th at 9 Ida S Mrs r,09 NW 27th av apt 3 Horace A (Ruthven M) field ioster h218 SW 8th Ira L (Susie) slk Seminole News Agency h571 av NW 22d ot CALKINS JAMES E (Lucy Y; Loftin, Stokes & t lab MBRC Beah3462 Crand as (C Peove) Calkins), Attorney-at-Law 627-639 Ingraham y P pollee 1a Hv h olise Dept 110 PennBid 0 25 SE 2d av, Tel 3-3606, h444 Navare yJasCi atin i ) av (Coral Gables). Tel 4-2193 Ias C (Minnie D)1 h1349 W Flagler st Joy A tosrpSST&TCo 156i33 NXV 6th Ov John G (Neil L) hl816 NW 46th ast apt 2 J' Loard Her ar BT& to Saod3iNW bSh-l John t (Joella) olk The Narman h1552 WashSX 24d rd ington at opt 101 (MB) a Lida R (sod Hert) smstr till NW 53d st John P (Rose 3I) h1831 Bay ed (MB) o Linoln H (Sarah etmstbo h141 SW 3d st Jos W (Lena W) lab City Parks Div 61693 SW 'LlN H J. Soc Fl4id T W C d )6 27th av CALKINS RALPH L, See Florida Title Co, h1608 Lettie J (c) Indrs b1456 NW 6th et Tiger Tail av (CGrove), Tel 4-1137 u c) r922 NW lot av E Rutbveo 1 Mresup r Rockwood Outdoor School L 9yda S (wsid Saint) h253 NE 224 at b715 bSW 9th as Mager W sorrier PO r1693 SW 27th av Sidney G (Ann I; Sid's Serice Station) h636 Matha (id David) h304 NE 77th at NXX' 15th as tarr R elk Maule Industries r506 Espanola way Wayne F (Lucille S) mech PO h974 NI 2d st '(RI) apt 6 fattie L e3173 Mundy at (CGrove) Call Albert E (Harriett N) dep elk U S Dist Ct SaMtie L (wid Geo K) h2941 Day av -(CGrove) 12992 SW 16th at Mozele N Mrs bkpg mach opr Co Tax Assr b Bertha Mrs r7630 NE 1st as 1360 SW 5t1 a Emma A (tid Stillman D) bl476 NW 31st st Nell L Mrs tchr Miami Edison Senior High Sob Herbert -(Irene) carp h2167 NW 25th av h1816 NW 46th st apt 2 I Alsa Mrs slswm McCrory's r755 NW 28th st Nord C h2373 NW 9th st Stanley S r2992 SW 16th at Norma elk r6l NE 90th 0 '' 'Walter (Nalalie) h4241 NW 1st p1 Parthenia (c) mgr Caldwell Hotel r719 NW 2d Warren N photostat opr Biscayne Eng Co r299^ s av SXX 161t1 st Ferce (Essie) plstr h1751 NW 77th at Wilfred (Elsie) eng h7630 NE 1st av Percy student r1751 NW 77th at Callahan Ann (id John A) smstrs h561 NW 8th Rayvon ete r1693 SW 27th as st apt 4 Rlebd R (Lillian S) h821 SW 9th av "' Byron L (Ednal patrolmn Miami Police b1920 Rita L (c) maid Moore Forn Co r719 NW 2d av 'SW 16th st SRoma L smstrs RCDDS 13173 Mundy at (C Chas A (Pearl B) garagern PO h1129 NW 34th (rove) 0 Rose 51 Mrs r1831 Bay rd (MR) Chas S walter S & S Sandwich Shop r204 NE Marine Russell L (Fiaranell) crane opr XV T Price 18th st Dredging Corp r2752 SW' 28th la David H (Isabel M) r112u NW 4th at Hardware Thos P (Nancy H) die tra mgr Eastern Air Doyle St clk Tropical Sodas r1900 SX' 17th sv Lines b9-2 Castile as (CGables) Edgar J (Mabel) shoe repr 722 Palm av (H) h and Walter (c; Esther) porter h1126 NW 5th av 249 E 6th at (H) Wm C (Juliette) h1837 NE 4th a Edw T (Helen) roofer Miller-Buck & Co h36 9 'lom G (Sybel) travel ags h20 NE 67th st NW 21st et Wllie hsekpr e264 NW 53d ot Eli. (oid Wm HI 1918 NW 5th 0t Cale Frances nurse 1129 NX 4th at apt 4 r do Emily 3I (Cal's Cigar Stand) Lonna B norse 1129 NW 4th ot apt 4 r do Frances beauty opr r317 Meridian av (MB) CALEDONIAN INSURANCE CO (Fire). G C Stew" Frnk J (Marie) waiter h317 Merldian av (M bier Inc Agents, 707-04 Biscayne Bidg, i9 W Flagler st, Tel 237 9 (Fee brther rnfrwa' Geneviero H stes 6169 NE 60th st Te l 5719 (Foern furter 3 Byers 1, Geo H custodian h45 Washigton av (XIB) Go e oide) e r nt o ner and page B o eo J Irktto (A nna ) m gr R iverside P ark A pts h746 Caer Invstmnt Co lee Willasd L Caler preo-treas Ceo S (Sarah 1) dentist 111 NE 2d av R902 h M1in K Color 000 el rot 126 NE 14th ot 1611 NXV 324 e t a[ 0< q Willard L pre-treas Caler Investment Co Inc r Horace St (Melba K) elk McKesson & Robbins 124 NE 14th at leehI820 NW' 19th as Wm K 000 Caler Jnvestment Co Inc r Palm Isabel SI Mrs sswan Railey-Milam Inc r1128 NW Heaclt Fla 4~th et Calero Engeocis barber 156 NE 24 at r do "'Jas shoa 4600 Hay ed (MB) w Rudolph (Rose) barber h rear 915 N 21s1at Jenie (td Chasi r130 SV 10th nt A Calee Lola r1352 SW 7th st a t 1 J lohn (Evangeline) h1865 NW 37th st aty (told Chos WI hl52 SW Ilk at apt I John A (Frances) Ins solr Fred B Hartnett h676 Caihoesn see also Kothos 'SIW' 24 at opt 12 ""A Coth Mrs hsekpr Plaza Hotel r316 Biscayne Johs Hr17 NW 5th st blvd John W (Jimmie) sismn h3215 NW 50th at "oai lab r729 NW 24th ot Johnnie r311 NW 0th et Chat A (Witfred M) horse trainer 6117 W '' Jos (Helen) h177 NE 78th nt 15th ot ()i Kermyt W (Rose A) 0-pros Jo. S Withers a Clra (c) oId es el NW 14th at Stogoe & Transfer Co 61114 Milam as IC Emma (c) maid h1 70 NW 5th 45 ables) Toliea (kh143 N)X 9th at tabel Sfrs tch Hialeah Sch r249 E 6th 0t (H) Stashk E (aoie Li v-pres Qua0lity Feed & ^' Sloe D wid las P)1r2349 NW 9th s Supply Co Ins h1601 NW 25th av Mae, Mrs Jts P1 eridn 9t st 49'E 0 st a ^RHelen A -(wid Robt) r543 SW 3d at ta-rye Rs (wistessT r1,l M Erd 1t a t MB .rno (1) maid 1373 SW 16th st 1269 NW 7th at Pary rs (wi BWgao T h ,231 NE 2d at as I (Mildred A) mach mate US Coast Guard ps NE 2 a Yacht, Engine b2 S) 28t B tNWth Richd elk h3811 NW 20th ct and a'vsl c rrBte a -165N t Robt countermn Reid's Sea Faods Inc 1250 NE Psod Inc el N Contrantors' "'Ltr (Eth 31 NW 7th Ro 5 NW 29 t Spplies Real WALTER u. WILSON EsWCte 26A0 PHONE 5-1135 9 L R I Insuranc S.W. 6th St.

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154 SUNNY The C. W. Kistler Company SUTH 6% and 7% First Mortgages, Real Estate SOUTH 12-13-14 CONCRESS BLDC. PHONE 2-5154 ThesN CALLAH an nMtctrohrueUS Cos CALVERT ATheT C ( a )U C Nt Arth (Dorothy) sismn Southern Realty Co i Guard h3054 SW 14th St 1010 NW 22d av C Theresa M asst see Miami City Manager r918 Velma J (The Silver Coffee Pot) r603 SW 17th Co. NV 27th ot a "' Virginia E Mrs .01752 NW 1st .t apt A Calvery Rose maid 4821 Pine Tree dr (MB Wm J bkpr J B Forbes & Cu r17-52 NW 1st st Calvetto John (Kraft's Good Food) h1440 NW ant A 21st tee Callamore -Chas H r102 SE 3d st Calvin Earl jr (Jane) metermn h228 SW 12th av Callas Gustave barber 215 NW 1st ae h328 NE apt 4 58th st 'Neamiah (c) lab r333 NW 9th nt Benj. Moore & Callaway see also Calloway Calas Jos (Sue) waiter h43 SW 6th av Clarence M (Emma) slsmn r8123 NW 14th pI Juan A (Martha) h218 San Domingo av (CCo. Products Fred (c) porter Beach Park Hotel r1122 NW 2d Gables) s Reba Mrs smstrs Wallace Barbour Co rlt44 NW Ronans Gus C (c) lab James Deering Property h1-337 d pl lanquers NOV 2d an Colye Fredk D (Addie) slsmn h3293 NW 11th at and "Harold r26 NW 30th st Camark Kathleen (cI maid 1329 Alhambra cir (C aml CALLAWAY IRVIN M (Anne). Sen Newman-SutGables) Enamels lee-ManVeigh Co, hI676 SW 10th st 'Camaille Alice miid Chas J) rS61 SW 13th av Ivey S (Mildred E) clk PO 01869 SW 5th at 'Camalier Hattie E Mrs r4220 Prairie at apt 8 (M Dixon's Jas C polisher -69d NV 2d st NI Graphite Jas T (Ida TI h1348 SW 17th st Camaca Jane M 01720 SW sto a Paint. Jesse W (Nannic T) racer h820 NW 58th St "amassa Ale carp r1701 SW 35th a Jewett (Evelyn) slsmn h1110 NW 47th St Ja E to carp r1701 SW 35th an Wooster '" Nannie T Mrs supvr SBT&TCo hS20 Nw 58th Castraorctht r1701 SW 35th an Brses o Cumastra Anthony (Margt) carp 01935 NW 1i9th Brushes i Roht (c) baker .rl519 NW 5th ct Camhridge Albert (c) caddy r906 NW 4th ay James B. Day Waiter B (Annie M) h26 NW 30th at '" Alfonso Ic) ydmn .aS3C NW 14th st Co.'s Waiter H shIp elk Hart Drug Corp r26 NW 30th '" iAlice (c) 13347 NWC 14th ter A Apartments 640-42 NE 85th st Shellac Waiter P (ivylyn) 12339 NE "d at "Bertranm Ic r3631 Oak av (CGrosel Callen Geo (Cathant carp 01881 'NW 26th s1 Chat (C; Letitial carp 01931 NO 4th ot Wall Paper Jos W (Annette) Isomn Gilbert 'H Chaplin h Edw (c) lab r129B NW 15th or 1002 Granada blvd (CGables) Ernest ic; Henriette) lab r1576 NW 1st pl Callenherg Jeanette elk h520 SW 1st at apt 32 Ethel (c) maid 520 NE 58th st h339 NW 10th 801-821 Calilery John T mgr Havana Greyhound Tourists s ro33 .West av (MB) 'E Eug (c; Inez) bartndr r1352A NW Id av No. Miami Av. Calley Won D (K Esther) slsmn Paut E Shipe b "C Evelyn lt Indrywkr h1314A NW 2d av 160 NE 99th at Ceo (c) lab T3638 Percival av (CGrove) Callico Roht M (Virginia) asst mgr Lehoy Hotel Granville W (c; Myrtle V) lab h2026 NW 4th Phone r3200 Collins av (RB) et Callier Thos dish washer Hotel McAllister r350 C Hotel (Jack Muechick. Wm Silverstein) 330 3-3317 o'o 1010 st slichtgan an (MN) Calllns Thelma cook Burdine's Inc r RD 1 Bo C lshamael (c; Ollie) porter r1507 NWOC 3d av 245 'Jas Ic; Frizzle) 03638 Percival av (CGrove)Calloway see also Callaway Jessie (c) maid r1828 NOV 4th av Beatrice (c) cook 6045 Pine Tree dr (MB) Lavenia (c) ndrs r rear 363 NW 19th st Carrie M (c) e1235 NW 1st pi Louis (c) maid h2030 NW 5th et L Claretha (c) r1785 NW 68th ter Maria (ci maid e1432 NW 1st pl Cleo T Mrs pkr Shenandoah Candies r5825 NOV telrose () r2152 NW 6th av 5th ct Rudolph (c) r3638 Pereirol av (CGrove) Elsie (c) h1752 NW 6th et '' Naml (c; Georgia) porter h1432 NW 1st pl Geo (c; Victorial) gdnr h1785 NW 68th ter -" Walter Ic; Marie waiter Reno Bar h245 NW 7 Geo washer Russel Page Inc t831 NW' 19th av 7th st Jewitt S (Gussie) shoe repr 1784 SW Sth at h OWcm (c) r3638 Percival ar (CGrove) do" Wm AS Ic; Savaletta) lab h3422 NWY 15th st Jos C (Alberta) lab h119 NW 13th st Cambron Chas (c; Sarah) mech h rear 266 NW Lucien J brklyr .5825 NOO' 5th ct 8th st yLuc (c) h1519 NW 5th at Camden Auto Repair (Jos Labossiere) 1455 N Marvin (c) shoe shine r121A NW 10th st Oiami as M 'Aary (c) Indrs h3539 NW 17th at Camdolte Bruna (Enna) steward h3169 Mary st 0 Robt L (Alma L) asst prsmn Central Press Inc (CGrove) f5910 SW 2d ter Cameo Theatre Jack VanLloyd mgr 1445 WashCaly HBnj H (Viola) plmbr h3314 NW 8th av ington av (MB) Qn Calmes Nlario R (Margt) h2027 NW 14th ar Camero Marlo R (Irene) slsmn RCDDS 1t157 NB Canan Solly J .Mrs br mgr Taylor Inc r448 26th st Espanola way (IB) Cameron Alex (Frances) h1934 SW 9th st z lCalpini Anita artist r250 Ingraham hwy (CGrove) C Auhdrey actress r4112 SW 9th ter W '" 'rtmio artist r42.dI Ingraham hwy (CGrove) '" Awning Co (Malcolm D Cameron) 242 Aragon Hemia artist r4250 Ingraham lioy ICGrove) av (CGables) Marie Mrs h4250 Ingraham toty (CGrove) Beni F (IBurdeena) h33 W 4th st (H) Orestes I(Mariorie) artist h820 NE 82d st Chas E ('Edna M) sec-treas Miami Visitor Pub Orlando student r4250 Ingraham hwy (CGrove) Co h242 NE 3d at apt K SCadCtt Douglas r824 Alton rd (MB) Clifford exterminator Gent Exterminating Co Caluci Jms (Linda C) mgr Alberta Aps 0161 Clifford A (Ruth) h2364 NW 63d a1 NW 26th st apt 1 C David aero mech r5t NWOO 54th st calumet Building I0 NE 3d on David B real -s 3710 NO 17th an h812 NW O CALUMET REALTY & MORTGAGE CO INC, Cal52d st hOun S Saul Pres, James A Parker V-Pres-Ss Dominick (Floridian Hotel Barber & Beauty { Mgr, Brooks Mel I V-Pres, Real Estate, RentShop) r West ar cor 6th st (MB) W als. Homes, Geal Offices I01 Lincoln Road Donald E welder .33 W 4th at (H) C Bldg R201 (MB), Tels 5-3111 and 5-1058 C Dorothy L lndrywkr r1851 SW 3d st Ca Cidssen Fred h1419 NE Bay chore et apt 12 E A sismn L B Price Mere Co r1527 NW 8th nt N Calvary Boptist Church Rev Aibert E Gammage 'E B driver Better Way Inc r9918 N Miami av [. pastor 226 SW 17th a' Eliz E bacteriologist Dr Jas H P Mendel r4247 Rhoda (ci cook r1302 NW 5th as Bay rd (0B) Calvert Helen (lid Fred) 1756 NW 25th st Eli M (wid Hugh) r7O NW 48th at Jas O (Irene) 131960 NW 48th st Essie (wid Oliver L) ironer La~lont Inc h3298 Knox M (Esther) acet Am Fruit Growers Inc he ridian a 0MLB) h Ja1559 Nin 46h st NFred C tLsetrd nc M) at msr CLsan Loma Hod Norwood (Mary A) h3677 Main hwy (CGrove) tei (CGables) 136:10^ NWi 23d av 0 < Pierre eMari0) str 267 NE 79th st r do "Gen M (Senja) prsmn r729 NW 24th a s O AJAX CORPORATION ANDREW J. ARRANT, Pres. ovwujed INVESTMENT SECURITIES -Bonded m 101-1102 INGRAH AM BLDG. TE LEPH ONE 2.2322 Private Telephone to H. Hentz & Co and J. S. Bache & Co. -a

PAGE 121

m!RIfl LAflDRY PHONE Page .. 366n0n..l3-ctric Company !:,%I R0NIA IlELLinc. SGeo S elk High Views Drug Store Chas (c; Rut-hie) lab h14630 XW ^-8th av Georgia (wid Jas) 1412 NE 35th st Chas E I W'illie E7 patroIn Miami Police h829 Glenna M Indrywkr r1851 SW 3d st N\ 57th st Authorized Helen r352 NW 31st st Choon ey S (Selicia) elk French Benzol Clnrs Dealers Jas (Alice II lab r238 Meridian ar (MB) h2172 NW 49th st 'Jennie -G Mrs hIpr Citrus Grove Elementary Clarence G (Joy L) slsmn Fla Dairies Co h80 Westinghouse School Cafeteria h729 NW 24th av NW 2th tl at John D pushy r536 NM 23d t Civo service p SBT&TCo r3268 W 2th tee Complete Line "Jolts P (Charity) hti851 SW' 3d at "Colio A sends (ohs C Lattier r333 NE 34th Malcolm D (Cameron Awning Co) r242 Aragon Collin N60 NE 608th st Electric av (CGabl es W Collin C -Murie]) r660 NE 68th st Margt Mrs h336 SW 13th ar apt 204 Cyril '(c; Esther) '1716 NN 1st pl Appliances Mary (wid Saml) r1774 Opechee dr (CGrove) '" Darline sten r1377 NW 28th at Mary A (wid Geo) r352 NO 31st at David D h1612 Pennsylvania av apt 24 (MB) Mary F (wid John) .h173 NE 1st av "'Dawson asst sec Branning Ins Agency r3268 SW Nottie (wid W Jack) r2409 NW 29th at 24th ter Rob C mach appr r33 W 4th St (H) Dean S (Nnna) asst cash Fla Nail Bk & Tr Co Ruby D (wid John A) h221 NE 17th ter b1323 SW 1ith st Rufus (c) porter h rear 225 NW 6th st Dena C (wid I ) 0101 NE 20th st W Jack decorator Moore Furn Co h2409 NW Donald D driver r627 NW 39th st '29th st Donald G (Virginia) h1608 NW 7th av apt 6 SWm C (Mary) r58 SE 7th st Dora Mrs maid Warrinn Hotel r130 Biscayne st Refrigerators Wm C slamn r2320 SW 31st av (MB) 'Wm WX (Louise) plmbe h3103 SW 24th st Does (mid Edm) rh4O NE 11th st Senses 1" iWm W jr plmbr r3195 SW 24th of Dorothy F sten Credit Bur of Miami Inc r5420 Dishwashers Willie H (c) lab r419 NW 9th st NW 5th ct Water Heaters & Barkley Co The Francis N Reid dist mgr Edith R Mrs sIsms SR&Co r126 NE 12th at Commercl plumbing supplies 727 NW 1st av Edna E Mrs nurse Victoria Hospital r1336 NW efmigeralion Camletd Arth G (Dorothy) fountain mgr RCDDS 9th ar h2166 -SW 14th ter apt 9 Edw C (Marion) ieleg Thomson & McKinnon r Water Coolers Camille Jos r7l8 W Flagler st 227 NW 2d ot Radios Cumilles (Mrs Emma E Peterman) confr 123 7th Elisha L (Emma) steelwkr h1467 NW 34th st in st (MB) "' Eli G 194 NW 6th t Specialistsen Camin Milton H slmsn Walker Jordan Inc h1776 "' Elsa elev opr 3268 'SW 24th ter All lestsii lames as (MB) Enoch (c: Hattie) Janitor k176 NW 14th et Kitnhoens Camiotti Siles (Ruth) h7739 NW 14th pi Ethyl Mrs h405 NW 33d st Cami Stanley A (Elsie) hsemn Alhambra Hotel Eva Mrs h3268 SW 24th ter h rear 418 NW 5th st Evangeline student r3268 SW 24th ter Camman Alf F (Lena) slsmn FlaP&LCO h6723 Fannie (c) Indes 815 41 st (MBI r320 NW 13th 214 NW 4th et s Camner Irwin D (Cut Rate Radio Repairing) r Gaye elk h151 W 'Flagler st apt 11 N. E. 2d Av. 2230 SW 20th st Florence Ms eMS NE 30th st apt 1 Jos IJulietel i2230 SW 20th st Florence F Mrs elk Central Press Inc b169 NW PHONE Camp see also Kemp 42d ot 2-5255 Cloodmont Inc Clifton W Abele pres Elz Abele Florence H Mrs typist Dade-Commonwealth Title v-pres Luther B Sommers sec-treas 601 NE Co r169 NW 42d at 107tH at ii leash edO NT 1st as "Dennis B (Constance E; Camp Service Sts) h 0Frank torter RC esdr31 NW 11th st 1910 SX' 12th st '" Geo (c; Geneva) gdnr h438 NW 9th st Edgar R (Kay) pilot h124 Mendoza av apt 7 (C Geo C (Lena I) pairotmt hiami Poller 01175 iatmics ANW 26th st mei (Mtt Avuir Quaalel lourist rump 6331 '" Geo M (Mary) ptmbr h636 NW 64th st NE2d as '' Goan A ~ Sotiiys: Olesasa Citlgeol htt1240 Royal Tourist Camp (Leslie V Braithwalte) B cayne( btyd 1087_1 Biscsyne hlod M Collins (Florenvce) shipper -Miami Home Milk CAMP SERVICE STATION (Dennis B Camp). Prod AssFh7e 7 N 18th ter I Goodear Tires and Willard Batteries 2797 NW Harry B (Cleo's Garage) r227 NE 26th t 7h av, Tel 2-9786 'Harry C sailor eG20 aX ) th vt Vaughan (Willie L; Dowling-Camp Inc) h577 Harry L 03530 NX 17th as apt 12. NE 96th on '"Hattie (wid Wm J) r5975 NE 6th st "V'aaghso jr slsms etii NE 96th st Heleo (ci maid 5333 Collins s (MB) "Mm St (Bat Hole url r1543 SI' 2d at Helen V h707 Esobar ( GC'ables B vWm N (Josephine C) lab h3121 NW 22d et Henry .1 h3535 SW 3d st Campbell A Flourney h2020 SW 24th at apt 20 Moward (c) r11733 NW 5th pl Aaron U (Leola) lab City Parks Div h1945 NOV Howard (c) chaof 8521 Atlantic way (SB) 29l11 "' Howard (c; Amelia) cook r1028%I NW 3d as Addison V (Adele V) 0630 NE 121st st Ida (ct maid r14;3 NW 6th p Agnes 3 beauty opr Burdine's Inc r2238 NW '" Idlla mwid XIt XVI )11521 NW 52d 0t 5th 01 Imogene sls Buedino's Iso r202k SW 24th si 'Ales N (Annie M) farmer h1336 NW 9th as apt 20 t A,,, ekAN 4t I" Ivan pyti 07620 N Miami us A lt (czel uf 823 Brlckell av 'ask r102 SE 3d st RENTALS Mice sls BK&Co r5420 NW 5th et 'Jack auto mech Walker's Motor 'Service T19 SW Alaonzo 1 (Susie C) boat capt h253 NW 34th st Jack driver r119'C NW 24th st Amos S (Lois) driver h275 NW 46th st Jack V semv Harkino & Green Co r135 NFHA 'Anna K (mid Roy) Indrykr emey Lndry Co 24th at A24G3 (W 11th sI Jacok C (Estella P) dentist 2227 NTE 2d av 0 A Anthony Ir) lab h1154% NW 5th ct as '(c) hpe r7012 NE 4th av SApartments 437 NE 30th st Jas (c; Edna) pdbl h347C NW 13th nt "Arch tCst( h1630 SW 123 st Jas (Itldredl plmbr r527 NW 32d at Ath lC prle h7 NE 1th at a' Jas (c Jennie) porter r rear 343 NW 6th st sA Jas A (Kathryn) '0125 SW 13th anLEA ra E (Vertie B) carp h2327 NW 26th at Jas A lary) 0 rear 524 NW 35th at "Byleen Irs 4smstrs 25420 NI 5th ct "Jas C (Anna 'R) 432 NE 65th nt Crl I 4 NX s 0 Jas C mgr Brokers Service Bureau r938 Lincoln NW 3al0(llyh ~l d et rd (1St "Carl E 5t 181 0 iga NW MB) do Jas R 0150 SE 4th st apt 512 Sadnedm NW JeTff e2125 NOV 11th ot Carrie 1 rts 1,1023 S Miami -t15 "Jennie (wid lohn J) ho -NW d st apt 4 0ICh C as apt Jease XVtEva) pstrolot Miami Polle OX1 NW ,~,I,~e]l SsCo r75NW 3d av 50th I1 FLORIDA'S FASTEST GROWING T. DEPARTMENT STORE 2613 .N. E. First St. at Miami Ave. Phone 2-6161

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156 Stembler-Adams-Frazier EA TINGLE Insurance Agency Inc. BOR PHONE 24174PAI TFirst Federal Bldg. 100 N. E. 1st Ave. CA(('BEL.L I~ O[tSELl Jessie Y r215 Phoenetia as apt I (CGables) S J mgr The Breakers Hotel r242. Collins ar S r" Joel W (Mallie Mi steelwkr h2944 SW 24th at 011) "iJlhn (c) sismn r1416 NW 6th l Sarah B 'r432 NE 65th at Miami's John A (Nellie M) slsmn hl613 NW 25th av Sarah L (Wid J 'A) r19 NV 7th av First John D gdnr r1945 NW 29th at Susie C Mrs tchr 'Buena Vista Elementary Sch Jlhn F ITS'A c844 SW 11th at h253 NW 34th st Exclusive '" John R ISalie T) 437 NE 30th st apt 7 Thelma (c) maid 3131 Bay rd (MB) John T (I Rose) real est W L Harris Inc e67 Thelma R 'bkpr r1433 N Miami av SW 14th st Thos A shipper Harbor Plywood Corp r161 NW STORE John W (Frances) farmer h1120 Valencia as Z6th st STORE (CGables) "Thos W (Lola) baker h17'67 SW 3d st Jos A (Nettie B) h767 NW 48th st Thos H 'Hattlie) h6957 NW 4th av Jos A jr projectionist State Theatre 'h1582 SW Valree elk r361 W 'Flagler st apt 11 18th st era (wid Wm) h590 NW 77th at Distributors Jop (Shirley) auto mech South Side Serlee Vicioria (c) Indrs 61131D NW 5t av DOZIER 'Sta h637 NW 23d av OWallace (Mary; Wallace Apts) 6524 NW 35th Juanita T (wid Bellominil) stswn h1645 NW at apt 4 and 16th ter Walter (c; 'Bessie) 'lab h725 NW 3d av Kathryn SMrs tchr Miami Edison Senior High Walter B (Elton) bldg contr 1650 LeJeune rd GAY S School 125 SW lth av (CGablesi h do Kenneth C mech U S Customs Patrol a322 SW Walter H tchr Andrew Jackson Jr High Sech r PRODUCTS 17th av apt 1 1600 NW 36th ct Lanie D (wid John A) 'h627 NW 39th at Walter W teller FNBk r1336 NW 9th as Laura '(c) maid x1674 NW Gth at Willard '(Hi-Lo Inn) h2'88 NW 62d sat Lawrence '(Ann) bartndr Tamlaml 'Bar Win r2123 NW 1st pI Barreled '" Lawrence J elk Tip Top Grocery Co Inc r753 wo '(Louise) elk 'h3922 NW 23d et Sunlight 'NV 9th ao Wm (c' lab h45 NW 21cr at Leroy 'h3688 SW 23d at '" Wm student r2227 NE 2d av Leslie C carp 1i5917 NOV 5th at A (Edna) h755 NW 44th st Lindsey (c; Blanche) lab e103 NW 2d pl Win B chauf r590 NW 77th si Painters' Lindsey (c) pntr r155 NW 2d av Wri N h5632 Laare dr (IB) Lola tchr Sliami Edison Elementary School r Wm R 13, 50W 10th at Supplies G27 NW 39th It Wia S (Grace A) r rear 972 SW 3d at Lola M r6051 NW 6th et Wm W 61433 N Sliami av Louis I printer h3643 23d st Campi Josephine Mrs r91 Jefferson ar (MB) -abel C elk Burdine's Inc 1717 NE 27th st Campion Casale E (wid Edw J) mgr Flagler Apts 49 S. W. 1st M nfae M r437 NE 30th st apt 7 h12036 SW 7th At apt 1 St Malcolm (Mary' HI plstr 11216 NW 7th et Edo B IMildred) mech h12036 SW 7th sat apt 6 S '" Sl olm lAgnes) sundries 5001 NW 2d at b do Camplejoha Ge T (Kath) mailer r1852 NW 47th Malcolm M slsmn r1216 NW 7th at ter PHONE a rs rIOrO ) r7 I Olir H '(Emajo S) checker SR&Co r9o NW arie B ~arielr roler pt tiai City 29ka 2-5012 P Srice Dir h2400 SW 16th et Campman Be W (Margi WI plsti h227 SW 13th 811 NW 4Ad at Mary F satudens lrs Mary E Vernier r19 W Camps Hello Apariments 695 NOV 1016 si 6th 51 Eag rOS NE 19th rer Mary K foes' rJlIS NX 5th at Julio C cigariekr r1643 NE Mtiami pl Mary K Mrs lsten Pacifc Mat tile Ins Cs r34t Camson Martin R (Rose) slamn h127 SW 16th av Ins NE Silk at apt 3 t ] azine [chr r627 NW 39t'h nt Camus Alice L bus mgr Greater Xiamt Nurses Mlton 'L (IMarguerilie t1) teller Fla Nat[ Bk & Registry r1920 NW 50th st Tr Co h32y SW 1711h st Jos 11 .(Caroline) coed h2627 31 iam ay Murdock (Alice P) h493 NE 65th st elvln (Alice L) roofer h1920 NW 50th at eurray T (Hannah) plmbr Bryan Plumbing Co Oscar orderly Jackson Mem Hosp '1371 NW 29th st Canacaris Andrew chef Normandy Plaza Restr r Myrtis Mrs Wailter Beacon Manor Restr r148 6979 Collins os (IB) N\V 28th st "' Hilda water Normandy Plaza Restr r6979 ColNellie 1I Mrs (Musa Isle Indian Village) h1613 tins av (MB) M erritt NOV 25th at Canada Bisby (c; Lizzie) porter 63904 Grand ar Nina retoucher Tooley-Myron Studios r1303 (CGrove) Brickell ao C XV tot atndt Ingraham Bldg r YMCA Nona Mrs achr Silver Bluff Elementary Sch B Chas E (Mellie) mech FIaP&LCo h8156 NOV 1823 SW 16th st 14th p1 Nora Walter '1120 NE 3d at apt 23 Chas E jr student r8156 NW 14th p1 Ora C student r1216 NW 7th et Dry Ginger Ale Inc Kingman Sloare mgr 1125 eOrlando A Ice cr000 mkr Reinhold Ice Cream NW 7th at leo r21; NW 1Ith et Earl R (Freddie E) wtchmn h2415 NW 61st at Realtors F IAdie elev tp Co Ct Use H 244 Biscayne Edgar L (Slay E) clk OVUTerCo h46 NW 6St Relos blvd tr CAMPBELL PARK H (Florence G: Hudson & "'John '(c) lab r535 NW 15th st Cason). Attorney-at-Law 830-853 Seybold John W bkpr r2815 NW 61st at 1 Bldg 36 NE st s. Tel 3-7771, h211 NW 25th May E Mrs opr WOUTerCo h46 NW 68th ter Sales av. Tel 4-4965 Sally Mrs r35 NE 5th st Park H jr r211 NW 25th av Victoria (cI nurse h819 NW 1st et Rental Dan'1 lne (c1 6aid r404 NW 16th It '" Willle (c) lab Wll NW 17th at "Peter k (Florence F) plstr it9 NWX 42d at Cancday Earl W (LilTlian) pitr h1991 NW 47th Peter G (Henrietta) carp 1120 NOV 18th at si Robt driver r2101 NW 61si at Jas F (Floy) carp h1987 NW 47th st Robt F sean U S Coast Guard h3076 Avation Jas F Jr (Lorenal elk h6725 NW '5th t l as (CGrov) Lorena Mrs slswn Reynolds Dept Store 6725 Robt H (Mary) h2924 W Flagler st NW' 5th p 2ol" L (May) tel emp SBT&TCo I rear 25 NW -" Slesel E (3larie) 68611 Atlantic Way (MB) Cai st at apt 3 '" Wm L lab Miami Beach olf 'Club r 21st at at Ca lumet Itdgor (c: l nnie) jan itor h338 NW 66 at W'shington (NIB) Rodney eng "r229 NW 20th ter Candy Luba Id) clnr r239 NW 6th at Bldg. Ross L aalter McCrory's r5859 NW 13th av Sinnie B (c) maid r239 NW 6th at 10 N. E. Roalie (c) maid 915 NW 4th av Pearle (c) h239 NW 6th st Ruth r0503 Granada blvd (CGables) Thos (c; Floral lah h3771 Oak av (CGrove) Third Ave. Ruth Ie) maid r1030 NW 1st et '" X Frank (c: Idean) dishwasher Ponce de Leon Ruth student r2227 NE 2d av Restr h3775 Oak as (CGrove) nor. '" Ruth student r590 NW 77th st Canary Cottage (Mrs Johnny Risko, Mrs S H E. Flagler Ruth WalIter King of Hearts r2 485 SW 19th at Strother) 7337 Collins av (MB)Phones MELROSE NURSERY & SOILS CO. 2-8435 Nurserymen Landscape Designers and Maintenance 2-8436 2741 N. W. 27th AVE. PHONE 3-8611 For Further Information See Page 53 -Buers' Guide

PAGE 123

157 H ri PAN AMERICAN SECRET SEV. EIc PHONES CanhaCarolne ( m ERdala NE TT GS t lr ar.0 "EMNV INM .I V All Legitimate Investigations Solicited" OLYMPIA BLDG.NGT3 19 S'A NAiRY I-1ani 'F. ut r H IJean L) s sn hn;10 N\N .vt W M Dale A (Rosa L) filling stn 50 NE 62d st Ih rear Precesso fPenrll lab 11260 NW 22d to eq *" do Canonic. A\ttillo musician h1168 NW 40th At Canby Caroline (c) maid h3937 Prow av (CGrove) Canota Cecelia slswn r166 NW 32d st Orie (c) r3905 Frow av (CGrove) Earl M (Kath B) elk City Dept of Pub Seen h C Canda Lyle (Minnie) lather h450 NW 78th St 171 NW 91st st Candler Ida N wiid Allen) office see Crittenden Eleanor sten r166 NW 32d st Bootery Co h211 NE 31st st Bath B Mrs bkpr Pae 'Lbr & Sup Co h171 NW Candy Cecile Mrs bkpr h8028 NE Miami ct 91st at Cane Wet H (Lillian) h4810 Bay rd (MB) Canter Ramer (Alma L) radio opr U 'S Coast a Canfleld Edw (Flora) h1543 Michigan av apt 9 Guard 112845 SW 39th an i 'IMBi Jos C linemn FIaP&LCo r4e9 NW 59th an l/as (c) porter Villa Venice Bathing Casino r Canterbury Apartments (Harry Genet) 1610 Euclid 238 NW 8th st av (MB) I "as A (Ida) 12742 NW 29th st Cisation C A Mrs slown RCDDS 17945 NW 6th av "Jas A Mros v-pre C Grove Library Assna Marie (wid Harvey) r7945 NW 6th at : W "John H h6050 NW 32d an Canton Dixie Lodge No 1 lOOF Walter L Brooks m Ricld G (Marie M) mgr Silver Bluff Apartelk meets 2d and 4th 'riday each month 215 0 ments h2401 SW 28th nt apt 1 NW 4th at Casino Gloria r2033 'Ahamhra olr iC"ales) t John sin. Miami Crystal Ice Co rS53 SW 13th C m Canivan Briget Indrs 4821 Pine Tree dr (MB) a= Cann Anne L nlk Standard Brands r64 4 NW 42d Boht reste iSO NE 24 cv r05? SW 13th an st Cantoni Sleph (Martha) prod bl442 NE imi Ct 'Elsie b37 NW 1st ot R219 apt 210 Fredk B (abel) pilot h208 NW 57th et Cantoe Abe (Rose) h1697 NW 23d av John R (Lilly h3060 NW 31st St Edn e722 NV gist ed CANN LESLIE D (Dorothy L), Mgr Miami CoaiEdtr clk r1697 NW 23d av Cola Bottling Co, 0966 NW 4th st. Tel 2-5702 Herman ek e1697 NW 23d av U Margt N Mrs recording sec Miami Woman's J A Sue) real est hl400 Pennsylvania av apt b O Cu b3523 Crystal et (CGtlova) I 0.tfp Martha L (wid Milton T) 11832 SW 3d st Saul ck r1697 NW 23d av Cannady Fal C lElnl sla eng h3ltk HibIsras Ea Se rs mgr Infield Apts h1400 Pennsylvania s1 iCCrone) av apt 11 (IB) Canning Jack janitor 1aP&LCo rho NE 39th at alvinnie r156 Drexel ar apt 2 (MB) Leon E (Isabel) custodian h4220 Prairie i ap Cantrell Carson H opr 'Dunn Bus Serv Co r320%h ,f LenEyohl otda 42 rli sat NOVl 22 ter 8 (AIB) "CNW 2Ldte e muhPOS29NB8hStr Canningion Bentrice Mrs siswn SR&Co b22 NW : ode Mrr Pr10 NW 8th St ed 23d4 a t apt 3,'LanMor03N 6th tP Harney D (Beatrice) atndt h22 NW 23d nt apt 3 Lo urie E (c) mgr Wisteria Hotel r227 NW 9tt Cannon A Pat (Marjorie 0) lawyer 25 SE 24 an Cantwell J F floorma McCrory's r3'401 SW 13th W B9S0 (Cannon & Sitnot) and US oongeensnna tr 4th Dist of Fla r Dallas Park Hotel ter (1 Bessie 1c) beauty opr Eliz Truesdale e1829 NW "t Jasper B 8lanehe Mi h1029 SW th an 6th an m Mc 36 6W 8Orb an U Edw pll Canty Corine maid 944 Meridian av (MB) p"nt Chalk Flying Servion "'Henry11mlo 1337 N1W 1st at( "Edw M soudent r102t Andalusia av (CGables) Josehryin(c) alter 1 lla B mid Logani h3620 W Flagler at ,' Joophine wiid Jao Al 1227 NE 14th ter apt 1 Elton Rath) L977 SW 4th s apt 9 Willie Mae (c) maid Rev Benj W Soper r3669 Ernet N iachael) truck driver 1859 NW C h GeE arre C) h935 Pennsylvania av apt 434 Frd 1 (Vrii 1 apByiwNvly 23 (NIB) F orkd h 407 crpeBapsiew Nanelty Cape Elmer C (Helen) fishermn r1775 SW 2d or Fred R lab Miami Fruit Ind Inc 12407 NW 54th Florida Elementary School Mrs M Yeagle prin I& /W tee 310 SW d an U C L (Thelma A) elk SAL~y r1139 NW 7th et Capek Ada waiter (ld Heidelberg r160 SW 9th nt o Hugh D (Reba D) installer SBT&TCo r63 NW Capeii Nicholas waiter Tent Italian Restr 1322 NE 34th st 20th ter II John elk r561 SW 2d nt Capello Lena h242 NE 3d st apt J John B (Faye) detective Miami Police h29 NE Capers Herman e: Anna) lab h1710 NW 64th at 46th s John C (C) tchr Phyllis Wheatley Sob r1967 John C (Sallie) emp McKesson & Robbins Inc NW 5th p1 -k247 NW 51st st 'Capes Bryon W (Elinore) h456 NW 8th st John J (Ella) k5945 Bay rd F(MB) Capic Ida siid Alton) r1150 NW 27th st tJnophie V Sra r3 9 73 Leafy way (CGrove) Capitol Barber Shop IG Cecil Dupree) 322 N Louis B (., Elizl plant Supt Sou Doirles Inc b Miami a v 440 E 15th at (Hi Dress Co Henry L Greene mgr 244-46 N Miami Lyle F city firemn r1238 NW 28th ter av and 627 WSaahington av (MB) Lyle F (Lucy) formn 0 rear 1401 NW North Hotel (Abe Diner) 328 N Miami an Riee r Parking Lot Verbal E Nash mgr 50 NW 3d et C 'Mack r2129 NW 90th st Theatre Wometco Theatres opr 316-20 N Miami Marion Thelmi) ssm. h2924 W Flagler st av of Canada Marjorir A lypist Nall Title Co r2428 NW 20th Caplan Bernard sign pntr r1120 Euclid av (MB) Mr '" Edna Mrs h233 SW 1100 an apt 9 Mary Ic) mnaid 130 NW 1Hth nt arry (Evelyn) sismn h1129 Almeria at (C Mary A Mrs cr l SoW 2d st Gables) Grin R (Maida) 01021 Andalusia av (CGables) Jas H (Isabelle M) k145 SW 15th a Conpete Oseae L carp h172 NE 77th st 0 Manuel E (Lois R) reprmn Postal Tel-Cable Co Life Rone maid 1225 Alton rd (MB) 1775 NW 2d at -Roy police Miami Beach Pllee Dept r1017 Jef" Rose Mrs e109 4th at t 9 (MB) ferson as (MB) Capland Wlm (Florence; Santary Fish Market) h and Ruth beauty opo Colburn's BEants Shoppe r977 736 Collins an apt A-2 (MB) SW 4th at apt 9 Caple John A mason h1768 NW 20th at A uit t Sherry r316 NE 14th ter John A jr lab r1768 NW 20th at ervice 0t Shoe Store Marshall C Sutherland mgr 41 E S Bobt O lab r1768 NW 20th St Flagler st 'Caley Jans E (Roby 'G) carp h6809 NW Sth av Wm student 1561 SW 2d at Caplinger Harry S (Victoria) slsms h2898 NW Wm A (Mary) driver h2921 Day av (CGrove) 31st st Wm E (Julie C) Pntr h rear 1650 NE Miami ct "''John A carp r2898 NW 31st st W. KEITH Wm F (Amy) brklyr h618 NW 99th st Capluk Jennie mad 5345 Pine Tree dr (MB) PHILLIPS, Simms 'A Palk 'Cannon, John G Simms) Capo Ruth Mrs tbr Buena Vista Elementary Sch Bawyers E r20 NW 26 an Dint Mgr Canny Hugh J, Sk County Tax Colir r1344 NW Capoblanco Chas t 263 W Flagler s1 4th _t Caporal Edw (Anna) carp h8915 NW 2d av ZORic LITTLE RIVER LAUNDRY Inc. Bldgm and ZORIC CLEANING Phone Phone 345 N. E. 8thF 7-1241 2-5514

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158 Mo PHONE 55 N. W. M2 MIAMI fl tl M ~ t fi t $ ~ S FIRST ST. A 3 -569 and Z 4) 3-5760 PAINIS VARNISHES LACQUERS ENAYFraS Court House O A Caposello Danl (Mary; Blue Moon Restaurant) CARDI N h736 NW 65th st 1' Noah J (Theresa) mgr Otis Elevator Co h84 Capote Henry dishwasher S & S Sandwich Shop 'NW 47rh at Cappa Louis h241, Alhambra cir apt 2 (CGables) Cardenas Sondra Mrs h1i NE 67th st 2 Cappallo Chas L produce agt h335 NE 31st st Cardiff Robt J (Bridle) transportation mgr h644 Capparelle Jos L (Eliz) business ag 'Glaziers LoLenon av apt 18 (MB) cal Union No 688 r169 'NE 6th at Cardin Ethel nurse 5840 Pine Tree dr (MB) Capparelli Geo glazer Binswanger & Co rl21 NE p J A Mrs h3128 Sheridan av (EB) i2th st Cardinal Flore Mrs bkpr MDN 1408 SW 4th ot Capplemian Betty student r2248 NW 4th st '" Golf Miniature Course (Robt Lyons. Aeth U "Homer L (Mabe-1) Ing City Dept of Pub -Serv h Maher) 5901 NW 2d al 2248 NW 4th ter Soda Shop (Mrs Eta B Nivin) resir 201-03 NW -Caps Fred (Kat h1een) 11003 SW loth av pt 15 t 2d st Geo V (Georgia) taxi driver h2157 NW 18th ter Vivianne student r408 Sw 4th st Price driver Sun Oil Co r73 NOV 3d s5t Cardon C Frank 'h245 Mceridion av (MBI Martin V filling sta 1101-03 W Flagler st r717 Elsie sen Al Don Sign Studio r74 NW NOW 11th st 68th ter a ButRot doicrywkr Edre Anderuon "i Letter OW (Eddie) Pluektupee lil4 NW 60th tee ''Wm B Marie) plotr h3014 Bird av (CGrove) Ca-rdwell Albert F (Nellie) cement fndhr h213 E C Capres Anva maid 2630 Natoma st (CGrove) 11th st (H) W Capri Apartments 835 Jefferson av (MB) Earl r213 E 11th st (H) oRestaurant (Robt and Jas DeFeo) 359 Ocean dr C Emory H (Elsie V) local mgr RPICo 81520 SW '(MB) 16th ot z Caproni Henry pres Baceo Vintners Inc h233 NW Helen lsiwn s62 0 Leno av (MB) r dt av apt 2 Irby A Pr mr A&PFoodStores r40 SE 7th st S-Henry jr (Johnnie) mgr Fla Importing Co P233 Jas A 1480 E 13th st (H) 0 NOV 1st v apt 1 John (c; Minnie) gdno h614 NW 20th st sJeanne bkpr Fla Importing Co r233 NW 1st Mtha nurses aide Jackson Slem Hosp 1119 NW o ptS29ha t Johnnie Mrs sec Florida Importing Co h233 NOW Cardy Beatrice (ci ltder r432A NW 16th ter sl an apt 1 Dorothy setoucher Tioley-Myron Studios D U Caps Caroline A .181 NW 29th st Louis D (Hattie) 1,593 E 20th st (H) 0y 'Cath (wid Fredk Dl h181 NW 29th at Carelli Jasper (ElizI meat etr Table Sup Stores h Fredk G cowl artist r181 NW 29th st 666 NOV 48th st a1t 4 Mabel B r181 NW 29th st Carey H ugh.1 (Edith) h3425 NOW 11th pI M Captain Marie rs hP315 NW th "' Hugh J jr carp r3425 NW 11th pl NIltols D (Georgia; Nick's Lunch) 1r327 NW Carey see also Cary9th st Addle L (wid Geo) smstrs P1424%5 NW 7th as Tom's Fish Grill 28 NW North River dr Alberta Ic) beauty opt Genera Thompson 'h1958 Tonm', Fish Mart Neil D Luckie mgr 28 NW NW' 3d avr North River dr 0 Annie Mrs r 2 196 NW 81P a .7Cpus Jas :216 W Flogler st Austin R (Euphemia) lab Daniels Towing & Cara Villa Club 3520 SW 17th ter Salvage Co (11.U3 NW 10tth av Caraballo Celio mgr Empire Hoteelelr12 N Miami Beatrice wid Frank) r33 NW 38th st at Benj E (Eliz S) lawyer 25 SE 2d av R513-L5 Iose Mrs slswn Burdine's Inc r112 N Miami av h1931 SW 24th ter Caracanis Steve (Lena) carp h1732 NW 94th st C Oliver (Hazel) boat capt 1i149 NW 61st st Caracciolo Nina tchr SIB Sch of Mus & Dancing Chas (c ; Eliz) lab '11458 NW 5th ctvs29 WN 41st SfB '' Chas (c) ter Coconut Grove Jr High Sch r3456 Speoiolists 00 Caraker C Tobias phys 3911 NE 2d ac h1725 NW Grand av (CGables) ALL MAKES 29th t Chas (c) porter r1445 NW st l OUTBOARD Jas N' (Gertrude) refoshr Miaml Furn Co r6300 "' Chas E (Geneva) auto mech hO.t NW 23d st Sw 23d at Clara B ct maid h6516 NW 14th av MOTORS Roht SI (Josephine) h2352 NW 64th st -i Clara .1 MS rse 826 SW 12thl at opt 1 r do New and Used \'alter B emP SR&Ca r6300 NW 23d as "Doris i ) 1;516 NOV 14th at Caramatta Cath SIrs r5G61 0W Flagler st opt 4 Dorothy r2 SW 11th at oCaraell, Henry (Bloche) tailor h2280 NW 4th Earl A (CIra I) .hkpr h626 SW 12th av apt 1 a at "' EIarl W gLazier Fla Class & Mirror Co 1857 NW O ut CaranAmando (Ida) barber -h42 NOV 21st ter 21st ter Carapezza Anthony hIps ,254 NWV 5th st Edoboat colt rI49 NW olst st 'Caravasio Cornelia r203 SE 1st ac '" Ed" Ic: Martha s tetede r152 NOV orb ct M flarDse F sten FIaP&LCo r203 SE 1st an Ella (c) said h423 NOV 91 st Ceo P r203 SE tst so Ella S c I tndrywkr er:541 Charles an (CGrove) Service Peter G Saka) h03 SE 1st at Emanuel Ict lab r3S2i N'W 8ith s[ Boardman H ( Sbel Cl Ismn F T Budge Co '" Emma Ic) maid re22 NOV 1Ith st t rear 151 NE 11th ter Ewtt H (Bessie R) city firemn 76t5 NW 611 'Ge a H (Berte) 'pr MB Co 1836q NW 41st st at Carberry Alug P CGra I M) mfrs jwlr 109 SE 1st Eva (c) cook r1483 NW 6th pl and >t R201-05 'h392'2 NW 8th "sFrank -B (MSargt P) hkpr h601 NE 28th st apt 7 Carbin e Edw (Ruth t) pntr 012230 NE 6th av Geneva (c) 1, 1000 NW Ist pl I BetCarb Berna NJ eter se-treasr Peacock Geneta Oct h143u N d ath PLutber & Supply Co Inc h3374 Ferry Froon (;,eo (0 : Ethel) elste tiO32C NOV Slt st dr G(C ,ables" Georgla e14241% NW 71th av Carbon Tony barber 82 NW 36th st r405 NW r' Harmon (Sarah) lab h3456 Gran'd at (CGable) BatLivery 39th st "1 Harry janitor Cihru Grove Ir High Sc'h r2151 Carbone Annie irn e1442 NE Miami et apt 204 VNW ~th It 'Sime cigarmkr h1442 NE Miami ot apt 204 "Harry Si I Virginiol hoat caps P825 West av apt Repesonting Carbonell Alice slswn SHK&Co r1428 NE Miami 6 (MR) Outboard Et "EHelen A V tchr h13^5 W Flagler st apt 19 Emily sI-w r1428 NE 3riaml et "Hezekia~h (Katie) h2196 N'W 8th al' Motor Corp. a Felipe (Eloisa) sign patr h1 4 28 NE Miami et Ida (h) cook r1832A NW 4th et Jose cabtmis Granada Shops ro NE 7th st Irving (c) shoe shiner Knoderers Fine Shoe epr MIg, "Elto" Carbonnel Phyllis cash MSC. r1727 NW 17th st r1730 NW 3d avand Carbonnell Cecil (Louise) wus tchr 128 NE 20th uas (c; Mlueent porier rear 419 NV 114th ter "Evn--d st h1101 do Ja. stockmn r9"_9 SW 3d av Evnrude Carcaud Harry A (Lella) h153 NE 75th ot Jas (c; Ruth) ydmn 1h3577 Charles av (CGrove) Motors Cord Clyde (Julia) r1250 NW 38th st Jan E (Ella) fishermn h1344 NE 3iami et Jack D driver r768 NW 18h At Jas W (Sarah J) h2547 8 Bay Shore dr (C Jennie A nurse Riverside Hospital e1450 SW 7th Grove) 114 St Jefferon D (Eunice) h212 NW-13th a Cordell Herman (Freda) h35'65 SW 14th st Jermyn K (c ; Susan) labuh411C NW 9th a1 S. W. North Carden Emilie M emp SR&'Co rS NW 47th st "ohn r2147 NW loth aI River Drive Hattie (wid Denney E) x904 SW 23d ev "John (c) c Orp r3!1 NW 14th ter PHONES L L. SERTEL T. D. REDUCKA 2-6575 and n 7-2372 14 N. E. 1s0 AVE PHONE 2-4188

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159 IOT WATER -P KH fLA C EA ETA "~fromSUNSHINE ORANGE HEIGH I F7PI .K A LA. P-KA, C.OrkR. E HADVIAET 239 N. E..!14th Terrace Phone 3-1655 Rmi T.R N I \1tEY tULILE u John (Jenny L)'hipr Pfueger Museum c1413 NW W (Lucille) sdam Kremps Inc Nr400 NW John H (Frances C) h5242 NW 24th ct "'altor F (Ella Sl) chef h6950 NW th et DAY OtRr IGHT John N (Delores) auditor Alcazar Hotel h92 'Carlin Cecile ris2 NE 74th st -"" "SW 3d ac Eliz hi2 NE 74th st John T I (Florie) carp h1191 NW 38th st Eliz elk Dade Co Bd Public Instruction h750 NE Julia (c) Indrs r 14 NW 6th et 7411h sl Lawrence hE (c; 3tonica) lab Belcher Oil Co Emily Sirs mcr Marlyn Apls r953 SW 10 st iil440 NW 6th et act l "DU LE " Lee slsan Fla Whol Ge Co r PO BEo 91 (W P Geo T bkr 1tK esson & Bobtilna Inc r129 E 16th Beach) t (HI DOUBLE Lilly checker r.6 NW 21st ter Henry J (Emily) '1953 SW 10th st apt 1 Loraine (c) maid e6516 NW 14th av Henry P (Caroline I) charm icKesson & COIL Lucy (c) coak e321B NW 6th st Robbins Inc h9 E 18th at (H) Margt maid 515t Collins ac 1MR) Josephine SIs tel opr City Tel Each r303755' SOLAR Nargt (c) maid Otel Urmey r1730 NW 3d st 24th ter Margt nume 3540 atleson av iCGroveal r do Kathryn tchr Siami Sr High Seh r248 W Riva WATER "i arion (c) maid h321B N 6th t Alto dr (t B) Mas G (Auelia) v-pres Persian Lime Groves Inc Louis bkpr r782 NE 74th at HEATER 03700 dheridan av ()" NellIe h814,0 Collins an (SIB) S SStan G jr student r3700 Sheridan av (I1B) Plato J (tarian SI div supt FIaP&LCo h350 Installed on Neal B (Sophie L) mech L J Lichtenstetler Inc SW 20th rd a Money-Back bh784 NW 29th toe Carlisle Aubrey J atndt Columbia Court Parking Norman E fns'hr h1217 NE Miami c Lot trll SE 2d AG Osborne (c; Henrietta) janitor b2167 NW 5th Oh e Daorot'y B (wid Win W) I h1'325 SW 'Nth st N Otha C (Eyleen) emp City Ice & Fuel Co 'b35 Earl G Eliz J) sIsmn Gent Tire Co h9 NE 51st NW' 13th st is Otis J (Genevieve) v-pres Russells Inc 933 SW o Eli J Mrs comet opr Orange State Oil Co b98 4th an NE 51st et SOIAR a Ralph (Venderline) eng h2147 NW 11th Geo A (Helen) vehiclemn Sy Enp Agoy r329 NE Renford W (Eliz) custodian h509 NW 32d st 35th ct Raymond A (Dorothy) emp Gentry Bros Inc Gladys h6438 NE 1st p t No W ATER h1793 NW 18th ter "' Helen C Mrs mgr Charm String Mig Co HEAT R Soontelt (c; Annie) driver 213SNF NW '5th av "' Horace E driver Standard Wine & Sprits Co r H EATER "SamI (e ; Lounire h ellain 'hid2t NOV 5th cc 3-11 Car at ICrone Sam A (c; Matte) gro 1541 NW 2d av r15450 Juhn Si (Kathrynl pres-mgr Eli Witt Cigar & NOV 1st pl Tobacco Co h110007 NE 4th av Sarah (c) tar Coconut Groe Jr High Sch n Josephine (mid Jas HI 'h77 SW 5th st apt 1 3456 Grand ov (CGrove) Lawrence J (Juanita) cond h2340 NW 22d ct 310 StePh (c) lab WPA r1R29 NW 4th t Lawrence J jr student r2340 NW 2d et Thep auto mech r126 SW 4th av arjorie J ast Ruth Tichenor ri438 NE 1stt c N. W. 25th St. Tha' auce to rmen628 4SF 1th or Sarshall 1Enherms -r877 OW '5th at opt 1 Walter billiard Parlo 40 Lindsey ct (H) r Miami (inIe walIter r252 NE 15th ter Pho Springs Bay (EdIthI sItsm Packard Miami Mir Inc h D Wm (c; Cinderella) lab 929 NW 3d av 668 NE 81st st Wn D (Bernice L) lab h857 NW 21st ter Om O (Evelyn) sIsmn h1469 SW 5th st apt 3 Win W (Leonora) boat bIdr Prigg Boat Wks h Carlls Peter (Southern Fruit Juice Co) 1218 NW 126 SW 18th a 15th an Canfano Anthony ILillian) hI801 Michigan av Carlo Milchi (Julia) pntr h336 NW 5th at (MBI Carlock Saud H Sirs tourist camp 1050A SW 31st lV Frank student 101 Michigan (M) av 2830 SW 8th stBeauty Carg Martin (C M) formn Standard Beverage Sop r2345 NW 824 st y Cargill Glays bndr Frankin Press Inc r rear 1028 y Ale porter 0a1555 NE 135th st e SW 9th av Carlow Dorothy '4ter SHE&Co r327 SW Sth s a JaN unit mgr ComI Credit Co e789 NW 13th av eabls ebeaul t a d Hiel Barber & apt 2 Beauty Shop e343 NWO S4tb at n. Sophia (c) Indrs h325A NW 11th ter "Ath lElla musician 1 4334 Navne on ICt ablnI) Caribbean Court Apartments 6785 Abbott av (NIB) Arth inj studens e33 5 Na varr e av (CGables) and Coast Slap Co (Angus H McGregor) 1760 Augusta (mid Carl) h3356 NO 524 At NW 4ist st Carl F (Anna BI musician r2036 SW 7th ot apt 6 F Carithers Guy H (Georgia) clk h634 SW 4th st Chas WE (Stayme) beer 2974 NW North River dr Russell -D (Faye E) ccg h3285 NW 53d st h do Carkof John E mech r333 E 2d st (H) Christine (mid John) 36229 NE 1st pl es'"" Carl Clarence P (Corrie P) carp h1626 NW 7th av David (Elsie A) baker h3356 NW '52d st = I Clyde (c) r1740 NOV 1st pl apt 4 E Edw (Martha) tech L 91 Anderson Dental p Elz B Walter The Cottage inn r241 NE ):5th ter Supply Co h223 Calabria av apt 3 (CGables) Leo D office emp Roadside Restr Inc r1910 Vest Edw h rear 525 NW 3-7th s av (IB) Emma C (lid Carl) h437 NE 70th st x Mack J (Rose) l1017 3d st Eric N (Lural landscape gdnr 796 NE R5th st o Nellie (c) 017l48 NOV '1st p1 apt 4 h do Pauline Sirs h220 NE 26th ter apt 4 Eric N jr student r796 NE 05th st Sally A (cI) maid 4629 NE 8th et Ernest (Clara) carp r135 NE 11th st Urbane (Caled Employment Agey) r427 NE tnt Esley SO (Stacy T) sisn h15804 NW 12th av arl Florence maid 5101 Bay id (MB) Carnn (Curl SE and Aaron Wrinhkl gros 8550 i' Florence lir (Florence Beauty Salon) h803 NW Biscayne bird 51st at Place (Mrs Jean S Hayes) 3701 NW 17th on Floyd J vehiclemn By Ep Agry r1862 SW 5th st Carland Ezickel alndt '011300 Biscayne blvd "F rances maid 510 NW 10th av Carleftes Bessie Mrs hl775 SW 14th st Harold F (Dorothy) elk Emerson Tire Co h428 x Carles Chas E (Florence A) slsmn h218 NW 62d NW 37th st 5t Howard F (Hazel H) inspr US Border Patrol Ju F (Ecelys 311 appr ninibr n2345 NOV 874 ci 'h1317 Obispo -av (CGables) Carleton Sami (Fills) slsmn i748 NE 81st st aps 3 J A phys h54S NO 34th st apt 2 Woody (Irene) sismn 108-1 NE 03d st "Jennie Sirs h1435 iMeridian ac at 4 I OIEI Carley Bernie J (Myra) b2734 NE 60th st John (Ethel) b1541 NW 96th st Raymond WE (Claudia M) genl ontr h266 NE Jbhn (Esther) carp h6326 NW 4th av 711h st John (Hazel) pntr ec 666 NW l3th st apt 8 Carlile Gen L (Rose i) carp h1830 NW -18h st Marge slswn Cuth Gaffney 1612 SW 3d st e L Se na carp arjore beauty opr Neil J Sherman 117 NE 0 senneib tudent 1b30 NW 418th st 2d st Dependable NATIONALLY J Jeees M Y0R~S ADVERTISED n e MAYJEWELRY AT = for CASH PRICES A 37 Years 16 N. E. FIRST AVENUE ON CREDIT

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160 Florida Machinery Corporation SALES RENTALS SERVICE NEW AND REBUILT MACHINERY 312-316 S. W. North River Drive Telephone 2-8419 ( ARCO CRICHAEL G eha kpr Sand J Barco r 3 Calabria et (C i Edw J (Bessie) mgr Olympia bldg b128 NW 13th SMelvln S alndt M1rs Cussle Hatchell r60 NE 6th Effie waiter rl44 NW 27th it sa s d dtte s poultHa Cit Curb Ifkt r Kendall Fla N Weta Hetr 179N :31 o B (iTee Laiveetier Culeir35N ci iv'hd A IAnetah) Ironwkr h3001 SW 23d ite Oler bexing Instr Camop Cloudmont r S 900 t J o ( es)t act Penin-lar Life Ins Co Ott 1 C atis) sIsmn Nal 'Cash Register C. h* NWV 22d~ cc Can''yrt3 t,. lto CicEecrclAilne SRussell m usican 437 NE 70th se Rubt S (Laura) plmbr 3021% NE 2d t Spassetl (t it Corner) r1193 NE 36th St Theodosia (Fr ) man r1520 NW 6th av Sidney T 0Ttru~ha W\' elk Fla State Em1, Serv '"Wagner 1\ (The Rosery) r Perrine Fla Ee c. Ce3661 almetto d apt 3 CGrove) Wru B yd ma Lawrence Lbr Cit r3 NW 8th lane a rlsrni tAa the etlol NW th ct Jomih a 0 Lettie M lopk US3 Atleton &MB Nat "" nia( n Ewaiter 8McCrary'st Carel ea NW 2d1 st Carmehell Ca:rl -C \(1Aek ttr0actor lopr 'hd7,38 NW 501h "W44 n .]n (Dalsy D) mfrs agt 40IG Nw' 22d et Carmody Carl It slsmn Waite Electrical Appliances EVuipatnlmnn .3a1-1 Police r20.. NE 92d st "'Frank (Matrv) hI4 NW 25trh ac apt 2 Eery Carlston nfilton atndt Jack's Parking Lot Grace E r^332 NW\ 28th st David lab Puritan Dairy Inc r11R NW 24th nt Serv h68 NE 45th st Of 'Regina Mrs 1 litll NW 2. h st Carmone Slanuel (Coralie) steward r1428 NE ICarlton .1dert1sing Agency (Lemuel D Carlton) liamil ce 1SBC 27 NE lot in Rltuil Carmuny Feed h2tdt NW 12th or Barney B (Leuie 1: Carlton's Cycle Shop) h Carn Henry IEScfe) lab 12324 NW 5th an '31" NW ( d As Carnaliao Lucy S rs igr prince Edward Court Apts V Sen I Daisy B) Ihip, Flaglee tClie Cu r1173 NWc 1,411 NIF" 12t an api Ian% ) % C" aile (Lucy) plstr saute h42 NW 12th av Scl ensie In) Ix1 tah 1 GrSiaCand an (Cfeonel t p ap : Bonds Byrhi B (G,'ienviee A iee h01 NE 2:id sl Carnaihan Chas T inospr S Pubi Health Service Cary t (AlIce C) carp h1601 NW 2d st 'h:11 Laiora ii ait 2 (CGaile" Clra Il iiaid e3BS Flurida di llt roe e CARNAHAN INSURANCE AGENCY (R Leland ).311, Shop (arney B Cartit bicycle epro Carnahan), Agents for American Equitable of 17 NW 62d1 at N Y. Transcontinental Insurance Co of N Y, 220 Doris I sten Flal'&LCa r2i SW 6th ct American Indemnity Co of Galveston, Tex. EBla cb ICartun (trill t NE 23d st Anchor Insurance Co of Providence, R I, GenSEYBOLD "Eti nioden e-lst NW 21d -i eral Agents Car and General Insurance Corp BLDG. Feank 1 ILaura E) ssmn bl165 NW 24th si (Casualty), General Insurance 1214 Postal i (E Jaceb Carlton) restr 2235 Biscayne blnd Bldg 325-329 NE Ist at. Tel 2-7055 (For PHONE itHarold iver r2933 Day ai (CGrone) further information set right top lines and S Hayw ,od (Gladys) driver 'h2947 Bridgeport an page 36 Buyers' Guide) cit 5 (cGrove) Morri (Lttiel 15:3 SW Ii4th at apt 6 1 1 Clrodd Ism. Lindolee Lbr Co r1601 NW 2d st CARNAHAN R LELAND (Pauline M: Carnahan eJaS 1293tDy, -i(Cileone I Innarance Atgeny, 161435 SW 13th of, Tel "Jas (Patricia) aero mech ih3131 Gifford Ia (C 2-1A52 Grove) eta lab r360e Florida an (CGrone) Carse Jimiie (c) porter l57i NW it Ih st John S rilSe NW ad 01 Carnefe Chas H (Virgiea) stamn r rear 315 NW Js T r16s NiV 3d st 55th ter Lemuel I) IBcatrice; Carlton Adv Agey) r3113 Chas W h rear C5 NW 5th ter Kirk at (Crone) Lucille typist Ace Letter Sern rD21 NW 30th ot Russ Louis O (luanita) installer SE Nail Gas Corp "Raymond A (Aline) swtcmn 1621 NW 30th st usse h N 37th a0 Carnegge Ceurgie c) Indrs r3671 SW 27th st Lynn W; da) driver i rear 337 NW ltgh st e Beatrice lot maid r1430 NW lot et inSllde +I: .I dr:ter I rea 33 Nh lb i tlinnc let 1i 53s NCV' I+ lilt litecit teiidSii g r C3l b NW Cd in Harhert C ( nita W) bartndr h24 NW 60th St PaiIda SI oe Calutbia Cattee Shah Hatte Inc .iiie's urngs 1043-45 Lincoln Nd ila i bwid Ausltit hl2933 Day an C~r'e) toaiai te) sir iemn lit NV 16th ni I ete dishwasher Li tle Corner 1i1 1226 NW 3d st Carelt Jatis L -s No 'I1 F&AM reta 3d -and itC It s"" "'reates la'i Free inf ornation Cr -,'ti si i:0 '"tei iA 7:el p m 301 INC. Bureau Biscayne blvd and 118th st t T daC Nor l "I i73 '' Russell A (Irma L) Inspr US PO h-h000 SW 17th Carnes see also Karnes Karns and Kerns Ni '' Ant B waitr 20 Ni 10th t edge bi s iioy rIC NE 77th si Eliz E -student roci l S'' 5t St St CEase hC1 NW 3th Li Erneni c-ibtake cl N\ ci t -it api I Dog "Tes 11. "0N 2dl Eretabuk-r9 1sstatIW'W:t Eliiel i1i224.5M S3thi Frede'rc I(Alice Cl) hldk Supt Biocayne btdg It and Carlucci Dorocthea F 'i adel0 NW 6'd st ni re SIC th st s s l Carlyle AlIce (wid Edw L) e2722 NW 22d et Harold 11 (Edythe) slson Ih1777 SW 19th st iymoutb "adsDott"yt aeruinelrec rar 308 Day an IC Hessoie St smsts h520 NW 10th st ym 111 ('rt'te) "-teanne C1 theba riaort rte's Inc r526 SW 3d ot Carlvn Apartments 1143 Pennsylvania ac (1B) Joahn C ICliarlntte E carrier 'C r1269 NW 2dd Cartan Adelaide Al (,id Willard) (1367 SW 5th et st at 6 '' J iin H I Edna B I elk P'D ill NE Plot at Chas (Pauline) stockmn Burdine's Inc r1322 P'ituey C 1520 NCV 0th s E Salas and 'i' t Sam J clo elnr 431 NE 2d aV ih do r Luanna M tc'hr liami Sr High Scii r1367 SW 5th Walter C (Eula S1) gr 530 S 3tiami aV h'5 SW Servia, l6th at Pauline r1322 SW 7th st "' Wm H 0 (Bei) 1526 SW 2d st 2020 Caruiarc Frank lRita) taxi driver 'h6311, NW 22d Carnevale Clementine C slswn r765 SW 5th st FeniCIartts ecl i" SOC Slindt Biscayne Blvd. Carmelln ilbano (Attilla) restr 'h8d64 NE 3d ct Joei hlne tsm CHK&CramrelI) Sr 76 t W Carmen Apo rtment 1053 SW 2d st Carney see also Kearney PHONE 0Ruby walter r206 NE 'i4th ci apt 205 Ailee P It12 CI Sth s CarmIiaet Andrew J (Ellz) utsmn h25'53 SW 19tth Chas 3 lAugusta M) Il328 SW 5th ot 8rAn told Juin) el7 NV th si CARNEY FRANCES MRS. Representative The "-8621 Ara ()d ~hir h14 NW 11'.h aPraetorans, r5737 Riviera d (CGables), Tel A 4suite Icl hr h665 t1 NOV tithan 4-5481 "Bessle Cirs bkpr Richter's Jwlry Co Inc 128 NW "Homer barber ie' H Gregory 11490 NW 29th et Chas H ILodusklI produce dle h36 NW "9th st 'L rn ( r2e1 Claude tNe Soo DEPENDABLE Donald Cath) cabtmkr A H Ramsey & Sons Peter A (Della I mgr Florine Apts h1567 SW USED CARS h840 SW 13t'h av 41h A Apt 2 1899 N. E. 2nd -epIresEntinK Mortgages Av. .B I FD F. H. A. Tel. 3-8621 B'ham, Ala. Const. Loans ve W .Y Mor g214 SHORELAND ARCADE App. Mortgagee PHNE 2-4848 MIAMI, FLA. Insurance

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161 Why Pay More? I niXSI 4-TD] ;lfe '1 h t Ii ni DRINK R51 ED CROSS DRUG DEPT. STR D1 SUN CARNEY CAR'ENTE R SPOT Richd (Elz) Capt h2935 S Ba Shore dr (C Jennie 1361 Palmetto av apt 5 (C(".") v" Jo1n B serBicemn Dixk Tire Co r17 NW 16th at ve) (Essi ) liuors 421 N Miami av h1490 Jhn E JIe M) mriner h111 NE .9d ter "Bottled NW 291h st John 'H (Thelma) tranm. 'h71 NW 31t1 ter Sunshine" Carniga Wm I,; Annie) lab It rear 3876 Percival Aamle lndrywkr r1127 NW 2d a ar (CGrovel Margt sten Dr NYm 3 Burge ri5!1 NWY 26th RE Carnigey Kate (cl maid r1032 NW ist or Maurice 'Mae) un tee t ta i1137 NW 3ith st Carulue Charlotte R Iwid Rot A) h2212 Biscayne Nathan It IMi ldred) h1750 Lienox iv (MB) and bled Muriel r76l SW 1st aI Helen M tchr Andrew Jackson Jr High Sch r2212 Norta R aten iITCrp ri688 SW 9th st apt 2 Biscayne bld "out "rderly lackson Met Hasp SFEP Carniol Sylvia beauty opr Dorothy Burkett Beauty '' Rita student r2355 Biy r.1 IPB I San r624, Collins av (MB) "Ruth E 1its h121 NSV "9th ter apt I Carnival Anthony ILuAnsu) bottler Q1398 NW Sadie C twid Moore T) sls delit Fli&LCa p 61st :t 331 N\t 74th a Chus (Ellen) form Silt NW 61st st T Eeli tO rt NE 111, st Caro Ge B h153 NE 2d St Watter F farmer h rear 2139 NV 51st st Saml O (Marion E) nestr 1257 IV Fiogler at h Carpenters. Building 17 NIV 3d st 'Its 145 NOV 25th av District Council Franklin Pimbley sre mset 1st Alkald Sarah J r153 NE 2d st aund 3d Saturday Ceaci Pnch 47 NW 3d at k Carol Apartments 103 NW hith av Uniot Nn 99: Franklin Pimbley financial sec Marie Apartmentt Elmer 0O Dewey mgr 260 SW a7 NWn 3d st 11th St Carper Duria etk Henrv Kelly Co Inc r Opalocka Caroln John L r2706 NE 2d av Rose maid El Dorado Colony r3635 Bouganvilla Carolina Apartments 139 NW 11th ur n Oh n eve b "Alatorem 403 StV' 29tiiet Carpet G olf (srmItte Butt \' Doris pres 1T41 Curulir A partment s } NE h i t SW 22d st golf course 3301 Biscayne blvd SUN SPOT Carolyn Apartments 07 NOV (les Royal ptty Carpinelli Juhn (Filomena) tailor 34 S MiamI as Caroyn Aartents67 N Gln Roal pwy 325 NW\ 2011h al'O TLN Apartments 401-411 NE 22d st ," nichoots tailor o Carine 325 N 20th av BOTTLING Hand Laundry & Cleaners (Naomi Binder) 132 e N ichole Itaiir musician r2167 NW s0 ter llmns av, I m, N raul ine lirs br mgr Ace Clnrs rd NW 2d st CO., Inc. Pluaie Apartments 1068 NW\ ?9th let Curt see ais Cor Caron Albert J (Mabel L) h3645 SW 3d St Anna tc maid h1356B NW\' 14th st Chas (Clara) installer s404 NO 22d Ct A-ttments Pit Jane Richards tgr 906 NW 4th Donald L sismn Wallace Barbour Co r3040 SW St 2231 N. W. 3d St I Archie M (Katht service mgr Shclley's Radio "Edu G (Ruth) refnshr J IV Justice Co r1423 SW' Service Sta 2121 NOV 45" st 1St Ct. Ott at Brice Iugusta S) tilling sta 490 NW 36th st "Ered sntllct r40lid NW 22d Ca tf55o SOV 230 ao Caroon Kenneth R IVislau) driver 'h3600 NW '5th Chas rlltS NE 2d as apt 2: at Chas driver 12132 NW 95th s Ph 3-7533 Kenneth -. ,hat jr opt Dunn Bus Sere Co r3600 "Chas N jr student r190 SE 12th ter C t s t '' Chas 2s (Rosalie) h rear 3991 NE 6th et Cats Loule caok r260 W' Flaglers"Clarence C CEileen) pres Southland Motors Inc Caross. Carmillo cook r11 NW 4th sIt I1 NE 74th st Carothers Chas H (Leona) smn Solar Water Hit Clayton D lubricator 'Russel Paige Inc h5539 NW Cs h1S59 SOV lth st Sih st Kay t69 NW 26th a apt 15 OMisscri (Old Oat nai NOV ptt ar" Dorothy cash Bakers T121 NI 3d at Carpenter Allison H framer style Craft Bag Co r E L (toutrIon My iati Psliee r75 1 NW d ct 32; N )tiitiii as Earl Fc Sit tyelle loa t to NOV 4th NW Ambrose S (Etta) putr Biscayne Oldsmobile Inc Edw F hili alleyo Radio sre r212t NOV 8207 NOV id et apt p 4Elta st Nr 'Andtew NI (I'aB eay r 729 No' S0th st 'a& tiltS NOV 27rh ut Cecil L slaus Better Food Stare r Uleta Fla Elsie L le, r Central Properties Inc r7928 NW 'Chas (LoRera) auto mech r761 9l1 1st t 6th ai -r Chas A IThelmal elect 1h3136 SW 23d ter Elwood B (Cynthia A) h190 SE 12th ter M N" Chas H (Sudle M) carti Miamui City Public Serv Emmia (e) cool (t150 NW 11th ter Div h529 NOV 26th at Ernest C r3I10 NW 8th a" Daisy 9t r59 SE 6th st Esolenu Ill IIl29B NW 2d ot David D (Alberta BI agt 1t1, Benefit Life Ins Co Ethel r353i N(0 ith t 01 h1414 Capri st (CGables) Et I t ri s0 NOV 3d or Dorothy sten Thos B Evsrhart r3669 Psiuciana Fog \ eh 111i NE 33d It apt a as apt 2 ICGrove Eal MS stei t' Casket Co 111S NOV E Earl (Lasania) rei rug h2171 NO -591, at t t Earl .D (Ethel) cli if detective Mliasi Beach "ata 5 IBesie) earrier PO r129 NOVW 5t a y Pollee Dept h68 0 Tratville EaDlanade (MB) G enesirt tcr ittlh Beach Eleontary S' r SEdna E 13rs Wi5 1 ahiigt i (MB) 11 I eunsyiitia apt 11 IAIBI Edw lab Mitui Feed Sun Cs r1412 NV th av atib al H IM 0ara h 1930 NOV 3811t 5t Edo L sapor .2515 Tiger Tail a' (CIrove) Harry iTillie SI uhacin Standard Mine & Elsie elk Hialerh Bakery r40 E 41st st (H) Spirita Ca i2237 SW 3d st ForretI D (Bertha) driver Superior Oil Co 11744 Ha ry N lMercedes) ostes 3619 NE 2d a hi2 O NOV .7th sIt NW 19th st Francis V elk r117 SW 46th st '" Heinrich fin sec Meat Cutters Local No 657 Frank B (Satert Parking LtI r227 NE 2d st Helen L asst Paluer & Chandler r1521 S\00 6th st 0 Fred O (Frances) agt Sharman Ins Agcy h2158 Helg L elk Jackson Mem Hosp r1521 SW tth atSWt' 14th ter apt a Henry C r30 10 Segovia at ICGables) Geo clk Trottical Gardens Henry M 0tary B; Carr & Cart) t7320 NW 2d a Geo H (Frances B) (taintenonemn 'h417 NW et 5D 46th sIt Henry R (Marjorie: Cart & (arr) h811 IV Flag' Gen H jr driver r417 NW 16th st Ier at H Clinton lAlice El h2220 SW 10th st Herman le; Mildred) porter Rocco Jnffre T366 Barold M pres Thurw Radio Distributors r NW 10th st Tampa Fla Ira M (Birdie carp Itt 14 S-W' st "" Hatte H h59 SE th st Jas (c) chicken dru wall G' Moore r733 NW 4th" Hazel R (wid Clinton G) h2951 S Bay Shore dr a( A (CGrouve) Jesse I; Mary) initor hiIb NW li4th st eQ Hellene 13669 Poinciana av (Crove) "John c hipr r61 Ntl th St C Iacs :c; Lulu) stevedore h437B NW 141t st John H (Susie CI it59tS NE Gth et g Jane Mrs Ni20 NE It at Jos IDarletel hi36 NE 82d t " Jay V (Hael P) 'i23 5 5 ay rd (MB) l"Jos Ic Frances) lab hl916 NO Vch it tCOMM'ERCIAL INVESTIGATIONS .P PHONE SALES AUDITSERVICE 610-612 3-2870 Security Bldg. S TORE CHECKING

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(62 The Miami Beach First National Bank 01dest and4 Lares Bantk tn iamio each Orgeaudued Ntovember 28, 1921 Commercial Banking, Savings Dept., Safety Deposit Boxes Lincoln at Alton Road, M. B. Phone 5-3471 i CARS Carrlii (hrlotopher C (Ruth) h1936 N1W 54th at Julia (c) maid r616 NW 14th st Francis M (Alleen) aero meth h3020 Avla" Julian lawyer rin00 NW 2d It tion av (CGrove) Kath M Ars 'h1330 Flamingo way (MB) Carrington Dunlap S (Alice M) pharm Jackson Kurt slsmn '215 NE 33d si apt 5 Aleut Hoop h256 NE 20th ter Laura r353%, NW 'i s t Dunlap S jr elk County Tax (ollr r256 NE 20th "Lena R (c) Indrs r1423 NW Sib pl ter Leonard C (Hilda) printer h1832 SW 18th st W, 'h1150 NW 7th av Leslie D (Anna) driver 1,2448 NW 79th st Wm E (Jupiter Sup Co) Lester A (Laura) pnir h1,53 NW 4th st Carrivean Blanche nurse 4223 Collins av (MB) Lewis F (ida MI) ato repr 243 SW 8th st I do r do Loren C barber Airport Hotel Barber Shop r210 Carrogher Mary wailer r1007 Jefferson av apt 1S NE 3d st (MB) Sargt hir iriverside SCl r15i2 SW It Carrot Ann r6268 SW 21 st Oargt (wid Lewis J) rIS37 NW 18th ter Carroll Ada c) maid h1032A NW 4th av Marvin r1552 SW 1st Andrew P IMary J) 1,675 NE Slst It Mary (wid Jahn) ,251 NE 15th 0t Arth (Hazel) r1423 NE lt so Maude smstrs r5801 NW 17th av Arth i alndt Cook's Cavino r823 Commerce st Maude (wid John) hSROI NW 17th av I(,Bi Ai dred maid MISCO r364 NW lOth st Aubry IJula) r329 NW lot av Milton jr (Kittle) lab Miami City Waste Div r Beni G waiter Theo Damman r580-1 NW 224 ao 15IS SW 4th st Betty L r1292 NW 45th 0t "l ilton W (Virginia) carp h4137 NW 22d It Braxton S bkpr 12937 SW 24th ter Minnie (c) maid 1,213 NW 16tt 1 Bruce D (Amelia G) phys 8037 NE 2d av h994 Owen L (Lucy) inspr Miami City Bldg Div h NE Slst 01 S.,935 SW0 4th st Cath sten h43 NE 41h st apt '5 Perry F r101 NW 1st st 4 Cecil B (Lena) supt h237 NW 37th at Pierson W IFreda) driver h812 NW 23d It Chas 1,660 NW 26th It ant 8 Ralph (c; Ruby) hipr r616 NW 14th st Chas A (Mary B; Rlnehart & Carroll) r1794 Robt M rlk Ernest T Alorcheads r3417 NW 12th Tiger Tail av (CGrve) av n Chas L (Helen E) stoln h114S Obispo av (C Rosa lc) Indrywkr h1332A NW 2d av Gables) Rosa (c) maid 'h402 NW ,15th 0A n Clarence W (Lillian) boat capi b3123 Virginia Roo (c) maid r327 NW 141, ter 01 (CGrove) Sadie (c) maid r827 NW 3d av Clinton (Susie) carp 1,8334 NE lst av Shelly H r3801 NW l1th av Cr (Meyer Lubin) drug sundries 927 Washington Susan (c) Indrs h332 NE 70th st .,r INIB) P Susan (wid Henry) waiter Valentino's ReSt r Eda (Helen) ins act h3122 NW 2d av apt 5 343 NW 25th st Edw 31 appo electn Flerlume Daniel Neon Co r Thos (c) ri133A NW 1s t P 820 NE 2d av Thos F IZenneth) slsmn Goodyear Sern r2929 Eliz A 'hsekpr Hotel McAllister SW 16th ter Ernest dishwasher Puritan Grill r8334 NE st av 6 Thos S (Rebecca) h3510 Pine Tree dr Evelyn Mrs opr li1139, NE 8th It apt 2 Virgil (c) lab r616 NW 14th s1 Francis M r110-2 NW 37th 0t Walter h2419 NW 29th at "Frank (c: Ele,) lab h1138'. NW 3d It W L (Sue) showmn hl361 NW 4th t apt 8 0e 7 (c) r;00 NW 1t av Wn T ILucille S: Carr' Studio) h1762 SW 19th l Geo (( C Realty Co) r6 Sunset rd (SMiami) st Grace naid Fan Am HotelZ A rlk FlaP&LCo r2760 NW 7th st Granville (AtnI lab r3113 Mary 11 (CGroe) & Carr (Henry M and Henry W) lawyers 19 W 0Henry In) tailor b1463 NW 5th 0t Flagler t R1103 Herbert A (Ruth) service mgr Otis Elmv Co h Penton Carr's Studio (Win T Carr) photog 60 WV Flagler s0 131'SW 11th ter Curraro Gene IMary) tiiewkr h03 NW 69th 0t r In s, n Darling Shop r2901 NW 2d av Carraway see also Caraway 3 Claude (Mary) hldg conr 00064 Emerson ar hepard ApartmEnto 6tl NW 35th If (MB) Sh Esetle E s rrg w Tea R mr "J Ismn W i Krame, Organization r7534 NE SW :5th sate rneBw e omr81 6th It ( John C IChristine E) pntr h1472 NW Slnt st Jas 3 (Veronica A) bellmn h331 SW Ith st apt10 Tire Co JoS O (Lillie LI Inspr US Immigratlon & Nat Jas I mgr The Atlantis r2655 Collins av (B) I Serv 12 NW 35th st apt 6 Jas J (made All rest, 1.559 N Miami av h1557 Ruth W cash Suwannee Life Ins Co r244 Blsdo cayne bled "ane waiter Puritan Grill r8334 NE 1st an Carrell Edyth A dental hygienist r1200 SW 27th av Jensie swaier Red's Sea Foods Inc r2142 NW Fank E (Myrtie act h1922 NW 47lh ter 43d st Carrellas Anna B (c) r3323 Williams av (CGrovet John (Esther) .Photo engr 141 NE 68th st Distribut Bevin (c) r3328 Williams ar (CGrove) ( John C lab Domestic Refrig Co r220 NW 11th t Ditiuos John (c) r332S Wilams av (C';rove) Laura E (wid Matthew) prat nure 5 SE 7th st Careen MichI (Fannie) lab h422 NW 2d av r do Hood Tires Vernon B (Cora) carp 1,1452 NW 3d t apt 2 Lea E slk Palace Clns r255 W Flagler 0t Carrero Candido (Anna) h550 NW 9th st Leo J (Marde R) stsmn 11918 NE 2d av apt M Dora slsnn RCDIOS 1550 NW 9th It Loo N atndt ri 9 NOW 4th ct Exide Jsia (Annabelle) steward 0,3085 Mary t (C Lucie R Mrs mar Column Apis r5 SE 7th st apt 4 Grove) Lyman F (Grace) auto mecl, h4522 NOV let av Batteres TIldo S (Cat) Iraffic rep h6929 Slindello st Manly E (Mildred) mechl eng h1853 NW 5th 0t ICGables) ajririe elk Liggett Drug Stores r7'45 Meridian Carrico Jean Mrs slswn Carlotta Lewis h222 Pboan MB) Q ty enetia a0 apt 2 (CGables) '" Nathaniel (c: Grace) hsemn Pan Am Hotel r Thos C (Jean) slsmn (,arlotta Lewis h222 Pho1032A, NW Ir a Automobile enetla av apt 2 (CGables) an Patk Ahlpr Gralynn Lndry Inc r667 NW 10th 6t Carne Beatrice h1221 SW 13th av Raymond E gro 4810 NW 2d av h do Accessories Ball Apartments 324 NW 23d t Richd Ic: Naomi) musician 1397 NW '16th ter Carrier Abr I (Gertrude) patrolmn Miami Police Robt Ic; Mamie) Porter h1315 NW 5th et and 11064 NW 2ti ler Robt A neat etr Winn & Lovett Gro Co r1335 Art E h41 Majorca av (C Gables) SW' 1st at Part Frank E (Gertrude) r.S NE 25th st Robt B 'h1212 NOW 411h an Gertrude Mrs sec Fla Natl B & Tr Co 1,100( Rob, 1 01347 NE IBay Shre et apt NW 29th ter Sara J waiter r3112 NW 43d 5t John Mt (Ellen C) filing sta 2153 NW 2d an Sarah T trs bkpr r,66 NW 60th 0t t168 NW 51st st "Thelma R tyiot Nail Title Co r Sunset dr (S 325 "Jos M (Ressle ) h835 SW 10th av Sliami) Oscar At (JIula Ei carp 1,1630 NW 38th at 'iWalter G (Gladys) servicemn h200 NW 17th 0t So. Miami Ave. Carrigan Mary Mr (Marianel Shop) r8030 NE 2d Wrmn E (Sallie) cable splicer SBT&TCo r3191 an NW 7th an PHONES SalesRentals Real Estate and Investments Mortgage Investments 3-4688 NOBLE H. PARKER -Realtor AND Ten Hundred Lincoln Road Bldg., Miami Beach, Fla. 3-4689 Telephones 5-3037; Res. Tel. 5-3101 Residential and Business Property Apartments, Homes, Estates

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S163 ROBSON, LINK & COMPANY GOVERNMENT BONDS INVESTMENT SECURITIES MUNICIPAL BONDS i b 942-947 Ingraham Bldg. Miami Phone 2-5126 CARROLL Cortee Horace L dentict iso SE lstet or MI-i1 Wm J (LPea rl D) driver Fiach Exp & Stge Co Crh6610 r inad bis (Ifal s tM01 r5619 NW 3d ui Carten. Tena r117 NE 2d sUi Wo J (iry) gro 273 NE 2Iirc hl 50 NE 211h st CartrnIohor Geo A (Era) lawyer hl34,L NE Bay Willi, (cI) bus boy raMA NWV [ih si Shore ci apt 37 Wor1Ii (Lucie R) slcisrn SR&Co h15 SE 7th st Carter Adam (; Willie MI Ib 11614 NW 1st fit apt I Adoilphus G (Katleen Ld vehlclemn By Exp u Corren Jan P orderly Victoria Hoop r925 NW 3d ot Agcy li2t I NOV '57th sci CrnJa lrrlVitrais 92-NW3 t g '20NWl 1 Carrother: loin L (Helen 1) 11kpr Rodney Miller h 4Albert R (Phyllis) Sismla Sou Dairies Inc h451 9707 NE lte 00 NW -i ci Carrow Stanton M (Alice J) lab ih584 NW 92d ot Albert Ci (Stella) phys Ilt NE 2d 5 R904 h150 Ca.ers Arl1h G (Noel) -h 162 NE 25111 st NE 47th st Bernice waiter r1720 NE Mitii ct n Alf B (Mofowy) pntr -h30I SW 10t0t a0 Geo A (Irene) i261 NV 34th strr Allec G Mrs ngr y'ilwyn Apis rna36 Meridian at Distributors henry 1 (Mary) '1S2 NE 49tr st apt 2 (M)s r Mary .1 Mrs h1720 NE Miami cI r Allen student r537 Aragon av (CCrove) k Sylvia Mrs Ichr r550 Jefferson ac (MB) Annie E oid Albert W) tOi4 NW Ist st Carry TIrs P (Alice) fnrmn i h1223 Wallace st Anson D (Mary D) Gle opr tIt SV 5th 1 Motor Cars ICfblesi '' Aparuments 2947 Bridgeport av (CGrove) Carsentina Dorothy Mr i2 5 NW 27t st Apotnmencms 14e S0 7th st John r2 1 NOV 27it st Arren T (lais Bi real est 1021 SW 9l av ih do S e Carslausen B V otrn Gulf Oil Corp r667 SW 3d st Arren T Jr (Nadine) powermn SBT&TCo 11132 Bervune Carskadon Esther N Mrs h318 NW 25th 01 SW 12th st and Peggy r318 NW 2ith ct 0 Arch G s.lice G) h1536 Meridian a, apt 2 I1B)1Carsley Jennie B laid Frank E) r3412 SW 23d ter 0 Artlh L (Josephine) 11369 NW t31ot st Parts Carson Agnes 0 h38I3 Kumquat av (CGrove) Ashbey B (Thelma K; Oceanic Clnrs) r127 7th Alicia Mrs mgr Holly Court Apts r1:528 NW 3d st t IMB) apt 4 1" Bernice (c) maid r317 NW 0th sl Annabelle (itid W M) 11110 NE 54th st Berry (Virginla) wihol produce h28 SW 11th at Arnold ILul) sIlsmn h3539 Royal Palm ,c IC Beverly R (Lillian) lab it101 NW 22d ct Grove) Calista P maid Harley's Inc r165 NO1W 9th st CC (Ruby B) dir Carson Tropic Sch h931 Wash" Carl R (Cath) trucks 11328 NW 33d st 1201-i21i 0710gton I (MD) Croll r roar 2026 NW 2Itir so l -I LI In" Cas (Sophia) turn refnshr 1'5941 NW 1st pl "(Chas (c) porter Sea Crest Hotel rtIt NW 9th st Chas P t(Mary E) bkpr h4'30 NW 25th A Cha D (Annie C) carp 'h1142 Milan av (C oDave (Mae) silon Lawrence Lbr Co r Madison Gables) Apts (MB) Chas 0 mgr 11676 SW 2d et apt 'N. t Edw (Mary) pntr 1i3525 NW 1st ar Chas S (Laura; Carter's Platinum Shop) h345 Effie Mrs h415 NE 31st st NW 1st st apt 23 Sec Emna F (wid Jas B) r2i01 SW 10th st Clara (c) maid 1959 Brickel av U A e Ernest (Clara) carp 'h135 NE Ilth st Clark R (Lucille) ervlcemn Dixie Tireo h121 Ernest (V era) 'S) meteorologist in charge US SW Nortih River dr Weather Bureau 1rl01 SOV 10th st" Cleaners & Dyers 'Roht L Bedgood Pres 930-36 Phones Fannie (1 mard r11:3 NOV cth a W Flagler st Frank (Frieda) l32 NE 1st ac "Clothing Cs IRm M Bergman) women's furngs 2 2 Hardy tC: Mary) stevedore li3i!iB NW 10th st 4i NW 2d a CARSON JAMES M (Ruby L; Carson and PetteClyde r26 NE 25th st way), Lawyer 1807 Congress Bldg III NE "Caritha (c: La Tropical Beauty Parlor) r171 2d av. Tel 3.7447, h384 NE 94th st, Tel NOV 9th st 7-2157 Dale A driver Marine Sup Co r2179 NW 23d st Janie te errp SBT&TCo r3065 SW Lath ct ,ani F ILollise) steelwkr h776 NW S5th st John Itrene) urn 12335 NW 41st st CARTER DRY CLEANING CO, Robert L Bedgood r Jos elk Bacelors' Hotel r6i7 NE th sr Pres "A Distinctive Service" in Cleaning, Joshua I. c: Sally lab 111937 NW th av Pressing and Laundry Service 930-936 W Flag: S'0 orL B io: Lucille) lab h2112 NW 5th1eo st : Lawrrnce JI (Or'e K) clk Tabol Sup Stores Inc E Earl (Erna E ; Carter & Wixsom Funeral n 1i1535 NOV' 37th st Directors) i63 NW t9th av a ra bel (wid Morris) bkpr Little River Lndry Inc Earli't 037 Collins at (MB) O98 NE 70th st Earl P IMargt I1 investigator 1r2209 SW 10th st tr Olive loid Johni Ii -kpr G & L RIoOflng Co r269 Earl R chauf 410 Otajorca a o ICGabe es) e NE 77ih ot y Ecior I (Ruth A: Carter's Pharmacy) h4521 N "Orcille 11 tormno OtByCe r2265 NOV Sit st Iliasi a-r ao Rold P driver r6O46A NW 7h s. Edirth Ice r3121 A NW 14th si C a R0b 1 I Olicia ra 'h 523 NO 3d st alt 4 Edioli le Ichr Phyllis Wheatley Sci r561 NW p SaBy S 0170 Allright Austo l'ark toe t116 SE 2d at11th too N fl Ruhy B dir Miami Beach College of .lusic 971t Eds ici hlpr r3772 Grind av (CGrove) e a i Et (c: Cto ther) i eci 1443 NW 9th st ,0 Sieph K i1 t m g r Jeffery Iruit Co hS40 SW '" Edw I (Harriet C) carp 'h2217 NW Miami ct m z 01t' Edr 3 (c) lab bleat1 Nl' 6th ito CARSON TROPIC SCHOOL, Dr C C Carson Direc" Elia i(wid Wm) r1 IS N5V 316 st yr. D sa Scholl for Biro and Grlo. Elr"rnEniory J (Laura S) pres Carter Realty Co b 1621 tO X tara Grades and High Scool. Open Air Snhool S a hr oit lere with Ocean Breezes, Excellent Music ConservErnest (Bessie) plmbr h rear 559 NW 9th st auory, Spcial Courses Offered 951 Washington Ernest O (.Angie N: Magic City Bottle & Sup) av(im ec) Tel 5-1669) h20 Sl E~f 3 3 ofNW2dO 23c 0t a V M Mrs sken I rine a Inc hv40 iW 9th av "'Esther Mrs r2318 NW 23d et t Oyairer H (Bessie) carp -202 NOV 2 0th st Ethel (c) cook h rear 218 NW 0h t Wi olt Ssu ur(n 1to.1 SW 2lt toy N og (c) eihalmer Richardson Funeral Home r O Winfredt acoibtlr heixortel It Inc e2326 NW 2009 Ni' Atr plt 43dt si 0 Ecalyn sleo' 1nr577 SWV 5011 st apt 2 m M CARSON AND PETTEWAY (homes M Carson, EvlnekCu-a.rg oar115hs W Raleigh Pettoway, Attorneyat-La 1 re wl rn-a Arog & toda .rI101 'Sb si Congress Bldg III NE 2d an, Tel 3-7447 F OWT-e lKtatrynt clown Flagler Radio Co F Carsens Chas (Aice) 040 NOV t h 793 ( NO )2d ,d n sarsen btEi elenr hrO7 SOV St Frank beauty opr Vanity Beauty Shop r71 SW T 2 Guy A till.) loon Broece's Fish & Lobster "t Frank L (Daisy Sit agt h712 SW 56th av opt 3 0 H 0 19r93 NOV os ot Fred OV stockan SHK&Co 4130 NE 'lt anv Harry Harriette R) emp SR&Co h112 NE _3d G L eng Swift & Co r435 NW 23d st L t c Gale H 4640 Bay rd (M B) Oem oSarah gg n a hk268 NO 19th et Co A (Michella) contr c601 NOl 16th ac tt 0 a Bron lo cook b N 10th Ist Geo D (Marion F) terminal supt Orange Stale I Ctrt Byron ohb N0633 Soy 10th or Oil Co h11134 Obispo ao (Cables) N 0 STORAGE WAREHOUSE COMPANY N Fireproof Building in Heart of City C Baggage Room with Free Daily Aneese. Furniture Stalls $I.00 per month up Private Rooms $5.00 per moath up. Open Storage In per cubi foot 13 N. E. 2nd ST. PHONE 2-1208

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164 Fossett's 'U HEATER 4 sagrS. Prescription I 'C ARTER CARTE Pharmacy Geo E (Edna S) sismn Fla Piric p b76 NW lues (cl barher 1416 NW 3d a h d 26th .s1. Minnie P r:4 il7 Thomas av (CGrove) Geo R r3634 NW 37tH It Morris V pinstr John E Norman Geo R mgr Greater Miami Sporting Corp r313 319ea (c ; Scovet ) lab Miami City Public ServW. E 23 st ('B) ice fiv h5404. NW Ith st FOSSET' tes Rt jr (Lorcy) 1ern Bec y h3d 1 NW3t It Nora L Mirs h412 NW' 14 a FGeEo K (Florence 673agyrd(MB) Norine 5t irs nurse Dr i aiIden Beckwith I Prop. Giles W tel emp SBT&TCo r1350 NW 2d St 3O NW 1.7th .'v apt R Gladys (c) waiter r1009% N'W 2d av Oscar (Matte) eIWv npr Cs Ct Hse r S Statn Glen ltuth) driver Hector Sup C1 h1I144 NW rJPasc ( m lat r126 NW 11th t 67th s, '' ni (Myrtle H1) clean Jackson yHem Hosp ttlers rG12S dOttart us 821 NW 1071t1 s1 Grover H ( iEdam R city firemn h7i4 NW 34th St 'Paul Ic Letha) porter South Fla Mtr Sis Co The Only Guts 4 c) staid ruiSl NOV i "" Preston (Erie A) plmbr Oila& Robertson Harold W ,353 NE 81ls[ 1 Plmbg Cc x2020 SW 24th at Exclusive Harry msngr r253i W Flagler sIt R Canton (Evelyn) driver Berner-Pease Inc h Harvey student x2936 W Flagler It 3541 NW lot st Prescription Henrietta Mrs h1014 NW 37th st Realty Co Inc Emory J Carter pres Fredk L Henry (c; Bessie) lab h1807 NW 3d et Rhoads s-pres Adelaide C Rhoads sec-treas Drug Store Henry c; Sarah) stevedore '56-3 NW 14th st 2601 Haltsse 51 (CGrove) Hollie B meat ctr Bernard Baer r250 NE ist st lchd O ssotn Ireenleaf & Crosby Co h1615 in Greater Harace c) 1 lab r530 NW 13tI at Pennsylvania v apt 32 (MB) Howard G Nellle 1' 11510 SW 7th '" Roht 31 eng Cudahy Pkg Co r1930 NW Miami Miami Hubert E student r2209 SWi 0th st et Hubert R (HallIe) h860 NE 127th st Rollo G lab h6713 NE 1st Ir Hugo I lah r:3 NW 1311 et Rosa (c) said r114 NW 1st pl lrene (c) cook 1400 W 23,1 st (Sunset Island "Sam elk Miami Ritz Hotel No 3) r it Saml (Eliz) auditor 12265 SW 9th ft apt 19 Isaac Ic; Gertrude) lab r2175 NW 5th It Saml 1 (Vera I) meatetr Frederteh's Market Giround FloCr Jas Ic; laud) 1,3608 Trw av (CGrove) h6042 NW 6t'h Ct Jas (Lydia) restr 742 NW 5th av 1,744 do Spencer Ic; Edith) barber h511 NW 11th ter Entrance Jas A (c; Mary) elk t171 NW 9th st Stanley (Cats M-E-O-W) r2108 Red rd (CGa" Jas A (Jane) who prod It rear 28 SW 11th sIt bles) Huntington apt I 0 Thelma student h127 Alhambra cir apt 3 (C Bldg. Jas T clo cln 2241 NW 2d av h do Gables) Jese T lYtlo Mi real est 9 NW '13th av h537 'o Thos (Rat Hole Bar) h408 NE 13th st apt C Aragon av (CGables) Thos (c; Mabel) confr 901 NW 2d aV 1x1732 Jessle Mt sdent r127 Alhambra cir apt 3 (C NW 410, et PHONES Gables) Thos 1t (Louise) elk Musa Isle Indian Village 2-7691, Jessie M Mrs press opr Jackson Mem Hosp 11933 h1700 NW "5th av 21 NW 6th ct Tillman tpht Rome Mattress & Box Corp r "~9 ohnr electsn r1745 NWh' 32d It 46014 NOO' lllh so 2-792 c" ()lab h246 NO 16th ter Tony T c; Volt) lab r1512 NW 3d se John Ic; Mayetta) lab b1957 NW 3d av Violet C beauty opr 1928 Ocean dr apt 12 (15 iuJhn (cl tubh3611~l SW 27th st B) iohn vule Eddle's Tire Shop r5 NW 15th nt Robh (Irene) br mgr Standard Ott Co 11466 John C mech Elec Equip Co rl 02 SE 2d st NW 30It a)t SJohn 01 (Sarah 0) del clk O'TeICo h52S Altars Walter L (Ema) 1435 Aragon s (CGahlesC oriC)7thtoo Wal1,ter L is ( Marguerite) aIsm. Shell Pet Cnerp N a ca) .N2238 NW 3d st Johs L (e ; Aia) po7ter 147 NW 6th pt Walter R (Jessie) slson 'hi936 W Flagler nt J Bhn L (Beatrice) heI27 NW4th st Wheatley (c) shoe repr Thos Anderson 'h2009 John R (Hazel 11) ti lestr nIt a dt ithn NW 5th pl Jobn V (Mary, r741 N Greenway dr (CGables) Wt (wid Alf) h2947 Bridgeport av apt 3 (C N "Jos I r1520 NW 6h av Grove) "JO.s (c; Samantha) Lab FI.P&LCo h1560 _W Wst bus boy SHK&Co r1516 NW 6th 5t isd t C n' W1(c; Louise) janlttr 1157 SW 5th It x560 O Jos L (Eliz G: Uptown Chnrs) h1360 NE 2d av NW' 12th st Katharyn F Mrs nurse r It L Heines Sanitarium Wm (c; Willie) lab x1460 NW 1st pl .. r1793 NW 52d at 'Wm lab r76R NW 2ist ter athleen M r16ti21 S Bay Shore dr ICGrose) Wrm (c; Jackey) porter r1458 NOV 5i et "a rathryn P (wlId Walter T) 12620 SW 17th av Wm le) waiter Wiway Restr r3380 Douglas Kirby P pres Ball & Chain r2620 SW -17th av at (CGrove) Laura maid El Comodoro Hotel r345 NW 10th nt wim H 1185 SE Sth at "Laura E tc) maid r613 NW 2d av Wm J (Kathryn) formn SBT&TCo 11836 NW Z e Lemuel P (Lena) brklyr h3421 SW 23d ter 6th It Leroy Ic; Irene) coal passer FlaP&LCo h122 Wim L r2119 NO 224 1 NW loth st "' W'm M checker SR&Co r559 NW 9th St Q Leroy C hlpr Atlantic Furn Co r262 NW 11th ter Win 31 (Mary) dept tger h29 SW 36th av Lewis (Lewis Carter Studio of Dancing) r1200 Wm P Sa mn Flal&LCo r345 NW 23d nt V Anastasia av (CGrove) WmoR (Genea) mgr Paul's Tire Stores h1023 Lewis Studio of Dancing (Lewis Carter) 1200 NW 27th av Anastasia av (CGrove) Wint W Flursrne) :potter LaMot Inc r1620 SW Liberty (c) baker r349d NW 13th sIt 3d a1 Loraine E Mrs 135 NW 13th at Willie (c) driver Sultana Maloof r336b NW Louis E (c; Bertha) lather 'h435 NW 7th It 14th st J Louise M Mrs opr SBT&TCo 1776 NW 651h 5t Willie At (c) inshr Biscayne Lndry r1614 NW Lucille prsr WSLIne r1643 NW 1st et 1st pl Lucy N tehr Kinlock Park Scl r3422 NW 15th Yula M Mrs tehr Kinlock Park Ssh x537 Araat gun av ICGables) Lta M (.id Aubrey) tcht South Side Eleren' & WLssom Funeral Directors (E Earl Carter tary Sch 1131'2 NW 7t, ct and Robt E Wxsom) 1651 W Flater st Lurline elk Ft'aP&LCo r2812 SW 22d ter Carter's Pharmacy (Etor L Carter) 4501 N Mi"tack IC) iah1,340, Thtmas av (CGIroe) amti as OMarion L twld Alf; Catter Apts) h2947 Bridge" Platinum Shop (Ohas Carter) mfg wir 145 -part -t pt 31 (ChGreve) E Plagter ut B2OS lary tlk Dade Phcsr Inc r2815 SW 24th 0t Carrel Frask (Ada W) pntr h rear 167 NW m ay Ocltgu)Isbc126 W 23d It stMay (ci prse Am h~ie Sup rI8t9 NOV tat c" Frank OS jr pntr r167 NW 234 It Mar E(wid WOigol skr1125N alter chet rl6l NW 234 st z {V ,.766h It Carterette Amos A (Margt) slim. 412019 NW V "Mottle (wid Pholey) 1h2715 SW 24th st apt 2 47th ter O Mattle M 'tudent r1401 NW 22d t Carthan Carrie (c) cook Kraft's Good Food b Qyr Michl J (Mary) lather ,180 NE uSin st 1628 NW 4th ar S A. H. BECKER "THE RESPONSIBLE ROOFERS" T. W. MILLS LLL Robbins Roofing & Sheet Metal Co., Inc. Eotablihied 1919 ROOFING AND ROOF SUPPLIES 222 N. W. 2th Street Estimates Free Phone 2.3705

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165 HERMAN J. ARRANT, Inc. "NOTHING BUT INSURANCE" P Huntington Bldg. Phone 3-5566 Carthon Evans (i: Lilly M) slsmn r2044 NW 6th CasaDelMar Apartments Mich Arnold mgr 222 at Calabria dv (CGables) Crlheright Edw (; Evn J) brklyr h256 NW 7th Apartments 612 15th st (NB) It CasadelRhe Apartments (Helen A Lucas) :1701 Cartin Thos J riS97 NW 20th at Indian Creek dr (IB) Cartinhour Julia T Mrs beauty ope 111347 NE CasaD'O Apartments 8035 Harding a l (MBI Itay Shore et apt 27 CataGrande Apartments 834 Ocean dr MB) Cartland Henry B (Mary) real eat h1345 NE Bay Casa-Linda Apartments rs Mary E King mgr Shore t apt 304 473 Mendoa av (CGables) Cartledge Bertha 1rs tel opr City Tel Each h CasaLoma Hotel Gee C Anderson mgr r1230 2455 NW 7th pl Anastasia an (CGables) Beryle H -(Margt) super MTCo -h5028 NW 3d Hotel Dining Room Jos Nelson mgr 1:30 Anasav tasia a "Percy L (Berltha) clean Lyon Elec Co 6t2428 Casaa Ramon sismn 941 NW >d av NW 7th cl CasaMalkin Apartments (Sam Malkin) 541 13th Sidney E (Louise) pisltr hill1 NW 77th st st (12B) Cartwright Ales (Mabell slsmn 57327 NW Miami Casa-Mia Apartments 16 Oviedo av ICGables) et Catu-Morena Apartments 230 Salamanca av (C 4 Edw (C; Mamle) t1607. NW 1st pl Gables) Edtw Ic; Nellie) lab 51003 NW 2d et Casatenda Apartments 1852-5 cOO 224 ter Elmer E r437 NW 234 et Casazza Cha T' (Georgia) elk O'alker-Skogserh Ethlyn y1 kkpr Uofl r620 S' 10th av P S Inc 5625 NE 64ith tet John 5309 Viscay av (CGables) Casca Angelo (Marion) mgr Nati Produce Co h "Letia (c) rmid Hotel Urer 'hWt NW 151t st 2825 NW 5th ac "Plk (c; Florin) lab b7313 NW 17th av Cascade Court Apartments No 1 1005 SW 19th anv Wm C (c; Blanche) gdnr 52072 NW 6th 0t Court Apartments No 2 1883 SW 11th st 0 Carty Ella P (wid H J) r2005 NW 2d t Court Apartmnts No 3 1881 SW 11h st Jean A Mrs aten South Atlantic Mtge Co 52005 Ca'cin Andrew A I Etily) tIsmn h666 NE 75 l NO' 2d at at Jerome D (Jean A) rlk Hunter Lyon Inc h2005 Cascola Frank J (Carolyn musician h1151 NW NW 2d st 6th t Crucza John student r3400 LeJeune rd (C Case aee alsa Rase Gables) Andrew B (Sary B) much ma e USCG 2785 Caruso Chas A (Elmira E) 51824 SW 2401h at Tiger Tall av (CGrove) Elmira E alswn r1824 SW 24th St "Clark W (Emme ne G) shop formn Fie GIs & Restaurant (Salvatorie Battlato) 167-71 V irror C '2754 k 17th sr e l Flagier st "Dorotiea F Mrs pk Mi'ami Fruit Ind Inc h PCaget Bei Cear 97 NE 40 st Parotdtero Beasir C indrywkr dodel Lndry Inc '" Hilda Mrs waoter Burdine's Inc 412 SW 0th Chas policemn City of Hialeah r 31st s1 and av apt 8 6n th Jack J (Adele S) slsomn h1752 SW 10th st pt O e Sylvia M Mrs tchr South Beach Elementary Jos W (Ethel) elk h302 NW 9th av apt 8 Soh (fB) r550 Jefferson av Jaa W or (Hilda) bkpe Wometco Clroult 6412 Carval Jos J (Viola) driver Miami City Waste SW 10th ar apt 8 Div h1171% NW 20th at Riley J carp r rear 97 NE 60th st Carver Atohie (Linnie D) patrolmn Miai Police Whitney G h3015 Bay rd (MB) '51953 5W 24th st Casebeer Frank Rev (Florence) pastor First Spir" Beatrice (c) Indr 5457 NW 16th ter itualist Church 5h27 SW 7th av Doe D (Pleeta) patrolmn Mliami Police hl132 Casebow Clara r2144 SW 10th ot NW 3d rt apt 2 Caselberry Peter fill st opr r1354 NE 1st av apt Dwht C Independent Service Station) h2103 Casell Dant pharm 2176 NE 43d ot apt 6 REED NW 2d Eloise pkr r119 NE 20th at Fleets Mrs mgr Lourene Aps r1132 NW 3d Harold (Miriam) asst ttr mgr Dade Pharmacies Constructi at ant 2 r176 NE 434 at apt 6 Frances Mrs h1615 Jefferson av apt 3 (MB) Sidney G ( Eleanor) 6hirapodlst 211 Alenoar H Clay (Hattle E) dentist 3440 Main lIm R17 at ICcahesi bIS Botmand av (CGohien) (CGrove) -6500 San Vicente at (CGables) Caaement Windva Service Ca (A L.trenee So O CARVER HARRY H (Anne), 2d V-Pres Reed weini 1337 N Sap Shore dI Construction Corp. h3747 Royal Pale an (M Casetti Jos (Ei masicion ht46 BSa 415 at apt B). Tel 5-9724 15 Engineers Howard (c) beer 4327 NB' 27th av e4817 do Casey Arth S (Dorothy) tchr Shenandoah Jr High Jas D (Dorothy) oiler h6420 NW 26th a S 5h 11485 NW 29th It Jerame (Ber)ta l driver Connell-SlacVicar Inc -" Austin P (Mary) pharm RCDDS 1120 SW 5th Contractors kh536n," NOV 27th at at apt6 Linnie D Mrs sisn Joseph's 1953 SW 24th -Chas E (Martha E) piano 188 CW 22d st h do st Danl J (Eliz; Casey's Oass) h157 NW 18th et Mrgl (c) m4d r3673 Charles av (CGrove) David P (Matle) carp h917 S0 67th av Ralph rIk rOS1 NW 3d at '' Edw sntotacemonSS304 NOV 1-2th on tSusie (wid Jos) r rear 403 NW 49th It '" H Clyde (Mabel D) cool agt ACLRR r1609 SW Bulkheading Wm lattle) boatmn rG12 S Miam av 14th t st Carwell Willie (e) lab r118 NW 9h ot Henrietta (c) h1324 N' 1st 0t Docko Careile Everett (Pauline) mattress foehr h2340 Jas F (Casey's Oasis) l2812 Prairie av (MB) Foundations NW 51st It John W (Rose V) carp Tommy's Boat Yard Cary see also Carey and Carry 52011 NW 22d st Wood Piles Della (c) maid 51725 NW 4th av Jos (c) porter Waldron's Service Station r350 Ellen Mrs tear Hialeah Sch r1156 Pert st (Ops NW 17th at Concrete Piles Locks) Katie maid 4015 Collins av (MB) Steel Sheeting Emily (c) maid r1725 NW 4th av '' Marie olk r792 NW 18t'h ot Co H (Marion RI mgr R S Evans Bantam Iartin H (Stella) chauf 5734 Collins an (IB) Guniting Salon h2347 SW 5th sIt Mary r35 NE 5th 0t Harry H 51235 SW 2d at Mary (0id Lawrence O) ht534 Anastasia av Bridges Sdohn L (NeRlls) e g SBT&TCO 560 NOV 47th apt 12 (CGables) ter u slick) B pntr Rubin H Stambolian r408 NW 32d "Jna (I; Lillion) lab 51040 NOW 24 cta Lita (c) r3666 William at (CGrove) Phyllis A sac Saa Unit of Nattroparhy e132t Vernon (c) lab 1946 Nov 2d ot SO 4th ast 1345 Caryl Byrne r62 NW i28th at apt 5 R C h1609 SW 1415 st ayt 2 Harry D (Florence F) meatetr h62 NW 28th st Robt student r534 Anastasia av apt 12 IC 20th St. ant 5 Gables) Casa Blanca Apartments 6839 Abbott av (0) Rose A student r2011 NW 22d at Miami Beach, CesaBonita Apartments 196 SE 14th to Ruth sIswn SMSCo r1893 SW 10th at Fla. CasaCosuarna Apartments (Chas D Boulton) Ruth M Mrs h2312 Prairie av (MB) 1116 Ocean dr (MB) Stella cook 5734 Collins av (eB) Phones WASHINGTON STORAGE CO., Inc. 5 t55398& Agents ALLIED VAN LINES Inn. Moving Packing Shipping Rag Cleaning Baggage Transfer P. o. BOX 7 1001 Washington Av. (M. B.) Storage PHONE 5-3448 677

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166 Sales Eurn.iTICu;If E!ERnII i uNSI SAIJ INGRAHAM BUILDING 25 S. E. 2nd AVENUE s cat t anae CASY, WALTON & SPAIN (MIller Walton, CASON Frank Spain, Wa C Lantaff; Associate Wm E Mary H) lt erp SBT&TCo 2750 Oscar J Kep). Attorneys-at-Law 1310 ConNW 28th st wentress Bld 1 NE 24 a,. Tel 2-5119 (See Willie M (c) r3478 Plaza st (CGrove) card in Legal Blue Book Dept) Caspar Aaron U h547 NE 63d st "W H (Cleo) driver h3936 NIX 2d Clara J sten 1158 NE list st apt 7 Casey's Oasis (Dan) J and as F Casey) liquors Casparis Louise O Mrs r 041 Collins or IMB) A A15 Washington ae (MB) 'Morrison student r5041 COllins as (MB) a Cash Aurdley (c; Alrea) stevedore h349a NW Stanhope student r5041 Collins av (SIB) to 10th st Casper Claude J (Raymonde) mech Palmer's Roof; A o Beatrice (c) Indrs r404 NW 16th st ing Co h5326 NW 29th pl Carmetta (c) sten r356 Grand as (CGrove) Estelle Mrs beauty opr Shenandoah Beauty S Chas (c; Helen) lab b2079 NW 6th ct Shop r2306 NW Flagler ter o Cias J covk Jos D hpillis r2287 NW th av Geo J elk Weinkle's r30 NW Both st E E C (Peggy) eng dept h1319 Meridian av apt Lula Mrs mgr South Beach Elementary School 34 (MB) CafeterIa 374 Lenox av (,MB) u "Eugenia (c) student r3567 Grand av (CGror) Casperson Nadauer sec Duncan MacDonald Ins p Go T (c; Staggle) billiards 3571 gro 3567 Agey r5808 NE 4th ct n Grand av (CGros) ',3567 do Cass Allen L (Glenora) news editor MN b6808 0 ~ "' GlandIna (c) maid 12145 NW 51h pl NW 6th av M Hanoah (c) -1U747 NW 5th a Arch r330 NW Stb an o '" Hattie Mrs smstrs French Benzol Clnrs Betty asst Dr John R Pearson r5939 NE 1st a' E Hazel hlpr Swift & Co r161 NE 23d st Glenora Mrs asst Miami Beach Public Library '' Heneictre (c) waiter 11311 NW 6th av 16809 NW 6th av S0 "Hugh L (c Mury MI) carp b1421 NW 5th t Harvey W (Mall rapt h5939 NE 1st av Jas R (cl to mech h6241 NW 14th rt Thos W p Postal Tel-Cable Co h2034 NW Jas R (c; laine) cook h6241 NW 14th ot 22d et Jade P (Thelma) br mgr Standard Brands Cassady see also Cassidy d141 SW 13i ar C Price (Gladys) slsmn h1160 NW 3d nt Jnhn (c; Lebertha) tah r3381 NW 14th st n Claude T inspr County Tao Collr r768 NW 32d Jos (c) lab r308 NW 14th s1 st Rath (ci) maid h521 NY 1Ith st Janet Mrs cash Eardine's Inc S rear 4606 NW Marvin V (Mary) ismn h211 SW 22d av 20th av Ot Mary (c) r3567 Grand av (CGrove) Kenneth H (Gertrude) carp h rear 301 NW tary (c) 1ndr 11639 NW 5th et '23d st Mary maid Jackson Mem Hosp r1920 NW 6th Kenneth H (Janet) driver MTCo I rear 4606 et NW 20th a R na S" Metrlnd (c; SiarimI lab r40l NW 16tb St Michl vindow lnr Window Clog Service of Mildred (c) maid rS35 NW 1st st Pla h747 MIchIgan an apt 24 (MB) Nora (c) Indrs h338b NW 1-Ich st rray A (Kitty R) auto parking 33 NW 6th Sarah (c) Indrs x404 NW 16th st st h760 NW 32d nt Tho ic; -ary) cenientwkr I1920 NW 6th ct NJta supt Alton Road Hospital ri00 Alton rd Established Thas Ac; Elil) lak 1h362b NW 10th st CMn) Warren H (Annie B; French Benzol Chn's) Cassara Ambrose (Martha) 8720 Meridian av apt 1916 SI509 Sw 1 4th ot 6 (MB) Willer () r 1714 NW 68th st Thas A (Club Continental) h220 23d st IMB) Am i; Ru ItI lab r1654 NW 5h sa Cassel Alvin lawyer 139 NE 1stt s1R600 r448 NE SWm S (Bertha ) r1509 SAY 14th st 18th st wii V (Harriet }1) spotter French Benzol Clnr a Chas lab r Srs Ida M Cassel liS300 NAY I6th s Edith J Asen r Mrs Ida SI Cassel Cushaw Elm B s667 NE 86th st Eliz J asst see Branning Ins Agency r Erwin WITK lIhoda rB7 NE S6th st rd (CGables) MAR I Cashe Bely V student r1665 S Bay Shore dr Ida M (wid Chas) Ins agt h Erwin rd (C (CGrove) Gables) Claire E student r1665 B Bay Shore dr (C Irwin M (Mana J) pres Municipal Bond & FiGrove) nance Ca h410 NE Glib 01 T V jr (Eliza; Mami Travel Agency) r1665 'S Lionel (Florence) h441 NE 18th at Bay Shore dr (CGrovce) Ray H (Martha) carver h2304 NW 17th at Plumbing Cashiel John cII pdlr rl-4S NW 6h i apt 3 Casimir Emil waiter e7762 NW 8th et Cassell Benj B (Clara) hi1145 NW Sth av Installations Casino Anthony elk r1760 NW 32d 0t Benj B jr elk sIl45 NW 8th av Barber Shop (Thos L Jones) 1251 Washington Ceceila U Mrs r273a NE 24th st and Supplies {ar (MB) '' Chas E mill hd A H Ramsey & Sons r RD 2 Coffee Shop (.Saml Gerber) rests 53-57 Ocean Box 89 dt (IiB) "Danl student h534 Anastasia av apt 10 (C Ehz A Mrs see-treas Globe Package Shop Inc Gables) 411760 NW 32d st H Mansey (Cassell's Fish Market) r183 NE "Louis (Eliz A) gro 1790-94 NX 36th st h1760 23d st YNW 32d sI H Slunsey jr order picker McKesson & Robbins & I Caskill Bonno r730 NE 90th st Inc r6025 NW 2d as Cason Agnes I real est -h1113 NW 8th as J Frank Major h263 NW 77th t i (I 6 Betty ri31 SA 1st st apt 4 "John A (Mary) uphol W'od Mfg Co r2475 Carlos boat eng Daniels Towing & Sals Co SW 15th st r316 SW Nrth River dr Lillian Srs sec Leland D Breckenridge h946 Chandler (c; Adabelle) cIauf b3907 Florida as SWY 4th st apt 33 (CGrove) Cassell's Fish Market (H Munsey Cassell) 2241 CredIt 'Cha S (Itaggle) blksmith b167 NW 38th st NE 2d at Applications apt 3 Cassello Wmn H (Patti L) tchr SliamI Senior Troated Claribel yres Citrus CGrove Jr High Soli r265 High Sohool h1161 SW 20th ar NE 26th ter Casselman Eliz J (wid Tinas A) h1331 NW 30th Confidentially Cla'ide belln Miami Colonial Hotel r776 NW st 2 s[ apt Cassenauve Celestine hB7600 NW 5th et Delmas L rS27 NW 34th st Cassett Abe L (Styrlle) h1369 N Venetian way ESTATE i'', oy) r 1l i s 261 NW 23d s (San Mharca Island) CASON FRED W (Bess T; Hudson & Cason). Lewis N (Alice Al) 11226 NW 4th st apt 17 Can Ranges Attorney-at-Law 830-853 Seybold Bldg 36 Casidy ne also Cassads at Lower Cost NE Ist st, Tel 3-7771, h265 NE 26th ter, CASSIDY A R (Eula), Dist Mgr Equitable Life Tel 2-4977 Assurance Soiety of the U S, hI124 VaLee I,; Flzelln) cook h-144 NW 14th ter lencla 0v (C Gables) Tel 4-3724 Oklay l pntr Refrlgeralor fainting Ca r1354 Bernice Mrs cash FIaP&LCo h275 NW 47th et Most Complete NE 1st a "' C A h348-I lhaae as 11) "s, (le Ml (wid John) bkpr r269 NE 77th st Fredk S (Hazel Ji fram emn SBT&TCo h1357 Diapla '' t clla i coAk 3325 line Tree dr (MB) SW 3d ct In U. S. A. Tosi 1r r1530 NW 1st as Hazel J Mrs see H Roger Turner h1357 SW Timothy (c) barber Wen J DeShazior rS16 NW 3d cc 1220 Bianayne Blvd. on the Clrele i,PHONE * n RLLSAT 3-3351 _' r1TRE STORE II TEL.EPHONE 3-gG20 113 -IS 5 N.E T2nE 6

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CALVIN OAK INSURANCE FHA First National Bank Bldg. Miami INSURED MORTGACE CASSIDY CAiSWELL SYSTEM LUa (wid Thos) h41 NE 17th ter 'Leon G '(Effa N) elect. :Best Battery Co r1930 Marselia r1212 S Greenway dr (CGables) -NW 4th st n Marshall (Carlotta) asst to Ares Miami Jockey ^ .Margt V Mrs pres Sheridan Park Private Seb Club Inc l1212 S Greenway dr (CGables) r101 78th at (MB) o Owen J (Persis D) yd mgr Renuart Lbr Yes "Rosa r1930 NW 4th stA eia Inc h845 SW 37th av Cat & Fiddle Grill (Arclh R Dickenson) restr 2134 "Persia D Mrs elk Renuart Lbr Yds Inc h845 N Miami av B n a Catala Jos stsmn MSCo r459 SW 3d at apt Ban 'Susan E Mrsr ear 2962 SW 25th ter Catalonia Apartments 526 Catalonia av (CGables) 'Thos B (Myra C) carp 1h1241 NW 7Wh ct Apartments Mrs Maude B Barr mgr 1559 MichY Wm h3484 Chase ar (Bgas av (MIB) & Wool (Jas A We ') paints 328 N Miami av Catanedella John (Jenne) h734% SW 4th st Cassln Carl F (Irene H) managing dir Gralynn Catani Amea Y bellmn Plaza Hotel r316 BisHotel r130 SE 1st av cayne blvd Wm E (Martine) son h769 NW 3d st Catchpole Nancy maid 710 NE 83d ter Casco Edna (c) maid Madison Hotel & Apts r "Ruby Mrs t opt r3409 SW 2S5th ter 1733%{ NW 5th pl Cto Bern 'ta Mrs smstrs 'Sally Berry r8874 Emer. Cast Hobson L meatctr Quaker Store r611 NW son av (NIB) 6th st Mary E (wid Claude) h434 NW 25th st Castano John F (Ma bel) upvr h2139 NW 82d st '"T Howard (Ada) form. FlaP&LCo h3001 NW Depts. -Manuel (Jennie) h,353 NW 4th st South River dr Casteel Mary h50 NE 13th st apt 15 Wm 31 (Gail) mach h821 Sharar av (OpaCastell Beatrice t(c) student r2760 NW 45th at Locka) FA Earl (c) lab r2760 NW 45th st Catella Alf ssmn h3553 SW 14th st Nora (c) Indr h2760 NW 45th st Cater J J res J J Cater Furniture Co r West Loans Castellano Dominick carp r740 SW 8th at Palm Beach Jos (Tropical Blacksmith Col h740 SW 8th at CATER J J FURNITURE CU, J J Cater Pres. Jos (Danaida) declhd Belcher Towing Co h Paul F Cater Se-Treas, Furniture, Radis 121 NW 25th at and Household Furnishings 104 NW tat av, Personal Castellow E Frank (Loys) order filler Crandon Tel 2-6464 Whol Drug Co h2961 SW 5th at apt 14 Paul F (Eileen G) sec-treas J J Cater FuriLoans Castellucci Albert (Georgia) musician r1030 NW ture Co h850 NW 17th ov 26th av Robk L (Anna R) h2718 Alhambra clr (C Castelreagh Apartments 1005 Brickell av Gables) Caster Geo B (Elsie P) real cot 2115 Ponce de Caterson Rob B (Dorothy L M) drftsomn FIaP&L Leon blvd (CGables) h1036 Obispo av (C Co h2336 SW 4th st afety Gables) Cates A J Dr phys Jackson Mem Hosp Casterlin Wm (May B; Coral Way Market) h3258 e" Albert L (Vivian) hkpr h537 NW 23d pl Vaults SW 24th ter Alice E stem Western Auto Sup Co r2243 NW Wm H tehr Coconut Grove Elementary School Miami ct r3258 SW 24th ter Apartments 22 NW 23d st Wm H jr tchr r3258 SW 24th ter Chas L tilestr r3133 SW 17th at 139 Castillo Angelina tchr r31 NE 4th at Clifton (Ethel) meatctr h1233 NW 8th av Jos elk Ambassador Hotel r932 7th st apt D Clyde Hshermn r3133 SW 17th at N. E. 1st St (MB) '"aDennis (Elmira) "h2243 NW Miami et Jos (Julia D) slsmn h3631 NE Miami ct Earl G (Betty F) mgr Eddie's Pool Room Lillian slswn RCDDS c2321 SW 21st ter '1779 NW 29th ler Castle Clifford C (Jeannette; Port-O-Miaml Ser' Eli Mrs rl002 NW 68th st vice Station) h7143 N Miami as "' Henrs N carp r2243 NW 511ami et Jeanette musiclan e673 NW 23d st e" Howard M slsmn Burdine's Inc h428 NW loth Kenneth Z (Ruth P) welder bt2151 'SW '5th nt an CThe 1506-t Meridian at (MB) "Jon W )Kath) casiedian Coconat Cease ElCatleherry Betle (ci) maid r1155% NW 2d av mentary School 53146 Hibiscus at (CGreo Carroll Etete) 0010 meek h2957 SteDonald "Leroy H (Irene) shermn h3133 SW 17th s Ctaudo F (E trle) hkpt Eltk PeoaI Kath Mrs waiter LaCaslita Tea Room h314 Claude F (Lucil e) bkpr Klefeker Produce Inc Hibiscus st (CGrove) hIOSS NOV 65d at "Lithie mid Willard B) Ihbol SW 8th ct 2 Edo (May) 2028 SW 2d st Louise (wid Clyde) sten Keyes Co 1,42h Nov Jas P driver W T Price Dredging Carp r er 2d tee 1910 SOW 17th av "' Saml C h rear 1152 SW 10th st Jas V (Marion) restr mgr ,7743 NW 5th ct Sain C ir fsherma r rear 1152 0W 10th at Louis (c) r1016 NW 2d at '" Sait D (Grace G) yacht capt r428 NW 10th Mabel (wid John) r1035 NW 63d at Smith driver Taylor Inc r448 Espanola w. Rosa (c) r1016 NW 2d pl (NIB) Ruby x19 NW 7th av Warren (Lois) kshermn 1744 NW 18th ter Theria A mgr Twin Oak Service Sta r1535 NE Willard B jr carrier r829 SW 8th et 1st ot Cathcart Agnes Ic) Indrs 1420 NW 6th et Violet (c) h1329 NV 2d t David J (Betty) pastor Allapattah Temple Nt E1 W C (Estelle) meeh Fla Machy Corp x2957 SW Ch h1244 NW 30th at 32d av Edw carp r2519 NW 9th st Castleman Gea D (sue A) barber Mrs Bessie M Katie M (wid Ernest A) r1244 NWV 30th st Bailey hv245 N Miami or Mary A hsekpr 1937 NW 0th st r do Caston Minor fsherm x2r75 SW 33d av Cathels Donald L (Clara M) pter 5h461 SW 5th Castor N Richd (Cath J ; The Indian Queen Hotel) st bh4581 Post av SIB) Geraldine A r467 SW 5th st Norman S (Jeanette F; The Indian Queen HoCathey Sue H bkpr Patten Sls Co e2819 NW 12th tel) r3427 Indian Creek dr (IB) ae Castos Gus cook Valentino's Restaurant r235 W Tennie Mrs asst Nelson M Black h1729 NW 1st Flagler st at apt Castle Riley L (Frances) r6244 NE 1st pl No 2 WillIe (Ic) maid 1616 W 28th st (Sunset Island Caswell Algernon H (Ell) conilmn City of No 1) Hialeah h557 E 19th st (H) Catholic Church of the Little Flower Rev Thos Chas elk Model Pharmacy rlti SW 15th a' Comber pastor 1233 Palermo 00 (CGables) Edw T (Betty J) real est 3229 NW 2d av h271 Welfare Bureau John E Kelly see 127 NE 1st NW 56th st av R111 Etois pkr Miami Fruit tnd Inc r1463 NW 26th Catlett Jas G (Cath E) etetisary 2410 N Siasi at av h142 NW 39th as Emily (wid Fred C) nurse 108 NE 11th ter Catlin Carl W cabtmkr h129 NW 14th av apt 4 apt 1 h do Gertrude r129 NW 14th av apt 4 FRICK Emily (wid Fredk) h1524 NE Miami et a H Jas (Alma LI slismn S A Freel Distrib C. Fred (Margt VI sec-treas Sheridan Park PrhI7 NE 43d st sate School r101 78th at (SiB) Kath S Mrs mar Golf View Apts h2010 Prairie Fredk M (Josephine) h1930 NOW 4th st av apt 2 (11B) ORDIT Ming Gene elk r219 NW 2d av Catlow Heirs S (wid Wm R) 335 NW 1st st AComplete ERGATO MILEY'S LVMHER YARD LUMBER & EFUIPMENT 1635 PHONE BUILDING HOTANDCOLD N 1h PHN _MATERIAL INSULATION 3-2106 STORE

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168 REFRIGERATORS gyp er Q General Ofices Sernice Dept. A ~ 134 N.W. Third Ave. Phone 3-2128 Show Rooms: 134 N. W. 3rd Ave., Phone 3.2128 W Cato Aubrey r1013 NW 3411h ar CAUTHEN Ben hemn 1681 Meridian av (MB) Mary Mrs waiter Cafeteria Andrew Jackson Jr Claude (cl mid 604 MInorca av (CGables) High Sch rel520 NW 30th at ClIfford (c) r1219 NW 1st pf Max U (Clementine N) acct Jackson Mem Hoon E '"Earl emp City Iee & Fuel Co r3523 SW 24th h1176 NW 29th ter ter -" M-al D dlst mgr heed Drug Co Inc r2919 NW J G emp City lse & Fuel Co r2601 SW 9th at 12th tr Jerry h68 Curtis dr (H) Cauthorn Margt sIswn Fan-Tan Shop r67 NW '" ltl, I) cook r3 0 NW 7th st 3tih st Robt H (Cara 1) carp 1013 NW 34th a n Bob (Mary) r67 NW 34th at ''W (c Edna) chato h932 NW 3d av Cavagnero Ctsare (Alice; Tent Italian Restr) Catoe Ali5e S Mrs bkpr Tip Tep Grocery Co Inc h20 Biscayne blvd h743 NW 'th at Duleie V 1c220 Biscayne blvd CWm B Alice M) asst cash FNBk h743 NW Cavalier Hotel (Cavalier Associates) 1320 cran E+th, v dr (MBI Cats 1-E-O-W (Wilford L King and Stanley Cavalier! Mario novelty rate 329 NW 5th at 8 do Carter) beer 2103 Red rd (CGables) Cavalaro Jack musician r673 NW 23d ot Lumbr Co Catusaros Chas r1628 SW 2d st Jnhn ( Ursula) musician h673 NW 23d at Catskil Hotel SamIl Cohen mgr 816 Commerce t Virginia musician e673 NW 23d st(MB) Cavanagh John (Sophie) 61120 SW 29th av Catsean David P (Ehlinor) lawyer 169 Flagler It Cavanaugh see also Kavanaugh OUR PRICE REl 2 18 h28 SW 23d rd apt 1 Carl J (wid John) h244 NE 78th ct "Elinor Mrs cehr South Side Elementary School J Frank (Carrie 31) h340 NE 1251h st IS LOWER 8128 Sw 23d rd apt 1 Mabell (Anid Frank) turn erms 164 NE 4th ot "Philip (Anna) h11l4 d ter (San Marino Island) h do Causer Jehn (Susan) city police 81162 NW 21st Wim J '4310 N 3liami av apt 3st Catanna Jos (Julla) mgr John's Sandwich Shop tattrall llichd P (LillIanI h2333 Bay rd (1MB) r225 SW 2d at F. H. A. fatus Army te Frank P Calus) 120 NW 7th at Arms The No 2 (Frank P Catus) 125 NW 7th Catanagh Chas H Caroline) 8330 NOV 9th nt FINANCING Frink r (Maude 31: The Cats Arms) 120 Catanh Chas H lab Miami City Waste Div r569 NW 7lch sapr 1 N'Nhs Cauble Ella C Indrs White Belt Lndry r134 E Cavendiel Henry writer 8315 Navarre av apt A Sth st II) IC~ahico Caudell Boyce (Dalsy) Installer The Maxwell Co Cavero Michl ) rear 1347 NW 7th ot 663 N. W. In, ,14152 NW 22d et Cavianna Ge (Ruby) aviator h5620 NW 29th av "' Burgess 'hipr ,2326 NW 43d st. Caviller Fred (Marle CI greenskpr Coral Gables 14th St. John L Illinnic) city palicemn h799 NR211t Gall Co urse r1216 El Rado st (CGables)ter Irma C Mrs beauty opr 112475 SW 15th it Jos I (Voncie RI tarp 12326 NW 43d t -Mary Mrs 1)216 El Rads t (CGables) Lester .1 (Agnes) formn State Rd Dept 16025 Cavill Tone (Emma) h1799 NE 4th at apt 23 PHONE NW 6th at Caviness Albert S Ilvy D) inspr US immigration 30 Caudle Frank H (Doris E) clif Rhodes-Collins & Nat Ser h8238 SW 31st av Furn Co h3410 SW 5th ter Caw John H (Lillian) slsmn Fredk F Nann h2040 Horce OP slseon W F Eldredge 1216 NE 25th N Bay Shore dr It, Jos driver 6571 NW 9th It Jos (MSar) tmatotr r1830 NW 47th st "Madetir E olswe r2040 N Bay Shore dr Thos P (lary Ki elk Cudahy Pkg Co 8401 "" Normmn r2040 N Bay Shore dr Cauet ld Enet 5 (Nora) slsmn r2333 NOV 59th Ca h Ad wd a ai HI r502 SW 13th at ( o g h r a n H a t [ I-NS ar a hv t ae i d B r e a u N O V 7 8 l Sl t 9i c a t AW st Cawood Jas W (Eugenia) dept agr Peaotical at I H l 0 Tratelere Baroas 81786 SO h at ant 2 (a lder H R IMsUdie rear 86 NW1 25th st Cawthon Dudley meatctr r1465 NW 9t~h av "hrbt liquors 2237 NO' 3d av h rear 8; NW Cayll Louis ILela) steel 'ash mec'h Casement ih st AW Widow Service o h843 N 63d st BRC Cialc Endie 0 E aure Sunshine Hospital r1453 Ceasar Leroy (c) lab S115 NW 13t yr ElE 01 teae uu rtrM or30W da Sa1rah C cook 1205 NW l4th ter Cecareone Jos (Hildegarde) 148 Jefferson av apt -"OS. Km a Nome ) 61314 Salzedo sIt apt 4 SC 3(MB) S Gables! Ccvil Lewis (Ruth) 1l 2 72 W Flagler st apt 201 taeayArmes 2 NE Seth si "larelies o24 NE Sth 01 Cteaners & Laundry J its F LaBrecque and 'Stiar C r27 NE 2d at OI uu' e A yp A prmns62N tht MaMs114N .dv-7lertments 3^1-3 NE 13th t -"Russell tl r7 NE d avean apn 7 E7t t"&PesrvIc\'mnHl iravac 6 0IL eorraico N Harpia) I It NE 1918 it & presrey let Wesren Hill tote ade agey 169 Drug & Soda (Lenuel 1 Dent) 1101 5th sit E Flagler at 11501 (itne SineslB)t epo30 CECIL'S IRON & ROOF WORKS ICesil A ReagCo" Garaye (Jean dandeloff) auto reprs 14a1 N ot). Custom Made Bodies. Acetylene and Hand Laitdry (ISav Bebhtuk) 1020 :te st Elet 2We ldinI aed Ctting 605 N Miami 13113) 0, Tel 2-0473 n(r y s u Service Station I(ecil Brock) 245 NW tt an 400 NE 13th s1 and 1001 NE 1st at Radi 1, (K Cornell (atnaway) 763 NE 79th Cederholm Signe maid 4901 Collins av JMB) PURE es Cederlund Artl G meatctr Johnson Bros Grocery CAUSEWAY REALTY CORP, Ray L Parker Presne r335 SO 1216 rd BATTERIES Treas, R L Parker Jr V-Pres-Asst Sec, Mary Ceric Lerey janior r116 W 1th E Reeder Sen, Devlopers and Rentals 5311 C"Saml eIn r 1e 32NW 18Oth av NW 17th av, Tel 2-4410 Ceka Lillian A alk h329 SE 1st et apt 6 ALE Service Station (Victor A Berry) filling sa Ceblan el 8323 E lto t CenALEt t131 Crlale Fthol .i NE 524 or Clee Cai Sidney P cn 3 Patk A lary) slsmn 17 NE 52d st TIRET Service Station (Sidney Fsk Aling sta 360 Celcure Southern Corp Leverett H Pope ogr wood '"The Sl Peggy G. ing) oofrs 184 NE 2d an pervaIg 44pdrftsm 12139 SW 25th st Cusey Denv r A1 (Annie) driver 8503 SW 9th st Cella Apartments 729 Meridian av SMB) Granville A (Nellie Di tel emp SBT&TCo h138 Cella Anthony -sabel) musician h1442 NE M NW 30th s orC l Ia hl i 1 U Ea" "eryi C %b ter CELOTEX WALL BOARD, Drake Lumber Yards Cauthen Chas carp Tripp Contracting Co rB'551 Inc Dealers, 1536 N Miami av, Tel 2.3188 NW' 34-ih s t (For further Information see page 43 Buyers' PETROLEUM John n coma agt Bull Stmship Line -h721 SW Guide and opp page 37) PRODCTS 19th a+ Centennial Ice C. Ben DaI, mgr 11:.6 SW tat st PRODUCTS 484 CHAPLN-GREEN, Inc. S. W. ist St. SOD Regular St. Augustine GRASS S 1D -stem, sur Rest s_. Augusi Phone 6619 Biscayne Blvd Tel. 7-3866

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169 PACKARD MOTOR CARS Authorized Sales and Service PACKARD MIAMI MOTORS INC. 1740 N. E. Second Ave. Phone 2-7621 Packard Sal... 923 Llnealn Read, Miami Beach. Phone 5.3055 Center Ada 3I ttid 51 HI 1)3' NE 46th ''of Light (readitg rm) 115 1 lagler s 1279 Chafer John Wh (eezel gdn l095 SW I17th ar Central Allapatai PrOpertiel ne ennet 3 Dun"obt E Margt B) h1695 SW 11th at ning pres Sarah Itunnl v-res las E Britton Chaffee MarguerIto Mrs 1127 NW 6th st see-trYeas iig centrs 332-34 Nl 1itth a Chain Ernest Vada) la5 'h2308 N Miami on V Apo rtmeutls St Aihatmbra lir and 2131 [onc Hanson tilestr r2508 N Miami uv de L blvd 1 G e)'Kathryn elk Liggett's Drug Stores r1268 NW Apartment 12 \Wanhingt n a, (MR) 4th t Auto Park (Lis 11 Ir yeel auto parking 120 Chaf Eliz oft nurse Dr Benj L Whitten r25 NW h Iati' Chlurch tee I roy Angell pastnr 500Jos H (Ethel) sismn r106 NW 21st ter 516 NE 1st at Jos H (Clare) supt h119 NIV 16th n Ieac Eelementary Schl Kltie Dean prin t 420 Jas H jr sismn Walder Radio & Appliance Cr Washlingtor)n Ilt) J NW 16th se Churb .t Christ rI e o J1hn s V oahn paestor Zeoy L elk Genre's tI r2222 NW 3d vt 363 NW 4th st Chaftin uBoh t Ms asst E Sterling Nichol P475 Dental Labritory (Fred R Anderson) 117 NF, NE :6th st1st ar tieat Chagnon Lawrence N (Mildred) hipr SBCo h4044 Elementary ''l Jts A Wheeler prin 2 5 NW NW 22d a 2d It and 223 NWI 3d at Chaikim eeavid St (Rose) watch re r -R NE 1st Fish & Poultry Market (AIlis F Thomas, M i 5 52 NE S6eh st Crk. JT Scuitz) 3215 Grand ev (CGrove) Lee k Lena Wi liquor e1720 Leoos en (NIB) Fod 1orket (Philip Sklar and Abr King) gros Chaillv Floyd (Pearl) i)6S0 NW 43d st 310 NW 12tr Jas (Martha) h81 Pizarr st iCGabls) Hutel !Alice Gauthier) 219 N 2d st" Josiah F (Frances B) see-trees Miaei Loan & House el n tievhrasky lmgr furl rms 113 Aceptance Corp hI31 NE 42d st NE iS i St ath L ri0 NW 43d s) Life insurance N' () Donald Johnsee (cI deet Chaei Ellman student r315 iW' 2d ct mlgr 1020 NW' 3d av. 1 Michl (Jennie) tailor Burdine's Inc kl1315 SW SNaiarene Chnr"1 it" Chester E Hardy Past 2d st 128 NW 40th it Chaires Meyers F mgr Allapattah Apts h1748 st Georgia Railw*ay Beverly Kelley coe)I 0a1 't NW 33d at apt 4 (lit trai tie 25 SE 2d ev 8i00 Orus 91 orderly Victoria Hosp T925 NW 3d st Parking Graunds (Louis tennis ateto parking Chaiersell Arth V (Dora) h504 NW 12th av apt 1 liNiT 2d st Chairselle Eden t615 NW IV th st apt 1 Presbin rian Church NW\' Jul .t Iw rnr 170h 1 Chaisson John J auditor r443 SW 14.h ed r NChakiris Andy (Anna) onfr 1427 Walhingtn CENTRAL PRESS INC THE, E A Johnson Prese (SIB) h rear 328 Jefferson av (MB) Mar, D T Johnson V-Pres, C Fromharen Chalfont Carnaine r340 SW 5th ar apt ,3 Treas, Commercial Printing, Color Work, Jesse K earp h1134 NW 67th st Booklets, Etc, also Multlgraphina and Direct Chalk Arth B (Lillian; Chalk Flying Service) Mail Advertising Dept 108 NW Ist av. Tel 368 NE 57th It 3-7611 Fving Service (AriB Chalk) Sying trips "Prnperlle. Iner Se h )yld pes C nstance County Causeway reybtld Verec1o-pre, \lm Sesbold see' Rbt (Nanecy) soft drinks 110 NE 2d av 12503 reas 14 NE 1st I) 1219 SW 91h at Rectaurant (Sai Lesnue) 1242-44 NE 2d a Stanley (Marie) carp t11413 SW bil st Serrier Statin (Ceo F Dinkins) flling station Serling W' (enrl At carrier 11O h1044 NW 20th1 N1\V 711, an 29th at neoke Shop Harry A Berry mgr cigars 107 SE Wm C !Elaine) paerolmn Mamli Polter h12 te st NW 35th It apt 10 CENTRAL TOURIST HOME (Hugh Leven). FurChalker hellie F (Nora) auto mech h1229 NW nishad Reams tar the Rest, I9 NEF 4th st 3SIS h Dorothy (wid Danl E) typist Miaeni City AsesCentury Cab Co (Conti Cortland) 447 Washingsr 'Div rS NW '23d st apt 5 ten or ( kB) Chalerus Sssie Co (Royce Chalmers) 42 W Federal Cr Henri) ta nurse 145 NW 2d ev h do toy A 405 SW 29th et apt A4 Ceriglia las h3O2 NE 79th st Roreo (Helen K: Chalmers Musl Co) h4137 SW Reth SMrr2252 NW S0th sl 22d Sa ng Certel earl L iok reveeps Ic rev Itoe "IV Wee C jr waiter News Lunch rI1642 NE Miami th CERTAIN( GORDON B (Faith L), Mgr Puritan Chaber Chas W e) lab -1420 NWl 2d n and Loan fDairy Inc, h60 NW 25th av, Tel 4-4648 CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, See Miami Chamber G ordtn ) jrtrmn Puritan Dainy Inc h161 NE of Commerce 24e St an) Chamberlain Abbie Mrs mgr Yorkshire apts A i Loy Ic: Ruby) ceaddie S3503 Douglas st tC 15e0 Euclid as apt 4 (IB) Grote) BEti teotil NE 3d or opt 1 --Myra L ceas Pui ta ftair) Inc r161 NE 24th Clintton B Nellie c) lab ih447 NE 125th st -. Miami Rut aitr$ -' Il t arry ohA (Nereendy Arms aped k) IS1 lBan B ute {' ra N\IV te, a) hlrir'e opt I (SIR) CERTAIN-TEED ROOFING PRODUCTS. North' Harry E uhot grRalley-Milam Inc r523 NE avings rip Lumber Co Dealers, 2110 N Miami av. 74th It Insured Up to Tel 3-6203 (Far further information see back 1" Walter R (Atchie) sismn h836 NW 47th st overand page 45 Buyers' Guide) Winthrop B Millian) 114447 Bay rd (tB) $5,000.00 Crnsined Cleaners Srs Katie Rhodes eegr 223 NE Chamberlin Harry N (Jlssle) patrolmn Miami .d a end 275 NE -4th Police t3_4 NW 9th at apt 4 Poultry & Egg Co Nathaniel Zalka pres Alber Josie Mrs tchr Andrew Jackson Jr High Pe First L Zke te 's Mrs France Rabin see 1721 1324 NW 9t'h an opt 4 N(V eh a: ) Metal IWeatee Strip Ce Dana H Johnson hr Mortgage Cruti Oscee Ic: lnez) h2820 NWV 48th st mgr 507 NE tnt or 11210 Cervantes Hilda hi 255 NW isl st Chambers A Lee tel lab ei320 NW 19th vi Loans Cer-ast May beauty pr Blanche's Beauty Salon Amelia asd 'SCo r98 NW 34th It rGSO NW 36th st Amelia (wid Wim) h1334 NW 37th st LOW INTEREST Cearens Gee C (Vernal tailor 172 NW 94t'h st Andrew J body gouard Atlantic Furn Co r2018 LOW COST Cervi Eleanor beauty epr hits03 NE ~Miami pl NV 1st nt Cessran Path I IBeryl 'h60 Country Club -" Ann asst Chas W Fambrough r rear 1361 NW LONG TERMS Cprad (C Ab,1931les 0,a at: 31st Yt Cetner G7c K -1929 SI 550 ut OPt 5 Anne Mrs tchr Little River Seh h2277 SW 4th Chuborn Itesy P ieltSS S Stiomi on epl I s ea 4 Se U. fo Chudo rn Fred (Gertrude) h2345 Bay rd (SiB) Beames L pharm mate 1st cl US Coast Guard Y ee f r badick Isaac Si (Morta) elk FlaP&LCo h1353 r307 Aviation ev (CGrave) Your Financial NW 31st s) Chon barber Hoyt v Stowe r331 Pale av (H) Requirement. ChW' H and FlaP&LCe 43, SW 10th a Chas b sismn Hailey-lae Inc r113 NW 23tu Chodwick Jhl) A jr e t tdeleine) 1136 NW 4th 8 5. Canrele .I iaud pntr h1334 N'a 37th Groud \ f ('Iaf c:' Dl..... 7 :34 NE: _u it 1 du .1 -g Real Floor RelElsate Subdividers and Developers Flo Specializing In Lot Sales $2 Down2 Weekly Congress De Lucca's Organization Reators Bldg. i: N .d AP -Phone *an" 20-0 3-2652

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"Everything to Build Anything"McFarlin ICIEALILGABLESI MIAMI SHORES MIAMI B LUMBER YARDS Inc C.B.LITTLE RIVER COCONUT G E 04CHAMBERS rl : nL l 1pr Bi~ ensrn Mirs. "Clarence P (HJosephine) doormn Alcazar Hotel Candlec D \ils n mir Fl Poli Furn Co ,1714 SW 11th ter apt 4 Chandler Alton W (marie) il-mn 112635 NW 22d Anulco Dorothy (wid Edw) cash Olympia Theatre h54 st NW 46th sIt Apartments 112 NE 71st nt -" Edgar H IBertle E) carp h1013 NW 28th an Bertha A (wid Louis G) r263 NW 77th at Asphalt Ellen E bkpr East Coast Lbr & Sup Co r1729 has L W Mary R) h35 NE 71st at SW 6th st apt 3 Clifford waiter Alpert's Sandwich Shop Emulsion Geo M (Ellen El h1729 SW 6th at apt 3 Daisy (wid Thos M ) h1144 NW 31st At Geo N hlpr SBCo r2636 NW 22d et "' David (Emma) h1744 NW 34th st Gertrude Mrs mach opr Southern Venetian "' Dorie E Mrs elk Carter Dry Cing Co r1265 Blind Co h1725 NW 28th sIt apt 2 SW 4th st AND "' Harold G (Gertrude) eng h1725 NW 28th at Earl T (Hazel) ptmbr h5535 NW it et apt 2 Edwin (Mary) h428 Bargello av (CGables) ESTATE OF Huhey cook Ales T Dundas r510 NW 20th Elisha A (Dorothy) photo fnshr h3024 NW as 8th an Iran F (Grace) h4300 Sheridan av (MB) Ellis slsmn Reed Furn Mfg Co r1479 NW 16th Ml" Jas Ia) lain)yer h776 NW 2d It apt 23 st Jas O jr (Ero F) mgr Hertz Driv-Ur-Self Stan Emily r540 NW 38th at h rear 1219 SW 7th st Emma (wid Wm L) r338 NW 34th st apt 3 JohnW pntr h3628 NW 1st av '" Flora 2d v-pres Miami Soclety tor the Hard of S Jos (Jennie) plstr h3040 NW 16th st Hearing Inc r124 NW 3d av Jos R (Bess D) sismn A B Morrison & Co Franki siswn M -Crory's r3040 N W14th at -h306 Alesoo av (CGables) Fred C (Anna) pot h150 NE 78th at Leila (wid Wm Hi r2941 SW 26th sIt Fred C jr etk r150 NE 78th st S r Lloyd N (Marion B) slsmn Gulf Ol Corp h Fred M (Elodle) iech taule Industries r Ojus 1516 NW 8th av Gail E (Palmer & Chandler) r Dallas Park 106iarrl Ralph Cl) elk Beach Boat Slips Inc Hotel 4I1 t4ll SV 7th st Ge baker t1144 NW 31st at Rchd (Mat L) h2248 SW 5th st S" GeO (Ruth) sIsmn h2447 SW 7th at Contrcto Robt J sIsm. Walter B Wilson r938 Lincoln Geo W Myrtle L) chf eng Ciyde-Mallory Lines ed (MB) h32 'SW 110c as S Eldredge (Helen P) Dhys 168 SE 1st at A409 "Glenn r1148 NW 71st st h1828 'aW 11th st Harvey (Lela) confr 369 SW 81th st 'h2322 SW C Ot cto -Sherman (Nona) mech Fogal Boat Yard h4500 9th 5t Office NW 22d It Helen student r150 NE 78th at 1085 Thos F (Maydell) sIsmn r167 NW 23d At Henrietta (c) maid r38'35 Oak av (CGrove) Velma M r2646 NW 22d Ct Hlldreth waiter r1144 NW 31st st N. W. 56th St. W Chas r1642 NE Miami pl apt 5 0 J David x452 SW 2d at Wm (Murrace) lab x3312 SW 23d ter Jas (c; Henrietta) h3825 Oak av (CGrove) Wm 3 (Dorisl hlpr SBCo 6434 NW 23d at Jas C (c; Maud) prsr Parisian Clars & Dyers Phone 1 ~5Wm L jr clk Fla Nall Bk & Tr Co r Princeton Inc h6515 NW 14th It ne Willie B (c; Elite Beauty Shop) r1505 NW Jas R 0Mary A) glazier Fla GIs & Mirror Co 58 2d at r3443 SW 26th sat Chamblee H Grady slsmn B V Frocks Inc r1611 Jean (c) maid 4491 Royal Palm av (MB) Collins av (MB) John student r1144 NW 31st st Monroe (Myrtle) '6325 SE 1st I apt 15 "i John A clk Walker-Skagseth F S Inc 1511 Lorenzo (Beatrice) mtehmkr Duval Jwlry Co NW 34th It h500 NW 23d et apt 4 Jahn L (Gladys) pkr h,1641 NW 15th, av Chambless Mamie It Mrs smstrs Peninsular Cas-'' Lewis A lIla MI carrier h3040 NW 14th nt PHONE ket Co a116 NW 10th ar 'a LIllie M cIlk FlaP&LCo r2325 Ponce de Leon Chambliss Pearl Mrs beauty opr Rouge Box blvd (CGables) 3H66 Beauty Shope r1687 SW 10th st Linden R (Winifred HI slsmn Gas-011 Prod Inc 33666 Chamness Ezra (Sabina) meat ctr h152 NE 25th ,3812 Park av (CGrove) st Lois walter .r1144 NW 31st It Champa Wade H (Sallie L) pharm h359 SW 23d Mack WV (Floral h127 SW 9th st apt 4 rd Mtargt O Mrs nurse 648 NE 71st at r do ChampIon Geo H (Donie) mech Russel Paige Inc Maud (c) tchr Douglas Primary Sch x6515 NW r23 NE ikili 14th et CGet L (Pisol pntr h3577 SW 14th st Masde (ci x196 NWV 6th a5 Jas (Eose M) lab h444 NE 108th st 'C MInnie folder r2331 SW 32d av "ao D tilling sto 1280 NOV 71 av 129 NW -" Nerlic B Mrs mgr Osceola Apts h1354 NE 1st av 57th st p John lab r444 NE 108th st Onn in I B acct F1aP&LCO h1250% SW 2d at e R prle nael & Wite cliii NW 31st M o ary L receptionist Tumlin Clinic r3577 SW o" Pascal M (Erin L) janitor FIaP&LCo 6496 NW 14th at31ha im A (Ada) driver 63325 NW 48th st Champlln H H aismn Goodrich Sewn Stares 'C Preston (c) lab rli24b NW 4th av r2i8 NOV 224 see ." Bruce (Dorie E) bell capt Hotel McAllister P Jack (Florence) mgr American Legion Club h 1265 SW 4th at 511 NW 20th av Richd D (Lillian A) sismn 67528 NE 3d Pt Mary R (wid Paul S) CS prat 511 NW 20th Ricehd D Jr student r7528 NE 3d et a 6 do C Robt E 1ian-;e) guard h543 NW 27th st Nina adv sswm The Society Pictorial 6626 SW Thas L (Susan carp City Parks Div h636 NW 2d st apt 3 961h st Champney Arth F (Lillian B) 'h429 NE 121st st f' Tulle (Rnsalie) ssmn h31 NW 32d ot Lillian B Mrs nurse 429 NE 121st st 'h do Vera waiter r1144 NW 31st st CIVIL Chanpoux Loretta r3128 Sheridan av (111) Virginia sapv Physical Therapy Hosp r229 NE Chanan Jos C (Rebecca) real est ih842 Meridian 24th sl ENGINEERS av apt 16 131B) Walter mgr Hotel Everglades Ii do Chance Edw eSS NW 71st st WilFred E (Florence El meatctr 'h1511 NW 34th Frank slsmn r1751 N Miami as st Fred G IMargt D) formn 612210 NE 13th av '" Wm r5535 NW 1st et AC Glenn student r122 0 NE 13th a Wei It (Nellie B) s-pe Odin Fabrics Corp h and IC J C sisn Miami Mattress Mfg Co r1T51 N 1356 NE ist v apt 5 Enawl e v "wm R jr usher Rasy Theatre r1354 NE 1st aV Jas (c; Rachel) driver h135B NW 9th st IC Willis A r20.I5 NW 41st st Supplies i" Jas H (Vera) areat Paist & Steward 444 NE Chaney Annie lc) maId c.530 NW 2d av 74th st Chas R pntr r33 NW 8th st SRobt W (Jule) crane opr Reed Const Corp h Chas W !June) sIsmn ,34 NW 29th 5t Blueprints 224h NW 5th at Edwin C eMarjire) ass i trees Moore & McCOr" Warren ah ri 2210 NE 13th av ak Inc ht876 SW lth ter apt 104 Photostat m (c; Efel auto mech 11130 NW 2 J Willard (Leis) pass agt NC&StL'Ry h1853 SW Prints Chancellor Wm M (Mary L) mach Coskle & Co 17th t apt 2 61322 SW 11th St Jamie Ilk Lovett's r1799 SW 5th at Surveying SUBURBAN SECLUSION Mia Shores 47 N. W. 1st URBAN ADVANTAGESami St We iiL Fonce Yur Home C (=Vllage Opp. Court House BESSEMER PROPERTIES, Inc. (SuceemsrtNewldMin. eresC1 1 1317 BISCAYNE BOULEVARD-PHONE 3.111

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171 Carnahan Insurance Agency KERMATH MARINE "Reliable Insurance Service" ENGINES 327 N. E. 1st Ave., 1214 Postal Bldg. Phone 2.7055 Gasollns and OIl CH1NEY CHAl 'IRuth Mrs cok John Morales r1205 NW 79th st Frank W bridge opr MIamI City Public Service -Wallt r39 NW Orli st Dir h1793 -SW 3d sI Chang's Choa' Meb Inc Mrs Jane Adams v-pros red Ic) lab r1325 NW 5h et B L Adams sec-teas 459 W Flagler st Fred A (Gladys L) tourist camp 93-0 NW 7th av FRANK Sbamnelts Edsa lid dvi Ci bIS3I NW 37tb St b do gaal Corollnel b glS NW 37tb rI G Allan (Eliz) cootr 3419 Banos et (CGables) h Channock Evelyn r1655 W Flagler st apt 2 do Chapeau EgT W (wid Armand) 1501 SW '6th ct Geo L (Bertha) mech Collins Ga'r Inc 1316 S apt 105 Miami av Thos T (Mary D) sIsms h501 SW 6th et apt 105 Co N (Lillian M) orlist lh7721 NW th NtR Chapell Jos C (c; Clara prsr h3674 Grand av (C Harry H (Cath B) loan officer First Fed Sa & INC Grovel Loan Ass isn1314 El Prado (CGrove) SMarr rostro h2732 Bird av (Crore) oston Ic; Winnie LI porter r545 NW 1_th st Ruth SiMrs asst see Spalding & Parsons Inc r "821 Ira (c) tab hi50o NW 1455 as LUX SW 18th st apt 101 "Jack D student r91 oW 32d av Chaperin Norma r1616 Drexel av apt 4 1B1 Jacob (c; Lena) carp h339A NW 11th ter FIrs Equipment Chaptn Margt sten Woolworth's r710 Jefferson av dacob ir (c) r339A NIX ith ter apt 27 (MB) '' Jas student r1625 SW Flagler ter 0 Ricd (Vern) b710 Jefferson av apt 27 (MB) Jaunita br mgr Postal Tel-Cable Co r166 NE Chapleau Francis A (Rene) slson Leonard C 28th st Vickers b46 SE 9th st John F (Annie S) pntr h262 NW 56th st VV = 11 Jeanne ste r4' SE 8th st Lillian r526 SW 3d st Chaplin Avise Mrs 03187 SW 23d ter Louis F 1Ona) bt42 NE 82d st Dleselectrio Chas F driver Chaplin-Green Inc r475 NE 56th Lucille (c) maid Olympia Bldg r1315 NW 5th ct Plants sI Lucy J laid Frank vi) I3II NW 9th av Dorothy Sirs sec-treas Chaplin-'Green Inc h'53 Lucy J (old Gerald) bl013 W Flagler st NE 89th st 0' Lula (c) 11325 NW Sth ct Edmund F (Myrtle) sec Hope Sales Corp Inc r Mabel IC) r352 NW th t 2035 NW Flagler ter Maggie C (wid Homer) t901 SW 32d av Repairs-Parts ^ Frank N (Mittlie M) h3930 NW 2d av laidle H Mrs Indry wkr Model Ladry Inc r110 Fredk r?035 N Fgletr ter SW 9th t Service Gilbert H (lath D) real est 2307 Ponce de Leon Marion R Jr (Buda G) plmbr h1375 SW 14th st blvd iCCables) 520 Aragon av (Cfables) '" Mary sIswn -'167 NE 23d st apt 3 CHAPLIN-GREEN INC. James B Chaplin Pres, Mary L () cash WOm A Chapman r526 NW 13th Wm H Green V-Pres, Mrs Dorothy Chaplin st Se-Treas. Sodding Contractors, Wholesale 'M ildred waiter ety's Resto 528 and Retail Saint Augustine and Blue Saint i Milton 31 (MSargueritel managig dir Miami BiltAugustlne Grass Sod rear 6619 Biscayne blvd, more Hotel & Country Club r1200 Anastasia N. W. 7th Ave. Tel 7-3866 (Far further information see left av (CGablel) bottom lines and page 75 Buyers' Guide) "Missouri (cl r352 NW 7th ot Harriette D (lid Wm Al b20 SW 21st av apt 8 Olga 1 Mrs b1135 SW 6th st apt 10 PHONE CHAPLIN JAMES B (Dorothy), Pres Chaplin. Oscar (c; Telie M) lab h426 NOV 16th sIt Green Inc, 453 NE 89th St, Tel 7-4846 Paul r12S SW stb st 2-4824 Lillian Mrs i61 NE 41st et Pearl (c) lab h4-e NW 14th ter st Mae Mrs r271 SW 33d ct RiKhd IR. It lawyer 1i3023 SW 21st st "!Mary r1043 NW 2d st apt 8 Robt K ('Flora) dritso h2756 SW 33d ct Mary waiter Roadside lrestr Inc r1824 Alton sd Roosevelt (c; Agnes) lab h1 1402 NOV 2d et IMB) Roscoe S (Mary Fern) h6400 Pine Tree Dr cir Myrtle private sec J C Horning Inc r2035 NW I tBI) Flagler ter Wayne '(Anna) h1923 NW 1st ter Chapman A B Trimmer's Supplies (Amos B Chap" Wilhelmina (c) tehr Booker T Washington High man) 10 NE vd aW School r526 NW 13th st 'Agoes (c) siad t0% NOV Sd Ct Wm Is; Baltie) gdar b420 NW 5th an Agness V Ars b39 NOV 32d ct Wm A (c ; Mary L) drug sundries 309 NW 14th Amos B (A B Chapman Trimmer's Supplies) st 1526 NW 13th st r1400 NE Sd av Wim E ( Mary C) sismgr Kiser Drilling Co r2235 sAnn elk h1626 W Flagler st apt 7 1SW 15th st Annie L Mrs office blI65 SW Flagler ter Chapa Eug I'Delicious Cafe) h1480 NW 7th av >Antonia Mrs r36 NIX 2d et Chappas Perry driver p1443 NE Miami pl l 0 Archie F 0 (Adele) printer 217 NOW 43d It Chappell Alex W (Lucille) 12940 Flamingo dr A 0 Arth E delmn Biscayne Eng Co r1793 SW 3d st (IB) || Arth R driver Welch Tile & Marble Co Inc Arms Apartments 1920 SW 1st st Asa (c ; Flossie) lab r377 NW 15th st C Pierce (Ann 51) trainer hdy76 SW 11th st apt Z Bertha r2S3 NE 71st st 3 A Beryl r2610 Country Club prado (CGables) CHAPPELL DAN (Dorothy; Chappell & Brown) C Fredk IUla) pharm 1159 NE 11th ter Lawyer fI It01'05 Security Bldg I17 NE Ist Carrle (c) waiter Lizit Gloer r156 NW 10th st av, Tel 3-1666, h130 NE 45th sIt, Tel 2-6413 Chas (Jennie) 11307 Euclid av apt 5 (MB) i Chas (c; Eliz) lab FECRy h rear 152 NW 10th Florence (c) a id h3793 Fro" (CGrove) St Geo B (Ethel) carp t5 Sh 2d st Clarence driver r118 SW 9th St Geo D slary) h920 N' th at 0 Clarence C (Frances P) orderly h264 NW 56th iGe V Ismo r920 N st p st at "Ida (c) h11011 NW s pl ; SClaude '33 NE 79th t "Martha student r920 NW 50th st r Coleen tchr Miami Edison Senior High Sti r159 Ori G (Helen) 1h46l NE 7 d t NE e 1n h ter Robt (I; Florence) r3573 Hibiscus st (CGrove) Z (p Colonel D elk r2127 N OV 43d st \\m B Ierren ]) ast observer U S Weather 0_ Corrine (c) r1023 NW 1st pl Bur r2d7I SI t1,h et C o D D le; Alice) lile str hip East Coast Tile Co \'m Z (W illie) carp 1i703 NOV 3d st hIOSS NIX 5th et CHAPPELL & BROWN (Dan Chappell, Carl L Dar3l slsmn Fla Fruit Drink Co r1923 NW 1st Brown), Lawyers, 101-1,05 Security Bldg ter iI7 NE ist av, Tel 3-1666 (See card in Legal $ Dorothea Mrs r66 NE 28th st Blue Book Dept) O Earl th nn Florida Fruit Drink Co r1923 NW Chappelle Edna sten r1790 NW 32d It IA lot ter Chapple Kenneth IX (Bennie) driver BEOCo 1h311 H l T Edith C Mrs Indrywk r1852 NW' 47th ter C 00 17csh o apt 17 Els 01503 Alton rd pt 32 a(MB) Charbaress Maurle bus boy Udfl pod Alrera or Eas (cltab hl9"0SC Nb' '"d or I CGahles) a Ellz lcet Isls e1749 NOV I-b cr Chaclas Walter E I(Milded ssioWdcEas r Elliott C (Helen) slamn F L Davis Co h72 NE & A pllance Co b24d0 SX 16thic d 0th sK Charls Apartients Abr Turk sigr 750 Pennsyl"Ersest KI to clh Villa D'Este Hotel rp349 NE vasia ac ISIBI E th el '" Apatments 2d W 21st av O E (wid Stuart) 190 E 9th Bt (H) Danl H (Caroline) t 0hr r3186 SW 23d ter n The CITY ICE and FUEL CO. L "Vitalaire" Air Conditioned Refrigerators G Display Room 2637 N. Miami Ave. Phone 3.2191

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172 LON WORTH CROW CO. Z N REAL ESTATE LOANS INSURANCE 11th FLOOR SECURITY BLDG. PHONE 3.4757 CHARLES CHASE 't Frances Apartments 1610-12 Pennsylvani a v Gei cy: Chevy Chase A\1s r2383 Flar:4 (MB) ngo dr IMBI Fred cl h234B NW 12th at "'Gladys Mrs tchr Aln pattah Elementary Sh r O <5th av 1626 NW 38ph se4OO_ m Leran 'chau Drs6 r154W ^i~ 0 p Grace D Mrs mgr Parisian Clnns & Myers Inc r = 'Leon elon 41676 NW 7h at apt4F& Oscar H (Caroline) h3186 SW 23d ter 151 (',,inI av (IBl = '" Wm VW (Mildred V) asst to City 'Attorney h215 Halsey 122: NW 42d DV S S 28th Henry R (Laa H) fire h 1010 W Flaler t Charleswnorth LouIse -Mrs h1512 NE lst anv apt 3 "Herbert CEdna t2.0 NW 38th st 4 w Charlette Shop Mrs Snow Ryan mgr aomen's tarn Herman M Ilie) h245 NW 3d ot = 1321 'Bls)0an bld .Jackson iGratoe in a 1 h1868 SW 4th sr opt 2 ^ 2 Charlie & Charlie Curb Market (Chas A fines Jnhn 1 ntr 12137 NW 21t 1e Chas J Rigl) gros 3641 SW 'th st Lelia titi Ian iei 11348 NW rth at Charlie's Place (Geo C Heuring) reatr 10910 Bisl.eslie H iEdna) clo dma 423,, NW 24tht s h s cayne blvd 212 NE 8th st Z Restaurant (Carlos Morales) 145A SE 1st st a Lewi D (Loia) r256 NE itct'l at Charlon Apartments The 134'5 Pennsylvania an l 1illian elk Forrey Hdw Co In, r385 Biarritz dr IN(NB) IMBI a Charlntte Apartments 810 11(1 at (MB) Linne 01 (wid WAter) stringer Charm Strina o 'Apartments The 215 NE 33d at i n it, 2 5 NW fith at S Charlon Leonard In' Vergere) driv er Miami Ste Lious ngr Ocean & Inland Co r1637 Collin at a tuen h113(1 NW I5tih at IMBi t Livingston (c; Wlnifred) 1ti Flai'&LCo h1821 Mary (wtId Chas) h2337 NW 29th nt NW 411h an '\ Lay (c taid 1' NW (tilt st Marg riC maId James Hotel e625 NW 3d at Mildred r136i NE at in Charlton Chas W (Vera barber Corner Suppy Mildred .Iswn Burdine' Inc r620 SOY 2d at apt C Barber Shoi r2176 NW 2th av apt 85 17 t W David (c; E~d th) alndt r3.-7C NW 13th st Norman I. 11E:1:) drir'er R(CDDS 113.18 NW -7c1 W Thos (c; Bernice) janitor h1924 NW 4th at at ++ C hem Beauty Shop (Mrs Ruh Shattuck) 2301. Sarah student 11:100 Meridian n (MB) F 1 Ponce de Leon blvd (CGables) Sarah E student 13331 IGarden it (3tB) String Mfg Ca (D China) naetitles 2366 W Flog" alter L jr (A & S au Pttna) r525 NV o0ch 4) SW ie at at Charron lbert A airplane mech r51 SW 7th at Walter S (Estella 3t) lanl ht39 Meridian an apt Bennett q)13argit GI tchr Southern Unly h.51 I SI)~uIs Ete K 11 S 1h BOVr S 7th at Chesttian Lania I Entier K) tit0e9 SW0 11th, 1 Edw J (Lila) 'b380 E 7th at (Hi) Chasse Dolly siswn r1392 NW 31t ant Ephrem tep Renuart Lir Ydn Inc r South Miami Jos E (Vernal carp 1392 NOV 311t at Cha rs Chas H 13616 NW 0th on Verna ftir Burdine's Inc r1392 N\O' 31st an C Charter Hazel waiter George's Restr & Delicatessen Chasse Edw V (Marcella Ma) ,ism National Cash Inc r334 Euclid an MB) Register Ca -hl4 SWV 20th an apt 1 Hurley (Dorothy) auto tiech .734 NOV 20t1 at Chassner itOrothy 3lr sec-trevs Atlantic Enpress "' Thos ri8 NW 10th at Inc r253 lollins in -M) Charters Wm F (Maughn) h1735 Meridian an (li Frank .(iDrotlhp) pros Atlantic Erpress Ine h2=2 B) Collins al (MB) Charler Arot H (Hazel) slsmn h2280 SW 3d at Chastain Annette beauty opr r158C SW 3d st pt 7 Clara (wid Jas M ) 4124 NW 6tih av Edw musician r2280 SW 3d at apt 7 Guy L (Claudle) carp h51 NE 2th at Retha waiter Royal Coffee Pat r62 NE 13th st Herbert L (Helen) atneran FNBk 1.'00 NW 441(1 Rob C IRetha VI inan MlIami Lndry & Dry at Cing Co r62 NE 13th st t Jack K aehinlemn Ry Exp Agcy r183 SW Sln Chartrand Mark R (Anne) h260 NW 33d st at apt 2 Mark R jr mgr Mayfair Theatre r260 NW 33d at '" Jas C (Thelma M) mfrs agt 2118 N Miami at n Charvet & Fit, In Harold A Dowall mge men's 4124 NOV kith a furngs 809 Lincoln rd (MB) Juanita L Mrs bkpr Western Aato Sup Co it Charmi Apartments 15720 NW' 1st st 490. N' 7111 a Chase Alf W (Helen Hi h915 Valencia aa IC Luelia (id Arba) h rear 1651 NW 7nh et Gables) Part A witl li I y smsn hteed Furniitre Mfg 'Anna E maid r2272 NW 32d st C r18 2 0 NOV 35th at Apartments 525 NW 33d at Ralph driver rni1 NE 27th at "Anenue Apartments 4144 Chase an (MB) CHASTAIN REGINALD B (Dixie L), Constable Belle rel_1 Algeria av (CGablis) 4000 NE 2d av, Tel 2-2669, h667 NW 49th st, E 'Boyesen H slismn ohn Tn rner Inc h2281 AI-Tel 7-2158 hambra "ir apt I (CGabtalei t appr Lloyd trinttg nc 1OU NW 75th at M Chas W jr (Hattle) sec-treas Miami Beach Bay Theron 7 student 195 NOV 115th st Shore Ca h1900 Oeridlan an (MB) Wtbsur 1 (JuatnIa L) sericemn Kocger-Eanreon E Charlotte B tchr Buena Vista Elementary Sci r Co 111 NE 21h st 535 NW 33d st {\inford (Oral carp h195 NW 115th st R Claud S (Frances) ssmn r381.5%_ NOV 20t at Chastaine HaiBert see Flash Expresa & Storage Ca R Edelmira C h1452 NW 3d at apt 3 Inc r ytCA Edgar E (Pearl M) carp h5903 NOV 224 a Chate r aeabert H appr Drake Lbr Yds Inc e1342 S 2 Edith tchr Santa Clara Seh b1049 SW 1 lth at NOV 26th at Edw G (Marie E) carp h41770 NW 2d ter John W (Lillian A) it515 NW 18th at 0 Edwin A (Lillian Bi f535 NW 33d at Chastian Mariha (ci laden r265 NO 6th at Edwin D (Grace C) mtr h918 alaga an IC Chateau Aparttene 1557-59 Euclid av (MB) Gablen) A atenta 4(8 NOV nib an Etta csh Petite Beauty Shop r1348 NW .th de Elysce (Louis H Becker) retr 2436 SW 8th Everett L installer Sistrunk Inc r2933 Day at CHATEAU THE (Mrs Susan Villeneuve), ComfortTire C (Crvc able Rooms 243 NE 2d st, Tel 2-0348 600 CHASE FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOChatfield Ceo A (Tommle) n-pre Fla Natl Ban. N.E. FIRST AVE. CIATION, Frank A Chase Pres. Charles L & Trust Co h1922 SW 18th at Ciements Exec V-Pres. Walter B Wilson V J N emp MarkowItz & Renick r58 2 4 NW 5th at Phne 1-3P8 pres, Helen Keating See, John J Hutcheson Oscar p Rose 31) h1439 Alton rd (MIB) Treas, I I Ie Lincoln Road (Miami Beach), Tel Paul H (Caroline) slsmn i5824. NW 5th ct U.S. Warehau" 5-3413 (lobe bus boy S & S Sandwich Shop DiWOriaLtEr Francia (Elsie) mech Fogal Boat Yard 245 NE Chatham Bend Corp lGeo F Cook see real est 111 WHOLESALE \ nta E 'd an 111006 r L TA CHASE FRANK A (Nora W). Pres Chase Federal Lura t pr inate arcO E Daoly jr r409 E San Savings and Loan Association, h5787 Bay rd Marina e (San Mainn Inland) NVERTHINMG (MB) Chaline 0ex Ita rinanri h6330 Fine Tree dr PMtt EVE H Gec pltr h1366 NE 1ot av Chatnier Henry (illiana) 4 ne t 6 4 NO tt Wor Your eo (ie le) slsont 'A's Batery h2a S0' 2d at Ira (t Louise) tok Mardinec Ira h6104 NO) AUTOMOBILE apI 17 -hu IMiami Beach Abstract and Title Co. Friende (Inc.rporated) We BGrawle The Only Abstract Plant in Miami Beach Miami Beach First National Bank Bldg. Planae 5-5341

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173 300 Roms Hearn Combination He't tO t"Miam Is Finest Bayfront -Tub and Shower Hotel" Baths OPEN Room Chatman Lorraine (c) ledry girl LaFrane Cinr, Cheesebor, Elvic (c) i37. Washingtn av (C & ,Dar['& M~yers rO.-,i NW kite or 02rove) Norman (c; Jooe) lab r2135 NW 6th av Cheseian Clifford H (Ida I) bkpr h1870 SW 3d Chatten rlmer E (Edna T) sismi Hugh S Larrlck ot Rea! Fstait 1i1753 Michigan or 1MB) Ida R Mrs .bkpr MTCo ,t870 SW 3d s Chattes Chos waiter Hickory House Inc c819 5th Cheethami Harry T wtehmn r22 SW 8Cpt s St (MB) "' Jos M (Vialo R) lawyer 46NW 1st st R252 I Chaoffers Local Union No 390 Clifford M Hoyt 2400 NW 23d ct business agt 925 NE 1st Cheever Paul B (Maude) h2568 Lincoln av (C Chauncas Harry (Sadie) tailor Burdine's Inc r236 'Grove) NW 4th 0t Chefneux Jack "261 NW 35th st Chauncey A Hubert (Mary) pureh agt Orange "' Jos (Edythe) carp Fogal Iloat Yard l271 NW State Oil Co lil 0 SW 5th av apt 4 35th st Christine B Mrs tchr Santa Clara Solt 1027 NW Chekanow Alber (Minna T) slsmn h741 4th st apt 29th 0 1 (MB)B Jast (Halh) dept mgr 01607 NO 16th av Chelloan C Artit (Martoha) meattr -17756 NVW 9th "Jesse H christine B) agt Prud Ins Co 01027 iv CHELOEA HOTEL (E E Zevin). 944 Washington tJesse H jr 0ndt Don Davis r1027 NW 29th 0t av (Miami Beach). Tel 5-6604 \lary Mrs sten Miami City Finance Dept h120 Ciienault Claud H (N Ma l carp r2 133 NOV 20th et SW orh a apt 4 "Etia e) r162 NW 6th ct ~ Wm.A ('Charley D) "arp 1h1757 NWV 40th stChenetz Sadye Mrs il _S Drexel av apt R"_0 Chauvin Jos A ('Blnche L) medh Red Top Cab & IMB) Bge Co 176 NE 58th ter Cheney Arh 'B hT4i7 Michtigan av apt 22 (MiBI Chavers Jesse (c; Ora L) lab 0260 NW 7ih at Ellen Z (wid Edw Ci h1001 NW 41st st Lawrence D (Dorothy) steelwkr h270 NW 60th Frank B (Ruth) formn 1415 SW 32d av apt aa,It '"ve Get(ua ol 14 ahntna eo r248 NW\ ,811h It Chares Benj Bougey Moon) ni41 OWoohigon 00 Llewellyn W IBossie1 forma Tycoon Tackle Inc iMlBt liShi NOV 30th s[1 Chavese Ekie tiaid 359 Kumquat ov (CCrove) "' Smnic itnd Hcot C) r8 SW StBO st 1400 Chavez F Blao kitchen emp Roy Palio Club 1l43 "' futh ten 11881 NOV 40th nt NE fl I rr 'atC SWi lsten LaFrance Cleaners & Dyers Charto Moor Ici 0 rear 525C VN Id an 41ii SWO 32d ar opt 7N.W Thos (c) whsewkr Tile Contrartors Supply Car "' Willis Ann ie) ba rber 143 79th st I do 11 NOV Sd ci .Chennart Esic (c) 1934 NW 1st av 17th Ave. Chayki Hary r345 NE 32d it api 2 Chenonth Bruce (nhetil 3046 Biscayne blvd Chaykonwski Jos student r3409 LeJeune rd IC Cherioff Paid (ROse) 1l409 Lincoln rd (SF) Gables) Cheong Irs (Myrte)c Indry 246 OV' Plagler ot and Chayer Mary (c) cook Temple Cafe 1430 NW 3d C 4 NE d at r1B 0 Plagler t Robert (c thr Dabar Eleenar e rie Cherhino Jroie (Carrie S) real et 3601 Biscayne Telephone ENbeaIOhc tth ubrEeetr et15 bit d ht NE \ Sptit NW 1010 rt ClaylIn Geo (Frances) 01061 Meridian av apt 1 i t 7 3 NIV 2410 or apI ( ) ~~~Chehrrrpy Marie C net(1i34 NE s ith o iMthdi 11 2 -bIL Cheek R Carlton (Martha BI agt Industrit Life C eerS iadeion ihrancra Fox StetBod) etot & Health Ins Co 69 NOV 56i or apt Je fferson -av 3 tl Chealem Ada (wid Harry C) r20 SW 6th av enreo lOs cari 3235 NOV 13 a Cheatham Benj H (Louise) servicemn Genl Tire B dT h carp r323 W 13th avCoT J Bor) rarp t1230 NV 1350 at o ath BOY 310 t I Cherokee Garden Trace 0 Jones mgr lamp mfrs E H -jtroihy M) rehirtetn My Exp Agoy 5703 10905 Biscayne blvd Milan orh ahile Cherrivoan H \ (Neva) 'h1141 N Everglades Con. Fisher A (Sarah) auditor 862 SW 6th st apt 8 Coarae apt 304 (MIf John H (Emily) pre, Cheatham & meeks Inc h sherry Ann 1d Jasi h97 NW 25t st 36 SE 10th at Anne (c) Indrs .r1332 NW St aH John H jr (Martha) confr 36 S Mami av n_21 Ansel E (Lena JY) pltr V564 NW 23d t SW "8th rd ", Cornelius (c) '917 NWY ad ct F U H B John 0 1260 SW 1st It pt 2 Dan Ic; Nera) Indrymn r620 SW 10th st "Lawson A appraiser Seaboard Finance Co r617 -Dn (able D) reprnnn Atlantic Furn Co 1377 Alhambra eir (CGatles) NO 50th or '" Louise Mrs prin sec SR&Co 0120 SW 5th av apt Edna P ten Am Optical Co r97 NW 25th st Hoc. 1 Edw (c; Lenora) lab u1d3 NOV tf et Rohl (adeline) designer h3648 Loquat av (C Ella (l Indrs h3672 SW 27th st Grove) Frank lt pistr r3615 SW 27th st Thos marine ambulance capt Philbrick Funeral Frank S (Toserita) deckhd Belcher Towing Co E Homes h816 NW dt9h et Exclusive Thos E oKath A) tailor 616 S Miaml av 038 SE Hollis (c; Queene) lab h1343D NW lst el Btin t Homer (c ; Matie) Indrs h3615 SW 27th st Verne (Anna B) br mgr Natl -Package Stores h Homer L (c) plstr r3615 S1W 27th ia Furniture 21NOV 13th on" Jarahb (Lacillel airdt r3B0 500 W d as & Mteeks Inc John H Cheatham pres Carl ieeks Jas E IEthel L) mgr Cherrylee Apt, h1120 19th ser-treas real est 1 SW Ist 0t R18 st apt 3 i MB Cheatwood Tina Mrs (White Dressmaking Shop) r John (cl plstr r3615 SW 27th at 135 SE 1st st -lattie (c) lab r3672 SW 27th st Checdl Artle tilewkr r803 NW 69th t "Mattiebetle to) student r3615 SW 27th st John G h311 SW 17th or apt 33 "Viola Ici maid rl-3 NW 2dan Checkerboard Feed Store 62 SW 3d st Wm A r267 NO 1st s Interior Checklo Henry lk Jensen's Liquor Store r1723 m I (c) buler 624 47th av OfSB) SW C th It Cherrylee Apartments 1120 19th st 1MB) Decorator Cheeck Steven A (Eleanore) 720 NOV 18th sI Cheriant Jns mach AtlantIc Millwork Co r7132 NE Cheek Bug b mgr Floridan Clors & Dyers Miami ct and Guy I plstr x812 SW 27th av Chertkof Bernard (Annette) mgr Regent Apts h docile r217 NE -14th ter 1320 SOY 5th st apt 1 Wm F (Florence) h3115 Briekell av Geo (Sylvla) asociate lawyer Aronovitz & GoldImporters CHEELY LUMBER CORPORATION, Thomas J Aystein h1534 NW 6th It cock (Jacksonville, Fla) Pres, E B O'Neal Chertok Then B IShirn ly gr 'hS040 SW 17th st V-Pre-Tres, B W Redding (Shamrock, Fla) ;Chesbrough Ermin iNancyl h5520 NE Miami pl Sann Lumber, Building Material, Sash, Doors Mary Mrs tchr gdn520 NE M NEmi pl and Builders' Hardware 1400 NW 17th av, Tel Milton (Mary) landscape gdnr r5n20 NE Miami 2.6125 1(For furter informato see right side piBcan Bld lines antdl pag 4 ur ers muidn e htsd Chesebro Mary r508 Caligula av (CGables) Bsan ld Cheer Chas E (Susan) carp 11145 NW 6d s Chsdine Kathleen stein Lindsley Lumber Co r a Iteesbornugh Thos P (Ann) ad' mgr The GondoCheshire Ashley P IMrartha) lah M iam) City Publer h283 Lenox dr (CGrove) lie Serv'ice Div h12961 NW Ih a, Fourteenth GULF LIFE INSURANCE CO. DIAL "'A SOUTHERN INSTITUTION" Life Insurance and Annuities For All Needs 34669 7th Floor Security Bldg. Phones 2-4911 and 2.5088

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174 N NT EC A A T T SCHESHIRE B CHEYNEY N "Clarence B (Fixrite Shoe Shop) .h3440 Day av da H Iwid Thas) r178,; SW 8th st N IC'rovel Robl W radio reprmn r1785 SW 8th st Eliz siswn MSCo r1220 NW 27th St Chez Marie (Eg J C, Eug J C jr and Mrs Ruth f Enoch J (Mattie) reste h1220 NW 27th nt Perkins) beauty shop 433-36 du Pont bldg*, Evelyn nurse Jackson Mtem Hosp Sherry Hotel (Mrs Rut Sherry) 5400 NE 4th L-" Everett 3 (Pauline M) beauty opr h184 NE 20th av TITLE at Core Apartments 1x28 SW 1et at TTITLE T T Brooks (Leslie) sIsmn r1220 NW 27th ut Chicago Apartments 378 NW 22d ta INS. Chesier Alf r221 Collins av opt 8 (MB) Chicester Chas (Mary) h659 NE 83d ter C '" Paul (Edna) .241 NW 3d st apt 7 Chidiac Fred (Sally) gro 1700 NW 2d et h13a% CO. Chesna A J tah FlaP&LCo r11 SE 6th st NW 26th st Chesney Natalie E hsekpr 803 2d st (SfB) Chldsey lelen nec El Dorado Colony r3635 BouChesnut see also Chestnut ganvilla rd (CGrove) Title Donali C (Jvan SI) jwilr bM NE 56th st Chilcoto Jos H (Ella) h801 NW 80th at Insurance "W'i T (Grace) stsmn h914 NW 12th st Child Delia L sswn Forrest L Haines h1346 Bluehe. Fred h1772 NW 39th st ritz dr (IB) Escrow Jas '(Labor Temple Bar) r1772 NW 39th st '" Eloise 11346 Bilarritz dr (MB) Ritu cash girl Burdine's Inc r1772 NW 39th nt Ct Harold E (Cornella) landscape gdnr h1346 BiarAbstracts Chesser Ernest A hipr Miami Baking Cu r1162 NW ritz dr (SIB) of Title L1st st Child's Co of Providence Thos G Day mgr restr -" Esther C (wid Jhn) h2441 NW 54th ter 133-39 E Flagler st Homer driver RPICo r418 NE 38th St Childers Chas (Cath) plmhr r4720 NW 15th et "dJ D potrolitn Miam Police r1162 NW 21st st -" Dors (wid Grover C) se Miati Beach Gulf 2d Floor Max (Thelma) asmblr The Maxwel) Cu Inc r1089 Club r612 15th st (SIB) NW 21st s '" Frank OV slmn Goodyear Sees r226 NW 24th av Huntington ." Thes (Clara N) driver Miaml City Waste Div h eo A (Maurine P) pres Royal Palm Club h3621 Bld. 65 NOW 31st ter Collins av (IB) Chesasire Thus (Saude) k2743 SW 37th et '" Thelma elk Lu Cleaners Chesos Andres J (Jessir) stn h327 NE 58 k '" Wallace A lab Biscayne Kennelt Club .719 NE Phones at 9th ot Childree Browder C (Bessie) driver Miami City Ch tph c) Inukr tuaaunce Cinen & flyers Waste Div h2960 NW 13th or 6303 NW 14th av Children's Charter League of Dade County Mrs 2.7625 '" Annie SI vci lndrs r613 NW 14th st Una S Lanford pres 25 SE 3d av R 01 Apartments 1-35-31 3leridian av (MB) CHILDREN'S HOME SOCIETY OF FLORIDA Apartmenta 161 NE 2d ot THE. Minna Robertson Dist Supt, Office 417 Arth E (Louise H) elk h353 SW 6th st apt I7 Langford Bldg 121 SE lot st, Tel 2-0722. Benj (Chester's Restel r660 Collins an (iMB) Receiving Home 809 NW 14th st Miami Beath Chas (c) lab Biltmore Clues & Dyers hblt3 NW Service Bureau of Dade County Irene E Lamkln Offce 3d av ecec dir 327 NE 1st av R1304-11 1661 Eliz A siswn Delaney's r29 NW 14th av Shoppe Mrs Irma Haines mgr clo 7613 Biscayne Gertrude Sirs mgr Corlett Apts h1334 Collins av blvd Lenox Ave. apt 3 MB) Childress Eliz sten U 0 Federal Communications Harry slomn Goodyear Serv r28 NE 11th st Comn rl NE 3d av Phone 5.6649 Howard Ic; Litlle M) dish washer Oceanle CHILDRESS LEROV C (Wilma B), Business Mgr Garden hi909 NW 4th ct Shutts, Bowen, Simmons, Prevatt & Julian, h teller S (ci) maid r1722 NW 6th et 1845 SW 17th st. Tel 2-7732 oe Ag P3H3 se Ch s V r ugardner Auto Wilma B Mrs (ISlami Shell Art Ca) h1845 SW Slillidge (c; Jni) gdnr h1352 NOV 63d Wt 17th a oule c) Jun33 ) NO 6h an Childs Ace prsr Parisian Clnrs & Dyers Inc r1752 rReginald G elk r4323 NOV 22d nv NOV 6,h at Rht (c: Alpha) prsr h6204 NW 14th av "1 Donald (Irma) steward hk11 NE 26th ter -" Sara prev see Am Bk & Trust Co r1334 Collins av "' Elea (c) Indrs I rear 316 NW 11th st M B)' Ellis D cabtmkr Drake Lbr Edo Inc r959 NW Sul B (Stella) carp h425 NW 22d a 4th sIt "Waler A (Ruby) driver h7129 NW 2d on dock lab r rear 3610 NW 3 an -" Wi F eng C J Bryson Steel Ca r3428 NW 5th at Jos W (Mollie) h7643 NW 14th pl ki 3m J (ci driver r226 NOV 10th ut '" Starte Ic) maid r320 NW 11.h nt Chester's Grill (Chester Alexander) reste 3711 W '' Morris 2I7fora) h1033 tenon an opt 4 (B) ullr t Neva Mrs slswn Morrow's Nut Shop r2156 NW Restaurant (Benj Chester) 666 Collins av (SIB) e L waiter r239 NE 15th t Chesteriield Cate (Harry 3I Stein) 1123 NE 1st av Trella N rs r rear 2600 NW 23d av Chestnut see lso Cnt ir N Wit J bus boy Grandma's Kitchen Inc t1441 S 'Edgar P (ollie ) collr N1051 NW 1st at NW 5th so -" V nnie A Mrs hi28 NW th av Chiles OWilton (Margt) rlk h144 NOV 26th av apt 10 Wo l)tporter Creyste Barber Shop r167 NW Chilton Annie (c) maid h1940 NW 5th av Chestos C V entp City Ice & Fuel Co Hollywood ci thiure elri4 NO ti as vti Entelle Ic) eoak r1983 NOV 6th or Chcuk Chew geu 153 NW 3d av h do ." dos (ci .taeni nO4 NO 3ti an Chenoier SW dolph U IZOIta I) ants meek h1235 '" Mark H (Mary) locksmith Auto Lock & SupP SI Aila 5 ply Co r44 NOV 65th nt Chevarie Ahlla ehoti' 372 Cellins av ( B) Chimelik Dorothy aliter Old Heldelberg r27 SW CIE Ernestine cooS 5730 Collins av (MB) 6th ut Chevelier Corp t A McDougal (Wash, D C) pres Rudy entertainer Old Heidelberg r27 SW 6th st C L Freeland (Brlsto,. Okla) sec-treas real Chimes Hotel Mr, Alce Brady ngr 430 NE 2d av est 36 NW 1st et R532 China Douglas (Eharm String Mfg Col 23306 W 4J tE Land Cc Geo F Cook pres-treas Jack DeLysle Flagler st cxec v-pres O\m G Blanchard sec 111 NE 2d an .1 Edw L (Lui) l1723 NW 40th ot 9111106 CHINK CLEMENT B, Sec-Treas Belcher Oil Co, Chevis John K (Ruth) elk 11051 NW d et apt 12 Sec-Treas Belcher Industries Inc, Orange State 03 4 CHEVROLET MOTOR CARS, Flagler Chevrolet Co Oil Co. V-Pres Produce Conditioners, h Garden Dealers, 1055-57 W Flagler st, Tel 3-8461; Lane Apts, 1I04 Brickell av, Tel 3-3268 Used Car Department 1051 W Flagler st (For Curtis (cA; Beatric porter r617 NOV 20th st further information see page 8 Buyers' Guide) Edna bkpr Tile Contractors & Supply Co r952 Chevy Chase Apart me nts (Gev B Chase) 2333 FlaAlton rd (MB) mIngo dr (SIBi Rohi (c; Viola) porter r1829 NW 5th av Chew Jlo s F ( targt) slsmn l4i3 NE 4th ot apt 2 Chinners Murray W ('Priscilla) driver h405 NOV Larece (Alpharetta) r2779 NW 57th st lst 0t Oliver (Alice) carp ,2779 NW 37th st -" Tracy Mrs olswn Shelly's Radio Store e423 Sun" Iobt G (Saude) pilot b99 NE 05th st set dr (-S Sfami) tChewdong Fh n t nok h6l NE 8th Chipman Ala R lgl Wm Knapp r2123 NW 1st pl 1 Chcyne Fredk T deln r1S5 SO 8th nt "Annie l () Indrs h6213 NW 1-4th at HomL slson 11785 SW 8th t CArth (c) student r0213 Ne' 14th t 'V o Mortgage Hollis Bush & Co. Real Loans HOLLIS BUSH, President Estate Member of American Institute of Insurance r Reat Est Apprales Appraisals Bldgham Bide. MIami. Fla.

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'75 KAUTZMANN-VERNET LUMBER CO. MERRIllLUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIAL STEVENS Miami Yard, 20 N. wW.tat Court It It's used In building, South Miami Yard Phun 2-8481 "WE HAVE IT" Phone 4-4343 DRY DOCK CHIpmAN CHIRISTENSEN Betsy B Mrs r713 NE 71st at Aaron A (Gertrude L) phys US Govt Health Lydia H Mrs tel ape PO 'h rear 454 NW 25th Service Sta r Fisher Island (MB) Thecphilus (c; Maude) carp h2829 NW 48th at Alf F elk B & G Shop r726 NW 13th as Chipp Ernest A (Daisy) elk I E Sohilling Coa h Alf M (Frances 0) route Supt W H Thomas 1213 La~iasehia as ii(CahGals Dairy Skip SW 75th orv Chiprout Emma r222 Ocean dr apt 4 (MB) Bernard J (Erie C) radlomn Amer T & T Radio Louise mgr Princeton Apps h222 Ocean dr apt 4 Station i11902 NW 47th ter (MB) 'has pair h104 SW 20th av apt 6 A Chisam Arth IC: Julia) caretkr h1754 NW 5th av Chester L driver Burdine's Inc r2208 SW 61st Margt (c) maid El Comodoro Hotel h1465 NW ct C 5th et Ghris jr student e261 NE 78th at Chisr Pegg maid 5524 Pine Tree dr (MB) Einar h726 NW 13th at Chisholm C_ Ias ;Catlie) lab r1325%ha NW 1st t Kailt (B & G Shop) r726 NW 13th av Kenneth WV iHe)rietta) h1132 S Greenway dr LeRoy Iclpr ABR Supply Co r Miami Camp T (CGablesi Lillian sten Albury & Co r61 NE 78th at 0 Paul H hr mgr WUTelegCo e421 NW 3d at Martin (Martha) hI00 NW 38th at Chisling Albert M ('Bessie M) sec-treas Mays Inc h '' Selba Mrs r2129 SW 4th at apt 1 1716 SW 11th at apt I Neils (Louise W) h2208 SW 61st et Lillian R siswn A DePinna & Co Inc r1716 SW Peter (Rose) pkr h2494 NW 20th at 11ik at apt 3 Raymond mach x3437 NW 4th ter May (wid Lean) mgr Illinois Apts h1716 SW Ruth Mrs h261 NE 78th at Builders ilt at apt 3 Piguard A (Jerome; Chris Boat Yard) h3344 SW Chinst Esther (c) tehr Booker T Washington High 4th st Repairers Seh r1020 NW 2d as Christenson Jensine (mid Jens) h1115 Venetia ar Chisolm Paul H hr mgr WUTeICo r421 NW 3d at (CGablesl Painters Chittenden Henry T (Marga) h4929 Cherokee av Joyce student r1115 Venetia av (CGables) (AB) "' Margy sec UufM r1115 Venetia av (CGables) Chittick Robt P (Mildred) dentist 1498 NW 36th '" Oscar (Sophie) h134 SE 12th at st h3533 NW 13th as Christian Anna 'h37 Jefferson av apt 20 (61Bl ain Chittum Billie J r151 NE 54th at 'Arth (Villa D'Esta Valet) r1242 NW 2d nt Repairs, a Oma (Beulah) carp h151 NE -8th at Aubrey R (Arles) nursery 221 NW 52d nt h do Storage and Chitty Buist C (Mary L) mgr Chitty & Co .h469 NE Carmen lawyer r221 NW 52d st Dry Docking 91st at Ceplius N (Martha) h 1821 W 24th at (Sunset Buist C Jr sismn Chitty & Co r469 NE 91sat i sland No 3) Ella L r46q NE 91st at Geo M atndt Selden P McCabe 11843 West us Mary A priv eE Anne Wrigley r35 NE 60th at (MB) 1270 & Co Buaist C Chitty mgr what gro 34-40 NE 11th "' Marry W (Claudia M) asst mgr East Coast Lbr & at Sup Cs kln7 NOV 33d at raih& N. W. 11th St. Chilwood Austin T barber Hippodrome Barer Hattie (c) Indrs r603 NW 17th st at Shop H Bospital Association (c) T T Houston supt 1218 Miami River Chivers Robt E (Alliene) eng h542 Madeira av (C NW 1st pl and 121 NW 2d av GOties) Jas C (Beatrice) msngr PO h32i9% NW 3d at Chmelik Rudolph entertainer h29 SE 6th at John Si h246 NE 116th st CHOATE EMETT C (Margt 6), Attorney-at-Law John i eroma FIaP&LCo hll565 NE 2d av 2-5151 1618-20 Alfred I duPont Bldg. 169 E Flagier Jos (c; Minnie) cia einr 813 NOV _d ar -r h do at, Tel 2-4185, h3306 Crystal at, Tel 4-3153 Mary J Mrs h1008 Jefferson av apt Ii (SIB) Gladys Mrs 13511 SW '24th ter "Mary J (rid Jhn B) r6757 Collins av (MSB) John OV lawyer 25 S 2d av R837 :h130 SE 13th "Mattie L (wid Wm S) v-prrs Fla Barber Supply st Co Inc h329 NW 3d at Ckhaonis Peter (Helen) restr 2537 SW 8th nt h "Maude social wkr r237 NE 108th st 2920 SW 36th st 'iellie cash SE Nat Gas Corp 'h32(3 NW 33d at Chokanis Jon (Stary; Buffalo Coffee Shop) h liltan elk r219 NW 2d av m rear 4'122 NWe 1st a Roland L (Mellie) whse mgr Southwestern Choquette Marie colorist Tooley-Myron Studios r Naturul Gas Corp h3203 NW 33d at Z 1Ce8 NW c3d st Science Monitor The Sylvan G Cox Southeast" Remi D (Jasephine) slsmn h244 SW h st rn adv smgr newspaper 25 SE 2d at B1239 i Remi D jr (Anna L; Northeast 17th st Service Science Reading Room 25 SE 2d av 31232 144 Station) h161 NE 2d at apt a Aragon av (CGables) 3456 Main hwy (CGrove) Nd Chorpening Harvey F h169 NW 68th sat and 1667 Stichigan at (1B) P. Chruth Minnie Mrs r2115 Meridian av (1B) Turner (c: Gussiel carp h564 NW 17th at Chow Chas (Chinese) sismn Jos Mongoy (CGrove) Virginia (c) maid hi804 NW 2d av r240 W Flagler st Wm F (Mozela() bastndr h920 NW 65th at z Chown Betty Z irs dancing tchr 528 SW 21st av Wm H (Harriet) USN h5871 NW 24th av r do Christiance DeFrest F (Daisy M) h1029 Sevilla" Wm J (Betty Z) pres h528 ySW 21st av av (CGables) /Y Chowning Eliz nurse Jackson Mem Hosp Christiansen see also Christensen Christenson and a Lillian Mrs elk Johnson Clara e2340 NW 54th Christianson ., ter r 'Axel (Christine) eng h50 W 11th st (H) 3) Christensen Chris (Grace) mach h3437 NW 4th Earl L (Dorothy) patrolme Miami Police h337 ter NW 37th st D/i Chrestman Ruby (wid Raml) r rear 845 NW 2d at "John T (Irene) pipeftr 12787 SW 32d vt m r Chris Boat Yard (Siguard A Christensen) 603 NW 'John T (Helen) pres Silami Ice Cream & Dairy I South River dr Co h600 NE 33d ter ; Chrisoan Davld D (Blanche B) h5288 Alton rd Ole C v-pres Miami Ice Cream & 'Dalry Ca h327 n -l{ (MB) NE 14th at Virgil C (Ethel) capt Engine Cc No 2 h4540 '" EOscar (Helen M) uphol h2754 SW 25th ter Royal Palm as apt 6 (IB) Oscar C (Heneretta) sec-mgr US Plastering Ca Christ Episcopal Churoh (c) 3431 Hibiscus st (C h2252 SW 'ith at Grove) Peter -(Magic City Transfer Co) h2922 NW 23d [ Episcopal Church (c; Sunday School) 3465 ar C William av (CGrove) Refrigerating Co (Walter Christiansen) 2160 N Florence (c) rook h1158 NW 5th et Miami av Fred (c ; Saude) auto meck h1926 NW 4th ct Walter (Pauline; Christiansen Refrigerating Co) -0 Clean WV e72 NOV 21st sa IhU7 NIX 334 at B Charlotte (mid Anton) h'59 SW 11th st Christiansen'as Apartments 19 NW 4th st a Christen A E ine Arth E Christen pres-treas Ran Christianson Arth dry clnrs 11"'4 NW 2d at E Kirkpatrick v-pres Jacqueline A Bitiner iax cik e252 SW 1st at sec plmhg contra 637 NE ist av Christie Arth G (Aldana) sa mgr Standard Oil Co W o Arh E (Jacqueline) pres-treas A E Christen Inc h517 NW 8th st h3 S h235 POW 634 us Cath A Slrs tchr Cashman Sch hi5I NOV P14 at __ Christena John (Wynne) carp h176 NE 83d at Evelyn (c) cook h240 NW 16th st N f Wesley C (Fassie B) hi27'4 NOV 39th vt '" Francis J hit3 SWV 5'6th an apt i1 Christensen see also Christenson Christiansen and G' Ceo (Evelyn) ki1920 So 2d at apt 2 Christianson Geo (Cath A) slsmn h151 NW 92d at t a rCAIyfll Linen .rUPPLY 426 Tamiami Trail TeL 3-775 1

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IFR 176 SALES BRYANT OFFICE SUPPLY CO., Inc. AND Loose Leaf and Blank Books-Office Furniture SERVICE Architects' and Engineers' Supplies-Typewriter Supplies OPHONE 20588 44-46-48 S. E. FIRST STREET %itu Gols JlE CHOF .,Re (Lena J) radio announcer 1t2708 NW 224 Tinhg Shan (Slay G) gifts 247 E Floglr stand t 6701 Collins as (OBI h806 b alaga an (C Geo S r"69 NW 7th st Gables) Guy L (Juva) prntr h rear 66 NW 426 st Chuback Michl iLillan) lab Clayton Plating Co I" Helen C (wid Jahn) 2 753 SW 21st ter r2199 NW 86th at Herman J (Pearl) gro and filling sta 5390 NW Chubb Walter W Jr (3Mare C) h1874 NW 44th st 27th ov r810 Pinereset dr IMSpgs) Chuckrow Anna (tid Jos) r1215 3lerldian av apt 10 Js R (Mary B) driver th528 NW 6th st apt 3 (MB) Loulse M hsekpr Towers r332 SE 2d av David r1'315 Meridian av apt 10 iMB) Mact I student r569 NOV 7th at Mortimer J h1215 Meridian av spt 10 (MB) '" Mlarjriei K student r459 NW 6th st Chudley Jas B (Grace) formn h44 NE 45th It SSydney '(wd Jas; Sydoey Hotel) h459 NW 6th at Chudon Coth Mrs h1450 Meridian av apt 10 T Fox bI551 Meridian ov apt 3 (MB) Chuker PInkus h 1407 Alton rd (SOB) Christin Hattie (c) maid h1702 NW 6th av Chumley Helen M student r1781 NW 23d at "Martha (c) ironer r1702 NW 6th anv Jas B (Lillian H) carp h1791 NW 2d st Christine's Beauty Shop Inc Geo V Vernier pres Lillian H Mrs nurse 1781 NW 23d at r do irs Christina P Vernier v-pres B Jas Pollard Chupp Doyle W clk 2176 NW 26th st sec 640 NW 27th av Ja, M (Christine) sec Economy Wholesale Gro ItaIan Bestaurant Mrs Christine Gallivan mgr Co .r3250 NO 7th ci 2234 Park av B) '" O Leon opr Hart Drug Corp r2176 NOV 26th st Christman Addle G (wid Thos) h142 W' 15th st "Oral R (Stella 0W) slsmo h2176 NW 26th nt '(HI Sarah J wrapper Burdine's Inc r2176 NW 26th -" Ethan S sisn Russel Palge Inc r4012 NW 15th st av Stella W Mrs fonts Hart Drug Corp h2176 NW I n -"eo i(Vivian) atndt h640 NW 95th st 21ith st Ceo (Otilda M) auto mech h rear 4129 NW 22d Willet K (wid J Oliver) h3250 NW 7th pl ct Churbuck B W (Florat slsmn -h23 NE 59th ter ELE ROsce car r142 W 15th ot (Hi Church Annabelle see Maryland Casualty Co r48 Wm F (Sylvla nurserymn 63404 SIO' 29th ter 'SW 19th at Christmas D Shilon (Sally) driver h742 NW 69th Bess R (wid E Frances) h3141 M sDonald at Iand tiln tood 206r NOV 68th noB letent I~fTf "-''n J (Lenora) filling sta 700 NW 69th st Caroline B (mid Harry Ti hlOh NE 25th on MOTOS h716 do "Chas P (Margt) printer Parker Art Printing "' Dant J ir (Ella M) battery bldr Best Battery Co Asn h333 Catalonia an apt 4 (CGable In. h7i34 NW 691h st "Durant jr (Mary C) dep Co Sheriff h2262 NW Edw K ,Bessie D) bkpr Coconut Grove Exchange 4th ter Biscayne Bank 1144 NW 5th ot Edw (Amy) interior decorator h4920 NW 20th Jas r143 NE tat ov an Blvd. at Marvin 01 driver lMiatmi Whol Gro Co xll43 NE '" Fredk J (lorence) carp h227 NW 34th st T2( t a" Ja, (Lillie E) 1h213 NE 17th ter 20th Ter. Minnle S1rs h1953 t SW 7th at Jas H archt 5:55 NE 6-ith st Randall M stock room c716 NW 09th sIt Kath B (wid Frank L) h390 Main hwy (C PHONE Wm H (Amanda N) eng r2744 SW 7th at 'Grove) Chrisioff Geo h51 NE 11th ter Lida 01 nurse Jackson Mem Hosp Christopher emp Solar Water Htr Co rI110 NE Mary C Onrs wire chf elk SBT&TCo 52262 NW 2d an 4th ter "ltp'honsy B (Arline) sin mgr Christopher Motors Masen B (Nancy) 51208 Lisbon st CGables) Co it52 NW S5tht o Mayme L (wid Chas Lt tehr Santa Clara Sch Annc se 'PA r214. Biscayne blvd h1020 NW 29th ter apt 4 t;'a A (Rita) sIsttn Talley'a Food Store Inc of Christ (c) r3344 Douglas st (CGrove) h43 NWO' 22d at "'of Christ Set Willis H Allen pastor 2235 SW iester (c) lndrs x357 NW0' 13th ot 1"" at Jott Itt614 Jeffers'n at alt 6 (MB) of Christ (c) Rev Daal Walker (c) pastor 1209 Jahn L Besale A) carp 1879 W Flagler st h do NW 3d av LIlllan drstmkr 511 lerltIan av (01) r d of Christ (ci) Be Jesse Davis pastor 360 NW CHRISTOPHER MOTORS (Tilyou Christopher). 12th ot Plymouth and DeSoto Automobiles. Sales and of (od (c) Ret David LaFleur (c) pastor 1821 Service, Used Cars 1200-1212 NE 2d av, Tel NW 2 d et 3-3341 of God (e) 6949 NM' 18th at Nathan shop super Christopher Motor r5945 of God (ci 379 NOW 8rh st N Bay Shore dr" of God (c) Rev Jas R Smith (c) pastor 438 NW Segunda (wid Lytano) 594. N Bay Shore dr Sth av Steve Ic) ste;stldr He a21 NOV 6th c of God (ci Rev Thos J Ric-hardson (c) pastor Tilyou (Lillian; Christopher lotos)i h5945 N 1157 NW Sth av Boy Siore dr of God The (c) 1677 NO 5t-h et Christophersen Niels C IMary) 6129 NE 46th st of 'God The (ci 1300 NW 4th av Ci roty Alice (wid Wim B) h"757 SW Sth st "'of Gal (c Rev Timothy Williams (c) pastor Beatrice li4 NE 01st st 3614 Grand av Edith E tehr MIamI Senior High Sch r2f 5 7 SW of God Rev Leroy Alderman pastor 3041 Mary 5th st It ICGroe) John H (EIliz shoe repr Simon Shoe Service of God cI) 1931 NW 62d st -h14 NE ilst t of God (c) 1709 NW 60th s -" John H ir student rl4 NE 61st st of God Ret Troy C Messer pastor 900 NW 30th Lucy (wid Wm) r4 2 3 Aragon av (CGables,) st chriltie L Ray i Bertho) archt 1t7937 NW 18th et of God (c) Rev Jos D Williams (c) pastor 496S fihrome FornI trc 11frs Inc Julius Koven presNW' 27th at treal Helen P Koven v-pres-sec 7400 NE 2d of God in Christ (ci Rev Alex Wells (c) pastor 3644 'row av (CGrove) Ihrois Chas (Treola) waiter Royal Palm Club of God in Christ (c) Rev Amaziah M Cohen (c) '8705 NE 8th av pastor 1743 NW 3d av Ct'hrnister Gerny F (Sallie E) postmn PO h3171 of Cod Saving Station (c) 3655 Grand av (C SW 25th ter Grove) S Ralph M (Daisy B) roofer h2733 SW 25h ter of Jesus Christ (Latter Day Saints) 568 NW ,rysler Mtons International Salon (Factory hr) 29tH at Fred It Lentz gr 74Lincoln rd B) Of Light Miami Center (reading room) 111 NE CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH MOTORS, See T B Me2d av R505 Gahey Motor Co Inc, Sales and Service 930 of Spiritual Harmony Rev Sarah Cusking pastor NE 2d a Tels 3-2623-3-2624 and 32625 (For 2170 NW 17th av further information see right side lines and of the Brethren NW 95th 0t nw car 6th av page 8 Buyers' Gude) of the Holy Comforter 140 SW' 13th av W'm E t Marle dairymn 325' NW u1st st 'Roh H (Mary V) 63-20 NE 30th ot Chryst 'm A (SUsn) 15841 LuGorce dr tt)a-" 13 Sm (Onary Ei bidr h223 SW 31st id Chu May G Mrs slsn Bordlu,'s Inc 1,06 Malaga "W esey E Hattle BI sism. Miami RIBerla Pub av tCGablesl Cs i1012 NW 32d p 1 Mia i's I I I 250 Rooms poe2.22 Year IWITH BATH I I1 .1 from 'RoundS T2.50 Hotel COFFEE SHOP -TAP ROOM si n ,l

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177 MANOFFICE -. The Keyes Company -W. G ST,, A REALTORS-SALES-RENTALS BRANCH OFFICES PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 1688 Alton Road, M Beach MORTGAGE LOANS 2319 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral Gables Churches of God in Christ (c) 1809 NW 5th av CITY Churchfield Thos P mgr Tomac's Liquors r6034 Dry Cleaners Inc Willis D Rumbaugh lres Mrs Indian Creek dr apt 3 (Ml) Lela M Rumbaugh ser-irca 2150 NW 1st t Churohhill Chas E fIusan) pnlr 111914 NW 4th t branches 5418 NE 2d av and 2829 NW 2d av Geo (Alice) 170 W Flagler ot Em loymest Agency (Clyde H Po nder) 145 E SGen K( (Mary E) stationary eng h912 NW 80Wh st Flagler st 11274 C as Churchill Aaron W (uby) guard U S Customs CITY FINANCE CO THE, Hiram A Rlvlere Pres, h133 NE 22d st David W Dyer V-Pres. DeBlosi Milledge Sec, Carl L clk Miami Millwork & Lbr Co h3151 SW Automobile Loans, 234 NE Ist st, Tel 2-4349 27ah a CITY HALL, 73 W Flagler st. Tel 3-4431 Constance r3151 SW 27th as CITY HALL (Coral Gables). 40 Bltmors way Inc Jos J Garvett pres-mgr coffee roasters 627 (CGables) NW 16th av CITY HALL (Hialeah), as Palm av bet 5th and Marie (wid DeForrest) musician r1620 SW 16th 6th sts (H), Tel 8-2214 0t CITY HALL (Miami Beach), 1130 Washington av May water s1642 NE Miami Pi apt 1 (MB) Motors (Wilton O Churchill) used cars 1748 NE Hall Garage (Jos Falk, Louls Gerson) 1150 2d av Collins av (BG) Wainmrlght (Maude) h4410 Alton rd (IB) CITY HOSPITAL (See James M Jackson Memorial Wilton O Churchill Motors) r236 NE c8th st Hosital), 1001 NW 17th sIt Zella M Mrs siswm Burdine's Inc h1750 NW CITY ICE & FUEL CO. Frank H Holters Gosi 47th st Mgr, Office 637 NW 13th st ; Ice 2637 N Miami Churchnell Waotter J Rev (Lillian B) pastor First av, Tel 3-2191; Branches: 7520 NE 4th et, Stethodiot Ch h550 Jefferson av (MB) Tel 7-1212; 645 NW 13th st. Tel 3-2191. 1629 Churner Jesse (Ruth) ins h2312 Alton rd (MB) SW 4th st, Tel 3-2191; 2501 SW 16t ter, Chute Apartments 217 NE 54th ot Tel 3-2191; The Bridge at Hialeah. Tel 8-2531; "Hinle I (wid Berhert Ni h217 NE 54th sIt 47 Ocean ct (MB), Refrlgeration Show Room, Chuud Marie r224 NE 108th st Tel 3-2191 (For further inlormation see right Chyna Per1,al J (Ethel) acct h304 NW '59th st bottom ines and pages 28 and 72 Buyers' Clammichella Ciov ITheresa) 1t246 NW 32d ot Guide) Clanflone Jos 0643 Jefferson 1v apt 4A (MB) Laundry too Willis D Rombough pes trs Lelila Clanfrani Frank (Mare) 1770 NE 87th st JI Rumbaugh sec-treas 2150 NW 1st et 93 Ciasi Victor elk Walker-Skagseth F IS Inc r252 NE Line Grocery (Alf Pare) 418 NW 22d av 16th ter Mill & Novelty Works (John C Gaffney) cabtmkr N. W. 5th St. Ciaschl Harry opr 11t5 NW 2d st 1776 Purdy av (tB) Cibola Aliecla G beauty opr Serge r5426 NW 21st National Bank irs Miami Chas H Bancroft reav eeicer 121 SE 1st st R204Ciccone Anthony (Rose) tailor Lincoln Tailors r CITY OF CORAL GABLES (See Coral Gables1743 NE 1st av City of) Galen Mary) h149% NW 32d st CITY OF HIALEAH (See Hialeah-City of PHONE Roger r149%' NW 3d st CITY OF MIAMI (See Miami-City o1) Cicero Earleen W Mrs asst office mg I C Helmly CITY OF MIAMI BEACH (See Miami BeachCicro Coloo 11V2 S rst :at1 City olI 2-0569U Sam Earleen WC 0 0 1SW s t 17 apt 17 Pumin Co (John M8 Council, H O Lassiter) Cicsrelli Felix (Rene; Venetian Market) h637 NW City Toitors iRoymond I Halo) 23 NW 1st st 1st st UT-Dris-t (FRod 0 aynn, m T Horrett 1 1Cieplak Stella slswn r70O Lenox av apt 12B (MB) Di NE 3d ni CloSlinski Sosie 02263 NOV 0th a5 Clocosich Frank (Genevieve) driver MTCo r3851 Cileno Teresa (c) cook r107 NW 7th st Palm av (H) Cimaglia Anthony SI (Maggie L) steward h461 SW Civic Building 46 NOV 1st st 7th 1st opt 2 "Center Packing Lot (Henry B Peacock) 40 NV Robt C r461 SW 6th st apt 2 24 Lo r P. Cimlno FrnceS much syt S-R&Co r468 NW 8th st Civitan Shadows and Sunbeams Ethel J Mulbarce Lois elk Sanisry Fish Market r468 NW 8th st director 47 NW North River do "Morie 3 0460 NOV 0th st Claor Aiherta r1772 NOV 16th St Cincinnati Apartments 632 S Siami as Calvin (Ida 11) gro 1540 SW 22d av h177: Cinema Casino Jack VanLloyd mgr motion pictures NV 16th sI 1237 Washington as (tBi Jacob M (Jeanette; Claar Service Sto) h171 Cinque Loody r199 SW 11th ter SW 19th st Ciofff Jos A (Lillian) elects h135 NW 24th st Jacob V (Emma) h480 NE 128th st Clpra Leon H (Luetta) ironwkr h7535 NW 1401 pl Service Statlon (Jacob M Claar. Calvin Claari Clrcle Sundries (R W Perkins, F C Howe) 1225-27 tilling sta 1543 SW 22d av Biscayne blsd Clabburn Abina G (wid Fredk W) h127s NV il1 Cdrone Jos (Mary) shoe repr Simon Shoe Service r st 3159 NOV 32d .t Claff Geo W r171 NOV 96th st Jos jr hlpr World Shoe Repairing Shop e3159 NW May H ailter r171 NOV 96th st 32d st Rupert (May) lather h171 NW 96th st Cisco Byron R iGolda) lawyer 169 E Flagler ot Claffey Geo F (Jean) pntr 0636 NW 7 h t 1619 and 605 Lincoln rd R418 (MB) h2499 Claflio Carollne (wid Chas) r3095 SW I -i Meridian a, ()SI Edith M (nid Clarence) h3851 Stewart a, I'' Louis M (Hazet) Ismn r2486 SW 16th sa Grove) Cisky Rennett F (Flora Sti carp h228 SW 36th as Claggett A L lab FlaP&LCo r1043 NW 5th ot CITIES SERVICE GASOLENE, Orange Slate Oil Chas L (Alice) asst eng FlaP&LCo h1776 NW CO. Co Distributors, 368 NE 58th ter. Tel 7-1601 3d st (For further information see Page 55 Buyers "Dovey Mro b rear 1083 NW 38th ot Guide) Elliott K linemn FIaP&LCo r1043 NW 5th st. ide) &a" Geo W cook 11043 NOW 5th St Citluens & Taxpayr Inc Harry J Tryan rors Sec Jos E (Louise C) form FIaP&LCo 111043 NIV 121 SE 1st st R711 5t st Citron Chas (Rose) h828 Commerce st apt 4 (SB) Claiborn Edgar R (Mary) candymkr h113 NC Citrus Grove Elementary Junior High School 219321st st 0 99 -NW 4th st Clalborne Jas H lk PO h843 SW 13th a apt Grove Elementary Scthool Clarlbel Cason rin Oarlon (c; Arneta) presser 06203 NW 14th ct 2154 eN ry sol Thslna Iloorwn McCrory's r3775 Kumquat as Grove Elementury School Cafteria Mres Nellin iC~eose) Young mgr 2154 NW 5th st Tho, cook Clipper Inn 1s JoHig School Clarihel CaSon prin Wm H (Asie; Northland Rooming House) ilt 2131 H' 5h otSW 1110 ot City Auto Parts (Fred E Hamilion) 76 NN 14th St Clair se also Claire and Clare Awning Co (Leo E Schnupp) 473 W Flagler st Shadrack (c; Maggie) lab h364B NOV 10th st Builders Fiance Co Harry 11 Dice res agt 1620 Claire Annie (c) 00k r 76308 N0 14th et Alton rd (MS) "' Ayrtments 326 SW 6th st Cud Market Willis 0' Hall mkt mst501 'SW Beaity Salon (Mrs Anna Pivnick) 22 N Stiam'i a i FIDELITY FINANCE SERVCE L A S HAROLD L. BUCK, Pres. L1NST $300 six PLANS! i Suita 828 DuPont Bldg. Phone 3-8303

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178 Alexander Q Sunshine Orr Jr. Fashions (Inc.) CLAIRE CLARK Bertram (c) shoe repr Nicholas Setinis r364B "' Alma h-50 NE 3d at R9 Plumbing NO 10th st Alphonse B (Margt) carpet lyr h9005 NW 22d Carrie ic) nurse Colored City ClInie r1970 NW a and 3d av Alston B nst ship elk McKesson & Robbins Inc Dress Shop Mrs Pearl Brown mgr 175 SE 1st st r2528 SW 16th st Mae M 365 NE 61st nt Alva W (Della) aero mech h3029 Oak av (C C ^ Saml (c; Mae) porter r1527 NW 6th av Grave) trcto Susie E (wid Wm) h230 NW 1stt cc Alsa W e-pres A Earle Clark & Son Inc r121 NE Clamp Jas T (Lillian) conslr supt h2423 SW 25th 45th st ter Amel (Louise) sIsmn Sou Dairies Inc h1021 NW Clancy Anna clk r reor 621 NOW 29th nt 39th st Arth W pete 815 NE 1st as h do Andrew A (Lydia) lah Miami City Public Serv"'-Irene tot opr h644 Lenox as apt 5 SI) lee Div ht414 NW 20th st Main Wm J (Virginia) clk FECRR hI9 NW 31st st Anna (c) student r3621 Grand av (CGrove) Office Clanton Chas W (Letha C) formn SBT&TCo h2714 Annie (c) lndrs h331 NE 70th st SW 11th st Annie (c) maid hl320 NW 2d ct 218 Chas W jr student r714 SW 11th st Annie M sten WQAM 2401 ISW 28th nt Columbus B (Mary A) plstr hl61 NW 38th 0t Anthony C student r1788 NW 23d at N. E. 6th St. Juanita E soswn r1618 NW 38th at Apartments 1702 NE 1st et Sars A Mrs notary 161 NW 38th st r do "Arnold (c; Ruth) lab h1338 NW 5th av Claphan Emma J (mId Thos B) h112 NE 69th st Arth (Lurline; Miami Armature Works) h565 Clapp Bert (Melissa) carp 545 NE 39th at NW 5th st PHONES "Chas L 138 NW 8th ot Arth J r465 NW 25th av Delbert B (Florence) cash Hector Sup Co h2144 CLARK BERNAL E (Edna S), Head of Adverthlag 23 SW 6th t apt g Division Florida Power & Light Company, h 21 Cadis E lrs be mgr :Southern Lndry r548 W 1670 Micanopy av (CGrove), Tel 4-2723 and Flagler st Bernard J electn r31 NV 46th St 2-3 Glenn (Anna W) optometrist h813 NW 22d pl Bernice Mrs cook The Savory Shop h6127 NW Richd slsrn h2110 VW' Flagler st apt 4 5th ot "2.Sunny (Gladys E) h548 W Flagler st ^ Bert (c; Hattie) sexton rh16 NW 10th st Clapper Clara A (wid Steph A) 85^ SW 12th t Beulah V Mrs dromkr h327 NW 28th at Clapton Lemuel T (Nelle) wire chi SBT&TCo h Beverly sten 0420 44th ot (MB) 413 NW 25th as Blanche (c) r1439 NW 62d atMoM P clk M413 NW 25th av Blanche E (wid Jas 1) h166 NE 25th ter MIAMI BEACH Clara Apartments 1021 NW 30th A and 228 NW Blanche P Mrs sec-treas Atlantic Millwork Co BRANCH 3th 0t h341 NE 92d st Clardten Apartments Wm S Ferriera mgr 635 NMV "Bruce G (Esther T) dredging h1675 SW 11th ter 1122 16th t. 4Clard istert B (Alice) ship bidr h346 NW 58th CLARK BUILDING. 343 SW North River dr I1 Burton L mgr Rosetta Theatre h31 NW 77th at PHONE Alice r346 NW 58th Ct C Leon (Bessie S) real est 3048 SW 27th av h do Grace D mus tchr 346 NW 58th ct r do e C R Co C R Clark pres-treas J E Clark jr se 53546 Mary A prsfdr Behne Printing Co r346 NW 58th contrs 605 Lincoln ed R601 (MB) et C Robt p1594 Biarritz dr (JIB) Clare Aleze (c) mold r rear 4G4 NW 14th ter Conecy B (mid Andrew J) r318 NW 23d st Ellz c) r1540 NW tt c "Carolina (c) r1120 NW Sd 0t Frank M drftsmn M B Garris r368 SW 7th st 0 Cath C supor Ace Letter Sere r212 SW 5th av Geo (Priscilla) porter M B First Natl Bk r1919 Cath M elk Home Town Bakery 143 NE 11th tee NW 5th p Cecil Mrs slswn Budine's Inc r1890 NW 49th at Patk Y (Sary A) formn Berner-Pease Inc h92 Chas (c; 'Marguerite) lab hl23 C NW 4th av ra araor NOV 44th s5 Chas (c) Indrymn Coastal Wiper Supply Co Inc -a" Yorick K (Annie M) 1368 SW 7th at bl09 NW 18th at tons Apartments 405 NE 2d Chas A IMarg L) stama G E Merrick Inc b M3l rarcot Tip Tap Grocery Co Inc 2d rI 279 NE S6th st S1301 Flagler It Chas E (Florrie) hkpr Jas M Anderson h rear t Clariday Isaac Ic; Lucille) mach Atlantic MIII7622 NO 6th 0 1s"sr. work Cs h rear 1435 NW 1st ct Chas M (Atlic RI r 1 NW 24 an Claridge Hotel Dant Ahern mgr 3500 Collins an Chas St rIrI NO 27th or (OtRI) Chas XV (Virginia) pnir h50 NOV 9th rt apt 58 Hotel Apartments Edw C Thompson ngr 345 NO Chaancey R pres-treas C R Clark Co r536 W 1sst t Chess S (o) porter r331 NE 5th rt rk A Bailey (Blanche P) pres Atlantic Millwork Chestec J (Violet) cahrbh Hagocan's CaE7aet Co h341 NE 92d ot Worhs IBrooks (Lois) h1320 NOV 79th st 0" Chosie B (Lola V) mope U55 PG h4O 2W 13th Earle (Aioa W) pres A Earle Clark & Son Inc ao L 4 121 NE 45th ot Earle jr sec-treas iA Earle Clark & Son Inc "Christina (c) hlpr LaFrance Clars & Dyers r r121 NE 45th st 1648 NA 5th a ;arle & Son Inc A Earle Clark pres Alva W Christopher (c) r331 NE 70th st Clark v-pres A Earle Clark jr sec-treas mdse Christopher (c; Ana) gdnr h7023 NE 3d av brokers 90 NE 11th ss Clara S r1123 i50 1t1 st itam (c; Fanned porter r334A NW 14t st s Claceace (; Olive) lab h1334C NW 4th av od ie 0c) h341C NOV 13th ot Clarence H r322 N(V 22d la die wafter Colonial Grill r608 NE 2d ar Clifford (Mlay) tile str 558 NE 57th at vIle M (id .\rtt) r2211 SV 16th et Clifford jr student r258 NE 57th st M g p, is M Mrs elk Gulf Gil Corp e1745 SW 10th Clifford H (Elma) h265 NW 77th st M t Clyde (Doras) shtaf 51620 SW 14th ot ngn .1 ert (c; Amanda) dish washer Holleman's Clyde C (c) lab h4844 NW 12th or Grille h1349 NOV Sth av Collie A (Frazier) pntr h481 NE 61st at Slbcert C (Stary A) lino opr MDN 645 NE 10th Cornelia (c) maid r3621 Grand av ICGrove) g t Dale R (Slarie) clk h2346 'SW 17th st Mailing. 'lbcrt F lab r1 NW 57th st Dalton T (Ruth V) auditor 5168 NW 47th 0t l Sert 1 (Mlaml Ritz Hotel) r134 E Flagler st Dant (Lillian) r1050 NOV 7th at Ibert T (Harriet) h4585 lon In (B) David (c; Maude) clo clnr 36059 Grand av (C Autooatic -elex (Hattie) 51416 NE Mlaml pl Grove) h3363 Charles av (CGrove) si" Jx jr ( vdmn r36_1 Grand av (CGrove) David C (Rosalie L; Sea Breeze Barber Shop) h Typewritin '1e.. 5 IEliz) mgr Normandy Arms Apts r6918 530 NW 43d ot Bas Drive apt 1 (518 David V (Eliz) carp 51788 NW 23d at Sleo S (c; Amelila) ydn h3621 Grand av (C Dixon D pharm Boulevard Drug Co r437 NE Grove) 29th s1 apt 204 Off-s* t ,11A
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179 Leon J. Lichtenstetter Inc. aG & South Florida Distributors HUDSON MOTOR CARS Rf SALES-1700 N. E. 2D AVE.-SERVICE PHONES ALL DEPARTMENTS 3-3126 CLARK UHEGING CO, Roh P Clark Pres, M E CLARK Haywood V-Pres, Goo C Angier See. Peter C Gussie (cI) hsekpr 1170 9 NW 2d av NW Kendall Treas. 300 Clark Bldo 343 SW North Gay H (Eie) tier Acme Sappiy CO I 331 Ni River dr, Tel 2.6212 For further information H oyd (pth ) Dntr h35421 SW 26th t see page 16 Buyers .d r H L Realty Co Henry L Clark jr ares Henry L Dudley C (Eleanor) landscape mgr h4777 Sw 4th Clark t-Pres J A IIsinger sec-treas 5600 NE Johns" hra N 2hs 2d av Ee P be"r w l g tth Hain (Nascy) artist b60 NOV 91st at Manville Earl F baker Miami Baking Co r1818 NW 47th Harcourt Ic) r3043 Percival ai Cre rove) ter Harold A (Stevensonl 05938 Colins v (NIB) AppYOVed Earl L (aude ) ca rrier PO h1236 SW 12th av i ld B (ay ) carp 0525 NE 60th st n Edgar driver Atondale Ice \Cath77 NOV Pitter Harold C (The Tower) h10661 Collins asi (MB Roof ers Edith rs30 astile av (CCables) Harry arrLer ss e hBl rolt Edna waiter k rear 1821 sW 12th At Harry A (Leona Mlairi 1r3738 NW 23 t' All Metal Edw (Mattie) gdnr Jas Deering Property r3250 Hayward c: Hai S) shoot k202 NW 9tk sn G & L S Mfiaml av Heywen (rs Haekpr M)6 N 1. 62 NWr 9t d t G Edw tgr Miami Ritz Hotel r do Helen hskpr 2701 Na th t r do Solar ater Edw C (Nellie E) 01700 James av (1w) Helen H olk r5N SN\ t c d raterg Edwin L carp r"103 NW 66th st 3 Henry c sak 3053 Si6audens rd (CWrorei r Heating Edwin T (Harriet H) coa artist 2445 SW 32d 3062 W;illa) ab sOravel as r do Henry (c; Foa lob r1l t Nit' 6th It System Effie NI (wd Markley) a202 SW 12th Hv apt a "Henry L -pcs H L. Clark lly Ca 0501i NE SEffiec Sheet Metal Eleanor (c) rei3 NE 3d av y Eleanor ssw Burdine's Inc r4777 SW 4th A HoaryL ir Kathryn) pre, 01 L Clark Healty Co Work EliJah (c) oar wabser L J Lichtenstetter Inc r enry NE 2d ra 135 NOV 14ths 51 Hecry N (c; Vera) lab bh3456 Williami as IC 3Elte rilE ist 0 Grovel Air Ellz r11d NW' 47E1 tr Herbert (Ruth) elk e653 NE 834 ter Eliz c In 33 4 E 0th Herbert slsmn 1125 SWlO 9th st Conditioning Eli c rndr r331 NE 1010 1 Horace J Eliz) ssmn Miari -Baking Co h1t1t Eliz H l 170 Leoc as (NB) NW 47th tr Eli id Itra) 02410 bay d 7MB Howard student r759 NO 70th st Ella L (Id leal r25 sW lth at Howard R (Susan) see h"S785 Clark ct (CGrove) Ella L c) ldri hkI r NX 11th tee Howard R jr student reSClark st IC(rove) Elmer Ida M) driver It rear 010 NO 110 st Hulbert G (Paula A) sub sta opr FaP&LCi h 79th Street Emlsy 1c) Iadra h236 NW 16th at 1701 NW 32d Et at N. E. 4th SEmaL ( c ) lndrs 1113 NW Vth s Inring phys 735 NE 11th s "EmL() ds l53N 5tav"Iwn W dth31 NW 12th ct Court "Emmett 1e; Agnes) porter The Texas Co r260 rwi s X n 'urdiNOV 15 t r Court NW 8th st '' Isaboilal v EBrdicra Ir el 708 NW 23d at EPp D (Ruth) mgr H J Heinz Corp 02336 Sis" a Isaiah I ; Eiza) Iab h24 NOW st at PHONE cayne blvd apt 4 Iraa Ic; e) city a'dtsr h1t43 NIX' 17th t PH N Erich c; JennIel slsmn h1728 NIX' 3d ot 1 oily editor 1ia-3 SX 14thtee apt 1675 Ernest (c; Ilartha) porter r921 NW 74 cc lash sber laytair Theale r597 NO 5th as Ernest A (Ruth) auto meh h39 N' 40th st Jacob I(e ; TheIrTa lab h r54c NIX' 9th at Ernest t ILouiao E; Clark Sundries) h202 'SW ," Jas r T04 N 4iaNi as 12th avt Jas )c Elza) earrrkr 01940 NOV 3d o Estelle (c) Indrs h1139h NW' 5th or "Jas I c; ldai cary r 900 N W rb ot Ethel (c aaid 841 Garland av (IB) Jas Ic; HarrieaI lab h -h190a 6t l Eva lol 1II601 NWl Sit as Jot (I; ar e) boabp 1O143 05 NOV Srd ola Eaerett A D ello El arp h2664 NW 64th st "Ja(Mary) whse mgr MSCo h102 SW 3d ,1 pt "Fasnir Msle hISSO NE 410 a5 .'' lot Ic; Toniel awhsrear 04-I S NOV 1ath 01 a Flournoy B (Mae K) sec-treas Knight Hdtv & Jas B h rear 300 NV 23d at Paint Co h6928 Camarc st ICCables) Ja, C CS pract 111 NE 2d as 01513 01837 NE 2 Floyd F (MabelI brick mason h413 NW 12th or et Frances Ic) taid 551 NW 79th at r Liberty City Jas C insulator Cos Air Cond Corp r149 NE n20t Froank ir (Sallie H) lawyer 40 NOV 1st st R248-50 ter 0720 NOV' 13th 00 Ja ls C I(Fsanoec WI) Prec laa C Clark & I RB u' FroAnek m J sm leetian Boot Shoppe Inc r37 aik In 1r.100 Mlrrerate st IC) bles I I I NE 3d st Frank K (Naoml) plmbr 0168 NOV 1710 p1 CLARK JAMES C & J R KUPSICIK INC. James C Fred (lean M) sismn 101b NIX 24th st Clark Pres, J R (upsick V-Pres-Sec, Advertis" Fred A (Cassie) elk Thom McAn h0142 NW 15th ing, Publicity, Business Promotion 1008 Cona" apt 114 greoss Bldg. Tel 3-4515, New York Office 122 *" Fred B (Shirley A) callr SBT&TCo 0 rear 128 E 42d st NW 91l, a Jas D rNria) plmbr 63 NW l7th nl b d0 Fred E (Amelia G) electn 11253 NW 44th st Jas G 1 Bert) acet r640 Navarre av (CCohia, Fred R I( Marguerite) radio rng h3705 Manse" Jas L (Winifred A) bkpr Geo Bunnil Inc IbS' 4 rate st (CCables) NE Sth at Fred V (Carrie L) coml aviator b2113 SW 17th Jas L (Ethel A) darymn 3136 NOW 61st st st Jar L lI; Lillie Mae) kitchen hpr r rear 1717 N o Geo Ic) baker r rear 131 NW 7th st W 67th st Geo lOpheila) filling sta 1201 SW th st r1760 Jas L jr r206 NE ith at SV 6th at Jas T aeo oesh r2218 0W 9th st "eo e ; Augusta) fruits 4471$ NW 20th st '" Jane D Srs b230 Salamanca ao apt 3 (CGables) 145a NW 41h a, a" Jean Mrs tclr Robt E Lee Jr High Sch r904 SW Geo (c; Georgia) lab h194'5a NW 4th av 6th as "Geo B N;r) hI32 NW 40th s Jennie .rA r6 NE 45th at Geo D (Dorotry" at ndt Penton's Service St. t "Jerry iHerter) usiclan h0311 NW 18th st rear 828 NW 29th ter Jesse J IW illie i) carp h3095 NIX 26th st Geo G alcdr Eaton's Service Sta r650 NE 90th Jesse L sb Henry Kelly Co Inc r315 NE 1th l'-r sI John (c; Ethel) driver Clarke Transfer & Stor"eo :S (Delia) odnr 759 NIX' 70th at age Co CLARK GEORGE T, Attorney-at-Law 726-728 Job () emp Modern Cleaners Ingraham Bldg 25 SE 2d av, Tel 3.6681, John A Emily) r1140 NOV 4th st apt Ih1856 SW 22d ter Apt 3. Tel 4-4037 (See card John A (Evelyn) ice cream akr h3370 NW 5U I U In Legal Blue Book) st Geo lW (Freda B) sta atdt 11260 'SW 6th st apt John B (Eleanor A) 'h55 NE 460 st 314 John B farmer r2910 NW' 22d 0t Gertrude SI 1630 SOW 16th st John C (Lillian L) h1868 NW 33d st Gladys tchr Robt E Lee Jr Hi Sob r552 NW 1st John D In H B Lewis res agt office 117 NE 1st st av S1118-20 Gordon r327 NW 29th st Jonas A (Bertle) plstr b325 SW 65th It Grace (c) lodrs 01994 NW 5th 00 Jos (0 ; Edna) lab h6235 NW 19th it Developers of a Greater Hollywood-On-The-Ocean HOLLYWOOD, Inc. MIAMI OFFICE HOLLYWOOD OFFICE Blsoaye Boulevard at Flagler St. Hollywood, Inc. Bldg., Hollywood Blvd. Phone 3-7674-5 Phone 310

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180 Philpites Thbe (xotic gatbti, line. E Nurserymen, Florists, Landscape Designers and Contractors Y W. Flagler (At the Bridge) N. W. 17th Ave. and 28th St. 607 LINCOLN RD., MIAMI BEACH E CLARE CLARK Jos (c; Remitta) ydmn h4S02 NW 13th 11 Pearl tchr Gladerlew Elementary Sch r6928 R Jos E (Fanni N8) 'upt h1031 NE "2d at Camarin st (CGables) Jos E jr sec C R Clark Co r1031 NE 72d st Peter (Ada) mattress mkr h235 NE 56th st Jos H Ic; Aneltlat mason h1164 NW 5th p 1 Philip IC: Stella) lat ht1800 NW '2d av Jubal (Frances) lins opr h28 NE 61st at Porter C (Ola M) tel emp SBT&TCo h2220 NW y Julius (c) driver Mrs Esther Schneider r644d 7th It NW 14th at Prince (c; Patience) gdnr h1748 NW 61st st Kate B a(wd Gustave) h1560 NW Ist at R Paul matter r100 NW 69th st Kendeld V sign pntr .530 NW 43d at Ralph E (Opal MI driver r2958 NW 61st nt Kenneth r1756 NE 4th an '" Ralph G INorine El aero mech h5966 SW '4th at 1 Kennetht h2932 SW 21st at Ray (Irene) h14 NW 49th st Uenneth IFannie) h221 NE 23d st Ray meh Fogal Rat Yard r2OO NW '5th an Kenneth E (Florida C) party chi City Dept of Raymond student e1818 NW 47th ter Pub serv h-3644 NW 18th ast Rebecca (c) Indry wkr h3353 Charles av (C Kenneth It bartndr Jack L Neef r3542 SW 26th Grove) It Reed lc mech r345 NW 10th st Lahan (c; Naomi) lab h3663 Florida as (C Reynolds (Eugenia) estimator P650 SW 9th at Grovel Richd (Laura) h2075 SW 60th av Lee hlpr AtlantiCc r240 NW 13th at Robt baker rI18 NW 47th ter SLemuel (e) cook x125 NW 11th It "Robt (c; Janie) e1416 NW 5th av "L"ena E siswn Burdine's Inc r161 NW 3d st Robt 'B (Katie h212 'SW 5th av "Leroy coml pilot r187a NW 24th st Robt D Mrs h-l35 NW' 13th av A Leroy A I Adrds Inventor r1745 SW 10th st Robt J baker x1443 NE 1st an Lester C x301 8'SW 27th av Robt L (c; Theresa H) driver Hopkins-Carter Lllian lc aok h1711 NW 5th at Hdw Ca h529 NX' 11th ter Llllian E r2221 i' 11th st CLARK ROBERT P (Catherine K). Pres Clark [ Lionel T student r2817 N 54th st Dredging Co. h294 Cocoanut Lane. Palm Is" Litton W park Indr City Parks Div b110 NW land (MB), Tel 5-2238 69th at PIA Laos rs gr 322 NW 22d la h do Ronald aCa pntes t9l 2 NW 4th av Lonnie (c) gdnr r144 NW 2d av Ray C (Edith Pa mach h202 -OW 5th an ORGANS Lois E Lucittel ridge lndr "81 NR th av Rue (c: Sae L) laP h342 NOV 6th st R ANS Louis Arl4d9 NCv 19th N Russell IFlorence slsmn h2804 NW 1st av apt 3 RADOS "Louisa A mwId S Conts) e1837 NE &d ct Oath A tamper 605 Lincoln ed RO33 INR) e4585 Loulse C ]Irs tchr h537 NE 66th s1 apt Alto erd L BS Lacl Ira Sra rst ol6 Nov 34 e S H Capt (Nabel) harbor mstr Port of Miami Lurlla tat hairdese h1666aa Nov 5th at 2260 Sty 2d tee Lyle L PBeryl) asst buyer Butler's Inc r100 NE Saltte H Mrs sten City Dept of Pub Serv h720 Philpilt's 43dyte~~e NW 15th ac SErs r51 NE Ist at Saml A IM aryl slsmn h540 W 50th st (MB) Mabel EMrs hlP NW 77th at Saml R (Marjorie) teainmn h181 NW 43d st Mae K Sirs tchr -Cushman Sch h6928 Camarin st 'Sarah C Irs s6t NW 11th at S. E. CCableaI Sarah E Mrs r2401 SW 28th st apt 12 First st. Manuel let eaddie r316 NW 15th st Shirley T cash Alcazar Hotel r128 NW 9th ov Mart wid Wi E) maid 3559 SW 'th st x845 Sophla (wid John J) r2221 SI 11th at 37th as 1 Steamship Co (freight offle) J T Collins elk in "lart G tchr Cocoanut Grove Elementary Se r chg Btcayne blvd it NE 9th st 1153 SW 7th st Steph P (Gertrude Cl carp h31 NW 46th st Margt R Slrs mgr College Park Apts h421 NO "Stewart E (Verna) cantr h566 NE 77th at ror 59th ter apt Sundries (Ernest U Clark) druggist 200 SW 12th arguerite J tahr 5iam) Senior High Sch h465 an NNV 25th av Susan (wId Henry) e618 NW 99th st Abstracts Sarian L alk Prud Ins Co r6918 Bay dr apt K Sydney P305 SW 57th av (MBR Theo (c; Anna Mae) gdnr h rear 1717 NW 67th Titles and tare tchr 11am Edison Elementary Sch r2316 st 17th slat Theo D (Katie La br mgr A&PFoodctore h rear St aartre slasn SHKisCa e3I NOV' 46th at 1023 SOY 12th ca 'le Martha (c cook 131 Ib NW t 4th st Thos c ; abel) tab r1661 NW 6th av Tlartha wid Orrs) r328 SW 20tha Thos Ic ; Sanes lah P6109 NO 17th av Knsurance i at grr r50' Fihn t N Thos H IElla) I1890 NOV 47th at Mary E ofale sec Ferrell M Tittsworth r1028 SW T Tos adelyok r1716 St Hoopr do SEE "ds VIncent act lah eld4l NWX 6th at Tad H t chr Florence D Stern r2337 NW 21st '' V t(ian ) r l4o 4 Wth sa SIB) teD W linemn FlaP&LCa rl645 SW 7th at lEAl y rs Oviedo av apt 2 (CGables Walter I(Sargt I supt h421 NW 59th ter apt 2 "Mildtred K Mrs h420 41th st (SB) ''Walter N x50 NE 13th at apt a" .Minnie 'niter x25 -SW :1st ao" rle S exterminator Gent Exterminatinig Cc r Minnie Mrs cash Goldle's Grill & Package Store 629 NX' 30th st COMMOn 1b1811 SW 3d st apt I Walter W (Glennie H) slsma h300 NW 23d at 'a a Myrtle tca maid x727 NW 1st at Walter W jr student r300 NW 23d st e N Arth (Mary) sergt SIlaml Police h63 NW 31st Walton L (Lillian L) mgr Morningslde Hotel P P 568 NE 66th at ealth "Nathan S inspr Sltam City Bureau of Fod in" Warren F r166 NE 8th st apt cation & Sstastn e1861 NOV Sd It Slendnll elk Rurdine's Inc srtS50 SSut Riser Nathenel (c; Frankie) gdnr hI 439 NW 62d st de e Nath nie 1e, (t) pastar SlMatthew'S Baptist Wenston student r168 NW 47th at Titl Ch x44 N a k6th ter \Vilbert (Harriet ; Ye'llow Cab Co of Miami) Norman E electn h_221 SSV 11th st Wilheminla siswn McCrory's r5723 NW 20th as Norman G (Re -B) slsmn h423 NW 46th at 9Cm alk x212 SW 5th 5v "tt Ollie L (c ; Susan) gdnr h1865 NWit 62d ter W'm elk Kentwood Arms Hotel r135 NW 2d st C 9 "or;' L ta) sorter Coastal Wiper Supply Co Inc r X'm Ic) lab r423 NOV 7th st 109 NW 18ta st Wm l; Etta) lab h378 Washington as (C Oscar a ; StarS) rasr Wm Fisher r544 NW 14th Grove) at '" Wm msngr Seaboard RR r553 E 101st Abstract Dept. Oscar C cook Jackson Stem Haosp r do X Wm c; Viola) slsmn r1744% NW 5th av Oscar P IM ary) bicycle repe 1070 NW 36th at ,m (c Henrlette) porter r2157 NW 6th av 37 N.E. 1st St. h do Wm A (larianI tle str Miami Tile & Marble Ca Ots B alyrtle)I sls h3202 Prai r av iB r103 NE 2d av Pau n cema Elmer Blair r W Farer Wm C (Lily M) musican h1360 NW 32d st Title Insurance Paul SI (Ella 51) shoe reps o1 N 2d st 11630 m E N100 Monserrate st (CGables) and Esrew Dept. NW 3th apt I Wi E Rose A) carp hI237 NW 34th an Pasla Mrs sea MDN r1101 NW 32d I m H (Georgie h363 StGaudens rd (CGrove) 210 First Federal Bldg. *CkMIAMI DOTTLED 10o P. 0. Bldg.) 0 Cook Use PHONE Refrigerate EssOtane 3-7641 7 Heat 0 Gas Service 1701 N. W. 7th Ave. NATURAL GA Phone 3.-4645

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161 HERMAN J. ARRANT, Inc. BISCAYNE "NOTHING BUT INSURANCE" PARK Huntington Bldg. Phone 3-5566 ESTATES CLARK CLARIc INC. Wm L jr ssmn DeLucca's Orgoneattion r176 Nf Wio C 'ten Hoper-Hotlies Btreau Inc 1052 North Riser dr NW 3d st apt 16Pn Wm M r7011 NW 2d a, Wt .1 watch mkr Mrs Matilda Klingt-Mueller r ioneer Wm R r622 NE 72d st 3834 NEt a2 I Willie (c) lab h1133c NW 5th at Clarke'. Better Food Grill (Rob '1 and Lorraine Developers Winifred Mrs photo retoucher r31 NW 77th st E Ct eke) 34 NW 1st st Zoro D r rear 21t SW 11th st Clarks Paul E (Elinor) r rear 665 NE 83d ter & Lewis Co Carl T Morrison mgr whol gros 1910 Clarkson Edyth e C sten r1537 NE Miami ci Resticted NE Miami eI Herbert (dtlly Hi h3401 S'V 13th ter & Son Roderick BWilliams mgr poultry 2091 Kate (,Id Jos A) 1542 Jefferson i apt 2 tMB) Home SitesNW th av "1oity H Mrs sswn Mctrory's h3401 SW 13th ter CLARK'S CREDIT CLOTHIERS, A W Rider Mgr, Philip 1 tet h l804 NW tlt st rd FHA Financing Clothes For Entire Family 100 N Miami av. Clary Addie 1 Mrs binder Miami Carpet Cleaning To 3-6534 ELayin. Co r2.49 NW 41st st Insurable Clarke A Fielder h3445 South Moorings way (C Annette V sten Causeway Realty Corp r149 NW Titles Grove 57th tA W Hal Co (Arth W Clarke) 926 NW 22d at Cora (wid Ernest) r205 NE 126th ter Annie L (wid Fred) htS40 NW 59th t tea C (Addis P) metch Auto 'Salvage Co r2449 Architectural Arth C (Mariet h1620 SW 4th et apt 2 NOV 41t at L d Arth W' (Louise R; A W Clarke Hat Co h3106 Jas (c) r325 Plaza st (CGroe) Landscaping BNrsted FJ NB Joesi i (Derthyi bthktetth iS S Dykec tron ks~h Service BeraN E h5l NE 13th ter Inc t56116 NOV 8th cc Bernice M h3401 NW South River dr "Josephine (ce maid ri25 Plaza et (Curocet The Easy Wa C White (ElI ) yacht capt hi236 Astruria a (C Monroe installer The Maxwell Co Ine h2522 NW y y Gables)Sd et to Own Your Cath M r500 Harder d (CGobles "Thos A\ iRoberta) fareer 11l249 NW 7th st Home Chas K (Imogenet Plmbr h rear 845 NW d st "' alter lc) lab 3425 Plaza t ICGrove, floe! Weary h554 Meridtoo n i (M)t Won D Ic) porter Bob Hall's Slncair Service Prosody Rfle Derothy hirs hsekpr Beach Park Hotel r600 Sto c1922 NOV id on Ocean dr (Mr) Clasee Caroline anaesthetist Jackson Meet Hosp r 12424 Eben r3445 South Moorings eay (CGrove) do -.Edouard A lEva P) h1630 SW 16th st Class Jatte (Caettyt 3ater h9 SW 4th t N. E. Die Edw (Rachel) epvr h5011 SW 5th st Classe ar J Carrie S t) hIso NB hirth s1 opt Hwa Ernest A jr ; Lut ieleai) cook h1355 NW 3d a Classic Barker l p Itedore Sttert Ot7s SW Fate httpr Pflueger Museum r1841 Nih' 6th et 17th av Florence it Mrs etk Breedings Recall Drug Claud Andrew S radio nr r838 NW 22d ct Phone Store h rear 420 Collins av (MB) Lucian (Louise) 1tili1 St 3d st apt G -,5 G Winston (Vela) tichr Miami Edison Senior CLAUDE NEON SOUTHERN CORP. Paul 0 Mo7 2 High Och h;s Ni '47th st Garry Pres. R L Kester Jr (New York) VGabrielle twid Chas WI h62 Altara av (C Pres. L A Corya (New York) See-Treas. E J Biscayne Park Gables) Daniel Mgr. Claude Neon Installations 2014 SGet c) anitor Biscayne Bldg r342 NW 6th st NW Miami ct, Tel 3-3185 Estates Geo E (Ada E) contr h543 NE 76th ,t Claughton Edt N (Lillian C) carp h1378 NW' Bee Pass B7 (Gerald student 1224 Meridin ac (MB) 44th etSer Ge H W Hat Co (Nick Mehes) 14 'S Miami on Claus Richd I (Hero Sea Side Hotelt hIltS Colsayers' Raids Harold M (Beulah) sismn h246 NW 26th at lins anv 1B) Huert E (Eliz R) hearing aid research laboraClausen Chas r417 NV 5th st tory 363 NE 76th st h do Fred W sec Natl Assn Retired Poltce & Firemen Jaunttegford (e) h3668 William av (CGrove) Clauser Harriett r1960 NW 4th st des C (Fannie C) h3332 NW 6th av "' Harry M (Maude) broker h1960 NW 4th st t Kate B twid Watter) r1226 Capri st (CGables) Clausey Frank (M rgt) h636 SW 1st st aptil Kenneth N (MaryC sIsm Forrest L Haines h Herman 63 'W Is et opt 2apt 325 Alesio cc (CGables) Clauson Mary waiter ElDorado Colony r3635 BoaLeo C student r625 Altora a (CGables) gnilla rd (CGrove) Levy (e ; Jennie) chauf Horne-Wilson Inc t1913 Clausen Chas F (Bertha) cobtmke h1861 NW 47th NW 6th av st Lorraine E Mrs (Clarke's Better Food Grill) r Dean mgr Seminole Fruit & Preserving Co Inc Manufacturors Si3I NOV t8th st nt86t NWi 37tht at nfatf 5 Louis Z (Virginia H) mgr Leubro Apts hl500 Lucy C Mrs sten Credit Bur of Miami Inc 11861 Michigan av apt 5 (MIBI NW 47th st Murgt tchr Andrew Jackson Jr High Snh h328 Margt B Isid John W) rep Equit Life Assur Soc NE 28th ot apt 10 h402 NE 224 st Marion H siswn Miami Fruit Ind Inc r325 NE Win D (Lucy E) Asitn L J Lchtenstetter Inc r Paints 34th st 1361 NI' 47th st Maurice (c ; Angela) pdir h374 NW 7th st Clavelon Hotel 205 42d ct IM EB) Paul t(Adell) bellmn Hotel Patricia r1l10 NW Clawson Chas C (Hannah M) gro 2 175 NI 51st st amels let at h do Percy (c) presser Verne M Corson r267 NW 11th Claude C (Josie R) auto mech h rear 2413 NW Varnishes s 13th et Frisndua S tche Coconut 'Grove Elementary Sch E Richey Sirs tchr Ponce de Leon High Sch r r3265 Matilda ct ICGreae) RD 1 Bos 993 Robt (Grace S; Beach Awning Shop) h225 Earl D iMary H) vet h53 NE 41st st SW 22d ae 'Warren (Annabel) h328 NW 3d a Rbt E (Ernestine B) adv mgr -h500 Hardee rd o Wm (Frances) h153 NW 2d nt apt 6 IC Gablen) Ciato Amos L (Irene C) carp h rear 1216 NW PAINT Roh i' (Lorraine E; Clarke's Better Food Grill) 7th ct r2137 NW 1 ath st "Ennic te) Ia r1676 NO 6th et D U Roy H (Priscilla) lchr SIB High Sch r3265 Henrietta L student r rear 1216 NW' Ith et hlatildat (CGrove) Clay Arth filling sta 1800 NW 7th ac r349 SWV Royal A (Alice) yatrolmn 'siami Police h535 19th NW 42d st Cleaning & Tailoring (Michi Goodman) 424 Sam F (Fannie 11) compositor Central Press Inc Espanola way (MB) h1671 NW 8th av "' Clifford C (Certrudel petr r2187 NW 24th ct 938 Siccamthip Co S E Wharton mgr 340 E Flagler st David plstr h416 NW 96th st Timothy J (Frances) h530 S Bay Shore dr Everett A (Evelyn) reporter h1260 'SW 7th st N. E. 1st Av. IC rove) Frances lrc lbrarian Lemon City Library & Transfer & Storage Co (Walter H Clarke Je) 212 Improvement Assn h rear 1915 NW 46th st Arogon (CGbles) Geo G (Helen C e) at Sou Life & Health ins Co Tel. 3-5031 t Victor P (Charlotte) drftsmn h11020 Sorolla a h2121 S Bay Shore dr (Grove) Wa ter H hi1226 Capri ct (CGables) o JoA gu tK& r 1438 \NoshWngt' o on Walter B ir (Clarke Transfer and Storage Cn) (MB) r1226 Capri at (CGables) "Ira n (Alta) plstr h7736 NOV 4th ct Factory-to-You Ba h 119 Cibao ct apt 8 (CGables) Jas F (Ruby) plstr h561 NW' 95th st Prices on -ROCK D CQUALITY *RCKSNDCA T-IN PAINTS Phn .MeBade In Phase (235 S.W. Miami 3-2697FOURTH AVL

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l82 SuNS SAt y INGRAHAM BUILDING r 25 S. E.2nd AVENUE scm a CLAY CLEARY John 0 (Ruth) servcemn Goodrich Stow Stores Thos H I Muriel i) siume Nestles Milk Products h349 NW b t o Co h1'3 NE 43d ut apt 4 John T (Annie L) city Sremn h128 NW 34th ut Val C (Grace El real est 117 8th ut (MB) h1800 Julia r476 NW 96th at Ocean dr (MB) Lotes O (Grace) h3116 NW 23d av Clease Mlaxwell reprmn MGCo r-420 N1' 9th at LusW( NV)9ts[Ce bHarH(Oi)1257Gndald "S LouloreS5l NOV 55th st Cleanelaud Harry H lOlicr) h2511 Grasada bled Marion O (Edith) stereo 11482 NV 46th st (CGahcs) Norris M (Hulda) bkpr h rear 405 NOV 33d st Cleaver Louise waiter El Trocadero Restr e168 NE Odie (Frances) gdnr h rear 1915 NOV 46th ut 40th ut Robt Hotel Jas J Helm mgr 129 SE 4th st Cleghorn Bertha (c) maid 3599 North Moorings Thos P (Mattie Di carp h244 NW 23d st may (CGrove) Virginia (wid John) h2347'SW 19th st Chas D (Susan) thys h676 NE 115th st L Oalier J (Helen) bootmn h13 NW 25th ct Jo r676 NE 113th st "Walter St Ilartl pntr hr2152 NW 42d t Susan r676 NE 115th sIt A Woo slsmn Walgreen's r34 NW 4th st Clein soe also Cline Klein and Kline os B (Marnle LI ylutr h1406 NW 61st st "Aaron B (Jennie M; Professional Printers & Cayo Oary H tchr Miss Harris' Fla Sch e1051 Publishers) h1856 SW 17th st Brickell av Benj driver Black & White Cab & Baggage Cs Claypool Earl (Mary) whsemon The Texas Co h300 t1806 SW 4th st NW 25th ct Edw ,Bernice) elk FIaP&LCo h1852 SW 24th st mac 'um u Harry A (Gussie) pnte h210 NW 35th It Hilliard (Miriam) slsmgr MDN h1876 SW 24th U Clayton Ants J IJennie K) 'h852 NW 117th st ut Apartments 1336 NE 1st av Reuben J fHannah) pres Life Publishing Co h Colia Itc Jestlna) lab h330C NW 4th av 751 NE 75th ut Dewey driver Stroherg's Grocery Wo (Becky) h1860 SW 4th st Edw O(Mamie) h446 NOV 96th ot Cleland Ernestine emp WUTeICo r201 SW 2d ed 1007-1016 Ella L (c) cash Central Life Ins Co r2788 NW Essie V iod Henry E) h rear 926 SW 10th av 48th st "Florence r21 NW South RIver dr &" Elsie (cl lab r1603 NOV 2d av Henry G (June) auto nech h1321 NW 45th ut UIUTW Francis T iGladys) mch Hector Sup Co h1245 Jas H (Adelaide) h2110 NW 18th av V O NW 30th st Clem Jack (Vivian) poster h660 NV 43d et G Geo E chef r411 NW 3 ac Clem's Garage Emmeti E Clement. Harry B CampLDG Gladys (c) slswn David Solomon r2863 NW 47th bell. Kay Hires) auto tres 2575 NE 2d av Hgst Clemns Jas h rear 20 NE 14th st Heights Market (Mrs Lola L Thayer) gros _325 Clemanshaw Alice r1~3 NW 3d st NOV 27to av Clemens see also Clemans Clement Clemente ClelJack (Julia) t5 NE 0t0 ter ments Cleomens C emons and Clemons "Jack slsn Ernest E Brett Erwin R (Annette El alpr 0304 NE 624 t Jas (c) ob31t NOV 17th sr Clemens Karen maid 2301 lrridiun us "6John iLo.lseu ) l61 NOV 7th av apy 8 ClementI Andrew Y (Say El lawye NE 1st an nW John pnte r20 NOV 11th st cor NE tsr st 3d t h26 NO Id av -Kenneth (Eleaner) mgr Beach Plaza Apts h4101 Annie (c) taid 1421%NO 6th et Indian Creek dr apt 5 (IB) "Emmett E (Anie L; Clem's Garage) k227 NE Lennie H (Blanche S) whse mgr Shaw Bros Oil 260th t apt 21 Co 1738 NOV 82d at "Hans (Lucy H) chef Jackson Mem Hosp 01074 Ntartha (c) 1906 NW 2d ar NOV 49th st Sary R sec Hialeah Sch e652 NW 111th nt "Ira (c; Bessiel Porter r1537 NOV 2d av "GIer H (Emmie) electn 2900 SW 27th ac Trothinus (dSosie 31) slsmn Ralley-Milam Inc h NO YO Pliatin Co Harry SI McColl mgr 1500 NE 2d av r W ear 7C NW h or "RandoIh Ec a) l0174 NW 62d er It eno City Ice & Foel Co r651 NO 77th t Roht J lCathleen) repr Pillsbury Flour Mills Cs Marie heauy os r r929 NW 25th an irh03621 lloootso IGro 4th s Om V (Jusaephine; Nick's Fruit Bazaar) 1929 Thus A (Gerstruote 3I) 0440 NE 741k st NOV 251 a ThEs A ir r44 0 NE 74th st 41st s e t Ar MONEY? driver -1954 NW 41st st Clementine Ellen r844 NOV 64th st W m (Mfary S) brklyr 19,54 NW 41st st Cleminents A Brooks doormn Boxy Theatre r418 SW fClayton's Restaurant (Mrs D Marie Ferguson, Wim 4th av For B Mugge) 19 NW 1st ot Allan l-oltie) mgr h444 SW 2d st For Cleat Castll (co e1304 NW let av Annie maid Dallas Pk Hotel r1421 NW 26th st Plumbing "Nilda Ic) said 1321 NW *d et Avery 0 lors drsmke 1021 NIW 68th ot h doRefrigerators Rufus (c: Mary) gdnr h424C NW 11th st Cart lab r3315 NOV 5th av apt 5 Cleare Earl A (Lillian) servicemn FIaP&LCo h Carrie (c) maid r1906 0 NW 2d av Solar Systems 1144 NW 32d It Cah SI e543 NOV 11th av or Any Other liz (cI) maid 49 Palm a' Pub Island) r1441 "Chas C (Ioldle) driver 02424 NW 7th et apt 4 Hnme N\V Sth t 0 Chas H fLoretta) hI 16 i NOV 3d st Sovmen G diuster FlaP&LCo r1144 NW 32d et Chas L (Lena A) ins 1111 Lincoln rd (MB) h lmprne ment 0 co H oc; Sary L) barber 156 NOW 14th st h 1313 14th st (MB) tear 1351 NWO 1st l Christopher L r198 NW 7th st Letitia E (wid Henry SI see-treas Atlantic Clayton C (Golda) driver 3ITCo h363 SW 6th st arne i Iloat Yard In r101 SW 13th i Dallas S 1rs 021 NW 31st at 0e (Edith V) h2137 SW 2d ot Ed orothy) drier rs01 NO 47th ter oettl E Sirs r27 NE 2d av Edo student t10i17 Iteridian ac (MB) Rote Mrs oaid Jackson Mem Hosp r1441 NW Edo B (Eva) eng 1474 SW ot ut -Or c Elbel sten Geo L Reynoldo r2424 NW 7th It -Thophilus te; Eliza) real est 1441 NOV 5th et Eunice C oald FNBk r7332 NOV 14th 0t do Florence sison r121 NV 31st st rginia St tchr Pinewood Park Sch 1136 NE Frances V wid Thos El r312. NOV 33d st 46th It apt E "Frank (Gertrudel custod an hl27,NE 4th st i'rmas C Mortismer real est 01600 NW 28th av Gertrude (c) maid 3126 Pine Tree dr (NIB) -" E IGerrude) 01628 NW 26th av Gatola Sts waiter King of Hearts 0263 SW 6th st rview Apartments 431 SW k5th S v "1 Goldie Mrs mgr Sunshine Apts 02424 NOV 7th cIt ar Arth J (lary) 1 1 NOV 3d av apt 4 lo 10e I Mrs rL176 S 20th av apt 25 Hulon (c; Eunice) stgemn FlaP&LCo 06332 NOV 1a4Id J (Agnes Hi acet City Clk (MB) h4438 14th I -Iyal Palm a (MB) Jesse L (c) h1749 NV 5th plt Appications For Edna cash N Y Seat t10 r229 SW 17th et John J roofer 062 NOV 29th ot apt 6 Credit Treated Harry meat etr N Y Seat Mkt r rear 229 SW 17th John 00' (Eola) estimator h1336 NW 33d st Confidentially st Jos police Miano Beach Police Dept r710 JefferM fK0 1 J oki iEdoa ]I1 elk lR&Co blot9 NOV 34th teer o at I1B15 T pbisVt an ( )rgt) spotter Radiant Dry Cleaners Jack r36 SE 2d It 1769 N 'VIt st apt 6 MARK WI JaTZ T stnckmo McCrry's r1176 NOV 00h av apt accl W sten rn1 8th s,, nj E52t NO U IK iirtle hsekpr :27 J Iesfrn a0 al0 1 Il) -' 1220 -_ Bicayns Blvd. a l On the Circle -PHONE qLLSTAQTE 3-3351 TIRE STORE T OLEtONE 3 131 1 l35 N.E. tnW

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183 DRINK .... in Bottles Hd 301N. MIAMI COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. 3 B. Hill Interiors Marjorie toiler Old Heidelberg 130 SW 5th av J aria T) Ecquador consul and real st S Martha student rG2 NW th st apt 6 3G NE st st R05 h265 NE 34th tStudi CLEMENTS MILFORD L (Rut E), Asst rs "Joyce elk Tooley-Myron Studios 1550 S Miami First Ntional Bank" Ka rs elk 1968 NW 47th ter and Mu tta Mrs r525 NW 37th st apt 2 Lizzie H (wid Chas B) h1250 SW 6th st apt Olive M r543 NW 11th a 115 MIIPI I"Owen (Lulu 3N) meatetr h3315 NW 5th v apt Mary L Mrs r1618 Michigan av pt 4 (MB) 5 "Ralph 0 a1) rental agt John A Cleveland Is Ruth sten Baldwin Ins Agcy Inc r1'27 SW 19th RN p E 14th Ia a pts'FrC W d av Raph H(LuilleA) kprAtlantic Fan Co h Thos J (Lilly) div Supt FaP&LCo h521 NW 1251 NW h terW d o 41st th Robt IEise) earn h54^ NW Gih st S Torch (Jean) musician h rear 344 NW 29th st Russell E Geria )k Miami City Tax ColCo Turner W (Bertha) Ism h420 N 35th itDiv h22lo SW 19at sG Warren (Charlotte) h{607 Meridian v (MB) '" Wm L (Edith) pilot 171 Majorca an (CGabes) Inc. Wm G soda dIspenser Congress Pharmacy r543 Clevenger Elaza n (wid Elmer E) r1 NE 5th st NW 11th as Nadine tchr C Gables Elementary Sch r422 MWm H driver Fla What Gro Co 13125 NW 3'3d lore av (CGables) a1Clewis Jos elk r519 SW 11W av 9 Wm N (Ella M) plsr h543 NW 11th ov Cliatt Jas N (Thelma) policemn Miami Shores VilW Wm R lEala) opr FtaP&LCo L418 SW 4th ar lage h11390 NE 8th ct apt 4 Clementc Albert R rH2 NE th st Jester credit mgr Christopher Motors r343 NE Draperies Clemes Henry H (Grace) atndt Red's Service Stn 15th rer h rear 665 NE 03d ter Click John A (Verna) electn h180 SW 4th st Clemmens Carrie (c) h1906 NW 2d av Jos R (Garland L) loan div Frank C Hilson h Upholstering Clemments Loretta cash r636 SW 3d st 144 NE 25th st Clemmer John K (Ann M; Clemmer's Pharmacy) '" Margt opr WUTelCo r2800 SW 21st st WindoW hI2 NW 29th st Cliet Gen W h1978 NW 21st st Clemmer's Pharmacy (John H Clemmer) 7100 Col"' Willie dep Co Clk of Circuit Ct r1878 NW 21st Shades lion an (MB)51 Clemon Geo (Ruth W) sign pntr VanDyke Cliette Geo (c; Delia) hsemn h1tS NW 16th st Sign Co 1608 NW 25th av Cliff Lawrence cik LeRoy Hotel r3200 Collins av Decorating Clemons Amos (e) lab r1746a NW Idd at (MB) Anna L Mrs baker Grandma's Kitchen Inc r108 Rose (wid Fred) sten Southland Motors Inc h SE 1st ov 251 NW 33d st Bessie E (wid John) 14_0 NW 19th av Cliff's Iee House (Harry Fritchie) ae 1837 NW Carrie A (wid John) r;53 NW 12th et 17h av 174 N. E. Cleave lab FECRy r353 NW 9th at Clifford Anne (wid Jos) r1627 NW 6th st SEverette (Fannie) inspr 12271 NW 4th ter Apartments 101 NE 51st st Jack E sism Boulevard Gro r420 NW 19th av Fredk V (Constance) farmn h25; NW 21st st 40th St Jas (c) lab Wm Barkett r238 NW 8th at Harold E (Ruth V) elev opr h12912 NE 7th John R B h619 NW 9th st Jos N (Gladys L) mgr Grandma's Kitchen Inc Henry P (Dorothy) carp h3630 NW 2d et Tel. 3-4311 h1829 SIP 12th st Jas 0 r627 NW 11th av O Loretta cash Burdine's Inc 1636 SW 3d a Josephine r1512 Washington apt 5 (MB) Mamie L (wid Theo C) 12361 NW 3d st Margt Mrs nurse r1773 NW 39th st 9 Pm (c; Lenada) butler 1h1354 NW 5th ct "Marshall E (Nancy J) h627 NW 11th av SWm H (Kate) dentist 60 W Flagler st R10 b Riau (c; Lucille) clo clnr 549 NW 17th nt h 2538 Lincoln an ICGre)d Clendenen see abs lenning "' RobW (Josephine) 151'2 Washington av apt The Largest Vincent M (Josephine) driver MTCo h1857 NW 75 it Exclusive 19th ter Clenney Thos W (Cora E) barber h632 S Miami Cliffordm W G (Grace) ad t writer h120 NW 7th Furniture anv apt BHStore4in Clenn Kath marker Bardine's Inc rspl E 5th st Clifti s B (Alyse Z) able pacer SBT&TCo h ore in (g) ooU9 Indian Mound Trail (CGables) the Clephane Lewis P (Rosebud) 1665 Washington Clifton Al (c) maid 1575 SW 20th av al5i South an (MB) do11t s Sut Clerk J Gordon pres Apex Decorating Co Inc r Epaartdents 990 Boarrltz d ( )rB d3Rog608 P cin ai ( Groye)Chemical LabFrank (c 4 ls sm Real Silk Hosiery Mills N'fatr Sesi K) clae E31ttQuality Cleaners Gorham (Mary) 1h1140 Coral way _(CGables) R1e067 W 65th st Harry G (Eva M) se-trePs Fla Dairies Co h303 Cleveland Apartments 323 SE 1st n B and 32 Es eaSy Shop a tnt at akl eat p plscn euySo "Arth Ic; Clara) t5( 50 N\ 4hapR (5a Carpet Cleaning Co (Jos es)1 SW 17th oker T Washington High Sch 11447 7 1110th at "Saml N (Ruth) phys 151508 NE '1, at CLEVELAND CHARLES m (Dorothy A). Attorney. Willy sism Singer Sew lah 'Co r266 NE at-Law 605 Lincoln Road Bldg r 606 (MB). 3d st Tel 5-7431, 1196 SE 4th Lane Apt 24. Tel Climate Apartments Mrs Clara White mgr 7521 3-946 NE 3d v SChat P (ue H) ssm opa ChemiClinch Ada (c) maid 5060 Bay rd (MB) r609 NW cal Co 12-27 SW 11th ar .d av a Demerise A (wid Theo P) oe 3560 Main hwy (C "Dan Ic; Ada) hsemn h609 NW 2d av Groe) : Sylvia (c) maid r357 NW 14th ter Edew lc; Mamie) chauf 2 Star Island (MB) Cline see also Klein and Kline Evelyn (c maid r3330 Plaza st (CGrove) 'Ann (wid Albert) 1 3907 SW 21st terGeon (c; Rubie) tire buffer Jos H Gibson jr r Apartment 734 SW 2d st 1488 NIP 6th p1 Barbara (wid John W) h636 SW 6th st apt Georgia (a) maid h1643 N9 5th pl 202 Harold slomo Shore Crest Fruit Co rS128 NE 'erha A drsmkr '2710 NW 4th av h doIth av Beulah I student 500 NE .4th st n Harep teha Miami Senior High School r1123 C Wilbur (Iarela) '6412 NE 5th ac Lisbon t (CGables Calvin L (Florence L) oarrier h12800 SI 6th st "Barry L (Cleta) pharm Jackson Mem Hosp h Clara nurse Ritd M Rogers 14600 Bay rd (M 1123 Lisbon st (CGabes) B) Harac C (lath) beer 1300 NE 1st av h1968 heEarl 601 NW 97th st NW 47th ter lErnest W (Virginia D) 15x41 Biscayne blvd PHONE Jack Q (Evelyn) phys 147 Alcazar av R202 (C Everett L (Grace 1) tlling sta 3599 NW 7th av Gables) l1109 Palermo av (CGab-es) h2137 N 18th ter1 I Rh. 3 4 N. E. 2d Ave. H S ~ f IP~ iR57 BDG. + \ and 40th St.

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184 rAn ELECTRIC AUTOMATIC A. D. H. F ~d ie REFRIGERATORS .B.L 1 C.vR u riu u.e~d m~~r General Otffice Soretee Dept. 9edrcRtdrsgeratzon 134 N.W. Third Ave. Phone 3-2128 tUSSET Show Rooms: 134 N. W. 3rd Ave., Phone 3-2128 CLINE CLOT E Brett L jr student r^1'37 NW .1th ter Mary K (wid Alf) h7611 NW 3d av Grace t Mrs bkpr Surglcal Cup Co h2135 NW Oscar A (Wilma B) sec-treas Pensular Arma18th ter ture Wks Inc h1i9 NW 15th ter Hoyle 31 Itaude C) electn h201 SW 22d rd Clotworthy Earl S (Mae B; Highland Park Pflar0 Hugh P (Mnnle F) carp his NW 43d av macy) hlti9 NW 9th av Q Hugh P jr (Sally S) slsmn Sou Dairies Inc h "Hugh A ISalamr B) pharm Model Pharmacy to 40a E 1st av (H) 1850 SW 3d at AJohn A (Beulah 0!) city flremn 500 NE 74th A' Jehn B (Rheba) rA59 NW 4th st st Cloud Jesse IWinifred) dept mgr Central Food Mkt -c ITJosephine G ten -636 SW 6th at a et 3202 35523 NW st el LuIse (wid late) h176 NE 82d ter Walter M (Etel M) let emp SBT&TCo 07620 Mack (c) gdnr r376 NW lath st NW 4th at Mary 0 (wid Ambrose E) h71-1 NE lat av Clough Julia M (wid Henry) c695 NE Stat st -in Mude C Mrs typist Fl Title Co 11201 SW 32d Clouse John H (Ruth C) cast prof UofM r357 Saned tardor as iC~ahlre) Miami Natalie 11 sec MDN 1249 NE 17th ter apt 4 Clovelly Castle Apartments 2304 NW 17th ar Richd A student r2137 NW 18th ter Clover Farm Stores No 27 Gregory Constantine mgr Robh r410 45th at (MRB) gros and meats 16 NW 14th ast REAL Sari A (Ona LI 11620 SW 8th st Helen B Mrs IManchester Bake Shop) r6205 'Sctt Itorothy) cantr h52426 SW 25th at Biscayne bled ESTATE Virgil E (Crrnelie Al lawyer 111 NE 2d av Laura (wid Geo F) 1r3599 North Moorings way 111608 1501 SOC it et apt 208 ICGroveet Walter E carp Pro-Tect-U Awning Shutter Co r Leaf Service Stutles (CtiPford C Mottort) fltOver i39 NE 4huh se leg eta 1305 515 ci (I B) O1 N tYear. Zenith E (Adeline J) 1410 45th at (MB) Clow Jonce 0 (Arvilla) slsmn 832 Coral way 30 Cline's Drug Sundries (Morris Steinfeld) 1305 (Corove) Washington as (MB) Kath (wid J R) r8U8 Valencia av (CGables Clineman Say W (Hazel B) sismn Fla Whet Gro Kenneth W (Ellz) detective RCDDS h3552 SW Ca h2466 Trapp at lCGeasel "23d tee Clingo Heirs t etrp 1 E Sc)illing Co h3100 Roe (Vera; Twelfth Street Bar) h1605 Penn1825 Mary st eCG rere) syirasia av apt 1 Lewis B (Helen) emp I E Schilling Co h3100 Ciowdus Arth L slk A&PFoodStores re67 SW 3d Biscayne Stary et I IDEracer at ClIBgessmIth Neiso )(br) fruits 263 E Flagler t "' Ben) F (Miriam) agt Sou Life & Health Ins Co Blvd. Clinger Stary (wid Suml J0 11844 SW 4th at h6 n SW 3d sO Cllnginneie Geo Rev (Fannie) r rear 135 N Mi" R ten clk A& kPeadteres rNdI SW 3d st mlav 'CloIases Abee (c) baker r3h9 NW 14th st Clinkscales Hugh I ((eCecite) lawyer 2 5 SE 2d av Cire B r Shun (Jule. Leviu) 224-26 Collins Phones R632 1703 SW 10th at a i ( tr)L a Rosalind slswn r12 NE 1st et Continental (Thos A Cossaral restr 224-36 23d 3-5763 Cinten Apartments 31 Oyrashingt as.ISB) (SiB) Barber Shop (Louis Goradetzer) 8(3 uashIngton Deuce Bar and Package Store (Louis Wirth) 3-5764 av (ti) giruars 222 14th at (MB) Clarence C IM Sirlan) supvr Csconut Grace Wa"Grille e (Jns and Helma Riefner) restr 2724tecworks Croe ) 13070 New York st IC ,; NOV 2d as Grass-) CLUB LATINO (Elisio M Mendez), "New MendelEsau (; Echel) lat It525 NW 2d ac Place," Hotel. Cate. Restaurant, SpanishGloria L student r1828 SW 9th st apt 7 Cooking. Camidas a La Espanola 36.38 NW Jack C (Glenn T) h1S28 SW Cth hst ap 5th st, Tel 2-8917 Ah to cr M r m n ,; d. CIu r Cbl s r h sf El Comor Hotel r33 AW 5 Rae heads NOW 2dir SOC ri .r Clicer c lee L' tash mgr rests 3935 Greas9 l Clusy L 1alrra a adent r374 Irvington ra a i(Chear ICrs Cliquetet The (Guy Swart.) liquors 1254 'SO L ga c S (wid Wm T) h3746 Irvington av 41 st I'CCr-e l ClogBr Dudley J estomersmn J S Bache & Co r Cieganso Li ehr Shadowiawn Elementary Sch u ,Htl(SOB) 1, Pas 'oce deLess hlvd apt 6 IC~abiost B Roo ESire rib Bardise'aste ele 7 NOV 31 ar Cusn E Tios (Macy) seelcemn Goodrich S town C Ot lzek WOOdie' SOC is6I W 11s 'EI., C Mrs hula' NW 6th It ntres r25 SW 1111h ar Frances Mrs slswn Rose E Write r27 Star island Clune Cassir lswn 1023 SMiami a apt 3 unIMB Lucille nude) Burdine's lne r1023 S Miami av set ay ((derd) (ssrirtmte 8l44 NOV tat at alit 3 'Ibe rs4 NI) 1st st Clese Jas lVera) m usicln 11410 NE Bay Shore ci Jas elk rr13 t tsr iat ap r J r rl844 j W \;; T Clute Geu A slsmn r91 NE 19th et LemuelS 4une MI offlee mgr Mami City biri Helen S -ld Carren W) .5661 Pine Tree dr Co p n ul R~ l ere Beard 1,769 NW 2d st (316) im' H letter carrIer e)1. N1 td at Jans slshn Burdinec's te c rO5t Brickell av Clorie Issa s (; Johnnie) lai (i8 SI 10t st Julia M rs r235 SIC 4,th ter obt Ie; Cassie) e r4 NV 1sti at Soadge S Mrs c4351 Brickell as Close Arvel (Darrihy) beauty shop 1211 W Flagler Monrre porter Mre Nail Bk of SFB r31 Meat r1334 NO 3d si ridirn 'r (M0) Emery J I Saude) area auper WOPAF 1,404 IV Clatter Benj J (Marie elk Stiami City Finance PURE 341, at Dept r03 NE 631 at ~ Frank G (Alma .6 carp b1242 SW 12tI 2 ar us Ida Srs ri0l NE 99th at BATTERIES Gea B sim jade 1'harm Inc r1721 NW 15th Clyburn Thelma chr Shenanduahit Ar High Scheal ct h1'239 S Bay Shore dr apt 36 (Point View) Geo H (Cecllia ti whl ruit 2281 800 th 5i Ih Clyde Chas IAiri.i pntr 1,79.0 NW 6th ct TALE 31 SW 4th st 0 Court Apartments 204 SE 1st us andS 0 SE 2d s In Apart 305 SiC at ci I E CLOSE KENNETH R (Beetle L), Agent Sun c Court Beauty Silan (Sirs Bessie St Pearson) Life Assurance Co of Canada, 737-38 Ingra200 SE 1st as ham Bldg 25 SE 2d av, Tel 2-5514. h638 VeCourt st er Cleaners (Lindsay Whiteford) 208 larde av (CGables). Tel 4-2894 5E let uc SSanford (Ls C) barber 1209 W Flagler t h Eliza (c) maid 15:3 ('ollines a (MBI PU E 34 NV d Hherbert s Alma M) electn Dade County Repair s as aty & Barker Strap rdastard Class-i dho' -75:1 NOV ;,it It PUh C la aiSO 12B ar CLYDE-MALLSRY LINES, alph I Veraoort Gent Clnss en a v mgr sliami (Chi Gr. C" r Age st, Leenid GLewis Coml Agt, P2D lar 1821) SWy 2sth av ioeDsrc asAt irN ,Bs Cluster Apartments 985 SW 5th at carne Blvd it NE 10th st, Tel 3-5381 PETROLEUM 'Clot Estella waiter 761'1 NW 3d as Clyne Ei A (Verla 50) mr Hotel iMIller r 2 2 9 Lydla ste r7 11 NW 3d av NE 1st as PRODUCTS ROYAL CROWN COLA PAR-T-PAK BEVERAGES 48-64 lot St. N EHI Products Phone 2.1741 540 N. W. 24th ST. PHONES 3-6287 and 3-6288

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165 PACKARD MOTOR CARS Authorized Sales and Servlo PACKARD MIAMI MOTORS INC. 1740 N. E. Second Ave. Phone 2-7621 Packard Salon. 923 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach. Phone 5-3055 Clytt Louise (c) maid 135 SW 15ih rd r216 NW COBB 11th st Paul (c) driver Royal Funeral Home r223 NW Cnova Edw C custodian Miami Edison Senior High 10th sA School r6101 NW 2d av Renner (c; Carrie) janitor h1007 NW 2d et Coatman Amy E (wid RicOhd A) r31056 SW 18th Richd (Olve L) hS850 NE 8th It st Robt H sta atndt Nton Tire Cn Inc r460 SW\5 Ben A (Cora B) inspr h1420 NW 6th st 1st s Ben A jr (Betty) ertp City Ice & Fuel Co r1420 "Roberta (c) Indrs r1974 NW 3d a NW 6th st Sammie (Ic) Indrs r309 NW 7th st C C (c; Naney) porter it1424 NW 67th st Wit R (Susan) filling sta 3333 NW 17th as hI "Ella C (IC) janitor du Pont bldg r7113 NW 6hl 1754 NW 42d s0 It Zora sswn Burdine's Inc r97 NE 59th ter Hattie (c) maid r3.2 NW 14th ter Cobbs Alberta (c) Indr h314 NW 14th ter ugh cond r9 NW 31st st Bessie fruits 819 Lincoln rd (MB) r73 14th pl Jackson O mech FI.P&LCo h3045 SW 18th st (MB) Mayo H opr Dunn Bus Ser Co r79 NW 31st Benry (Bessie) pres Seminole Fruit & Preservst ing Co Inc r735 14th pl (MB) Walter E IAmella) auto mech th306 SW 18th Wm (c) porter 11523 NW 3d Ov st Cobeit Edonin G (Emily J) contr hl361 NW 32d Coakley Christina (c) maid 1544 Meridian av ( st B) r1927 NW 5th p Edwin G in aero mech r1361 NW '32d st Frank G (Anna At) dist mgr h836 Medina a (C t Mildred L r1361 NWV 32d st Gables) Cobla Estelle (wid Jas M) r420 SW 7th a Hattie (c) maid h1450 NW 4th av Cobleigh Bert (Louise) sub sta or FIaP&LCo h LeRoy Ic; Lydia) lab 3969 Grand av (CGrove) 45238 N Miami av Mae (c) Indrs r rear 1847 NW 1st Ct Coblentz Harry (LUCy) hi5 NW Glen Royal pkwy Coal Earl H (Edna P) slsmn Burdine's Inc h2426 apt 15 NE 3d av Coburn County Day School Nelson Coburn pees Corn Mas 13033 Grand sv apt 2 (CGrove) Mrs Vero Coburn sec-lreas 1000 Bay dr (\f Coart Elsle B (wid Leroy H) sec Thomson & Mc'B) Xinnon r65 SW 1ith ter '' Erwin (Josephine) :916 Surfside blvd (MB Coast Building Specialties (A T Ewell) bidrs' sup'' Florence Mrs it1042 Sevilla av (CGabler) plies 147 Alctzar av R209 (CGables) Florence E r1040 Sevilla as (CGables) Coastal Chemical Manufacttrers Frank G M" Nelson (Vera) pres Coburn County -Day Sch Grane pres-treas Mrs Minnie McGrane v-pres1000 Bay d (MB) see janitor's supplies 55 NE 14th st Vera Mrs see-trees Coburn County Day Sch o Metal Co inc tMs L Shapiro pres-treas Jack 1000 Bay dr (NIB) Lazarus see junk dlrs 86-94 NW 10th st Coby Jshn P r7510 NE 2d a" Wiper Supply Co Inc Mar L -Shapiro pres Harry COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS (See Miami Shapiro v-pres Jos G Shapiro sec-treas polCoca-Cola Bottling Go), NW 29th st car 3d ishing cloths 86-94 NW 10th st av. Tel 3-6226 (For further information see a Coate H 0a slsmn Geni Home Appi Inc r3511 NW right top lines and page 12 Buyers' Guide) 1st as apt 2 Cocco Annette M Mrs h340 SW 10th a apt 4 "'Harry A (Jessie) slsmn r3511 NW 1st av Coche Allie plant asst Tooley-Myron Studios r Coates Beatrice A clk r1274 NW '55th ter 145 SW 21st rd Carl wrapper RCDDS r68 SW 22d rd C H printer Tooley-Myron Studios e145 SW 21st Doris E sik Sertel-Reducka Inc r68 SW 22d rd rd Edgar O (Leona) trimmer Jenkins & Frey h Cochems Carl (Merwin) music tchr 320 NE 2d av rear 137 NOV 74th st h1733 Espanola dr (CGrove) Employment Agency (Leon Lichtenberg, Albert Cochoran Elsie 13315 NV 5th a apt 6 Marine Ott) 1 SW 1st st R6-8 Cochran see also Cochrane Frances L Mrs r342 NW 4th av apt 3 Amanda 12326 NW 43d nt Hardware Harold (Sara) patr r^732 SW 10th st apt 5 Annie (c) cook r3.56 NW 10th st Julla marker DeLuxe Lndry r4127 NW 2d av Annse Ic) ydmn 193 SE 14th st 1520 NW 6th and Lucius (c; Anna) hipr r1519 NO 6th uv av Napoleon 1t (Margt) carp 80 SW 226 ed Avis r612 S Miaml av Paints Napoleon D jr asst sec Calbin Oak Inc rG8 SW Basil (Goldie) gro 225 SW 11th av h1427 SW 22d rd 3d st Nellie I elk Burdine's Inc r1274 NW 55th ter Carlos M carrier PO r3511 NW 1st av W Ruth opr Credit Bue of Miami Inc red SW 22d Carrie A br mgr Postal Tel-Cable Co r61 S rd Miami as "ats G (Nina J) cabtmkr h1274 NW 35th ter Chas (Ruby) elk I rear 937 NW T3d av Coats Earl sismr Meekr Eng Co r Pt SE 2d t E Lee hipr Carley J Smith Trans r2018 NW '2d Cobb Apartments 4541 Prairie av (Ii as Arth A (Maybelle) tree surgeon h72 NW 4th Eliz C rli545 NE 1st 0t si Garnett A (Lout sismo Standard Wholesale Gro Betty slswn Burdine's inc h959 SW 5th tI apt 2 Co hi75 NW 37th st "Chas (c) porter Risher & Griffin f5622 Williams Geo '8625 Obispo us (CGables) av (CGrove Geo (c e1601 NO 3d or "Chas A (Helen I) a cct h426 Euclid av (MB) H Grady (Maude A) city flamen h1328 'SW 4t11 Clarence (Emma D) mgr Cobb Apts h4541 st Prairie av apt 2 111) '' I Langworthy lirs elk h911 SW 1st av Clyde hip Miani 'Baking Co e2144 NW Slst st Jack h50 0W 14th st (H) "Dallas R (Vera W) dept mgr Burdine's Inc h910 Jack ti25 Obispo av (CGables) SW 4th av Jas (c1 r1601 NW 3d av Dallas R jr student r910 SW 4th av "Jas gdnr h3315 NW 5th as upt 6 Dorothy (c) maid r1350 NW 2d av Jas D (Alice I) opl msngr PO h541 NW 42d st Geo (c; Celestine) lab FIaP&LCo h1974 NW Jane (mid Elmer) h293 NE 40th ter 3d av John B 1t924 Calais dr apt 28 (MB) "Geo '3 (Betty) carrier PO h427 Velarde av IC John W (Esiher) prmr h5652 NW 6th et Phone Gables) J Jos A service National Cash Register Co r317 Jas L atndt Wm R Cobb r3808 NW 17th av apt NE 35th st 76 4 Levi L (MalvIa M) patrolmn Miami Police h " Jessie L (c) Indrs r309 NW 7th st 257 NE 30th st Jo. L (Zora) clk h97 NE 59th ter lewis W smn Christopher Motors r3071 SW Leonu L sec T Hunter Henderson r1921 Bay rd lth ter apt 18 (MBI Madgo gro 3017 SOY 16th ter h do" LIla (cI) h3632 William av (CGrove) M lar (wid Samil Ml r436 SW 3d at Lillian elk Florida File & Ten Cent Store h Marie (c) maid h1807 NW 6th It 1452 SW 5th st apt 15 lMarshall B (Carrie) atndt Ken's Garage r101 Yacht, Engine Lois h3428 NW 5th nt NE 80th ter Lurella (c) mad 1818 Michigan av (MB) Maude A Mrs tche Riverside 'Sch h1328 SW 4th and Machna E (Leoaa K) Pormn h1921 Bay rd apt st Contractors' 18 (M) Maynard )Marjorie) slamn r12618 NE 14th av May (c) maid r366a NOV 14th st Ralph r257 NE 30th st Supplies Realat 6 WALTER B. WILSON Est PHONE 5-1135 938 LINCOLN ROAD MIAMI BEACH Insurance S.W. 6th St.

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186 SUNNY The C. W. Kistler Company 6% and 7% First Mortgages, Real Estate SOUTH 12-13-14 CONGRESS BLDG. PHONE 2-5154 PAINT COCHRAN COCONUT GROVE REALTY CORP, Fred A Kent" Raymond C (Jennie) clk PO h rear 3833 NW Pres, Olga M Kent (Ft Lauderdale Fla) V19u~h av Pres, Gertrude M Kent Sac-Treas, Licensed Saml D (Margt) bridge lnd, M1am1 Bridge Ca Real Estate Brokers, Specializing in Coconut St1418 NE Miami et Grove and Silver Properties 3090 Fuller st Sam1 D jr (Myrtle) elk h rear 1418 NE MiamI (CGrove). 3